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The Mark of the Beast, the Wrath of God, and Spiritual Abuse

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • January 18, 2020
    2:00 PM
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Holy Father our Father God in heaven. Father we thank you for another day of life and breath we thank you that your people have lingered here just a little longer to gain additional blessing by your words so far as part of my serve the you honor their sacrifice it may be a blessing not a curse to people I ask that you fill us with the Holy Spirit the mind hard indeed be touched by the preaching your word this we pray in Jesus name. As a teacher. I'm an authority figure and as a teacher you have some power among the students in your class the power behind my authority is the power to punish because I could give detention. Or I could write a referral or there is some power behind what I do and it's very interesting as I further along in avenues education and one of the things that I've really appreciate about my 6 years in teaching in the school is that it reveals to me how much I need Jesus in the classroom. Because the greatest mirrors are students their students are honest and so I say I've discovered that the classroom is a laboratory for my salvation seeing my failures seeing my successes and seeing how so easily power can corrupt you in this representing Jesus in fact there is a famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln but it's not from Abraham Lincoln it's from a poet named Robert Ingersoll he says this nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power you see the issue in the last days is the issue of power and control. Because the institution of church and state will have the power to punish but the only power the only authority that could just sleep punish is God Himself in fact what does the Bible say that God will do to the institution who seeks power and to weaponize religion those are the Bible says of Revelation 14 verses 9 the Bible says this and the 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any mouth worship the beast his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels in the presence of the lamb that is some very solemn punishment in the Bible says that anyone that works at the pieces image and receive his mark will receive this punishment this wrath of God without mixture now Oftentimes we think that this punishment is reserved for people or worshipping on a certain day. Well as I study Bible prophecy and I study the Bible in the spirit of prophecy it is deeper then people worshipping on that particular day because there is a system there is a philosophy there are methodology is of that system doesn't of doing that day of forced worship those principles that causes God to punish those that are here to the system so we have to determine when we see that if any man worship the beast and his image Who are they worshipping which is the Beast What does the beast do and as we study what the beast does we can understand why God measures search a severe punishment when we think God is harsh through this text but as we study Bible prophecy we realize our God is a just God in punishing in such manner in fact notice what the Bible says what the beast does not the Bible says in Revelation 13 versus ix Revelation 13 versus the Bible says this This is about the beast and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme His name and his tabernacle and then that dwell in heaven and he was given unto him to make war with the Saints and to overcome him and power has given him over all kindreds terms and nations so the characteristics of the peace is the number one blasphemes against God So you worship the beast you worship a beast that blasphemes against God his name and his tabernacle and they're all that one has a number 2 makes war with the Saints or persecutes God's people Number 2 number 3 power was given over him to all nations kindreds tongues and people so at last means number one number 2 it makes war with God's people and number 3 it gives power and authority over the whole world. So what is blasphemy blasphemy against God to blaspheme is the name and his family are core and then that one heaven blasphemy is the claim to forgive sins Mark Chapter 2 verse 7 and claims to be God So when you worship the beast you're worshipping a entity that claims to be God and claims to forgive since another thing about worship the beast is this is more than the day you worshipping a system that persecutes God's people so what makes the mark of the beast mark of the beast and worse in the beast worship in the beast is that you worshipping a system that claims to be god claims to forgive sins and claims when the source of power and authority to persecute God's people now what other beast was found in the Book of Revelation that helps us for these most of the Bible says and Revelation 13 bristle when the Bible says this and I beheld another piece coming out and here are 2 whole cycle where any spake as a dragon so a piece disguised as a Christian Nation speaks as a dragon and what does a dragon do a dragon does is known as the Bible says and Revelation Chapter 12 or 13 the Bible says and when the dragon saw that he had cast into the earth he would he do so the dragon speaks in persecution at abundance of the heart the mouth speak it our actions reflect our heart so this is a personal power and one of the I can do Revelation 1217 and the drug was wrought with a woman and went to make war with the Roman receive which keep the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ so this piece How are they I got polishes number one claimed to be God Number 2 claims to forgive since Number 3 makes war against God's people Number 4. Exert power and authority against the nation's number 5 persecutes God's commitment to keeping people they keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus and that was what made the mark of the beast and more of these is not only worshipping on the day you're actually worshipping a system that seeks to destroy God's people and that's why God is punishing the beast power it is more than the day it is the actions based upon that power that causes God to punish that power so the Bible says that this beast power causes or forces the earth and them that which dwell there in to worship the 1st be so this lamb ips causes or forces so what's connected with a mark of the beast is that of force people being forced to worship against their will and what is spiritually abuse about the market abuses this that if you don't worship the way that I worship then your basic needs are going to be deprived and God is not a god of force but God is a God of love I care force you to love me I can go to my student and put a gun to his your favorite teacher that force but if the student by it's all voluntary conclusion likes me as a teacher that's by his own choice or conscience and so this great converse in these last days is between a power Satan they're seeking to compel people by force and God who seeking to winners by love is between force and love that this great Congress is hinged on and what is the lamb ibs cause people to worship knows the Bible says in Revelation 13 was 15. The Bible says this and here power to give life into the image of the beast and the image of the bee should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image the beasts should be killed and so what causes this mark of the beast to be the mark of the beast is the death decrees say if you don't worship the way i do we will kill you that is spiritual abuse and so knows when inspiration is in great conversely page 442 paragraph one about speaking as a dragon the prediction that it will speak as a dragon exercise all the power of the 1st piece plainly foretells a development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution that was manifested by the nations represented by the dragon and peace and the statement in the case that the authority of this nation is to be exercised in forcing some of the servants which shall be an act of Armitage to the papacy So speaking as a dragon is being intolerant and being a persecuting power and so the lamb Y.B.'s will exercise all the power of the 1st piece before him and causes or forces the earth and then that which 12 there and worship the 1st these whose deadly beast is healed in other words it will have the exact same principles of the 1st piece and one of the 1st piece to have the principles of the merger of church and state to force people the worship of point to my way and if you don't worship my way we will persecute you we would deprive you of basic needs and we will ultimately kill you that's what happened for 1260 years and so by threat of death they must worship the beast and this is the sin of spiritual abuse and so. What will happen to those who do not worship the beast known as the words of Jesus knows what the Bible says in Matthew 24 verse 9 the Bible says this and they shall deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you should be hated of all nations for my name says so in other words you are the principles then shelve a delivery of to be afflicted In other words was a means to be afflicted to abuse to be an abuse of power then they shall kill you deprive your life and he shall be hated of all nations in my namesake in other words you'll be made an outcast you'll be made as an outline or you'll be seen as someone that is not conforming to the majority. Using religious power weaponize in religion as a way say you don't believe the way we do therefore you're an outcast your the reason why we're having natural disasters you're the reason why our nation is not great again you're the reason why we are not being the prosperous nation that we are because you are the reason because you don't worship the way we do you are at fault and therefore you're the outcast you're the outlier now will be used to pressure got people to the sun was about excess in Luke 21 verse 16 the Bible says this and ye shall be betrayed both by parents and brethren and kinsfolks and friends and he shall be ahead of all men for my name's sake In other words this power is going to be so abusive that it will pit potential friends and family members against you your own close social circle will be placed against you so that you can submit to this abuse of power. You know we often say why do people follow Nazi Germany so easily how can Germany a sophisticated nation classical broken music beautiful architecture beautiful art leader in technology the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation how can they adhere to that of the abuse of power in Nazi Germany well when you're made an outline or you made an outcast when your basic needs are deprived and then you're pitted family against each other that's a lot of pressure and unless you are and hearing to God's Holy Spirit in these last days it will be difficult for you not to submit to the pressure that this church state system will give upon us so what else does this land Y.B.'s do to cause people to worship the beast not the Bible says in Revelation 13 for 17 The Bible says this and that no ma'am I buy or sell save you that have the mark or the name of the beast or other number of this name in other words if you don't worship the way we worship your basic needs will be deprived you could take away your social circle but if you take away your food and your basic physical care that's when it's your true character is revealed when your basic needs are deprived we can say happy sad if we be happy people we want when things are going well but it's adversity that reveals character it reveals who we truly are and so God is letting this happen because he believes that we will demonstrate his character in the darkest moments on Earth history why because we have surrendered completely to God God's Holy Spirit is fully dwelling upon us and we will perfectly reflect the character of God in the period of persecution because he trusts us that much. He loves us that much because trust is connected with love if you don't love somebody you you can trust somebody is that correct and God loves us so much he believes in us He has given us adequate provision for us to be victorious 3 in this time and so in our in the visual trials that we go through in individual struggles that we go through perhaps you're going through financial difficulty perhaps you're going through a situation where your boss is unfair to you unjustly God is preparing you for this time God is developing a character where we know that when we realize that we're broken People need of Jesus that's when Jesus will truly work in our lives you see God is going to use the most vulnerable and broken in the last days to finish his work he's going to use you when they are so there is much hope for you and I because we all of us are broken and so what is the enemy use to bring forth spiritual abuse among God's people knows the bouncers in Matthew 24 verse 79 the Bible says this Matthew 2479 for a nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and personal and says and earthquakes in diverse places the Bible says this all these are the Beginning of Sorrows you know what that sorrows mean the original Greek birth pains contractions so in other words all these famines pestilence and earthquakes will be coming more and more frequently as Jesus is about to come then shall they deliver your to be afflicted and shall kill you and you should be hated of all nations for my name say so that see the sequence there shall be famines one famines cause starvation hunger are basic needs more people will be hungry what a person says. This is more people will be sick one or earthquakes destroy their homes where we stay so more people will be hungry more people will be sick and more people will be homeless and when you deprive all those things War People war will people want solution to their problems and so when these that show disaster become more and more pronounced people be desperate and people will be ready to hear any solution that comes from the government in fact those are great Congress page 590 inspirations as is it we declare that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday Sabbath that this sin has calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced and that those who present the queens of the 4th Commandment thus destroying reverence for Sunday are travelers are the people preventing the restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity so these natural disasters these hunger these all these things be taken away from the basic needs of the people see things going to say you know why this happening is because those Camembert keeping people over there they keep the Sabbath they're not here into our new world order and therefore is there at all but one of the principles of God Notice what inspiration says a great counterspy $591.00 paragraph to God never force the will of the conscience but Satan's concert resort to gain control of those who cannot otherwise seduce is in compulsion by cruelty in other words Satan 1st default is the seducers with temptation but the temptation does not work what does he do compulsion by cruelty to deprive our basically. Through fear or force he endeavors to rule the conscience and to secure our mage himself to accomplish this he works through both religious and secular authorities moving them to the enforcement of human laws in defiance of the law of God it will seem there snapshots of that happening here today the enemy seeking if we can seduce us then he's going to seek to force us into what a beautiful thing about God is God does not want us to be his commands because we have to he wants us to obey his commandments because we want to you see the difference if you have to you're going to fail but if you want to and it's because of your choice and your love it's going to injure and so what motive we have to ask ourselves why are we a Christian why are we following God Is it because we have to or is because we want to because our want to is love in the Bible's love beareth all things hope all things and endure and all things and that is the love they'll have as ready for the 2nd coming because we want to now because we have to and so what is the motive behind the people who are persecuting God's people very interesting knows the motive John 16 verse one and 2 the Bible says this these things I have spoken unto you There you shall not be offended they show put you out of the synagogues Yea the time come with their whosoever killer for you will think that he do with God's service so the moaner behind many people in this persecuting power is that they believe that they are doing God's will. Because they either mis understand the l. a misperception of the character of God Their God is not a god of force but God is a God of love he's seeking to attract us because love the way can with love not seeking the force and compel us and so no this World Volume One of the testimonies page $229.00 paragraph to service those with inspiration through in the sin of wrongdoing the servants of God will be given over to suffer humiliation and abuse at the hands of those who inspired by Satan are filled with envy and religious bigotry so the reason why God pours down as wrath to those that worship the beast is this you are supporting a church state system that seems to kill and persecute vulnerable innocent people you know were snapshot of a church state system is theirs of a different religion Isis I says is a religious government power is it is a political and a religious power and we see the persecuting nature of ISIS in the terrible things that they do and no one of those world can deny that they do bad things and they deserve the wrath of God isn't that correct but the worst thing is that a Christian power isn't come on the scene there will be a church state system worse than ISIS and at that time God will hold that power accountable and so they think that they're doing God's work they have some sort of power or advantage of the individual that they are abusing Now let me make this personal when I started this work when the age of 25 I was involved very Vangelis it. Ministries and done some Bible work in Word in evangelism series and through these experiences I've discovered that in my actions in dealing with others and also in the actions of some spiritual leadership that this papal persecuting power is within us because it's human nature because human nature power corrupts you know the Bible also says that in John 16 that they thought that they were doing God's will by persecuting them and often times when we are spiritually abusive we don't intend to do something bad we think that we are doing them a service by showing them their sins without showing any redemption I'll give you an example there was a ministry that was very successful in doing evangelistic series in inner cities in fact this evangelist at one time that more people than Mark Finley in the end in the 1990 s.. He was a preacher of that preached with great power some of you may know what I'm talking about not mention there he was a former gang member he had a powerful testimony and he had a bunch of young people that he inspired in his ministry so you had a bunch of young people there were former gang members shiny black shoes their black suits their nice. Crisp white Dresher is all the women wore long skirts it was a sight to behold they looked disciplined in an order but if you don't do anything to the evangelists liking orange preferences is not because the principle but let me emphasize preferences then you would be made and outcasts in fact this pastor would. Be so controlling that he would determine which by the workers would date which worker to enter for by worker like each other and unlike the couple he would make sure that they break up or else he would tell them to go home and a lot of these bible workers were dependent upon him for sustenance because he provided them with housing and food and many of them were newly baptized and some of the insured so they had nowhere else to go so they were very dependent upon him so he had a lot of power so you also preach that we should not go to universities or colleges that the ministry that they have from them is for them to be with him now going to university there are bad things about secular universities Yes well I believe it's a it's based upon people's choice that you could be called a Daniel and the 3 he was to go the 2nd university to stand for God or God may be calling you somewhere else as a choice of the individual but that choice would be private he would weaponize the Bible in the spirit of prophecy in other words if he did not like or that by worker or or church members doing the next sermon he will rebuke them in the pulpit in fact it would get so bad that you have bible workers feeding information to each other and rat each other out and so the next sermon he would have material for him to rebuke that person in other words weaponize in the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy weaponized is this no room for redemption no room for choice everything is forced upon by the visual He baptized thousands of people I've seen them do an appeal were 200 people came up for a baptism but at the end of the day his principles saw his marriage to be dissolved and many lives were destroyed because of his influence. If there was one time or I remember he came to me he said Brother ciarán God told me that you were to go with me to Michigan for a virgin this experience it's interesting God and tell me that you see people what power and authority is very dangerous because we can really make an impression on young people when someone they're preaching with power and authority says God told me to tell you that could be very very very convincing in some of these principles of witness and we need to give our young people and our church members and even as many as a teacher to my students more leeway for them to make the choice the right way or the wrong way and if they make the choice the wrong way then we could give them grace and teach them the free giving redemption of Jesus and one of these principles are still hold on to us because oftentimes we have a lot of corporate American arts we treat people like statistics rather than we treat people like people that is a trap that many of us have and that's why I hate it when we say world this ministry is measured by that as well this ministry is great because that x. amount of Bible says and that is and I seen all of that but I saw what happened behind the scenes at the end of the day you know what impresses me about a minister or a spiritual authority figure it doesn't matter how many batters in here as it is a matter of he has meetings where he has thousands of people that come and follow and there's a matter of how many people that falls on a social media what matters to me is how he treats his wife and how he treats the children that's a true measure of how years as a Christian and so seeing that and seeing this and you know I fell victim in my early days a ministry I would review people without giving anybody hope and I realized that I was similar to my pastor that I once was under. In the last few years I have made it my point to apologize to people for my actions you know oftentimes we want the best for people but we use a methodology that's wrong we use a methodology of Samian fear and coersion not because we want to because we want to be saved but we go with the wrong motives we go with the wrong methodology because God isn't a God of force but God is a God of love and so this spirit God is calling us to overcome how we parent our children how I deal with students in the classroom how we run our Bible colleges how we deal with young people in our programs are very literate and of the programs are there look meetings all of these things it has revealed to me how much I need to check myself because when you have power and authority in the building of punish how much more we must be connected to how God is patient God is love of all is willing Not that any should perish but that all come to repentance I have students that don't know Jesus many many of them are from communist countries international students the only Jesus they will see is how I deal with them in the classroom how I treat them when they turn in late work how do I treat them when they are asking for retake on the test and so it made me cognizant that I with this power and authority must treat them how Jesus treats me and so what crime is the power of the beast power often we charge with those above a certain revelation 18 verse 24 religion 18 verse 24. Bible says this and in her was found the blood the prophets and of saints and of all our swing upon the earth so our words this church state power was charged with the blood of the prophets and the Saints and destruction of the innocent that's what makes the piece power the beast our punished by God but you know there was one that and dirt spiritual abuse in our behalf and because he entered spiritual abuse we could get healing from spiritual abuse and it was all about us as an Isaiah 53 Firstly the Bible says He is the spires and rejected the man a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we head as it were our faces from them he was the supplies and we steamed him not Jesus was spiritually abused by the Farriss the Pharisees sought to abuse Jesus and taking away his basic needs when he was arrested at that time near Calvary the Pharisees sought to do everything they can to compel against Jesus conscience and Jesus understands the persecuted Jesus identifies with the abuse and because he identifies and he endured what we endured notice what hope we have now is the Bible says and Isaiah $53.00 Verse 5 he was wanted for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with a strides we are healed you know was powerful by Jesus he made themselves vulnerable for spiritual abuse so that he could give us healing and restoration will endure spiritual abuse in these last days he gave adequate provision for us to be prepared for the persecution that comes because what he went through he understands he identifies and he will give us that grace for us to overcome in these last days. In the spirit of great spiritual abuse war God's people demonstrate knows no bounds as a religion 1412 here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus question is patience reaction to a good situation or unfavorable situation on federal situation that reveals patience you can't have patience when things are going good because you want that to last forever patience is a reaction to something that is not favorable to you and God People will demonstrate patients in the midst of this church state abuse of system why because they keep the commands of God and have the faith of Jesus and how do God's commandment keepers keep the law those are the Bible says and 1st on 1st John chapter 4 verse 18 there is no fear in love but perfect love casts doubt how much cast out all fear because fear had torment he that fear is not made perfect we love Him because He 1st love us love love when we see that Jesus made him so vulnerable for persecution in our behalf he understands what we go through in these last days we meditate the closing scenes of Jesus on the cross that love waking the love and that love will allow us the Endure or at the end love hope with all things endure Athol things. First Corinthians chapter 13 you know 1st Corinthians 13 you know that is the 3rd in his message an action hero the patience of the saints what is patience love. And we can only have love and germs when we love Him because He 1st loved us and how God's commandment keepers demonstrate keeping the come out as it was about us as the Romans $1310.00 Love Work is no ill to his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilling of the law on you know we focus on the seal of God in the 4th commandment and that is imported in the last days but the Bible says and James Chapter 2 verse 10 if you break one commandment you break them all what determines our salvation what determines our demonstration of the character of God and how we treat one another in a period of persecution we are still show the difference between how Babylon treats people and how God's Kingdom treats people and knows what inspiration says and teaches the prophets page $34.00 Paragraph 3 God desires from all His creatures the service of love sermons that springs from the appreciation of this character he takes no pleasure in a forced obedience is the mark of the beast force the being yes and to all he grants read above will that they may render him voluntary service not because we have to but because we want to that's a God desires us that and so what will happen to this abusive system this abusive church the system those systems also boxes of new Revelation 19 verse 2 The Bible says is for true and righteous are his judgement for he had judged the great whore which did corrupt the earth with her fornication and a vent the blood of the servants at her head the reason why God reserves his wrath. It is because the system of church and state is an abusive system of forced worship and those who wooing a liner of selves to the system is culpable of murder in abuse and persecution the what makes the market a beast a market a beast is this you supporting a system that's killing people and that's why you receive the wrath of God But here into the 4th your worship in abusing prosecuting God's faithful people they will receive the wrath of God and that gives us hope maybe somebody you've been abused by the authority figure maybe some of you have gone through in an unfair situation God sees all of that God is there for us that are vulnerable and God is there for us that are hurting and ultimately God is a righteous judge they'll make things right he will make all things beautiful in this time and what will God do for those that are abuse knows the Bible says this is your $34.00 were 16 the Bible says this hour seek that which was lost and bring again that which was driven away and will bind up that which was broken and was that which was sick but I would destroy the fat and the strong our fever with judgment in other words those of abuse those that are vulnerable those that have been going through unfair situations God will bind up God will heal the broken and God will judge the abuser God will make things right the whole avenues message is a message of justice and a message of love is a mercy to the press and the message to the persecuted that God will make things right. Or a whole system or a government system or political system or a school system or university system is based in predicated upon force conformity of force obedience in these last days when these institutions become more and more intolerant God's desire is to show the alternative love which is a choice and not by force it's election time there's great controversy 2 candidates are vying for supremacy in the world Satan and Jesus each and every individual has a vote who they want in office and we as God's people as an bastions of God's Kingdom are called to demonstrate the principles of love God is designed to for this happen in these last days so what will happen to the abusers within this abuse this is in the Bible says in Revelation Chapter 6 verse 15 Revelation Chapter 6 for safety the Bible says this and the keys are in the great men and the rich men and the chief captains and the mighty men every bar men every 3 men have themselves in the dance in the rocks of the mountains and certain the mountain the rocks fall on earth and high from Earth from the face of him that sit on the throne and from the wrath of the law. So those in power in the last days they kings of the earth the great men and the mighty men those abusers of the church state system what's going to happen then when Jesus can't begin to save for the rocks and the dens in the mountains to fall on those the abusers will get justice in for you know the rock that falls upon the image and down which are to us. This is the Little Rock that's fallen upon the abuser's because that image a day or 2 of Babylon Persia Greece and pagan and people Rome you know what ties those kingdoms together they're all kingdoms of force and oppression their God destroys with his kingdom and so God will destroy the abusive system and we're all God's people experience who endured spiritual abuse in the last days knows the Bible says and Revelation 7 verse 14 the Bible says this and he said unto worm 3rd hour no as we said to me these are the which came out of great tribulation and have washed their robes are many of them why in the blood of the Lamb victories are sure for those that go through the final crisis you know oftentimes when we think about the Nationals and the law often times we think about the Final Crisis we feel like we're not ready we feel like I have to get this right I have to get this right and I have to do this and I have to do that and we often feel that we're not prepared to mourn you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior when you accept and believe that Jesus forgives and forget your sins at that moment you are ready for that crisis victories assured when we believe that Jesus forgives and forgets or since the whole point of the sanctuary the cleansing the same sure is this Jesus is seeking to plot out the records of our Since he's seeking to forgive and forget our sins and once we believe that Jesus forgives and forgets our sins we will gain the victory of our sins because we rest upon that Jesus is loving and merciful and forgive our sins that love awaken the love and war games commands because we believe wholeheartedly of God through giving grace in our lives love awaken love and so what would Jesus give those that go through this tribulation or the Bible says of Revelation 7 were 16 and they show hunger no more. Neither thirst any more you sell the sun light on them nor any heed for the lamb which is in the midst of the throne selfie them and so lead them on to the living fountains the waters and God show wipe away all tears from their eyes the weeping that we do now the hurt and pain that we have from anything that we're going through at this time the end just situation that we may be enduring either from the legal system either from our workplace even from relations with one another God or one day walk those tears from our eyes he will make all of these things beautiful in its time this is the God that I serve this is a God I rest my hope in a god that will not seek to condemn and cast as out of God is making every provision for us to be victorious in the darkest hours of Earth's history because he loves us that much and the Bible says and Revelation 15 verse 2 this is a property for you when I went to personalize this prophecy in order for us to have the assurance that we will make in these last days and I saw as it were a sea of glass Mingo with fire and them that had gone the victory that's a prophecy of you and I we can gain the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark over the number of his name stand on the sea of glass having the heart of God and they will seen the song of Moses and servant got in the song of the Lamb saying Great I Am marvelous are the works Lord God Almighty just untrue are the ways that king of saints they tree is assured for us in the sea of glass this is a prophecy that you and I can participate in because God had seen you and I to be part of this prophesy. We can gain victory over the Beast from those principles the principles of forced worship of course of seeking to manipulate and spiritually abuse people his image his more we can gain that victory and sing the song of Moses a song of Deliverance more pressure from the slavery of sin and the song of the Lamb the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world that endure the cross that despise this shame but now is set down on the right hand of the throne of God and God is seeking for us to demonstrate his principles in his last days you see one of the beautiful last calls of mercy is allowed. In Revelation 18 the Bible says and Revelation 18 verse one through 4 that there are people within the abusive church system of Babylon in the Bible says to come out over my people so there are people in this abusive system there are people there are special abusers in the last days that we're having this or call to call out to join the remnant fall but you know for us to deliver this message we must overcome the views of tendencies of human nature through the power of God. Saw was a spiritual abuser and became Paul when he learned the message of what's called justification by faith that Jesus forgives and forgets or since the last message of Mercy Corps in the spirit of prophecy is a message Jones and Wagner that Jesus is seeking to forgive and forget or since when is the papacy claiming that you can only have your sins forgiven by hearing to our church state system so in order for us to give a loud cry we are to say to the spiritual abusers that Jesus you can forgive you. And to cleanse here and to forgive and forget our sins and when the laughter the 3rd in jail comes forth there will be a people within the abuses just of that one now will joy commit keeping followers of God and God has called us to do this God has called us. To study more of the principles of God to study that God's way is higher than our ways now we must trust the process of people making choices for all of their own and even though those conclusion their choices made to end up in a bad way we still give them their freedom of choice just like God gives us their freedom today so today where are you at here today in your heart. Have you identified. Elements of your heart here today that you have it here to that abusive church state system. Has power corrupted your heart today there is hope. Just like David said create a me a clean or no god or a new all right spirit within me so to Jesus can give us a clean are today. And we could have a new heart of the law written in our minds and hearts of loving your neighbors as yourself. God is seeking to do that for you and I so that we could perfectly reflect the character of Jesus in these last days lessons paces United says that when the character of God is perfectly reproduced in this people then Christ will come to his people and Graham has his own. In order for us to reflect his character we must reflect how we treat one another in a way that Jesus treated us. And God is calling us to reflect this character. And ask God to root out the evil tendencies of our heart to use power to crop in the us. And God's desire in us to reflect fully his character in these last days. Our Father and God in heaven. Father we thank you that your government is not of force and compulsion but one of love and choice and free will. We thank you Lord for giving us religious liberty. And Father help us to extend religious liberty in everything that we do for others. As a father here today. I ask that you continually root out. The tendency for power and control that is in my sinful. As a teacher in my classroom and deal with one another as a father we just ask that you do something special in our lives today to clean our hearts and brothers sisters as it has abandoned us a closer someone to say father today. Help me to root out the corrupting system of power in my heart. Help me to perfectly reflect your character day by day moment by moment and if I fail today May I realize I could come to you to gain forgiveness and to be renewed to your image day by day as long as I ask for forgiveness the thoughts your desire to say Father today hold me. To root out these abusive tendencies the my heart so that I could day by day reflect your character assassin desire I simply ask we kneel for that that's your desire. Holy Father I am the only because this mess is meant for me as a person of authority in my classroom Father help me to reflect the character of Jesus in my classroom help me not to abuse my power but the show power of grace and redemption and love to my students and follow we are kneeling because either we have been abusers or we've been abused by the church state system. By how we treat one another so Father I ask for healing and restoration for each and every one of us that are namely we thank you Lord for your mercy and grace we continue to strive to love you with all our hearts mind and soul this we pray in Jesus name and. We hope you are blessed by this presentation from revelation of hope ministries revelation of hope Ministries is a faith based nonprofit worldwide evangelistic ministry whose mission is to increase the population of Heaven by sharing the hope health and harmony of heaven in all of the world this ministry depends upon the prayers and partnership of supporters like you we ask that you please prayer if we consider partnering with us to take the message of Christ into all the world in this generation for more information about this ministry or to invite revelation of hope ministries to your church or events please visit our website at revelation of hope Ministries dot com That revelation of hope Ministries dot com or call us at 1844 Why hope that's 1844 w.h.y.. Aloha and Mary not the.


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