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Christ Our Righteousness - Part 5: In these Last Days

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 20, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Father haven't it's been a good week and we are really thankful for your being with us for the way that you lead and guide us in our own personal lives and a secure you know that you're preparing us for your return return of Jesus and looking forward to that day there are very soon as we understand it to be as we talk today more about this most important topic of Christ Our Righteousness we pray that you will once again be present here that the words that are spoken by me will not be from me but that they will be guided by you and that our ears will hear what you want us to hear that we might be in tune with you and be fulfilling all righteousness as we seek to be fully surrendered to Jesus in thank you in Jesus. Do any pieces of equipment that I have to put in here and I'm always forgetting one of them but let's. Sing our song for today and see if this is going to work as usual. Remember all by the way there are 3 stanzas today now if you are paying any attention to the stanzas there is a reason for them and pay attention to the 3rd one because it does have something a message for us today which is why I have not yet played that stands or put it up on there wait for the. That's a very interesting problem that I just developed right now the problem is that I'm hearing it here but you are hearing it there Well folks we're going to sing it acapella day because I'm not going to play with us for the rest of the day so if I can get it to work I will but anyway here we go. Oh. Is that I may see. True. Asked for. A sin. And. He that shot. Us and set me free. To leave. A way for the thread. To see. In the c. E. R r. Is that. True. And this. Way. Thing. For the rat is. To see. And hear me with. There gladly warms truth every way. To. Learn. To. Read. To see a. Spear. Wound How do you see the progression eyes and ears now it's time to talk time to share what we know and that's that's part of it as you leave here share the Good News of the righteousness of Christ it is good news it is the good news of the Gospel and that's what we need to know. Ellen White said in Christian experience and teachings of Alan. Alan White it's the core there at this time the church is to put on her pupil garments Christ Our Righteousness there are clear decided distinctions to be restored and exemplified to the world and holding aloft the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the beauty of holiness is to appear in its native luster in contrast with the deformity and darkness of the disloyal those who have revolted from the law those who have revolted from the law of God namely the disloyal. It is time for the message of Christ Our Righteousness to be clearly presented in God's church of course the big challenges that we've had a lot of confusion over that. That's what we've been talking about today yesterday I should say yesterday in the days before it's also part of what I talked about a year ago camp meeting and for me it's part of a journey may be a journey even for you the way that God is leading and working for us you know there was a movie that came out according to the news I did not see that movie I want that to be very clear. But in the news there was a movie that came out. Something about some superhero here recently and the interesting thing about it is that more money was spent on that movie and watching that movie than ever been spent on any movie before I'm not talking about preparing the movie I mean people are going to watch. What does that tell me it tells me this war who is desperate for a superhero multiple superheroes maybe they want to be superheroes I don't know what the case may be but the bottom line is there's already been a superhero the one that we are only superhero we need the one who defeated the devil on his own territory no it's God's territory but the devil's claiming it is his and the devil is trying to give us a false superhero of the Bible clearly tells us that Jesus Christ is the one who is the answer to our problems and the one who can give us a wonderful gift of eternal life. I want to take a few moments and just backtrack over our journey because it is helpful for us to keep our perspective will be doing a little bit of backtracking today but only briefly 1st of all the question is Where have we been so let's retrace our steps and you see that slight Ok I'm from the angle it's a little wary but I think it's Ok most of your way or maybe having a little dribble seeing it too. It's in your notes everybody got the notes did we run out at all yea we didn't good in Monday's class we surveyed the Bible in the spirit of prophecy teaching on the theology of Christ Our Righteousness we saw from the Bible while why Ellen White said the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience on Tuesday we looked at the time from 802-1900 saw that the church was introduced to the message of justification by faith the latter rain began to fall and the 3rd angel's message sounded and the loud cry began to be proclaimed reclaiming the message of Christ Our Righteousness on Wednesday we saw that our theology on Christ Our Righteousness changed a little from 1900 to 1950 but the fact that fact is itself significant and a survey of our teaching during that time clarified that this doctrine was known but it was not the focus that the leaders realized it need to be needed to be and they realized that the message had not been accepted and practiced by the church. Eiji Daniels in his. Book Christ Our Righteousness was written to help Precentor the church's focus on this most precious message yesterday we studied the time of the 1950 s. looking at one of the most de stabilizing evidence in our history that's a quote from Douglas as book who was quoting also. Dr night George night. Recognizing it as a destabilizing one of the most destabilizing events in our history if not the most destabilizing event in our history which occurred with the development of the printing of the book questions on doctrine the church during this time began it time of unprecedented doctrinal change that still affects us today. This though today is just the beginning of the final step. Today we need to answer the question what now and what difference does it make we need a os a couple other questions along the way too are there theological conclusions that we can safely make what should I as an individual 7th Day Adventist member do what should the church do with the information that we have been discussing what is God's plan for His Church in these last days those are pretty steep goals for today. I have 45 minutes to get those done. Part of them have ever actually already been done because you have been studying all along while we've been talking about starting with the presentation of Christ Our Righteousness in the beginning so there already is a foundation laid that makes it pretty clear to us and that's what I want to remind you of to start with I know I'm putting back up on the screen what we've already talked about some of you have come into the class late you missed some of that discussion but that isn't even my point my point is the answer to what we should be doing is very simple we should be doing what the Bible says we should be doing it's that simple or you say yeah that's that simple obviously that we should be doing that well it is that simple it is simple the gospel is not complicated as I said on Monday we are the ones who made it complicated and how we made it complicated by going in and trying to bring in various lines of theology and thinking that hasn't clearly been delineated already so let's just review it very very quickly we are sinners condemned to die the Bible verses are here today I put the Bible verses back in because I want you to have this in your notes and I do apologize by the way for the copies that they are a little dark my my apologies for that but I think you can still see them and you can still see read them. We've all fallen short of the glory of God We are all sinners one of the discussion questions that needs to be answered and my challenge to you today is the unity continued journey because I could not address every single issue that has been raised and that is associated with this issue we've talked a little bit about it but we haven't addressed every single one of the issues and that has to do with the. Nature of sin the original Our original sin and all those kinds of things that are part of this that's part of the journey but we're all sinners condemned to die because we've all sinned simple statement of fact what is a sin or Sinners one who's violated the law of God and we are reminded that sin is the opposite of righteousness therefore because we are sinners we have violated the law of God We are not righteous we need to be righteous though because the law is righteous and in order for us to have a life and especially to have eternal life we have to be holy just and good but that's impossible for a center right you're hesitant. I will state state this very unequivocal. It is impossible for a sinner to be righteous Christ alone is right. With me still his it's and you think I'm being tricky i'm not been tricky All right you're with me good. If sin is breaking the law on the law is righteous then we need to be righteous if we are to solve the problem of soon. That doesn't make sense with what I just said yes it makes all a sense in the world the problem is that we are not righteous this problem is solved by God Yes because God has provided us with a gift Romans $623.00 tells us that we are sinners and we are condemned to die but then it says the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord how lujah praise the Lord there is a solution to the problem the gift of his son brings forgiveness for sin if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if Eason's one verse 7 tells us in Him we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His Grace Christ is God's gift to us Christ is righteous and according to Jeremiah 23 and 97 and Romans and Daniel 97 and Romans 3 the source of righteousness is our Lord Jesus Christ we find redemption in him who came with his blood that he White shed it that we might have by faith his righteousness he demonstrated his righteousness and because of this God has provided this wonderful gift to us Christ is God's gift to us Christ is righteous and with him comes sanctification and redemption when we accept the gift of Christ His righteousness is part of the gift. Romans 517 says For if one by one man's offense death reign through the one much more those who received receive abundance of grace and the gift Our Righteousness will reign in life through the one Jesus Christ I don't have to make this up I don't have to get confused now Bible is clear we receive the gift of righteousness by our works. Speaking sure you're still with me. By faith Paul says in Romans 3 again through faith in Jesus Christ even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference Philippians to the Libyans 3 verse 9 the righteousness which is from God by faith we receive the gift of righteousness by faith according to Paul in Romans $116.17 he says for it is the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith that famous Hassett of Scripture that started the Reformation with power it had dawnings before that this was Martin Luther's non-tribal and should be ours as well Abraham is an example according to Paul and it was accounted to him for righteousness we see many examples in the Bible that make it clear to us that righteousness it can be applied to people who have lived by faith in Jesus Christ even in the Old Testament. We receive the gift of righteousness again by faith according to Paul in Romans 8 that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit and if Christ is in you the body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of righteousness when you look at Romans chapter 8 you find the Christian living a life that is empowered by Christ through the Holy Spirit working in our lives because the Christian has turned their back on sin not by their own power but be Christ because Christ is dwelling in them the sin is in the past so Paul says I mean Jesus Ellen White says get this straight. We read this verse passage before and in I'm just going to go to the bottom part here you cannot hallowed his name you cannot represent him to the world unless in life and character you represent the very life and character of God on this you can do only through the acceptance of the grace and righteousness of Christ I hope that one thing is very clear as it will continue to be with what we will share there is nothing of you and me and anything that we're talking about here it is all Christ now we know I know that in my humanity I look at this and I say this is almost fanciful but I by faith Aha by faith I have to believe the impossible is possible because I am a sinner. Christ is righteous and the whole presentation is about Christ Our Righteousness not Royce your righteousness not whoever you are your righteousness is about Christ Our Righteousness in Isaiah 61 verse 10 we are reminded that it our righteousness of God is a road that we put on or that he puts on us when we accept the robe of Christ's righteousness that he gives to us through forgiveness of sin we receive not only forgiveness of sin but it also removes our sin nearly stray ssion from Zachariah chapter 3 makes that clear when we accept the robe of Christ's righteousness and he removes the sin it says in Zachariah 34 and 5 then he answered spoke to those who stood before him take away the filthy garments from him and to him he said see I have removed your iniquity from you and I will close the you with Rich Rich ropes because our robes are ragged nasty dirty filthy robes are replaced by Christ's righteousness that's good. That's good news but the problem of course comes with students still seem to think that the robots placed on us just simply covers over arson and we continue to. Until Jesus returns the latest c. and church is prepared for Christ returned by putting on the robe of Christ Our Righteousness which is why John through the Angel through Christ coming to am and giving him the message of the to the lay a city Atlanta see in church which is you and me. He says in Rome Revelation 3 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed at the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with I sat that you may see as many as I love a rebuke and Jason therefore be zealous and repent the Laodicean Church is the last of the 7 there are none to follow there is a remedy for the problem of sin in Revelation 3 Jesus is the faithful and true witness he is the solution to the problem and he says I'm going to spit you out because you think you're Ok when you're not but the good news is I Jesus Christ am just fine and I have everything that you need the end of Revelation it says Blessed are those who do His commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into the city that happens only because of the righteousness that Christ gives to us so that's the foundation that we laid at the beginning I've rehearsed it with you today reviewed it along the way and today we need to answer some of those questions let me just refresh your mind and the fact that question on doctrines book had an impact not only on the past but it continues to have an impact on the present I think that was pretty clear from what we did yesterday there has been fallout and it should be recognized a failure to recognize the fall out is to realize not realize that there's a real problem around us number of years ago I went to I went to Ukraine and was part of a mission project process there no time to talk about all of that. Part of the journey we were learning how to do things together and working together and then we broke up into teams we were dealing with Sabbath school action unit. Things that were go out to the churches and we would minister there many of us from the States many from Michigan many from other places went in we were doing the teaching and we had a translators and so on some people went to Russia I stayed in Ukraine one of the things that what my journey took me I didn't realise quite how close but a lot closer to a place coral Journal now I don't know if you know but Chernobyl had fallout from a radiation event and fallout can impact people's lives now fortunately I was there for very brief periods of time but my point in telling you that is as they research this over the years the impact on people's lives was catastrophic we're not talking about radiation we're talking about sin and confusion it has impact on people's lives and it can last for eternity we've got to get it right we can't just assume we can continue on the way we are until we walk into the Kingdom of Heaven I believe personally that we will not walk into the kingdom have of heaven anytime soon until we get it right now what do I mean by get it right I mean by coming to an understanding of what our theology is supposed to be and I'll give you evidence of that today. 1st of all as we have talked about but I'm bringing out a couple of points that we didn't particularly talk about and that is there were 2 attempts to rewrite admin to Sister e. at this time when question on doctrines came out and then the years that followed one was an attempt to explain why Jesus came as he did in the significance of us hype I priestly ministry I now understand there's a lot of other discussions going around in other classes and unfortunately I'm not I don't have the time to be able attend all those classes but I love the reports I'm getting back and one of the classes one of the general sessions today I understand by Brother shin was talking about the fallout of this particular event and trying to get that straight namely that we need to understand what Christ did when he went to the heavenly sank surely sanctuary but her. Or always want to say in her report. There actually was a her before but it wasn't him it was. Desmond Ford and all the challenges that went along with that number 2 and this one I want to read because I want you to catch this piece Douglas says the concurrent reluctance to review the theological detour that occurred. Folks I don't want to fall anybody because I'm part of us and so are you. Ok I will make sure you understand we are all of us right we are all human beings struggling along the journey to get where God wants us to be struggling only because we struggle in our flesh instead of being allowing the Spirit of God to be leading us I am part of the 7th heaven of church and I'm so privileged to be a part of it. But it's easy for us to fall into something that had impact on us and we don't even realize it was there many of our leaders along the way have had the same struggles the rest of us do I believe that God is going to get this straightened out because he's big enough to do it I'll come back to that in a moment but the problem is that after 957 articles in and our Also in. Teaching in academic classrooms suggested that the 18 in that 888 was added as finally discovering the so-called Protestant Reformers emphasis on righteousness by faith Douglas says nothing was farther from the truth this line of reasoning where ever taught or preached poisons any genuine study of that remarkable conference further it was locked it has locked the door on what Ellen White called a most precious message a message that would prepare a people for translation someday he says that door will be unlocked Personally I believe it will be unlocked the problem is that we there are places where you can't even use the word 888. And I'm not talking about one of those boxes that I mentioned yesterday I'm not talking about getting in one of those boxes ladies and gentleman what year is it now it is in the year 2019 did you know that somewhere in the past before 2019 was the year 888. May I talk about 888 without somebody coming to all kinds of conclusions and ramifications can we just talk about the fact that something happened in 898 and we need to talk about it. Douglas goes on and says on page 86 of his book he suggests that the world wide proliferation of groups who have responded to the flaws and he would not have seen the light of day had questions on doctrine not been published I don't know if I got all the sentence in there right that's the basic idea just an overview of the history of our church and the theology since 1960 s.. Again coming from Douglas many teachers he says pastors and laypeople continue to see that the issues clearly that one cannot separate or reframe Christiane logy without immediately affecting one's eschatology are I feel logical speak to what he's saying is what I believe about Christ believes what I believe about what God is going to happen in the end it on and why how that process is going to affect me and my spiritual walk some people understood that you couldn't change the Bible's Christology and the spirit of prophecies references to Christology and or and the nature of Christ and other things without changing the end result and that's what the point is that he's trying to meet. Then he says an amazing spirit of retaliation against those who differed from q.l.d. soon was endemic publications came out speaking of perfection as impossible while in sinful flesh new definition definitions of perfection surface taking the place of the time honored understanding of human cooperation with divine power in overcoming sin here and now what Douglas is saying is when the discussion after questions on Dr not before but when the questions on doctrine discussion generated all kinds of things when people started using these words all kinds of variations started to develop and the challenge was that the idea of human cooperation with divine power in overcoming sin all of a sudden took a backseat and became impossible and yet the Bible has spurred her Spirit of Prophecy are very clear on those topics Douglas had a couple of notes in here and I've put a note in your notes that also says a must read is the chapter 50 years of muddle on pages 85 to 92 because I don't have time to go through that but it is powerful reading and it's simple enough for all of us to understand and if there are a couple words that you might have a struggle with because you don't have the quote theological background just look them up and it will be clear to you and you'll be able to see it but it's not that contrast you need to get that book and I want to remind you of being able to do that what it says here. On the road correct. Now I want to summarize Douglas's response to this whole issue and I think this is important to help us regarding the mistakes of the past Douglas remember. He says Remember that the administration when they're conferring is were not trained theologians they were trying to help God's work not hurt it they were in to fatigue a bull workers for the church as I told you yesterday they were personal friends of her or Douglas they sat together they worked together they ate together they prayed together but they did have differences along they way they were personal friends but he recognized that they've had some limitations not realizing the dangerous ground they were walking on to as we described yesterday then he said remember that every theological system is based on people's free presupposition suppositions you and I come at the study of the Bible with what we already know that's what he is saying or think we know remember that the advent of system is based on the great controversy thing based on the whole Bible and further a lemonade by the writings of Ellen White the century doctrine according to Dr Fernando canal e of the seminary is the clearest still in. I think is the clearest way to unfold the coherency and unity of this theme I'm not sure is that I ran away on the computer on the door about it he also goes on and says remember above all else that the prophetic assignment of the 7 they have outlined in Revelation 713 and 14 will be fulfilled by some generation of Addus who recover its distinctive message as outlined in the great cost controversy thing remember he says that thought leaders such as f.t. nickel Branson Cotterell Neufeld and Reyes and would of the 150 years had built their admin is thinking on the basic interlocking logic of the great controversy theme to dismiss such leaders is hardly possible unless their emphasis and conclusions have been shown to be invalid and contrary to a new and better way of doing administering the ology since 1957 I want to. Just talk about them for a minute remember the list yesterday lunatic for a minute tick fringe what he is saying is that these individuals were leaders in the Church of God theologians many of them spiritual leaders administrators writers authors etc individuals who had built what they believed on that jet a great controversy theme and he says unless there is a better way to do theology and we need to change it all we need to be careful that we don't just put them back on the back born or burn or as though they didn't matter either they were. Oral or the theology that's developed since then is right but they can't both be right. Remember that a Christian theology can always be judged by its eschatology that is the teaching regarding end times and they in quotes quoting him how one thinks about the humanity of Christ's most often affects one's view of what God expects out of his people in the last days I can't in the time that we have here I can't sort out all of those things we don't have time to untangle all the issues related to the nature of Christ and Christ Our Righteousness and the nature of sin and all of that we are not trying to do there it has been my personal belief that the journey that we ban on in the last few days is critical for you to understand the history of your church not so that you can figure out who to blame but so that you can figure out that you need to go to the Word of God and figure out who to trust the word of God is your source of trust Jesus Christ is our righteousness you and I must answer to Jesus for what he has given us in His Word not for what somebody else has taught us but I want to put you on alert that something has happened in the 7th Day Adventist Church and I believe God As I've said before is going to lead us down the track that's going to get us back to the United States in relationship to this not the United States. But a united state of working together and working as God intended that we should want to share some inspired thoughts with you that I have believed will help to put this all in perspective some of which we have shared before the end is near We have not a moment to lose a light is to shine forth from God's people in clear distinct rays bringing Jesus before the the churches and before the world our work is not to be restricted to those who already know the truth our field is the world that's why I'm saying when we sang the song today it's time for us to talk about the wonderful message of Christ Our Righteousness and to let the world know it there's a reason why a many people were converted in Armidale Melbourne Australia when Prescott preached because he preached the new the. Message of Christ Our Righteousness and brought into it all the teachings of the Word of God that surrender around and that we believe but when they saw the righteousness of Christ it changed their hearts and their lives we still preach our theology which is right in terms of the Sabbath and all these other things but sometimes were preaching without the clear message of Christ Our Righteousness and that is hurting our message so much so that the Michigan conference has made a decision to rewrite our evangelist pick messages to include the message of Christ or. We'd hope to have it done for Jesus on prophecy which is why the title is there but unfortunately. So it's going to have to be on the next round but doesn't mean we can't preach it in there anyway right we just haven't gotten the sermons all written so that anybody can take them and use than any rate keep going the instrumentalities be use are those whose souls who gladly receive the light of truth which God communicates to them these are God's agencies for communicating the knowledge of truth to the world if Gray if great through if through the grace of Christ His people will become new bottles he will fill them with new wine God will give additional light and all truths will be recovered and replaced in the framework of true and replaced in the framework of truth and wherever the laborers go they will triumph as Christ ambassadors they are to search the Scriptures to seek for the truth that have been hidden beneath the rubbish of error and every ray of light received is to be communicated others one interest will prevail one subject will swallow up every other Christ Our Righteousness by beholding an iq the character of Christ you will become changed into His likeness the grace of Christ alone can change your heart and then you will reflect the image of the Lord Jesus God calls upon His us to be like him pure holy and undefiled we are to bear the divine image you can't do that on I should have gotten an amen out of that you can't do that but Christ can do then. God will give additional light on all truths all recovered and replaced in the frame wasn't that what I just read. More or less. Anyway no repentance is genuine that does not work Reformation the righteousness of Christ is not a cloak to cover unconfessed and under say can sin did you catch that So what I said earlier is reinforced by desire of ages it's not our road to cover our sin you understand it is a principle of life the transforms the character and controls the conduct the Gospel of Jesus Christ Christ Our Righteousness states that sin is not to exist in us when we surrender fully to the Lord Jesus Christ the power of the Gospel by faith folks by pain is far more powerful than we tend to think of it the Calamus can't get that they don't understand that it's a real power but it's clearly there when you read about the faith that people had in Jesus it's the same faith and percent Turion add that Abraham had that Abel had that. That Elijah had that Moses had that Paul had that made them be able to be considered righteous not because of their power and their strength because Christ is their right just nurse that they accepted by faith holiness is hold us before God It is the entire surrender of heart and life to the end wiling of the principles of heaven Christ imputes to us he is sinless he is senseless character and presents us to the Father in His purity there are many who think that it is impossible to escape from the power. But the promises that we may be filled with all the fullness of God We aim to low. Review and Herald August 20 to 893 Ellen White that date is significant photos and data significant because it was right at the time 888 was just 5 years before during this time they were having the discussions about this whole thing of brightness by faith and Christ Our Righteousness Ellen White Jones Wagner Prescott and others were talking about the power of the Gospel and there was a revival going on in the church there were others who were bickering about it and Ellen White warned them repeatedly if you don't stop that bickering of yours and you don't stop your condemnation of this message you're going to be lost that's what she said that clearly and she was speaking to people like you. Because there are letters to your rawest Smith and others that she gave that warning to this was 893 that she said this This message was coming to its fullness and God wanted his church to understand that the significance of that I'll come back to in a couple minutes when Christ is in the heart it will be so softened in subdued by the love for God and man that fretting faulting and contention will not exist there the religion of Christ in the heart will gain for its possessor a complete victory over those possessions that are seeking for the mastery Now I want to read that sentence again it says the religion of Christ in the heart will gain for its possessor at least a partial victory over those passions that are seeking for the mastery. You don't think I read it right so let's read it together the religion you with me of Christ in the heart will gain for its possessor a complete victory over those passions that are seeking for the mastery it's not me it's not you Christ Jesus gained the mastery when I surrender to Him His gift of righteousness is given to me but it's not just a cloak over my sin he comes with his righteousness to replace my inaccurate adequacy and to be able to give me power over soon to gain victory over the words that are there she says this Robo been in the womb of Heaven has in it not one thread of human devising Christ in His humanity write out a perfect character and this character he offers to what's the word. If you follow along in the study you'll notice that many a times we've been talking about 2 imputed righteousness have you caught that imputed righteousness is what God gives to us when we come to him and we surrender to him. For simplicity I will say the 1st time another words it's justification by faith that's that part that what he him buttes to us Ellen White says that justification by faith is the work of a moment Ok justification is the work of a moment it is when God imputes his righteousness to us and then she says that Christ that sanctification is the work of our higher or you are in this week or. The work of a lifetime and she says this is when Christ imparts to OS you understand now so when she is saying here after us to impart to us he she is talking about the work of sanctification in our lives all our righteousness are as filthy rags quoting Isaiah everything that we ourselves can do is defiled by sin but the Son of God was manifested to take away our sins and in Him is no sin sin is defined by the transgression of the law by Christ was obedient to every requirement of the law he said of himself idea light to do that I will oh my God Yea die law is within my heart when on earth he said to his disciples I have kept my Father's Commandments by his perfect obedience he has made it possible for every human being to obey God's commandments when we submit ourselves to Christ the heart is united with his heart the will is merged in his will the mind becomes one with his mind the thoughts are brought into captivity to him we live his life that does not sound like a robe co-locating over my sin those were my words by the way this is what it means to be clothed with a garment of his righteousness then as the Lord looks upon us he sees not the figleaves not the nakedness and deformity of sin but his own robe of righteousness which is perfect obedience to the law of Jehovah he can't say that if we are wearing his robe while we are robbing a bank. His power in the Gospel folks that's what God is trying to share with us. All right I've read the statement several times I will spare you reading it again all the way through just part of it the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification by faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God When I taught this class last year and somebody came to me after one of the classes and said they were communicating with one of our former pastors who had retired and was living in another state that's all I'll say about that in terms of geography and identification they were talking to that pastor and they said that he said that he in his church would once in a while growing up. Subject and even the names of Jones and Wagner and they banned him from even discussing it our retired minister talking about this just using these names it's like selling you you can't talk about 888 Jones and Wagner you know what that was the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ that was given to us Alan White who use their names if I am now suddenly in a situation where I can't do it it is proof of what Douglas said when he said just talking about it today yeah because of what has happened through questions on doctrine etc has poisoned people's minds where you can't even use the names in a star ical context without being ostracized. Now that tells you there's something wrong someplace All right these gentlemen were no saints and they eventually left the church there's no question about it but the message they preached 888 and the years that followed and supported by and taught by Ellen White and the Word of God Clearly you and I need to be paying attention to sorry I'm getting all passionate Some things really begin to concern me I thought I had that at the end but anyway this is good I want to couple make a couple of suggestions here how do we solve this problem by getting on the phone and writing angry letters about what we think took place notice I said we think took place you and I need to understand we are all human beings I was not there I have to go on the authority of those who were there I have to go on the basis of study but I have to realize that we are talking about children of the Lord Jesus Christ whether they made mistakes in the past or not is only relevant to us if it helps to guide us to make sure we're on the right track and there were studying the white Word of God correctly but not so that we can go back and all up their ashes like the Catholics did with John Wycliffe and burn the add them to the bones and burn they are in them so that they can take the ashes and throw them a river that's not what we're about we simply want to come back to the truth and get that clear and our minds and I say back to because I want to share some implications with the I think we need to we need to pray and fast I think we need to be careful students of the Bible in the spirit prophecy and we need a build our personal relationship with Jesus Christ because that's the only relationship that's going to make a difference when we come to entering the kingdom of heaven. So I want to give you some conclusions. This is risky but I think you deserve some conclusions I want you to know that I'm speaking for me I'm not speaking for any Michigan conference Astor or any other human being on the planet Earth I'm speaking for me right now these are just some conclusions that I believe to be accurate if you think I'm wrong you're welcome to come and talk to me if I'm wrong I'm willing to admit I'm wrong because I want to get it right I want to know the truth and I wanted to be clear I wanted to be what the Bible teaches and the Spirit of Prophecy teaches news of the conclusions that I've arrived at Ellen White clearly endorsed endorsed the message of God's messengers that was shared in 888 and the years that. That message brought major revivals to camp meetings across the United States from 8 188889 through 892 and beyond clearly on White said that the latter rain had begun with this message and that who was the 3rd angel's message in verity and that the loud cry had begun now I especially placed the emphasis on this in my class from last year and I believe the teaching out there is very clear on that we haven't really gotten into all the nitty gritty that would establish that but I have shared a little bit of that in this journey she said that the message was to prepare God's people for Christ's imminent return she said that Christ could have come if the message had been accepted. Daniel's clearly understood that the message needed to be accepted in the 1920 s. and he identified the message in his book Christ Our Righteousness he by the way was there I'm going to trust his and the Alice's of what the message was because he was there. Clearly in 1957 the book questions on doctrine took the theology of the 70 amateurs in a very different direction whether you agree with that or not and terms of the the ology that came out of that that's what I mean the fact of the matter is up until that point we were going one direction afterwards we want to different direction that's historical fact therefore if the theology taught from 888 to 1957 could have prepared us for Christ's return and that theology has taken a dramatic turn from the theology that would have readied God's people for Christ's return is it too much of a statement for me to say me to say the only safe theology is that which was endorsed and proven theology of that time and you get the conclusion that I'm in another words it is so clear to me speaking for me that what Ellen White saw and what was taught by our leaders who had accepted the message and I need to pray or put that part there that we're also encouraged to continue to share that message by the president of the General Conference in 1901 to 2122 what he wrote in 1904 clearly makes it clear to me sorry about the you double use the words there it makes it clear to me that the message that was shared back then was the message that God wanted and shared and it was supported and it changed away from that message I don't know how. That's my conclusion. Looking at what also quoted in wounded in the house of his friends page 8118 which was a quotation from the General Conference Bulletin. Daily Bulletin of February $893.00 significant date again present of the General Conference of the time he made this statement that somehow seems to be prophetic but if we fail at one time the Lord will take us over the ground again and if we fail a 2nd time he will take us over the ground again and if we fail a 3rd time the Lord will take us over the same ground again and this is my version and if we fail a 4th time he will take us over the ground again and if we fail a 5th time he will take us over the ground again isn't it time to stop failing. Why is he thus taking us over the ground again and again for what purpose it is that we may lower the lay hold of His grace and overcome he is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance anything else then this is our ruin and destruction the character and the mind of Christ must be developed in us before we are prepared to live with Him God be praised then that he is dealing with us so faithfully and playing on to where you serve a wonderful caring loving God who is patient with his people. But we also serve a God who knows the stakes of the great controversy and he knows that the stakes are so high that he has one chance to get it right so that sin will never again raises its ugly head. In order to be able to get it right he needs us to listen to his voice and to follow what he's been trying to tell us all along the way I want to ask you please to make this a matter of prayer and fasting and dedication in your mind that you will not go looking for who to blame but how to get it right and to realize that Jesus is the answer to our journey and to our problems are you willing to make that commitment today I'm talking about the prayer and the fasting I'm talking about the searching the Bible study that's what I'm talking about Ok God will help you with the prayer and fasting put it in the right context and God is going to help us go in the right direction I'm courage you between now and the end of camp meeting take advantage of the opportunity that we have here with a prayer chapel to go there and spend time even now maybe in small groups or family units or whatever let's pray pray pray that God is going to lead us through to the end he's promised he will Let's pray. Father heaven thank you for being with us on this journey of the last few days thank you for these dear hearts that are gathered in this place searching out seeking to understand Lord we're all human beings we're capable of making mistakes but we know that God will never ever allow us to make that same mistake ourselves that will lead us away from you if we are faithful to be fully surrendered to you I pray Lord that the angels of heaven will help us that you will keep us that where we do make mistakes along the way that you will correct us we're willing to be corrected Lord we want to do what is right but we also realize we cannot do it without Christ. With whom. We leave this place go with us we pray lovingly in. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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