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The Sower & the Seed

Larry Lesher


The class will look at our role in understanding the plan of salvation as it is revealed in an agricultural model.


Larry Lesher

Owner of Eastward Gardens in Indiana.


  • January 16, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Heavenly father we just thank you for this day the opportunity to be here at this conference to grow in a knowledge of mostly hopefully and prayerfully who you are. That we would. Not just take these things for granted but that you have given us these living parables that you have given us these object lessons and these these tools at our fingertips to grow in a knowledge of who you are that you are gracious to is that even. Even in these parables you've given us tools to make a living that we could have food and sustenance for ourselves that we could have a means by which to take care of ourselves on our farms in our homes in our gardens and and that you are forever point out your blessings upon us help us to receive them help us to realize them and recognize them as they're happening and not take them for granted help us to be able to hear your voice that small still voice sometimes and that we would look to you for guidance and direction that we might learn of the even now I pray you would hide me behind your cross that you would use me as a tool that you would speak through me that you might have a message for your people or to pray for each person here that they would not just be hears of these things as we said in the last lecture but they would be doers that they would put these things into practice and they not be found slaw full in the work you've set before them. Father pray that I too would not be slothful in the work you set before me but that we might glorify and honor you that we might be a fit vessel in your hand that we might be found worthy to stand in that day I pray in Jesus' name for his sake we pray Amen. All right so this this class is called so in the seed I'm going to sit down if that's Ok I'm not loud enough just tell me I tend to be a quiet talker. So if I'm not loud enough to say hey speak up I'll try to talk louder. I'll try to talk loud to begin with just in case. And so we'll just get started here I want to start with a quote from reflecting Christ it says there is no chance work in this life. The harvest will determine the character of the seed that has been sown you think about that. It will always testify you will not be able to hide in the harvest so we get started here with the 1st quote is going to be Christ object lessons page $17.00. In Christ parable teaching the same principle as seen as in his own mission to the world that he might become acquainted that we might become acquainted with his divine character and life Christ took our nature and dwelt among the divinity was revealed in humanity the invisible glory in the visible human form men could learn of and of the unknown through the known heavenly things were revealed through the earthling God was made manifest in the likeness of men so it was in Christ's teaching the unknown was illustrated by the known divine trues by earthly things with which the people were most familiar a question. Of what is the principle of Christ parables says here there's a principle what do you see here that's the principle. I have a thought but I'm curious what your thoughts are. Unity between the divine in the human anybody else anything else. Known to unknown good principle Paul tells us what he's policy he says. The invisible attributes of God are clearly seen in the things you have made he has made. I was thinking of him Paul's writings he says that. The physical proceeds of the spiritual. Interesting thought and the physical proceeds of the spiritual. Proceeds come to the fore. The principle that I saw here that I thought was interesting that I don't think anyone was wrong in their statements I think they were all correct what I saw was his revealing divinity and humanity he came in human form to reveal the nature and character of God to us and he did that in themself but he also did that in his parable teaching. And so. Have another question What is his mission to the world according to this says Christ parable teaching in Christ parable teaching the same principles seen as in his own mission to the world what do you think his mission to the world was. He revealed god. One anybody else. Cheery vill that it's possible for. So the divinity could do well in man but mostly the most Penacoli was that God would his character be revealed to man. Yes. The Universe. That's right. A man's. Heart. So Christ drawling And as we have a part to glorify our heavenly Father it's revealed through Christ and through Christ in us. The vindication of the accusation Satan has leveled at our heavenly Father Amen amen. My observation was it was to reveal divinity in humanity basically the same thing I agree. What a beautiful quote Do you know that when you know where I got this you know Page 17 in Christ object lessons you know a page that is that's the 1st page that's actually the 1st thing in Christ object lessons I think it's important sometimes to look at the 1st thing in a book because it kind of set up the rest of the book for you and Christ object lessons are parables and so that's why I looked at that all right so we're going to go to signs of the Times March 27th 893 Paragraph 2 Now a lot of people tell me I read a lot of quotes and I'm going to tell you why Ok I read a lot of quotes because I don't think what I have to say is of much value but I think that the Bible in the spirit of prophecy or of limitless value and if we can read these quotes and wrestle with ourselves to try to understand these quotes by the Spirit by the rules that we've been given to look at these things I think we do far better than listening to men. I know myself well enough to know that I'm not interested in what I have to say but what God wants to say to us so I hope you can appreciate that when the soil has been prepared for the reception of the seed the sower cast it in and by processes which men cannot control or understand the seed begins to grow and advances to maturity Jesus compared the growth of the Kingdom of God to the sowing of seed into its development into the full measure of maturity the seed is the Word of God. And the soul who receives it is said to be born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible which Levithan abideth forever. Wow. What did you catch in that what is the what do you think the theme of that little step short paragraph there would be. The seed is the Word of God and then. The mystery of what God has placed in the seed that he draws forth that he alone causes that to take action Yeah. Below. I agree with that statement as well. Amen we receive it. If we were to receive the power of the Word of God It has the power to change us that's right you know. It's the only power that can change is right. Amen I'll tell you what I see in this verse the word appears twice maturity maturity in Christ we grow up into Christ. I think that it's not an accident that that word appears there twice you see it. Here and there. Because the Christian walk. This way. And it's a continually growing in maturity. So what's the seed got to do with the 1st thing happens when you throw that seed into the ground what's that seed need to do you need to germinate it went to germinate it's going to come out of the ground what's it going to do. It's going to grow it's going to mature All right that parable and then to there everywhere everything we read is constant Christ spoke in. He taught in parables who's our model. Christ is our model in all things. So how should we teach. We should be teaching in parables a man. Alright John $1224.00 their early verily I say unto you except the corn of we fall into the ground and die it abides alone but if it does I bring it forth much fruit he that loveth his life shall lose it and he that hated his life in this world shall keep it and to life eternal. While. What does this sound like to you. Anybody got any I would he what do you hear there. What's that we've got to do go into it has to die. We die daily went out when did you die. You died in baptism. Every day. Christ every day. You know Christ died once for all. We've died daily Christ I once for all but what what had to happen that Colonel that grain of wheat had to go into the ground and what did that grain of we do it comes forth to do what bring forth much fruit all men sounds like that to. When you go into that watery grave to come forth a new creature in daily we commit to that. Amen Amen so well look here signs of The Times July 1st 897 paragraph 10. Every harvest every harvest this lesson is repeated those who till the soil have the illustration of the Saviour's words ever before them Year by year men perceive his grain his preserve his grain by apparently throwing it away his choice a sample when you when you save your see. What do you save back for food and what do you save back for your seed. The always pull your seed out 1st because you want the best. Because you want that crop to get better and better and better every year. So apparently we're going to save it back our best in order to throw it away. For a time this must be hidden under the furrow to be watched over by the Lord then appears the blade then the ear and then the corn in the air but this development cannot take place unless the grain is buried out of sight hidden and to all appearances last the seed buried in the ground produces fruit and in their turn the seeds of this fruit are planted thus the harvest is multiplied so the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary will bear fruit unto eternal life the contemplation of this sacrifice will be the glory of those who as the fruit of it will live through the eternal ages brothers and sisters you can be that fruit think about that parable we oftentimes put forth this idea of the going out. But before we go out. I have a saying you win people to which you win them with never heard that if we win them with some other model if we've won them with some other concept or idea other than Christ we want them to be a counterfeit Amen so step one find yourself to Christ you too must have Christ experience you too must go into that grave you must be cast into the furrow so that you can come forth and bear much fruit because who was the 1st that you're going to bear. Christ in you the hope of glory. Right now right. This is from Christ object lessons page 63 the parable of the seed reveals that God is at work in nature the seed has in itself a germinating principle a principle that God Himself has implanted yet if left to itself the seed would have no power to spring up man has his part to act in promoting the growth of the grain he must prepare enrich the soil and cast in the seed he must till the Fildes but there is a point beyond which he can accomplish nothing no strength or wisdom of man can bring forth from the seed the living plant let man put forth his effort to the most limit he must still depend upon one who has connected the sowing in the reaping by wonderful links of his own on the potent power. What do you think would happen if we just went out and took all of our wheat and sued in a fallow filled think that would go good be a good good idea good plan probably would give much return for our effort you know why. Hardly hear because the sewing Will the scene will always tell you what the the fruit is or the fruit always tell you what the seam was we read that in the 1st part of the right so we have our part to play while we can't make the see germinate while we can't of ourselves bring life for us with out now you think about this Christ is giving us a model here a spirit of prophecy is telling us without us there's no hope for that seed if you think about what that means the choices we make day by day moment by moment the things we choose to put our thoughts upon things we choose to put on our bodies in our bodies things we choose to put our eyes to what's on our phones what's going on in our lives will be testified to in the sowing in the reaping. It goes on to say there is life in the seed there is power in the soil but unless an infinite power is exercised day and night the seed will yield no return the sowers of rain must the showers pardon me the showers of rain must be set to give moisture to the thirsty filled the sun must impart heat electricity must be conveyed to the buried seed the life which the Creator has implanted he alone can call forth every sea grows every plant develops by the power of God we have our part to play but unless it's the power of God in us it is a mere work of our own power and strength and it will fail Amen we must remain connected to the source of all life what's the parable. The sowing the sower in the seed the great model Christ so. There's a quote here I want to I can get this to come up here from steps to Christ page 47 I think I quoted it at the last one off the top of my head but I want to read this it's not going to be up on the screen it says the power of choice God is given to man this there is to exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God it's affections but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will he will then work in you to willing to do according to His good pleasure so your part fact we read in the 1st part of this is to put your will on his side he's given you commission he's given you all these writings he's given you the scriptures he's given you all you need you put your will on his side and he will change your heart He will bring forth that fruit because in a there is no hope all of sinned and fallen short of the glory of God none are righteous no not one all right. Education Page one o 6 point one. The plant grows by receiving that which God has provided to sustain its life so spiritual growth is attained through cooperation with divine agencies as the plant takes root in the soil so we are to take root in Christ as the plant receives the sunshine to do in the rain so are we to receive the Holy Spirit if our hearts are state upon Christ he will come unto us as the rain as the latter and the former rain on to the earth as the Sun of Righteousness he will arise upon us with healing in his wings we shall grow as the little ng we shall receive I'm sorry we shall revive as the corn and grow as the vine house a little grow every anybody seen Lily grow. You know. It's a perennial it's a. We. Know you're thinking of a lotus you're thinking of a lotus flower or lily pad or Lily does grow actually some lilies do it's a water lily Yes Ok you're thinking of a water lily that's a good one though I'll use a water lily since you bring up the water lily Where's the water lily start in the mud in the muck and what to do it comes up to the water and as it comes to the what's the water Holy Spirit Holy Spirit as it comes in the Holy Spirit mature as it were because we're in a process of maturity a man and we come to this maturity process and we get to the top of the water and we open up what's going to happen. Beautiful pure white flower and then how is the flower when it was half way through the water you know the flower was still pure away same in. So pure way the revelation of the fruit. The flower What a beautiful thought. So we have to stay connected stay our hearts upon Christ Amen Maranatha $256.00 The outpouring of the spirit in the day of the apostles was the beginning of the early for former rain and Glorious was the result so once that seeds in the ground and it's sitting there in the ground with Sydney in order to germinate what Sydney's. Sunshine will need sunshine Amen but it needs water water the seed needs water to germinate. Activated metabolism. Started screwing process it has sprout inhibitors. On that seed you wash those sprout inhibitors off and all of a sudden the in the zines start to come to life and shift you have an enzymatic shift in that plant that tells the plant. You need a tail you need to put some roots down then all of a sudden it's interesting we grow micro Greens we grow sunflower micro greens and when you look at the sunflower micro green if you've ever eaten sunflower seeds you crack that little shell open and you see the seed in there if you look at that little little seed you'll notice there's a little tell on that see you ever notice that that little tail is the root did you know that and did you know that the little seed jibberish break them apart you see there's 2 little thing 2 little shit 2 little seed halves on a sunflower seed anybody ever done that those are the leaves that's the Cottle Eden's And when you when you're doing some flower sprouts and you brush off those little leaves of the 1st time what you'll notice is you can really see where that little tale of growing right out of there in those 2 little seeds are turning into leaves what a miracle right this is the process of germination and so water comes down and what's the water as the early disciples were there was poured out upon the early disciples the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the disciples and one of the good o. a great harvest. Amen. The Spirit of Prophecy Volume 3 page 24 point one the act of Christ in breathing upon his disciples the Holy Ghost and in imparting his peace to them was as a few drops before the plentiful showers to be given on the day of Pentecost Jesus impressed his fat this fact upon his disciples that as they should proceed in the work. Instructor sorry that they should proceed in the work instructed to them they would be more fully comprehend they would more fully comprehend the nature of that work in the manner in which the kingdom of Christ was to be set up on Earth so what do we see here in the early time of the pot of the Apostles Christ comes in the upper room any breeze upon them. And they receive the early rain everyone know that everyone familiar with that that that was the early rang because the we think of the early reign as Pentecost only but the early reign as the time of the disciples right here we just read it was a few drops that brought the initial onset of that work and how do I know that the all of a sudden what we call the early rank can be called the Latter Rain at the Day of Pentecost because God tells the in from the beginning because he tells us how does the Book of Daniel read repeated in large Daniel to Daniel 7 Daniel 8 the repeating the same story but there giving more information so here we see a picture of the bigger picture which is Pentecost and when flattering come. And I am then now locally now calling on hearts all around us is it. Because if we may miss it we may miss it but these tools here God has given as these tools that we don't have to miss it. These parables this agricultural parable all the parables the parable of the building of the buildings the parable of the Sower in the sea in the parable of the Lost the hidden treasure parable the Pearl of Great Price they're all telling us this story right we're talking about the parable of Agriculture today. And then. When we had here Spaulding him again 86 point one Now I want to talk about some science we're going to get to hopefully once that plant has to call it a lead ins it's going to we're going to look at the process of one of those to cut a lead in is going to do you know a cut does everyone know to call it a lead in is I'm not speaking a foreign language. A cot a lead in or the 1st to plant the 1st 2 leaves that come out when a plant sprouts they're usually different you noticed they don't look like the rest of the leaves on the plant what of what a seed does when it germinates is all the energy that it has is going to go into putting out those 2 cotta lead ins and that's the photosynthetic energy that that plant's going to have to photosynthesize to create all its energy it's going to put a Taproot down but those 2 leaves are the key to this those 2 leaves of the photosynthetic engine that's going to drive everything about this plant and we'll get into the photosynthetic engine here in a few minutes but I want you to to know that's where we're going to go here but I want to read this statement because when I was looking this up I looked up the word microbe and this is the only quote in the spirit of prophecy that I could find that talked about microbes and it's interesting because it's a warning so I want you to be on your guard when we talk about this. All right and this is going to tell you why you need to be on your guard so let's read it this is spotty McGann page 86 point one much of the talk about science I know is a snare men have a Roni as views about science they should be searching diligently to see if they are accepting Christ as their personal savior talk less exult science less let your Redeemer be the one exult the melody of heaven is praise to God and the Lamb. It sounds 4th from the voice of 10000 times 10000 of thousands why does not praise flow from our lips Why are we so dumb The Lord is ready to disclose to his church more and more of his wonderful power and to open new lines of thought in regard to the great plan of redemption the love the matchless love that moved him to give his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life this quotes going to go on and I want to move on a little quicker here let me tell you it is not safe for us to employ as instructors in our institutions those who are not believers in the present truth. They had vans ideas and theories that take hold of the mind with a bewitching power that that absorbed the thoughts making the world of an Adam and an adam of the world if we had less to say in regard to microbes and more to say in regard to the matchless love and power of God we would honor God far more. I'm going to polish there for a minute what do you think she's trying to communicate do you think we should study science. She's not saying that she's saying there's false science and when we make science our God we have distorted and confounded and confused the science that we've learned in the 1st class we look at education the science of salvation. And we're supposed to have true education in the sciences are supposed to refer to reveal and manifest God to us so when we look at the sciences we want to see how it's a picture of Christ in the science of salvation Amen so as we look at science when your kids are in science class when you're looking at science because you want to know how to make things grow in the soil right it's science but it's true science and all true science like photosynthesis is a true science we need to see it in the light of how it shows us Christ aimin All right. Goes on these things are dwelt upon too much and the things we ought to know which concern our turn will interest receive altogether too little attention throw a veil over the pores of Cain earth which is corrupting on account of the wickedness of its inhabitants the point to that and point to the heavenly world there is need of far more teaching in regard to having in this life a vital connection with God through Christ that we may be fit to enjoy heaven and dwell forever with our Lord if we would attain to the pure l. if we would attain to the pure elevating idea of character we must list Jesus the perfect example the exulting of science will never accomplish the work so we can have all the right science we can have all the right methodology we can know how to make our soils work but if we don't tie that to the eggs will taste of Christ then we're just like the world every drop of rain or flake of snow every spire of grass every leaf in flower and shrub testifies of God. When we go to Farmer's Market. When we're bringing our produce to our neighbors. We're having communion with our families and we bring our food over do we know how to testify to them through the workings of our hands and explain to them oh how this works let me explain to you how the the parable of the squash works I've never heard the parable of the squash. That's because no one taught it to you but do you think the squash has a parable. I promise it does. Because listen every drop of rain or flake of snow every spire of grass every spire of grass has a revelation of Jesus Christ than the squash does to a man. We should find those things we should mind them is hidden treasure. And we mind them when we go to our family we go to people who don't believe in God and we are able to communicate to them the beauties of how God works in nature which we can do to their heart. It opens the heart it connects us to them in ways that argument will not it cannot or we don't argue with these people know we love people right we love them and because we love them. But a minute can you love anybody. Apart from Christ who can love anybody and so we love them because we see Christ in these things this is the 2nd book is teaching as a price and how do we become like Christ we become by being holding him. Does it just when we read our Bibles in the morning for morning devotion Sabbath when we hear the preacher. Every day. You're in the middle of a busy city every city has a tree growing by the street somewhere a blade of grass somewhere it's testifying of who. It's testifying of God. We need to be finding these things because this is what connects us to Christ because when we see that blade of dry stress wishing to remind us my heavenly father he's been here. That testifies of no. Amen it's not nature worship we're not worshipping nature right don't be confused don't have a false science we're reading right this is a false science. But we want true science human science to salvation these little things so common around us teach the lesson that nothing is is beneath the notice of the infinite God Nothing too small for his attention God is to be acknowledged for what he does not reveal of himself than from that which is open to our limited comprehension if men could comprehend the un changeable wisdom of God and could explain that which he has done or could do they would no longer give him reverence or fear his power and divine revelation God has given to men mysteries that are in comprehensible to commands or face this must be so if the ways and works of God could be explained by finite minds he would not stand as supreme Now let me ask you something when you read that does that mean that we don't understand these things he's revealed them to you in the parables what he has given to you and yours is for ever and though it may be foolish foolish this to the world what's he going to do he's going to take the fullest things to confound the wise. So when we learn the parable me share the parable they may say we're fools. But you are revealing God Wow I mean did you know that someone tell you this and everywhere around you everywhere you go you know there's come a time of trouble with the world is never known you know Christ went to the cross and he was all alone but you know there was a lady who knew him to his feet you know that smell was on him. Smell was on him. We face that trial that parable would be all around you. It will be in every spire of grass and it's in the knowledge of what that means to you what God with Christ has done for you that you will stand unmovable unshakable bind yourself to Him Sun of Righteousness and we're going to read about the Sun of Righteousness here Malakai 42 it says but until you see that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with him lean in his wings and he shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall where we study in maturity growing up in Christ. Did you notice something funny about that. Something has always struck me when I read this verse something odd anything about this strike you. Know calves don't photosynthesize the but no look at that word son. We are not sun worshippers Why isn't su in because it's not a so in the Sun of Righteousness it's the su in of righteousness. Now that's a strange is that a parable do you think this might be a parable. I think this is a parable wasn't that exciting. You got it into ventured you know and only. In order to understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to consider both the nature of man and the purpose of God in creating him because everybody here understand the nature of man after Nature met nature man threefold nature. If you don't know the nature of man if you can't answer that question directly and assuredly go study the nature of man is powerful and profound Let's go on we need to consider also the change of man's condition through the coming in of the knowledge of evil and God's plan for still fulfilling his glorious purpose in the education of the human race that's come in from Education Page 14.4 I say that because if you were here in the 1st lecture it was largely about education in the place of education and we need to understand what true education is and is a B.'s and Cs of Agriculture of education or agriculture and so. We should be learning about the nature of man in these parables we should be learning about who we are our tendency for sin our tendency to do that which we are Paul says I do that which I would not but that is that I would do I do not. So we need to understand this because if we don't understand how we work we don't understand how we function in the parables are there to help us understand that if we don't understand that we can't really if you're in the garden you don't know what's wrong can you fix it and you don't stand a problem that sin nature that entered in at the call. So will go on desire of a just page $22.00. In the beginning God was revealed in all the works of creation it was Christ that spread the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth it was his hand that hung the worlds in space and fashion the flowers of the filled his strength set a status the mountains the sea is his and he made it some 656-9558 was he that filled the earth with beauty in the air with song and upon all things and earth and air and sky he wrote the message of The Father's Love on all these things it's not just Christ. Because who did Christ come to reveal up to the very 1st thing the father to vindicate the the father's character him in. Men and so all these things that we look around as. Our Heavenly Father you know his heart is just like Christ. He love this so that he gave his only begotten son and he gave us all these parables why to give us these parables. So that we might know him better that we may not know him fully and completely All right we've got 7 minutes I'm going to unfortunately skip on here. Anybody know what a photon is. It is a light unit a man. Is a light unit. It's a wave particle duality anybody know what duality means. As a 2 fold nature isn't that interesting don't you think that's interesting a light wave looks when we do it when you draw it we kind of can you see that it's yellow it's kind of hard to see can you see it yet one of the like can see it better that's what a light wave looks like it's how we represented often but did you know. When we say light waves it has a reaction if you put it through a whole electro magic radio electro Matic electromagnetic radiation which spread out there via diffraction when you put it through a hole do you see the picture can you see the picture at all it's basically 2 lines with a hole in it has round lines that come out like a diffraction like a wave you would see in a pond. Well generous to my explanation Ok so that's what that is actually looking like even though you can't really see it there sorry about that. And then we can have it as a constructive interference number told you I was going to give you some science and I gave you the warning about science perched right. So keep me in check here so this is what it would look like if you can see here this is kind of got 2 colors kind of a yellow and blue ish green but when you lay them on top of each other. We call that constructive interference Ok. So I want to mention something else before we go on live light and I want to read this because it's a it's kind of a definition it's as light in the infrared visible and ultraviolet range is which falls between x. Ray and microwave wavelengths are between 10 and a meters in one millimeter All right so that's kind of the range that light falls in you have microwave ovens you have gamma rays you know all the different x. rays Those are all light waves and then we have the visible that's how we see color is through the reflection of light. So a constructive interference as this occurs when the maxima of 2 ways add together the 2 waves are in phase so that the amplitude of the resulting wave is equal to the sum of the individual amplitude now you don't need to understand what I just read you just need to understand that this is what a wave looks like Ok And when they're in this plane on top of one another this is what it's called in this is how it works does that make enough sense that you can follow that. Test me prove all things hold which is true if I'm wrong don't teach it correctly teach it the principle is going to remain but it's it's a definition that I believe is a true definition so you can also have destructive interference and destructive interference is when wave patterns go against each other and so it will look you can't see it but if you see here there's a yellow light yellow line in this blue line so they're going against each other the 2 ways are crossing over each other not in harmony with not at each other can you see that Ok that's called destructive interference destructive interference occurs when the maximum of 2 waves are one $180.00 degrees out of phase. A positive displacement of one wave is cancelled exactly by a negative displacement of the other way the amplitude of the resulting way the 0 the point that I want to make when I show you these 2 things is that this is how we understand light waves this is how waves work because what I say wave particle duality there's a duality with light and I want to share with you what the duality of light is here in early 18 and you can read it there with me in the late 18th hundreds or early 1800. Light can act like a particle too. So a light wave is a continuum do you see that. But it acts like a particle is well now a particle isn't a continuum. It's measurable it's discrete. And so it goes on as light can light can only deposit discrete amounts of energy I do not mean small so like it's not necessitate that it's a small amount of energy it can deposit large amounts of energy but it comes in chunks you follow me. So what what do you think. The parable is we're supposed to bend our minds you heard that statement where does a photon come from. From the sun we get photon energy from the Sun The Sun of Righteousness and when the photon arrives it comes into. It comes into well of the it comes in a. Way form that is not does not have discreteness to it and it comes in a discrete form that's how we understand it I'll want to be really clear we don't really understand light but this is how we when we try to communicate light this is how we see it and so what I would propose. And you should consider I think is that Christ came divine and human he came tangible in that holy thing you see that I can prove that to you why. Because my my interpretation of things is of no value right unless it holds to that which is true then it's of infinite value then this is John 812 then again and to them saying I am the light of the world he that follow with me shall not walk in darkness but shall walk in but shall have the light of life. Who's the life. Of Jesus is a like the light comes in this disk duality I think that we are seeing something now why am I talking about this I'm talking about this because all new energy that enters into our system comes in primarily through the sun and it's a parable you know I know it's a parable. Because every spire of grass because all of these things are testifying because the Malikai told me that Christ is the Son issue in of righteousness. So that tells me that this is testifying of Christ and you too can dig out all these hidden treasures because Christ wants to reveal Himself to you now I've got some more evidence it says here becoming the connecting link between humanity and of energy crisis that Connecting Link We know that Amen just like the photon is a wave nonphysical and physical crisis 100 percent man's 100 percent divine Amen So you test that I'll tell you that if you come back tomorrow night I was hoping to get to this tonight but I wanted to go into photosynthesis because photosynthesis is the means by which all of us are alive this photon energy that we just looked at the Sun of Righteousness is going to enter into this plant and all that that plant is going to do is create a very profound parable and has anyone ever told you the parable of photosynthesis before you know it can't be quick we're going to have to do it. You want to see it you got a minute all right so what I would do is I would read this to you. The Lord has made every provision so that we may have a rich abundant joyful experience John writes concerning pricing in Him was life in the life with the light of men life is associated with light and if we have no light from the Sun of Righteousness we can have no life in him but this light has been provided for every soul it and it is only as we withdraw all from the light that darkness comes upon us as Jesus said He that follow with me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life. In the world about as there can be no life without light where the sun to withdraw his shining all vegetation all animal life would have an end this illustrates the fact that we cannot have spiritual life unless we place ourselves under the beams of the Sun of Righteousness if we put a flowering plant in a dark room it will soon wither and die as so we may have some spiritual life I'm sorry and so we may have some spiritual life and yet lose it by developing in an atmosphere of doubt and gloom So you think I'm off base All right let's pray. Over father you are. Your King of Kings and Lord of Lords father you are are all in all you've been so gracious you've given us so much Father I pray that we not had our eyes from it that we not turn away from you and and be content with the things that this world offers us we've all had a bad education or you know you've been raised in this world we've been in a world of sin it's fallen and broken and our families even the best of our families the Lord or are just led to sins. And so Father we know apart from you we have no hope and so we asked you to impart to our minds the Sun of Righteousness that you would enter and into well within us that we might shine forth in brilliance that we might be fit vessels to be held up as an end sign that this world might see you and be drawn to you as that serpent in the times of Moses was held up that healing would be brought if they just but would look Father I pray that we would be that tool that we might be a fit vessel of men that we might stand for you though the heavens fall that you would be horrified not that we would be lifted up but that you would be lifted up settle our minds and then help us to dig deep mine the treasures you set before us that we might be settled that we cannot be moved as our parents are the same age that's pretty sick we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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