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Morning Devotional: Thursday

Barry Mosier


  • January 16, 2020
    6:30 AM
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Kind Heavenly Father we have appreciated the mourning time for sweet time together with you in prayer be with us now and I was weak in our talk this morning as we open your word bless us this day in Jesus' name amen. And if yes then your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then your light shall dawn in the darkness and your darkness shall be as the noonday the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought and strengthen your bones and you shall be like a water garden and a spring of water whose waters do not fail this morning I'll be sharing our family's testimony about starting to farm. My wife Mary Beth grew up in the country and love that in the country I grew up in town so I was a city kid in a town of about 5000 people my father was a carpenter but he was also in a very avid outdoorsman who hunted and fished and trapped and even though he is not an Adventist he gave me an enduring love for nature in the things of outdoors because my my mother figured I would go and fishing with dad every day she took me each Sabbath after church to my uncle's farm and it was so interesting out on the farm I loved it out there and you know as I grew up most of my dreams at night took place out on that farm. And I used to work for my uncle in the summers I enjoyed making hay out on the farm and I joyed not quite so much walking the bean fields. Weeding his soybeans don't do that anymore. And after college I became a certified public accountant and Marybeth and I bought a home on the outskirts of Rochester Minnesota. I took a job working for an Adventist c.p.a. in Dodge Center Minnesota the practice where I worked we did a lot of farm income tax returns and so I was very acquainted with farmers and at the time back then they weren't doing very well financially in fact the joke around the neighborhood really was how do you become a millionaire Well you start with 2000000 and your farm for a year or 2. That's how you become a millionaire I viewed farming as a lot of work and a great lifestyle but no money in it that was how it seemed to me as I was doing these tax returns and. I remember the farm crisis of 1906 there when land prices dropped from $3000.00 acre to about $600.00 an acre almost overnight it was stunning probably 20 percent of our farm clients went broke it was very difficult times I can tell you I wouldn't have dreamed of starting to farm myself. The Bible says in the Lord will guide you continually Isn't that true have you found that to be true in your life I mean isn't it true all the time I certainly have God is still faithful time after time after time someone once told me that sometimes in our lives it's so dark that you really can't see the place to put your next step is that true and yet when we turn around and look behind us we see a 4 lane highway where God has led Is that true well after 5 years of living on the outskirts of City of Rochester Mary Beth and I knew for sure we needed to get out into the country to raise our family i bought i tried i tried so hard to buy a little 5 acre place with a house out in the country and God said no. I tried so hard I tried to sell our house it wouldn't sell nothing worked finally a man came into my office and said I heard you're looking for a place in the country I said yeah I am he was selling. An old farm house and barn 50 acres the land well God overruled we bought that little farm God didn't want me to have just a couple acres he wanted me to have 50 acres God overruled I'm so thankful that God wouldn't give me what I wanted maybe that's happened to you you wanted something and God said No I've got something better for you in mind so I'm so glad he said No Well after 20 years of accounting work I felt God's call to serve in the mission field as a volunteer we were volunteers in Africa for 11 years Mary Beth and I and Andrew sitting between us there. And we started we sold my accounting practice and moved to Cuba to a farm in Tanzania and we lived off the rent from my home and the house we'd paid off the farm. And then after 8 years it can be dual in Tanzania we were in the Congo Democratic Republic of Congo for 3 years I was involved in evangelism publishing church planting and of course always the accountant got to do the treasure work well it was a blessing to work with our son Keith and Tammy there in the Congo and. That was just a real blessing and Nathan and Starlight and Nathan starlight are here at our meetings that's fun to have them here and they're going to be moving to Tanzania to work with Kitty dual farms. In March of this year I hope you get a chance to talk to them but once again I thought the farming was discouraging there in the village seeing the struggle of subsistence farmers. Usually farming an acre maybe 2 of corn maybe they were getting 10 bushels to the acre it was a hard life hunger hard work battling weather. Lack of soil fertility bugs disease it was heartbreaking to watch it really alcoholism was rampant people were flocking to the cities seeking to fulfill their dreams and when they got there they saw their dreams crushed and lost their families oftentimes their lives out on the farm were simple no crop no eat that's pretty simple isn't it and you know it was sad because if you wanted to insult someone you called him and him shamba you know one of Schama is in Swahili that's a farmer. That's how you insulted somebody in that true grace and. I would ask young people what does your dad do for a living he doesn't do anything for a living He's a farmer Well that was the kind of mental attitude people had toward farming and how much we need to be able to go to these other countries and lift up their ideal of what God's plan was for farming and give them knowledge so that they can see a better way of life how much we need to do that I appreciate these agricultural missionaries and I see some of sitting here right now and I'm just so thankful for the work you're doing. But they were people needing hope and when we extended the gospel message to them they readily accepted it praise God. If you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then your line shall dawn in the darkness and your darkness shall be as the noonday how true that is the thing I learned working in the mission field was to trust in God I didn't know what I was doing but I tried my very best I made so many mistakes but in spite of these God blessed our work there exponentially beyond what we could imagine I remember Nathan helping us drill for 50 wells and the impact that made on probably a 100 or 200000 people's lives was just amazing we had the privileges with my friend Rudy Harnish who mentored me in Tanzania and getting probably a couple 100000 books out to Cole Porter's during those years it was just amazing and distributing tons and tons of Bible studies and literature out to people and we just praise the Lord for those opportunities and training we had evangelist training school we trained so many church planters and they were so diligent in their work and we had the privilege of seeing over those years to over 10000 people baptized I can only say Thank You Lord for the privilege of working with you because it's you doing all the work it wasn't really until later that I found the same thing in farming trust in the Lord worked really hard and then watch God bless your efforts he's the one who does most of the work well after 11 years overseas we moved back to Minnesota for family reasons and I'll be honest I didn't have a clue what I was going to do I started doing some income tax returns again because that's what I knew how to do and we were so thankful to have be back in our little home in the country like in a way Sis and I wondered if God maybe had. A plan for me to use these acres that he had given to me years ago quotes like these went through my mind in God's plan for Israel every family had a home on the land was sufficient ground for tilling thus were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life no devising of man has ever improved upon that plan to the world departure from it is owing to a large degree the poverty and wretchedness that exist today that's good counsel isn't it I pondered these things the Garden of Eden was a representation of what God desired the whole earth to become and it was his purpose that as the human family increased in numbers they should establish other homes and schools like the one he had given Well we prayed about it Mary Beth has always been an avid gardener I was this kind of her sidekick in that regard but she was happy to have the idea of starting to farm and. We thought about the independence and freedom that that could offer us I was tired of years of going away to the office every day but how to start I didn't have a clue I needed help I needed somebody to encourage me and and guide me and God reminded me of an 80 year old Adventist man living just 25 miles away in Rochester and he was he had a strawberry an asparagus farm so I went and saw Ron and Ron was 80 years old and still had the vigor of a young man working in farming and I said Mary Beth this is the fountain of youth the strawberry farm and I'm going to stay young too in this I think we ought to try it and so we started miracle strawberry farm and I've been chided many times they bear you blew it you named it it should have been berries berries. And I said no we wanted it to be miracle strawberry farm because that way every conversation with our customers will be have the potential to be spiritual conversations I don't want my name to be just berries berries and it also reminded us of the time when we were just thankful to be alive every day after the airplane crash that we survived as a family in. 2847 people died that day and that airplane crash but we all got out alive Praise God you can read about the story in flight 122 it's for sale at the Agra booth this week pick up a copy I think you'll enjoy it. But anyway that name Miracle strawberry farm we really wanted to do our best because I felt like with that name we kind of had God's name on the line every day and I wanted to do the best we could do well I took a beginning farmer class and God taught us so much in these last 6 years I can Our instructor said growing fruits and vegetables is not rocket science there are a lot more variables you never heard that one was true it's complicated but Ron was my mentor This is Ron and Andrew and I I went to Ron's farm I don't think I could have started farming without Ron seeing it done I copied many of the things he did and it would been almost impossible to start with out of my he still farming by the way is mid eighty's now I talk to him frequently Ron was my mentor friends how many advantages are there like me out there they may be want to move to the country they want to garden they've even consider farming if they can just be inspired by those already doing it. To see it being done to pick the produce to see customers happily buying for odors they need to see a living parable Well they need to come to add Venice pharms we need to be accessible but maybe not during the busy time. Arrives shine for your light has come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for me hold the darkness shall cover the earth and the deep darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you friends others need to hear the stories of God's blessings in our lives and for farming gardening the same visiting our country home so they can see the theoretical become the reality and maybe they'd say You know I think I could do this with God's help well in the spring of 2014 we planted 16000 strawberry plants in 2 and a half acres you don't have to start as big as I did I went in over my head but and then not to stop there we planted 14000 asparagus roots. On about an acre and a quarter and then we planted $11000.00 asparagus seeds best said seeds only $0.10 richer $0.35 cheaper to plant seeds right well planted the seeds in the next spring we had to dig up all those seeds and now become roots and then transplant them down 10 inches it was minister you know it's Minnesota you gotta go down deeper they'll freeze out well it was back breaking work that spring and I thought we would never get done planting those asparagus roots in the course then you wait 3 years before you get any money out of it. And then there was the we'd started to comes this any surprise to any of you and I suppose it shouldn't have been to me but we couldn't keep up with you know 34 acres of weeding and I didn't know what to do and you know when I tried to hire people to come we'd they weren't too enthusiastic about it and to be honest I've been in the money to pay them we used up most of our life savings in the mission field and what was left of it was in that old those acres of strawberries and asparagus and I needed a crop bag because when you plant strawberries in Minnesota you going to wait a year to get a harvest by the time that year was up we needed a crop bad well late that fall of 2014 I went to the 1st ad Agra conference in Tennessee and got some encouragement through that conference and I visited John and Pam deicing years farm Thank you John for opening up your farm for me to go see it gave us a lot of courage and strength to keep moving forward and be sure to take in Pam's class on hospitality. But we needed a crop we prayed earnestly I mentioned it more than once to the Lord and I'll never forget when we had a consultant that came to our farm and looked it walked up and down the fields looked at the strawberries they just look like blossoms to me I had no experience with it and he came to me he said the most amazing words he said You better get ready I don't think you can ever sell all the strawberries in that field he said in the rest of your life you'll never get another crop like this and it was true at the end of our 3 week season we had sold 64000 dollars worth of strawberries we were just astounded and that was after about 40 percent I'm rotten in the field because I couldn't get him out fast enough and that started the annual Thank you Jesus. I think every year it has been that way thank you Lord thank you we can't say it enough he does it over and over and over again now that's not to say we get record crops every year some years we should have got no crop but we got a crop and we said thank you lord there's miracles every year the next year. That's all that would do a little bit more here we this some are strawberries and it's fun to work with our family but that next spring is Minnesota you know next spring got a real cold late frost a killer frost I remember a a consultant come on he didn't give us any insurance money but he told us we'd lost close to half of our crop all the king berries were dead Well Ok well how does God do it that year we sold $70000.00 worth of strawberries I could wear these berries coming from I don't know that they just kept picking him and picking them and picking them out in the field is just unbelievable and that's what it took to get over my bad attitude about farming God show me you can make money at this what's the matter with you I don't you see that I grow these things he had to convert me and that's what it took to show me that by then we had our heads above water we could keep going and it's such a blessing to see people out there getting fresh food for their tables good food that they can trust and eat and it's fun to work with family much of my family helps when they can it's just a thrill to work together on the farm and my grandkids love to come to the farm Why not free strawberries you know and it's just a lot of fun and it's a joy we've had television crews out of our farm it's just a joy to see people picking those berries and to talk to them but Jesus. Well. The next year or a couple years later then south winds were real strong in the spring I didn't know what was going on I didn't see the zillions and zillions of flower thrifts that were falling out of the sky onto our very patches from the Sol anyway then the hail came and took up most of what was left of the crop when the hailstone meets the strawberry you know who wins every single time it's the hail stone Well the trips devoured the blossoms and I looked out there I remember on Opening Day that year that's the day you want people to come and say wow and go home and tell their friends I remember going out in the field a man came and looked at the strawberries that were out there and he said these look pretty picked over I think I'm going to go somewhere else that's opening day I was this made me sick I couldn't even go out in the field I took my pictures and we went to somebody else's strawberry farm so good least pick something there and have something to sell anyway people were coming well. And the berries that had survived the thrip were not red very distinctly brown in color anyway we prayed what else do you do where else do you turn said Lord what what do we do on Sunday morning Monica faithful customer came she'd been there Friday she came back Sunday I walked out to the field with her because my eyes Monica looked at me and said what happened the berries are red and there's lots of them she's a Catholic lady she said on the way over I was praying for your farm I said Thank you Monica we've been praying too it was another miracle we got a decent crop that year should have had no crop. The god did it again we tell these stories to our customers and they say frequently now I wonder you call this place miracle strawberry farm we keep asking God how do you do it we needed irrigation for our firemen you know I'm just a human I thought well I'm going to drill a well so we try to drill a well and I won't say why but the state of Minnesota said noël you're not going to do that well Lord had other plans he'd already put a little gravel pit right next to my building site I didn't know about it it was there the gravel was there a man came and said I'll trade you I'll dig the pond for nothing if you'll let me have the gravel I said Ok Lord it's your program let's go ahead so I got a irrigation pond for nothing Praise be to God before they call I will what I will answer now we have this planter here that when we plant it berries a drip irrigation line right underneath every single row of strawberries and we can water him all from underneath out of our pine praise God Well the stories don't end there are there every single year this year last year 2019 with a short season we got 13 inches of rain during our 2 weeks season that's just a bummer for strawberries 7 inches in one night not only that it said 4 times during that night well that day luge was coming down it started to hail Well the berries were ripe it was we're in mid season early season 4 times that night Mary Beth and I started to pray earnestly Lord these are your strawberries please protect them and in the morning I went out course the water everywhere pond was overflowing dishes were full went out to look at my field and I went out you could see the leaves were shredded. But the berries weren't damaged at all I said this is impossible I took off my boots knelt down there said Lord your angels we're here in the night we've got a great crop this year and I made a profit again so between the mission field and farming I've learned so much about trusting God from day to day Andrew Marybeth I brought some brochures that we hand out on our farm and they're going to handle without anybody wants to look at one just some brochures we used to try to tell them but work in the mission field this is our poster that where we sell our asparagus to the farm to the grocery stores. Shelves meat your farmers and our priorities are faith farm and family and we try to point them to our website where they can learn more about about Jesus our farms need to be White Houses for God We need to have literature available. In our strawberry season we get about 100 up to 140 cars a day coming to our little farm and then amazing praise God We need to be agricultural missionary spreading the truth through agriculture and health and the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul and drought and strengthen your bones and you shall be like a water garden and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail those from among you shall build the old waste places and you shall raise up the foundations of many generations and you shall be called the repairer of the breach let's be living parables with our gardens our farms and our country homes our gardens invite church members out to your home to see what country living is like show them your garden give them some produce from the garden. Open our farms to guess maybe some day you could have a field day on your farm and for those of you going to visit bars make an appointment people are busy there with a capital b. and so don't just show up and say show me around but I can imagine maybe. Website has farms where people can see advents farms maybe a mini camp meeting who knows why not but let's mentor others and encourage them to follow God's original plan for mankind let's be living parables day by day then your light shall dawn in the darkness arise shine let's pray thank you Jesus for all you do for us day by day thank you Lord thank you for the privilege of farming of gardening to see your hand at work thank you for being a privilege of sharing our faith with others from day to day thank you for the miracles in our lives each and every day Help us Lord to trust you more with all our hearts go wherever you lead us. In Jesus name I pray. 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