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I Sought for a Man

Jim Howard


  • October 5, 2019
    11:30 AM
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This media has been sent to you by the Maryland minutes. And encouraged characters trying. To sit in the last. Minute a minute Thank you. For Good morning. Tabby sad to see you do. I hope you don't mind my printer did not work this morning and so there is my no. And I didn't. Happen sometimes I. Am grateful to be able to do what I just got back Thursday night from Prague Czech Republic I was with Justin where Justin go he's going to playing the piano in his. As I have been doing the same you know when you go there it's tricky because you lose whatever it is 7 hours or something like that so you get really tired at like 7 or 8 pm and you just can't stand it any longer and you go to sleep and you wake up at 11 or $1130.00 at night and it feels like you just took a nap so you're wide awake and then you're all wake until about 5530 and then you feel like going to sleep and then you have to get out because you've got a new thing so it's hard to get sleep when you come back you can sleep all the time and so I'm not going to do that while I'm speaking and it because we have this wonderful saying in the human body adrenaline artefactual sort of I don't I've had to preach so many times on adrenaline and it's a wonderful wonderful thing well I'm privileged to have been and. I asked to speak for you today thank you for the organizers for giving me that opportunity and I'm excited about sharing with you from God's word especially to the men you know I grew up with brothers lots of them my father are my mother actually say I had 5 boys. And I also had. You know that we're going to bunch of stuff going on but the 5 boys from my mom grew up with brothers and she had known girls I had a couple stepsisters but I will say that once I got married it was. So nice my wife you know because I don't know. I have 2 daughters. And every pet we have ever had has been to. Our 2 cats and we've got a dog now I'll take him out so it's just good to hang out with the minutes every now and then. And I'm glad to be able to do that with you today I want to he wouldn't mind just one more time but I had someone ask God's blessings on our time is worth. Father in heaven we are grateful once more for your presence among us please send the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts we pray in Jesus name. So let me for this year's conference is not thought or soul and that's a pretty powerful scene and of course having been around a little while and I know from whence that comes. There is a quote by Alan White that speaks about this very thing not being bought or sold and it's a challenging quote and since I'm supposed to speak on the thing it's going to be a challenging sermon. It's part one really and 2 parts there's a message that I'll share now and then at the close today whenever that is 430 or something like that will be the 2nd part and I hope that you'll stick around because the 2nd part is important in terms of being able to put the 2 pieces together. But let us begin by sharing if you wouldn't mind a quote from where this theme comes from education page 57. The book education page 57 says this. The greatest loss of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who are in there in all souls are true and honest men didn't actually care to call send by its right name to men whose conscience is this true to duty as the needle to the pole Nan who will stand for their rights though the heavens fall that's a lot didn't it. The greatest want to tell the world that one the word once means a lack or a disposition see something in other words the greatest efficiency in our world is the men who have all the characteristics. As I was thinking about a biblical foundation for this thing and. I came across a passage that I'd like you to open your Bibles with me if you have and when you do. So look at Rachel it's in the book of Ezekiel the book of Ezekiel and Chapter $22.00. Just a story Daniel is the 6 year old and if you go to a 6 year old chapter $22.00. I like to read there with you beginning in verse 26. 22 beginning with 26. Having found it. In the Bible says her priests have violated my law and pro saying in my holy things they have not distinguish between the holy and one holy nor have they made known the difference between the unclean and the clean and then hidden their eyes from my sadness so that I am profaned among them. Are princes in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey to said blood to destroy people and to get dishonest. Or prophets plaster them with untempered mortar sayings false visions and demining allies to them saying just as the Lord God When the Lord had not spoken the people in the land had used oppression committed robbery and mistreated the poor and needy and they were wrongfully oppressed the stranger. So I thought for a man among them who would make a wall and stand in the gap before me on behalf of the land that I should not destroy it but I found no one. This is an incredible passage of Scripture really there are 4 different groups of people that are mentioned the priest the princes the prophet and the people and amongst all of them God was looking for men who would make a war and and and the Gap Now it's interesting when you read about the process they had a role and this one and then they plastered it with a particular kind of order does anybody remember what it says there what type of Mordor did they use the prophets. Untempered mortar Ok now why haven't there turned to the chapter 13 and let me give you a picture of that there's a hero's 13 and verse. 10. Speaking of the prophet. It says Because indeed because they have to do this to my people saying peace when there is no peace and one builds a wall and they plaster it with untempered in order say to those who plaster it was on tempered morter that it will saw now the prophet here were. Using this untempered mortar on the wall. Let me give you a little picture of this I'm just going to start with you directly from the Bible Commentary series is this illustration is as follows someone built up a flimsy partition wall so it wasn't strong and a false prophets whitewash just improving its appearance but adding nothing to its strength. So white washing as when they would take a composition lime and water or a white chalk and water and they would apply it to the white in them and to approve improve their parents when they did that. It did nothing to add to the actual strength of the whoa but it did sometimes I think the defect and providing a sense of assurance that was a false sense of a sermon. They whitewashed the law now whitewashing is to make something bad seem acceptable by hiding the truth that's the Cambridge Dictionary. Jesus used the terminology of white washing when he said in Matthew 23 verse 27 What you described and Pharisees hypocrites. For you are like a whitewash tunes which indeed appear beautiful outwardly but inside are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. White washing it was quoted to Apocrypha see looking good on the outside but being dead on the inside. The process were getting an appearance that everything was good that all was peaceful that the people were fine just the way they were when in reality it was not a peaceful situation nor was not happy with prophets now this idea I was using to. Untempered mortar and white washing in. It has many different spiritual applications and I want to show you a specific example in Scripture as we're building this up that I find to be a perfect description of the idea of white washing taken my own turn to Exodus Exodus Chapter 32. Some of you will immediately remember that Exodus Chapter 32. It is. The chapter referring to there were valiant men of Israel in the Golden Calf the erecting of the golden calf I want you to look at me and verse 9. I'm not going to take the time to. Share a lot about the story because most of the are familiar with the story only to say that after the 10 commandments were given by God to His people and most of us went up the mount and met was God after only 40 days the people of Israel grew impatient and they asked Aaron to. Build a cab and they were so that cast saying they were slain God And while this is all going on in those is waiting with God and Moses did not know what was happening but the Lord let him know and verse 9 assists in the Lord said to Moses I have seen this people and indeed it is a stiff necked people now therefore let me alone with my wrath neighbor and hot against them and I may consume them and I will make you a great nation. Then Moses pleaded with the Lord his God and said Lord why does your wrath Bernhardt against your people whom you have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty end why should leave ships and speak and say he brought them out to harm them to kill them in the mountains and to consume them from the face of the earth turn from your fierce wrath and relent from this harm to your people remember Abraham Isaac and Jacob your servants to whom you swore by your own self and said it and I will multiply your descendants the stars of heaven and all this land I have spoken of I give to your descendants and they shall inherit it forever so the Lord relented from the harm which he said he would do to his people the verses later in verse 19 so it was a soon as he came near the camp then he that is when Moses saw the calf and the dancing So Moses and your became. And he cast the tablets out of the sands and broke them at the foot of the mountain this story is an incredible contrast between 2 men. Errand and Moses 2 leaders in Israel and one ally in this crash. These 2 men and their roles in this golden calf experience it's incredible the words that she uses I want to share with you from the testimonies from the church why in 3 page 300 she writes When Moses saw the idolatry of Israel and its indignation it was aroused at their same forgetfulness of God that he threw down the tables of stone and broken and Aaron. Kollie. Bearing the censure of Moses with commendable patience. The people were charmed with Aaron's lovely spirit and were disgusted with the rashness of most. But. Not as man. He condemned not the ardor and indignation of most against the base Apostles they say apostasy of Israel this is incredible to me the people it says were charmed with Aaron's patience and lovely spirit and they were going to stand with Moses but God didn't condemn us did. Because God doesn't see it as we see the people they love the errand and were disgusted by Moses but the truth is there for us to see take your Bible and look at me and there are 30 now in the same chapter. So as not came to pass on the next day that Moses said to the people you have committed a great sin so now I will go up to the Lord perhaps I can make atonement for your sins and then Moses returned to the Lord and said oh these people had committed a great sin and have made for themselves the God of gold yet Now if you will forgive their sins but if not I pray block me out of your book which you have written. How ironic isn't it the people who are on an errand but he was ready to throw them under the bus. The one they despise knows. Was the one who truly loves them the people had built a limousine well but on God's law and Aaron had whitewashed it by giving them of poster services they could worship like the nations around him and remain true to God at the same time but Aaron and loveliness of spirit were hiding the self-seeking and cowardice that lurked underneath. Rebellious actions are not cancelled out by public courtesy. Smiles prayers and warm embrace are often cited as evidence that someone is genuine and humble but true humility is not so easy. Sure he merely reveals itself in honesty self-sacrifice and obedience and this is what God. Now in that passage in a 6 year old that we read just a short while ago. Spoke of how God was looking for a man to build a wall and to sand in the gap. God was not only looking for a man to build a solid wall rather than using just white washing as justifying but he was looking for a man who would stand in the gap and this is exactly what Moses was doing where the people were only willing to be faithful knows this in the gap where the people fail to see their need of prayer knows that in the gap knowing he would be despised by the majority for his decisions Moses stood in the gap knowing he was under a nest understood by all the masses he stood in the gatt he searched for them and not for himself returned alone for criticism and Blaney that they themselves cast upon him that was the heart of Moses. He was the kind of man they gonna still looking for today throughout history God has sought for men who would stand in the gap and rise to the column God in the face of being maligned or ridiculed or misunderstood he saw a man who was stand in the gap when no one else had the courage to do so. And so we return to our theme for the day the greatest slant of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who when they're in Lost Souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is a sort of duty as the needle to the pole man who will stand for the right of the heavens to fall but the remainder of this message I'd like to break that down with you beginning with the 1st for a man who will not be bought or sold this means that we will not be pressured by popularity culture friends family money position or anything else to be untrue to God and his cause and asks him to be a man who will not be bought or sold means that you as an uncompromising follower of Christ will in turn be a leader among men. Let me say that again. It means. That you are an uncompromising follower of Christ which in turn will make you a leader among men and. Got a speaking men who will lead the way and following Christ men who will leave their families and personal and family worship and then it will lead to the mission of the church and remain hopeful and a face of discouragement men who will lead the way and remaining true to God. And the rest of the passes describes what that looks like men who in their souls are true and. This entire quote of course challenges me but this part is especially invasive it doesn't just speak about men who are true and honest and speaks of men who are true and honest and their. Whole It reminds me of a song $51.00 verse 6 when a seller says Behold you desire truth in the inward parts and in the hidden part you will make me to know wisdom so what does it mean to be true and honest in our animal souls Well 1st and foremost we have to be honest with God and ourselves. This means we acknowledge and admit our own character flaws our sinful habits are we and our limitations in knowledge and perspective it also means we have knowledge of the authority of the Word of God and of the Spirit of Prophecy we don't ignore it discredit it and evaluate or twist it to fit in with the culture of popular opinion or to meet us in our sinful condition. I'm convinced that a significant portion of the problems we face in our lives as well as the problems in our church are due to family and to be honest in our inmost. We caught a few texts to justify a position that clearly contradicts the weight of inspired evidence in the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy and example that sometimes the current one we all imagine meaning. We'll meet someone who's a nationally convinced of the truth. But ends up clinging to a few texts that contradict the sadness of the state of the dead and even though they can't explain 30 or more attacks. They contradict their beliefs they feel no burden to do so there's a lack of honesty and net. Where after hearing the truth they talk to a religious leader who assured them that what they always believed is true and that's Ok you want to go and talk to somebody else to when you don't. But instead of coming back to discuss the matter or starting to get to the bottom of the subject they ignore your calls and refuse to speak with you. This happens in our church as well. We can just as easily justify the popular media and opinions with a few texts or quotes. Because we don't want to be ridiculed by the culture or even others in the church. If we were to believe the truth while we know in our hearts if there's a large body of evidence for which we have no explanation and we're ignoring it I remember when I was very young. And just went through my conversion experience. I have to tell you that. As a little boy I was a 7th Day Adventists my parents were said that they haven't a 2nd say they were not going to since I was 9 years old and then they left the church. When I left the church they threw out all their little read books. Which means they're all my books. And they were very critical of the. Church and until you're ready. When I was 22 as I stated I had a conversion experience. But. That I hadn't bought in totally to all those things that they had planted in my mind as negatives. And I remember going through a meeting of the newsgroup. And it was being let out my pastor place from California. And the pastor was talking about it to this group of young adults that I was part of he was asking about. National. Leaders like you do that. We have a couple in our midst you know that stir things up with. And that's one of the. You know strapping young man from Dayton Ohio as this is in Columbus Ohio area. Certainly he must have been raised in the church it was. Pretty well versed and he began to share how you know if. We were not going to do these things to be saved but of course saved then we will have you know an obedient and they look like stuff. And I remember getting out and. I raised my hand and I stood up. And said if you're telling me. That if I eat pepperoni which I do. And if I only wear jewelry I put out my cross necklace which I do. And if I am drink coffee which I do. Then I can have a relationship with Jesus. And you're wrong. Only problem was. I wasn't being honest with myself. The truth was I was. Instead of listening I was defending. Defending what I had no idea. I did not want. Those things out to see if there was any truth in them. And far too often our initial reaction to the Bible and to the Spirit of Prophecy is the same. We rise up. And out of listening and seeking to be honest with God. That's referring to men who are true and honest. The focus on the same men who do not fear to call and by its right name. It seems that the more this generation refers to evil as good and good is evil the more scarce such men become takes a great deal of courage and a hole in the church and in society to call send by its right name. But in an age of relativism and obscurity this kind of clarity is needed now more than ever before even in the church many beliefs and practices practices that were clearly understood in times past. Have begun to become shrouded in uncertainty and doubt. For many people deciding marriage as between one biological man. And one biological woman is considered narrow and light of modern cultural understanding and gender fluidity. The 6 days of creation are considered merely symbolic in light of modern scientific evidence of evolution. Instruction on personal lifestyle such as proper Sabbath observance. Abstention from alcohol tobacco and caffeinated beverages. Avoiding adornment returning ties and offerings and many other areas. Has been a term to be out of touch with culture are too insignificant to matter to God. But these beliefs and practices which are representative of many things. Are Not at all and maybe this in the writings of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Men are needed and will take the Bible and the counsel of God seriously. Now having certain. It's important to remember that we have to be true and honest in our animals before we can properly call sin by its right name. Being honest about our weaknesses are still yours are insistent and are told the penance upon the mercy of God is what enables us to keep a proper perspective and to be humble when we interact with those who have the aerial views or sinful habits. You know if I started on the left in my early and minister experience I soon found myself on the right I remember as my defenses were brought down and I began to read a spirit of prophecy more for myself. I began to discover it. How wrong the people in the church really were. And my brother and I we. We started passing out of. A newsletter. And I was taking different articles from other places read it and one point I decided to to take up the pen myself and. And craft an article. The name of the newsletter was glad tidings. But they were my article was anyone would come after me. I proceeded to. Lay the matter bare. And speak about. The proclivity of God's people to desire. The light. I felt pretty good about it until after we passed out. All the sudden I started feeling stunning and. Nobody really came up and said anything about us started feeling funny. And I remember after that I was reading maybe it was. The same evening or the next day or it was very soon after that I was reading in the book thoughts from the memory of blessings. And I read it where Ellen White said no one has ever been turned from her own position by censure or reproach. But many have thus been driven from Christ. And I can't explain to you. The impact that reading that had on me in that moment I told you that I was are to feeling a sense of conviction of the Holy Spirit. But now after reading that and learned that not only was I not being helpful. But I couldn't very well have driven people from Christ because I hadn't built the right relationship reported be able to have that conversation in the right way. It changed my life forever and I'm being honest with you. Not going to didn't see the issues. But I understood that the goal. Of speaking to people is redemptive and that requires a different type of attack and a different different type of compassion than just laying things better calling sin by its right name doesn't mean we should go around with pistols blazing. But that's the trend in this generation. Opinions are spared with reckless abandon on social media. Righteous causes are championed and no one is safe from turn rebuke for failing to see the light. The same slid into days toxic environment if we're going to call sin and by its right name we just start with the Senate not being kind and courteous. Then maybe dissenters showing disrespect for others by coming across as a know it all. And I'm not the center of censuring in criticizing the weaknesses or beliefs of others or impugning their motives. Or the sin of Sterling to love and we're protecting the reputation and feelings of those who disagree with you or are giving others the benefit of the doubt. Yes we need to call out send but look at how Jesus did at 1st. Not until the end of this ministry when they were plotting his desk then Jesus openly exposed the priests and rulers Instead he respected their position and tried to reach their hearts by sending them the letters that he had healed. He didn't only protect the reputation of the woman who annoyed to his feet with perfume but he also protected in the fairest it was touched by the fact that Jesus not only correct corrected him when he could have exposed him. He didn't want to protect the woman caught in adultery but he did the Pharisees for having their sins exposed to others when he wrote them instead in the sand for them to see. Jesus didn't just care about pointing out sin and for pointing out that he did it out of compassion he did it with genuine love for every soul even the most lovable ones. The passage goes on to say amen whose conscience is this true to duty as the needle to the pole. Duty. And there is a word we don't hear much anymore and. In recent years many have given the impression. Then we have a relationship with Jesus living the Christian life happens naturally. Over and over I have heard ministers speak in negative terms when referring to duty. Equating duty with legalism. And defining it as following God because we have to. Rather than because we want to. But. He won't fully simplistic and incomplete view of the Christian life. And it paints on a realistic picture that only serves to weaken our characters especially I can say the characters of men. Let me ask you a question. Do you think Abraham took Isaac honest 3 day journey to offer him as a sacrifice because he wanted to. Want to share with you what a light says about the Gospel workers page 214. She writes Abraham suffered yet he did not let his will rise in rebellion against the will of God. Duty. During duty control. He dare not console his feelings or yield to them for one moment. That's an incredible statement isn't it somewhat You haven't read this account in the patriarchs and prophets were told. That the reason that Abraham did not go and talk to Sarah before going on this journey was because he was afraid that he would try to talk him out of it and might I say. And worried about his own emotion that he would perhaps be persuaded and not follow through with the will of God. You know you call that duty. Turn and duty. That were in turn is an interesting life. Do you know that Ellen White uses the word turn to refer to men. Listen. To the statement for madness this is all members of the family center and the father. He has no lawmaker illustrating in his own manly and marrying those Turner Xerxes. And us and. Energy and take honesty patience courage diligence and practical usefulness the father is in one sense a priest of the household laying upon the altar of God the morning and evening sacrifice. That's fascinating he's a lot maker illustrating in its own and manly bearing. Turner virtues. So perhaps when we talk about. Setting aside the idea of duty me. The people who are most affected by that are men. The truth that we don't always feel like getting up to pray and read our Bible. Or attend sadness school. Or go out on outreach. No we don't do these things merely because we have to but that doesn't mean we always want to do it and. Sometimes our feelings don't align it with what we know is the right thing to do the thing that is best for us and best for others. This is where duty comes in. We know that if we do what's right by saying. Even when we don't feel like. It's for our good and our ceilings we usually follow. A sense of duty as an important element in Christian life and character and painting it in a good and leave only serves to cripple men and to leave them slaves to feelings and emotions when we are intended to demonstrate the starter virtues of strength and self-denial. I don't know here notice. But we sometimes fall short in our understanding of the full attributes of a well rounded Christian character and you ask someone what is like what types of attributes come to mind. Usually they refer to him as loving and kind patient. Compassionate and meek but that's only one side of his character. Listen to this statement from ministry of healing page 497. This passage I should say because I want to share a few different thoughts on this. Christian life is more than many take it to be. It does not consist wholly and gentleness patience make Miss and kindness. These graces are essential but there is need also courage force energy and perseverance. The passage that Christ marks out is a narrow self-denying path to enter that path and press on through difficulties and discouragements requires a man who are more than weaklings. And she was saying today she might have said when. Nan and stamina are wanted. Men who will not wait to have their way soothed and every obstacle removed men who inspire with the flagging efforts of dispirited workers man whose hearts are warm with Christian love and whose hands are strong to do their master's work some men who engage in missionary service are weak nerves unless. Unless. She is really discouraged. They lack. They have not those positive traits of character that give power to. The spirit and energy that candle and does yes. Those who would win success must be courageous and hopeful they should talk to many not only the past and but the active virtues. And even thought about that. That Christ character did not consist merely passive virtually as sensual as those may be. But active search. And every time I sit on a committee. Where someone shares a grand idea but never gets it done I think about that passage. Every time. I in town or. People who. Feel like all hope is lost. Because they didn't have ties anyone to their latest a mentalistic meaning I think about that past. God is looking for men who are not easily discouraged. We're not to be the ones to give way to our motions and feelings. We do our best of being courageous. And encouraging those who are. That is what God has called. To be. We need to develop not only the passive virtues but the active virtues of Christ like character. Jesus was sensitive to the needs of others he was compassionate and he was caring. But he was also a man of paralleled courage and strength. I remember. Another story that's when I was little. I was probably 11. We're just in the loop from Ohio to Missouri about a year previous and a couple of my brothers. And lived. With their dad instead of living with mom and stepdad. And I'm innocent because we had grown up and we never separated now we move throughout Missouri there was a separation there and they me. For Christmas break and it was incredible to Salim Ahmed and everything and you know it's a lot what is it 2 weeks or something we hadn't. They left. On a Sunday before the next day was. School started again I mean it was Monday the next day or whatever it was the day they left the day after it was time to go back to school. I woke up that morning it was time to go back to school I didn't want to go. I was crying I missed my brothers I don't want to go back to school I was then taking a bath and my mother heard me and she knocked on the door and. She talked to me and. I told her that I didn't want to go to school I just so I said I was crying and she told me I didn't have to go to school. So I just. Went and got dressed as I came in and to the family room. My dad said he. Wants ready for school. So mom said I didn't have to go. Because. Now I'm not remembering necessarily recommending what my dad did next. But he looked at me and he said and. So we were being one of. Those a little group it was. And I got mad. And I went into my room and I got my bag and I got dressed and I went to school that had a mad. And I'll never forget. Later that day my dad comes home from work he comes up next to me. It's a gem I want to tell you something. So this morning. When you went to school I think that's a promise I was going to be. And that's. I don't know about is next and there were. Any followed it out right in follow it up right. Men got to calling on us to do more than we cling. Sometimes we may seal a certain way. But we are to have a conscience that is true to duty. As a needle to the pole. She goes on to say. Including the men who will stand for their right those in heaven. You know prior to l. my statement that the greatest one in the world is the one to man who not only bought or sold she refers to Joseph and Daniel as examples. Here were men who example find the idea of spending for the right of the heaven spot. Despite me. Facing continual trials they were fused to leave themselves as victims and to give up their faith. They remain hopeful and trust and inspired everyone around them they didn't dwell on their trials they found ways to be a blessing wherever they were. They were not political. They feared an answer to God and not to man. Joseph. By resisting a sexual tempting. Even to show that he would answer to God before even his own passions and desires. Which by the way is how he was able to demonstrate genuine respect for women. Respect that is lacking today and to which every man is called. Adjusted and Daniel and other here is a faith we're not made that way in a day. And I'd like to conclude this message by reminding us. Of this verse of scripture and look 16 in verse 10. Jesus says he is who is faithful and what is least. Faithful. And much and he who is unjust and what is least. His son just also. In much. This afternoon's message. I'll share with you. A little more of. My conviction of how we can be. The men that the world is looking for. Now be a little more of the house. And that 2nd message. But until then. Why don't we start with the little things. Be honest with God. Confess an image to him your faults and weaknesses don't whitewash. Keep your promises to your wife and your children. Pray for self-control. Ask God to help you kindly share your conviction of truth with out. And tell God. That the next time you go seeking for a man who will stand in the gap and he wanted to be you. I mean he will say that with me today. Let's pray Father in heaven. Thank you so much for your mercy toward us men. And we know that there is a great reward in the world. For real men. Who have a well rounded characters. Who love God and their family and others. And you treat others the way Jesus would treat them please father prepare our hearts. And here at the end of time here in this critical hour mercy. As you go looking for men. Seeking out men with you have to be. Whole or May you find ready and willing we pray in Jesus name. We hope this presentation from the Maryland benefits has been a blessing to your feedback is welcome please visit us at them in the last.


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