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The Science of Overcoming Sin - Part 1

David Shin
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David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • January 11, 2020
    12:30 PM
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On the screen I have a screen shot from the Web site net nanny that provides a resource for parents with young children and this is the day in age that we live in right now it's a statistic fit to stick that one in 10 kids under the age of 10 have seen porn. Small children typically view pornography accidentally at home by clicking a link or a mistyping a Google search most parents would be shocked on how pornography is just 2 clicks away on some of the most popular sites an app so your child may be visiting this is our society in which researchers are witnessing a phenomenon of a generation of young people whose minds are literally marinated in pornography. It's a phenomenal culture and quite honestly the researchers don't know the effects long term of what this exposure will do one organization has reported children on the age of 10 now account for 22 percent of online porn consumption under 18 years of full of age and I want to cite some other statistic This is from the website find the new drug points sites they receive more regular traffic than Netflix Amazon Twitter combined each month and another statistic in 2018 alone more than 5517000000 hours of porn were consumed on the world's largest porn site then that's just one of the world's largest free porn site also received 33500000000 site visits during 2018 alone and this is from one researcher who says that porn consumptions Come sun kitchen follows a very predictable pattern that eerily similar to drug use over time excessive levels of pleasure chemicals caused the porn consumers brain to develop tolerance just like the brain of a drug user and once the porn habit is established quitting can even lead to withdraw symptoms similar to drugs and in his book Dr Gary Wilson and the author of the book called Your Brain on porn indicates that researchers are now finding that there are cognitive limitations as well as mental health concerns from long term pornography use and I wish that I could stand up here and say that the Church of God on earth was immune to this epidemic but we are not. And so we begin a new series of messages that will extend through this winter into the spring where we look at the science of overcoming sin what does the Bible have to say about this and we'll be looking at key passages that encourage us that Jesus has the ability to give us the victory over every habit a man every addiction every. Sin in our lives that so easily be said to us and we're not just talking about pornography there's substance abuse there's all types of addictions that our society and our church family is dealing with whether privately or publicly we all have different things that pull and tug at us and we want to look at this biblical concept throughout Scripture about victory over sin and I pray that you're encouraged through this process because there is a science to how God works to will and to do of His good pleasure and so I invite you this morning up on my bible of here to turn with me if you have not already to our scripture reading it's the 2nd to last book of the Bible and jute 24 and 25 is only one chapter in June so it's very easy to find in its right before the Book of Revelation and this will be the main theme of our study here today before we transition to another text but I want to spend a few moments and look at the doxology of the author of Jude doxology is littered tickle word that refers to a praise statement and here after talking about some challenges in the church Jude 24 ends with a beautiful doxology and we're familiar with it it says now and to him that is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you fall this before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy to God are seeing here who alone is wise be glory and majesty dominion and power both now and forever amen. I want to make Florence simple implications of this verse before moving on implication number one God has power to give you victory over every habit amen the Bible says now and to him that is able to keep you from falling it didn't say God is May be able to keep you from falling this verse assumes Gaunts capability so we want to settle that from the beginning that there is no deficiency on God's part for the addiction for the habit but the sin that so easily be sets us the issue is not an inability of God to said Jude says now and him that is able to keep you from falling now there is a popular teaching that's being disseminated today and has been for a number of years that we will be sinning until Jesus comes. The implication of that statement is that sin is more powerful than God and that we will just live with our addictions without any power to conquer them and want to tell you friends very plainly that is not in the Bible Jesus is able to give us the victory over every temptation in every habit the power is there we're talking about a god that can speak things into existence so Jude 24 declares God is able to keep you from falling the capability of God is not in question so implication number 2 God has power to make you holy do you believe the. The 2nd part of this verse says now in time that is able to keep you from falling and to present you fall lists that's holy before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy God is able to take us from the depths of sin and degradation and to create in us a clean heart and make us holy Now it's not only in this is the holiness of Jesus but when we look at this verse is says from in the presence of His glory with exceeding joy that sanctuary language when you look on the screen here where was the presence of God The she kind of glory it was here this is where Adam and Eve were prior to the fall and were Adam and Eve holy absolutely they were created wholly in the image of God Adam and Eve were here and after sin the entire human race was placed outs out here and so the sanctuary reveals God's plan to bring us into here into here and you $26.00 for says into the presence of His glory with exceeding joy now the book of Hebrews indicates that the criteria for seeing God is holiness Hebrew says without holiness no one will see the Lord now the high priest on his forehead he wore a gold plate that had Holiness to the Lord on it in the High Priest was the only one allowed in here once a year so the criteria for seeing God face to face is holiness Matthew chapter 5 says dresser the pure in heart for they shall see God the criteria for being in the presence of God is holiness and that's where we're going to stand one day according to The Book of Revelation book of Revelation says and they shall see his face and his name shall be on their foreheads holiness so God has completed the work God will bring us all the way back here. That is the work of salvation now God brings us here into the courtyard experience and that's where he pardons us Ok he brings us into the Holy Place experience and that is where he empowers us to keep us from falling so the issue is sin. And the plan of salvation is how God removes sin out of our lives he pardons us and then he gives us power let's say you have an addiction let's say I have an addiction in my life that I'm struggling with God pardons us for our past and then he gives us power in the present to give us victory over that addiction in our lives how does he do that now and you notice that in the holy place there are 3 articles of furniture you have a table of showbread the altar of incense in the golden candlestick the table show bread there was bread there and the Bible says mansion not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and in this series will be looking through practical ways of using the word of God to battle temptation you notice every time that Jesus was given a temptation by Satan he always responded with it is written Psalms 1000 says where with a shell a young man cleanse is way by taking he there to according to the word that I word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against the when the word comes in sin goes out so these are very practical things that God has given us we must feed ston the word for power for victory the other thing is the altar of incense and that represents the prayers of Gaunt's people and I believe foundationally one of the most powerful prayers that you can pray is you go to God and say Lord I'm struggling with this area in my life and I need help when you go to the doctor you have to sign a consent form Dr won't touch you without the consent form and in our relationship with God. He won't intervene unless we give him our consent some people say Oh God already knows why should I give my consent Well it's a very powerful thing because God respects us too much in our freedom of choice so be sure to say Lord I need help I need permission to be treated for this issue in my life go to God rock authentic prayer and say Lord I struggle with this thing it's destroying me I mean this vicious cycle I'm spiraling out of control I love this thing and I hate this thing I don't know how I feel about it but Lord I need help that's the ground from which God says all right I've just been given authorization permission consent permission to treat in God moves in most powerful thing that you can pray. Asked for. Help feast on the Word of God and then you have the golden candle sticks there is something that the high priest the priest would do every single day they would come in to the holy place with a vessel filled with oil and they would fill the vessel with oil daily that oil represented the Holy Spirit. And every single day we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit only Spirit brings with him the presence of Jesus Christ and when the Holy Spirit comes in the Bible says that Christ is in us the hope of glory in the Bible says He Wills to will and to do he will work to will and to do of His good pleasure we need supernatural help when when Jesus Christ comes into our hearts he changes our desires and then finally Jesus brings us into the most holy place experience so this is the plan of salvation to bring us all the way back into the presence of God according to The Book of Jude so implication number one God is power to give you a big tree over every habit implication number 2 God has power to make you holy and according to Jude the experience of victory is the experience. Of the verses now in him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy now many times when you hear a story or I should say you hear the Bible passages or a sermon about victory there are feelings of anxiety that come up of inadequacy a fear of not measuring up but the Bible indicates that the experience of holiness that the experience of joy is is the experience of joy when when we are falling into these habits in addictions over and over again how do you feel it's not a joy filled experience but the experience that God gives us the experience of victory is the experience of joy. The 4th implication before moving on if you want victory over sin don't focus on the sin focus on him. Now when to him that is able to keep you from falling now many times there are instances where you hear a sermon on victory and the focus becomes very self centered on my ability or in ability but the book of Jude indicates that the source of victory is in him so this process we're gone brings us back into the most holy place experience and I love to tell the story of this woman caught in adultery she was caught in the very act and whenever I read this story the question comes to my mind where was the man you know this seems very discriminatory but evidently this was a plot to trick Jesus this woman was very well known from a for a lifestyle of promiscuity and when you cross reference it I believe that this woman was Mary Magdalene otherwise known as Mary Magdalen and you can imagine this seeing where these men Catcher in the very act of adultery They drag her through the streets throw her before Jesus and they say the law says this woman should be stoned What say you and Jesus stoops down in the sand and starts writing and the Bible indicates that beginning with the eldest down to the youngest they would each go up and they saw their own sins blazoned in the sand and they each went away in silence and the Bible indicates that Jesus and this woman were standing there alone what was he going to say. And here are his words and it in capsule 8 the Gospel here in John Chapter 8 for celeb and and Jesus said to her neither do I condemn you go and sin no more this is the gospel notice that she's in the presence of Jesus so you have the presence of Jesus that is there this is the whole saying she where the presence of Jesus then he says Neither do I condemn you there you have what is it that's pardoned Jesus has given her pardon and then he says Go and sin no more that's not a command that's a promise with the command also contains the promise in other words you have power to no longer continue your lifestyle of sin so you have pardon power and the presence of Jesus all encapsulated there and there is the gospel now the story of this woman is not a immediate trajectory of transformation and translation to heaven the power is there but there is an in ability many times to depend on that power and we have these old neural pathways that are still there there is something unique that happens when you become a Christian when you become a Christian you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a victorious life but God does not come down with a divine eraser and remove all of those neural pathways that are in your brain I wish sometimes it worked like that but when you're baptized you give your heart to Jesus and you come out the other side those neural pathways those those neurons that are growing those blue tons are still there. And it is a struggle to establish new neural pathways and the thing about this experience is according to Luke Chapter 8 verse 2 Here is Mary Magdalene. Who I believe is the same woman that Jesus in gauged with those caught in the very act of adultery and says And Ellen White in the book desire of ages confirms this is among them were Mary Magdalene from whom he had cast out 7 demons Now according to the narrative of the desire of ages after Jesus had this in Gage meant with Mary Magdalene in his presence and said Neither do I condemn you go and sin no more she was given power to live a victorious life that she fell back into old habits who always and Jesus had to cast out 7 demons out of her and the book desire of ages indicates that this was not one instance but 7 times having to cast demons out of her so she fell back multiple times into old ways here's a book desired ages 5687 times she heard his rebuke of the demons that controlled her heart and mind is there a grace through this process absolutely and I want to share one of my favorite passages with you and this is from Proverbs 2416 and in indicates for a righteous man for all 7 times and rises again but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes. When a child is learning how to walk it's not as though they just start walking and running immediately there are 40 bulls and falls there's a maturity process that takes place and I know no loving parent that will spank I mean I believe that's abuse spank a child that is learning how to walk and falls flat on their face and sometimes we attribute to God worse characteristics than we do to loving parents sometimes we have a picture of God You know when we're starting out in the Christian life those neural pathways are there and we're struggling we're falling we're making mistakes God is not up there red to spank us because we make a mistake remember it's not the track record it's the trend of the life and that's the the experience so the difference between a righteous man and man is that an un righteous man falls once and never gets back up. A righteous man falls down and gets back up falls down and gets back up and this is from Dr Chalmers he's a neural scientist he said Brain scientists have discovered that any thought or action that is often repeated is actually building these little blue tongs on the ends of certain nerve fibers that becomes easier to repeat the same thought or action each time established habits make literal pathways pree Quint repetition of the same thought. This is type of feeling or action where a deeper a groove just as repeatedly walking over a lawn will where a deep path on the side and he ends it by saying so when you fall the thing to get at the thing to do is get up and start working on the new neural pathway again you never lose ground on that new neural pathway those blue tons are not erased by the occasional fall and the beauty of the way our brains work is the more that you continue by the power of God to establish those new neural pathways and new habits that that the old habits start to start to not be as deep and grooved in your brain and the new neural pathways start to develop and the beauty of the Christian experience is that the more you walk in the spirit and not in the flesh it gets easier praise the Lord it gets easier to to form those new habits and those new tendencies and by the grace of God I can say in my Christian experience and I believe that you can too do you have things in your life that you used to hate that now you love I do. You have things in your life that you used to love that you know hate I do the Lord has changed us through this process of saying to vacation and it's not about arriving it's about being in the process and so it's a continual work a victorious Christian living now and him that is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy this is from steps across Page $64.00 we shall often have to balance down and we at the feet of Jesus because our short comings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast off not forsaken and rejected of God When you make a mistake the devil will come to you and say you might as well give up your unworthy that is the time to kneel down wherever you're at you don't even have to pray to God and say Lord I asked for forgiveness I want to get back up and continue in this experience and there's 2 powerful verses better there in our Christian experience and I pray that these are of encouragement and hope to you the 1st one is 1st John 19 I pray that you have this marked in your Bible and there are times I kneel and I say it I hope it's still there amen. 1st John 19 opened it up praise God it's still there and I read it if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all known righteousness and you know down and you read it and you claim and you said Lord I made a mistake I want to get back up I claim your forgiveness and the beauty about this promise is that this is always a yes prayer and it's always immediate just like that you can get up from your knees regardless of the way that you feel and believe that you are forgiven Amen you not to be on purgatory on penance God doesn't do that he forgives you immediately 1st John 19 it's always there in your Christian experience you make a mistake kneel down open it up and say Lord thank you that it's still there and claim his promise and get back up righteous man fall 7 times and rises again and the other one is power Jude 24 as we reflected on now and to him that is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy and these 2 are always there in our Christian experience forgiveness for when we fall and power to keep us from falling. Now as we continue through this series will be going through some practical verses of how the battle of temptation works and how there is a science to how God has packaged his power and I pray that it's a blessing to you as it has been to me but I want want to end this message with this quote from the book steps to Christ I've quoted it before and I want to quote it again because this is so foundational in our Christian experience this is page 47 many are inquiring how am I to surrender myself to God you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and controlled by the habits of your life your promises and resolutions are like ropes of stand you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections how many of you have ever felt like that I mean this is this is the reality of the Christian experience out of control a slave to the habits of our life we just fall in it over and over again and you feel like the man of Romans 7 who showed deliver me from this body of death I mean he says Oh wretched man that I am and that's the experience I mean this is what she's describing here on page 47 and she says this very powerful principle that is so foundational in our Christian experience what you need to understand is the true force of the one of the will. The this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice now she's not talking about with power where you just pick yourself up but you're by your own bootstraps and get up she's talking about the power of choice the power of will God has given it to us everything depends on the right action of the wheel the power of choice God has given to men it is there is to exercise you cannot change the heart you cannot of yourself give to God its affections but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ and you like David what does it look like what does that sound like well this is very raw and authentic How do you give your will to God I'll tell you what my prayers go like I said Lord this thing is destroying me I can't do this any more I give you my. That's what it is I give you my will that is the area that God has given you control of you can control any other part of your life your habits the addictions all of those other things and so many times we go to the symptoms but here it is this the central part of what she's talking about page $47.00 this is the will and is not will power it's basically saying Lord I give this to you it's choice saying Lord I want your intervention in my life in every area of my life and when you do this every single day you say Lord I give you my Will God says all right I have full authorization I have full consent to now move. In your life I pray that you pray this every day Amen go to him with that area of your life that compartment maybe that you and God only knows maybe there's only a few people that know maybe those many people that know doesn't matter that area of your life that is out of control and you say Lord I can't do this anymore I give you my will the most powerful prayer that you can pray is to give God your consent this is spiritual warfare friends there's not a psychiatrist a psychologist a self-help book in the world that can give you the victory we need supernatural assistance for a very spiritual problem that we all face how many of you want to say Lord. I give you my will and men for your prayer today Father in heaven you've seen these hands Lord. And we need your help we are broken we are sinful but we think you that we serve a God that is more powerful than any sin in any addiction and Lord we think you for this beauty of pardon and power. And that these are available to us throughout our Christian experience and Lord today we want to choose to give you our will just between us and you when you know our hearts you know our struggles and we pray today that you would empower us by the Holy Spirit for me as the sings in your precious name and man this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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