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A Brief Assessment of Suicide Potentiality

Laurie Snyman




  • June 21, 2019
    12:30 PM
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All right so Diana and many issues from the Marshall church and she's going to have our opening prayer. And by having you so much for. Your children to learn about the story to your viewers something. And we. Your. Listeners. Or or or for personal needs you know that you are the salaries. And. So I was asked to do this subject from Community Services and disaster response and the purpose and the reason that they wanted me to do that is because sometimes there are people that come into centers or and disaster response when you've gone through a natural disaster that are feeling suicidal and they wanted the staff to be able to have some ideas of how to handle that but my guess from people who have talked to me on campus this week about this class is that some of you are here because you've been impacted in some way by suicide and that is very very common because suicide has grown in our society at epidemic proportions and most every one of you have had some family member or somebody that you knew significantly who's committed suicide how many of you would say that that's true. So suicide is ending one's own life voluntarily on your own. It's a tragic event it impacts it's like when you throw a rock into a lake and it makes all those ripples and goes all the way out it impacts people all the way out you were just telling me about 4 suicides in your community in high school some of the kids came from outstanding families it wasn't anything that you would have expected and they committed suicide in the ripples and one of the things they do know is that when somebody commits suicide it not only impacts us emotionally but there are often people who watch how the other person coped and they actually will participate in a suicide themselves so when people are impacted by suicide very important that the community get involved to try and help slow down what is a possible way of people coping with their problems when they see it happening to somebody else well. You have to slow another words you need to make sure that you are helping the kids or the people that are impacted by it so that they won't also think that that would be a great way to end their life right because they're impacted their grief or whatever seems that there's a lot of copycat like there is a lot of behaviors where that happens there are. There are families where if a parent commits suicide often some of their kids will often do the same thing I'm just going to leave it slightly open you. Know I don't I wouldn't call it a mental illness I would call it an emotional problem but and there are people who have depression there's people who have no depression they're just overwhelmed with their lives and this is an easier way out but yes when you talk about mental illness there's a higher likelihood. Of suicide with mental illness there's a higher likelihood with substance abuse usually substance abuse played a big part you have any idea how many people in the u.s. kill themselves. 45000 according 220-160-0201 extension 6 that's like a big city. That's a lie it's a lot you know it is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that's become unbearable by that person and they are blinded by feelings of self loathing where they hate themselves often or they feel hopeless. Or they feel isolated hell loneliness is a huge issue and really in our society you know I think about when I've gone to trip on trips to Europe the people live in town centers and they walk in the evening and they don't go to their t.v. they're out sitting in the cafes in their greeting each other and they they don't live in the country they aren't isolated there are much more people oriented in the u.s. What are people do they go home they get their carry out they take it to the television they sit in front of the t.v. and drink a beer or whatever that is a very isolated behavior and actually that hurts social skills etc That is an issue so a lot of it is loneliness. The suicidal person cannot see any way of finding relief except through the death of themselves and despite their desire. To stop they just feel like they can't do anything else they don't see any other issue they don't see another alternative there are some sometimes where people just have a really hard time with conflicts and they don't want to solve a conflict they would rather state and we see that a lot too. In our us a suicide is the 11 leading cause of death you know past heart attacks and cancer and accidents and all the rest and again. A lot of people. We can blame some of our social media people read Facebook and other social media and they believe that everybody's having a better time than them. They post all their pictures about their family vacations and their birthday parties and they're getting together with friends and that's why they're posting is because they're doing it at that moment right but people perceive that they're having a good time all the time and why am I not having any fun and that's what they think a lot of some of the epidemic is going on is because of social media. Which by the way there was a picture there who yes what a shock a comedienne somebody everybody enjoyed popular and committed suicide certainly impacted a lot of people that was a ripple we've had a lot of people that have committed suicide that are very famous people it is they now remember how we just said it was the 11th when we're looking at all the age groups this is really sad it's the 3rd leading one for ages $15.00 to $24.00 if you were to google teen suicides and then put on images you would see hundreds of kids teens pictures of people who committed suicide it's just pages and pages of images which is really sad to think about all of those young people that that was how they felt. Isn't that so sad that's why I said so many of you are going to be very impacted by there is a myth about suicide you know what the meth would be anybody it's a well known myth. Ok so that would be one and I was even thinking about that one but that is very true that because there are people that are doing it for attention but you better watch out because they may be successful so we need to take it really serious but the myth is don't talk to somebody about it because you know make them want to commit suicide and the biggest thing is that we need to talk to them and go Are you considering that are you worried about that are you feeling hopeless do you plan you know you just need to really talk about it so whenever somebody tells you they're hopeless like get your little antenna. I need to ask them if they have any plans to her cell churches you think churches can be helpful many times people will come to a church and they feel safe about saying something be very careful about you know somebody goes I want to tell you something but don't tell anybody and people Ok Don't ever do that say I don't know if I can keep it a secret I'll be depending on what you say you know that usually can be about cutting which a lot of the teens participate in and you have to tell somebody who is a an adult because you need to be socially responsible to that child but the next thing is if they tell you that they want to commit suicide you can't keep that a secret you have to get them help see one of the things about suicide is that when they're in that stage that's when they're very serious about it but they'll be in another stage where they go I don't know why I thought about that so it'll pass so you have to get them in that stage when they're thinking about it because chances are if you help them get through that stage they will have a good chance for another part of their life to be better. Bolling Heinlein huge factor with teens and suicide and they have on line billing have any of you heard of on line bully Oh yeah I've talked to kids who somebody made a fake Facebook page and kept talking at school about how you one day shoot people or hit people and so people would come and get mad at him and it wasn't even his real Facebook page they just impersonated him I've had teens that told me that they would get on there and do fat shaming and things you know you're so ugly you're so terrible like it's theirs it's terrible and it doesn't matter if you are a Christian or even a 7 they have missed there are mean people in every circle are there not and there are people who do not act like a Christian in every circle you can ask a question I will repeat it for the thing. You know and. So you said if somebody says that they are wanting to commit suicide who do you report it to and we're going to give you some interesting ideas at the end because I even have something on paper and so I'm going to give you a suicide line that you can call that's 1800 you know one of those but also you always should refer them to somebody that they would like prefer like a parent if they're young or to a trusted friend who is it that you can call because you want to make sure that you do not just leave them alone that's right and I've had people who've told me I don't care whether I sign something or not if I choose and I'm going to commit suicide I will commit suicide. Yeah and so you do your very very best you're responsible to do your very best but it is not your it is not your problem way you know as I have to say that a different way is it's not you aren't We can't control everything we need to do our very best to do our very yes because people will blame themselves and go Is there one more thing you do everything you do your very best Don't let your head hit the pillow without saying did I do my very best to protect that person but it still may be that it could result some point in suicide in the past in the future and I'm like we do our very best when we have the information sell I just feel really sad for people who will blame themselves for ever and yet they did a really good job and people can still you know the devil is really good at tormenting people and he can do it when you think that they are calm down and so that's just how it is but we want to save a life whenever we can and I would think that would be important here's another person that committed suicide right. Yes he was a chef and he did a travel program. And there even still showing some of his programs on t.v. but he lot of people followed him and so sad that he committed suicide people just you know it went on for weeks when he died about people who said they talked to him and they thought he was doing better sometimes when they act like they're doing better is the time you get really worried because they know what they're going to do and so they start to feel the burden lifted because they're not going to have to commit to anything anymore one person let's let's look at this when one person dies by suicide every 16 minutes oh isn't that something and then here's another member we just read a stat and this one's a different stent depends on this is 2008 we just talked about there were 38000 Americans or something in this is 32000 and so you can see this is from 2008 that it's growing. Ok yes I'm just like Can you imagine how fast it's growing and with that our military we're having lots of issues with military people that is a high suicide rate post-traumatic stress disorder. Relationships that are hurt substance abuse all of that impacts somebodies consideration there are cases of suicide in the Bible did you know that. Yes there are I started looking them up what June is that was considered a suicide Yeah that was considered he hung himself he knew it had done something wrong it wasn't because he felt sorry for what he had done but he felt bad that everybody knew what he had done or something's similar to that King Saul after being seriously wounded in a bar and a battle it was his pride so he killed himself. And then yes you're Ronit to write seeing what the king did the armor bear fell on his own sword and died with with him motivated by fear of what the enemy would do to them so there's some of its fear let's shoot and kill ourselves before hand you see these murder suicides like I don't want my spouse to take care of my kids I'm going to kill all of our kids I just saw that so sad encounter Mazu a mother just drove into the river and killed herself and her 29 year old twins and I'm just like so sad abysmal lack mortally wounded by a millstone thrown at him by a woman was so merest he asked his armor bearer to kill him so that he could escape the shame of it yeah certainly some interesting facts. Now I don't know if I can pronounce this ahead though one of the councilors of King Absalom hung himself after realizing the king had rejected his advice and get so mortally wounded over something like that pride pride pride yeah Zimri became king after a coup de tat but realizing the people did not support me went into the citadel of the Royal Palace and set the palace on fire killing himself Yes By the way when women attempt to kill themselves or kill themselves successfully they do it by less violent means so women often do it by what yes pills. That's the most common and men. Yes men do it by guns are hanging. So just a little different in our genders after the earthquake the Philippian jailer concluded that the prisoners had escaped out of fear attempted to kill myself but Paul came to the rescue and persuaded him to the contrary good illustration that we need to be looking out for people even if we want to escape and we're in a hurry we need to help people before we do that right. You know so suicide rates have increased 60 percent over the last 50 years this is an epidemic is that. Here's another I keep looking at the stats and they all they all differ from each other and I'm not sure who's always getting them but sometimes they're comparing adults to teens or whatever more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer heart disease aids birth the facts stroke no Monia influenza chronic lung disease all of those combined more suicides we really do need to be listening don't we when people say something we really need to be hearing with our hearts because we really do want to help people and most of you who are here because you work in community services or disasters funds very important to recognize that you might be the lifeline for someone research shows that during our life time 20 percent of us will have a suicide within our immediate family and 60 percent will personally know someone who dies from suicide So again a lot of you are probably motivated to be in here because you knew someone who tried to commit suicide or did commit suicide it is estimated that the cost of self inflicted injuries and suicide is over $33000000000.00 per year so if you were looking at it from an economic standpoint like you're a leader of the country you would say this is a huge issue because just trying to save people's lives causes some issues with. Our finances are right just like divorces you know we have to pay for all the court proceedings and things. Will Yes. So so I'm going to have to repeat what you're saying for the record and that is that even intelligent people are committing suicide and that means that it's impacting our workforce just like these young men came back from the war you know our parents and so now we've got you know more financial poverty and all when they commit suicide and we have again a workforce that is being impacted fewer men out there than women because of the suicide and the deaths from or. Anything else you want to say Ok just trying to repeat alcohol or drug use suggests that 20 to 50 percent of individuals who died by suicide have alcohol or drug use problems and they often say that they I mean the police people say that often they are under the influence when it has happened most suicides people have a substance abuse problem or or 2nd they have a history of depression so there's some information does substance abuse lend to. Good thinking and reasoning. So we know that it impacts our frontal lobe which is where and some of you have been in my class on emotions know that that's your reasoning your social skills your conscience etc and and substances actually shut some of those down significantly and so your your reasoning powers are certainly impacted. Yes What suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college to. College students you know I live next to Michigan State University and have worked there and I'm like with their suicides all the time and. It's so sad that they see that only as the only way I mean some of them are when they're drinking at a party is when they commit suicide it's just really sad maybe they don't feel and in volved with their friends or whatever they feel alone. I do not know the answer to that and I'll state something that I don't even have the research for I listen to it on public radio and they were talking about. I think they said 10 years ago you know 8 years ago about 10 percent of college students had personality disorder or mental health problems but now it's like 65 percent of college students I thought I'm like did I hear right 65 percent of them are having a personality disorder or a mental health problem and they also included that with. Like attention deficit impulse control issues but they were just saying that the counseling programs and the university campuses are just full of suicidal kids and substance abuse issue people and I'm like and suicide attempts that cetera and I'm like wow this just shows how the society is changing and how fast like we don't recognize how fast and if you've been listening to Scott read some about how addicted we are to screens it seems to be that there's some kind of correlation with some of that we're going to say. Sometimes it appears to be relational. Ashi saying that hearse her friend's son committed suicide because he had a relationship problem going with his girlfriend and yes and actually I know somebody to had that too that was a shock to the family just committed suicide because go from broke up. Teenagers Yeah we mentioned that teenagers that was that is the fast they die faster than from any medical problems in that category. Boys are $44.00 times more successful than girls when they try to commit Suicide Girls attempt suicide at the rate 3 times a voice so there's more girls that commit suicide try to commit suicide than boys but the boys are more successful the girls are having have more failed attempts. So this is really sad isn't it in the last 40 years again this a suicide rates you know it depends on what literature you look at so suicide rates have tripled in our nation I mean it's a huge issue. 90 percent of people who die by suicide are suffering from one or more psychiatric disorder they could include major depression bipolar depressive phase. I'm sorry that's the part of the bipolar because bipolar is 2 poles right up and down the earth or north and south and when they're in the depressive phrases with when they're down that's when they have the more issues alcohol or substance abuse schizophrenia personality disorders like borderline personality those are the people who are always in drama and making veiled threats of suicide and you feel like after you try to help them because you get really sucked in you feel like you're running out maybe like like blood out of the turn up or something like that you get overwhelmed and those are the ones who have more issues with that impulse you know impulse if we follow our impulses on a regular basis we get more addicted and we can also have people who haven't even thought about it on a long period of time they were in you were just talking about that Pam about somebody who committed suicide over a girlfriend may be that it was just a an occurrence and they did it fast do it fast you actually know somebody whose son did that he was fighting with his girlfriend and he thought he was actually holding up an empty gun and he said well fine I might as well just shoot myself and he did and I'm just like it happens often more than we would want to say now you would think that as soon as somebody is feeling suicidal that they'd Russian get help right and here is what they say about why people don't get help they have a lack of education they don't always understand the system and how to work getting resources etc They have a lack of insurance so sometimes they're very poor or they don't always have transportation. And they have a lack of a support system they don't know who to call. It's very hard on us if we identify somebody who suicidal and you ask them who they can call and they don't have anyone to call that's really hard. Might be that you put them in your car and you take them to the emergency room because that's really frightening because you want to know that they're going to be with someone they're safe so they can get through that all right I'm going to before I go there how do you know somebody is feelings depressed What are some of the signs and symptoms of depression let's see how you do with them they talk about being sad Ok Anything else they withdraw you will see them actually pulling away from things maybe they were really active it church and now they just want to lay at home or maybe they just want to be in bed all the time or they they were doing something that they enjoyed at one time and also when they don't feel any enjoyment Actually I see a lot of you kind of staring off and it makes me think that you know about people on their right it's a concern and we also know that depression is very prevalent so maybe some of you suffer from depression you already know Ok Anything else that you can think of symptoms and signs of depression I want to see how you did have a screen on it. Either sleeping too much or sleeping too little because if you're a manic he bipolar you will not sleep very much man. Yes because medicines do help a certain amount of people and sometimes people are not compliant with those medicines they often think they can do it without them and so that will certainly significantly impact their mood and sometimes they need medicine and they won't go for that writes They get a little more hopeless. I have heard that they like they say that their medicine makes them feel like a space cadet and they just can't field or tears in them like I understand so then they do it and yet they get themselves down right in the farther down you get the worst you can get you can have a hard time recovering in your life or you could go down that pattern where you look at suicide as an intentional. So you start to see a person showing a last emotion and sadness being annoyed being quiet or whatever you can recognise that there are some issues so let's see how you did loss of interest in normal activities feeling sad or down feeling hopeless irritability restlessness being easily annoyed. There has to be when you're diagnosing depression usually it has to be a marked behavioral change that lasts for 2 weeks or longer and then somebody set about giving things the way that is a like a pursuit when they're getting closer to suicide they're like a little bit more easygoing and they start giving things away I don't need this I know somebody who. Was talking to someone on line and they just became friends but they had been friends in high school but not for very long and this person mentioned that they had some money in a bank account what was their phone number in their address and they're like well why do you want that you know you're from another state and then actually they got a check in the mail and they called to say thank you in phones didn't work and of course the person had hurt themselves killed themselves. Here's more crying spells for no apparent reason usually when you talk to people with depression their eyes will fill up with 2 years they have problems sleeping somebody mentioned that trouble focusing or concentrating difficulty making decisions on intentional weight gain or loss they either eat too much or they eat too little feeling tired and weak all the time talking that self talk feeling worthless like I'm more worth nothing to anybody. Explain physical problems you know you'll see people who always will tell you that they have a physical problem going on and on and the doctor can't find anything wrong and they just continue on about all the pain that they have and so knowing your pediatrician central nervous system does some real games with. Your body and so when you are feeling depressed it's not that you're you're lying about your pain or whatever it's psycho us somatic or could genic pain or whatever they will keep on complaining about pains and aches and stuff and no one can figure it out but you often will find out that they have a pretty good history of depression and that's going on they often look for a doctor that all ballots that won't they go from place to place. So here's some some events that seem to impact teens and that is watch out for teens when they're going through some of these things divorce or separation of their parents they just can't even imagine what life will be like when that happens harassment by peers that's a big one we should have that flashing on and off because I believe that's a huge one sexual identity crisis. And she almost should be put in with that 2nd one where they feel that they're different or whatever that they have a high likelihood one of the ones that I don't see and there is body dysmorphic disorder which is where they feel that their body is somehow inferior and they are very obsessive you hear somebody who's like doesn't like their hair I had somebody who I knew that their hair was too wavy and they just couldn't they brought in and every conversation became very suicidal you never know what it's going to me or maybe they lost weight but they still talk about how they felt as a fat person and. They just obsess about that they are highly likely to have some suicidal issues easy access to lethal methods specially guns school crisis where they brought shame on their parents or whatever. Now kids aren't as worried about how their parents feel these days but that used to be a big issue especially when you had somebody kicked out of the academy or something I can tell you that my brother was kicked out of academy and it was like a funeral at our house and I wondered if you was going to be suicidal in the end but he wasn't but he did choose not to be ever a 7th Day Adventists again that's really sad. Genetic predisposition because they have some issues going on with depression feelings of isolation again do we think that that's pretty prominent in this society absolutely ineffective coping mechanisms we were singing in my moat this kind of goes along with my other class we're talking about how we need to tolerate issues and not get so upset over him we had him singing the song from Neil. Program on depression about I don't like it I don't like it that's Ok that's Ok I can stand it anyways because if you are always keyed up about everything then that means that every time something happens that's another point for you to be upset so. Yeah let it go that's a good thing. Cultural or religious beliefs. The suicide bombers and those types of things you recognize that there is some pieces of that and then I was talking to you a little earlier about the exposure to suicide her family history of suicide I remember a secretary when I was doing an internship in a Detroit hospital and she was telling me she said you know my my boyfriend's brother committed suicide his father committed suicide his uncle committed suicide and I said so you realize that he's at risk unless you get some help and she said I know because he starts to talk in a really hopeless manner and I always wondered what happened to him because she was really concerned about him she was a beautiful girl and they were hoping to get married sometime but she said he just has this like you know that's it worked for them and sometimes you know life just isn't worth living big indication that name you needed to get help and of course I worked for a substance abuse program at that point and there were all kinds of psychologists or whatever but nobody seemed to understand what she was saying and I'm like yeah very important you get. Influence either through personal contact or media present present well representations of significant people who died of suicide again they're impressed by other people that they think a lot of and they might file loss or separation like relationships like you were talking about a girlfriend or break break up exposure to violence a family crisis. Runaways have some issues with that because they certainly are abused out there in the society when they're not protected barriers to receiving mental health there are people who bring their we used to have safety nets in our communities community mental health and you would bring a person there and say you have a problem and they would keep them these days they come up with every reason why they don't need to keep them they send them home and they still have people that commit suicide after that even after they've been evaluated so don't believe that somebody else is going to save somebody you have to keep an eye on them until they get through that stage here's more experiences of disappointment or rejection do we have that every day I mean if you're living right but if you're not coping that's like one more thing and it just keeps on making their reserves you know as were younger we have reserves in our brain I like to think about it. And every time as you get older have you notice that older people you Tom one thing and they're like oh my it's because the reserves get more thin and they don't cope as well because of the accumulation of other things and I believe that this is what happens pregnancies abortions and factions with HIV serious injury that may change the course of their life like a brain injury severe or physical terminal illness or mental illness so I see writing down so hard and I want you to know that sometimes you could take a picture and so you don't have to work so hard Ok and. You can have my notes I don't care about if you want my notes I just want you know they're not copyrighted. Ok experiences of disappointment or rejection we already did that researchers found there's a strong relationship between beliefs people report as reasons for not considering suicide so have you ever talked to somebody and they say I commit suicide but I don't want to lose my eternal life and you're heard that I'm afraid that God would never forgive me and so they did find that that does have a factor when you recognize that you know that is a move that you shouldn't do without eternal life so like they did find that and. Those who believed in freedom of choice about people who commit suicide had a higher education were low in religious beliefs and were more likely to consider suicide as acceptable so you also see people talking about it in our nation like do you have the right when you have a an illness to commit suicide and a lot of people who are highly educated but not as a religious say that they believe that that is Ok back to remember Kevorkian assisted suicide and I think that he was really successful because there were a lot of people that were living with terrible pain and they were not getting adequate medications and so they said that if we were giving them adequate medications to help them with their pain then we wouldn't have as high of interest in assisted suicide so the society kind of went back to saying yes give them medications now are swinging back again you've got to be very careful with medications doctors are put in handcuffs every day because they're giving too many narcotics or whatever it's just it's a real hard balance and there are so many people who are addicted because of pain medications they didn't really go out looking for an addiction but because they're in pain after surgery or whatever they get addicted so now they have an issue. The apostle Paul writes in Romans 147 none of us lives for ourselves alone and none of us dies for ourselves alone you know life is very precious and when we have that precious a life we are to protect it the life of Christ gives us an example in face of profound pain he was even tempted to give in when she agree he sought if possible to avoid the suffering of the cross and he said Father if you are willing to take this cup from me member he wanted to finish it and be done with it and. In guest somebody as the shadows of death approached Jesus felt alone and distressed but he got through it and why did he get through it he kept his eyes on his father who gave him strength and that is something that we need to recognize is that we can't preach to other people but know for yourself that God can give us strength when we're going through some really dark times so Jesus turned to his father the only person he talked to and it says and bought in the scripture when he was going through these things that he prayed more earnestly there are people who go I hate going through crises this is not Ok Have you noticed how when you go through a crisis you pray more you are open to what God says you talk to your people yeah. We had somebody who died last year and it was somebody it was a young man that I spent a lot of time with an academy and he'd been out of the church for 40 years and so any contact me on Facebook I just gave him over to my husband and my husband and him started to golf together and they spent time together and all he became very smitten with my husband as in like he just wanted him to be his pastor and he appreciated everything he said and he loved the Bible and he got so excited about it no idea that a year later he was going to be dead so he had lung cancer from years of smoking and he. His dream was to see his children who he had not raised in the faith to be in the faith and every time people would come to his hospital room and then who is hospice for him he would pray for them and pray for their hearts and pray for their experience and he would be witnessing to everybody and I think this is Christopher Christopher who's you know life was a joke all the time and it was always about golfing and what he wanted to do and how it changed his life because he knew he was facing his life when we have something serious going on is the time to get really serious with God right it's time to get serious with God all the time but I'm just like that's when it seems that it really piques our interest so Jesus suffered his decision to face the cross squarely secured in a deeper meaning for the suffering of us all more meaning than you could ever imagine he continued to earnestly pray and that's what we need to do and we need to be earnestly praying for those who we recognize are at risk to the moral impact of suicide is addressed through a biblical understanding of human life God created it. We are not the owners of our body to use it and dispose of it as we please that's not Ok and the 6 commandment is what Thou shalt not what. Do you think those people who also do passive suicides where they don't take care of themselves yes by smoking cigarettes by not taking their pills I can't tell you Ok I have a friend who I sat by her bed in the last month she died 2 weeks ago and her son he kept saying you can just you know I'm like too sick to sit by my mother I'm like What's wrong with you well his bones are breaking Joyce's Son His bones are breaking he has a yellowish cat Elop while yellowish cast his face and I said What do you think's going on and he said Watanabe wonder if I have bone cancer and I said have you been to the doctor no I haven't been and I really don't have a good actor and I'm like or what do you take He's like oh you know whatever happens is happening. And I just heard that he moved a certain way and he broke his back so but it's passive about not going and getting the help that you need and is that considered a suicide if we have time on our life by doing what we need to do to be healthy and we don't do it we don't actually the Lord doesn't get to use us for the full extent of our life and is that a passive suicide behavior. I believe that So when you have somebody who is suicidal. Who can you get help from and here's a list of people you may not decide even one of those but I'm just here some of the people who can help you so this issue is they know what to do so you could even bring them to their physician because a physician knows that they're threatening suicide somebody has to be called the responsible party the police you need to go to an emergency room or whatever community members there are certain people that will know in the community there's people who. That are that serve and community services etc that have been trained there are support groups maybe this person is connected with a support group churches you know I get calls from pastors I work for the conference part time in the minister of the partment and I get a lot of phone calls from pastors because they don't know what they should do because somebody stretching suicide or somebody is. Even in referring to it from a bible study or whatever and what should they do and what is their you know what happens and so I will give them the same advice and I'm going to give you today family members like I've had somebody come in and I'll say Who do you trust Well I trust my mother I trust my wife and I'm like Ok I'm going to have to call them well no I told you this privately I'm like I cannot keep that private I need to make sure that you're safe and so I need you to be with them 24 hours and I'm going to have them pick you up from my office today because they're not you're not to go home on your own Well I need to just get my I'm like nope can't do that sorry and if they do it I would have to call the police because they are at risk. Co-workers friends everybody is somebody who we can get some help from you never really want to be alone with somebody who's feeling suicidal really need some support. We've already talked about that people think that when you're talking about suicide that if you talk to them about it don't make them go towards their No it's really important to clarify where they're at so that you have information talking openly to them encourage them to rethink their decision telling them that you need to help Here's another myth people who talk about suicide just wanted tension they don't intend to do it that's that is wrong but there are people who really wanted to just get you to jump and be concerned about them and you say to them I have a responsibility to get you someone to be with you or to take you to an emergency room and they will they will change their behavior after a while because they recognize that every time that they say that that there is a plan now a significant number of people contemplating suicide share their feelings of anxiety depression depression hopelessness with others and may not feel that there are options so many times especially women will warn people that they're suicidal most suicides happen suddenly without warning that's a myth they usually had some plan and they were thinking about it and they usually warn people about it someone who is suicidal is determined to die no actually some of them really need a discussion about is that really the plan is that really what they need to do is that the only option so having a discussion and being kind and empathetic and consider is very important once someone is suicidal they will always remain suicidal No these are usually considered stages there are heightened times when they are more at suicide risk than others and if they have a continuous mental health problem it's when they go up and down they have an issue. Only people with mental disorder should be in us to commit suicide. I know there are many people with mental disorders that have suicidal feelings but it's not true that everyone has one when does someone need your help if they talk about wanting to die or killing themselves look for a way to kill themselves like searching on line or buying a gun that's another thing and you know almost anything medications guns whatever you might want to ask them Do you have guns in your cabinet if they say something about a knife you know maybe they need to have the knives taken out of the drawer. Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live those are all little indicators that we've got some issue if you spot the warning signs of suicide in someone you care about you may wonder if it's a good idea to say anything yes we already agreed on that to say something when does someone need your help when they talk about wanting to die or kill themselves they're looking for a way to kill themselves oh we already said that extreme mood. Disorders so what I said is I will have a piece of paper that I will give you because I think it's really good to keep this especially if you're in a community service center or whatever I'm going to just give a few and you can take more than one just pass them back but these are these are things to size people up. And I will read it to you oh well I've got many more well they'll be more coming out of that. So it says Do you think a person is that suicide risk ask the person right you have to question and get more information so let's turn on life from minute need to ask more questions are you thinking or planning to kill yourself remember that's a scary question but it's very important. Have you tried to hurt yourself before now the reason that is is that if this is their coping style and they've made an attempt before will yes I was in the hospital for this 2 years ago recognized that that makes them even more risk do you think you might hurt yourself today while they say yes I'm going to go to the. Waterfall and I'm going to jump off of it 5 o'clock today we've got a huge issue if we go now I think about driving into a tree but I don't really have any plans to do it that's a little different. If they say no I've I've wondered about that as an option but I know that you know I'd lose my eternal life over it you say well then have you thought about getting some counseling so you could talk some of those things over with somebody very important because people they don't want it. I'm not going to debate that in here because that would be another question that another class or whatever but certainly people have those concerns and. Yeah do you have pills or weapons in your house that's like you want to make sure that they're safe or even the person that you're giving them to so you're giving them to their parent or given them to their friend or your or your whatever you need to let them know by the way they have guns in their house and they're not in a cabin and they're not locked or whatever and if you say yes to any of these do not leave that person alone call someone they choose to sit with her call the police or a hotline again they cannot be left alone did you get that and then do you see that 180273 talk. That is like a crisis line that's international and they will give you somebody in your local area that deals with suicide and can recommend things to you so that you don't feel alone they will tell you the concerns you can tell me about the person they are anonymous if you need them to be anonymous but they can also they believe that there's a risk and they ask you the address they may send the police to your your house so. Yeah there are other suicide there's other 1800 numbers if you google those you can find that there are probably 5 or 6 of those I mean I have actually called one of those lines and when I had somebody it was actively suicidal and I have to tell you that I was not happy that the answering machine told me that the lines were fall and that I was I had 30 minutes to wait. Really so I had to do some work right there and try to figure out where else I was going to call there are quite a few lifelines some of you have counties where there are suicide crisis lines that they manned 24 hours and some where they only Manam from 7 in the morning till you know 5 at night and then they go home you know. In your county. Yes What I'm saying is Gresham county may not have that. New Way to go county may not have that West Branch may not have that yeah so it's a concern all right we're going to get it wrapped up here. If you see somebody getting agitated or behaving recklessly it could be that they're having problems with their mental health sleeping too little too much withdrawing or isolating you need to get them smell health help. Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves or to seek revenge on people that's another issue you know we've got a lot of murder suicide going on right now remember what does it say in the Bible says Vengeance is mine well Ok that's one but this says that in the last days we're going to see what children against families and families against children and the like we're seeing that so we know that we're fulfilling prophecy because of what's going on. Older Caucasian males who live alone are at greater risk by the way for suicide that's another thing. 80 percent of older people who kill themselves are white men yes many times when they have a female that they were married to for many years and she was coordinating the household she can to manage when she's done because she's used to coordinate in the household but he feels very empty and he feels very out of sorts and so older Caucasian males seem to be more at risk for that here's a quote that I thought was special it was Jesus' mission to bring men complete restoration Isn't that encouraging Now we recognize that you can't put your you can't bang people over the head with the Bible and talk about not killing that you know only Jesus is your only hope those are all true but this person may be farther than that and they can't even hear that so this is not something that you to punish them with well I am hoping that it's at the end on the next line. He came to give them health and peace and perfection of character during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick than to preaching the Savior made each work of healing an occasion for implanting divine principles in the mind and soul this is the purpose of this work he imparted earthly blessings that he might incline the hearts of men to receive the gospel of his grace gracious tender hearted pitiful he went about lifting up the bowed down and comforting the sorrowful wherever he went he carried blessings Christ to recognize no distinction of nationality or rank or creed he passed by no human being as worthless but sought to apply the healing remedy to every soul ministry of healing page 1024 so we want to act like Jesus and show that we care and we need to take our suicidal people seriously we need to ask them questions how they considered it we already went over some of these things I'm trying to push into our time here. It might be very important to give them a resource I think that community services should have a resource guide of people who are in the community that can help and to have that on your wall of a crisis so they have a therapist that they're actually seeing do you need do you need to call their therapist I've done that a number of times when people have called me on the phone you might want to know if they're taking medications because again they can also do an overdose on those medications and you might want to tell the person that you're referring them to that you're concerned encourage the suicidal person I've done identify other people in their lives who can also help it's always nice to write down people that they can contact and there's the national suicide prevention line it's a national network that gives you free confidential support 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I don't think they put you on hold but your average county. Crisis Line may they may have only 2 people I have supervise the master students at Michigan State and one of the things that we have in our area is something called listening ear and so a lot of my students are at listening ear but there's only 2 a meditate and so a lot of people get a hold. And there are people who like to keep them busy on their own for a long time God still loves them we want to make sure that we tell them that that he wants them in heaven some day very important and that that you will be happy to help them with resources that's very important you know there are lots of resources here some of them suicide prevention Resource Center you can get information I've given you a very small amount of information today and these places have a lot of studies and information and ideas they may even have. Handouts that you can put in an office and then I do like Christian sources and focus on the family I think has been very helpful and they have a resource called Alive to thrive and it's a like a little booklet that you can download on your computer and put in your office. And then back to focus on the family alive to thrive that focus on the family doc. So I hope that gave you an abbreviated idea of how to help people with suicide make you very aware of people who have needs to be watching for it so your antennas come up and you might be able to help them avoid a situation but also to recognize that we need God to help us be aware of some of the things that are people are doing veiled comments about things and we want to make sure that we're listening or paying attention or observing at that time so that we can be a help. And I know that many of us have even things ahead if you're not in a crisis now you might have been in a crisis in the past and maybe you've got a crisis coming up so I hope that you have a few more tools in your tool box to start thinking about so I wish you the best and let's pray before we end Lord thank you for each person here and I thank you that you have people who want to help others who are concerned who love people and serve and I pray that you will keep their minds opened and their ears open to what they might be able to help with I thank you Lord for the people who are here I pray that when we are discouraged that we will keep our eyes on you and that will be an encouragement rather than a discouragement people were struggling and thank you Lord for this camp meeting such. 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