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When I don't Feel Like It

Sam Walters


Sam Walters will be unpacking what it means to live life evangelistically. Many times people live lives that are segregated into different sectors, where their spirituality does not necessarily permeate the rest of their lives. Discover how your relationship with God can become visible, audible and tangible to those around you, whether at your workplace, university, with family or whatever setting you find yourself in.


Sam Walters

Outreach Coordinator for the PEACE Centre of Evangelism


  • January 2, 2020
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented. In Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right. Well welcome. Good to see you all thank you for coming. Let me just say if you housekeeping things before you start. I'm going to strange accent I speak too quickly so what that means is that not everything I'm going to say you're going to catch So if you do not get what I'm saying I'm purposely speaking slowly if you do not get what I'm saying please raise your hand I say it again shout out repeat it. Say again brother however you want to get me to say it I'll say it again is it Ok because. I was explaining that my name was some will to somebody and they didn't get any around so I'm going Yeah anyway so I know people are struggling so be with us we'll we'll work together and I will see what we can do together this summer you know what someone asked the 1st question the evangelistic perspective you're in the right 7 are you in the right so I want to Ok well let's go with possibly doing this for an hour so the plan full this series of seminars is in the 1st 2 to look at the life struggle of being a Christian. That perspective from an evangelistic perspective and then in the next 2 or the letter to all the end to seminars however you want to say that we're going to look at the practical or the physics of being a Christian and evangelism that's the plan that's the plan. So. Didn't get the plan are cool we were the plan we have the plan with the plan we have the plan well let's say a prayer and. She will join them. So when she said no leave it alone then Ok well let's have a prayer and we'll begin you know we think if you love kind of a mess you've been so good to us you are indeed our father Abraham and every bone of our body every arm every limb every leg we want to move in action with you help us guide us in lead us to me Be this as we go through this presentation and go through what you have a city what you have seen on these things you pray in Jesus name Amen amen So just quickly if you could your phones if you got your phones I think you guys called himself owns in England we call them mobile phones if you got your phones if you got your cell phone if you just take out quickly and just interview or test question I don't know if you use polling before. We're just seeing if you're in the seminar and they're going to do a few questions concerning the topic for this morning just to see if we're all on track this is a test question to make sure everyone's in the room. Test question I mean the seminar so what you do poll p o l l e v dot com for was last some will to be 08 and that will help you to get your stuff set up. Here we go here we go here we go here we go are we in when are we in all right give me a few moments give me a few moments I think we're done with done has everyone done it were in those you can do we have done it all right we've done it let's go to our There's a mouse here she's Ok we still people are still people are still moving. We in our every every those what those who are doing over the Ok I boom right here we go let's go in your personal definition of evangelism. Is evangelism more of a series of planned out rejected it is leading towards an end goal or is it more of a lifestyle lifestyle I hope people say lifestyle. Let's see what you see what you think less you think just and here let's see what you think we should start the process because not to do any Oh Ok yeah yeah oh my bad yeah we're in we're in a snap I feel like I'm going to read the introduction come come come come come come Dorry just come I cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool let me just say for those who are working in. We've got for 7 hours we've got 4 seminars the 1st one this one is when I don't feel like it but the next one is from drifting to driven and in this one we're looking at really what you vandalisms about and. Some of the reasons why sometimes as young people we don't engage in it. And how we can overcome some of those reasons that's what we're looking at this one which is answering a few questions or asking a few questions to get people thinking about what their perspective of evangelism is the next one we're looking at from drifting to different so when are they going to phone me he was like Sam I recognize you the outreach coordinator for peace that's who I am by the way I me out which coordinator for peace is a school of evangelism you they always called it for peace you're doing that part time but also realize your pharmacist part time how do you. Do the whole do the whole evangelism at work think about how do you live for Jesus at work at u.t. with an evangelist perspective so that's the next seminar that's from drifting to driven so we'll look at that next number 3 question on the shop floor what did Christ look like when he was doing his think when he was doing his thing and number 4 I should know my titles of the top from my head and I do number 4 there we go work your cycle in your circle. I will talk about number 4 where Number 4 comes now we were just answering some questions but I'm looking at some people some people have got phone some folks have got phones so. We'll see we'll see we'll see we'll see we'll see we'll see right where are you going where you going where we going let me get this I have said we're going to look at some of the reasons why we don't engage in personal vandalism I look at some of the ways we can overcome these reasons through a change in perspective so through all the sessions we're going to be trying to take a look at a change in perspective my little cousin should I say his name this is going to recording it is what it is to Mari I love him. He was struggling in math you just call it math. Math math he's struggling in math that's what we call it in the u.k. going to fall over he's struggling in math and so because he's struggling in math he's easily distracted at school and he's also distracting others you know how it is and so because he is judging others an easily distracted because he's struggling in math I've gone over one of the evenings to help him with his math homework the teachers have shown in one particular way to answer the questions I'm no shown him a more simple way to answer the questions I see what I'm saying he got a different perspective on the muff and with a different perspective on the math it helped him to change his outlook at least in that perspective particular sphere of his math are you with me so what we're doing this morning afternoon we're going to look at different perspectives Maybe you've been looking at one thing one way I'm going to stop looking at it that way but we're going to put on new glasses so as you put on new glasses. Better with me because sometimes when you put new lenses on it can be fuzzy at 1st but hopefully things will be clear as we go are you with me so far all right boom here we go 1st of all then why evangelism evangelism is the passion of got I was looking at the reasons evangelism is the passion of God's heart $1000.00 verse 10 for the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost that's where you came evangelism is the passion of God And so because this is the passion of God's heart we do it because we want to be aligned because passions is that make sense we want to be in line because passions when you know the value of a soul you get involved in vandalism just how much health became quickly you get involved in evangelism. When you know the value of a soul when you know the value when you know the value to actualize the purpose of your design when you start working for God you start living your best life if you're not working for God newsflash you want Living Your Best Life so to transfer from just harsh that thing to living the life that God will call you to live you've got to work for him is the biblical way to reach the last. An outreach helps the plane to take off in this brutal experience I don't know if you've ever been like me they like me experiences that sometimes you're just trying to do things right you're trying to do things right you're trying to do things right you're trying to do things right and as you try to do things right things just don't seem to be working for you what I've realized this is if you get involved in evangelism you're loving God to usu and Sujoy you into a deeper and closer relationship with him so that your Christianity can take off I was me 2020 isn't 2019 and so you want to take off all right here we go why not evangelism we're going to go through all of these reasons but we're going to outline some of them so lack of self-confidence some folk have got unrecognized potential and some people don't do something unless the asks you know how is some folk the think they've got no training some people are going to limited role of or limited understanding of the role some people are too busy no motivation and the last one I'm struggling to get my own life together let alone try to help somebody with this. I you see what I'm saying what we're going to try and do in this session we're not going to try and address all of those because the session will finish what we're going to try and do is just take a look at the last 4 limited understanding of role too busy no motivation struggling to get my own life together let alone trying to help someone else with this is that Ok And then when we've done before we're finished All right so here we go here we go why not evangelism limited understanding of their own role do you know your role do you know your role do you know your role now if you like your bible this is a seminar you need a Bible for if you got your Bibles if you got something with you if you got your Bibles if you got something with you please turn with me to act up to 2 I'm going to read verses 42 to 47 accepted to I'm going to read a verse is 42 to 47. Come the seats accepted to verses 42 to 47 accepted to verses 42 to 47 the Bible says and they steadfastly in the apostles and they continued steadfastly in the apostles duction fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers and fear came upon every soul and many one does and signs were done by the Apostles. All that believed were together and had all things common and sold their possessions and goods imparted them to all men as they as every man had need and they continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house did eat them eat with goodness and singleness of heart praising God and having favor with all the people and the Lord added to the church daily such as we save such as should be saved Ok here we go if one doesn't for the but for the believe back then this is a church ministry we're looking at understanding your own role and people don't get him involved in evangelism because they have a lack of understanding of their role evangelism for the believer in the early church wasn't an event it was a lifestyle it wasn't something necessarily on the calendar though evangelism should be on the calendar we're going to look at the entire management but it is something that they lived they breed is something that they did I You with me and so because it is something that they did and something that they lived and they breathed it happened every day every 2nd every minute whatever they were on they were on it they're at work how can I show Jesus Christ it was just in that category in their thinking in this sphere in that thinking they seize their seats the seats they see the seats come just as you are come you can come you can come you can come you can come you can come you can come to seats they seat their seats this is the seats so I'm evangelism for the believe it wasn't any event it was a lifestyle notice something with me we still an x. but we're going to go to talk to 14 I'm going to read verses 21 to 24 x. we stand in x. but we're going to go to Chapter 14 weaning than verses 21 through to 24. And when they preached the gospel to that city and it took many they returned again to Lister and so I Coney I'm an Antioch confirming the souls of the disciples and exhorted them to continue in the faith that we must through that we must do much tribulation and to bring to the Condemn of God and those $23.00 and when they had ordained them elders in every church. Have prayed with fasting they commanded them to they commended them to the Lord on whom they believed and after that time after they have passed to the city of city and Pamphylia get the picture Paul went about preaching and teaching which talk about roles talk about roles talk about rules Paul what about preaching and teaching he preaching over here and get some believers together then you go and he be preaching over here and he get some believers together then he go and he will preaching over here and you get some believers together and in every section where he was preaching he get the people to ordain elders where they are I understand what's going on so far this is what Paul's on this is what Paul's on I saw Paul then words just like a 4th of this because we're going to go through all those texts but then Paul will go back round after you do his missionary journey and you guys are looking for seats man Help us Lord help us help us help us help us there's 3 seats here and some seats here come don't be afraid there's a hand there's a hand if you've got a seat this is going to get these things this thing is more like when I thought it's a see here also some seats here. I've just I've just created a See here my code doesn't have to be on the on a chair. And as a national one he's willing to have somebody sit by him. So I was I I was preaching over here and I was preaching over here and I was preaching over here so we gathered some believers over here and we got that some believers over here and poor guy that some believe was over here and as he was gathering believe was over everywhere he then sent people around whether it was Timothy or somebody else to go and visit the people who we gathered around so Paul wasn't static in one place he was going around preaching I want to tell you what I'm saying he was started he was moving he was moving and so and also Paul then got people to establish local elders we just read that in one of the verses Now follow me that's the early church model somebody that was preaching was going around from place to place creating believers not creating believe it but through the power of God believers were following Jesus Christ as you do to the teaching of the individual Now check out g.b. star now I've just been going through this book called Revolution in the church by Russell borrow and he breaks it down d.b. star g.b. star 886 Adventist evangelists was interviewed by a newspaper the now I'm rubbish with American jobs so we've had this discussion earlier on so I don't know where in the enter is but somewhere in Indiana. We've got in the past 40 years of the Advent movement and he was asked by what means have you carried forward your work so rapidly get the picture No I want to look at this in your mind I want to look at this in your mind I want to look I'm going to stand in the chair I want to look at this in your mind pulls going around preaching and teaching I he's going around preaching and teaching Paul's not static He hasn't got a static ministry he's all over the place and he's governing believers who are static but Paul's preaching and teaching are you with me Ok whom by what means have you carried forward your work so rapidly star answered. We have no subtle pastas our churches are taught to take care of themselves while nearly all our ministers work as evangelists in new fields so I'm talking about number one talking about remember I'm talking about a limited understanding of your own role that's what we're talking about right now Ok so g.b. Starr when commenting how come the work is just going forward so much he said we have not settled pastors at churches or talk to take care of themselves one nearly all our ministers work as evangelists in new fields and you Daniels and commenting on this says if you begin to settle over a church is to stay by them and do their thinking and their praying and the work that is to be done then our churches will begin to weaken and to lose their life and spirit and become paralyzed and fossilised and I welcome to be on a retreat and white comments on the same issue says there should be no call there should not be a call to have set all pastors over our churches new churches must be established new congregations organized by this time they should be representatives of present truth in every city in the remote parts of the Earth God's call for workers gov calls for workers who be reduces there is a world to be warned why the ministers who should be laboring the special service and its need to open new fields and raise that new church is hovering over the churches which have already received great light and many advantages which they do not appreciate Ok so catching catch you catch it catch it this once and I say let me sit down for this because you got to take the thing in I won't be at the screen at the same time today you can see my finger there's different expectations of members of church members and pastors them but then you hear me. What that means is that but then as a church member in order to make this thing work you couldn't lean too heavily on the pastor you had to do something about the church that you were in in order for this thing to work with me because Paul wasn't there he had stuff to do and so because Paul wasn't there you have to do something you know there's almost like a little shift in young people come to church not you know you guys and what you guys talk about young people young people come to church and it's not necessarily about trying to be a blessing what I'm trying to do some time to get a blessing sometimes young people come to church and about what can I get not necessarily how can I serve I will God saying to us here is sometimes the reason why we don't get involved in charge and the reason why we don't get involved in evangelistic activities is because we've got a limited understanding of our oh God saying in order for this thing to work you've got to make it work and the reason why it doesn't work is because you haven't made it work and if you put yourself available in order for it to be able to work it can work with me Ok well there's a limited understanding of the role people have different expectations we will bought into existence because we were needed signs of the times a full 2219 or 3 you are in an accident and the reason why you are where you walk is because you watch where you walk and where you are God needs you oh that makes sense what I just said we will bore into existence because we're going to eat it and where you are yeah because you go there you go there you go so this claim a disclaimer and everybody was here at the beginning I'm from England. And I know people have been struggling since I've been here with my British accent so Priestley give me a speak rapidly Thank you brother if you need me to say again just say say again say again brother say put your hand up we will make it happen is Ok All right so let me say that again we were bought into existence because we were needed you are not an accident and so because you are not an accident because God had you on his mind because he formed you in the womb and because he has a plan for you and where you are is where you are because we're going to talk about in the next session you need to embrace your step and so because you're not an accident God needs you to embrace everything that you are where you want does that make sense including church life including church life the dissemination of the truth of God is not confined to a few ordained ministers the idea noticed this that the minister must carry all the burdens and do all the work is a great mistake Christian service by 68 you've got stuff to do I've got stuff to do I'm not a minister but we've got stuff to do if you don't do your stuff who's going to do your stuff well there you go now notice some speed up while I look at the time Help us Lord help us help us help us help us now on a k.g.b. fun not because I think it's the best version I'm just a fan is Ok but sometimes the k.g.b. gets it right and sometimes the k.g.b. could do a bit well this is one of those texts where I think the k.g.b. helpless Lord There you go where the k.g.b. could do a bit better now I want you to help me and do your finger again because I don't have a point or. And he gave some apostles and some profits and some evangelists and some passes and teaches why did he give those this is the k.g.b. Why did he give those Now according to the k.g.b. it's for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edu firing of the Body of Christ so according to that there's 3 Rose Yeah yeah that's k.g.b. k.g.b. we love the k.g.b. I love the k.g.b. this is a k.g.b. you know the something that the k.g.b. says that this ISIS that they get it right they get it right I love it. But this one chick in the new can you can change version and he gave some to the Apostles some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and teaches full the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the end you find of the Body of Christ to we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ Did you notice the difference somebody tell me what's the difference did anyone notice a difference how many rolls I have the pastors got here so previously I had 3 in this one they got 2 so people look confused and help me that's why the finger for the perfecting of the saints comma full the work of ministry comma full the edifying of the Body of Christ colon here we go full the equipping of the saints is no kind of for the work of ministry does because you. For the edifying of the Body of Christ and let's go again Revised Standard Version and these gifts were that some should be apostles some profits some evangelists some passes and teaches to equip the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ and so we all attain so not check in the New International Version the New International Version has just nailed it with this text that nailed it nailed it what you so Christ Himself gave the apostles the prophets the Avenger lists the pusses and teaches to people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith what you shepherds and sure he put that sheep produce sheep because the shepherds ensure sheep of that she produce sheep sheep result Well what is it what you what you what you what I think to present produce sheep but I'm saying that Sheikh primary responsibility to produce sheep in laboring whether Already some in the faith the Minister should at 1st seek not so much to convert unbelievers. As to train the church members for acceptable cooperation then later for them individually and different to arouse them to seek for a deeper experience themselves and to work for others when they are prepared to sustain their minister by their prayers and labor greater success will attend their efforts are you seeing that now know that you've got a big role to play God's expecting you to produce sheep to produce sheep to produce sheep now some your failed we're not going to finish this but we're going to do you going to do our best Ok We're going to freeze but we're going to do our best Ok So his next one next one next one too busy. Too busy we don't get involved in a budget ism because we're too busy don't get involved in evangelism because we need to sit down for this one because this one this next statement is breathtaking. If you're too busy for Jesus you're too busy. Is that fair that's fair that's that Jesus Christ came down to Calvary's tree and home going to cross he wasn't too busy if you're too busy for Jesus you're too busy but the next day when I'm about to make is probably the most realistic of the statements here we go in many cases we have more time than we think is just that sometimes we struggle with being organized to true statements is that for the organization struggle the procrastination struggle point Jesus on the back burner struggle because I got all of that in this big is now becoming urgent here we go God calls us to be stewards of our time that's what he calls us to do God calls us to be stewards of our time thank you to $21.00 and he changes the times and the seasons he remove of kings and set of the Kings he give us wisdom unto the wise and knowledge to them that no understanding God is the lot of time and what he does is is that he gives us and is a bit like type you return to God 10 percent but you still responsible to get what you do with a 90 does that make sense and it's a bit like time so good is the Lord of our time and yet we do Sabbath for 24 hours Friday since that the Saturday sunset but what you do with the other 6 days you're going to have to answer to God for that you don't read that one if he isn't 515 see then that you walk circumspectly not as fools but as wise we deem the time because the days are evil Now I want to help somebody here who is struggling with organization and I'm reason I'm trying to help you because I'm trying to help myself in the process. We should do the Times wisely order is Heaven's 1st law and system is everything so Ellen White says this The youth instructor Jenny $288097.00 this we're going to break this down when you rise in the morning taking to consideration as far as possible the work you must accomplish during the day if necessary have a small book and we should just down the things that need to be done and set yourself a time in which to do your work Ok here we go here we go here we go here we go step one this is what I want saying. Step one is take time to plan when you rise in the morning take into consideration as far as possible the work you must accomplish during the day take time to plan the days of this is the days of you get up you snooze your alarm you're not sure what's going on to try to find your calls you're trying to brush your teeth you rush out the house you just about Grab your books you get into work you're not sure of the cool to walk to work you're not sure if the kids are going to stop all of that what you're doing is you're reacting you're reacting your life hit you you're letting life you're reacting stop reacting and get proactive so switch from reaction to production and if what you says is take time to plan and if necessary have a small book and we should just down the things that need to be done something that I've found that's helped me is getting the stuff that's in my head written down sometimes it's all swirling around in your head and you're feeling overwhelmed I've got so many deadlines I'm going to prepare for do I see I'm going to do this I'm going to do that I'm going to do this I'm going to do that and so because I've got to do all of these things sometimes I'm overwhelmed and I'm static. What you're saying his is get it out of your head and put it down there's different apps you can use one of the ones I'm using at the moment is called to do it I recommended to do which I recommended Now notice this consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very 1st work let your prayer be take meal Lord as holy sign I lay all my plans that I feet use me today in my service Abide With Me and let all my work be wrought in the this is a daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or given up as his providence indicates the worse day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ the reason why many people can't do this because we've got no plans to surrender to him because we haven't made any plans are you hearing me so what I don't like you saying is if necessary just the stuff down get a plan get a plan you need to plan this is 2019 this is 2020 you'll groan so because you're grown you've got a plan what's going on with the day what I want to what my young What I'm not doing and then she says Set yourself a time in which to do your work now let me tell you how this works Bill Gates doesn't like it when the morning I think of what I've got to do today I never go let me overlook you Bill Gates is doing that he's not doing that Donald Trump is a wake up in the morning I think are in what I feel like doing I think we're going to do this that he doesn't he's not doing that what what they've got is what they've got is that got a calendar the working a calendar now the way you use your time is a reflection of your values so what you do is you think about what's important to you I know family is important to me so on my calendar I want to make sure family time is on their. If you know that evangelism is important to you you want to put that on your calendar does it make sense if you don't have a plan don't think it's just going to happen miraculously you need to put it on your calendar I want you work the calendar and you have a system now you can start living your life with an evangelist perspective right some time I'm catching up on catch up and catching up and catching up with everyone else did you understand that the role think there was that one then there's the too busy thing there's not one now we're going to touch on one core no motivation no motivation just what motivated you the you figure at church and you're trying to get young people to do something again. I've never looked at teens Goodness gracious me it's not easy and you should just try to get some motivation going. Just to get some motivation going and there's different causes for no motivation sometimes is a lack of understanding of why evangelism in the 1st place could be a personal struggle I'm not aware that the Gospel can completely change somebody's What is 2 ways to ways to ways that we're going to go through that can help bring all awaken motivation for evangelism in an individual 2 ways 2 ways here we go this is education to 9 to paragraph to Sympathy is the spring of effective ministry now I need to catch this building a demonstration here. I'm not going to open the bottle but say some water was pouring out here and that's effective ministry this spring of that is sympathy I am using what I'm saying the spring of that is sympathy Now catch this catch this she says it's acquaintance that awakens sympathy. And sympathy is the spring of effective ministry so I'm trying to get something on my young people in or even in my own life to start doing the things that I want them to do to start engaging in ministry to start engaging in evangelism Well she says with a sprinkle of that is sympathy and there's something that creates sympathy in an individual and that something is acquaintance I don't think people got what I just said. Here's effective ministry and here a sympathy for me to get to effective ministry are going to 1st step on sympathy but in order for me to have sympathy I'm going to activate sympathy simply that is it doesn't just come because I've got it so in order for me to activate this I've got to access this and this thing is acquaintance we're going to talk more about that. When we look at Jesus on the shop floor so let me tell you how this thing works some a pharmacist and there was one time I was working at an ophthalmologist section in the hospital and people come with the prescriptions and because they've just come from the eye hospital that I jumped in the eyes they can't see properly they can't see clearly and so because they can't see clearly in the u.k. you could assign the back of your prescription before you get it so no they're coming and there's loads of these people and I'm asking them to sign and I'm getting somewhat impatient even the one No they can't see are you understand what I'm saying I'm going to somewhat impatient and this is happening day after day day after day day after day and then one day something happened. I was obsessing my house over the post office in my house you can see this is before was driving you can see from the top window so what are you so do a wait at the top window look to see when the bus is coming down the street run outside run down the stairs go on just just about catch the bus so one day I'm doing that as I'm doing that I slip bum hit the corner of the house my head ricocheted off the door of mushed up my alley so I have to go to the same ophthalmology hospital. And pick up a prescription that I can't read on the pharmacist and after I get in and I'm going to sign the back are you hearing me now all of a sudden I'll become acquainted and so no my approach to the people that I'm dealing with is different because of my acquaintance of that sympathy Jesus understood this Jesus understood this what he did is because he wanted to become acquainted with us he came down from heaven and the Bible says that he's acquainted with grief and eyes light up to 53 and whose group was the acquainted with well as the Bible says that he bore our griefs he became acquainted with that Greece and so because he was acquainted with that Greece will have a high priest who isn't sympathetic with us we've got a high priest who is sympathetic with us and that's his ministry. So if you want to do something for Jesus Christ and get some sympathy for others in your people that your working with or even in yourself I would say start with acquaintance to awaken in the Children and Youth sympathy and the spirit of sacrifice of the suffering millions in the religions beyond let them become acquainted with and with with these plans and the peoples in this line much right much might be accomplished in our schools Ok so here we go here we go here we go from Peter not from preacher but calling preacher. Well nothing just cough Help us Lord help us help us help us help us Lord help us help us help us Ok well it is what it is there we go to Joe we both study pharmacy together and kill university and then we both get our jobs at the same hospital so Ruth finished our pharmacy exams aren't Pujas is not Christian she's a Hindi I repeat the same to me some finish the exams and I pour so much of myself into this so much of myself into this so much of myself into this and so because I put so much of myself into this I just came up the back of the exams and I just thought man is this all the rest of life so this is a girl she didn't really know what she wanted to do everything she's done pharmacy but she wasn't sure if this is what she wanted to do so anyway out of poof conversation Puja just last week and she's a big time manager know. Where she is and this is what she says to me Sam My mum's a schoolteacher and at the school that she's in she's working in an underprivileged area and so they've got food stamps for the some of the children and some of the parents are really struggling but they've only got a limited amount of food stamps and so not everyone's able to get a food stamp sometimes are going to pick and choose who they're getting food stamps to I see you said some are going to do something about going to do something about it. I think I want to go study public health because I want to make a difference to the school kids that my mum is dealing with what happens if. She's got sympathy for the kids because she's become acquainted with their lives sometimes we are so stuck in our little bubbles that we don't know anything about what's going on with somebody else. What you got to do is get outside your bubble burst your bubble and when you burst your bubble and become acquainted with the lives of others like Jesus did mingling with other people that will create sympathy in you for them and help you with ministry of put the cricket down here we go let's move on let's move on let's move on otherwise we're not going to finish Where's your treasure. These 2 tech space if we say this where your child your is there will your heart be also notice it's not where your heart says that where you treasure be it's where your charger is there will your heart be show my heart is over here but I want to put my heart over here so what I'm going to do with this is set up pretty much treasure here. I put much as you hear and the Bible says if you put your treasure over here then your heart will move from over here to over here. Do you understand the question you want to ask yourself is is where do you put your treasure. What was a what we want I treasure what are you doing about sacrifice what are you doing with your time what are you doing with your financial resources where are you putting your energy where are you putting your life if you put your life in the things of God Your heart will be in the things of God If you put your heart in the things that are not of God or your life or your resources and your energy in the things that are not of God That's where your heart will be one on one is to quit muffs All right let's keep it moving so that we can finish. Help us Lord help us 14 minutes struggling to get my own life together let alone trying to help somebody else with this. This one has got various formats will look at too young to somewhat I mean when I say this I'm just hide things not going out for me and you talk about evangelism to help somebody else let me sort out me 1st and after sort it out me then I'll try to help somebody that's what that's what the thinking is behind this and it comes into guises sometimes there's an issue that somebody may have had in the past and so they feel like if I share my faith no I'll be a hypocrite or people will perceive me as a hypocrite or using it and the 2nd one is I'm actively struggling with sin so I feel like until of overcome sin of not place sharing my faith using the 2 and using the 2 you seem to you see the 2 all right there's an issue that I've had this deal with at one in the past so a feel like if I share my faith now I'll be a hypocrite or people will perceive me as a hypocrite got a question for you is there anyone here who has had no issues that they've had to struggle with in the past just like John's You had no issues got to go forward because of you that you had no if you had no issues you had no issues that you had to struggle with in the past. Second question is there anyone here who is not presently fighting the daily battle against sin raise your hand all right so there's no hands raised some place it was a mine I'm just demonstration. There's no hands raised this is invisible. Sometimes I'm going to do something now so I need to stay with me if you didn't catch anything I've just said catch this please sometimes there's a common root problem to the struggle it's showing up in different ways but there's a common denominator many of us and it is it down to read this because this is heavy many of us off our receives in reverse Let's say that together. We're going to only 123 many of us are Pharisees in reverse the pharmacy comes to God and the reason why the pharmacy comes to good is because. They've put themself up one of the put themselves up on well. Pay time from Minton claiming I study myself a school lesson I do x. y. Instead I got my righteousness here and so because they felt as though they can prop themselves up on their righteousness on the good things that they do they come and feel is all that they can serve some people feel as though they can't serve because they haven't got a prop catch this some people feel as though they can't serve because they haven't got a prop then I think is. I'm not doing this I should be doing this I haven't been doing this I should be doing this a humbling doing this I should be doing this and my popcorn help me but the firms it feels as though their product can help them the psychology of this person is so person a person a cost no person a person a believe to have a prop their good works person b. believes that their proper is faulty so they can come and they can serve person b. isn't serving because they think that their property faulty so person b. thinks that if they had a good pro up then they could serve catch that catch that I'm not sure if you caught what I just threw out you didn't catch it you didn't catch it you didn't catch it you didn't catch it so let me said again the reason why person b. isn't serving is because person b. thinks that I haven't got enough good works to be able to serve. Person b. thinks that my good works are recommending me to God because all of that is but it works what that means is is that person b. thinks that if I have good works that's the thing that would recommend me to God but it's not good works Oh but it works with all the chosen the been the theme The recommend you to God If you need not your works sure need your need your need the best way to deal with us struggles is to serve strength to resist evil is best gain by aggressive service now in Hebrews up to 12 we see this interesting text where for seeing we also accomplished about we saw great a cloud of witnesses a company going to finish in time praise God that is laid aside every waits and the sin which does so easily be set us full here likens the Christian experience to a race possums at the back and keep us wonderful coming he organized a thing in England called Day in the 5 k. we doing wrong on Sunday I said we fight at it some people are doing on Sunday. He organize a 5 k. in England such stories of money for a place called up a dollar was a 10 Help us Lord So what it is it comes to me somebody who is 10 k. Now I was a young man back then so you know you old were thinking of. Going to problems doing the thinking so I wasn't going to do any training big men don't need to train I'm grown so anyway I go home and. There's this lady from the home church Pat Cummings She's about my mom's age she's a runner She's a runner so she runs races and wins them that's what I mean by She's a runner I understand what I'm saying so she's around and she says Son are you going to start training just training what for I'm going to wake up one day housing to the full stomach and go run I don't want to flip flops. So anyway she said some if you don't start running you're going to get kicked so what's tricked she said when a woman's posture in the race she goes I said I said I said well look this is what we do I says take me training take me training this lady's in the fifty's I catch up with her go to our house we start jogging We're about 10 minutes in and I realize that this thing serious. Now the route that we've taken I'm sweating on pants in patches having casual breath the route that we're taking to get back to where we are. You going to go up this steep hill I know you just doing are you doing the Google Maps in Your Head I say to. What routes are we taking She said some we're going to go up Sunday but this is the steep hill I said Ok so I'm running in my mind I'm just thinking some meeting you can do it you can do it you get to the top of the hill that the top of the hill the bottom of the hill 1st step and go 2nd step I'm going 3rd step I'm going now but we've been running for about half an hour now you know oh how over 30 minutes I'm dripping in sweat but this cool calm collected so so so I'm there and I'm struggling and something happens all of a sudden about quarter of the way up a pain shut down from my legs to the bottom of feet and came right back up to the top of my head muscle ache and add that moment I had to remember something that I heard about that's supposed to help you in the middle of your race when I got moment you were struggling the most use force to do this when you're running when you're running at that moment you're supposed to take your mind off what you're going through and picture finishing the race. So I'm in the hill about a quarter of the way up and I start thinking about my greenness and Al Mira that was at the top and touching it as I'm focusing on it I've taken my focus of my struggle and I put my focus on the finishing line in the text pulled says Well Paul seeing we also are composite about we so great a cut of witnesses that has latest side every weight and the sin which does so easily be sexless and that is wrong with patients the race that is set before us looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and the notice who for the joy that was set before him enjoyed the cross so Jesus on the cross Jesus didn't enjoy the cross he enjoyed the cross the graces of human struggles and the reason why he was able to enjoy the cross is because he had this joy set before Him My question is because of my own struggles What is this story because I need to get me some of that to help me with what I'm going for I want to send in the logic like if this joy helped Jesus enjoy the cross the greatest of human and it's bigger than any of your struggles in the room combined bigger than any of your struggles in the room combined Jesus was able to endure it because he had his joy set before him I'm saying I want to get me some of that joy so the question is is what is this doing that's the question and if you can get access to some of that joy then maybe you can go through what you're going through looked up to 15 you have to 15 you see 3 parables 3 parables 3 parables because the parable of a lady who has 10 coins and she loses one. She loses one so she sweeps the whole house she shoots the whole house and she finds the one coin and when she finds the one coin the Bible says there's joy then you got the parable of the 100 sheep the shepherd is going to hunted sheep on one to lust and then he's looking for the one cheapies looking for the one sheep and eventually finds the one he puts it on his back brings it home and the Bible says that there's joy then you got the parable of the political son. The son who's lost he knows is lost the father can't go and get him because that would just drive him further away so it's on him for him to come back home only comes back home the Bible says the father throws a party i.e. the joy the thing that brings joy to the hearts of God is so winning and when you get involved in soul winning you experience a joy that you've never experienced before near my says that the joy of the Lord is my strength here we go because you have. A light comes in on this verse who for the joy that was set before him and to the cross despising the shame and he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God the joy that was set before Jesus was that of seeing souls redeemed by the sacrifice of His own glory of His glory he's honor his riches and his own life the salvation of mun was his joy when all the redeemed shall be gathered into the kingdom of God He will see the survey of his soul and be satisfied let's finish up there. You 20 seconds left limits of all of understanding you are needed that's why you were brought into existence God has a role for you too busy oftentimes that's a life get organized no motivation on the side of the hospital you get a point I was gonna make no motivation put your charger where you wanted to be and your heart will follow Don't wait for your heart. And get acquainted with people who need your help and that will awaken sympathy and struggling to get my own life together actually the strength for the struggle is found in the joy of the load on the joy of the Lord is evangelism and so if you desire to experience that joy and so allow the God of the Bible to help you in your struggle in the next session we're going to look at this one thing I would say that is impacted Christians young people in their lives school university work with regard to the specific struggles where if they embrace this it was hope to move about freely life but for now it is no desire to experience the joy of the Lord this fall you had with me I was a friend and I let you be on your way or stay or do whatever you want to do you know we thank you for your love you kind of mussy we thank you for the privilege of being able to share in your joy please may this be our experience help us to fight the battles you have us to fight and to live life not simply trying to please ourselves but to live life with your mind. This is your brain Jesus name and. This message was recorded and did you I see conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at g y c Web dot org.


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