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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 4

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • June 20, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Father in heaven we want to thank you today that we could be here for this very important class we realize we we somehow understand deep within our heart that in spite of our learning in spite of our talent without the power of the Holy Spirit. No one would ever be converted and so we pray that you would help us to understand in spite of that biblical truth how it is that you want us to prepare so thank you for being with our class today in Jesus' name we pray Amen so I'm just going to throw it open to you as we begin if indeed it's all about the power of the Holy Spirit why should we even have this class some of there's many classes you could have gone to and I would have enjoyed going to some of the classes about this time too should we just get up now and say well we're going to go to another class in this in this building Why is it that we spend time on how to be a better preacher communicator the Gospel person who would ask for and receive appeals if it's all about the power which it is of the Holy Spirit Anyhow what do you what are your thoughts about that you follow what I'm saying Ok what we'll start I heard you before I saw Austin so I will you will you you the floor to row Ok and then you know you are you a lawyer my speaking to a I'm trying to think in my mind oh a psychologist Ok. In Notice how he sits back there in the corner the classy sort of can scope everything out. Love your brother. Thank you Dr Kay. The floor is. Fully. Trained with skills that you can really work to us Ok I am here because of an appeal praise the Lord and it was appealed by a markedly rain back in 1003. Series of graphics for 6 weeks so Holy Spirit is what has chosen the Lord's chosen to work through these appeals and you're here because one appeal you answer no pill that mark only gave in any 3 and 1903 exact. Time but it's. Their money. And he. Said I was. Right and then heard him but the seed was planted 7 years later I did so well and I'm. Very. Praise the Lord. I'm our family apparently go. To the place where you know that you. I never knew what. You like. And I truly. Think. That. It was like. Yes. God needs help and you. Who shoot me so much. Doing to you that all. Everything that I do. The end of. July and the last. Thing on you went home revenue. I'll remember your brother Let's go to Austin who was 1st to raise his hand Thank you that's fine that's fine organo No no problem at all. It's going to. Last years. Really is all. That. Work with us. You are. In that as a blessing Mirvan and I want to say this I was going to call out the the pastors who been sitting in this class I know the earning top and bird with unseeing or any today I sense that maybe there was another pastor here maybe he wasn't but Mervyn Shaw you were born in South Africa and he's pastor there and here in the States is retired minister as I am and glad you are part of a part of the class and he happens to be married to a wonderful Christian woman named Claire who Patsy and I had the privilege of meeting in 1981 she's a dear friend of ours and so anyway with that introduction thank you Mervyn and appreciate you being here. One whom I'm going to remove closer to you so here's the Mike you know so it's the power of the Holy Spirit. That could just for severed body but God doesn't work by force God works by the rules of engagement of the great controversy and he works by. Invitation and that's what we actually. Went to them. Internationally. On the same rights and human Thank you Miles. I like that God is a gentleman he doesn't force his way into our lives he works by these rules Dan is your hand up booking. For me simple juices asking you saw receipts working to get me to a creed God would lead me to a meeting that strengthened my faith and be able to be a better Bible for him and he led me here because he knows we can appeal. And I was glad when I 1st saw very topic you know very topic and when I came here I knew I was coming here. So thank you Dan for that testimony I I have been weak an appeals I felt as a pastor. And so I had a big interest in learning more and so I took a class on it took 4 years and it was really worth all the all the time and effort. That's really. Beautiful that God wants to involve us and gauge us in His Word that he and the angels in the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit being a 3rd member of the Godhead of course but the Godhead in the angels could finish the work. But they won't force people. But they have given us the ultimate privilege in our life to work along with heaven in bringing people to a decision for Christ and that being the case it is very God is well pleased when we make the effort the steward becoming better communicators and I am still working toward that I don't think that I've arrived the Apostle Paul said not that I've already arrived but I pressed for the mark for the price of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus I've still fallen short but I'm glad the Lord is able to use me gives a great purpose to my life and I'm so very grateful for that and it's a it's a wonderful wonderful privilege to to be a Christian and to share in giving appeals and these appeals that you're giving may be personal more one to one and it's very important in that way as well. To the greatest appeals ever recorded in the Bible that are found where in your Bible can you think of them right out there back to back in your Bible to great personal to the greatest personal pills. I think that we're ever given at least recorded in the scripture Jesus caves in. The book is John I'm not going to tell you anything more knowledge and you take it from him to great personal pills that Jesus gave the back to back in the Gospel of John you know these things nikka Demas For God so loved the world John 316 was spoken to Nick a Demas and then John chapter 4 the woman at the well so personal appeals we can learn about those as well. Even though more of our emphasis is on preaching appeal none the less the personal invitation and as we mentioned yesterday the work in the home is where the work in the pulpit is fulfilled your preaching in in the public pulpit at church or as a seminar presenter for Jesus on prophecy wherever that may be that's just the beginning. That work is concluded in home visitation most of the time it may not be the home but it could be as the statement for nonwhites that we shared yesterday as well it could be in the congregation and I've never noticed that about the statement I referred to yesterday somewhat at length I've read it many many times of the pulpit work is finished in the home I believe it was evangelism page 440 or 443 read the whole book it's good. And. But evangelism in the congregation is another step not just a home visit McKay let's look at our material it is not the appeal but the person of the Holy Spirit working through the appeal and says that makes it appealing to the heart of the hearer our God pursues the last through the power of the invitation it is the strategic oftentimes of heaven itself. Dr King wrote that a sermon should be a. Convincing appeal to a listening congregation in appeal should be convincing that's the word there it should be convincing Now there's 3 styles to rhetoric. Rhetoric is public speaking it used to be that public speaking and the giving of your presentation was one of the most important of all educational tools I don't think that it's given that kind of credit any longer but if a person can speak well they're usually well thought of and their credibility increases so you the 3 pillars of exceptional communication it begins really with ethos with which is trust. Ethos refers to your credibility and and your credibility is the change you have in your pocket the money you have in your pocket so that when you're giving your presentation people are willing to listen to you of they have to like you before the listen very much if they dislike you or if they sense that morally or for whatever reason. You don't have credibility to speak to them they will turn you off and they won't come back ask yourself Am I using the right tone this is on the slide here speech rate word choice and communication method to demonstrate to others that I am trust worthy so easels is trust and people must have that before they can get anywhere logos or logic is your rational reasons why people should believe what you have to tell them. Why is it so important you have to have something to say not only must you have the credibility to say it but you must have something worthwhile to say. And if you don't your ethos is going to go down if they say if they believe that well this person seems to be a credible enough but he didn't have anything to say then that your credibility is shot so longest refers to how reasonable rational and logical the other person finds your position requests argument your sermon if you please pay for those is emotion in the book of Jeremiah we studied briefly that God is very emotional he chose an emotional man to give the message Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet and in chapter 2 and elsewhere in Jeremiah we find a God who is touched with loneliness he said I remember your love the love of your youth. And so that appeal touches us we may remember the love of our youth and sometimes unfortunately the love story turns in a most unfortunate way and there are people in life that find themselves lonely and God was lonely before we worry God is a God who's touch with the feeling of our infirmities. Hebrews Chapter 4 verse $14316.00 so the pace of the passion that we include within our peels is very crucial to reaching the heart now logos our logic will reach the mind it will make sense and people may be convinced. But it may not do anything for their desire it may not it may not reach the point of conviction because the pathos somehow the heart it hasn't reached there hasn't reached to the depths of a person sometimes a Bible writers talked about the Baals Baal's of mercy in adjusts that you can feel the text you know you're it's like you're gurgling inside the good in your gut you know I have to do this in your heart you believe now not just from your head but you have a passion you sense the passion of the presenter hey this is really this is important this can change my life I can be a better person not just a better person but I can be transformed from my very innermost being I can I can be different now I can overcome the sins and the past that has whipped me and made me feel guilty and just been the downer of my life it can be in the past God can transform me I can be new I'm going to accept what this man said because I believe he believes it and I believe the Bible taught it and I believe the same message can change me that's pathos you have to have passion in what you present or weakens your point of logic why should they believe just what's in the head they might say I have something in my head. And get back to what I said never say. My personal opinion because they have their personal opinions they want something more than just a trade off 6 of one half a dozen of the other nice guy interesting presentation but that was his opinion if it's no higher than your opinion you see you don't have a lot of you don't have a lot of ethos a lot of credibility. You're a rational guy or you're trying to be but when you can say from your gut with a passion I believe and with the credibility of the logic of the Bible I believe God's Word declares For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life I believe you believe that too you can believe that you can make that your choice today and you can inspire people because there's very little that inspires people anymore people go to drink they go to lust they go to sports they go to other things in life to inspire them they're a little inspires in what little the world inspires us with is soon gone it disappears like a mirage it's not satisfying it doesn't fulfill the innermost need of the heart so do you have any questions about the 3 pillars of exceptional communication do we need all 3 yes Princeton's you want and I want to give a good appeal to the people that reaches the heart but what if you totally ignore the sermon itself the nuts and bolts of the sermon and you just decide to go up there and wing it what's that going to do what will that do for your ethos. What will that do for the people that are there he presented a good appeal but I have no idea what it means I have no I mean no idea what he's calling me to do that can be a problem. And you can also have a wonderful logical appeal are not appeal but sermon the the bedrock the flower you know most of the content of a cookie is the flour but if you have no appeal at the end it's very unsatisfying I want some chocolate chips in there somewhere I want some peanut butter in there somewhere I want a little bit of sugar a little bit of sweet little bit of honey in that cookie or I will never come back to that again. One time we went to a home and I believe in health reform and I praise God for health reform and I won't say when or where or why but there we were with some friends some dear friends and they made some gems there called gems and we ate those and you know believe it I can eat just about anything as long as it's healthful as long as it's healthful and I rather enjoyed them but you know to my memory in the last nearly 4 decades since that experience we have never in our house ever had another jam why. It was it may so much healthful sense but there was nothing really sweet to it in what God let the man a fall. It was like coriander seeds made with there was some honey taste to it there has to be some sweet to our sermons there has to be an appeal story at the beginning by the way begin your sermon if you're in an evangelist context and I would suggest if you're preaching on a Sabbath morning begin with a story that opens up the way for the logical sequence to develop and then you close with a story that reaches our hearts again does that make sense you open with something of an appeal. Because stories are appealing and we use the term appeal but the term appeal should the experience of that appeal should be appealing a man Ok let's go on so St Augustine I was interested that interested to know that yesterday. Elder slider used a story from the Spirit of Prophecy in regard to Auguste ing and how his mother prayed for this rebellious you who was living out there in the world a very immoral Deca tent drunken lifestyle the same Augustine you've heard of who was the great theologian of the early 5th century this man was a wayward boy he was a product code but he had a very consecrated praying mother and Ellen White took note of that and very interesting to me. And. I believe I would go along with what the preacher said in the kingdom will see that praying mother and she took special note to mention whose mother she was there well could be that will see Augustine the kingdom is Rao God is used to people through the years and praying praise you up for your message praying changes your heart so that you have you have a feeling you have a heart to give to give to people maybe you prayed and and you've been under tear from God as it were that I'm not worthy to give this message and you you're battling it out with God during the week you sense that God wants you to preach about that but you don't even you feel like the least of all people to to share that what qualifies me to do this but in prayer you're battling that out with God William Miller No Lord I've been studying this for 13 years about the 2300 days but are you kidding me I don't have any intention to go out there and tell anybody about it in a sermon is battling it out was God By the time he got through he was convinced God wanted to make Jude that and he didn't. Billy Graham a little shy 1617 year old kid we wasn't so little he was always tall Billy was about 6 foot 3 loved basketball much like our evangelist Mark Finley basketball players a use you know and he senses a God wants him to preach I mean he could hardly get up and say anything in 8th grade course I was quite young I was under a conviction even then that the Lord was calling me to be a pastor that he wanted me to preach but during our 8th grade graduation at the Lansing church school I was a new ad been a c.m. and they wanted me to give the tribute for parents and so we wrote it down and I memorized it and I had the notes and I remember yet like it was yesterday I put those notes for my tribute to the parents of 8th grade graduation in my suit coat pocket where I wouldn't lose them and so my turn came and I had this thing memorized I had it in notes and I thought for backup obvious reach into my pocket and I will take out my many sermons so to speak I will put it on the desk in front of me and I will speak from memory but just in case I have my notes I fumbled in my pocket it wasn't there I fumbled into the other suit coat pocket inside pocket it wasn't there I tried the outside pockets they were not it was not there I tried my pants pockets so here's this 8th grade kid he's 14 years old and Dan is reaching everywhere he knows to reach I to this day don't know what happened to those notes but I couldn't find them and I got up there in all my memory went blank. All I could say was this we tribute our parents that was it the sum total of what I had to say I mean I was nearly petrified God qualifies the unqualified imagine he gives you a message he puts it in your heart you can't help but. I just say the Lord kept calling me to the ministry anyway even though I messed up royally the tribute to parents it was really a great tribute if I can verify on those notes maybe someone else found in the next year they used it for their own graduation So Augustine We're back on him after all the universal task of eloquence this is his words in which in which ever of these 3 styles we're talking about will styles is to speak in a way that is geared to what persuasion as a giver of a sermon or a Bible study a personal conversation about the Lord you want to Gary or your address toward persuasion the aim what you intend is to persuade by speaking in any of these 3 styles so it's not just the ether those your credibility it's not just the logic the bedrock the nuts and bolts of your message that you're. In you want the eloquence of persuasion in those as well as the pathos the the appeals so I'm trying to say Ok the intent the intent the aim what you intend is to persuade by speaking. In testimonies volume 6 Ellen White said it is the Holy Spirit that makes the truth impressive keep practical truth before the people and it seems like in that in those 2 sentences even those the Holy Spirit who makes the truth impressive she's saying to us very practical she's very practical make the truth as practical truth keep it ever before the people and gospel workers 151 no one can tell what is lost by attempting to preach without the unction of the Holy Spirit don't even attempt to preach if you don't have the unction of the Holy Spirit if you have the unction of the Holy Spirit he makes up for our weak efforts he makes up for our strong efforts he just makes up for us. He's willing to work and through us if we're willing in every congregation this is amazing in every congregation there are souls who are hesitating almost decided to be holy for God decisions are being made but too often the Minister has not the spirit and power of the message and no direct appeals are made to those who are trembling in the balance there in every congregation getting back to what I hope will that you'll take to heart I believe that if an every single sermon that we preach we would take time to have an appeal and make an appeal for salvation I think of that would always be apt. But there may also be a need in that sermon for them to accept a unique truth that we believe a 7th Day Adventists there may be a need for someone for you to make an appeal that reaches the heart and you can say something like this I believe there's someone in the congregation this week you have to make a general enough. But you've had a hard week things have not gone well for you they did not go as planned and maybe this week you felt deep within your heart that God had even deserted you when others did or the work that you had that you were supposed to do You did not accomplish maybe someone has blamed you for something that it was not your fault maybe you're struggling with some bitterness as we've come the Sabbath morning but right now God is speaking to your heart and the Holy Spirit is saying Dan Give it up I've got you covered I haven't deserted you your God still loves you and if if in the appeal this morning you would like to as our heads about our eyes are close just lift your hand toward heaven and say Lord I'm lifting my hand up to you right now believing by face that you will carry me through sometimes people need to really connect with God and appeals can can reach their heart they they lift up their hand they stand as a congregation whatever the appeal maybe and they can leave the church that morning knowing they've decided for Jesus and that the past that week that was so bad and they got yelled out at work it doesn't matter anymore they can release that bitterness they had toward their spouse whatever the case might be appeals need to be made. And if one appeal was answered in every church every week of this year in the mission conference there would be at least $9568.00 new decisions for Christ and some of those decisions would be I want to join this church many of those decisions would be I'm retired Katie my life to Christ many would be I'm giving my heart to Jesus I want to know more about this church I want to go all the way with Jesus I would like to be baptized and little by little if we made appeals every week then more decisions would be made and more people's lives would be transform you know I have heard so many wonderful sermons I have given probably a few wonderful sermons myself but I've sat down too soon times maybe I'm fighting the clock maybe it's getting toward 12 o'clock maybe it's 1215 in the sermon is going so well but I have not taken time to write down an appeal and I've not made that a priority and I sit down and I would say this probably most of the sermons will be forgotten what they're going to remember is I made a decision for Jesus they may not remember the wonderful sermon but if they made a decision for Christ they'll never forget that though never forget that I don't know what the evangelist was even saying then I chose to go forward but I have remembered that impression and I have never forgotten what transpired the choir or someone was up there singing it had been a message that touched my heart it was an appeal to come forward this was an altar call and the pastor of the Lansing church came and sat down next to a non Adventists kid me. And he invited me to go forward with him and he sensed that I was too shy to get up and go forward on my own I walked up there with the pastor and I gave him out gave my heart to Christ and I decided I would be baptized and I was and within that next year the Lord had convicted me that he wanted me to be a preacher we need more preachers in the Strachan my son in law Michael thanks for joining us Pastor Campion Academy he was sharing with me that the North American division needs more young men. To be preachers and I was thinking why is that and I think maybe we need more evangelists or we need more pills preached in church because from the moment I accepted Christ and accepted this message he began working on my heart and if it wasn't for that evangelist Xserve us the elder Walter was preaching at. I may never have wanted to be a pastor but he used that to move my heart to be an evangelist even though I couldn't give a tribute to parents I met. So we lose by neglecting this this is evangelism page 285 if you will seek the Lord if you will seek the Lord putting away all evil speaking and all selfishness and continuing instant in prayer the Lord will draw nigh to you it is the power of the Holy Spirit that gives of efficacy to your efforts into your appeals humble yourselves before God that in his strength you may rise to a higher level as we humble ourselves before God we rise to a higher level. I love this word about the Holy Spirit's found in John 3 Verse 8 let's open our Bibles to the Gospel of John please will read from that passage and also will go to chapter 6 and will read verse 63 these are both. The words of Christ of course John 3 is in the context of his interview his personal interview with nicotinic a Demas not believe the words are just as true today as they were when the game is 1st heard them John 3 Verse 8 just because of the sake of the recording I'm going to go ahead and read that I'd love for you to read along with maybe we could all read that together let's read together out loud. And maybe I should be looking out a King James version I have the New American Standard Bible Yeah. I think I have a memorized but I don't want to take any chances we want to have a choir that really works together right John 3 Verse 8 the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes so is everyone who was born of the Spirit. So the Holy Spirit is in control. The wind is in control. But we just have to learn to set the what the sale we're working in harmony with the Spirit of God. And we just have to be willing to suffer the sale of the ever sailed I've done a little bit of it probably some of you just. Didn't really know yeah. Cain No No wonder you live and how and. So the water in the wind and it just you know it just is part of you life so you're out there in the wind is blowing you have to learn how to set the sail right and when you have those 2 working together it is a powerful force and I love that about the spirit too because I'd like to think I know God is a gentleman I believe that with all my heart I prefer. The the depth of that. Statement I also believe that God has a wild side I do I believe that there's a wildness as well as a wideness and God's mercy and you know he is wild for the truth he is he he has a depth of character. And if he chooses to blow his Holy Spirit over your direction are you going to be able or you're going to be are you going to sense that are you going to be trusting enough to let God take you to where he wants you to be you know take you to places that you never thought you could go but God's wind is in very very. Sometimes we think it's a wild ride and it can be serving the Lord let's go to John 6 and verse 63 it is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life so it's important to implement persuasive preaching there. I don't know who they were listening to but they don't look very persuaded. Preaching is the spoken communication of divine truth with a view to persuasion we persuade men 2nd currency in 5 and verse 11 Dr George Campbell was right when he said I've knowledge that the whole preaching either directly or indirectly points to persuasion every person is probably convinced by logic and reason of a number of items upon which he does not act man is an emotional being as well as a Creator Creature of reason people are moved by psychological drives or their basic motives of conduct rather than by reason alone in fact a person's emotions seems to race ahead of his reason when his will moves into decision and action are reduced to simplest terms it is we know we feel we act it goes beyond knowing a lot of people know to do right but there's no will there is no feeling there's no action we know we feel that has to be part of it not never apologize for having an emotional appeal never apologize that may be what you sudden church reach the heart sometimes the reach of the heart and you know it did because they left other times you know they reach their heart because someone cry there's nothing wrong with reaching the heart both ways in the same sermon maybe someone's going to weep maybe someone's going to cry but those are the people who probably make a decision for Christ and 7 logos and pathos Aristotle chosen set ethos is important everything else is you have to have a character you have to have a moral standing you have to be willing to be fully committed to Christ evangelism again page 299 the inward work ministry the Holy Spirit is our great need. The spirit is all divine in his agency in demonstration you can go forth in faith believing that the Holy Spirit accompanies you you don't need to doubt that you can go forward in faith believing in knowing that the Holy Spirit is accompanying you in your efforts. And this here from Spurgeon I thought that it was quite eloquent. You know Spurgeon was a great preacher the 1900 centuries he said I shall not attempt to teach a tiger the benefits of vegetarianism who would think of that but I shall as hopefully attempt that task as I would try to convince an unregenerate man of the truth revealed by God concerning sin and righteousness and judgement to come. Only Jesus by His Holy Spirit can open blind eyes and deaf ears make the lame walk in the dumb speak pretty conscience in light in the mind fire the mind move the will give life to the dead and rescue slaves from say tonic Ben this satanic bondage John stuck in his book Between 2 Worlds only Jesus can move the heart only Christ could a light in the mind fire the mind move the will give life to the dead and rescue slaves from that bondage of the devil him self and here's where it's from Stubbs to Christ apart from Jesus you have no life you have no power to resist temptation or to grow in grace and holiness abiding in Christ you may flourish drawing your life from Him you will not wither nor be fruitless stuff to Christ page 69 we are told up. Cos people will have gone through the Great Tribulation and they will prove faithful to God to the very very end they will wash their robes and make them why in the blood of the lamb would you wish with in your heart the seasoning to have your robes washed clean in made white in the blood of the Lamb were naturally quite dirty our children are evidence of that looking back on my childhood I can tell you of many ripped out jeans my jeans were always getting ripped in the in the knee my knees were getting scuffed up my clothes were getting grass stained and it didn't matter if they had been washed I kept on doing the same thing to my clothes my mom would men my knees seared put patches on my clothes and those patched up clothes would still get this so the needs were ripped out in the knees were grass stained and I like getting in the mud in my clothes were a mess and spiritually speaking I have been in many different phases of a mast up life from time to time but here's the promise that there is a people who will be covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ will be covered with his blood and those old stains in those ripped up areas of their life are going to be mended they're going to be healed the broken hearted are going to be freed from their captivity in the Lord is going to have them serving in this temple night and day in their Kingdom tonight as we conclude our sermon on baptism I want to invite you to consider as the music is playing just as I am or I surrender all. All to Jesus I surrender I like to invite you to Baal your heads with me as we pray and then before a pray can't go cut me off. So you could have a prayer in then you could either go one way or the other you could invite people to quietly come forward with their cause that they have checked you could have the elders of your church ready to come forward at the time of the altar call so when people come forward even if it's only one they're not the only one up front you can invite the elders to come up they can receive the people as they bring their cart of decision they can go right back to their seats or you can have them quietly wait right there as you close with another short word of prayer and that's a that's another kind of appeal you can have I have yours also this appeal of baptism teaches us about the sanctity of human life Jesus Jesus consider baptism an issue of eternal life Mark Chapter 1616 says the one who repent says baptize shall be saved and I believe with all my heart tonight there are people here having heard the messages throughout this series of beings that belief was in your heart the message be you still seek that new life it's beyond just the message and the head knowledge God wants to reach our hearts tonight and I can remember that when I made my decision for Christ and you can bring out your personal story it will it will def tell into the into the stories of the other people that you are sharing your conviction with. And then you can say in the 1st birth we are born out of water in the 2nd birth we are born out of water as well and I remember being in the streets of Romania and as a baptistery was being filled with water my translator said Get up and look he kept on saying Get up and look the same young man who had lived a very wayward life and so I got up finally and I looked and they were feeling the baptistery with water and as they filled out baptistry was with warm water from the buckets he said they're down there and I said what what stand there he says they're down there and I looked again and I looked into that baptistry and he said they're down there and I finally said What are what is it what is down there he says My sense he says when you were here before I only came 4 times but I could never forget what you said he said I was baptized in this baptistry and my sins went down there your sins can go down the drain through baptism into Christ Jesus you can have a new life tonight and invite you to make that decision you can you can go a number of ways the spirit guides you but I would. Actually in my back in my appeals on location I have gone to the point where I I somewhat I memorize it ahead of time I write it out and I'll even read it if I need to because I think it's 7 Porton so don't worry about reading that part of your sermon is long as it comes from your heart review it take time for it make sure that you bring people to a point where they can respond otherwise you've cheated them. Ok let's have prayers or close Father in heaven want to thank you that we could be here today you have appealed to our hearts to give appealing appeals through the power of the Holy Spirit we pray Father in Heaven that you would set us on a course of action. Where we can work with you setting the sail to the winds of the Holy Spirit may bless us with many souls for our labor in Jesus' name in. 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