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Mission, Miracles, and You

Kyle Allen


Do you want to be inspired by current miracle stories from around the world? Join us to hear how God is reaching assassins, rebels, prisoners, closed countries, and those in the hardest-to-reach places on the planet! Do you also want to learn how you can be an evangelist from the palm of your hand? Join us to learn how to use your cell phone and social media to reach your friends, coworkers and others all over the world. Come and gain practical tools that will help you take the gospel to the world in this generation!


Kyle Allen

Vice President for Adventist World Radio. 


  • January 2, 2020
    9:15 AM


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This message was presented at the. Door of a few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right. Good morning to you I see. How is everybody doing today to just sleep well. Well let me just tell you from the outset that you came to the right seminar I know you have a lot of choices and there's amazing things to hear but this particular breakout is going to be so exciting I know that you won't regret it but I have to ask you something very very special as we begin we're going to tell some stories that are top secret they're so secret they're being recorded for audio verse just getting actually seriously we're going to tell some sensitive things so we want you to prayerfully think about what God would have you to do as you listen to these stories think about how God is calling you in your life where you live to be his missionary for this last generation Amen so before we begin we want to have a word of prayer and ask the Lord's presence to be with us Heavenly Father thank you so much for a new day of life thank you for each young adult each person has come this morning we pray in a special way that you would fill us with your Holy Spirit as we consider the work that you are doing around the world Father we know that your coming is very soon we know that you're calling each and every one of us to be a part of that great movement to take the 3 Angels' messages to the world in this generation Lord our prayer is that in this seminar hour that we would be inspired by what you were doing that we would leave here not only inspired but committed to being a part of that great work we love you Lord we pray this all in Jesus' name and for his sake amen. I'm going to start with a story from a country in the world I can't tell you where it is how is that and in this country God is using a technology that is actually kind of an old technology actually this technology that started administering world radio which was radio right how many guys have heard of a w.r. by just a show of hands that you are is the 7th Day Adventist Church is radio broadcast ministry to reach the world and the original the early form of radio that we used to reach out was called Short Wave and short wave is a type of radio that goes very far it's not like your typical f.m. station it's just local right it goes very far can go thousands of miles and in this particular country Muslims started listening to the admin it's best to on their shortwave radios in the mountain regions where it is illegal to be a Christian in fact in this country the Taliban you guys have heard of the Taliban they've threatened that if people convert to Christianity they will be killed and friends I'm here to tell you today that 60 Muslims begin listening to the admin it's messy it's through the radio in this country and today they are 7th Day Adventists they were threatened to be killed so they're no longer able to meet together in one large group so they have to meet secretly in homes. But it's a testimony to what God is doing to reach people around the world and Alissa you have a 2nd part of this story that's even more interesting because they're called the prequel The prequel Ok So actually it was a couple they had started listening to the radio shortwave radio and they were just talking about and I saw the overheard a broadcast having a strolled radio and they were intrigued by in the beginning it was a little bit contradictory to what they what they believed and they were struggling there but there was something about the message of give them this internal hope this peace that they had not felt well they had been Muslims and so as this or listening to it they they heard that like Ok you can email them so they secure the 3 secure channel these are e-mailing and asking questions and getting answers back and forth and eventually the they decided to become 7th Day Adventists Kyle and they smuggled them over the border where they baptize them in a border country another neighboring country and when they came back they could not contain the good news since I was once you start to know the good news of Jesus Christ you cannot keep it to yourself Am I right and so they could not keep it to themselves so they served finding people who seemed open and this is where this group of believers came from and so they are they have started enduring persecution they have been brought in they have been tortured and now they're just meeting in small groups here and there there's no consistent place it is the most incredible thing to think that these people have been able to hear and this is that the coolest part to me is a lot of people's homey shortwave should just go away there's no purpose to radio yet this is the place where we cannot go we can't go there as missionaries try but the radio waves can a man a man thank you Alyssa and by the way I'm just going to I decided I'm going to tell you what country that's an even though it's not like it's secret but it's not so secret it's the country of Afghanistan Ok so how many of you will pray for the new believers about an Afghanistan a man and this couple isn't it incredible what God is doing. And I want to just encourage you guys as you as you're here and as you're going through the various seminars and the sermons that you hear may you leave this weekend knowing that God is that work that God wants to reach this world with his ad with this admin its message the beautiful truths of the 3 angels messages Amen and we hope and pray that you will be inspired to what God is doing now admin as World radio we've been broadcasting for since 1981 almost 50 years the admin It's messy around the world and of course we mentioned shortwave but as we'll hear as a part of the seminar today we're trying to use every available technology to broadcast the message because it's not just one method right God uses every technology to reach people and we have incredible opportunities in I was going to say 20192020 then to reach the world in ways we've never been able to before literally in seconds it's incredible isn't it the times in which we are living and the opportunities that each one of us has to reach our friends and our neighbors for Christ so we are currently broadcasting in over 100 languages and on over a 1000 stations around the world through f.m. am digital audio broadcast shortwave social media and of course cell phone evangelism which you'll hear about later but I want you to pray because you see this number right here friends this number is too low What do you think do we need more languages people need to hear the Word of God in their heart language and so by God's grace in the next 5 years before 2025 or has committed we want to see the admin a specified translated in 500 languages around the world a man so we can broadcast the Gospel in the people's heart languages Amen so pray for this pray for this effort we are targeting the $500.00 most spoken languages and the $100.00 largest metro areas in the world to broadcast our admin as message now I told you about shortwave this is the station in Guam. But if you've been to Guam All right Heather Yes you've been to go it's a beautiful place in the ever get to go out encourage you to go but from this one little station we can reach almost all of Asia into places like Afghanistan into Russia into China into Southeast Asia people hearing the Gospel message over the radio waves in addition I wanted to tell you guys that are has we've refocused our mission from just broadcasting and now we're focusing on leading people not only just to hear the message but we want them to make a decision for Christ even so the theme of our whole work now is broadcast to baptism and so the way we do that we broadcast the gospel right and then we connect those listeners with the church members and local churches because that's where the rubber meets the road is not right local churches all of you in your local churches as you reach out to your communities that's how people are reached with the I've been it's message so we broadcast no walls no borders no limits around the world we connect them with local churches and that completes the cycle of evangelism connecting them into God's Church. Now you guys know this verse well in this I think it's our theme text for your let's say this together can we Matthew 2414 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the shall come so we know that the gospel must be preached where. To all the world to how many nations to all the nations that's are calling is something I haven't it's Isn't that a beautiful collie when you look around and you see how the administration has gone around the world it's only can be you can only say it's a miracle of God It's a miracle of God and God wants to reach even more and more people as we approach the soon coming of Christ we will see that message go in a more powerful way and to more countries in the more nations and ethnic groups than ever before and by God's grace we want to be a part of that is radio and each one of you can be a part of that as well now let's take you to Africa to Zambia this has anybody been to Africa here today anybody from Africa or you've been a man God is moving in powerful ways in Africa just last summer we were in Zambia in the capital city of Lusaka and in this city in June of last year we held $1000.00 evangelistic meetings at the same time now here's the thing you guys we were also broadcasting through the radio to prepare people for these of Angelus to meetings and you know what the local people said they said it's June and in June in Africa it's cold now you might not think Africa is being cold but actually it can get kind of cold and the people said they're not going to come out to the evangelist it means because it's cold so you might not want to do them then but you know as we prayed and as we worked with the local people they said you know what we think God is going to do something and I'm I'm here to tell you today friends even though it was cold as the meeting started a 1000 meetings all across the city most of those done by lay people not pastors I meant the people came out and they started small but they grew and grew and grew and every single night more and more people came and 80 percent of those that came to the meetings had 1st heard about the church through the radio now when we came. To the end of those meetings we had a baptism and this you can kind of see is the baptismal pool in Lusaka It started out beautiful crystal blue you see that beautiful blue we had 40 pastors in this pool I was one of them and for 2 hours friends for 2 hours we baptized nonstop and we're talking fast that isms not link the ones right it's like the name of the Father Son Holy Spirit Amen Ok next father's and Amen this is so many people had decided for Christ and by the end of that baptism that pool went from beautiful crystal blue to dark brown. Amen but that's a beautiful thing isn't it because those sins are being washed away in the waters about as an 18000 people baptized in Zambia last summer the Holy Spirit moved in a very very powerful powerful way I want to tell you though when you see these pictures you might think oh that that that's that's professional Yes Or what's your question. 18800000 you might think oh that must have taken a mark Finley right that must have been a dud bachelor but you know what most of those preachers were lay people and young people you might think you know what I'm just a young person I don't really have many I haven't really preached I haven't really done evangelism I don't really have any big gifts of doing things you know that God can use you do you believe that guys God can use you all you need is a willing heart I'm going to show you a video of a young lady from South Africa who came to Zambia and she preached she was 16 years old she had never preached before I want you to hear testimony. Amen and just think Doretta when she 1st came she was so scared she didn't she didn't think she could preach what if Alyssa What if she had said I'm too young to do this what if she had said I'm too scared those people that made decisions for Christ at her meeting they would have who knows what would have happened right the point I want to share with you is this each one of us has a mission to fulfill a men each one of us is called to be a part of God's last a movement to reach the world and no matter what talents or gifts you may think you have God is calling you to reach this world for him and I want to share with you another quick story related to this listen this is actually from Palauan Philippines and this was also last summer this is a group this is a very quick story this is from these young people are from Australia and there was a young man who was in this group who actually had never he had never preached he had never given a bible study in fact he didn't even believe in the Sabbath. But you know how he came to the Philippines for this evangelist mission trip his youth leader said Come on come to the Philippines we're going to have a trip and he didn't realize that it was a mission trip Somehow I don't know what was going on he thought they were going to just go around and tour the Philippines I'm not sure what was happening sometimes you know when you're in church and you're sitting there you may not be listening completely that was probably him so he gets to the Philippines and he realizes that this is not only a mission trip but it's a preaching mission trip and he's going to have to preach every night. Can you imagine the shock that he had when he gets there and they give him the stack of sermons again I'm not exactly sure how this happened but they give the stack of sermons and he starts reading and he says you know I love Jesus and I believe in God I don't really believe in some of these minutes teaching he didn't really understand the Sabbath not been grown up in an administration and when it came to the night he had stopped he started preaching and it was tough for him but when it came to the night where he was preaching on the Sabbath he came to our leader and he said you know I can't do this I don't believe I don't I don't really know what I believe about this do you know what she said to him she said just get up and read the sermon anyway just read it and pray that God will use you I promise you he'll use you soul what you think you did. He got up and he read the sermon that's all he did he just got up and he read the sermon. And Sue Hankel who is our She's right here on the corner she's our director that was leading this group she said that that night when he came back from preaching that sermon from reading that sermon that his face was glowing and he came up to soon he said you know I started I started reading that sermon tonight and as I was speaking it to the people my heart was convicted that this was the truth of God's word and as I got into the sermon as I preached it more and more I realized more and more that this is the truth from the Bible and not only with the Sabbath but with every message after that he continued to be more and more convicted that what he was preaching was God's truth amen and now he is a faithful something evidence continuing to work for souls friends the point is this you may not even realize how God can change your heart but as you go out and as you do God's work right he can change your heart you may not know everything but go in faith and God will bless you as you step out in faith in men so we see this time and time again around the world 500 were baptized as a result of these young people preaching in the Philippines Amen. Now there is also an exciting story from the Philippines that has to do with communist rebels if you want to hear that story communist rebels that live in the mountains the jungles actually Alyssa take us to the jungle of the door so I would go for their terrorist these are actually terrorist rebels if you're familiar with the Philippines if you have relatives who live there you've probably heard of the n.p.a. is the New People's Army they have been actually actively fighting the military of the on the islands for decades literally decades and as we were broadcasting ahead of the meetings in miniature ago what we didn't realize was that these words were actually being heard on the mountainsides and they were actually reaching the rebels and in the end what happened we're going to make this story short because we have so my stories here but as it was broadcasting a group of rebels came and said we would like to meet with you they came to the presenters house I'm going to tell you that was the most scariest moment in that man's life I don't think I'd be that thrilled to see rebel generals sitting out of my house right but so he went up the they talked to them is shared with them and in the end rebel generals and soldiers were baptized it is literally start to change the whole island the culture of that island and we actually want to share Well real quick there's over 100 villages now 100 villages that have been penetrated with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And they had no obvious presence and is to holy changing and the government has actually started granting some amnesty to these people so that they're able to get out of the lifestyle that they were in and they're able to lay down their guns and they're not picking up Bibles and projectors and going into the hills and sharing the good news but we want to share a really exciting story this is. More recent story we call him the executioner. This is Daniel and he actually was a he was the executioner for the n.p.a. so he would basically be given a hit list and he would go and he would take them out that was his job he was excellent at what he did he was trained since childhood to basically go and murder people and he was really good at what you did and he these people they don't actually get to spend much time with their families Kyle out of like I think is like 2 months 3 months to get to 2 nights and 3 days with their family 3 months 2 nights 3 days with your family so Daniel had a family he had been given a hit list and this hit list had included a pastor and as a pastor was pleading for his life for the 1st time he felt just a twinge of empathy something he had not felt before any kind of start when I am I doing the right thing. He followed through though with his assignment but there was something I hadn't pricked inside of him and just a little short while later he went and met his family I'm sure what happened so his family and by the way I should say these families in the mountains of the Philippines this particular group this in it's a very pagan culture they swap wives they do structures weird stuff if they have they have if they have they can only have 3 babies if they have a 4th baby they buried a life like this is how like Pagan these cultures are and so he comes home to his family to his children and he notices immediately that there's something different on their faces the children are smiling for once usually there's a there's they're not happy and the home is kind of a dark place but the children are smiling and his wife is has a different attitude something has changed in the home. And they had started listening to an hour of an astrology radio broadcast and they said Daddy would you please listen to this with us and he resisted he wasn't I really did not want to listen to it he didn't like it but by the time he had left after just 3 days the Holy Spirit had started to to connect with him and he really struggling with what he was doing and eventually a couple months later he came home and. Ok and I think you forgot or so and he actually decided he was he was going to leave what he was doing what he had heard had convicted him up and as he had gone through the same process he just knew that he could not he could not keep doing what he had done and eventually actually just a couple months and just a couple months this area grew so this is a very recent start to the next picture I think a certain shows that. He was actually baptized him and his whole family have been baptized and he is now also taking Project Earth out into the hills and he is sharing the good news with the same people that he was taking orders from actually the number one. Most Wanted couple Yes in the Philippines the number one most wanted couple have actually just decided that they also want to be baptized and this thing that I always want to make sure people understand is that they're not being that doesn't returning to their former life Ok this is truly like a soul to Paul an experience they are literally putting aside the things that they have done and they are taking up the cross of Christ in him and most incredible thank. Him and it is assault appall And you know I love this verse in his chapter 36 and verse 26 where the Bible says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh a man that's what God promises and the incredible thing about this story you think about it this guy had killed many people I mean he was beyond hope by any human perspective right he's done a lot of bad stuff in his life but does this not tell you that the Holy Spirit is able to reach people who are even in the darkest place. And it tells me something this morning no matter where you are in your life or no matter where a family member is that you think may be far away from God God is able to still reach them Amen amen God is able to still reach even into the darkest corners of our human experience because the Gospel is powerful and Jesus is able to save to the uttermost Amen so remember that friends remember this story from the Philippines now one of the things that we want to share with you that. When we go out to a community and broadcast the gospel message broadcast the. We want to follow the way Jesus worked a man is not how we should work now did Jesus going to towns and villages and did he just simply preach and then that is that only did what did Jesus do. He healed people right in fact if you read the Bible you see that Jesus actually healed more than he preached even though of course he preached so as add minutes we have the health message praise the Lord Amen so when we preach the Gospel when we broadcast the Gospel we should also be combining it with what the health message is not right in fact I would submit to you friends that were ever we work around the world of the evidence we should always connect it with the medical missionary work because that's what Jesus did not want you to look at this statement you've all seen this before ministry of healing page 143 powerful powerful statement from the Spirit of Prophecy telling us how we should work to reach souls for Christ you've seen this before but look at it once more Christ method what alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior did what he main goal with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me you see friends in order to reach people's hearts they need to know that we care about them. We're not just out trying to sell them something we actually want better lives for them do you know how those rebels were reached actually we were broadcasting but we also went to their villages and did medical missionary work and when they saw our missionaries go in and the dentists came in and they fixed their teeth and they healed their children that opened their hearts they realised that we were we were being sincere that we wanted to actually help them and that's what brought them across the line wanting to become something administrations and then so we see this time and time again this is how Jesus taught us to work somehow we think that in the 21st well I guess we're in 2020 now some some people think we can jettison this but we cannot we have to have them together friends and so as at Adventist world radio we've said wherever we go into a city or town around the world we want to combine not only broadcasting with the medical missionary work in so we have in the last few years. Created a new part of you are called a w r 360 health and what we've been doing is doing medical clinics in connection with broadcasting so in the Philippines last summer we showed you those young people that preached right before they preached we held a clinic in the Palauan Coliseum there in Puerto Princesa do you guys know how many people came by the way we only had 300 volunteers 10000 people came to receive medical care 10000 people here is one of the volunteer dentists from the a.u.p. administering diversity of the Philippines any Filipinos here today a few men and men so we had a tremendous tremendous outpouring of help 10000 people were seen and many of them came to the evangelistic meetings and gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus I'm telling you guys it's powerful what God does when we combine medical work with evangelism this last summer we were in India and it was hot I mean it's so hot in India I can't even tell you how hot it is 120 degrees were out there doing a medical clinic Ok you can even tell from this picture but it is so hot but they say they came and received I care they came and received dental care this is a time lapse video this doctor Dr j. could probably car he's doing cataract surgeries and guess how long for surgery. Because you know how long cataract surgeries normally take about 15 minutes he does them in 2 minutes 2 minutes and so in the space of 2 hours I was sitting here videoing this just this is like a time lapse of 15 minutes of him doing surgeries he did 46 patients in 2 hours. And you know what the incredible thing is you guys Dr Prabakaran not only cares about restoring their physical sight but he wants their spiritual sight restored because he tells his patients you don't need to just see physically you need to see spiritually and as their eyes are open physically then they have a desire to see spiritually as well and so many of these patients after they've been operated on and by the way many of them have been blind for years because cataracts are very debilitating and they don't have money to cataract surgeries in India. They're invited to the evangelistic meetings and you know how we know who they are because they have these big dark glasses and they always come into the event was that meeting smiling big smiles because now they can see but more importantly they want to see Jesus and many of those who are but who were who were operated upon for the cataract surgeries. This is a couple right here that were in Calcutta elder Wilson's meaning he preached in Calcutta India this summer and 30 were baptized and these 2 here on the right made their decision to follow Christ as well it's incredible the power of medical work combined with the gospel ministry now a list so this is a story from the Philippines tell us about the wheelchair me so this man here who is holding the radio we call him the wheelchair man I don't know if it's because we don't know his name but we've what we do know his story this precious man head he had been incapacitated for life he would not been able to walk he was just miserable and he made his home life miserable he was unhappy and when you know they always say when mommy happy happy I think it kind of goes the same with that dad not having nobody else had your own mother so when you a happy nobody happy now probably Ok anyway that's total transparency that so and so when he was unhappy it just was creating a really miserable home life these turn actually listening to radio as we are broadcasting and the they were finding is like these messages very hopeful it was transforming how their house was they heard about our medical clinic Kyle and at the medical clinic they are. At the medical clinic they were able to take care of their needs take care their dental needs the actually got them in a wheelchair this was the 1st time he had the ability to be able to be moved just on his own or have his family push him and that just met his needs so much and he was so open to what they were saying there in the end when they invited him because at the end we always invite them to the follow up meetings right and as he was invited all came they came every single night of the meetings that he had and at the end they carried him they had to carry him into the sea where they've baptized him and this is actually the perfect illustration of why 8 of our 360 broadcasts about this amendment because we take it full circle take it from broadcast we connect all the dots in between connecting their physical needs to their spiritual needs and then helping them to follow Christ in and guys listen I can't I am so convicted about this I hope you catch this this man's story this is just one person in the Philippines Do you know that there are thousands millions of these people around the world that are just waiting to hear the Gospel that are just waiting to to experience the love of Jesus in their own life and the healing power of Christ and you know what they're waiting on they're waiting on you. Because how will they hear unless someone preaches to them how will they receive that healing unless someone of the name of Christ comes and heals and you see we're sharing with you stories about a w.r. but it's really not about you know we are this is about all of us because God is calling all of us in this generation to fulfill the commission that has given us a man this beautiful 70 have its message which by the way norther church on the world in the world has this complete package friends of medical plus the gospel truth the Bible in its full truth all combined in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach the world is not a beautiful thing. Friends we want you to leave knowing that God is calling you now I want to tell you about a very very exciting project we're in January of 2020 Amen it is a new year and we've been talking about things that happened last year and the year before but God is going to do a new thing this year praise God in New Guinea a country that is one of the poorest in the world a country where the people often don't even have access to regular medical care in fact this is a picture from the Mount Haagen General Hospital in the highlands of p. and g. I was just there in September 1 of the worst hospitals I've ever seen they hardly have access to basic medicine. We are going in March by God's grace and conducting an hour 360 medical clinic in mahogany Amen dentists and doctors are coming we're going to be in this hospital and several others doing free medical work we're doing a dental clinic we want to make an appeal if anybody would like to be involved we encourage you either to just pray and if you can come and volunteer we still have opportunities for that we'll be sharing about that up front on Friday night but I want to make a plug here as well to pray and if you're a medical professional in particular we could use you in p. and g. in March Amen and in addition to that the exciting thing get this you guys in May so May 1 day 16 of this year the popular New Guinea Union is planning to have evangelist meetings across that country now do you want to know what their baptismal goal is buckle your seat belts you guys may not believe this now a goal is a goal right we're told to aim high we don't know if we'll make that goal but we need to aim high right and the p.m.g. people are aiming high does anybody want to guess what they're about to as my goal is for 2020. Someone said 50000 that's a good guess do you know my friend you say 50 that in one conference alone in one conference in fact it's not even a conference submission they already have 50000 people in baptismal studies. I said buckle your seat belts right. Anybody want to guess how many baptismal how many bathrooms they are hoping for. Try double that 200200000 guys Now again this is a prayer goal but I want you to see the faith of these people and you know how what their method is their method is simple it's total member involvement they are wanting every single one of their people to get involved to do their part to reach their friends and neighbors for Christ and I believe friends I don't know how many will be baptized the number isn't the point but as everybody comes together and prays for the upping of the Holy Spirit and every church member does their part I believe we're going to see incredible things happen in p. and g. this May when you guys join me in praying for that effort Ok amen and I also want to tell you if some of you if some one of you young people or someone here would like to come and join us I know it's kind of a hard time with school still being in session but we still have some slots for speakers to come and preach in p. and g. may want to 162020 other Wilson is going to be preaching there as well as a series in close to the hospital I showed you many people are coming to preach we have some more opportunities if you want to come we invite you to come and join us and be a preacher I think Syria. Very serious kind of. She said that is not it Ok if Syria can do it you guys you do it right even praise the Lord so you guys please press how many people at least pray for p.m.g. Dr anybody that's interested I'm just here in a body you know what Pastor I might want to go Ok i still has if you guys are interested in maybe coming talk to me afterwards Ok because there's some exciting stuff all right let's take us to China so China is any very incredible country the underground church in China is actually thriving. We think of as this very close country and it is but underground God is doing incredible miraculous things and there is a woman we would like to share a story that she has that recording every single night broadcast. She goes into her closet we cannot share her picture but she goes into her closet which has been padded to be made into like a studio and for one hour she says with her closet doors closed and she records a broadcast which she then uploads and sends to people that then broadcast into China so that they are getting something in return to die in the air the dialect that's local She knows the needs. And the really cool part about the story that she's been doing this for years and years and years and years and there's only like 5 people who know she's just people in her own church don't know she's doing it because you can't necessarily trust that they won't turn un so her husband knows people people just but every night faithfully she wakes up goes into what I'm going to guys by the end of an hour becomes a very congested claustrophobic I would start to think I was overheating experience to record the good news event and is broadcasted not local to her so that nobody would be able to identify her voice but this is a way that people are reaching others in their country with the good news she's one incredible story why don't you take us to Tanzania Ok down another story from Tanzania someone else who heard the call of God to do their part to share with their friends and neighbors now some of you as I said before some of you may have never preached how many of you have ever preached before but by show of hands Ok quite a few of you who is not preached Ok some of you have a priest all right and I know that if you have a priest you may be a little scared to share and it's natural right sometimes it's a little intimidating Well this lady in Tanzania was listening to her pastor. And the pastor was making an appeal to use for the members to use their gifts and talents for God but only problem was she was pretty shy she didn't know what to do. She said Ok well I'm not a good speaker she said what do I have I have a garden that's the one thing she had she had a garden she was a good gardener and you know what else she had because Want to guess. That's a good guess that she had a radio and she decided that what she would do because her garden was in the middle of the town she would put her radio every day in the garden turn it up loud as she's gardening and she's holding her vegetables and the radio would do the preaching Amen so she turns up the radio she turns into a w r And she quit she holds her vegetables Well little did she know that next to her garden was a shack which was a bar Ok And in this bar. Jumping it in this bar These lowlife men who didn't work all day would sit in the bar drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking their lives away well one day they're sitting in the bar and guess what they start to hear what is this they listen and there's a preacher on the radio and soon as they're drinking they're starting to kind of lean to the side of the bar as they're listening towards the garden oh this is a good preacher and pretty soon the owner of the bar says you know what forget this we need to get our own radio because we cannot hear this woman's radio so we'll buy one for the bar so he buys a bar radio and they start listening to a w.r. in the bar drinking. Drinking listening to the Bible the Word of God they get some Bibles they're still drinking now you can't listen to the Word of God too long and drink at the same time without giving one up right so what do you think they started to give up praise God the drinking started to go down Amen so they're listening to the Bible more and more and the drinking becomes less and less and you know what friends by the time after several months as they're listening to God's word they said forget this drinking. We don't want this alcohol any more we need Jesus and their hearts were moved by the words they were hearing on the radio all of those men decided to be baptized praise God Amen and not only that they said you know what we need a new church in this town and we think that this bar would be a perfect place let's make the bar a church. So today the bar is a church Amen and let me tell you friends it's because one woman decided to use what little she had a moment her garden put her radio in there to do something for Christ if she can wait rich people through just having a willing heart what do you think God can do through you God can use your talents your willingness to reach people in ways you could never even imagine. Ok this one is next with Karen come up. Karen glass for our digital evangelism director for atmosphere and radio Karen we have to this is another story I just we have to share this story because God is working miracles to protect people who are working for him around the world so Pastor we saw him as the only Muslim background and beginning to be trained to be any mom when he learned about 7th Day Adventists to became a 7th Day Adventist went to Andrews University and he is Pastor ring in Nazareth today so he's the only one in Israel that has a Muslim background he has some cousins that are very very upset with the fact that he has become a Christian they have stoned him within an inch of his life twice he when he got a call to work in Nazareth that was a little scary because he lives in his old family home next door to those 2 cousins. Very recently when he went outside they have told him over and over it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when we will kill you for becoming a Christian much less that you're trying to convert everybody around here so as he was walking away from his house one morning there a crowd gathered around his wife looked out the window and could see what was going on and it scared her to death she is South African She began to cry and say God please protect my husband one of his cousins came with a big huge butcher knife he ran towards we saw and he plunged it as hard as he could until we saw his back only it did it pierce anything except his shirt and this steel knife bent it went in one side of his shirt came out the other side and there isn't even a nick or Bruce it scared because and so bad that he pulled it out he dropped it he screamed and he said I'll get you eventually and he ran away we have that knife Unfortunately the president of a w.r. has it and another convention at the moment and so we couldn't show it to you but somebody who deals with steel all the time government military who deals with construction looked at that very carefully and he said no human hand has been in this steel it has not been heated it has not had anything done to it I do not understand he said this has to have hit an angel's hand and we saw him is still working with us getting all our servants translated into Arabic so that we can use those with cell phone evangelism which we'll talk about later what is a family man is God good or not God is good and you know what it's incredible the miracles that he does to protect those that you can see the knife here is not incredible that it's always some. The message here we want you to get of course by many or by few God will use you as you are willing to go forward in faith for him amen and you know what we don't have to worry about our lives whether we live or die right God will care for us sometimes God choose to save sometimes he doesn't but the point is we need to be faithful right just like we some we need to go where God has called us to go and leave the results with God and I'm telling you friends as we have that willingness to go wherever Jesus calls us no matter what the dangers are God will be able to use this generation to reach the world for Christ that's the that's the type of commitment he's calling for in these last days now as we transition here our time is going so fast we have so many stories we wish we could we had to cut we wish we could keep sharing but we want you to know that in addition to radio in addition to the things that we've talked about we are trying to pioneer in new ways to reach the world with the I've been a smith. Do you know that the average person actually I probably shouldn't even your group of whole roomful of millennial and young people and men but the average young person spends 3 to 8 hours a day is that right Karen to check social me what is this 100 times a day checking your social media account how many of you would identify with that. Ok how many don't want to have been it but where are people today. Where are they if you look around. Where are the people. Are they on their phones right there on their phones even in church have mercy Hopefully not but literally people are on their phones all the time in fact it's so pervasive that it's literally in some ways taking over our lives now for better or for worse in a in a bad sense we know that these types of technologies Satan has used to reach into people's homes and hearts in a very terrible way Care Yes And this is why 70 percent of 18 to 34 year olds frequently on purpose few Pernot graffiti the average age of 1st time exposure you guys is 11 that's a little young it's a major problem and I know in a room this size there are some here that have struggled with that it's just it's a part of our world that Satan has tried to infiltrate into every corner of our lives and especially through technology don't the top Internet searches were in 2019 Karen number one porn but number 2 religion believe it or not that is the government to search on the Internet people are looking for God answers and meaning in life so sometimes you might think technology Satan is using this to you know to to to corrupt and to to to terribly destroy people but should we run from that technology. Is that the technology's fault No You see always Cygnus trying to use every medium of technology as it is developed for his purposes but we need to use them for God's purposes Amen we need to take back our phones and our social media for God Amen so Agnes World Radio by God's grace we've said we cannot let the devil win on this ground we need to take back this ground for the Lord Jesus and so by God's grace we need to reach the over 5000000000 people who are in the digital space around the world Karen we've barked upon a new journey without minutes world radio to establish centers for digital evangelism using young adults like these young adults here to reach people around the world with the admin a specified through social media tells about so we have our 1st center set up in the Philippines this is at the southern Asia Pacific Division and we are in the process of building you must show you this at the end but a new building that will be working and right now we are in temporary quarters we have our 1st 12 student missionaries there we are going to be needed more so yeah that's an opportunity for you our vision statement is the digital world ready for Christ's coming our mission statement is We want our digital missionaries to connect disciple and empower for eternity and not till we came up with that that we noticed that the letter c. d. e. Center for Digital evangelism was there so that was kind of cool and then we have some goals Kyle what are some of the goals I think will just will just go quickly through here basically the idea you guys of the Center for Digital evangelism you've heard of a call center right like when you call a business or or a or company because you need help so the idea is that these centers for digital if Angela's and would be like call centers but not only for phone calls also mostly with social media messaging what's up Facebook Messenger so these young adults who are missionaries are there to answers people questions to answer their questions to pray for them to help them to know Christ and to lead them to study the Bible and be connected with the same. It is church so Additionally they're going to produce creative content for social media platforms to engage people in prayer spiritual conversations and studying the Bible connecting them to Bible study platforms ultimately leading them to a church for about tism a man and of course we're also going to support the cell phone of Angeles on which we'll talk about in just a 2nd here is a picture of the current state of missionaries we have and we are desperately needing people who are Native American speakers you know that that comes naturally to you and to you know not native a well Native Americans are fine too but you know native speakers I should say and we need people who speak Spanish because we will be focusing in on the Houston and Fort Worth area and 2021 so come in September of this year we will hopefully have our dorm finished and have room for about 50 student missionaries and. This is one of our girls they're working. We also they also go out on the weekends they give out free literature in the literature will be a sticker that says you know if you have questions or if you would like us to pray for you please call this number and people have called the young people also have conducted evangelistic series to audiences there and it's been this the crew the most rewarding thing for them to see the people that have been coming to their meetings get baptized they create ads that they put on the Internet such as this one that people have clicked on and then decided that they want to call us because they do feel like their world is falling apart this is one of the 1st young persons that people that called us he has now been baptized that he is now working as a cell phone evangelist that will talk about story about it to do to say that he he was the 1st one that we reached through the sea that you know he's already working for God yes he's already working for God he's just gotten back to how many more of those types of young people are out there in. Another young man and this is not his pictures a stock photograph but he but he was an Indian young man who was so addicted to the Internet and pornography and everything else that his he was getting top grades he end up dropping out of school he couldn't even keep a job he was just his addiction was completely out of control his parents got so disgusted with them that they kicked him out of the house and when he contacted us he was living on the street he still had a cell phone functional but he was living on the street he is now attending a 7th Day Adventist Church he is now back at home and his parents cannot believe the difference in his life because he is no longer addicted to the stuff that he was before this man but contact that also also from India because we have quite a few young people from India who work in the various languages of India he is a Muslim. This is his 1st Sabbath at a summit they have a. Very very recently this little baby was born recently the mother tried to abort her by drinking some poison she was absolutely desperate she felt like her life had no meaning she contacted our c.d.e. one of our young ladies talked and talked and talked to her prayed with her and when she finally decided that she really wish she hadn't done this she was not only afraid of the baby was going to die but that she was going to die because the poison was really serious and the doctors told her that she may not make it very About 3 weeks ago this little baby girl was born she is absolutely fine and mom is fine and mom is now doing Bible studies. That is the new building that's going up we will have the bottom floor the other 2 floors belong to the division and the 3 floors belong to the vision and that was a few months ago so it's definitely progressed from when you took that you took this and you're doing a good job there. Ok so if you think you might be interested in being a digital missionary in the Philippines possibly we will be opening one place in the United States in the next year or so if you tax that number that will come to me and I can get you some more information of how you could be a missionary for a year either in the Philippines or possibly in the u.s. and just just just I know we don't have much time I know this would be a student missionary position where they would receive a stipend and be through the church an official missionary So yes their position would be as an official student missionary position you would be covered with insurance from the General Conference and everything else and you'd be going out for either one school year or one calendar year so guys we need we need missionary So please pray about that take a picture of this picture and text Karen we're going to be lots missionaries Yes. Good Question 181-8235 must be single because we don't have married student housing now so so guys very quickly our time is almost gone but we want to also share with you because not only are we creating the Centers for digital evangelism in various locations by the way the one of the Philippines only the 1st one we're hoping to start one in South America as she said one in Virginia in the United States and others around the world so pray for this effort but I know that not all of you will be able to go to one of these centers but you know that each one of you can be a digital missionary where you believe that yes how many of you have a cell phone can you please hold up your cell phones if you have them hold them up Amen almost everybody to listen you know what that means that pretty much everybody here can be a missionary through their phones that's great news for us Ok so actually softening the Angelas them is something that started about 3 years ago when Amy and Neville novelist sitting on an airplane after having just preached I believe it was in Georgia in Europe not Georgia America. And so he had just preach a sermon series and he had been sending some like Bible promises stuff like that to his friends on whatsapp and he decided there has to be a way to connect with people and be able to get them to understand like the stuff I just presented so he's turned recall he recorded the into higher revelation of hope series by Mark Finley and starts sending them out in like little soundbites to people so every week he was sent something new and then he started training other people how to do this and this has just go wrong it was just going on and so you're right it's been about to have 3 hours at this point but we have over $150000.00 people that we know of the have actually started receiving these messages. How many I think I said 150000 there well 1000 at the end of that from one person who decided to start this so one person started a credible movement and the incredible part about this is that anybody who has a cell phone can do it we have blind people who are doing this we have people who have lost like the dexterity in their fingers who are doing it we have people who are like the shyest people the room people who like just could not preach a sermon and if they did they just would like huddled up crying they can do it because all it is is sending forwarding things and we've actually they made it easier by the way I believe even the ones that Crikey. So yes you can create but still I wish everybody credibly all shy kid when I was growing up and took me and used me in so yes even if you are so I don't worry one day you might be speaking here so he took this and we've been able to make it all sorts of people have now been able to become evangelists from their phones and we actually have one girl who has a really incredible story yeah these these 2 girls are 2 of our student missionaries the one on the site His name is Raya there are so many stories about her you do need to connect with that you are 360 online and Facebook and stuff because you will find all kinds of stories a story about her about there but she does sign language she studied special ed and so she has just taken a series of children's evangelistic meetings now working on the adults and done the whole thing inside she's the one signing the other girl as her voice and they are doing it in videos so that people who aren't deaf can also get the message is not cool so now we're going to video messages going out through people's cell phones around the world so that the people can hear the Gospel Amen this young lady came to the training to find out how to do so if one of vandalism her dad used to take her to church when she was a little girl but he quit by the time she was about 6 she decided I'm going to test that on Dad if it works on dad then I'll start sending it to my friends she sent it to him when she got whole from the training he called her aside and he said honey I need to talk to you he says I listen to that sermon and I cried like a baby he said there's lots of reasons why I have not gone to church in a long time but I called the pastor over we have started Bible studies that in 2 or 3 weeks I'm going to get rebaptized. This is a Picasso pastor and I don't have time to get into the whole story but his wife started receiving the audio their daughter at that time that was her on the side absolutely out of control young lady very disrespectful slamming doors cursing and swearing at her parents having nothing to do with church they are now a united family they are privately keeping the Sabbath and next month he is taking the services that he has received the mark family sermons and he is preaching them to his congregation to see how many he can take out with them and they will all get baptized at the same time this young lady's life has changed completely here's a guy that is disabled that is sending it to 92 of his contacts but the most recent story I tell you just really really really quick it's got to make it so I hope it will move through Ok. Our cell phone evangelism coordinator got a phone call one day and this guy said if you are you ever going to be in my country said where he was we can't say where the says and he said I don't know why he says keep this number I am a commander and he gave the name of a terrorist organization this was not the Philippines I'm a commander of this terrorist organization I have been receiving the audios from somebody because people forwarded on to their friends so that 150000 is probably much bigger but we don't know because you know people for it to ford it to forward it so we don't know what the actual numbers are and so he has just returned pastor borders John has just returned from being in that country he did not just baptize one general of this terrorist organization he baptized 5 plus 800 soldiers he had to hike for 10 hours into the jungles to get where they are because they are now fleeing for their lives there are so many other stories I could tell you but. Why how can you be a cell phone evangelist we are making videos right now I wish I could explain the whole thing to you but you will get a code that is your school code you will give that code out to your friends and then they can sign up this is what you need to do you can become a self an evangelist you will Texas or we give this the following words if you speak English you will text the word evangelist if you see out of this by no one but up on that and that but I would if I hear you speak Spanish use the word if I hear these things Ok that will enroll you you will actually be receiving John Bradshaw sermons because that's what we're using for the North American division is John Bradshaw servants and you will be at least start getting the audios you will get a code as soon as you're registered and there will be information on how it works you will be sent e-mails all kinds of stuff and we even have a little card that we'd like to give you before you leave so that you can either hand it to a friend or some somebody else that card says just the text the word hello that is for a not evangelist So if you give it to an abacus friend and say if you just text this number you will start receiving the audios However if you give them your code of hello 234 or hello 307 whatever code that you are sent they will be put in your group now you can mentor them pray for them. It's really exciting there are so many stories I could tell you of baptisms that have happened have kids as young as about 15 that have been or 13 that have been sending these out and as old as in their eighty's and they have seen their friends and family come to Jesus Ok So guys really quick circles so I know our time is done and we have more time to take a picture that slides we have that number guys take a picture of that slide very important if you have a phone so you have that number and you can enroll in cell phone evangelism I just want to leave you with this thought I hope and pray that you've been encouraged to care and they're taking pictures they're so sorry. We're going to leave you with this cards as well so that you can hand these to people I hope and pray you've been inspired by the stories you've heard I hope and pray that each one of you has caught the vision that God is calling you to be a part of this last day movement to reach the world with the gospel message Amen I want to leave you with this verse because you know each one of us needs to respond to this call Isaiah Chapter 6 and verse 8 this is what the Bible says then I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us and I said Here I am Lord send me is that your prayer today when you guys answer that call will you be that army of youth as Ellen White said rightly trained that will go to the world and carry the message of a crucified risen and soon coming savior to this generation is that what you guys want to be when you stand your feet I want to pray for you right now that God will bless all of us as we recommit our hearts to following his call. Heavenly father this morning we want to thank you and we want to praise you because Lord you've seen fit to bring each one that is here today in this room to g y c 2020 Lord it is through your mercy alone that we are here it's not an accident father. And I believe with all of my heart that you have called each and every one of these young people to be a part of this great movement to take the admin isthmus it to the very ends of the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people fathers in this generation not the next this is this is our time father your calling each one of us and some people in this room some people that might be listening on audio verse Lord we know that you may be calling us to difficult places some people may be called to make sacrifices for you some people may be called to witness to their friends and neighbors through cell phone evangelism through digital evangelism some may be called to go to those hard to reach places on the earth but wherever it is that you're calling us Lord help us to have the courage to like Isaiah to say here I am Lord send me give us the strength father we don't have it of ourselves but help us to remember that wherever you call us you will be with us until the end by many or by few Lord you're going to finish this work and my prayer our prayer today is that you would use us through the power of the Holy Spirit to take this Gospel to the world in this generation we praise you Lord today and we thank you for the promise that one day soon you are coming to take us all home we pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior Amen. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do you want to see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us on line I see Web dot org.


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