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How & Why to Move to the Country Part 1

Keith Hankins Renee Hankins


Through our not-so-normal testimony, we aim to encourage you with the reality that there is no one way to experience country living. Come and har how God led us to our ‘Living Parable’.


  • January 15, 2020
    8:15 AM
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Why to me the country. And the subheading says Tell me something I don't know show of hands how many of you have heard all you feel like you've heard all of the Spirit prophecy quotes on why to move to the country show bands Yeah Ok so some of you have some if you haven't and the reason why we said this is because you know after a while you sometimes can get this just with the term. To sensitize I guess when you hear something over and over again you're like Yeah Ok I know that I know we're supposed to. But we're going to share a few that really impressed us and for those you didn't haven't heard any Hopefully these will touch your heart and planted a seed and for those who have heard them all it will just keep you encouraged So the 1st pro to city living convenience it is really easy to be able to get to work to get to to the store or to supermarkets. It might be able to get to entertainment it's really close and depending on the type of entertainment that might be a prob might be a con but there's a lot of convenience in. And city living. Another pro more opportunities to socialize again these are things that our whole family gave input to so. For this it was our kids they said there are just there's more kids that talk to you know you have they're just right there where they live in that suburb the neighborhoods or an apartment complex or you know obviously going to school. There's plenty of people to talk to it's just as easy to get to the folks closer closer to church or closer to family. We had somebody mentioned wanting to be close to family well it just helps when you remaining in the city your family is all there your friends are all there business opportunities. Same reason people are close there you have a lot of people to be able to to network with thank you network within to get those biz appertaining he's going. Next pro for city living evangelism it's much much much easier to. To get the people because they're in large crowds and closer together there was an experience that we had a part of it that we lived that I wanted to we want to share about we wanted to share about the Sabbath as well as some other gospel truth and I went we went around to all of the apartment in our complex and pass out paperwork now no one showed up but on the paperwork the invitation to talk about the Sabbath and so we were able to get into all the homes there in the complex we have no idea how that affected anyone and maybe we'll be able to know when we get to the kingdom who was. Who was affected by that information but that was very easy compared to being out in the country you got it kind of travel far to find people to minister to. So some columns about the city before we get to that he's going to read this part from where prophecy so the cities are filled with temptation we should plan our work in such a way as to keep our young people as far away as possible from this come to nation said the messenger shall not the cities be warmed Yes not by God's people living in them but by their by their visiting them to warn them of what is a pop star to warn them of what is coming upon the earth vandalism page $77.00. So it may be kind of strange in this class about you know Country Living we're talking about why we want to move to the country kind of why we're talking about the pros for city living and this is just so that we can start really thinking about you know whatever leaving behind we're going to talk a little bit later about counting the cost and so we're just seeing weighing this to see if it made sense to move to the country versus living in the city and so some of the cons for city living. Number one it's loud noisy and scary for the children. And so you know you hear the sirens ambulances people arguing outside all kinds of just a lot of clamor noise it's very hard to find peace and quiet. And I remember one time this is after we moved out of the country a friend of ours came to visit and they told us that when they were going back home from having visited us as they were driving back into the city they could just feel this like physical pressure of the just a pressure of city living I mean so it's not a very restful atmosphere it's hard to find rest in the city and then of course you have a negative influences and. There's a quote that maybe we might be familiar with. As far as possible our institutions should be located a life in the cities it is not God's will that his people sell settle in the city where there is constant turmoil and confusion their children should be spared this for the whole system to moralize by the free in Russia and nice country living a change. Yeah I remember one time we were at our apartment and their mum knows the story better better than I But we're at the pool I'm in the little part the little apartment complex and there's kids there and of course are you know. Using profane language in use you know poor behavior and my little brother and sister are there and they're witnessing this and so when you're living in a city where it is demoralized like we saw it's going to affect you is going to affect your kids in a negative way and we want that no not at all. So the next thing of course can you hold this. So course you have the traffic you have the pollution and then you have the hustle and bustle it's all crowded like we talked about earlier. And this is concentrated evil I think Keith was the one that came up with this one I mean when you think about if you have a bunch of sinful people living in the city obviously the sin is going to be you know the evils going to be more magnified Thank you. And there's another quote. That. The instruction is still being given move out of the cities many now will plead to remain in the cities but the time will come along when all who wish to avoid the sights and sounds of evil will move into the country for wickedness and corruption of old priest to such a degree that the very atmosphere of cities will seem to be polluted letters from the 6900. And just for those who've lived in the city or are living have you guys witnessed this coming in have you guys witnessed this just. Demoralization like you saw of the city any anybody washing of hands so you see it's obvious you know this and take a rocket scientist to see that the city is wicked. And last but not least well actually is likely more. But there are numerous distractions and I'm going to talk a little bit more about this in my personal testimony as we go on about this other distractions that are in the city so he went to. Satan's purpose to check men and women in cities and seeking his and to gain his object he invents things every kind of knowledge tea and amusement every kind of a country living patriot. You know I see that picture of the Ferris wheel and everything I didn't think about this before until my brother found this quote that whenever we're driving through the city and we see you know I thought a carnival thing so they set up the circus's with the ferris wheels and all the rides in the lights or whatever I didn't realize how drawn I was to that and it's so true Satan can pull can and will find every distraction possible to draw us closer to the city so that we won't want to move out to the cushy were God wants us to be just a couple more before I move on to a more positive thing of course not a lot of nature to enjoy you know concrete jungles everywhere maybe a little bit of grass here and there and then it's more prone to flooding in other catastrophic issues I remember when by shortly after we moved out of the turn out of the city into the country those terrible flooding that happened in a city and then after that hurricane Harvey came through and just destroyed it almost and praise God we got out of that but that's kind of what happens in the city when these kind of not to the last race happen it hits the cities harder than it would the country and so with that we're going to move on to the guys to talk about country living. Thank you ladies. So well before I move on to the pros of country I mean did you guys have a pro of city living that you thought about any one any one know all right. All right so our 1st pro country living is that it's peaceful and and a Call Me environment and that's the the 1st thing that we notice we made that transition our 1st home around the country the thing that sold us while it wasn't the prettiest place. As far as the House was concerned the surroundings was just. It was gorgeous you know we couldn't we couldn't compare it to anything else and so for me writing it. For me it was like it was like going to be a case every time I came home from work and there was nothing nothing compared to. As men should lift up their eyes to the hills of God and be hold the wonderful works of his hands they could learn the precious lessons of divine truth Christ's teaching teachings would be to them in the things of nature the things are nature take up the parables of our Lord and repeat his counsels by communion with God in natured The mind is uplifted in the heart find trist desire ages page 291. So once again and the country in a peaceful and calm environment. Simplicity is of nature is just manifest you know you're able to actually experience God in a whole new way. We don't have the distractions and the noise of the city you can see. The vegetation you can experience the Garden me. The farming life just having time to actually contemplate. Everything that God has blessed you with you can actually focus on him without being distracted by your neighbor now being distracted about some by somebody coming over to want to borrow something now this is a bad thing to have we actually you know want to share something with somebody but if you're in the midst of. If you're in the midst of having family devotion or or whatever the case is you need to have that time where you can actually focus and concentrate on guy. We have some friends that come out to visit and they just live maybe 45 minutes away in town and when they come. With i was interesting they say whenever they leave from our home to go back into town they physically physiologically feel the pressure on themselves as they were driving back into town and we thought allow that. Yeah I can understand that because when we have to go back in town we feel it too but I never thought about that. At all I don't think we could only because say that too many times I actually commute I don't live in the can while I live in a country that's where all my home is but I work in the city so I go back and forth every day on a 75 mile commute one way. To go to work and coming home is like that's why I say it's like going on vacation like every time I come home is because I leave the city daily and I feel the pressure coming off of me once I get outside of city limits and I feel the pressure come on me once I hit city limits going into work and I just steadily increases as a traffic increases and so I try to leave for home I try to leave for work very early in the morning like around 5 am so I can make it there by 7 and vice versa coming home I try and leave by 330 so I can make it home by 5 or 530 and I can't I mean I can't really even describe the. The wear and tear that puts on me not just because of the drive I don't mind the drive so much but it's just dealing with the traffic and the compression of of a very thing that's going on around me I listen to audio verse I listen to sermons I listen to a there possibly can keep my mind focused on that drive this is how I got to the Bible really he says just listening to it but. There's no comparison. With that life yes. I'm sure going to redeem myself. I know no one said this. I think the reason why we are here to share our story for those of you who are wanting to get out of the country our situation is kind of like a middle ground it's not perfect I'm sure some of your pie out like in the wilderness in the so we quiet like you know. You have. You don't have you're not in that middle ground you're prying you've got the jobs to work at home and you don't have to commute back in so we're kind of we feel like we're kind of in that middle ground to give encouragement for those of you who do finally get out you might have to do the commute for a moment and that's Ok and the Lord will just keep moving you a little bit at a time as you are going your journey. One of the pro is ample space for exploration and gardening. There's again nothing like having a career to where you can just go out and plant whatever you want to plant. Inside some fertile soil land. And see that vegetation grow up right before your eyes we didn't grow up that way I was I was born in the country and I had a godmother who had a farm and I was able to go out there when I was little and. But I grew up in the city we left when I was when I was young you hear about this more later but. I want to be with you that's my children and that was another reason why we moved to the country it would be well for you to lay by your perplexing case in finery TCE in the country where there is not so strong in influence to create the miles of the young to live in the country would be very beneficial to them. An active outdoor life would develop health of both mind and body they should have a garden to cultivate where they might find both amusement and useful employment Adventist home page one free to point one and 141.5. We've already touched on the simplicity is of nature's manifest. And we're going to skip on over to another quote and. Find restless spirit in the beauty and quietude and peace of nature let the I rest on the green fields the grows in the hills look up to the blue sky and obscured by the city's dust and smoke and breathed been very ting ere of heaven Adventist him Page 131. The mountain show bring peace the mountain show bring peace to the people in the little hills by righteousness some certain e.t.c.. And this is a fun pro For me freedom to get back to the base of life I can move to the country one of the things that me and my boys really enjoyed doing was building fires and doing woodwork. We found ourselves building bunk beds out of. Out of pallets and that was a relief yeah it was probably the sturdiest set of bunk beds we've ever had. We actually left America house because it was so having But we spent we spent about a week putting that together and it was fun just gathering the wood and building and working together we worked on a lot of fun projects learning how to use new tools and and things like that and again never there was a crisis experience there we shared together. Who'll be a warrant we say again as the cities do not consider a great deprivation that you must go into hills in mountains but seek for that retirement where you can be alone with to learn his will in a way I urge people to make it their life's work to seek for spirituality. Crazes at the door this is why I say to our people do not consider it a privation when you are called to leave the cities in move out into the country places here there await rich blessings for those who will grasp them by the holding the scenes of nature the works of the Creator by stating God's handiwork imperceptibly you will be changed into the same image country living page 14. Thanks shots and our last pro is access to fruit trees and wells we didn't plant or dig so one of the most amazing things to happen in our in our current home is that we prayed and well you hear more about this later but we pray for. Well we actually claimed a promise in Deuteronomy 6 that talked about. Where God was talking to the Israelites about Canaan and how they would live in houses that that they didn't build and they would drink from wells they didn't dig and they would eat from fruit trees that they didn't plant and venues that they didn't plant and so we prayed for this very thing and God gave it to us. And that was. Confirmation that we were doing what we were supposed to be doing and we didn't have to worry about what we're going to plant or even though we went out there we plant a garden but when we got there there was already a blooming pear tree there was already. Nut trees like pecan trees all over the place there was already a fig tree we've never seen figs off the tree before I found out why I got why Jesus cursed the fig tree when it didn't but it didn't bear fruit when it's a victory and we saw the fruit it was and it was ripe we plucked it off and we ate it and it was sweet and it was good and I had never ever had a fig off of the fig tree before my only my only experience with fish was a Fig Newton. And that was enough for me to say I don't like figs Oh I think it's so we had that experience it was like wow this is this is amazing. I'm out of. The ones I have I don't know flower. If you can think I know it's weird but you could think of jelly or jam preserves like Starry preserves just imagine that being tucked inside of a fruit that was that's my experience it just. Heavenly. Just to touch on this a little bit more we when we were still living in the city. My 1st time eating a fresh fish was from. What was her name. Christina and she ran away. Right she ran a co-op called fully rower Gammick and she would bring fresh organic fruit out to this area called City Center and. As she would just just sell organic fruits and vegetables where we were there and just visiting were there because my wife and kids they would go volunteer with her from time to time and so we just happened to see are there. She had a booth up and she said Have you ever tried figs and I'm like No I don't want a fig and she said yeah try this. Luckily try the fit I ripped open the pillar just so I investigated 1st right I opened up the fig and I looked inside it looked like jelly inside right this is a nice ripe frig it looked like jelly like jelly just spread on bread and I ate it and my mouth just exploded with flavor and I was like This is the best experience with the fresh food I've ever had so we finally got out to the place we're in now and we saw fig tree. We've kind of just ran to the fig tree just and we can see the sap coming out of the out of the figs on the ones that are really ripe and pop those things we didn't go back to the house in Washington and then like that we just just pluck tomatoes and we're still here. If the birds can eat it we can too right now we're trying to get some before the birds and we just enjoy the phase and we just got bags and bags of figs and we want to because we have a couple of neighbors and I'm sorry I'm expounding I. Don't know what I have come to why is it nice figs. Nobody sees these these become ones where they were just there and we just pick them up and just take them all we crack and use them and it's. Perhaps. You should have bought without a c.. Ok. Ok. All right so now we're going to go on the right way. It's your turn I'll just read right and houses full of all good things which South bill that's not and Wells big which is out Biggest not vineyards and olive trees which the plant has not when the show have eaten and beef for years. That's beer only 6 eleventh's that's the promise that we claim. For our country home and and God sold it for us. So we live in an imperfect world and you can go anywhere where oh it will be completely serene and perfect so there are some consequential living but they're not nearly as bad as the concert country living so there are some unpleasant animal encounters there are some unpleasant and one counters and at least in Texas in the south you have these things called Gangster cows and gangster cows or cows to get out of their fenced area and they roam around and terrorize people here are the. Can and hang out on the roads and you have to watch out for those. But as long as you're paying attention you're right. Even when I was on a farm in Tennessee and these games are cows that come over and you are asparagus and we try to shoo him off but it's not that bad and you know there's there's snakes spiders and stuff but. It's not about. We had fears of snakes. And you know you hear about black widows in dark that's the place you keep your house clean keeper the lawn mowed maybe get some cats and refine your be fine there's rarely any. For us at least we've never been hurt by snakes or anything. Then there's the long commute when you're in the country whether it's a store schools work. That can be a problem eventually you want to be able to. Be able to work from home it's a lot more economic. When it comes to grocery stores and stuff. If you can be able to grow most of your food you have to worry about that so much so eventually you want to be able to you'll be able to diminish that long commute but that is a con and there's an unfamiliar sounds like that it can be scary but you get used to it coyotes are coyotes. Hunters you know you get used to it it's not that bad. And I'm going to because. When you think about it can you Keith think about the gun shot in the city compared to the gun shot in the country you kind of know what's getting shot you know to me it does it does something to the minds of the difference of what what's being shot at and. So in the country is was being shot in the cities who's being shot so it's a different kind of you know pressure when once you move out there you like Oh man there's so much shooting out here but you realize somebody's surprise you know hoggers Armadillo or some like that more than likely or just doing some hunting as opposed to shouldn't and they were. We were busy we will talk about this later but we were out somewhere on someone's property 400 acres and we heard some gunshot gunfire as I say and it but it was really close is closer than the normal and we kind of got nervous because we you know that it just feels dangerous now and all of sudden this. Whatever 4 wheeler comes driving up and they're like you know the people is this property they know you're out here and we're like yeah they know you're out here. And they're like because they didn't tell them they have permission they happen mission to be out there to hunt but they just kind of came when they wanted to because the owners would have let us know hey we've got people out there hunting right now so it was it was interesting but it's. They were oh yes they were hunting bullfrogs that was also very interesting. So I think one of the most awesome sounds there one of the most dangerous cons is getting too comfortable off and you can get relaxed and in the country everything's peaceful. But you can forget about the controversy in the city and how we still live in an evil world and so you have to keep that in mind and that there's people in the city that still need ministry so and then this last one is socializing obstacles oftentimes in the country people are really far apart and for little ones you know finding friends can be hard which may be a good thing. Because not all kids can be good influences. But then with talking with your neighbors and ministering to them or. What's the word. So the question was how do we with kids in the country growing up they need friends how do you deal with that. When everyone's so far apart so when you think about the country it's not that there's like no one around there are often art you know small communities here and there and churches and stuff one thing that we did was we joined a community Bible study which it was like all faiths and so you have to be kind of careful with that but it was one way we connected with the community and that was actually a blessing for us. And so we made some friends kind of we're not really friends anymore but for the moment we were friends and we were able to socialize and get along that way and sometimes you'll have neighbors with kids but. I think from when moving from the city to the country one of the blessings out there aren't those other influence of kids that you can't really. We should be able to monitor but it's good to get away and realize what you believe and teach your kids before they certain tracting with others again. But sometimes you have to search to find. The foreign kids out there. That's a really good question and I just wanted to interject that when we joined Well 1st and foremost I always encourage the my children that sometimes you don't have the friends at your wanting for a reason and the training is extremely important keeping that those little ones by your hip and you know Ali up to the age of 7 and even to the age of 12 they need to just be right there making sure their character is strong enough to so that when they go out and they can be a lie it's always there is once I heard a mother said yeah our kids are supposed to be in the schools and be out there so that they can be the be the salt but I don't think much else salty enough so sometimes it might be a harm to just put them out you know get them out there I'll be very honest it was a it was a positive experience for the social part but there were some aspects that I wished. There were some regrets because there were still there were still influences that were not the best and I can meet its need to continue. Helping them with being more salty that makes sense so. We don't have to get them out there so quickly I'm their best friend. And we want them to grow up to be mature adults what better set of people for them to be around the majority of time then a mature adult hopefully we're mature. Runyan but you course. Are. Sitting outside of our immediate family. For. How many hours a week does God expect our children to have when it comes to socialization allfired. Right and someone said in modern society everyone needs 8 hours the slate is in every day and you're absolutely right it's. We have stories because they were in public school for a while before we. Got out to into the 1st country home and they're still telling me stories are stories you know the teacher made us watch this this child made me read this or did bad or whatever the stories are still coming out and so. There's a lot of pressure and if you're getting pressure from family or whoever you've got to kind of say Lord what do you what would you have you do you're married you need to get your husband like me to agree over the lord have me to do you because the pressures will come to get them out there and socialize them and get them to be around whomever just because they'll be more well rounded or whatever the the pressure is that said and when it's all said and done. You want to have your children standing with you when you're when you're having to to face the Lord he's going to ask where was that where was that flock that. Those are people that said Oh just let them watch a little something on the t.v. or just let them play with a little whoever and let them sleep over wherever those people are not going to be there to say to stand you know or to say why your kids aren't with you so just be firm on protecting them it's Ok to feel for them. And let us consider you another look into was. Not for seeking the assembling of ourselves together as a man of some is but exhilarating when in so much the morning as you see the day approaching he reached 1024 to 25. So yes we want to socialize. But were we socializing about. We want to be witnessing to those around us in the country or in the city so counting so Cali because as far as pros and cons you just we just need to take it all name what's going to work best for you at the time and really pray about it asking the Lord what do you what would you have me to do you seen all the evidence. When it comes to scripture and spirit of prophecy and and the start of the Lord exhorting and encouraging us to move to the country so there's no real argument but we realize that there are situations where you have to deal with finances you have to deal with family you have to deal with jobs and so the 1st thing we did was prayed and asked the Lord to open up a dork. Make a way for it to happen because and of our own strength it wasn't happening Ok and we really had to lean on war because we didn't have you know tons of money to or. A rich uncle or anything like that so for some I've just had as $20000.00 because it was felt very daunting when we were even thinking about trying to move to the country so we had to have a mindset change and some of those We're going to talk about in the next hour Ok. For which of you intending to build a tele sit it's not down face and counted the cuts by the house sufficient to finish it Luke 1428. And expensive dwelling. Elaborate furnishings display luxury and ease do not furnish the conditions essential to a happy useful life Jesus came to this earth to accomplish the greatest work ever accomplished among men he came as God's ambassador to show us how to live so as to secure lives best results what were the conditions chosen by the infinite father for his son to be able to accomplish this anybody know what were those conditions now. That was a rhetorical question. That. Jesus was in the country or can we take it. I just want to say Jesus was in the country in heels of gallon. He lived a simple life. You know. Living here what he had to work with the sense with the carpenter. Was very easy work. Knowing he worked hard didn't. Ok so we said. Simple a simple life work to live in a country work with his hands. Are things simple Ok. Mother taught him a secluded home in the Galilean hills a household sustained by honest self respecting labor a life of simplicity daily conflict with difficulty and hardship. Self sacrifice 3 days with me the next one economy and patience gladsome service the hours that he at his mother's side with the open scroll of scripture. The quiet of dawn or Twilight in the Green Valley the holy ministries of nature the study of creation and Providence and the soul's communion with God We were the conditions and opportunities of the early life of Jesus and the living page. And. We pray that these can be the condition in opportunities for us as well this media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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