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Samuel Thomas Jr.
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Jesus told us in Matthew 24, the world will increase in conflict, become more unpredictable in natural disasters, and intensify in deception. September 12th, 2019 Pope Francis announced an initiative inviting global heads of state, business leaders, academic leaders, and sport personalities to Rome May 14, 2020. His theme: Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance. His purpose: Reeducating the world to a new perspective in environmental stewardship. His goal: The unification of people and religions.


  • January 4, 2020
    11:00 AM


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This message was presented at the g.i.c. com by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on. The red dot org. Good morning g y c. Well with the thousands that are in attendance I believe that our voices could be stronger Good morning to you I see. Hey man it's good to let the folks out there know that you're here. This morning. I am going to adopt you. As my church. A man. Throughout the years of ministry that I have. Been granted from the Lord. It has been my privilege to Pastor numerous congregations. Around the country. And when I speak on a Sabbath elsewhere. I have to adopt you. And make you a part of my family. I hope that you will adopt me. A man. This morning we are here. To venture into a an understanding of scripture. We have looked at this passage many times before. But we are going to approach it with fresh eyes today. And before we do that a couple of special ed knowledge events that I want to. To make at this point. Normally because the time is so precious. There isn't given the opportunity based on the clock that's running. The privilege of giving special greetings but I'm going to take that and recover it on the other side. I want to acknowledge my son. Samuel the 3rd. Who drove from Huntsville Alabama late last night after a full day of work to be with his dad. And that's meaningful to me. And when we have so many that are so concerned about their young people and the direction that they are going and the decisions that they're making I am grateful and humbly honored that to my son and I. Are so strongly bonded. Amen. I also want to give a special acknowledgment this morning to a person that you probably know. And Pastor Chris Holland you may know him from his work it is written Canada and also his present responsibilities at home lives I think it's 360 or 365 with Pastor Mark Finley. He was my pastor for a season. And he is a wonderful man of God and I appreciate him deeply and why am I making this a public statement because he took the time to coordinate a special prayer with me this morning and I think that's meaningful a man. Well this go to the Word of God to see with the Word of God has to say. Father now and. Thank you. For this moment. Where you have invited us into your presence. Give us your Holy Spirit we pray. In Christ's name. Amen. I want to express my gratitude to. Pastor Wright sorrow and the g. y.c. leadership for the opportunity to stand here and to share with each of you what the Lord has laid on my heart. I think that we are mature enough. As Christians those who are gathered here today. To. Recognize that in the 7th Day Adventist Church we have an identity crisis. We're not quite sure of who we are. Or who we want to be. And the purpose of our message this morning is to bring us back to God's calling in our lives. Individually. And corporately. Because ultimately when we fail to recognize what God has assigned to us. We will venture into Mission practices and belief systems that are driven by humanistic values and the broken carnal sinful heart. I believe that there is not another gathering that I can identify where young adults convene to spend time building their biblical Christian experience and congregating in prayer. Plan Bible study. Appropriate Christian socialization and instructions in prophecy like g y c. This group represents a rare unique special group of 7th day adventists Christians. You are indeed few among many. Now that should not surprise any of us today it or viewers or various on various media outlets. God's people are not and have never been the majority. According to Google as of December 29th teen the global population stands that 7800000000 people. 7.8000000000 people. The 4 most populous cities on the planet are Tokyo with 38100000 Delhi India 25700000 Shanghai China 23740000 saw pollo Brazil 21000000. And our global membership as a church. Google reports as a mere 25000000 or we're proud of that number. But in reality we are the role point 33 percent of the world's total inhabitants. We are a minority of humanity a minority within Christianity we are few. Or are we. With a news story broke in California. Based on their state legislatures proposal to control the content of Christian sermons it came and went without a whimper from the general Christian community many did not. Understand the serious implication of the law being proposed the headlines read California Senate passes a resolution telling pass just to embrace g p t Q believes. Carried by the Christian Broadcasting Network their correspondent Andrea Morris acknowledge that the passage of the resolution meant that it was telling Christians quote telling Christians Christian clergy to accept and support l.g.b. t.q. ideology even if doing so violated their Christian beliefs. The assembly concurrent resolution 99 a c r n 1009 was introduced by democratic state assemblyman Evan Lowe of San Jose on June the 4th of 2019 as a way to gather support for the l g b t Q identity and behaviors but Protestant America was caught off guard quickly political influencers were mobilized to construct social guardrails for the Christian community they didn't see it coming. The question needs to be asked why didn't they see it coming. They didn't see it coming because they had forgotten the holy scripture and Luke 1728 The Bible says Jesus is likewise also as it was in the days of a lot. They did eat they drank they bought they sold they plant it they build it Lott was a resident of Sodom. Paul further expands our view of the last days and 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 verses one through 3 this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come for men shall be lovers of them their own selves and it culls down to as it granulate to this point with out natural affection. The Bible has warned us about the condition of the people in the last day. How do we respond to the crisis. Where can we find. Biblical. Solutions. For the expanding crisis of immorality. Can we find the answer in popular Christianity. That's a question I want you to ponder for just a moment. And while you give that consideration before we pursue the answer I invite you to consider what the Bible says about a small group of people in the last day is. A Revelation Chapter 1412 the Bible describes the characteristics of this small group in these words here is the patience of the saints of you know the passage say it with me it here is the patience of the saints here out they that keep the commandments of God and the work faith of Jesus now let's go back to our previous question can we find the solution for the crisis in popular Christianity and the answer is a resounding no. Why. And as your pastor today I want to share this with you. This is going to be a tough statement but hear me because all Protestant denominations have for secam the Bible as their only god. They profess to love Jesus but they fail to prove it. Because obedience to God is the evidence of love toward God. In popular Christianity obedience to God's were and his commands are not expected or encourage. However Jesus said If You Love Me What if you say keep my commandments and they don't. Further they corrupt the present prophetic messages of Daniel and Revelation by their Iranian interpretations of scared of scripture spiritualism has infiltrated their worship services their members pursue any militia or high through an experience based form of worship scripture is a platform to propagate the elevation of the self rather than the pursuing of biblical truth. They only want to feel good. They follow in the ways of Cain. They seek to please themselves but not God They trample on the plainest scriptural principles they openly we got disregard God as sovereign by disregarding his directive to remember him as creator for human beings this is inevitable. Consider this we were warned this would happen this is what it looks like now not only in our country but around the world in 2019 major world religions and environmentalists expressed hope and promise in the papal encyclical Dato see on care for our common home from pro Pope Francis the papal call for environmental care is used as a common ground for all religious belief systems to unite. It seems harmless but there is a hidden agenda behind the invitation this movement of promoting unity of different religions under one banner it's called an ecumenical movement within the documents $184.00 pages Pope Francis introduces readers to the gospel of creation. He defines it in chapter 2 where he calls for humanity to respect the laws of nature he writes quote This responsibility for God's earth means that human beings endowed with intelligence must respect the laws of nature along the same lines rest on the 7th day what day did he say 7 day is met not only for human beings but also that your ox and your donkey may have rest. He defines the meaning of 7th day in these words listen carefully. All it takes is one good person to restore hope the Biblical tradition. Clearly shows that this renewal entails recovering and respecting the rhythms described in nature by the hand of the Creator we see this for example in the law of the Sabbath on the 7th day God rested from all his work he commanded Israel to set aside each 7th day as a day of rest a Sabbath. So not listen to your pastor today. The Sabbath he is referring to is not Saturday night. But Sunday. Not God's Sabbath. The ecumenical movement have solidified united around common interests in vain pursuit of justice in a synthetic world Protestant denominations are seeking to find peace and safety on the planet My Bible says Your Bible says if fast hitting to an end it they do not see the prophetic agenda. They are promoting is a tough statement a false gospel. But the few should understand what is going on you and I should see the truth of what is developing to believe as we do makes us an even smaller group. What does that look like consider the headlines of November 21000 headlines read using hate labels to demonize Christians the s p l c That's the Southern Poverty Leadership Center put this Christian ministry on par with the clue Klux Klan. The d. James Kennedy Ministries a Christian media outlet or ministry founded in 1974 by the late Dr d. James Kennedy as Coral Ridge ministries it fighting back against the Southern Poverty Law Center putting it on the center's hate map why would they identify as haters because they took a opposing view of the g t u agenda. Headlines September 12th 2019. Pope Francis announced an initiative what was it. It was an initiative inviting global heads of state business leaders academics sports personalities to Rome May the 14th 2020 his theme reinventing the global Educational Alliance What does it mean re educating the world to a new perspective in environmental stewardship his goal the unification of people and religion is. Why don't we hear anybody talking about this. Why the Protestants are not able to define it in a prophetic context. And their silence is deafening. What does it mean about the current Protestant churches. I want to introduce you to someone Dr Ronald cook he's president of Brecht Bill Bible College in Virginia. He is an Irish Protestant This is his take away in his book The deep Protestant ties ng of America he writes in many ways that akin to a watershed Council before it there had been all controversy between the Protestant Bible believers and their humanistic and Jessa with the coal opponents the majority of Protestants in North America were still looked upon as conservative in their beliefs before Vatican 2 but after that are going to this was no longer the case. Dr Cook continues the new and angelical is began to agree with the Jesuits of the old conservative way of trying to reach people that it was too rigid. It was not reaching people fast enough. In the world population was outstripping church world. You never heard that before. Dr Cook's response is one potential answer but the Bible gives us more so much more a 7th Day Adventists Christians Scripture gives us the best understanding when we examine the context of inspirations view of the few in the Book of Revelation Christ discloses his final representatives to the world as a small group he calls them a rim that. Rim that. A remainder or residual that had escaped left posterity. And what is so fascinating about this understanding of the rim that it is that it is support it elsewhere if we actually take the time to research it. The rim that only have value and significance if placed in a larger meaning or context. To be identified as a remnant of anything there must be 8 sending a context a remnant of whom or what why where and when what is a remnant let me share this with you from Adventist affirm fall 9 $133.00 Dr Gerhardt hostle wrote Listen to this since there is not another religious body today outside of 7th Day Adventists which uniquely and specifically have the characteristics of the remnant faith and care is their marks it follows that Adventists as they meet all the aspects of the rim that are the final rim. Of the in time. This does not mean that there are no other Christians who live temporarily on the basis of limited light they too are children of God. But until they join the commandment keeping faith of Jesus holding women that they are not part of the final remnant. In the course of time all children of God whether in Christian churches or non-Christian religions who listen to The Spirit of God and follow his woo wings will be drawn by the faithful global proclamation of the everlasting Gospel of the final written and of faith which even now proclaims this message with power and conviction. The scripture reveal a more comprehensive view of the few. By example or as tight for us to study they are free Hebrew young men who are a type of the few. The room. In the Book of Daniel we read the historical documentation about King Nebuchadnezzar sending an invitation to gather all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image he had set up the catch he wanted the attendees to worship an image of himself it was prompted by music can motivated by ecumenism the integration of all religions all those who came to bow down. Does this sound familiar with what Christ said will happen in the in time. A supreme leader of a civil religious power will command the people of the world under his banners to worship the image he has created. Among the people who gathered there 3 Hebrew min refuse to worship the king and his image they were the few who stood and withstood they kept the commandments of God. Daniel 313 let's go back to it this is what the Bible says then never commands in his rage and fury commanded to bring shed wrecked me Shekh in a bid to go and then they brought these men before the King Nebuchadnezzar spake and said into them is it true. In the Bendigo do not you serve my God or worship the golden image which I have set up now if you be ready that at what time you hear the sound of the cornet the flute the heart the sack but the psaltery and the dulcimer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the image which I have made well but if you worship not you shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace what a choice. Should read me shaken to Bendigo by faith. Intersected with obedience and fulfilled the 1st half of Revelation $1412.00 they kept the commandments of God. But the verse does not stop there the 2nd half of the verse is of Revelation 1412 that they have the faith of Jesus let's see how they stand up to that this verse 16th is. Going to Bendigo answered and said to the king all never can as a we are not careful to answer the in this. Matter in the margin it literally is translated like this shit reckoning check and the Bendigo answered and said to the king or never can as a we have no need to return a word to you in this matter. Do we have that kind of bonus. Do we have that kind of determined commitment or are we as focused on serving the Lord not in doing something for the Lord but not been doing toward evil. They continue speaking. If it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fire furnace and he will deliver us out of your hands. Now pay attention to this next verse listen to what it says but if not be known unto the Oking that we will not serve die God nor worship the golden image which there has set up. They have the faith that god. Is indeed able to fulfill his promise and Isaiah 432. Isaiah 43 to say is if you're not familiar with it listen to what it says when doubt walk us through the fire you shall not be consumed a man. But even if God did not deliver them they will keep His Commandments whether they get that kind of power when they get that kind of conviction where do they have that kind of source What source do they have to be able to stand fast and make that declaration in the face of power. They are called the Word of Joel Though He slay me. Yet well I trust in him but I will maintain my own ways before him. These 3 men were the few. We often put them as super sized heroes almost like a Marvel comic book out on the plain of Dora not recognizing that all around them were people who were related to them if not by and if not by direct blood by ancestry. Haven't even thought about what the peer pressure must have been like on the plane of Dora. And generally when we go to any event we always go with our friends. So doubtless when Heaven I as a riot and Michelle attended that event they didn't go by themselves but they are the only 3 standing what's happening to the rest of the Hebrews that are around them. What's happening to the rest of the Hebrews who say they believe in God who say they trust God who say they love God. These 3 Hebrew men the few they represent the remnant. They are Type of those who throughout the ages displayed an unshakable loyalty to Christ they are a type of the remnant of Bible prophecy. I want to be a part of the room and how about you. We have a 7 Day Adventists have a tremendous advantage. And let me dispelled this notion now that when these types of messages appreciate we always default to wow there we go saying that we're better than others no that is not what we are saying if you ever with out a pilot's license. Hint to the cockpit before the plane actually taxes to the runway and you get in the pilot's seat without the experience required to fly the plane that I am on I'm getting off. It's not about that our van in it is really about us understanding that God has given us a special the Simon and that assignment looks different than any other Christian faith. Do I see God has given us a job. It's time to do it. It's time to do it with faith and boldness and courage. It's time for us to believe the message. The truth. The prophetic declarations for this time. And I know that when we hear messages like this we are prone to say but we live in an imperfect world and there are so many imperfect elements within the church well obviously. We have imperfections. Clipper Goldstein makes this profound statement in his book the room that he said quote The 7th Day Adventist Church like ancient Israel has been given far more light than any other faith and that light alone gives that corporate rim that status that. Like the ancient Israel lights with all of our corporate and individual imperfections Christ as assigned us the distinct classification as he is written and people. With other women and people of Bible prophecy Amen. We know that God will have to purify the church and the time will come when the harvest is ready and the tears and the wheat are fully matured and God will separate the wheat from the tears it must come it will surely come. But the question is not will it come or what when will it come but which one will you be. Considering this consider the sobering message from is equal 820 the soul who sins shall die the Son shall not there the guilt of the Father nor the father bear the guilt of the Son the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him self friends salvation although we are in a corporate written that salvation is an individual matter. The Hebrew background of hand and I as a wry and Michelle did not say them it wasn't because they held out as a group. That they were say they had to decide for themselves to stand for Jesus how was your standing with Jesus what are you really like when you leave these types of gatherings. What do you like in your home on your job. In your schools. I want to learn 3 lessons today. About. Had an Ira as a riot in Miss year I use the Hebrew names intentionally because ultimately their names have meaning. The 1st thing never Knesset could not comprehend about those 3 men was he had brought them forcibly to Babylon as they conquered people but they were determined not to become Babylonians. Hand And I as a wry and Michelle purposed in their heart that they would not defile themselves with the lifestyle of the Babylonians the goal of the Babylonians did not impress them the opulence and power did not entice them and although they were few They constantly relied on the power of Jesus Christ made them stalwart in Conviction focused in commitment and determined in the attitude they belonged to Jesus and they would not break that bond they defied the influence of culture and paganism when you go on so many of our circles the question has to be asked What is the most important thing to you and when it comes to Americans the most important thing for them I'm an American. But the answer should be I'm a 7 day Adventist Christian somebody say man. That needs to be what's important in our thinking in our minds in our outlook The 2nd thing is that never Knesset could not comprehend that he had changed their name which represents a change in identity and character but they had not changed their loyalty to God. Every time he and I as a Ryan Michelle stepped out of their prayer closet they knew who they were and they knew whose they were they were in Babylon but Babylon was not in them they have prayed and asked our Savior to give them his heart his mind his convictions his desires his thoughts his outlook his values his religion every day they stepped into their positions of leadership and responsibility they had a simple object of to live a sold out life to Jesus. They were captives but they were free. They were in bondage yet they had unrestricted fake. Thirdly never can as a could not comprehend that he had moved hand and eye as a riot and machine far away from the sanctuary some out is going here this morning far away from the sanctuary but he could not erase the significance of the sanctuary out of them. Then and I as a writer and Michel knew the significance of the shine a sure kind of glory evidence above all but the mercy seat above the Ark of the Testament where in one of the tablets of the covenant the 10 Commandments they knew the sanctuary is important do we still remember the importance they knew the importance in history and position in relationship to their personal salvation they knew serving Jesus was not cultural but relational with Jesus they knew obedience was not circumstantial but transcendent location and environment had and I as a riot machine would not succumb to peer pressure. And I. Would not relinquish their convictions the more civil and religious pressure was applied the more determined they were to live for Christ. They exhibited a resistance to the local values and unbiblical diet and unbiblical worship how was it with huge u.i.c.. They modeled the characteristics of the final minute. Let me take a page out of Dr Norman McNulty his book recently published by remnant. Commentary in The Book of Daniel practical living in the judgment hour he writes the War raged on the rim that is seen in Revelation 13 with the issue of worship and the image to the beast ancient Babylon specifically King Nebuchadnezzar manifested the same raft toward the faithful remnant of Daniel 3 ordering the 3 Hebrew boys to be killed just as there will be a death decree and Revelation 13 placed upon those who do not worship the image or receive the mark of the beast. With had an eye as a riot and Michelle stood and faced the tyrannical ruler never connector everything about their vis inch demeanor their posture their stalwart gaze spoke more loudly than their words. They want going to change their minds they want going to change their convictions hadn't I as a wry and Michelle were not going to change their allegiance they were all in Dr McNulty clarifies how this became 8 focused few in this statement quote The 3 Hebrew young man glorified God in their decision to put their lives on the line and not worship the image and God decisively honored them by sending His Son to be in their midst and preserve their lives from being consumed by the flames Amen it went ahead and I as a wry and Michele were thrown into the furnace of destruction they have proven their love their loyalty and their devotion to the Savior Therefore Jesus made himself personally responsible for their outcome they made Christ everything and Christ took them seriously. Notice if you will that when Jesus showed up he had stopped. All of his celestial business he disrupted his heavenly operations suspended his heavenly schedule and appeared in their midst a man Whew I see we have a very very very difficult day or days ahead of us we know the players we have seen Satan's agenda we have studied the significance of the battle revealed in the 1260 years of people oppression we have been forewarned that Christ propped by price Christ prophet to the rim the Church recorded. That we are not prepare. The final onslaught is overrunning the shores of our predictable sometimes placid lives and we have a symbol and of peace like this 7 but a violent storm is rapidly approaching the commitment of today is your resistance for tomorrow the trust of today is your assurance in tomorrow the submission of today is your transformation for tomorrow I want to close with this admonition for what the pen of inspiration says we must be. As in the days of shed wrecked me Shekh in the Bendigo So in the closing period of Earth's history the Lord will work mightily in behalf of those who stand steadfastly for the right. He who walked with the Hebrew worthies in the firing furnace will be with his followers wherever they are in the midst of a time of trouble trouble such as has not been since there was a nation his chosen ones will stand unmoved angels that excel in strength will protect them and in their behalf Jehovah will reveal himself as a God of God. To say to the uttermost those who have put their trust in him. So how do we get there. How do we get there. And then when it gives us the sobering words. It is intended for men and women alike. The greatest want. Of the world. Is the want. Men. Men who will not be. Bought or sold. And there in most when everybody. Knows are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name min whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole. Men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. You want to have these qualities. Do you want to be a part of the few. Who will stand for the right. All myn for sake you. Continue. But such a character is not the result of an accident. It is not due to special favor. And doubt when some. A noble character is the result of self discipline of the suggestion of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self for the service of love to God and man. Will you follow Jesus. Where ever he leads. The few. To him that is playing is entitled Just as I am. One please. With that. For me. But the 3rd verse is what's important. Just as I am boat tossed about. With many a conflict. Many. Finding us with. Out. A lamb. I want to make a very unique appeal today. People follow their leaders. And leadership today is more important now than ever. And the 3 categories of leaders that are in our midst today. They are church leaders. Pastors. Parents. Doesn't matter what your occupation is. Those 3 categories I want to challenge you to be an example. To those who are here today the youth and young adults. To make. By taking a stand that you're all in. If you're all in for the lower. And we don't know what 2020 holes with 2021 I invite you. Pastor Paris to get up from your place and come down front. And let's pray together. You can young adults I don't want to move you. I want you to see what's coming. Was change for. The. Hearing. Those. Sorry and. Always say. Langham a. World Gone. Can Wait. Because the old. World of the a high. The old. And. Leaders you have so much. That is hanging on your insulin. With the last you leave and bowls you parents. They're watching you. You're in flow. And. With them. Is only as good as your life. And your relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot say one thing to them. And do another. The greatest. Test of your influence with your children is them being able to say my parents my parents are consistent in their walk with Jesus. That's the most powerful gift. Your children can give to you. Your member. And all those with whom you have influence. And now that you're here. And there's really not much room for in about here. You can see that you are in fact the most important link in g y see what it means to be. The youth the young adult. Will follow you. They may not always like the role that you're taking They may not always like the instruction given they may not always understand the wisdom that you impart but if you are willing to be bold if you're willing to be strong if you're willing To me faith and faith follow God would do something through you know. Now for my young people. These leaders have made a decision. I want you to make a decision to. If you're only in. $2200.00 and beyond. I want you to stand to your feet right where you are. I mean have. You are so wonderful. To be so patient. As we have. So frequently. Live such consistent was. What your grain and your mercy have pulled the fact you've not given up on us when we have not been faithful to you. But Lord it's no longer an opportunity for us to play church and to hide behind our titles and I agree in a generational history lot it's time for us to. Number before. We have an unpopular message. We want to laugh at us Lord. They laughed at Noah. We're going to have some people in our mix who don't believe like Lott and his wife. We're going to have found who are still trying to build the kingdom you own are like the apostles. But Lot are crazy that you will keep working on our hearts to the problem Holy Spirit and that you will convict us and that you will perish out of our character. But faith in Jesus facing toward the most holy place where he is right now making intercession for us I pray oh god that you will empower us to stand for you. And if law and as leaders and as parents we lose our jobs because we have taken a stand maybe we show our children maybe we show these young people what it means to stand face. In the face of a fiery furnace. If things happen in our lives that we don't want to. Give can direct. It is the. Time frame. May we have the presence of mind through the power of the end Welling presence of all the spirit to lower. Down to even if it means we have to die and we have to lay down their grass Lord May we now offer us a complaint about what you're doing about. You've chosen us as leaders as parents. You know I pray. That you would keep us sane. We ask it in Jesus's name. Amen. And amen just. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do you I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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