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Mastering My Emotions with God's Tools - Part 1: What Do You Know

Laurie Snyman




  • June 17, 2019
    3:15 PM
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You're going Father we thank you so much for this beautiful day that the sunshine came out Father we just pray that your Holy Spirit will be with us now I pray that you will just speak through Lori and that Lord we will hear what we need to and that you will impress our heart and that we will go away with Tool Lord to be emotionally healthy and strong so that we can be better witnesses for you we love you and we thank you and you know I pray many men Thank you Jamie. But if you ever heard something that just tickled you to death and it just made you excited and I want to Albuquerque and I went to a conference and I listened to a a speech a talk at a conference and it was an emotional intelligence and it just resonated with me I came home and I did a lot of study and I started reading books on it and I started looking all over and I just I just know that this is a Godly subject that all of us need to learn and I want you to know that I believe that just because you're here in this room today that you're going to have a heart change I really believe that if you allow God to you know take your heart and touch it for the things that we're working on because God made us emotional human beings but in our society right now. It is been very very packed feeler to let us be run by emotion keyed up upset not you know being offended at such a and God has given us all kinds of help and he's given us tools and many times we are not using it and we need to be using it anyhow I found the principles of emotional intelligence to be a big life changer for me I wish that I could say that I practice what I teach all the time I had an experience yesterday where somebody said something to me and right away it started a emotional response in me and I instead of waiting a few minutes to calm down and get keyed up I mean that I got keyed up and I said something faster than I wanted to say and that is what this is really about but the more that we learn you will be amazed at what God wants to teach you Researchers say that if we improve our emotional intelligence which is using our intelligence to decide how to act rather than just flying by emotion that we can improve phobias phobias our fears we can improve obsessive thinking we're going around in circles we can improve our impulse control disorders which is where we are being we're in too big of a hurry and we keep doing things that are so silly we can help our our stress disorders Anybody got some stress in their life don't need a hand and and actually it also impacts people with addictive behaviors so we need to be emotionally intelligent even 5 hours of training like what we're going to have this week will make a difference for you and so I'm excited to tell you that but I want you to know that I've been praying for all of you I didn't know who was coming I don't know who's coming back but I want you to know that because of being here the Lord wants to talk. To your heart and he does want to change how you're impacting other people including yourself because this is just such a significant thing and I I was just telling these ladies over here that I wish that I had known some of these things when I was raising my child when I 1st got married when I was a teenager if only I had known and there are many things that we are not teaching but if you look at this it depends on what your perspective is if you're single you're going to think about your single life if you're a mother or father going to think about your children if you are a pastor you're going to think about your congregation like your spur spec that is going to be really amazing you going to go all I only wish that I could help people with that so this is an amazing thing there was a man who was flying the airplane he was in a terrible storm and once he was in the stormy had to go straight through it to get to the other side it was too late to get out of this is an instrument panel said he was losing altitude at 200 feet per 2nd but he couldn't feel it he couldn't feel where he was at he didn't know what he could do he looked outside and he could see to his side it looked like he needed to bank to his left because. It would make the plane straight he thought but his instrument panel completely disagreed with them and said he should bank to the right and he was really concerned what should he do should he follows instrument panel or his vision it was hard to deny his emotions because it felt right when he looked out it felt right he had been trained in flight school and he was told that he needed to always obey his instrument panel so it was difficult to do but he did it. When a pilot feels like it's already level and he has to change $45.00 degrees to a different direction it was hard to do but he decided with a nervous stomach that he was going to just do what that flight panel told him he leveled the wings according to the instrument panel and when he got out of storm clouds your own eyes what he saw before was a fall horizon he had made the right decision which was to follow his instrument panel had the pilot followed his feelings instead of that panel. He would have flown straight into the ground into the mountains that were right below him and he and his passengers certainly would have died and this is similar to our emotions they were never meant to be our guiding system they are gauges only to help us with knowing what we need to do emotions can run people they can cause them to crash in a lot of relationships and their jobs and their relationships with their personal. Partner with their children and if we could only allow principle standards intelligent God's help to run our lives we would really not crash as much as we do because we would have a much better more stable life and so following his instrument panel does save his life Let's read this wisdom is the principle of can you see that wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding and that Proverbs 47 who represents wisdom. Christ Yeah you know we keep saying oh that's not common sense what is common right trends on who you are and where you live and where you came up right common sense that's really got a really poor foundation but common sense really when it's God's sense it never changes it's always the same and it's always correct and many times we forget to check with God who knows everything we need to make our decisions based not on our feelings but what is right and God represent wisdom and he will give us a stable life so this person right here is Daniel Goleman Now this was he was the one who created a book called emotional intelligence it was on the New York bestseller list in the ninety's for a couple of years and his research found that it doesn't matter who you are or how smart you are or where you came from or who your parents were or or how special somebody thinks you are that if you don't have emotional intelligence you're going to have about an 80 percent chance of having a miserable life and if you practice emotional intelligence no matter what your background is there's 80 percent chance that you will have a stable and healthy life isn't that amazing So that's what researchers show us and then there are 5 parts of emotional intelligence and we're going to take one part every day and I want you know that I numbered I know that they're on the wheel a different way the 1st one today is what we're going to talk about self-awareness and number 2 self-regulation to me that's the meat of this message if you're going to miss anything this week don't miss that one that to me is like how to and that's very important That's tomorrow. Well self-awareness is today Number 2 is self regulation so Monday self-awareness Tuesday self-regulation Wednesday sounds most unsorry motivation and Thursday is empathy 5 a social skills so it'll be very important how many of you want to be more emotionally stable we can attract more people to Christ when we're emotionally stable because if we're going up and down and like a roller coaster people are attracted to that as much as they are to somebody who is stable and seems to have it more together they're more inclined to be want to be like them right if if God was often on a new only loved us once in a while would we be more inclined to be wouldn't we give up and say let's hope we are and so the biggest thing is that we want to be reflecting Christ so that we can be. Helping others come to Christ Let's read this verse Matthew 2237 Love the Lord with all your heart and your our neighbor as ourselves and that really is a big message for emotional intelligence this is a state this is a very important fundamental of what is Biblical rather than Even though they're using it out in the business world I want to be like Jesus don't you and Jesus modeled on this earth how to be emotionally intelligent despite all the low emotionally intelligent people around him but what did you notice about some of the people like Peter and some of the trouble disciples what happened the longer they were around Jesus. Yet they wore off on him and they became more emotionally stable and guess what more were with Jesus sometimes that can help our stability in so many ways we really need to recognize there is a significant factor when we are closer to Christ. Ok I'd like to know some characteristics of Christ I know I have a very smart class and I'm going to repeat this for the speaker on I mean that I'm being recorded so tell me some of the characteristics of Christ. Self sacrificing are right thank you Ana just a moment How's that I know right from right behind she lives in the same town as I patient Ok so controlled Thank you oh I'm going to be self control here in just a minute Ok loving what else kind but yes respectable he had people that were annoying must be annoying all around him all the time and he didn't say you know like that Mary Magdalene he took those demons out of her 8 times and you know if I told you once I've told you all know he didn't do that he was respect flowing time he loved her anyway and she still loved me for giving Yes compassionate and. Generous Wow look at how many things we come up with right away I mean amazing he walked this earth any practice and I'm going to cut it off right now because we could probably go on for a long time so what are the fruits of the Spirit. But a lot of them are similar to these words aren't they Let's see how you did. Let's read it but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control against such things there is no law like if we're going to be like Christ we're going to be like that right and so here it is that Daniel Goleman writes this book that's on the bestsellers list and he describes what a person with emotional intelligence looks like and here's what it is I'd like you to help me read that because I want to make sure that you're all awake all right people would have a emotional intelligence expressed they feel more fulfilled in their life have stronger healthier relationships with others maintain friendships better are more creative show more confidence are better communicators actors more intelligence in. Are less likely to lie cheat or steal perform better at work and get along with their fellow employees are rated by their employees as more effective leaders I'm going to go back to the one I've messed up on for my speaker here which is act with more integrity and situations so why why wouldn't we want to be like that right do you think that also are both biblical when you look at this absolutely so in a nutshell people who are practicing biblical principles are acting like this correct and those are Jesus' traits are they not so if you say why are we learning this business model of emotional intelligence at Camp Meeting it's because I want to be like Jesus Is that true. And the reason that they are showing this as a model in business is that when you can have employees that act this way not only is the work environment so healthy how many of you work where everybody's path shouting and jumping on the others to get ahead and they steal ideas and they and they talk against other people or you walk up to him and they they're all whispering or you know there's just all this stuff so when they have people like this the whole environment improves not only that when people have integrity and respect more people want to buy from them and and work with them and so they sell and so then they can manipulate people to purchase things from them and they can have a better business with this is really what Christians should be doing and acting like and this should be so that they can win people to Christ go. Here's another one and I'm going to do some things you know again high emotional intelligence is the app is that of low emotional intelligence and when you look at these things you can go yeah I know people like that well guess what we probably have pieces of it all right there's people who will say well this isn't this person have a personality disorder Well most of us have little pieces of everything right is just how serious it is and so we probably have all these things but we want to improve So let's talk about a high emotional intelligent person is what hard to offend let me stop on that we having any problems in the media where people are offended and they go on and on for 2 or 3 days with their apologies and they're going that's not an apology and then people make jokes about their apology and people are very offended you know you talked about my mother you talked about my my life my you know my partner like whatever it's like it's just this is really become a huge thing in the u.s. Ok emotionally intelligent people are self-confident they have good boundaries and they're decisive self-confident I'm going clarified that and it's like we're confident because of what God does for us and then lo our what usually offended fearful have a loose boundaries difficulty making in decisions you see that going on in the United States more yeah we're having more and more problems and actually I think I heard a study on public radio I didn't get it right away about who was the researcher but they were talking about that only like 10 years ago they had about 10 percent of college students that had some kind of personality or meant personality disorder or a mental health problem and right now it's about 65 percent and you imagine how bad things have gotten so fast now. Low intelligent people are more impulsive they fight more and they have a higher divorce rate what a surprise they are the worse ex pals to have they create confusion and drama they spew to their children what's going on with the other parent they persuade kids that they're the best parent you know that some of the stuff many of you know what that's like is going on we would like to say Oh it never happens around add in a slum now it's happening everywhere it seems like we're about 10 years behind the average person out there right and then it starts to come to us here's some more about emotional intelligence I want you to get a real good idea of what it is so high emotionally intelligent people are read with me emotionally stable can delay their gratification can manage emotions effectively this is a really important about delay gratification like I don't have to have it now I don't have to have an answer right now I don't have to badger you I don't have to get my way very important but when you're low emotionally and intelligent you will have what emotionally unstable has difficulty delaying gratification as difficulty with feelings of anger sadness and fear and we're going to talk about those emotions because if we now there's lots of colors of the rainbow and you know there's primary colors but when you go in between those last more shades right well if you look at Shades of of emotions there's all kinds of emotions but our basic ones are anger sadness fear and joy anger sadness and fear are some of the most unhealthy emotions if we keep them in our heart for very long joy is what the Bible tells us is the most important and we have the opportunity to switch to joy whenever we personally think about it that God can help us to do that so I want to let you know that there is a way out of here and we're going to talk about how we're going to do that. All right one more year ago high emotional intelligence are able to overcome impulsive thoughts to use substances let me stop on that when you have an impulse oh you didn't Oreo cookie I was just thinking of something I would be temporary. If I say Ok I'm going to go and eat an Oreo cookie right now I might even go to the store and get a whole package of Oreo cookies how easy will it be for me to go and eat another Oreo cookie and then if I have this pattern where I start to eat all the Oreo cookies and then I go you know I need to get rid of those Oreo cookies you know I should have in the house let me just eat those up so I finish the whole package and then what I do when I go shopping I need more Oreo cookies and then now I've got this this passive way of neurotransmitters that every time I get an impulse I need an Oreo cookie that's how addictions are if we mind if we agree and obey what our impulse says we will start pathways in our brain so that it's a well worn path and every time that we have there's you could say if you're angry lonely hungry or tired or whatever that you think about something like that and then if you go on that pathway it's still easy to do it isn't it so being emotionally healthy and being able to tolerate those impulses helps you with substance abuse issues and other addictions Ok an emotionally intelligent person is patient with others who won't Did you guys say that. You know that's not on their wall Ok let's say it again patient was others wold Ok open to others opinions right it's not a threat and if you're in a low in motion the intelligent person prone to substance abuse easily irritated by small stuff have you heard Don't sweat the small stuff rigid in their thinking has to be this way not this way and you can have your own opinion right and I can you can even question me on it because it needs to be the way I want the more that I want to control the lower its intelligence emotional intelligence I have. The let me ask you if your child's going to school for the 1st time would you want to high emotional intelligence teacher alone motional intelligent teacher. If you are going to hire a child somebody for your business you want an emotionally intelligent person hire low high absolutely if you have a child that's about to get married and they're choosing a spouse you want them to have high emotional intelligence or low emotional highs and absolutely because this is a better chance to have a successful and healthy emotionally healthy life so it's a very big difference so you know people go but I am who I am and I just can't help it this is how I cope this is how it is well who can we blame Actually it is ourselves and our parent or caregiver they certainly gave us a certain way to think and we often mimic what they do but don't I have a choice every day what I do with Ok how about if there's somebody who's experienced trauma this is really sad if they've had trauma like sexual abuse or physical abuse that's certainly impacts how emotionally intelligent they are and that's something that they need help for because that is not something that one person can get help I mean just figure out on their own entertainment they said that they have been recognizing that how we entertain ourselves is a huge impact on our emotional intelligence we often there are kids who are make icons of certain t.v. programs or movies or whatever and they so relate to them that they'll try to take on some of those behaviors we also. What they're doing with the video games etc Those are all things that impact our emotional intelligence so when people go it's not a big deal or I only like you have to recognize that these are all big influences on your emotional intelligence but every day is a new day to do the right thing because we're supposed to do what to ourselves because to die to ourselves and ask the Lord to take over but why should we warp ourselves so it's more difficult we have to recognize the very difficult and then another thing that they've been finding Dr Neal Natalie talks a lot about emotional intelligence and he found that there were some people that they hadn't even really worked with on emotional intelligence but when they changed their diets and had them exercise and then they asked them to take some of the you know they had a pretest in the post test and they asked them to do that they still made significant differences on their emotional intelligence without any instruction so it is very important that we look at what we eat what we think about what we do when it comes to emotional intelligence. And I again I want to encourage you that we can improve our emotional intelligence in a very short time with God's help and how do we know that let's talk about this what's this verse Let's read it together and I don't want you to look at I'm sure you all know it by heart right and I want you to say it was feelings I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me how many things fall it's not just a little bit well you're going to be you're going to improve a little bit snow I can do all things God has a great standard and he can help us with all of that Isn't that encouraging I have intelligence test an emotional intelligence test I'm looking at all of you and I'm thinking they gave me 50. And I don't think 50 is going to stretch around here so I'm going to give it to you in the next class but I want you to know that I'm going to let you have it and you can take it home and you can work on it I want you to be really honest with it I don't want you to put down what you think would be a good answer because you don't want to be showing yourself that way it's only between you and God So if you lie to your south that's really hard and I want you to also think about it because when it changes at the end. I think that on Friday when you take it again after you've gone to this class that you're going to see that you have improvement isn't that a blessing so watch out like God wants to help change you so I'm going to work on that for the next class Ok so here's another thing. Many of us especially females go you know I just don't feel that way I just you know I just it just didn't feel right you know all of the taps in my head I just don't see you ever had that anybody feel I just know I'm not feeling it any of that kind of talk we give our brains a lot of credit because guess what they are not good organizers they are not always giving us the right thoughts and just because we think something doesn't mean that it's wrong we give it too much power and who can also influence our thought do you realize that people go oh no they actually he knows how to do it and knows your individual problems he also knows just what is your concern your temptation and so he does not help us to correctly evaluate things would you any of you go to a prison and talk to somebody on the death. Deaths Worden you know that's been in there for murder and ask them what you should do with your life in your future. And yet so many of us go well you know my I just don't feel like I should go down that path you know I just haven't had that feeling and like really it needs to be what it needs to be well thought out and concerned because God is the one who knows us and he knows the beginning from the end and the devil can speak to us to through our. We want to be more emotionally stable so we say with God's help I try not to live my life by feelings you think that that would be a good thing to say so I would like you to say that with God's help I try not to live my life by feeling so when somebody says how do you feel about that will with God's help I try not to feel live my life my feelings because I just might decide to do what my feelings tell me rather than what God tells me there are differences between standards and principles versus my feeling and we need to recognize it and if we can let our thoughts take us on our return trip we can go beyond what a roller coaster because we're going up and down and all around and that's how we get unstable Sometimes we're so damaged because of maybe experiences that we've had in the past that if we let our emotions tell us what to do we're going to have lots of troubles in our life by the way I can imagine Abraham taking Isaac out he must have said this just doesn't feel right this just you know I just don't think that this is true what I should be doing or what it's telling me to do and like so glad that he did what God told him and got honor to him he did standards not feelings we would all have a lot of feelings when it's our child right. Now but at the end all right so you don't let your emotions rule you instead of your mind your standards and your intelligence. There was a song maybe it was in the ninety's or the eighty's by Debbie Boone and she sang you know the song about You Light Up My Life anybody remember that you give me whole Kerri-Anne and at the end she says what you never that last line she said it can't be wrong when it feels so right. What's wrong with that emotionally intelligent people. Your feelings yet some people because they feel the certain way they just makes makes everything right you know it so I can have an affair because it just feels right right it does the devil make us enjoy sin so then if we are impacted by that that is really sad All right so recognize that God wants us to live in emotional intelligence using our brain and his help well not both I mean God wants to use our brain so that he can influence us in our emotions and we don't want to follow our emotions when to follow what we know is to be true and right has that Amy got a picture in there. Even though we are Christians and know that Christ died for our sins we can still have a lot of issues with our feelings like fear jealousy anger grief guilt how many of you know about forgiveness Ok so I'm going to ask you a few questions what do you know about forgiveness God what forgives us freely right he separates our sins as far as. Ok he throws them into the. If we don't forgive. You can forgive us so when we've done all of that work and we've confessed arson and we've acknowledged arson which is again part of what we're doing today is Ignalina Ging that we have these feelings and these thoughts and these behaviors because we have to have help form we have to gallop them before we can get help so when when we think about the fact that God has forgiven us how many of you go back and say that I still feel guilty isn't that a showing of a sign that our emotions are damaged because if the truth is that God forgave us and he threw him into the ocean when we feel guilty isn't that this honoring God whose arse best friend told us and he forgave us do we believe him or do we not and so if we continue to sit there and torment ourselves with feelings of guilt over something we've asked forgiveness for that shows that we are damaged there's also. I was thinking about jealousy you know sometimes we asked forgiveness for jealousy or resenting somebody who has something going on and we still feel resentful even though the Lord asked us to help we need to make sure that we choose not to be tormenting ourselves but to keep claiming those promises that God gave us that will help us all right so you can at least well I'm going to ask you I don't want your hands to go up think about one of these emotions one of these basic emotions of anger fear or grief I bet some of you have had those experiences just in the last week would you say that. Many of you hold on to some of those things you know what happens when you hold onto them. Actually it lowers your ability to fight infections their researchers are now finding out men with anger have more cardiac problems women with. Anger and grievances seem to do it differently they have more gastrointestinal issues people with grief they actually get more diseases more illness so we recognise that it's really important that we can't stay in those emotions and God can help us because what does the Bible say Praise the Lord rejoice in the Lord how many times and again I say yes and so there are times when we need to change our emotions and many of you may say but I really can't change our emotions do something about that in just a minute so again the devil can continue to talk to us about all the things that happen Have you ever said oh the Lord doesn't care about me what do you know to be true what do we know about God's love he does care and so when we go I just don't feel loved I don't feel cared for like he just told us that he loves us that he would take us to have and that he would have died for only us and so we're also telling our friend that we don't believe him so we have to Raj out how we torment ourselves with our feelings again Satan has studied us and he can influence our emotions and then we become slaves to their. So here's a verse from the review in Herald and I'd like you to read it with me Ok Satan if he is and suspected you have feelings and impressions these are not correct and safe guides So what does that tell you about Satan that on a regular basis he's whispering things into your head and it's up to you whether you grab onto him because you like to believe all the worst things about things or if you say I'm refuting that get thee behind me Satan I'm going to go with what God tells me there's another thing oh you can't see is not very bright God's grace is sufficient and its power is made perfect in weakness do you feel weak today folks you feel like you just aren't going to get over some things and God has promised that when you're weak is when he's most strong and he can help you. Humble people who come to him or certainly the people that he loves to work with and so we have to be intentional that when we have these tormenting thoughts we're going to think something else one of the things I like to do is sing song I think singing songs is encouraging and so I you can see it on there but I thought we could sing this right because when you have some really bad thoughts I just chose a song for you to sing and you can you see it a little bit. I have decided to follow Jesus you think we can do that all right so here's the devil's telling you that you're not worthy or he's telling you you know you really messed up and I don't know how the Lord could forgive you and instead you're going to refute the devil and you're going to sing a song Ok you're ready I have. To come. As I was this was. To. Do. So there devil. No turning back the next one is though none go with me I might be alone on this but know though none go with me ready. And probably you're going yes I've been in Laurie's seminars before and Shiites writes her own little ditties on this and I'm like So here we go the emotions go up and down still I will follow Ok motions go up and down. The ocean then. Was. The emotions go up and. No truth. No turning back. Isn't that important that we encourage ourselves with singing remember Paul and Silas what they do. Can you imagine sitting on a dungeon floor and stacks and singing and we're sitting in comfortable chairs in nice cool can't meeting and and we have a lot to say so Anyhow back to self awareness self awareness I don't like the word self-awareness it sounds like I want to know myself I want to suss about who I am I want to figure out my moods etc and I don't think that that's important I think that we need God to tell us about who we are and the things that we need to be understanding about ourselves so we have to understand that it's important for us to ask God By the way oh go to the next one here's a saying let's read this one a bad attitude is like a flat tire you can't go anywhere until you change it. There are people who are very obsessed by their sad emotions I know as a social worker when we were talking about kids who've been physically abused they have all this anger and they're like have them punch a punching bag or rip up newspaper and help them get that anger out and what they found out is that then they would go home and they would punch on their brothers and sisters it didn't work and you know what it's it's in the adult world too and so I want to show you this. More and more Americans are using to relieve stress we can for you just want to know everything around you through the. Whole range where they're not without controversy even then when to check them out. How many have. You. Reviewed you. Are can kind. Of make a lot of coming last year. 25 years in the world history is really not. Getting. There it really helped about the radio. In. Others. While. Our number one. And all running around in $100.00 different single going out and she bought about him and you have already come with Wilmer how who she is or whatever what is that going in every now. And not all the words what you have to remodel who are in the routing things removed from the action scene you. Are So you need to meet the action need to wage potentially this turn to have a new behavior that we probably have a lot of to do however we're doing in the prior. Year having an extraordinarily bad day. Coming from doing it on. Yeah I never mean here feeling anything other than. Being and I have a huge smile on my issue here and I don't know where. It's becoming all that we need adding to it. And making you Jim. So so for $50.00 I can give you some advice. Take your rage to God and God can solve it and he can dissolve it in your heart and that's a lot better than destroying something and having to pay for it more and more self-awareness again I said we really need to know how we feel about certain things and God is the one who we want to help us you know many people who don't deal with their anger will go to those impulse of addictive behaviors we know addictions can be drugs drinking Pernod graffiti. Shopping addictions gambling eating addictions and all kinds of things materialism and it doesn't really make you feel better it just escaped until you get to the next day and again I mean when you think about Mary Magdalene she was molested and she turned to a life of prostitution so many times you'll see that people who have had terrible lives and haven't dealt with it will go and have other behaviors and hurt people hurt people don't thing and so if you think that you're going to go and get go after somebody who's hurt then you just hurt more people and you're just keeping the hurt going so recognize that we really need to have God help us all that. God wants to help us regulator emotions and our behaviors and we represent him and how we deal with certain issues he has given us friends and he says he's given us a multitude of counsellors there are many people who can help you the please make sure that you get help if you are having some big issues in those areas if you choose to stay in anger fear or grief it impacts your jobs and your relationships God has given us power to switch our minds and so here's what I'm going to tell you some people will say I can not change how I feel. So I would like you to do a little exercise in a mine exercise right now I would like you to think about somebody who hurt your feelings in the last year somebody who said something that really offended you or in the gut something somebody who acted like you were hopeless somebody who acted like there was just nothing that you could do good somebody who jump to conclusions about your behavior something that just really hurt you and I would like to ask you when you think about that what are some of the emotions that you feel right now anybody bad anger I want to run away yeah that would be the denial frustration disappointment. Yeah well that's good you have some pity for them that's Ok but it's a sad thing to anything else anxiety actually Whatever happens it gets in our gut and it starts impact us actually they I say that depression is actually I'm angry at somebody so George I'm picking on you again you know that he's always worried I'm going to pick on him I'm going to pick on him so I'm really so George says something upset into me and I'm really mad at George but then after a while I go you know George would have said that to me if I hadn't been such a bad person and so it becomes my problem and then I I embrace it and it becomes my depression that's often how something can happen and keeps us in bondage. So we just talked about those emotions that you were feeling isn't it amazing how fast you can feel and by the way I'd like you to think about right now. Somebody who complement is you somebody that was encouraging you to prevent a teacher could have been a Sabbath school teacher could be somebody in your church they said you did a really good job they really appreciated what you did they they were kind they wrote something nice on your Facebook Yeah hi I have the see young lady back here size writing something sweet on my face and I'm like It's so sweet I'm like Who could you be talking about anyway so anyway when you when you think about somebody that complimented you and helped you feel really good what emotions are you feeling right now peaceful happy encouraged relieved what confidence hopeful I was going to think culpable Ok Did any of you who just answered said you felt those ways right now did any of you say that you felt negative just a few minutes ago yeah what did you feel if you changed your emotions actually because of the way that you were thinking what does God want to do you want to renew what are mine we have the ability to change on a dime how we choose to do it if we ask God to help us that would even make it so much faster God wants to help us feel joy when I rejoice that's really important I put on my Facebook I was probably getting ready for this class I was mad about the weather and I'm like going on about this is gonna be the coldest and then I'm like so fine need to change that and be grateful and then I was like you know I enjoyed my meetings I keep seeing people I love I got to meet with all my friends I got to be in a place where there's no answer biting me this year and like you know when you start to think about gratefulness will completely change your emotions and we need to be thinking very much about gratefulness like you to read this with me another thing to read Ok. At times a deep sense of our unworthiness will send a thrill of terror through the Soul but this is no evidence that God has changed towards us we may not feel today the peace and joy which we felt yesterday but by faith grasp the hand of Christ and trust him as fully in the darkness as in the light don't you think about Job How was it that he didn't sin that he didn't go against you know God feels like it's amazing because there wasn't any evidence he didn't know what was happening but he just kept focused on the goal which is serve God when we think about how to get some self-awareness a lot of people in the world they go to work books on self-awareness they're really exploring what God wants we need God But we aren't gods and these books tell us that all the answers lie within ourselves. The way we get that we ponder about ourselves and really important for me to know no we don't do that we go to God and we say things like this let's read this search me our God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts how come he knows us so well he made us he's the creator of our minds he knows exactly how things are we need to go to our Creator because he can help us through everything Our Father who knows even how many hairs are on our heads knows what we need to do and what kinds of issues we need to address in our lives our father wants to help us he loves he cares about us if you have a pen justice down Psalm 139-231-3923 I'm giving you an assignment on the next line Psalm 13923 can take a picture of it with your cellphone. Because I want you to ask the Lord to search you Ok the next one. Let's read this one trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding when you say Oh I think it's this way or I'm this way or like we don't know God needs to tell us so here's your assignment for tomorrow I would like you to have prayer with God and he would like to ask him Can you help me with understanding some of the issues that I need to address in my life can you help me with with learning what kind of character flaws you want me to work on those things that are in my emotions where I like love to torment myself or I listen to Satan because he just keeps on influencing me and I just hold on to those thoughts and I I wake up sad in the morning because I just want to continue to hold on like Lord what do you want me to do and I'd like to have him work with you and I'd like to hear some of your experiences because I want you to know that I believe the Lord has a great plan for your life and you probably have something to share that might influence somebody else I'd like to take a few of you to morrow telling me what it is that the Lord helped you with if you can do that all right here we go we're going to go through Let's read this one this is all I want to show you that emotional intelligence has always been in the Bible and we just haven't seen it ever read you ever had a new word and you go I've never heard that word before and then all sudden you hear it being mentioned all the time like this is emotionally intelligent thing Ok read Let's read it together and all reading it read have a choir of voices right the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick who can understand it and who do you think can understand it Amen All right here's another one. Being not wise in your own eyes fear the Lord and depart from Evil see some of you are over educated you bend the seminars you've been listening the seminars but when you go home you don't do anything about it I want you to do something about it I want to see the Lord working in your life so that you can change where you're going because this is what God wants to tell you is he's here use his power you have all these tools when you look at some of your neighbors they don't have any of these tools the Bible is giving you tools use them pick them up all right here's another one ready test yourself to see if you are in the faith examine yourself or do you that recognize this about yourself that Jesus Christ is in you I'm less indeed you failed the test 2nd Corinthians 135 very important you know If only Peter had recognized his weakness earlier he might not have made all those mistakes but however we do enjoy reading about them don't week because it helps us to relate to them but we want to relate to when he was being healthy to and journaling very important you write things down sometimes when you are speaking to somebody you aren't really getting it but when you see it on a paper and you can come back and review it and go wow there's some growth there journaling is very important so my husband why are you here. Ok I'm like was a something I sign. He's my boss I have to be worried Ok Isaiah 558 I'd like you to read this for my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are your ways my ways so when you say Well I think or I need to do this or I was like we need to talk to God 1st only I am so guilty of running faster than him and I always think about how much more I could have the fish and Lee done something I would have put the shoe in my mouth and had to dry it off before I put the next one in just like you think about it Ok here's another one a hot tempered man stirs up dissension but a patient man what comes a quarrel Yeah and then he hears a really good clincher one you ready Proverbs 2826 yeah ready those who trust in themselves are fools but those who walk in with them are kept safe you know that when you're not walking with the Lord you will and you're safer when you're with God With that makes and don't walk without him very important 2826 or 8 you want to hear this from the desire of ages I'm going to push you because I see our time is going to have a good thing to end with Ok the weaker and more helpless you know yourself to be the stronger will you become in his strength Did you hear that I don't care how sick you are how mentally deranged you are the Lord wants to help you and he thinks that when you depend on him and you have more issues you're more interested right those who have loved much anyway. You know I told you about Job What a wonderful story he just stayed focused on what God wanted he did not use his emotions or else he would have sinned and says he was blameless and upright among and God fearing and clean living I mean you know he's just did amazing thing Ok I'm passing through that story because you've heard it before and we're getting to the end of our thing Ok say yourself through the eyes of God Remember when I said some of us hold on to these old things and I feel guilty or whatever we need to see are for ourselves to God then God make junk if we tell him he did what happens we offend the maker right you ever gone to the artist that this is a piece of junk that would be very offensive he created you for a purpose you were created by God he has a plan for you and you are fearfully and what wonderfully made a man we need to recognize if we recognize who we are in Christ that will be important Ok Now sometimes I tease the men that come in for marriage counseling at my office because I say how do you think your wife is feeling you know them. And I'm like Ok now they're ceilings are like you know Joy or care fied or foolish or matter whatever so like I'm going to help you with that but I think it's really important that we recognize our feelings so I'm going to show you some pictures and I'm going to see how to how good you are at genocide who they are and how they're feeling so let's see how you did what do you think they're feeling I looked up a word and then I found this picture so hopefully it's not my thing what did you think Way way way over here what. He blew it Ok but let's talk about a feeling and not Ok anything else he pressed Ok what else. Confused. Frustrated is actually the word I looked up so it doesn't mean that you're wrong but that was the one that came up when I put in frustrated Ok here's another one. The content is a really good one that's a piece of what I heard Yeah well I just gave you an illustration peaceful is what I looked up and that was the picture that came up Ok watch out. Very well I guess you didn't take out the garbage today right. What do you think what emotion angry oh you all got that it must mean that you see more anger than anything else. Hurts that's the one I looked up I looked up hurt and that was what came Ok. I don't think I've heard it yet. Sad that's how I looked at sad or grieving and that and this picture kept coming up so I don't know that that's true I'm just giving in a little illustration that we should recognize. And here's the last one. This is how I felt one can't meeting began. Excited I looked up excited that was excited he looks excited right well is very important God will help us was understanding our emotions but we also need to read others' emotions and that's what we're going to talk about on I believe and Thursday very important that we read other emotions All right let's read this verse Ok ready call on to me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things which Val know is not who's going to help us with our emotions isn't that wonderful So here's here's something. This is a song he says he climbs into my lap for a goodnight hug he calls me dad and I call him. With a stated old pillow and a very name Pooh he snuggles up close and he says I want to be like you I tuck him in bed and I kiss him goodnight trippin over the choices I turn out the light and I whisper a prayer some day he'll see he's got a father in God because he's seen Jesus and me Lord I want to be just like you because he wants to be just like me I want to be a holy example for his innocent eyes to see me help me to be a Living Bible or that my little boy can read I want to be just like you because he wants to be just like me and he's got a father in God because he seen Jesus and me and that is a huge issue and that is that we leave a legacy when we die we leave a legacy will people be inspired by a or her bias will they be encouraged by us or will they be discouraged will we have an example to follow or won't we have an example very important that we recognize that God wants us to leave an example for people and so we are living examples of him on this earth so let's read this verse Ok As for me I call the God and the Lord saves me early morning and noon I cry out in distress and he hears my voice who hears your voice. And he answers you and you're not alone and so when you work on your emotions recognize that God wants to change your heart and you want to change relationships you want to change how you relate in the community very important and this could be the beginning of something for you tomorrow the meat of this talk the science of this talk I'm going to present and I hope that you will be here because I think it will give you a vision in your mind so that you can be much more successful with God's help so that you recognize what he wants to do and you let's can we stand and pray. And this is a I'm going to pray a prayer that I hope that your profile that you have some to say. Ok. Ok I have her for I don't believe. All right. So maybe we can say it all together would that be Ok all right because I want you to say this actually to God tonight maybe if you could. Dear lord look into my heart surgically and know what I need to clean up. See if there is any wicked way in me I want nothing between you and me Lord I long to have a heart that is cleansed by you I look forward to what you're going to tell me tomorrow and I will have some handouts for you I'll have more handouts than I had and I brought today and I hope that you have a blessed city evening and I hope that you have a healthy emotion this media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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