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True Education in the School Part 2

Eleida Feliciano


In this seminar we’ll share some of the cores principles of True Education and how to apply them in a school setting.


Eleida Feliciano

Principal for the Wildwood Adventist School


  • January 15, 2020
    9:30 AM
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The alert on Heavenly Father we are thankful that we have yet another opportunity to continue to study these principles we asked for the guidance of your Holy Spirit give us teachable hearts that we may learn from you in Jesus name in. Case something better. In the book of education paints to $96.00 says something better is there watch more of education the law of all true living whatever crisis us to renounce he offers in stead something better and so like we talked about in the last session how the enemy is trying to to. Convince us that God is keeping something from us and we we can refer to the school and know just when God asked us to follow his way there are some things we need to give up but what he's giving us is something better and we need to ask God to help us to have his mind so that we can understand things as he sees them Ok so we're going to look at the curriculum and who are to think follow the right curriculum but Jesus and the patient pay 7070 Seth heads she says education was gained directly from that happen pointers sources from useful work from the study of scriptures and of nature and from the experiences of life God's lessons both full of instruction to all who bring to them their willing to hand this seen eye and the understanding heart so here we have God's lesson books these are the textbooks that every true education school or home should have. Useful Work study of scripture study of nature and the experiences of life. These are the textbooks right here. Now you will have many resources that you will use as your teaching with our home our school but these textbooks are for every class math science social studies reading language whatever it is these sex was can be used for all of them. And I'm going to be sharing not just the principles but some examples of what I have done but I've spend the time in that and the previous And by the way those of you who are not in the previous one I encourage you to go to Adi verse and listen to it because if you know the principles and the foundation of true cation you can preach and you hear. I don't want what I share today to be like the method I'm going to share some experiences of how I apply the principles but what you need to know is the principles the fares is like to make all these rules and you can't carry this burden but 10 miles but God gives the strength of course and these principles are true every age every country every language and so if you have those principles then you can. Go forward with to education always look at what you're doing and Bill says go with the principles of God Many things we do they look good they even have good can't be sold to us we can see I'm but if they don't go with those principles it's not of God we can dismiss it and that's what you need to know. Now we're going to look at the textbook of experiences of life this is one that we can learn from all the time because we're always experiencing life if we're alive right and in a location page one of 3 says as they learned to study the lesson in all created things and in all life's experiences sure that the same laws which govern the things of nature and the events of life to control us that they are given for our good and that only in obedient. To them can we find true happiness and success so we need to teach our children to learn from their daily experiences especially the difficulties and so we don't like that but that's one of God's. Most used lessons it's the difficulties that's where we learn best. Now this is the children and recess and many people think that recess is just a time to play and it is the children to play than the time but that's a class in our school as well and this is where most of the time we are really emphasizing on those experiences of life because they are having different difficulties between them and we as teachers need to be involved. And parents involved the children should be over there where you don't know what they're doing and saying because you can't guide them if you're not there that's why God gave children their parents and their teachers. So the children come with all kinds of difficulties and asked parents and teachers we want to rescue them we don't want them to have to struggle and so we want to rescue them but if we rescue them they don't learn from their experiences this is like God doesn't rescue us from our difficulties right he lets us go through them now he is with us and them and us what we as teachers and parents need to do for our children so one time I had this little boy he had just the talent of annoying all day all the little children for some reason he just liked above it and he had not learned that that was not appropriate so one day he comes and he is so upset because no one wants to play with him and. The parents of the teacher we want to say to the other children don't have to play with them and now in my school I always told the children no one is left out you have to include everyone but at the same time this person needs to be responsible for their actions so I didn't rescue him I asked him So what happened and he did what we all do they were doing this or that to this and this we always blame him for. Body else and then I said Ok now tell me what we're huge and this is what we need to essentially be looking at because that in the end we cannot learn from the book of experiences of life if we're not looking at our actions and our doings and I am. I responsible lady in the situation we cannot change other people we can even change ourselves but with the grace of God We can change but we can't change others so I I ask this little boy so what were you doing and he started telling me what he was doing and then I said Ok Now just think about this if one of them was doing that would you want to play with them and he was like. Oh and he looked at me like he never heard something like that and he probably never because his mother probably rescue him every time so I said well if you wouldn't do it why are you blaming them for not playing with you now do you think if you go back. And stopped doing that that they would play with you and he looked at me like you know if they want to try it and come back to me if it doesn't work and then I'll go talk to them he went he never came back. And so we need to teach them the book of experiences of life is so hard to a good book to learn from and we need to learn right if we're going to teach them that we need to learn ourselves and many of us were not trained in truth of creation me I myself was not in even when we've gone through having a school system many times we didn't get done you know I grew up in a non have an asylum so I went to public schools and I learned to be a teacher in public university and it wasn't until later that I heard about tradition so I started studying about it and the Lord has been my teacher because I didn't have that indication and I had to be a student again because if you don't learn this yourself you can't teach them so we need to learn to to learn from the book of experiences of life from the difficulties that we encounter don't cry out them God to always rescue them from them but ask God why do you think that I'm supposed to learn here and leave the children in this experience in. This day I hand jacks out for the kids to play it was a childhood game for mine when the children now do some play with it and so I chose trying to teach them how to play this and they were like the sister difficult and they wanted to put away and do something else and I said well if you don't try to you're not going to learn it lists that because they were trying to you know you have to grab one troll the ball ground one and grab the ball and then due to the 3 until you get all of them and so there it was you know they're doing it for the 1st time they don't have the cord a nation of wall and it was not working so I tell them Ok how about you set yourself a goal of getting up to 3. Just that up to 3 and just work at them until you get to 3 and so that was a goal that was more more. Taina ball so they work on that and they work and work until they were able to get 3 and then often they're like oh I can do this and they kept working at it and learned how to play the game now of course it's not essential for them to learn to play the game but in life many experiences that we miss out growing and learning because the difficult and we give up on it and so it's important for us not to look all the way to the end of the road because we're going to get the skills that's why God sometimes doesn't reveal everything to us and so just look a little closer try to reach that goal and as you reach that one look for there and keep going right and so these are experiences that weekend we had this little boy who came to school and all the children loved on the road and he was like well I'm going to go jump rope but he's never done it so he thought he was going to be high when he saw the kids doing it so he says so he thought he was going to be easy and then he looks and so he threw his rope on the side and said I'm going to go do something else and I thought well why didn't like that no I can't do it they can do it but I can't do it well they can do it at some point either you have to learn so one of the boys that you see there he decided I'm going to teach you and so he worked with them and he was very patient because it took a while but he finally learned and then that was one of his favorite games so and Durrance it's an important lesson that there that they can learn and many things a lot of times we try to protect the children from some Anything thing never learned to really overcome the difficulties that they have and then they grow up to be adults and how many difficulties you have when you've grown up a whole lot bigger than mastering how to jump around right and so if they don't learn these little things they they will not be able to to to be successful in life now the player was one place where we have more opportunity to deal with these things Both course in the classroom in the workplace to say you will see later there were many opportunities to learn from the book of experiences of life now the other. 3 Books are not only the textbooks for God's. For God's. Plan of education but they're all thought subjects to be part of our education so I'm going to present them in this section for subjects of study so the Bible is not only a text book but it should be a class taught in our schools there's a period of time that should be. Dedicated for the Study of the Word of God in song 119 verse 130 says the entrance of the words Give a flight give with understanding on to the simple. And counsels for the church part page 202 says the students are to be educated and practical Christianity in the Bible must be regarded as the highest the most important textbook. Christian occasion page $118.00 the Bible is the only rule of faith and doctrine and there is nothing more calculated to energize the mind and strengthen the intellect than the study of the Word of God No The book is so portend so so elevate the thoughts to give bigger to the faculties at the broad and Noble in truth of the Bible if God who are study as it should be men would have a breath of mind on a bullet e of character and of the billet purpose that is rarely seen in these times and coming from public schools into a truth or cations school this was a struggle for me because when I was certain public school. We didn't have the practicals classes and we didn't have Bible class and so we had the same time that I have now and now I have to figure out how to fit this things so of course that meant I have to cut down in the. And the other classes now in public schools reading languish portion was an hour and a half in for me to be at make time for by one for the. The things I have to cut reading time to 45 minutes now I'm teaching the younger ones who are learning how to read and need more time according to the world and that part but I decide I'm going to trust the Lord and I'm going to do this so I began. Bible class and I'm teaching 1st through 4th grade and the 1st graders all know how to read yet but I got Bibles for everybody and we're doing Bible class from the Bible and the children I didn't want their non readers to feel left out so they still had their Bible and I had him sitting with someone who was a reader to help them find but I didn't expect them to read but as we were studying different stories from the Bible I wanted them to see the stories that they learnt in summer school they're in this book and you can read it and so we were reading these stories straight from the Bible learning from them expanding in there of a camel there yes we had to stop and explain what this word means what about where means but they were learning vocabulary. And as we were doing that from time to time I asked them to read the tacks and I asked who would like to read the text and one day I'm going class and one of my 1st graders raises her hand she's not learned how to read so I had that moment time with that minutes I had no faith and I was like I said probably tell her no she can't do it but then I decided to look for your I'm just going to let her do and I'll read for her so she was she read the words she knew and the rest I had to pick up but that really encouraged her and she wanted so much to be able to read for herself that she put a lot more effort in reading class and that girl was with my class 1st grade in part of 2nd grade and parents moved to California when they came into California they did a cast on for her before entering school to see where she was in all the levels of school. And her she tested at a level 6th grade in reading a 2nd grader. And that the person who tested her asked her mom to tell her Mom I will stop because I ask her all these questions about fairytales and she didn't know she didn't know who Pinocchio Washington or who this person how did she learn how to read and the moment they were a few learned her but her teacher taught her to read from the Bible and so this is why she has such higher because these fairy tales don't have the vocabulary that the fossil hands write and so yes this this girl and she was very I mean she was this we thought of the beginning school may have not been for her because she was very bright and it was so hard for her to to just sit and do something but because everything that we gave them gave them talent challenge she was happy and she did very well in our school and all the subjects because we were challenging her mind all the time and different abilities and so we have made Bible class a very important time some of our passes come this is passed to cook who was the pastor of one of the churches that our ministry has started in the community and he loves nature so whenever he taught Bible class always brought a nature aspect of it so he you see him there with a black walnut in his cell and and he gave a lesson to the students about that and this little boy right here it was so hard to get his attention ever but bible class he was like this all the time like you see him there and I was not opposed picture and they loved it this is the chaplain of our lifestyle center and Sheikh was coming to our school every Friday to teach Bible class and he came to me and told me he decided to teach the children about Revelation the Book of Revelation and I thought revelation that's a bit over their heads but I didn't say anything I figure he's he's a very consecrated Mance a figure of the learned press them to do that I'm just going to let him do it he'll figure out but he started to working with them verse by verse the Book of Revelation and this children Loveday. No he made it very practical for them but they read straight from the Bible and they look forward to his class every Friday and this little girl right here she was so excited she went home and said to her Mom I have to read the book of Revelation and she said and her mom says all the time she's reading and she's reading because she's so excited what she's learning in school about the Book of Revelation so we think the children cannot understand the Bible but the Bible was made for the simplest mind if we are willing children tend to have more teachable spirit than we do because they they know that they don't know anything they need to be taught we think we know and so when we approach the Bible we approach it with our knowledge they don't have very much yet that has think that their minds are so big they grasp the truth much more readily. This is pastor at work who was a campus chaplain in the pastor of our main church and he would come and do it week a prayer every year and this time he was teaching about the sanctuary and of course since the Word of God is the way that God communicates with us with us and communication cannot to this be one way we also in Bible class peach them how to pray because they need to be communicating back to God then for children this is very difficult because the children don't understand abstract things and God is very abstract to them they have to see and touch him and handle things so you have to make Christianity and the principles of the Bible be a very practical for them to understand and so I had to really help them understand that prayer is not something you memorize and say in his this pretty big words are you talking to God don't you talk to a friend so quick thought so at 1st what I saw him doing with them we had special days of prayer and I would put the timer for 5 minutes and that's a huge long time for a child and I put the pimp. Arness and I told them you pray and when you don't pray Neil one prays and until a timer goes off you just keep switching plans and they have a short simple prayers but as they started doing this they got used to doing it and they were more comfortable with it and some of them were volunteering to pray for worship time and so I really encourage them that you don't have to you know make a formal thing but talk to God all the time because he wants to be your friend and when you're with your friends you're not sitting there quiet and you're talking to them and they talk a lot so all we do teach them prayer also in Bible class now the next. Course of study that our school should have this nature we saw also that nature is one of the textbooks. Especially in the younger grades in the younger grades and we're told that they the younger children should be learning from the teacher and not from books in the early years so in the younger grades we spend more time outside in nature and this quote is in. Great controversy 48 he says next to the Bible nature is to be our great lesson book The Little children should come especially close to nature. So I the 1st one was Child Guidance 45 in the 2nd when the little children should come especially closer to nature is a kind of a c 48 and so I would take my students felt side we did a lot of things in nature but this activity that you see right here it's one way I give them a piece of cardboard and set them in a place and I told them this is your space you can leave that space and what I wanted to do is I wanted to observe in the tree and see what God is is revealing of himself and meter and when we come back together you have to share and I will tell you the 1st time this happened there was a lot of fun and when we came back and but I had the time to we set it out for 10 minutes and crease the time until we got to 20 minutes later but at the beginning I saw I was smaller amounts and I was said to and then I would start sharing myself 1st and some of them were like Oh yeah and they show something and then there were the others that were like Ok you don't have to share it was not a force that everybody had some but as we kept doing that more and more they were sharing what they were learning and so we were teaching them to hear the book the voice of God and Goddess always speaking to us especially through his creative. Works we have the privilege to be said and I've been a beautiful campus and so this is a. Mountain that's behind our school. There's a trail that goes up there pretty uphill straight thing as a telephone consulate you need to wait for me because I lost my breath going up there they love going here this is what we have called our class outside classroom because up there you see they have to been to so many times we went there to have outdoor school. And sometimes when I would forget they would be like what we have been unknown to her classroom for a while we went to different places but every time I heard them to learn a lesson sometimes I gave them something to look for like one time I told them I want you to look for expressions of the love of God And so it's amazing the kinds of things they found and sometimes I asked them I want you to look for the power of God You know so because God is revealing himself we need to teach them to see that and it's all around and need another subject of study that must be part of truly cations practical duties many times we think this is just for home and some of the parents want to question why they have to learn this at the school but we are told that parents and teachers should be teaching this in toggle it is $350.00 it says God the size of both parents and teachers to train children in their practice called duties of everyday life and care to industry from childhood boys and girls to be taught to be a heavier and still have your burdens intelligently helping in the work of the family firm mothers patiently show your children how to use their hands let them understand that their hands to be used skillfully as yours in the household work right now in the world today we're doing backwards and the believe now as if you are a good parent who do everything for your children and many times whether we will leave us best or whether we do it because if we have them helping it actually creates more work than than there helping either way we a lot of hands go up with what is easier and what got us to sue do is usually not what's easier. Most of God's requirements will require require sacrifice and self-denial and this is because of sin before sin Adam and we were told they were in the in the garden and he was. Enjoyable but in the Bible it tells us after then it was with the sweat of his ground that he had to work and then they were born so it doesn't mean it's not enjoyable anymore but now because the sin things have to be hard and everything that's good everything that it's worth attaining will require work and will require efforts were required self-sacrifice. Until we get to heaven and that's the way it's going to be so we need to be ready to sacrifice and so we need to do this and when we I started doing this in the school at 1st it was quite challenging because I had a group of kids and I had to teach them how to clean a toilet how hard to wash dishes how to vacuum some of them had never done that and so when you have many children trying to do and this one is asking you this way and that way it was challenging and there were times when I was like to need to be doing this this is the parents' job but then you remember what God said parents and teachers and the school is an institution that has been established to help the parents in the raising of the children so you know we kept at it and sometimes it was better than others but it was always a blessing and the children enjoy doing it specially because they're with other children and so they had their tours that they did and they knew at this time as tourist time and everyone goes to do their things and there were other special projects that we did as we needed like in this picture you see that they are cleaning the mini blinds of our windows so they do get dusty because we do open our windows to get fresh air and so fresh air comes with some to us the swell and we take them out and we clean them and and you do have to be around every now and then see what they're doing and guide them sometimes they break things they don't always clean everything wonderfully and I had to really evaluate. When they have done their best and accept that and when they have not done their best and encourage them to fix it right. And many times they got to the point where they were like the one of the kids would be like oh we're done none of them look to the teacher yet they see because they were No I will come and I'm like you don't but what about this and so they got through inspect their own work before they said that they were done and so they learned what good work is but if we just let them do a poor job they never will learn what a good job and now they are children that really you have to realize they are giving you your very best and there is no more they can do and I don't want to discourage them so you have to really be prayerful about everything that you do because we don't know the hearts and minds of these children and their experiences when they are going through but God to us and he has put them in our care if we seek Him teacher in our guide he will teach us and guide us because He loves his children with an everlasting love manual training is very important part. To education we are told in ministry of healing page 194 manual training is the serving of far more attention than it has received schools should be established that in addition to that the highest mental and moral culture shock provide the best possible facilities for physical development and industrial training instruction should be given and agriculture manufactures covering as many as possible of the most useful trades also in household economy healthful cookery sewing hygiene hygienic dress making the treatment of the sick and kindred lines gardens workshops and treatment room should be provided in their work in every line should be under the direction of skill instructions and this. Ministry of him but is that the kitchen page to 18 so. About. Now in manual training we're going to see. Some of the most. Popular ones and I go culture and not because we are not a cultural conference but it's the highest of them. The manual training snowline of manual training this is page 356 no line of manual training is more of more value than agriculture a greater effort should be made to create and to encourage and interest in agricultural pursuits that the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about culture that it was God's plan for man to till the earth that the 1st man the ruler of the whole world with given up garden to cultivate and that many of the world's greatest men its real nobility have been tellers of the soil show of the opportunities in such a life you know usually in the world the farmers look down on right we really look up to the years and the doctors and the farmer but in the eyes of heaven he sees this as a great occupation and so we really need to understand that God does not sees things as we see them fundamental sufficient occasion paid $33374.00 assess the natural and this fair trial I to be combined in this of our schools their operations of Agriculture illustrate the Bible lesson the loss of a by the the earth reveal the fact that it is under the masterly power of an infinite God the same principles run through the spiritual and the natural world right and so either cultures it's not just about growing through here we can truly learn many many spiritual lessons you know in the time that I have been teaching on the elementary school we have kept the. Different. Managers sat there at the farm and this young man was my favorite because not because he was the most talented farmer but because he was such a consecrated man and he always brought spiritual lessons he always started the farm class with a spiritual thought from the Bible he always prayed and he connected spiritual lessons to everything and he taught the children to find spiritual lessons in their work they did and so he really was very instrumental in helping them and even me to see more spiritual lessons in nature and specially in the garden you know even in the Bible we're giving that power are parable of the Sower how we start at the beginning of the year so that the children understand when you go in the garden God wants to teach you lessons of how he's working in your heart and you need to prepare the soil of your heart because when we're learning about planting us you know if the soil is not doesn't have the nutrients it means you can plant that thing there water all you want have the sun and it's not going to produce this much of growth and much so the soil is critical and important and that's their cards and so to learn that experience when we went out to weed I told them you know the weeds are the sense in our lives right so every time we were weeding I told them I want just you waiting to pray that God will show you what we do need to pull out of your heart because as we're learning growing Got will show us more say every time you read you have an opportunity to open your heart to God. Even though that was not the most favorite thing for them to do and testimonies volume 6 page $179.00 it says study in agricultural lines should be that a b. and c. of the education given in our school so when I came into the school I would tell you I had no knowledge of culture my mom loves flowers and so I love flowers and I wanted to plant flowers but my. Mom has a green thumb and mine seems to be black so every plant that I ever planted die so I want to point to I gave up on the whole idea until I saw it true education and realized that agriculture should be the a b. and c. so I was like wow I can't an excuse that I don't know how to grow if God gave it to us he has to give me the knowledge so I began and. I began my own garden in my home because if I was going to teach them a school that I had to start doing that and I'll tell you the 1st year I didn't get very much out of my garden and it was a lot of work and I felt at the end of the year you know how to do this again too much work not much out and the Remind me again that agriculture is not just about the food that comes out it's a spiritual experience and so I continue and after a few years I got produce out of my cart and I'm not an expert by the grace of God. But I have learned a lot and we have lunch together and Chrysler for our farm and I we have a garden in our school where we work every day but once a week we go to the farm and the person in the farm leaves out that class and so we learn there and we apply in our school we learn from our mistakes and we planted it doesn't come out it's a lesson to us well it's not a focus on but it's a lesson and we learn from these and the children joy. I recall just so you can see this is the sweet potato very funny shape. Here we were preparing a lot. Where we're going to have our school garden away from the school or school has a lot of trees around so we grow them mainly greens but if you want to grow something that produces the fruit and needs a lot more send then it gets there so we saw it in this law and the farm came until it for us and so then the children I we worked in deciding how to line up the garden so we use math we looked at what plants are we going to plant how much space they need so how how wide will bit the row seat. And they need to come up with the solutions and then they're the ones that went out with the mystery tape and measured how wide it was going to be and then they had to measure a space for a path and another row and so we did on this garden I think about 5 or 6 rows and so they mark them 1st we put the thread and then we went with our shovels and started forming it so from beginning to end we do all the work that you learn everything here they are harvesting Swiss chard and their farm goes through the farmer's market once a week and so the children many times help to collect them bundle the things for the market and sometimes like in this location they had to bundle it by numbers so they told them this many numbers of leaves so they counted Here's their map they put them together they bundle them sometime things by weight so they had to bring whatever was their way and then take out if it was too much or add up so they got to really do these things on their own and use math in a very practical way. This is our school we have 3 beds like this one that you see here and so they were picking their lettuce what we what we grow at the school usually they take it home and sometimes we share with people in need and then on the farm we work there and we leave the produce they are so little and sometimes you have to work and not receive anything sometimes it was section they gave us but. We were strawberries. And I taught them from the beginning you know how to cover the ground we made the little holes and planted them and then the stories they keep multiplying the story plants so we put little pots around 10 and we put the baby plants in there when they were big enough we cut them out and we took those still sort of planting to sell them so we have a health food store on our campus and this picnic table is right in front of the health food store so we stood out there with a little strawberry plants and a sign that there were $2.00 apiece but the children. Where seeing people pass by and not stop and they were like Can we just go out to the road and so it's all them yes and they took the sinuses you can see as I walk into the road again the people that were driving and telling them they're selling and when the people paid if they didn't give the exact $2.00 they had to give them the change back they had to calculate the change and give them the change and that they all took turns turns and being the ones that were selling and at the end of the other thing I never even mentioned math and at the end of this activity this girl she was like this was the best map lesson we've ever have right and so it's all in this is the thing about true education everything is really integrated together we have this idea that this is math class and this is science class and but in reality all works together and they're more we really integrated them more make sense the more practical it is the more valuable and the more it sticks because they have a use for it if it's just knowledge it doesn't work and unfortunately we meet up what we learned in the school systems we apply it to our allies we just feel our herds with knowledge and there's not useful and so as Avonex we have felt our hands with knowledge. And but we don't apply it to our lives and it doesn't do us any good we we're really not going to benefit from this knowledge if we're not applying it and that's why in our school when we have the children do memory verse when we introduce On Monday we introduced a verse. I asked them to think practically what does that mean in your life and we discussed the verse how to apply it in and during the week they're supposed to be sharing how they applied it at home because their mission field right now is home and they have to talk about it and share and they have a little journal where they write how they they practically up why that verse because putting it here and I hear does no good and the same thing with math skills and anything else we need to learn in use and in that way it's really truly learned here we are getting a flower garden and readying our school we're told that our premises should be beautified with flowers and that flowers are reminded of God's love for us so we went to a nearby place where there's a lot of rocks and the children pick the rocks we hold it to the school and we didn't have at the moment a hose that was long enough to go to the end so they had to go with low buckets we got one so we have a now but at that time they were working bringing the little book is to water the plants. We've built this compost bin. Of pallets and when I say we I'm talking about we the children with there are the hammer and and they're kind of guiding right so they they love to be able to do things with their hands and see like I mentioned before our farmer at that time he's unfortunately has left when he started he has this by one his hand and he always started with a thought from the Word of God and they they learnt different things they love going to the farm. Where they were planting or harvesting learning to use different. Tools this days the Boy Scouts they were putting come poles and preparing you know carrying the buckets and filling the buckets carrying the book at 13 them there they came back to school so dirty and they thought that was the greatest thing in the world. They were you know of course we didn't fill the book at all the way to the top because they would be too heavy for them but they we fill it so it was a burden they can carry but they need to learn to build their muscles. And do things and they were so excited they were able to learn how a backhoe works and they did not drive themselves but the farmer did teach them how it works and machines like off something for little boys they just love machine. And here we're also working with compost blueberries they were picking the weeds. We're However thinking again and this is a I don't know what you call this thing but the children were just like. I suspect ing eagerly for their turn to use and basically they roll this thing in these little sticks will go in the ground and create the little holes and then of course that you can transplant right there and there were just so excited so they learn to use all kinds of things on the farm here again with 2 potatoes. Just preparing the saw any part of farming we did and it was always something different so you always kept their interest. Story pencils are kale. Were half assing again for farmer's market and we also worked on planting flowers around the lifestyle center so all these flower beds they work with them and this they this children we taught them to enjoy our new culture but we also told them when you're working it's not fooling around time and so they they learn to work and they really and they enjoyed it and they took it seriously and so they were there and they were like go pass me this take this they got and the people that were in their life thought they saw it coming out and they were like we've never seen children work so all responsibly and so I children when they fold to the kitchen will be a witness to the world why we didn't go in there knocking their doors but they saw it and they came out and they were very me not the farmer at that time or 2 thought gentlemen that's over there he thought the children going to get tired of it of agriculture so we're going to take a break and he decided to give them a break about a month and so I said Ok Well we're going to keep us in the school so I told the can. The farmer said we're going to take a break so we can relax for a little bit and then we'll go back to a culture class I mean farm class later and they were no no we can't do that we have to help form class and so they said can we make a strike and so they asked me for a poster and they made a. Oh sir we want to go to the farm help plants and they wanted to go to the farm and to make a strike that we would not leave until farm started again so we marched to the farm and they started shouting we won the farm we won the farm and so the farm on it that the fight it Ok will continue farm class so this is how much they love it we we really think that children are going not going to enjoy a word but the reality is when they're young they want to learn and do things now if you don't teach it them when they grow older it's too late because they learn to be used to to be I don't and then work is not an enjoyable thing and that's one thing that I noticed when I was working in Academy I realize we're waiting too late to start this why an elementary school not doing this this this young people are ready learn not to do anything and they don't want to and when I talk to women to schools they told me well it's too difficult this time they really say to dangerous for them but I decided I'm not making excuses for why God says and yes you have to accommodate a little bit but it can be done and this is the time to do it because this is when they want to learn to do things and they want to help and they feel useful and then they they this love within them and it will grow but if you don't plan to in the right time and lead to live. Another class that needs to be part of our curriculum is cooking. And not just cooking but healthful cooking right we need to teach our children to teach to cook healthy things and counsel said parents teachers and students pay $27.00 is that do not neglect to teach your children how to prepare all some through in giving them these lessons in physiology and in good cooking you teaching them the 1st that and some of them old useful branches of education and in call Kadian principles which are and. Needful elements in their religious life. Now we don't usually think of cooking as an important new full branch of education or important for religious life but yes this is how God you said this is why we have to understand when we're dealing with education are you culture or health we need to understand God's ways are not our ways and it's going to be opposite to what we see and what we're used to and so if is the opposite we should find assurance and that means is the correct way right if this thing that we're listening usually not. And so this is a cooking class now when we do cooking class in our school the children are part of the whole thing I don't have all the they agreed is there ready so that they can put it No we do from beginning to end everything together and we do that we're slowly with sometimes and I don't always do that but sometimes I did take them to the store right on the campus dividing Creedence but many times we haven't produced in the school already and so we just had to look at what we have do we have everything we need and we did that together and then we they measure everything they all their pants if we're making a mess sure they mix and they they do all the parts of it and guess what happens when you cook you dirty dishes and no somebody else is not doing your dishes for you go wash them so they learned how to wash the dishes swept the floor because food always ended up in the floor and who says that you can't have fun in cleaning and so yes they had to be part of everything otherwise they don't get the real experience. Here. And we were making I think or know a lot. And here we were making granola bars and now with every cooking class there's a mini health lesson because they're the reason why we want them to learn how to cook they could helpfully And so in this class I usually talk to them a. About that the harmful effects of sugar and we make things sweeten it with other things with different things not refined sugars and so these granola bars we actually sweeten them with bananas they granola we threw it in with apple sauce and Upal sauce and. We did use. Molasses. And then here on the bottom they're making burger patties out of oats. Baking bread and so we taught them how to make whole for a whole. Wheat bread as well as Millet bread because we do have a few people that are intolerant. And they really love this and what we did one year we had a picnic at the end of the year and we had all our cooking classes who are preparing for a picnic the cooking classes before the picnic and so we make break the bread make that all burgers we make pickles with lemon juice we make the mayonaise. We made some cookies I mean the whole meal with Made in the lettuce was from our garden we didn't have the tomatoes from our garden we did have to get those from the farm. And they cooked all the food they prepare and they on that day we invited the parents and the people who have because the different people and you will see in the other slice that different people from their from the campus have come to teach different classes and so they volunteer their time to do and so we invited them because they had been investing in their children and so it was a way kind of to say thank you and so the children were in the serving line serving their parents and their teachers and their their family knowing we prepared all this food they serve it to their parents and then we all sat and ate and it was really special occasion and I don't know what happened to the pictures we take took pictures of them but I've lost those pictures here were making cookies and I always said to give them some instruction of. Health and why we use the ingredients we use versus all the ingredients that would be in other things and then they do all of it measuring putting it in the food processor or the blender whatever the only thing I don't always let them do is put it in the oven. If I don't have older children and then I usually do that part myself and this was actually my house we had that day the boys were doing something in the farm and I only had 2 girls so I took them to my house and they were so excited when my government inside don't know why but we did some I think it was granola bars also that day and we make granola bars and actually sold them people love are going to love are so very simple and very nutritious. As part of cooking we teach food preservation us well and so the children learned how to can applesauce we also key and beans and I can remember one of the thing was and this is in the house of the president his wife has the can. Noreen her basement and she was gracious enough and courageous enough to let all these children go in her house and see Toddles she's right there and so they had to wash the outpolls peel the apples they put them through they square them in there in that machine and then they put them through the thing that makes the sauce and then they had to put them in the can and we had to use. Seal she did put them in the camera because they can are super boiling and it's very tall but then when it came out they were the ones labeling them as well so the whole part of the process they did. Sewing is another important class to have in our schools and it's a practical skill that even today could still be useful in Child Guidance page $351.00 says they that's referring to the mothers should also instruct them and the art of substantial sewing they should teach them how to cut garments economically and put them together neatly and no they say clothes are cheap enough that it's actually a Spencer to make clothes but when you are trying to find clothes are modest It's a challenge and so I I have found very very lot of blessings in the fact that my mother she's not an abacus I didn't grow up in an ominous home but my mother taught me how to sew when I was growing up and so I don't I rarely make whole garments but I do alter a lot of things so sometimes I buy things are a little bigger just because they will cover more and then I sort of fits me because the things that my fife and. So more than I want to show right and. To to repair closings and things like that it's good now this year and the opera Grace classroom and we have 2 classrooms 1st grade which is usually what I was teaching in the other teacher would teach. 33 they do sewing class with soy machine and then lower grades we'd we do hand sewing only. And that that year she only had boys in her class and she decided to do the sewing class nonetheless and I thought why don't know how that's going to go but the boys were excited because they're using a machine and they love the machines and they actually were excited that they were using the machine some they kept talking about it and my kids were like why can't we do so with the machine so one day I did do work we did a pillowcase because the straight straight stray stray and I put it in there and I let 11 of the kids do the one thought I had when I was wanting and then the other side until we finished the pillowcase. But they did several things they did little facts and being certified and played outside i kids in my class did it as well but they did it by hand. And see if you were. Yeah and then the other teacher also taught them some crocheting Yes I can teach my kids like us I don't appreciate or need. Another aspect of education that we need to make sure as part of our schools is the use of tools. Council says to parents teachers and students page 122 is that when children reach a suitable age. They should be provided with tools they will be found to be apt to poles if the father is a carpenter he should give his voice lessons in carpentry now. This was a hard thing for me because I came from public schools where safety safety safety so tools. Course they kept the kids in sports and they get more damage their perfect get that now in my years in teaching in the school 7 years the only times that we have had accidents where the students either sprain ankle broken arm or something got hurt was not in practical training it was in recess playing in the monkey bars. So prove that if you really take the time to teach him how to use a properly and of course they are safety guidelines that you have you can't be careless about these things. And so it took me a little bit of time to get warmed up and to it the farm manager came to me and said I want to have a woodworking class for the kids and I said really what do you plan to do well when teaching how to use all these tools and he mentioned the drill and I thought whoa no we can't do that I don't even know how to use the drill and so it's a Parma Sheen and the kids are going to get hurt I thought and then I was like you know what I'm going to trust the Lord and I told them if we can have several adults there that can be that because me and him alone was not going to be able to surround all of them make sure we have the safety do the things but do it right. Will do this but I was still kind of die for and we did it and it won't so well now he really had a talent on how to work with children not everybody has that and we were blessed to have someone who did and he had every station things how they can practice using that tool and he and he did made a very safe and he had an adult in each session and they went and they practice how to use this measuring tool so that you can get a stray. Line in there they learn how to use a saw they learn how to sail around. The here they were measuring too and the drill and the hammer and after this I was so ashamed I don't know how to use a drill so I need to learn how to use a drill and now I own a drill. And I know how do you said I mean I'm not like a builder or anything but I can do little things here and there and he didn't just teach them how to use the tools he had a project planned and so there was a purpose for them to do this so they learned the he gave in the practice and then they're fine and was to build a shed for the farm and day from beginning to end be able to send of course with the help of the farm workers they met served. And Mark when they were going to cut they cut it so you can see the farm on it just helping this young lady and then they carry the wood to where it was going that the young man are here and you see them getting on the ladder and I was a bit nerve wracking for me but they used their hammers and the drills and they put this thing together with a lot of superficial and guidance and when it was all said and done we all saw up slowly. Painted it and as you can see they had lots of fun doing it they painted and now this building a simple small building that stands in our campus and our children can say we built that right what sense of purpose gives them. Ok so that inspire me and I started looking for building projects and so one day I was I needed a step stool because the kids were having a hard time reaching a part of the board where they had to put the date every morning and I was looking for a step stool and realized things are responsible. And then almost I was like What are we going to buy one with make one so I got a pallet and we. Looked at you 2 and found the project and. We they stand they cut they cut this wood they say and all that they learned they are they were using it and this is my drill this is a drill I now own is not the most powerful thing but I can make small projects we put it together and they were so excited when it was not it's not the most wonderful school ever but I was proud of because nobody taught me how to do we just learned together and they were so excited they kept going up and down up and down up and down and they said Can we show it to the other class so I told them sure let me go after teacher and before I had time to go over there they were running over there with it and they opened the door and they put it trying to teach and they say you have to get on it and so she got on it and to try it on they were so excited with their steps to. The up great big the student. In there and the upper grades had a class in the afternoon a pastor I would not pass so I went it's a firm believer in Christ and and truly cation but not only does he believe in teacher he practices that in his life and I was blessed to have him as a mentor when I came there I didn't know much about tribulation I was on my knees a lot reading the counsels but I also went to him for counseling guidance and he was tremendous and so one day I asked them he's a retired And then you know he's events unnamed so I wasn't so sure how willing he was going to be to work with this children but he was happy to do a class for them so on Mondays and Monday afternoon the children would go to his house and he would teach them all kinds of practical things because this is what he does he fixes things he does things and he's the pastor usually passes are you know and they're just good at speaking in this power as much as they would do so I really was happy to have such an example for the children. This is His Will Barrow that there we all had gotten messed up they put it together everything that he had he said I don't throw anything away until I can fix that anymore and he taught them how to use the 2 man saw us you can see from that picture here they collecting leaves they went around the campus and collected the sleeves and then they put it through the Trotter machine and he uses this to make his compost so he taught them the whole process and they enjoy doing the work and then they they learn how to split wood and those kids and next they could talk about nothing else but this was the greatest because they did a man's job and 1st I thought well that's going to be a bit too much for them but they really enjoyed it challenge I mean you do have to understand how far to take them but challenge it's important for children to grow. Here they're cutting trees that have gone. Down past the hour when. It's very practical man and a man that's always ready to serve so when he says the trees down he goes and and cuts it in pieces and then they can haul it out and so when the kids went to this class he he took on with them to do these things. And do one more and then we're going to stop so that we can give you a break and continue with the rest here they're building a raised bed this was the farm the farm also because they were so excited about building and they kept talking about building class the farm was like well we're going to build some beds do you want to have the kids buy part of that and the 3rd of course they would love it and so they went over this was under a different manager now and they went over how to do it and we did this it was a smaller project than the set but they still nonetheless enjoy then. And again it's something that feel it's been used in our in our green houses and they. Know now when they go to class there we had a part in building dance right so the question truly words and it does take work it takes a lot of. Of thinking ahead a lot of effort but it is a great blessing for our children and they truly do enjoy it but most importantly it truly prepares them to be the man and woman that God wants them to be and to be able to serve him in a in a very real way you know right now in ministry says very difficult many of our youth come out of college and they don't know how to do anything and they come to work for us and it's it takes 3 of them to do one man's job and it costs an institution a lot if we had believed I work a lot more work could be done because one person could do more and serve bore and honor God in creative ways and the people notice and they see it's such a testimony to people when they see these children that they are able to do so much and have hold so much responsibility. In such a mature way and they are children who play and have fun and do all kinds of things and they get their teacher to do crazy things as well that I usually would not do but when they want me to be part of their play I try to enjoy them as much as I can. Because I I want to be part of everything with them so that they can see I have an interest in them so we're going to close our prayer briefly and give you a break and then we'll go back to continue this presentation. To father we're so thankful that you give us principles that are higher than anything in this world has to offer help us to trust that help us to truly believe that what you have is better much better than anything in the a schoolhouse and give us the current to press forward however difficult however a challenging these things may be that we may honor the and that we may bless our children and help us this eventually those of us who have not had a truly cation background to be good students of these principals ourselves that we made on guide them all right consistently. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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