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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 5

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • February 6, 2020
    10:29 AM
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Father in heaven we do want to thank you today it's a privilege to be here to talk about the importance of persuasive appeals for decision and we ask that your Holy Spirit would come in God This class we pray that every word would up of Jesus and we asked the Lord that you would help our hearts to be into this message that whether we live a whole. Share with the work associate or whether we share in a classroom setting or behind the pulpit that we will be appealing to others on behalf of Jesus we pray and pray in his name Amen. When to make appeals and where appeals appeal we're going to start with an appeal found in the review and herald page. Not page from the magazine it was from November to 886. In think of this as an appeal and when you read your Bible says think of how the Lord is speaking to your heart we can probably learn more about appeals other than in prayer itself and responding to God's appeals we can learn more from the scripture and from the spirit of prophecy than anywhere else one reason I include what others have said from non admin to sources is. I do want to appeal. To others who may in some way be suspicious of the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy but I want to guarantee to you that I am not. That I love the Bible I love the spirit of prophecy and I feel that that is where the best sources are to learn how to make appeals and the Holy Spirit will bless you and guide you in that and I just pray that. Maybe along the way other people will be blessed as well so this is a. The Savior speaks to his people be zealous and repent it is not ministers whom you have slighted it is not the warnings of men that you have rejected it is not my delegated prophets that you have refused to hear but your Redeemer your only hope if you are destroyed it is yourselves alone that are responsible you will not come to me that you might have life now what is interesting about this appeal written from the pedophile in white is it is basically a quotation from Jesus himself be zealous therefore and repent it's not the ministers it's not the prophets it's not the holy men that you've rejected but it's your greed it is really your Redeemer your only hope and the Lord appeals through the Spirit of Prophecy that if you are destroyed you have only yourself to blame you are responsible yourself because you would not come to me that you might have life so that is an appeal and you have the opportunity to redeem her friend or to be destroyed. And then she goes on to say says the true witness and these are really this is really the appeal of Jesus this is an appeal of Jesus Christ Behold I stand at the door knock every warning recruitment entreaty in the Word of God or through his delegated messengers is a knock at the door of the hard it is the voice of Jesus asking for entrance with every knock on heated your determination to open becomes weaker and weaker so here's an appeal not to put all of our salvation but to go to the door and outs are in of course this is a reference back to Revelation Chapter 3 we're Jesus says Behold I stand at the door knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and will suffer with him or dine with him and he was mean and it goes on beyond that to say in verse 21 He who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne even as also I overcame and that means we will overcome like Jesus overcame we can overcome in the same way that Jesus overcame the power that allowed for Christ to overcome every temptation of his life can be such and your life and mine that we will overcome every temptation in our life He who overcomes I will grant to sit down with me on my throne as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne Laodicea receives the sternness rebuke. Really of any of the 7 churches to be nuked warm is to be in such a desperate condition before God that you do not even know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked and I like to say when I preach on this subject I want to commend each and every one of you and I hope I never have to forego that for any reason but I want to commend each of you today no one is sitting here naked. You all came dressed Laodicea doesn't realize that they are wretched miserable poor blind and naked now we're talking naked spiritually but Jesus uses some very very straightforward language when he says that to share with us the desperation that it is to be lukewarm Laodicean Well the scenes don't have to be Mormon but when you think of literacy you always think of someone who is luke warm because the residents there they have lukewarm water they were they were rich they were increased with the goods they had all the outward blessings from God. In the same article. Ellen White says that the Lord has given us blessings in order to test us sometimes we get a blessing and then our minds are turned immediately to the world God allows us to be tested not only from things that maybe illness or maybe we know I'm talking about bad news but God allows us to be tested by the good things that we possess as well on how we use those will be for his name's on in glory. And the Lord is very generous but an hour ago I took a cart ride and it stopped and I was ready to get off and my friend said Well let me tell you a story if you have a minute I said Sure he said when I lost my leg he said it was because of that that my life was saved he said if I would not have lost my leg I would have died because of the scans they did of his body they discovered. A cancer that surely would have it cost him his life so he is praising God I don't know if I've ever met anyone more happy to moves of leg in my life and then beyond that he had another testimony he said we gave an offering to a missionary and I take it it was a pretty substantial offering and then within a short time thereafter gone more than made up to them that offering plus 200 dollars and and more and so when you open your heart to God new except the pleadings of the Holy Spirit God gives you more much more than we'd ever ever give to him so we have these appeals and. We're go on to the 1st part of the lesson here it talks about a central route in a peripheral route basically when a person decides from the central route. Their decision sticks and they're more apt to stay with what they decided to do. If they have to go by means of a peripheral route to make a decision they're not as apt to stay with the long term it doesn't mean they can't but except during the 1st promptings I put it like this spiritually speaking this is an Ark a lot of psychology today but spiritually speaking the sooner we accept the central route in the pull of the Holy Spirit rather than going by means of peripheral routes are secondary routes could it be that the sooner we make that decision and answer the most direct pleading of the Holy Spirit the better for us long term I don't have all that studied out it's just something to think about and so I included it in here. I just really think that it's advantageous. On the way to class I actually did prepare for this more than the last hour I don't want to give the wrong impression but on the row on the way to class I said to someone I said You graduated 3 years before Ming you said no he says. I didn't make it through that year he said I was told to do thus and so thus and so by the principal he said I didn't do it I went out I went hunting never went back to school he said was the worst decision of my life now that direct route could have given him a diploma at the end of that year he said Now I don't have a graduating class and so he's lived with that person under of years. But I will say this if you want to say compare central route direct route answering the pleadings of the Holy Spirit 1st you see the psychologists in the world. They tend to think if you're a peripheral person it may not stick I don't want to limit the power of the Holy Spirit to help someone stay with it Amen I'm not suggesting that well I'm just saying answer directly as soon as you are call and there's more and more direct line benefits all along the way Amen and if you're peripheral person or if you put off on something the Lord can still bless you you can still stay with it. We're not talking just about secular psychology praise God but it's just sort of interesting don't take a chance about tomorrow today is the day of salvation if anyone hears his voice what a Mansour today Jesus is knocking today now there is an example in the Song of Solomon chapter 5 verses one in 2 about the bra aid of the king and you will find in the scriptures the only other direct reference to someone knocking at the door and not having that door open to them you'll find that 1st in your Bible not in Revelation Chapter 3 but in Song of Solomon chapter 5 and verses 12 and it's a very very it's an emotional story it tugs at your heart to read it. You have a groom and his bride who have jumps entered into marriage in verse one. The whole book of Solomon's the Song of Songs has led up to verse one a chapter 5 after that point everything else in the book is about the husband and the wife you have a Kayasth extraction or in Song of Solomon in the very next verse this grips you it grips me Song of Solomon chapter 5 years to I was asleep so as the bride with my heart was awake a voice my beloved was knocking open to me my sister my darling my dove my perfect one these are the words of her lover of her husband for my head is drenched with do my locks with the damp of the night so. These are the words of Revelation Chapter 3 Behold I stand at the door and not if anyone hears my voice open for me my. Dove my perfect one it's amazing to me how God sees how God sees us how he wills to see us how he chooses to see us yes sometimes even in our lukewarm condition the depths of his love is very much expressed here and you get the picture someone who is drenched by the do his locks by the damp of the night and what is the reaction of his bride verse 3 I've taken off my dress I've been here in the New American Standard How can I put it on again I have washed my feet how can I Dirty them again my beloved extended his hand through the opening on the ancient doors there was an opening there. By which you could on lock that door but he's extending his hand not to unlock the door he will not go in without an invitation he does not unlock it and she says My feelings were roused for him she finally arises I arose to open to my beloved and my hands dripped with murder in my fingers with liquid murder on the handles of the bolt he had left that murder there the groom had left he had left his fragrance at the door at the opening to the door he had done everything to alert her to that door he had knocked he had called out by name he had called her a beautiful beautiful loving it called her and beautiful and loving in treaties and he had left his fragrance on that opening to that door he had done everything he could to encourage her to make that decision and to answer his appeal she said says a verse 6 I opened to my beloved but my beloved had turned away and had gone how many times have you or I left Jesus out the door we have made our excuses and are they not slight and of a ridiculous nature that we would not even mediately go to the door I'm wearing my night gown no I'm in my Could Gemma's my feet are bare I don't want to get them dirty for the wife of you what what have we done to our Savior. Meanwhile he stands and he stands for a long time in till his locks are drenched with the dew of the night I feel bad for what she has to go through next but in her trouble of finding him she does never ever again go back she has to find Christ the of the peripheral routes but when she finds him she never lets go of him again and we're talking about his bride they they've just gotten married there is no more closer relationship you ever have and then your relationship with Jesus. It began to. It began to sink home with me a few years ago when my father died and most of my uncles and aunts have died course a lost my mother when I was 11 but there are very few people today that call me Danny or what does that have to do with anything people that knew me as Danny knew me when I was a little boy I was Danny to them everybody on my mother's side of the family I was Dan I have 2 uncles and to answer her you have a life and when I see them I'm Danny and they call me by that name if it was good there was one person in my life that consistently called me Daniel and it could well be if my mother had lived beyond the normal years I'd be called Daniel to this day but she was the one that called me down you know all the time I guess I sort of her was her exclusive right my dad like Dan and most people call me down to this day a disorder I grew up with that after a month or died I was down but I thought very few people know me from when I was young. But there is someone who has known me before I was after born and that of my Lord and Savior Jesus crimes he has a new name written up in glory you would ask that question I will tell you what he called them when my mom was. Working in the bathroom one day when I was 8 I was outside in the driveway and I was learning how to get on a. High very large by Soko without using the milk box that sort of dates me some of you remember milk boxes the pill test milk or whatever would be delivered into the milk box inside the back door glass bottles and things like that and I remember the horse drawn carriages the milkman used to come up and down Goodrich Goodrich street in Lansing Michigan anyway without using a curb or Armel box I was learning to get on my by Soco without such you know annoyances I guess into why it was with me and I heard a voice that distinctive voice that sounded like the voice of many waters it sounded like a quartet of men's voices the most beautiful voice of ever heard in all my life my friend a White who was just a step or 2 from me he did not hear it the boy said Daniel go into the house your mother needs you. I mediately said to do why the white Let's go and get some Oreos and milk and we went in I opened the refrigerator to get the Orioles and Mel cow and I heard the bath tub water running rushing to the bathroom where my mother was lying on the floor she had had a paralyzing stroke it affected her entire left side of her body she couldn't move and we were we were in a panic 28 year old boy. So we couldn't get that water to turn off and so he ran across the street got his mom Jackie came over she turned off the water she called the ambulance and from that day on my mother was never the same again I was 8 when that happened and it took her 3 years to very gradually learn how to walk how to talk. How to function again she went from high heels to clodhopper shoes and she went from being a young beautiful woman to an older woman but it's she was still my mom and she had heart trouble beyond that and so it aged 11 and went into university Michigan hospital I think a total story than I Maybe I didn't that's to the end this message today. But the one time I heard the voice of Jesus in my life audibly he called me Daniel and I hope and pray to have that new name and glory someday but that helped save my mother to me for another 3 years. Central route. I accepted the call the gospel ministry when I was 13 central route I'd still prefer the central route than a peripheral but even though modern psychology says the pro for Iraq may not be as good I would say this spiritually speaking God can use the peripheral route we've all given him a peripheral route to some extent and so if I and I have regrets about that I wish I was always a central route person the 1st call the biblical call the straight way you know but I've made the Lord you know sometimes he's left for knocking and I have to go find him. Mary and Joseph there with him and in Jerusalem they took off and they thought they just presumed Jesus was with them and after 3 days of searching desperately here they are our son is the Son of God. Where they couldn't just go out there and say that to unbelieving people but can you imagine we cannot even imagine the desperation we have lost the son of God The Treasure of heaven in their going all through that town and finally they go to the very place they should look 1st to the temple he says mother and father. You do not know that I must be my father's it's Ok. Well I sort you got the idea it's in your notes people are motivated to hold correct attitudes now this is from a secular psychologist but it's interesting to me it's a hopeful to me that he has determined from his research that people want to do what's right there's something in the Holy Spirit is speaking to heart see speaking to every heart if someone comes to your church someone comes to the Jesus on prophecy meetings you can know they're there because the Holy Spirit speaking to their hearts and even secular psychology would admit people are motivated to hold correct attitudes where do we get that some the Holy Spirit somewhere they somehow How can you explain it other than it being the Holy Spirit they want to do what's right they want to have a correct attitude so we have that to start with although people want to a correct attitudes the amount of elaboration people are willing or able to do to evaluate a message can very. Variables can affect the amount in the direction of attitude change there's various circumstances so forth that what you read appear self affecting motivation number 4 and or ability to process a message can either enhance or reduce arguments scrutiny and by your I'm going to say again if you're in a position to give sermon make sure that if there's a non Adventists there and you know that they are in a valley of decision you need to be visiting them confronting them in a very loving way and if you know someone is there in the Lord speaking to their heart heat visiting them keep be friending them keep inviting them over are visit them in the congregation visit them in their home and you don't know how big of a difference that will make in their life. Because they're going to be going through things like or you're going to those admin to smiting. And people many people have no idea what we really believe. There are so many people yet even to this day may never even have heard about 7th Day Adventists they don't know they've never heard the name we were talking to a Jew on the phone 2 or 3 days ago a very nice lady but she when we told her we were something agonists she totally you know didn't get it she never heard of a people like this and she's Jewish as motivation and or ability to process arguments as decreased peripheral Kudo's become more important to persuasion so the peripheral crudes they might be going through circumstances unique to them a trial a suffering. God is going to enable you to know things like that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and you'll be able to respond to some of these peripheral clues the Lord is now using maybe they haven't followed the direct line of the message that you've given behind the pulpit or in the Bible study but pray that you understand the peripheral clues variables affecting the message processing in a relatively biased manner can produce either a positive or negative bias toward the present persuasion attempt and the devil is always trying to throw a ratchet wrench into the very best of what you've got and that's why personal friendship and visitations so important attitude changes from the central route will be more persistent he says more likely to impact behavior in will be more resistant to later change and spiritually speaking again the sooner a person except the truth the better now doesn't mean necessarily that you baptize them right away but you are on that case I have a dear friend I asked him at the beginning of the week before our 1st class please pray for me I have been under conviction to ask him again to please pray for this class. The Holy Spirit knows I've been praying for him but I never asked him again just as the class was beginning I was texting him 330 because he had just texted me and said he's praying may go more bless you really Holy Spirit bring conviction and my friend is not a 7th Day Adventists but he loves the Lord so pray. But the Lord speak to sorrow I was just amazed and then my other by one of my other Bible studies I usually visit on Thursday night I told him I won't be able to be there tonight but he had forgotten that so he texts me 5 minutes ago and he said I don't know if you're able to be here tonight or not but my son and I have to do something so he was he was giving me a heads up so that I want to go out of my way so the Holy Spirit was speaking to his heart and you know what that did for me I'm thinking Lord you brought me under conviction to text my friend again please keep on praying for me because I'm under conviction he loves prayer in if I'm asking him to pray for me what do you think that's going to do to his heart so the Holy Spirit in the in the goodness of God even though I had not responded the central route conviction ask him to pray for you again the Holy Spirit so convicted him he appealed to me at 330 and said I'm praying for you wow what a god amen we're in league in harmony with the Holy Spirit Thank you Lord now in the next section 4 words when giving a public invitation that enhance I put that down that enhanced the central route you're talking the more direct route we would prefer that but praise God for peripheral routes to a man now the central route in this is from a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention but my friends we have 7th Day Adventists need to be making more pills we have God's truth this is a rebuke to me we have I believe Bible truth we're not better people than our Baptists friends we're not better people than our Catholic friends. But I believe we are God's people I believe nonetheless we are God's people I believe this is God's truth I there is no better truth than what we've got stay with the ship that's what Bradshaw said last night I think stayed with the ship and didn't he say was it him last night or was it David this morning he said the ark was a messy business probably the anything from the smells to all those animals was it last night or was it day. I thought David said it this morning on 2nd thought but anyway anyway. Maybe they both said it I don't know I was there for a while there for the other but I listen to one on the radio. There they are cause a messy business they're confined it was a nice massive book but they're confined in this one place with all these animals and it's a mess in there that maybe the stench sometimes is bad think of the honey wagon that comes around town I don't know but it was the best place on earth to be a month in the church is messy business sometimes but it's the best place you don't want to jump overboard some people think it's Ok I'm going to jump overboard but it's at the cost of their souls think of how many people left this church or tried to improve on this message and it's been to the loss of their souls every time and yet they do it and they think nothing of it because they have wandered away from the Council of the Lord so here he is he says and I prepare the message from the introduction to the conclusion so where I say when it's always time for a good appeal and you can put that from the introduction to the conclusion but you do want to have a message we get to that. I am keeping in mind that I will soon issue a public call for people to respond to God through the message and even sometimes during the welcome I talk about the public invitation by informing people the call that I'm about to issue with a conclusion of my message it sets forth the importance of an urgency preaching issues a call for decision to this man Pastor Floyd. Preaching means I'm calling people to decision I don't know if I've always thought that it's been a little more peripheral at times but for him if he's going to preach it means he's going to call for a decision remember what I've been saying all week who are beginning to citizens every week in our churches clarity it's imperative the preacher always is clear about what he's asking people to do in their response to go out they've heard the voice of God through that message and now God is asking for the response he said however most pastors do not take the time to uproot to prepare the public invitation this results in ineffectiveness and lack of clarity if you prepare a good message and people are now convicted and you do not ask for a response there's a disconnect in their minds they think that was so good that appealed to my heart and I was ready or I would have made a decision but he called for none so undercuts everything else you've said they're expecting that you will call them to some kind of a response to the voice of God and you failed to do that so maybe that message that I thought carried so much weight is not so important after all he didn't even ask me to say yes or no it be like someone come I remember back in the day the Fuller Brush man would come to our door. There's one good thing about being old you remember stuff that you can still use and you know he would he would be there and he always asked my mom to buy Fuller Brush you would never go into the house as a literature evangelist I've done some of that have you and give a canvas and then before you get to the clothes or the a pill just say it's been nice knowing you walk out the door you never do that but we do it on sermons all the time and we think the sermon was so good it's failed I hate to say that but we have failed in our responsibility but praise gone. We have the Holy Spirit who takes that sermon in still speaks to people's hearts and if anyone makes a decision after sermon like that we can just thank the Lord and known him people do people do God uses our week after it's but let's take the central route in our presentation consistency in the way you extend the invitation is critical for response I'm usually very consistent in offering 4 different calls I mean he's he's. Some of these churches that are large this I'm not going to say this is my personal opinion not suppose I told you not say that but I believe I'm under conviction it's easy to criticize them because they have these large churches. But I believe some of them have use better persuasive techniques than we have they've been more direct in making appeals than we have. We should be foremost in uplifting Christ we should be foremost in giving appeals to accept Christ we should be foremost in giving appeals to accept the beautiful truth we have the Sabbath you know the 2nd coming the sanctuary the state of the dead the true church the Spirit of Prophecy baptism we have the message we do know we have more reasons to give persuasive appeals than they've got we know we're Jesus is today I love when David Brock Davidson brought out today that we have the message of where Jesus is right now I've been telling that to people for years most people don't they don't have an idea of what Jesus is doing now in heaven they don't know he's just up there in heaven they don't have any concept of him being our High Priest or if they have heard that they don't know what that means because they have subtracted the sanctuary message right out of their doctrinal list we've got the sanctuary we've got more good reasons to make a pills then they ever did in the UK I marvel at how concerned this brother is to give an appeal every sermon he preaches why don't I have that kind of conviction why don't we and I don't want to pick I don't want to be too. I don't want to come across as negative on this church when my pastor gets up and while I hear an admin to smell Mr and I'm more on the other side of the pew now than I used to be on the cover a geisha I'm retired and I don't ever want to be better for the man or the woman that delivering the gospel message that day. I want to listen up in prayer I believe they are God's instrument that they are annoying to do I pray for they know when to get the Holy Spirit on their life I want to stand in this church and uplifted leaders Amen. The church call he gives a call inviting people to be part of this church every week there are people in some of our churches that are consistently attending church and they're not receiving a call up to call myself there was a young man attending my church in Lansing years ago Pastor their number of years often at that time and he was in every week or after 2 years I finally found out and I should have known earlier like I said I'm going to pick on myself it's easy to pick on others I'll tell you one of my faults. I found out you know he was coming every week he was not a member of my church how that escaped my notice I think the Lord brought me after about a year and a half to go over that that membership name by name by name whether they were attending or not and I found his name that must been how well I didn't find his name but I knew his name he was there every week he's not a member I went after I'm done and he was soon baptized. So and so we have to know who the people are that are in our congregation we have to know if they're a member or not there was a young man who was attending meetings we had I presume he was the head deacon of the church he was there 1st he was gone last he was on lock he would lock up he did everything around there very very dedicated. I so it so happened I was the interim pastor as well as the conference evangelists for this series of meetings. Gary was always there after about 5 weeks. Realized he had never been baptized and as soon as I realized that had deacon was not a deacon in fact he was not even a member of the church I started visiting him every single week sometimes more one day and I use this as an appeal sometimes for baptism one day I went to his house with the pastor and even though we had visited him at least 5 not 6 times by then. We sense that we were not getting anywhere you have ever thought about that way you know join the crowd right and we sat in the car and we prayed for we went to the door we had an appointment we were there on time that's very important and if you can't be at a place on time text them call them even if it's 5 minutes late because oh build your credibility but be there on time if you possibly can anyway so we sat there and we prayed and I said to Ryan Ryan counsel maybe some of you know him and said you know what Ron I don't know what to do and he said back to me don't know what to do we don't we don't know so we gave it up to God knocked on the door no answer he had said a sup every been set up by someone you knows you're coming he's told me this his wife was out in the yard we said Dawn we're scary Oh she said he was down the hill he was working on his boat dock and. We had an appointment. So what's a wife to say she knew she. She loved her husband she ages she didn't down him or anything he's down the dogs she she knew what he had done she had. He done and Tennessee is so we went down the hill about $100.00 steps down to the dock no exaggeration he was in the water and we chit chatted in the spirit of the Lord was saying Ask Harry about baptism and ice I kept thinking he didn't even want to see us so we're just you know put in the dock this time every day every year and you know we're just talking about the dock and talking about dogs and waken talking about boats and all this peripheral peripheral route stuff and finally I could've taken a longer and I said Gary I said I would imagine that well 1st of all I said Have you ever had a baptism service here at Diamond link and he said here I said yeah right here it's such a beautiful place you said no and then I said Gary. I I would imagine that you've oftentimes thought that when ever you do get papped you'd like to get baptized right here at this very place in line. And he said I want to get baptized right now. Now let's set the scene again he studied they had been a Smith for not one but 13 years he goes to church every week he's been acting like the deacon at church for many years but he's not a member and Ryan if you know Ryan Council he's taken his suit coat off. Really I mean I believe that he would have jumped right in the lake right then I say hey hold. I said your wife was up the hill I said your your in-laws live 110th of a mile down the street maybe past your Williams want to be here Don Williams may have heard his name I said why don't you give us even just one hour to you talk to your wife talk your in-laws taught today even eating it may recall the past or see if you can can come and then we'll have a baptism Pastor Williams was an elder in that church he had already retired so he said Ok we were back in one hour and we had a Thursday night baptism as the sun was setting at the time and would it so happens. His wife Sancho is our next door neighbor can't meeting I spoke to Gary last Sabbath here at Sun at Cedar Lake camp meeting I tell him every year I'm still telling the story as 9 years ago. As on the most unusual occurrences you know Thursday night I want to get baptized right now and he told us later he was down in that lake working on the boat dock half baptized you know he was in half way by half way isn't enough we need to be immersed in a month May the Lord speak in your heart we need to be immersed and after baptism we need to be immersed in the Holy Spirit we need to have the up whoring of the Holy Spirit we need to be drenched every day man and so after him afterward he said Yes I was putting off in fact I'd gone down to the dock knowing that you would knock on the door and I wasn't there used trying to avoid us they can avoid the Holy Spirit any more. How many of you would like to be baptized and. Those those personal stories make a difference. Well. He calls people to decision even if they've made a commitment this pastor calls them to ministry for the church there might be we need a deacon in this place we need someone who care for the stretch I'm going to call someone some man here today we need more ministry leaders in our church we accept that call if you will come forward sign your card whatever it might be Raise your hand stand see me afterward at the door I'll be there we need to be making appeals people would love to answer Appeals and then they love to be needed some people there just as they don't think they're needed we need them in ministry and. Always give people an opportunity to respond to God build a culture in your church we're responding to God is normal it should be I believe that people would come to church for the sake of period Good call why do you think they came to you here Billy Graham it was that call or something about that called just as I am without one plea but that I blog was shut from there. And so he said. I preach as a dying man to dying men Richard Baxter of the English spirit and used to say that oh well it's a good thing I gave you some kind of a pill our time is nearly up. I've covered some of this other stuff about invitations without sermons you need a good sermon in there too sometimes there's sermons without invitations and that leads to a sermon that is sort of lifeless because if they if they know they're not going to give some kind of an appeal during at the end of their sermon a lot of sermons therefore become sort of lifeless and there there's not a passion to him because the presenter in that case knows that there's no good ending so I mean after all it decreases the effectiveness of the sermon all the way along so a sermon needs to be an invitation in various points throughout the sermon make the sermon an invitation I'll let you get those afterward rather is a notice that so we want to frontal assault to the human heart we want to Central brought to the human heart and praise God the Holy Spirit is very good at opening up peripheral routes to our time is nearly up I had an appeal today I believe on death and resurrection if I give that to morrow Well it's past time let's pray. Dear lord in heaven we don't know all the answers but we know that your Holy Spirit. And we really don't know how to reach the hearts that we want to be more effective in our ministry for you we come home bully now asking you that you would compare our hearts to the power of the Holy Spirit speak to the ones we love speak to the interests that we have help us to be a seed. For others so they will come to know Jesus and come to know the beautiful messages beautiful remnant truth of the 7th Day Adventist Church. And maybe be faithful. All the way into the. Many Souls by our side when Jesus comes we pray in his name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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