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Prophecy over Politics

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • January 18, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Holy Father our fallen gun Heaven Father we thank you for another day of life and breath for air in our lungs in the heart beats and father today in spite of myself may be a blessing not a curse or people this church is in verse a great means for me to be here so father in spite of myself maybe blessed by the preaching the word today so Father I ask that you fill us with the Holy Spirit. May mind hard indeed be touched by the preaching of the word from this week man. We ask that you do something special today this week for a in Jesus' name. God has raised the United States of America for a specific special positive purpose to contribute to world civilization infer notice when inspiration Maranatha page one hour if we paragraph for this is the purpose of the United States of America. Inspirations the earth and Lord has done more for the United States is there any other country upon which the sun shines so God is the more for this nation than any other nation on Earth including Israel. Here if he provided an asylum for his people where they can worship him according to the dictates of conscience God designed that this country should ever remain free for how many people all people to worship Him in accordance to the dictates of conscience so the purpose of why God raises the United States of America was a haven for religious liberty where people can worship however they want as long as they are not in danger in public safety. God has raised this country as a special testimony of a institution where church does not influence politics and politics and government does not influence a church in fact the 1st mention of the United States is found in Revelation Chapter 12 versus Tino's the Bible says and Revelation 1215 this is the very 1st mention of the United States of America the Bible says is and the Serpent who is Satan cast out his mouth water we know that water represents heavily populated area peoples multitude sometimes called Revelations and $115.00 and prophets $804.00 flood one Gollum and one earth a flood after the woman we know that the woman represent to the church of peace and 525 that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood so this heavily populated area seeks to destroy God's church with people with multitudes and tongues various nations seeking to destroy got people but something helped the church and the earth or a unpopulated area helped the woman and the earth open her mouth and swallow of the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth so God raised North America as a haven for escape from Europe which was in a church state merged system whenever you merge church and state persecution and intolerance happens and also in the personal application whenever we feel like things are breaking apart in our personal lives whenever we think that things are surrounding that we are so overwhelmed but trial God always provides a way of escape in a way of refuge as God does at prophetically with the church Garci to do that with us personally in our everyday lives and so God raised up North America where the Pilgrim Fathers bravely came through to North America to scape religious persecution. But what ultimately happened to this nation of religious liberty knows of the houses and Revelation $1311.00 and I beheld another beast coming out of that same earth unpopulated area and here are 2 horns like a land and he spake as a dragon so this nation with Christian principles of choice because God is the God of choice and not of force because God is Love will have a guise of these principles will but will speak as a dragon question what is a dragon represent that is a correct answer but there is a deeper correct answer no suitable for the Revelation Chapter 12 was for the Bible says this and his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven and they cast them to the earth and the dragon still before the woman which was raised as the liver for to devour her child as soon as there was war question does Satan personally come to kill people yes or no Satan uses people or governments is that correct what government was used to try to kill Jesus when he was born pagan row and notice to speak as a dragon could be that power will speak as a power of pagan room in fact the spirit prophet confirms it knows what inspiration says and great conversely page 438 paragraph 2 inspiration says is the line a prophecy when these symbols are found begin with Revelation 12 with the Dragon that sought to destroy Christ as a birth the dragon is said to be Satan but it was that moved upon Herod to put the savior to death but the chief Asian and stated making war with Christ and his people during the 1st centuries of the Christian era was the Roman Empire it was Paganism was the prevailing religious Thus while the dragon primal represent Satan it is secondary sense a symbol of pagan robe so this lamb likes to be said speaks of the dragon who speak as though a pagan robe. Why is it taking Rome if you look at the history of Pagan Rome Rome 1st began as a republic a republic is where the people elect representatives to represent the law so Rome started out as a republic just like the United States but that Rome would then expand and become a Empire and as interesting as it expands as an empire it would be in debt heavy debt because of Foreign Wars sounds familiar it would also be in heavy debt because it was start to support a welfare class within the nation so heavy heavy debt and also it was suffer a severe moral decline the family will be disintegrated immorality of all sorts of licentiousness will be permeating all throughout society in fact during this time when Rome's moral decay would happen the government instituted what's called Bread and Circuses entertainment theater to pacify the population from not realizing how bad society is if that you had gladiator games the m.m.a. and the n.f.l. at that time sorry enough of so you had all sorts of things that you see in the past that are repeat in the present and because society was taking so much and because society was disintegrating in Rome it was a seed to a Christian religion and also many give way to the papacy of the system the church and state so from a republic to an empire to that of church and state so to the United States started as a republic it is now expanded into an empire in debt with foreign wars it is going through a moral decline in society we see all around societies pacify with the entertainment. To be distracted what's really going on but all to me it was to see to a system of church and state so that speak as a dragon is history repeating in the context of Pagan Rome transferring into Papal Rome and that is the type of history that we are faced as a nation today so what is the lamb why Peter speaks as the dragon do now as the Bible says the Revelation 1315 the Bible says says this and here power to give life and to the image of the beast that the image of the beach should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed so the image of the beast the beast power resists the business power to image is a merger of church and state and this lamb like peace war cause or force many as well now worship the image of the beast to be killed and so there's a dragon voice notice what inspiration says $442.00 paragraph one the prediction that it will speak as a dragon exercise all the powers of the 1st beast plainly foretells a development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution are we in the period of intolerance here today if you're a Democrat you hate a Republican if you're a Republican you hate Democrat if you're a Democrat you think Republicans are racist if you're a Republican you think a Democrat Socialist We have wide polarization here today intolerance that was manifested by the nice represent by the dragon and beast and the same in the case that the authority of this nation is to be exercised in force in some of the rivers which will be an act of the are much of the papacy now I want to say here notice that this beast power is seeking to cause or force people to worship the image of the beast what makes them work of the beast mark of the beast is not Sunday worship by itself it is still me. The market of bees is not the mark of the beast because its Sunday worship by itself will make the market a beast the mark of the beast is forced Sunday worship you understand what I'm saying there is a difference so are Catholic and Evangelical Friends do not have the mark of the beast at this time Amen It is one for Sunday worship happens is when this dragon lives lamblike peace will fill its prophetic order so how will we reach that point notice the sequence morals will decrease are we seeing a moral decline here today we see a moral decline since the 1920 s. is 100 years in the 1920 s. you had the flappers Yeah the jazz age you had loose morals you had a party and you had the roaring twenty's at that time morals were declining at that time then you had and 960 s. with the sexual revolution and secular humanism all devolve into the disco age to the hip hop age to the rock and roll it into we have today so we see a moral decline in the last 100 years also the increase in natural disasters that we see that we've seen that since the 980 s. that more and more natural disasters become fearsome and disastrous and the question is are the insurance companies ready to sustain and hopefully bill or do they have enough funds you know and there are no leave to a decrease in temporal prosperity and other words the economic situation of the nation will decline because of the debts that we cannot sustain and so the decline of morals the rise in natural disasters and then the decline of temporal prosperity economics because if you don't have money you cannot live well cause people to be so desperate that they would want anything to solve their problems and alternately leave to force worship of force to resist. You see a liberal a conservative a spiritualist a hippie evangelical Christian when you take away their basic needs they will listen to any type of solution to make things better and so we are in a situation leading up to this situation where no matter what political persuasion you are in either to the left or the right this situation will come through because God's prophetic tells us that this is going on now prophetically there are 2 great powers of pointed down Chapter 11 time will not allow me to completely articulate this I will do my best to give you a crash course you have 2 powers you had a king in the south to represent Egypt and you had a king in the north that represents Babylon the king of the South represents Egypt and we know that in the last days usual not be a major power so it has to be symbolic and we know that through Daniel leaven through in and that Egypt is a spiritual power and we study the life of Egypt point to Leviticus Chapter 18 Egypt represents what's called Secular Humanism In other words you will need God to live a better life we could do whatever we want we could live however we want we can live how we please this power is warring against the king of the north which represents Babylon which represent the papacy which represents a power that will seek to merge church and state so to power as the king of the South and the king of the north are warring together and who is in the center some of their evidence you see in these last days we cannot afford to openly align with ourselves to one political party to another because both sides are doing in the enemy to institute the destruction of religious liberty. So how does the king of the South what is the king of the South what is the ultra left what are they doing in October 11th 2019 we had one Democrat candidate better all Rorik he said this that if Christian churches and their Christian schools and institutions do not adhere to accept you and say anything hostility toward same sex marriages then they should get their files on c. 3 or nonprofit taken away so that's from the left it gets further when the same sex marriage happened the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts the he said this in the dissenting opinion no this horrid questions arise when people of faith exercise religion in the ways that may be sent to conflict with the new right to same sex marriage when for example religious college provides married student housing only to opposite sex married couples or religious adoption agency declines to place children with same sex married couples indeed the solicitor general can only acknowledge that the tax to the sins of some religious institutions will be in question if they oppose same sex marriage this is the chief justice Supreme Court there is little doubt that these and similar questions will soon be before the court unfortunately people of faith can take no comfort in the treatment they receive from the majority today this happened in 2016 and because of this what happened on the left in the left seeking the persecute Christian values the right to assert itself in fact in ancient Israel. The left the room pagan Roman Empire sought to threaten the existence of the Jewish nation and whether the Jewish nation do know what the Bible says and John had to live and respond this is the meeting of the Sanhedrin I will let him thus alone all men will believe on Him and the Roman shall come and take away both our place and nation so the Jewish nation with afraid that the secular left of the Roman Empire will take away their nation and how do the Jews leaders do what they do nor consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation perish not in other words just like in Christ day when the secular Romans start to take away the Jewish nation the Jewish leaders said that we would like to preserve our nation and so we will suck sacrifice our principles we will sacrifice Jesus so there are nation could be saved so too when the last days the even Jellicoe Christian right will seek to take out liberty of conscience away from the people or into the stablished the Christian religion and who will be crucified will be God's people in the form of persecution infernos with desire of ages page $590.00 paragraph $0.02 desire which is finally paragraph 2 inspirations as this but they in the religious world there are a multitude who as they believe are working for the establishment of the Kingdom of God as an earthly and temporal dominion they desire to make our Lord the ruler of the kingdoms of this world the ruler in the courts and cancer in the halls it's palaces and market places. They expect him to rule through illegal and that means in force by human authority since Christ is not now here in person they themselves will undertake to act in their stead to execute the laws of this kingdom and so because of the fear of the left the evangelical right is seeking to use government to protect its interests by persecuting the left both the left and the right are seeking to persecute one another so what is the safeguard their god is a stablished where government does not intrude in religious and religion will not intrude in the church and also the Bible says the 2nd Chronicles Chapter 19 verse 11 Do you know that Israel although it's a theocracy exercise the separation of church and state notice what the Bible says and behold m.r.i. of the chief priest is over you and all are matters of the matters of the Lord and the lie of a son is to mail the ruler of the house of Judah of for all the. Kings matters is the king political is the matters of war religious nor is there a separate she freezes over of the matters of the Lord and there are Dial-A son in Israel or of the matters of the king's matters in other words there is a separation the King will have no involvement in a religion of the century service of the Hebrew economy likewise the priests had no involvement with the Jewish political system at that time so we see here a separation of church and state that was God's order so God desires a separation of church and state and what is inspiration said conversely page 442 Paragraph 2 servers. The founders of the nation wisely start to guard against employment of secular power in part of the church whether it's in their will result in tolerance and persecution the Constitution provides a Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof and that no religious test shall be ever required as a qualification to any office or public trust in the United States only in flagrant violation of these safeguards to the nation's liberty can any rules of the evidence be enforced by civil authority so God established the 1st a limit in this nation where we are free to worship our we want the free exercise clause and that no religion can establish a state sanctioned religion the establishment clause you see the left is seeking to inhibit our free exercise of religion the right is seeking to establish a religion in the guise of government notice what's going on Time Magazine August 15th 2016 we see our current president is seeking to undo what's called the Johnson Amendment and the other Johnson in them and prevents churches from openly aligning themselves like political action parties to support a presidential candidate now some of you said what's the big deal of this notice what inspiration says not what great controversy page 493 Paragraph 3 says so the Johnson moment says that churches cannot openly give political money and donations to a political candidate but notice what a great conversation what happens when money is given the dignitaries the church and state will unite to. Persuade or compel all classes there on a Sunday the lack of divine authority will be supplied by a president that mints. Political corruption at this point love the Justice and regard for truth and even in free America rules and legislators in order to secure public favor will yield to the what the men popular demand if you have a bunch of voters wanting a son in law what's going to happen with the politicians they all want a partner demand for a law enforcing something of the risk literally a cancer which was cause so great a sacrifice will no longer be respected that's why we have a president here today that listens to evangelicals why because of votes they voted him in and politicians love power no matter what votes or no matter how contradictory they are to their values and so what's going on now to over 112900 the attorney general of the United States in the official capacity of the attorney general of the United States gave a speech in Notre Dame University now William Barr in the official capacity of the attorney general this is printed in the Department of Justice website and honestly I read his speech he had a lot of good things to say but he says very something very interesting notice ever ever there was a need for a resurgence of Catholic education and more generally religious affiliate schools it is today I think we should do all we can to promote and support authentic Catholic education at all levels so we see here that someone in the official capacity United States is favoring one religion over another and how do we even Journal view our president notice January 13th 2020 before transplant several evangelical leaders lay their hands on the president prayed for him apostle go on their own mother now though the pastor pray that Trump will fulfill his role as a new king Cyrus. The Old Testament Persian ruler that released the Jews from captivity and allowed them to build Jerusalem you know evangelical eschatology has an effect about Jerusalem they believe that this present wall allow that restoration of Jerusalem to happen but we know that that's a red herring in these last days because there is no prophetic significance of Jerusalem and we see here that the pieces are being said for this great crisis in fact notice couple months ago November a 2019 present from a point Apollo why as his longtime spiritual adviser to join the White House staff her warm up plan would be to solicit input from religious groups on White House initiatives and to maintain trumped strong ties to religious leaders who support him so in other words the in that Celko Christians have a direct influence on all laws and agenda of this current president we live in some very interesting times either from the left we see persecution in the right we see persecution and so will we just as some thousands do we should trust in Jesus and Jesus alone if that notice what the Bible says and salt 118 verse 9 as I bring some final points it is better to trust in the Lord than put in the confidence in Princes is better to trust in God than politicians politicians will sell. But God will not fail us in fact it was an inspiration says a great Congress paid for 45 paragraphs one when the leading churches of the United States uniting upon such points and doctrines as are held by them in common shall influence the state in force or decrees and to sustain their institutions then what America products in America. We'll have formed the image of the Roman hierarchy and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters when they're fully restore the image of the beast represents that formal party Protestantism which will develop when the process and churches shall see the aid of civil power or the government for their Forstmann of their dogmas the market of bees still remains to be defined in other words are we saying here process churches seeking to aid the civil power here today yes or no we're seeing it right before our eyes the great controversy is alive right before our eyes in real time if people have any doubts on the great Conover see tell them the really great controversy and compare it to current events I don't care if it's Fox News see and then m.s.n. b.c. that will all conclude that a White is the true problem it is the Religious Right now all to know we defeated the secular left now I'm not making any predictions for 2020 but all these Christians that are afraid of this culture war that these secular humanists are going away and there is nothing to fear because at the end of the day the evangelical Christian right will win of course the Bible Prophecy So what did Jesus do when asked if he was asserting political power as a king as I bring some final point Jesus answered This is when Jesus was accused of starting a political revolution in Israel by Pilot Jesus answered My kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then my servants 5 and one my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my cane and not from hence Likewise we are sent to avarice was the clearer Our kingdom is not of this world we are looking forward to the great superpower a nation the land of the free home of the brave the kingdom of heaven the true superpower a nation that will last forever. And so what does inspiration counsels us in these days of political The wise for this. Passport workers face 391 paragraph 2 the war will have its people bury political questions on these themes silences eloquence cries calls upon his followers to come into unity on a pure Gospel Principles which are plainly revealed in the Word of God we can i would save the vote for political parties for we do not know whom we are voting for we can I would say 50 take part in any political scheme either to the right or to the left so what does jesus ask us to do so brazen 5 points Luke Chapter 9 verse $23.00 and he said to them all if any man will come after me and lead him denying himself and take up his cross daily and follow me do you know when Jesus was about to die it was the Farriss who are the nationalists and pages of Israel they want to make Israel great again and then with a Sadducees who are global those who supported Roman globalization collaborated in arrested to kill Jesus and so we should not fall to the ditch to the right to the left we should focus on caring or cross and to vindicate God's character in these last days so what is the worth a god is seeking us to do in these last days knows the Bible says and book chapter 4 in Luke Chapter 4 reseating the Bible says this in the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has set me to heal the broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering the sight of the Bligh said liberty to them dollar brews to preach the acceptable year of the Lord in other words it is a human message coupled with a prophetic message. And so Jesus to not let political opinions get in the way of how he ministers he did not align with the zealots or other groups overthrow the Romans nor did he curry favor with the religious leaders he healed the son of a Roman centurion heal the Canaanite woman he minister to tax collectors to prosecute to lovers and the outcasts he minister to the powerful such as Simon The 1st see and they could Demas so too we are some fabulous have a message that reaches whatever political persuasion and whatever social class and God is calling us to do that mission here today we have a health care crisis but we have medical missionary work l. g.b.t. issues we can demonstrate loving Christian avenues home of a model heaven on earth marriage here by demonstrating beautiful marriages to show the l.g.b. the community what a true Christian home is with the issue of racism we have the everlasting Gospel that preaches to every nation can return and people in this congregation is an example that there is no color was because we're united by the everlasting Gospel of Jesus for homo says we can offer job training for Sustainable Living for abortion we can invest in the neglected ministry of orphanages establish orphanages as a better alternative for an abortion instead of waiting for the government to pass whatever law we could be proactive in a status orphanages to show people that life is important that we will take care of these life and show them their avenues homes could be also a ministry of evangelism we can reach liberals and ultra left with our vision health food restaurants and we can also reach the left with our sustainable country living ideas God has a message for us to reach all people. And for the conservatives we can show them that we year to the love of God that we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman that we believe in family values that we believe in being just an honorable and orderly and society and so God has given us the message to reach the left and to the right but if we succumb to partisan politics we destroy our influence and God desires us to be separate from the world prophecy over politics and so what assurance is God's entire people are Notice revolution 15 verse 3 final text the Bible says this. And I saw as there were a sea of glass me with fire and them then I got on the victory over the beast over is image and over his mark and over of the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the hearts of God victory is assured for us as the entire people who is the beast represent the beast represents the papacy we will get victory over the principles of the papacy What is the image of the papacy church and state we will get victory over the persecution power of church and state what is the mark that is the 4th day of worship we will gain victory over that oppressive law was a number of this name it is his character is a character of force and coersion using government means to try to manipulate where the ends justify the means we will gain victory over that system and God is calling us to be administers in these last days to do a special work you know a lot of young people here today is into social justice this so-called walk generation but you know the social justice that we can appeal to our young people is religious liberty. Religious liberty for all people even for the Muslims even for the Buddhists even for the atheists you see 80 Jones also advocated for religious liberty for all people in civil government religion pages 33 and 56 he even said that we must advocate for the religious liberty of atheists or champion religious liberty and so like the 3 Hebrew boys when there was a image the state sanction the stablished forced worship image that was established a violation of the status because the 3 Hebrew boys stood up against Babel. When Daniel stood up against the Medes and Persians because his Free Exercise of Religion was violated so too in these last days God is calling you and I to stand up for religious liberty. So that all people can make a choice other love except Jesus and none of us. Can probably give the message if we succumb to partisan politics God is calling us to vote for the party that matters which is the party of heaven which is the kingdom. You see today we are faced with the election in 2020 and people are afraid of the outcome. But as long as we vote for Jesus we will be Ok. And God is calling us to vote for him today to do a special word today to reach the Democrat. To reach to Republicans. To reach their eligibility to reach the straight to reach whatever nationality no matter whatever caste no matter what race God has given us a message to penetrate whatever prejudice whatever barrier that is given by this earthly world because our message contained a treat and a. God is calling on the free. Markets and. Our Father God in heaven. Father forgive me for this is the message. The Father we thank you for the bus it's a religious liberty. And father today I just ask that we as a people. No longer entangle ourselves into partisan politics before because on you to do that for sure. And President has about an hour to close is there someone today and the sound of my boy thing father today. I want to reach all people regardless of their political background regardless of their race regardless of their ideas or persuasion use me to use the 3rd angel message and power to reach whatever people if that is our I ask that you stand for this commitment that your. Father today tonight I do not want to use partisan politics to damage my influence but I want to reach all people. Who know that in the short of these last days. I am standing with your brothers sisters Father in heaven I am fermion your people or. Today we vote for you and help us to vote for you everyday. From here on to. We thank you for your mercy and grace we ask for you do something special. And work for a more loving. This week for us and. We hope you are blessed by this presentation from revelation of hope ministries revelation of the histories of faith based nonprofit worldwide evangelistic ministry whose mission is to increase the population of Heaven by sharing the hope health and harmony of heaven in all the world this ministry depends upon the prayers and partnership of supporters like you we ask that you please prayerfully consider partnering with us to take the message of Christ into all the world in this generation for more information about this ministry or to invite revelation of hope ministries to your church or events visit our website at revelation of hope Ministries dot com That's Revolution of Hope Ministries dot com or call us at 1844 y. hope that's 1844 w.h.y. h o p.


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