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It's Wartime - Part 5: The Weapons of Our Warfare

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • February 18, 2020
    8:18 AM
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Father in heaven. You this morning and it's a patient yet again another blessing from your word the time we open the Bible Lord an opportunity for you to bless her father as we tread on sacred ground this morning we thank you that the Holy Spirit has already rested upon this place in preparation for the blessing that you are about to impart now Lord they are hearts be in tune with the frequency of heaven be the spirit impress our hearts with the message right where it needs to be and apply it in our lives thank you father or we ask it in Jesus' name amen we have seen in our study together that the Bible describes life as war we have seen that there is not a war time part of life and a non-war time part of life but this is a fight to the end yesterday we introduced the concept that as the Bible describes life as war we need a good leader or general to follow in this war as we read together in our scripture reading this morning the Bible's description of the 144000 those people who are alive on earth during perhaps the most difficult time in earth's history the time of great judgment the time of the mark of the beast the time of religious persecution such as this world has never seen that as the Bible describes that time period of Earth's history that there is a group of people that will follow the land our great general wherever he goes. Not only in the times of peace and prosperity not only in the Times of good and blessing but they will follow God no matter what happens in their lives. And I want to be part of that group don't you I want to be following the Lamb of God wherever he goes because as we've seen in our Bible Revelation 17 describes that the Lamb is the one who overcomes and those who follow the lamb will be victorious in the end we are focusing our attention on the last 48 hours of the life of Christ in today's presentation we're going to continue that and I want to invite you to pay close attention to how things play out yesterday we looked at the Garden of get $70.00 the war in the garden and we found that Jesus spent that time together with his father in prayer before he entered into that time of great battle and the war would intensify We also found that during that time the disciples were found resting they were sleeping instead of praying and I want you to follow the narrative this morning as we continue to look at the story and see how things play out with Jesus as the war intensifies and with the disciples as the war intensifies we left Jesus in our study yesterday finishing off his prayer of submission to his heavenly father during this prayer I didn't have time to get into this but during this prayer the Angel Gabriel comes and assures him we find in the book desire pages he assures him of his father's acceptance I want to suggest you this morning that that promise that word of comfort from the Angel Gabriel was a source of strength as Jesus went through the time of trial before he was crucified by the book desire wages paid 694 to find these words. Christ's agony did not cease after his prayer but his depression and discouragement left him on that the soak in. His agony did not cease but what left the pression and the scurry commit the storm had in no wise abated but he who was its object was strengthened to meet its fury Listen to this he came forth calm and serene a heavenly peace rushed it upon his blood stained face I don't want you to miss this Jesus as he comes out of the guy what before when Jesus went into the garden you read it in the book desire of ages she says he was staggering as he came into the garden he was moaning as the weight of the sin of the world was being pressed upon him the prospect of being separated from his heavenly father was more than his humanity could bear and I see clung to the earth there in the garden of get 70 pleading that the cup would pass from him as his will was surrendered to his father's will now he stands forth he stands up in that garden the sound of clanking armor is heading in his direction as the mob come to arrest him and he meets that mob come what made the change there is one thing that happened between when Jesus entered the garden and the mob arrested him and it was prayer which made all the difference brothers and sisters I'm going to suggest you this morning that it's no different for us when the war intensifies and I know that the war is raging even now today but the war as the Bible tells us in Bible prophecy is only going to intensify line. And as that war intensifies I know according to the Bible that God's people will be able to meet its fury the same way that Jesus did calm serene not depressed not discouraged but they will meet the storm calm because of the assurance of their father's acceptance before we get too far into this I want to suggest something to you you know that the devil is studying your character he watches what makes you tick he knows what makes you happy knows it makes you sad he knows what makes you lose your temper he knows what makes you lose your hold on God what discourages you and what encourages you he knows all of that stuff he knows your weak points and he is devising specific ways to Abe be able to get you or to try to get you to stumble and fall in this intense battle that we are fighting but can I suggest something else to you if the devil is studying your character you think we would do well to study our character ourselves and to find by the grace of God through the promptings of the Holy Spirit to find those weak points and to now today turn those weak spots into strong spots in our character that's what Jesus when he met the war that was he was about to engage in here in these last 48 hours of his life he met that war with a strong character in fact the Bible tells us Jesus says in John Chapter 14 a verse 30 write it down the Bible says Jesus said the prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me how much nothing he had nothing in him. And this is why when Satan came to attack him when say thing came to tempt him when Satan tried to get him to fall because say to news that his his his future was hanging in the balance that this was his opportunity to take humanity with him instead of allowing Jesus to redeem fallen humanity Satan was pouring down upon Jesus everything he could to try to get him to fall but there was nothing of Satan in Jesus the prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me and it's because of that that Jesus was able to stand in the midst of that battle and then I find these words in the book great controversy Page 623 it says this This is the condition she's commenting on that very verse the prince of this world come and have nothing in me she says this is the condition in which those who must meet are sorry those which those I'll start over again this is the condition in which those must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble well condition are we to be found in the Prince of this world cometh and hath one I don't know about you brother and sisters but when I read things like this I realize that there is some need for growth in my line but the temptation human humanly the temptation can be to become discouraged when we read things like that and say there's just no way that's the devil talking if this is God's ideal then God will do it if you let him this is not to be a discouragement this is a promise that God can get you to the point not you but God can get you to the point where the prince of this world come in and have nothing in you know Lord have mercy I want that experience in my life that's why the Bible describes and 1st John 2 in verse 3 that when Jesus comes we shall be like him. May God help you to find those weak spots in your character and not become discouraged by them but so say Lord take this weak spot and make it a fortress against the enemy those mean your Bibles Matthew Tep Chapter 26 we're going to pick up the narrative here Matthew chapter 26 and verse already 7 is where we're going to start. Jesus has just prayed his prayer of humble submission He now comes forth to meet the angry mob he's calm he serene he's dignify Now watch how things play out between Jesus and the disciples Matthew chapter 2647 the Bible says and well he yet spake Lo Judas one of the 12 came and with him a great multitude with swords and staffs from the chief priests and the elders of the people now he that betrayed him gave them a sign saying whomsoever I shall kiss that saying is he hold him fast now and forthwith he came to Jesus and said Hail master and kissed him there's a lot packed into these few little verses here we will not do it just this morning but we will touch on a few things that I believe will speak to our hearts even after 2 that Judas had follow Jesus for 3 and a half years this is what he did and it doesn't matter whether you are a lifelong Adventist a 3rd 4th 5th generation Adventist it doesn't matter what it is you are not beyond doing this to Jesus if you walk in your own cardboard armor you're doing things in your own strength and instead of the strength of God You are not beyond doing what Judas did he fell on the neck of Jesus and betrayed him with something that was to be given to a friend a loved one with a kiss I ask you the question how would you have responded if you were in Jesus position somebody that you had poured your time and energy into 3 and a half years. Somebody that you have prayed for long and long prayer sessions night after night somebody who you longed to see in the Kingdom of Heaven now be Trey's you with a kiss how would you have responded if you were in that situation or 50 tells us with Jesus. And Jesus said unto him friend Wherefore come then came day and laid hands on Jesus. And took him were in the Greek is a kindly address that is given to a good friend close acquaintance friend I don't know about you but somebody who's betraying me to be taken to the authorities I wouldn't humanly speaking refer to that person as a friend are you with me this morning but Jesus was looking through kind eyes he had a different heart than what we usually have it's interesting that as you watch this this whole thing play out the more that Jesus is squeezed in these 48 hours the more love comes out because the prince of this world coming and had nothing in him when Jesus was squeezed by betrayal when Jesus was squeezed by persecution when Jesus was squeezed by the cruel words from the angry mob when Jesus was squeezed by the force of a trial when he was hung on a cross squeezed by all of these things all that could come out was love because that's all that was in him and so as this trust it follower of his who was closely acquainted with him when Jesus saw him he said friend. Or help us. Have the same character of Jesus. Now you might not think this is too important of a point to meditate on how would you have responded if you were in that situation and my Bible tells me something interesting in Matthew Chapter 10 and verse 36 Jesus was sending out his disciples at this point we're going to get more into this text or this chapter in 2 days it's kind of Jesus' ordination speech does the cycles as he was sending them out and in verse 36 Jesus says this and a man's foes shall be day of his own household let me ask you a question as this war intensifies are we going to find ourself in the same position that Jesus found himself in in the garden when Judas came and kissed him yes or no yes we are a man's foes shall be they of his own household Judas came and betrayed Jesus to the authorities we in the last days there will be people of our own household those who we love those who we cherish those who we have had close relationships with who will be traded us how we respond in those situations Well our church board meetings tell us anything if our church business meetings tell us anything if our church socials and Sabbath school classes tell us anything there is room for growth and brothers and sisters this is not a growth that is going to come from within our own strength trying harder this growth will only come as we try harder to surrender and you know the interesting thing to me is that you can't even surrender on your own because my Bible tells me in John 15 that without God I can do nothing and even when it comes to surrender I need him to coach me they guide me and. Unless we enter into the experience of Jesus I believe we are in greater danger of entering into the experience of Judas. Now is our time of preparation to say Lord refine my character so that when Jesus comes I am like him that when the prince of this world come in he finds nothing in me that when trials and adversity and difficulties come and squeeze me that the love of Jesus comes out and stead of the poison of sin it's Ok you can be a good Christian when it's time when it's a time of peace you can be a good Christian when everybody speaking well about you you can be a good Christian and have all of that love coming out of you when everything is hunky dory but your experience with God really shows when you are put into a Bice and squeak when you're put in an uncomfortable position somebody speaks about you behind your back or criticizes you when somebody says something to you that you take offense to and somebody hurts you and does something to you that you feel you don't deserve it's at those moments when you are squeezed that your true Christianity comes out lest we enter into the experience of Jesus we are in greater danger of entering into the experience of Judas what Jesus did in the garden when Judas came and kissed him it was not human it was divine and what Judas did to Jesus in the garden was not human it was demonic and there will be one of 2 forces that will possess you in the last days it will be either be the force and the Spirit of God that will possess you 100 percent percent or it will be the spirit of the devil that will possess you 100 percent there is no middle ground here brothers and sisters we don't have time to be playing around in this battle. We believe the 7th they have been a step Bible prophecy tells us that Christ's coming is soon we have been preaching this for a while and if we really believe that Jesus is coming soon what are we doing to allow God to create in us the character of Jesus Well I hope pray morning by morning find you on your knees saying Lord not my will but thine be done that morning by morning you are found praying take me oh Lord as holy dawn I lay all my plans at your feet use me today in nice service Abide With Me and my works be rot in the story continues in Luke Chapter 22 and verse 49 we kind of jump around in the Gospels here to get all the details Luke Chapter 22 and verse 49 as the war intensifies we find Jesus being squeezed and as he is squeezed Love comes out notice what happens with the disciples were $49.00 the Bible says and when they which were about him saw what would follow they said unto him Lord shall we smite with a sword and one of them smote the servant of the High Priest and cut off his ear he didn't even wait for Jesus to respond he just went ahead and did it and Jesus said Jesus answered and said Suffer you thus far and he touched his ear and healed him of course we know this is Peter who did this right impetuous Peter just moments before what was Peter doing what was he doing and now the mob is standing all around and what is Peter doing. You know I find it interesting that the disciples were willing to fight for Jesus but they were willing to pray with Jesus they were willing to go out there and wield their swords and inflict bodily pain but when it came to fighting the real battle and they were sleeping in the garden. We sometimes like the disciples alive and vibrant when there's a Bible prophecy seminar going on. People come into our Bible prophecy seminars and we hit them with Bible text after bible text after bible text we have a guest who walks in off the street and we lay upon them you know all of these heavy texts about the having a good healthy diet and all of these heavy things before we even begin to develop a relationship with them but when we find ourselves in the morning we're busy sleeping instead of grain I find it interesting that the disciples were willing to fight for Jesus they weren't willing to pray with him when Jesus told Peter suffer ye this far and and did what Peter did was that a rebuke to him Peter thought he was protecting his Messiah this this had to be a good thing he was protecting him bodily don't you dare lay your hand upon my messiah he's a nun and this is not the way we go about things here on this earth that Peter put that sort of way put his hand on the hand head of that young man and gave him a brand new year that probably heard better than the other one what happens when you rebuke a proud person have you ever had that happen to you somebody rebuked you in your. You pride kind of rises up in your heart you want to respond in a human way when a proud person is rebuked they become offended and although the Bible doesn't explicitly state it I believe it is definitely alluded to in the book that I have a just Page $697.00 Bibles are the spirit prophecy says in their indignation and fear Peter proposed that they save themselves. Is there such a thing following this suggestion what did they do they pursue a can. And lead who suggestion was it that man who is review I find it interesting that it was Judas one of Jesus is the cycles who led the mob to betray Jesus and it was Peter one of Jesus is the cycles who lead the rest of the disciples if you really and forsake Jesus and you find that interesting you see how this narrative is playing out what was the difference yesterday we looked at this in the life of Jesus what made the difference for him how could he come out calm and serene He spent time in prayer and he also studied the Word of God He knew from Bible prophecy that this was going to happen he had informed himself from the Word of God and then he had surrendered himself to his father's will in prayer whereas the disciples had their fabricated idea of theology that Jesus was going to establish his earthly kingdom they did not base their understanding on a clear thus saith the Lord neither did they bathed in prayer and you see the narrative playing out here as Jesus comes out based on the Bible and in prayer he comes out calm ready to meet the mob with the love of Jesus that cycles on the other hand when they meet the mob they are weak and quickly defeated you see how fast they were defeated just boom just like that they all forsaken within moments within minutes they're all fleeing away and there Jesus stands all by him. As we look at the story of Peter cutting off the servant of the high priests ear the Lord speaks to me and says Jason if you are not as Jesus you will inflict pain in the lives of other people that is unnecessary and Jesus will have to come behind you and healed that. I don't want to do that I really don't want to do that that's why we today need to say Lord give me the experience of Jesus because when that war comes I want to be like a martial arts expert that knows exactly how to respond in the situation that it's not my human flesh that comes out but it's Divine Love that comes out weapons of our warfare are not carnal brothers and sisters but they are mighty to God pulling down of strong. Judas led the mom that betrayed Jesus Peter led the disciples only away from Jesus and John 16 in verse $32.00 is fulfilled behold the hour cometh yea and is now come that you shall be scattered every man to his own and shall leave me alone but I like the last part of the verse and yet I am not alone because my father is in that beautiful yesterday we were talking about how Jesus had his own individual experience he was not dependent upon the support of human people humanity to support his spiritual experience he could stand in his relationship with his God in hit with his father in his own strength just him in got he didn't need earthly support when all of those earthly supports were cut out from underneath him it did not change his relationship with God one iota and I find it interesting that Jesus it's almost like he's reaching out with the hand of faith that even though he begins to feel his father separating from him because the sin of the world is being placed upon him he still by faith understands that his father has not left him alone or is walking with us and in fact I don't like tells us that even though there was darkness that covered Calgary's Hill when Jesus hung on the cross the father was right there behind Right right right there beside his son. At the time that Jesus felt like his father was the farthest away his father was the close there's a lesson for us to learn there go with me in your Bibles back to Matthew Chapter 26 going to pick it up in verse 57 as we continue the story. We can clearly see that Bible study and prayer have a direct impact on how we fight in the spiritual war but notice how this impacts other people as they observe us in the middle of war this Friday morning Jesus has gone all night without any sleep without any sustenance being dragged from the garden to Anastas trial with the previous high priest and now as the early morning hours come he stands before k. iafis the current high priest k. ifas we're told in the book desire of Ages was an unscrupulous man this was an opportunity that he had been waiting for for Jesus' entire ministry to bring Jesus to the point of execution and he was not going to let this opportunity pass him by the Bible tells us this in 1st 57 and they that laid a hellhole on Jesus led him away to k. iafis the high priest where the scribes and the elders were symbol but Peter followed him a far off the height unto the high priest's palace and went in and sat with the servants to see the end now the chief priest and the elders and all the council sought false witness against Jesus to put him on to death but found none yet though many false witnesses came yet found a nun at the last came to false witnesses and said This fellow said I am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in 3 days and the high priest arose and said unto him answers down nothing what is it with these witness what is it which these witness against the. Listen carefully to these words from the book is I have a dispute 70 or as k. iafis looked upon the prisoner he was struck with admiration he was struck with admiration for the for his noble and dignified bearing Listen to this a conviction came over him that this man was a kin to gone the next instant he scored fully banished the thoughts This is outstanding to me Jesus had gone all night without sleeping and I don't know about you but when I go through a night without sleeping I'm not really worth looking at my patience is usually not at its finest my mind is usually not at it sharpest Jesus said just gone through an intense battle in the garden surrendering his will to The Heavenly Father His face was stained with blood his skin was sensitive from that experience of sweating great drops of blood he had gone through this whole experience and now he stands before k. ifas and all k. ifas has to do is look at Jesus and he falls under conviction not a word was spoken at this point and k. I if this is convicted I don't know about you but I want that type of power in my line too often I believe that we try to be witnesses through manipulation through guilt but I pray that God would give us the Holy Spirit in our life that all people have to do is look at us and they fall under conviction the silent witness now I'm not saying that you should not use your mouth because you should and we will find that Jesus does this but Jesus was so filled with the Holy Spirit He was so filled with God that people could look at him and see and fall under conviction of the hosp of the Holy Spirit. May God give us that silent witness noticed this Zire major speech 7 o 5 she continues she says the people now going from k. ifas the people now the people compared the excited malignant department of Ann and I assert Anis and chaos fists and with the calm majestic bearing of Jesus even in the midst of that hard in multitude a rose the question is if this man of God like presence to be condemned as a criminal he ifas begins to see that the crowd is being affected by Geo says presence and you'll find that as you as you follow the story we won't have time to do this this week but you can go back and look at as you follow the story from the garden all the way through to Christ's crucifixion as you follow the story wherever Jesus grows he brings conviction just by his presence you actually find that if you get closer and closer to Calvary's cross Jesus speaks less and less but his presence still brings great conviction want that experience a crave for that experience so they bring into false witnesses and as these false witnesses begin to talk the more they talk the more they contradict one another until Mark tells us in his Gospel neither so did their witness agree together and all during this Jesus stands silent out when you're being falsely accused What do you usually want to do but wait let me tell you how it really happened right we want to defend ourselves Jesus to stand back and he lets the Holy Spirit do the work we think of the story continuing here in verse 3063 and Jesus held his peace. And the high priest answered and sent to him I a jersey by the Living God That thou tell us whether that would be Christ the Son of God and Jesus said unto him that now has said nevertheless I say unto you here after shall you see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of Power and coming in the clouds of heaven then the High Priest rent his clothes saying he hath spoken blasphemy what further need have we of witness but behold now you have heard his blasphemy What think ye answer and said he is guilty of death then they did spit in his face and Buffet him another smote him with the palms of their hands same proper silent to us the Christ who it is that smote the. Jury's Jesus by the living gone he can't keep silent at that point any longer he says this yes I am the Son of God and you will see me come in the clouds of heaven one day when King I have this here is this he rents as he tears his clothes he breaks the law of the Old Testament the high priest was never to rend his garment and then he proceeds to use his influence to persuade the crowd you see the Jewish system of law the high priest would not give his sentence less he influenced other people to follow his direction he would wait until the other people had an opportunity in the Sanhedrin to come to their conclusion they can i k ifas cannot let this opportunity pass him by he must secure the condemnation of Jesus and so he throws his influence in as I made a speech 710 says this The ignorant rabble had seen the cruelty with which he was treated before the council. And from this they took license to manifest all the se Tenach elements of their nature Christ's very nobility Don't miss this brother and sisters and god like bearing go to them to madness his meekness his innocence his majestic patience filled them with hatred born of Satan mercy and justice were trampled upon never was a criminal treated in so inhumane a manner as was the Son of God Yet as he was squeezed what came out. Because the prince of this world cometh and had nothing in him. You know as we get closer and closer to the end in this war intensifies I want to tell you something brother and sisters when God creates a new the character of Jesus that very character will go to the ungodly to. Tenak madness and they will heap upon you what they heaped upon Jesus and it will only be that relationship with God that you have developed in Bible study and prayer each morning that will sustain you during that time it will only be that daily walking with the Lord sensing his presence learning how he speaks in communicates with you it will only be that relationship with God that will sustain you when everybody is against you well Jesus stood there in chaos and hisses Hallis being yelled at mistreated and abused by religious people you know this wasn't just the un Godly this wasn't just the un Christian people these were religious leaders and the Jewish nation that were mistreating the Son of God physically mistreating me carefully brothers sisters I have people come to me many times and say. That such and such a leader did this to me and such and such a leader did that to me this pastor said this to me this pastor said that to me and this is why I'm at where I'm at and I want to tell you something brothers or sisters if your relationship with God is that shallow that a minister or religious leader can cause you to let go of your head hold on God something is wrong with your spiritual experience and you need to get in your prayer closet not get out until you fix that problem Listen I'm not making an excuse for religious people to do mean things to other people but the reality of it is according to the story of Jesus the stuff that's going to happen we need a deep relationship with God that no matter who does whatever to us we will never be tempted to let go of our hold upon Jesus even if it's high ranking church officials God forbid that this ever happens pray for your leaders because they're under tremendous stress and pressure that you would never relinquish your hold upon God and as we look at Jesus going through these trials being mistreated by the High Priest physically. Still hold on to his daddy's hands won't let go of that death grip of his father's hand why because Jesus knew his heavenly father he knew his father he had developed this relation and he knew his father so intimately that his father would walk with him as he went through this experience that although all earthly supports were pulled out from underneath him his father was still with him the samee carefully or wrapping this thing up Daniel Chapter 11 in verse 32 just jot it down for the sake of time bible says this. The people that do know their god. The people that what. We'll be strong and do exploits which are deeds that are exceedingly brilliant and heroic the people that what will be what how is Jesus strong in the midst of this trial he was strong because he knew his God He knew his heavenly father he had walked with him he had talked with him he had experienced him on a daily basis and that strength sustain him that knowing of God sustained him in that dark hour what does the Bible say and this is life eternal that they might know. I find it interesting the Bible doesn't say that they might know 28 fundamental believes and I always have to put the disclaimer in there we need Bible doctrine I'm not saying that we need to throw out Bible doctrine and just have a relationship with great with God We need both but I think we have fallen into the trap of Adventism that as long as we're good on the 28 we're good for heaven no we need the $28.00 and we need to be searching for more Biblical doctrine in the Bible that is biblically based brothers and sisters it wasn't the doctrine that sustained Jesus during that time it was knowing his father its strength that strength that will sustain us in the last days is no wing our heavenly. They shall be strong and exploits who know God once had somebody come up to me later in our church one of our churches and ask the question what does it mean to know gone maybe you're asking that same question but perhaps are embarrassed to ask it so I give you a few quick references here on the screen. For you to let it take upon I'm just going to read these one liners very quickly this is not a complicated thing it's very simple to understand we are told that to know God is to love him. Or be just a 22 to know God is to trust him fully they with God page 316 to know God is eternal life to know God is to be one with him in heart and mind I like that one it's not complicated stuff I think about in terms of your relationship with your spouse or with your children you know them by spending time with them by talking with them by doing things with them by going places with them by developing a relationship with them that's how you know somebody Christ object lessons face 354 says this The value of a man is estimated in heaven according to his capacity to the chording to the capacity of his heart to know God This knowledge is the spring from which flows all power our time is coming to a close and so I ask you the question How well do you know God Now I'm with you on this one friend please don't feel like I'm preaching down at you because this sermon preached to me before preached to you my heart burns within me to know God more intimately and I want this experience with Jesus this experience of Jesus with all of my heart as I trace these last 48 hours of the life of Christ I see the peril of neglecting to Bible study in prayer played out in the life of the disciple but I praise God that God gave them a 2nd chance. And I see the success of Bible study and prayer play out in the life of Jesus and I say God I don't want to make the disdain the mistake of the disciples I want to learn from the life of Jesus and follow his example because I might not get a 2nd chance when this battle intensifies and the mark of the beast is in force and all of these calamities begin to take place in the last days what the know my God walk with him the whole and his hand and never let it go no matter what this earth may bring my my way I don't know what's going to happen to you when you leave Michigan conference can't meeting you may go on to live another 30 or 40 or 50 years raise God but you're my life might be a whole lot shorter we've had these type of events where we come and have these spiritual highs and then on the way home somebody dies you don't pray for that but it might happen how well do you know God that the most important thing in your life would you like to say this morning Father I want to know you as Jesus knew you that you desire and like to stand with me as we have a closing words. Are there in heaven to stand before you this morning asking you for help Lord we recognize our weakness our tendency is to gain knowledge in worldly things and not a knowledge of God botherer we stand before you this morning saying that and come to an end we are asking you Lord help us again the deep experience of knowing God the way Jesus knew his Heavenly Father and that that knowledge of you will give us strength and sustain us as the war continues to intensify in our lines Lord we recognize we are weak but we also understand that that's a good thing. Because when we are weak then you can make us strong in your strength or father you know this experience we crave it and we thank you that you are more willing to give it to us than we are to receive it you guide us Lord as we go from this place of worship throughout the day the sharp minds learn what you have in store for us from the other speakers those kind words in our mouth Lord let us look for ways to show the love of Jesus and when we are tested today Father respond in a carnal way may you give us the strength to respond the way Jesus we thank you father. And place our life in your in small. Yes in g.. Plus one. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version of it or if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave it with w.w.w. dot audio 1st stop or.


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