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Restoration Farming

Luke Fisher Chantee Fisher


  • January 16, 2020
    8:15 AM


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Dear Lord we ask that you would use us to bring glory to your name thank you for the opportunity you have given us and I ask that you would use our words to inspire others all right so I mentioned and my uncle Edwin mentioned I grew up on a family farm. Raised on the same farm that my father my grandfather my great grandfather were all raised on it was actually my great great grandfather moved to Oklahoma around 1905 a few years before statehood and he had been farming with his. Young Wife in the deep river bottom soil of the Missouri River back and observe. When he accepted the Adventist message in the very early 1900 and decided he wanted to raise his children differently than the way he was raised and he received a bit of pressure from his family farming community to conform and decided to move to the country to speak from the. Country where he was living to way out in the country of of Houma territory and so he brought his family out. In a wagon or something or another. In the early very very early 1900 few years before statehood started the family farm where I grew up my great grandfather took that over expanded it he was a bit of a business entrepreneur got into the threshing business before people had combine bought a lot of land during the Great Depression era when people were moving to California and out of that has been bird of 2 to family farms and then my family would. It's carved out a niche of a 3rd one. And so I've been blessed with a long farming heritage. Based on the original reasons for going were reasons of true education. And so I was raised with all the benefits of country living and I don't take those for granted and you've heard read know about I think most of them but one I want to add to that one of the hidden blessings. Ork for some people may be a cursing but by God's grace a blessing. For a multigenerational farm you learn how to live with and work with your family. A lot of people can survive. By living parallel lives one works here one works there one goes to the office one stays at home when they're home they do 2 different things but if you're living and working together you have to you have to make it work. Or to survive and so I can't say that the road through the all the generations have has been a smooth or easy one but but but that heritage has been passed down to me and the lessons learned by earlier generations were passed to their children and so I was born into a home where my parents had a strong marriage my grandparents had a strong marriage all of all of my siblings are are in the church all of my all of my aunts and uncles of my father's 5 siblings were in the church and it was an easy and I don't take I don't take that heritage for granted and I and one of the reasons why I'm choosing to stay on the farm. In embrace that lifestyle is to pass on pass on the values of that legacy to the next generation. So the subject the title of our presentation today is restoration farming. So you may put 2 and 2 together already but let me summarize a passage from Christian education the true object of education is to restore the image of God in the soul you know in the beginning we were created God created man in his own likeness you know things have gone wrong and it is to bring back bring him back to perfection the perfection in which he was created that is the great object of life the object which underlies every other in in that's that's one of the real reasons why we farm the you know this is that's an education quote but nature is one of God's favorite textbooks in the farm is a really great classroom so I was not raised in a farming environment by 8 years old my my family with my parents were convicted by reading the Alan White compilation country living we were living in the suburbs of Chicago at the time and we moved out to the country of Michigan and we eventually ended up going to the mountains of New Mexico but my Oz My mother even we were living in Chicago she always see inherited from her mother a love plant and I remember the 1st gardening book she bought it was something along the lines lines of yard stick gardening and we had a little garden plot in our suburban backyard and one of the things that I appreciate her doing is she gave each of us our own little plot of ground to take care of and so I had my yard stick garden I toes my plants and it was so exciting and I remember. If any of you have young children who are a little bit picky about vegetables go ahead and give them their own plot of ground and have them grow some themselves they will learn to love things that they never would have imagined eating before I remember I used to just hate radishes I couldn't understand who would eat these things up at a terrible flavor but when I learned how easily gratitude can be grown and they were growing so beautifully in my yard the garden suddenly I loved or outages and I love them to this day I remember my my younger brother thought well with 3 feet by 3 feet it's a small as good then even smaller is better so that 1st year he had a square foot garden literally one foot by one foot and he planted one red cabbage in the middle of that square foot but his red cabbage grew and it was very inspiring. So as we move to the country and then to the mountains we had increased opportunity to start to learn the lessons the great object lessons that you can learn outdoors as our garden expanded I remember spending many hours in the Michigan summer hot humid environment weeding that garden we had and learned some of the lessons about how to you know cultivate early on then you won't have to read a whole bunch later so we spent a lot of time weeding and then when we moved to the tail end of the Rocky Mountains we must of all bushels and bushels are rocks out of our garden but starting to learn perseverance and self-discipline out under the open skies together working as a family was a huge blessing for me and I grew to just love love gardening as a teenager I remember that I would. Try to swap tours I did it quite a bit with my very accomplished cook indoor loving sister so that I could spend more time outside and she could spend more time inside Thankfully she married a farmer Ts and now she spends lots of time outside. But I really appreciated and I remember when I was 15 years old I was writing in my journal I decided to write a list of what I was looking for hoping for to marry and a husband someday and among many other various and sundry things I wrote that I hoped that I could marry a farmer Well I attended Southern advents University got a nursing degree there had an interest in health and missions and thought it would be good to have a secondary career just in case there was a drought or something. But it Southern only found church administrators daughter's doctors daughters had a prejudice against them for some reason. But I after I graduated I worked for a year and a half nursing took a lot of my savings in went in started a 6 acre commercial asparagus production back on the home farm and then eventually the organic market garden. And a few years after that. They were really they were really great excuses I had so much asparagus that I really just needed to find some people to give them to you and so who better than the number so I convince them to stop by and they stop by and the rest is history. Doctor's daughter notwithstanding I remember I was so impressed with his garden you know I already love gardening but I had never seen a garden quite like this I had spent actually too much time on the deicing or farm before the time and I are running around his market garden I was so impressed by his lettuce that it was just the perfect time of year for a full lettuce display and he was growing modest down lettuce that year you know that green lettuce at the purple flecks and I'd never seen anything like it and anyway I was I was really excited and. We could go on and on a long time telling you about the story of how we came together and we don't have time to do that this morning but I will say that. You know before a few a few days before our 1st meeting and conversation I was talking to mutual friend and she started talking to me about Luke and I'll tell you my honest reaction was this his resume sounded way too good like you know an organic market gardener who's also a nurse who spends his off seasons overseas volunteering and lives on a family farm and my natural female defenses came up and I thought she was like oh he's going to be can't meeting a few days you'll have to try to meet him and I thought I am not going I'm going to make sure that I don't run into this guy and I don't have a conversation with him because I don't want to talk to a guy that sounds attractive there must be something wrong but I can tell you testify I'm so thankful that God overruled and had different plans we did end up talking and that during that 1st conversation we found so much to connect with and long story short in the fall of September in September 2012 I found myself marrying a farmer just his eyes all out as I had always dreamed of doing and I want to say something. This is kind of a side note but you know the verse in Psalm 37 verse 4 it has almost become a monster I feel like for single people the light life type self also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart Well I that verse was really precious to me but I came to understand that verse in a deeper way and that is that I don't think that verse is actually saying. If you follow the Lord he's going to give you exactly everything that you want obviously that's not what it means but as we embrace the life that God has called us to live with the cultivate a deep relationship with us with him then he will be able to offer the desires of our hearts and when God authors desires in our hearts he is well able to fulfill them in his perfect time and way above and beyond anything that we could dream and that's what he did in my life we love the verse and Song of Solomon. Chapter 2 verse $11.12 it kind of is an object lesson using. The. The words of the garden and spring time to describe love and that's how it was for us says For behold the winter is past the rain is over and gone the flowers appear on the earth and the time of singing has come all right so we need to start moving forward in our presentation here I took John to a 2 Democratic Republic of Congo want to honeymoon compliments of invitation from the motors I see some overseer some of our other Congo frontline missions compatriots. And then they had us back every winter for the next 5 years in our 1st year back when 3 of 2013. We didn't have any kids had a lot of free time no like just in the evenings except for headlamp and battery and we had a lot of time to read and we did a lot of reading and in God brought us to some convictions and one of those convictions was hey you're over here doing service in Congo How about your wife in the states how about your business in the States what are you doing to serve your community. Right where you are the rest of the time and so we started thinking and praying about that. Things why reading things like. Nothing can or ever will give give character to the presentation of the truth to help people just where they are. So well as to marriage and workouts and Welfare Ministry page 132 so what is Samaritan work helping people who are in need how can we do that in the context of our lives and so that's something we started praying about and we didn't really exactly know well I guess. So we just prayed God if there's somebody you want to minister us to minister to you know bring that person into our lives and give us and enough sensitivity to your spirit that will notice. So the spring came and a new season started for our family actually the the day that our 1st child was born was the 1st day of work for an employer that we had hired to help us during asparagus season and we recognized very quickly that he was the 1st of a long line of answers to that prayer that we had been praying that winter and I can't even begin to tell you the deep lessons that we have learned through this journey that we're still learning it's a journey of faith a journey of growth and in fact it's for our family farm it's just another step carrying on of a legacy that has has been going on for the last generation so let me stop here for a small disclaimer you know we may be occasionally making references to a number of our actual friends and family. For those of you who may be listening to this message later you know that you are friends and family we love you. And your brothers and sisters in Christ or actual relations. Were not in to me the same thing you know we all we've been so blessed by the generosity of others you know we all have so many needs in our armies in our extremity actually warm the Lord's heart he has an upside down sort of kingdom where I aspire to be one of the least of these so what just put that out there. If God has ever blessed you through your friendship with us you know we give him all the way for that so let's grandparents his father's parents who lived their whole lives on the farm set such an example of. Carrying out this work inviting people into their homes and they had a whole string of people before Luke was even born and then as he was growing up I was asking my dad yesterday on the way up here so hey how many people did your parents take in when you're a kid and he started counting and we lost count I think about a dozen. After my time another 6 or so so that's like 1818 people or or so they took into the home over over the years whole assortment from orphans to refugees to just people who are down in out or need some long time leading some guidance and some good ones are hard farm work to get their thinking back straight anyway so my grandmother my grandparents my grandfather passed whenever I was in college my grandmother continued on the work in his absence she has a big farm house 3 bathrooms at the back bedroom at the back has its own bathroom there's a big upstairs with its own bathroom and she could be she could host an extra person if she wants her kids were gone but even when her kids were there they added some extra ones. And so you know our theme for this conference is living parables and I guess you could say the parable for our presentation today is the parable of the Good Samaritan in that that ties into our restoration farming and you could say the farm is you know the Good Samaritan picked that guy up off of the road he took and took them somewhere for some restoration and a farm is an ideal restoration in in that's what we strive for our farm to be so. How do you do this kind of work so there's another quote We came across as a medical missionary quote. In reference to Isaiah 58 this chapter is explicit. And there is enough in it to enlighten anyone who wishes to do the will of God That's 6 to us testimonies to 89 so Isaiah 50 is explicit and there isn't is enough information. To enlighten anybody who wants to be the world of work the will of God So I'm sure you're all familiar with Isaiah 58 When's the last time that you read it in explicit fashion for your mission your. Your mission statement. Or for instructions on how to do mission work long chapter but we'll skip to some relevant portions is not this the fast that I have chosen to lose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yoke Have you thought about that when there is there is some economic and labor slavery left back in the world. But there is also so many other forms of slavery so many addictions and addiction recovery is. Such a need that so many people have and. We didn't go out to be recovering addicts but we've hired some and and we've had some friends stop by who are in need of a new start and you know the farm manual labor in the fresh air and sunshine eating some good vegetarian cooking drinking being out of necessity forced to drink a lot of water we don't serve many other drinks and you get pretty thirsty working and in the summertime in Oklahoma these are great great ways to detox and I and being in a community. Where substance abuse is like. Outside the parameters of the present reality is a is a really really great way to make a step in the right direction and we've seen a number of lives blessed by their time on our form all right going on is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless pour into your house this is a little harsh statement to read you know I didn't you know my grandparents used to bring some people into their house but I'm I didn't really grow up with that in my own personal household experience. There's reasons. Why you should be careful about who you bring into your house but hey that's what the text says Bring the homeless poor into your house. How often do you do it I have to jump in here really quickly we were when we were in Sudan a couple of winters ago we were studying as a 58 together as a couple and as we were taking it verse by verse we got the 1st name like what does that mean he's like What do you mean what does it mean I mean it says what it means like no no like what does that mean in context of our modern era what what is what are we supposed to do about that in my mind it didn't mean bringing people actually into your house I was at the time you know we had a lot of just a whole stream of beggars that would come by our door all the time now is like does that mean that we're supposed to like invite them into lunch with us like I'm supposed to bring them all in and feed them right at our table and we realize that I mean that is what it's saying that is what it means and just because that's not something that people usually do doesn't mean that that's not something that God wants us to do so I'll tell you the secret just become friends with some homeless and 4 people and once you're friends with some homeless and for people to really easy invite them over. All right so where was I. Currently you know we're on our farm right now we're all 4 so except except we are rich in some way and vegetables in love so we have our small work crew over for lunch every day we have a little community community farm Meillard our 2 regular employees and we all eat together and then we started having a prayer time after lunch where we lift each other up in prayer our needs asking God to use to be a blessing it has been we show the start of that years ago I don't know what we're dragging our feet for but it's been such a book. And you know our culture our Western culture has naturally insulated us from experiencing or even knowing what the struggles of our neighbors are and one of the things that I really appreciated about this agrarian lifestyle in this form of ministry is that it's given us and given our children a much more direct way to bless others you know instead of taking your your canned goods to the a box in the back of the church foyer every Christmas time so that somebody can put them into a basket so that somebody can deliver them to a door so that some family that you'll never meet can eat them instead we can just set extra plates at our table and have our employees and our friends eat right with us who would not otherwise get a square meal and it's been a beautiful way to teach our children to serve to love to share we're not just having them take something that can that had the label half ripped off to the back of the church that we really don't need anyway we're sharing some of our favorite foods and having to divide them a little bit further and that's Ok and that teaches them love and service. I. I've just been really blessed by some of our employees some of our friends I remember we were sitting around the table a few months ago just we had a really cold October in in Oklahoma it was bitterly cold and if we have a little bit of time I'm not sure if we will at the end of this message will share with you some of our unique lifestyles the moment we're living in a tent can dissent so anyway I'm very acutely aware when it's cold more than people who live in houses and we were sitting around our table sharing a meal with a couple of our employees and we were asking one of them about how the family was doing how the children were doing. And he just started sharing and he's he really encourages me because he never talks in a self pitying poor me sort of a way but just you know he started saying the reality of their lives they they couldn't afford electricity to have their furnace going and so they didn't have any heat in their house well it in our furnace they just sit with her oven open in the door they have an air conditioner and gather around the kitchen when they get too cold all sit in front of the all in washer no washing machines that are hand washing their clothes in the kitchen sink in trying to get them to dry and I was a sitting there thinking I mean this is like the character building stories that I used that I wrote growing up about the people in the 1800s but there's people living this way in our communities all around us all the time God wants us to connect to them to connect to each other so that we can bless each other not only does he want us to be a blessing to them but they are being a blessing to us too as we see the resilience and the fortitude and their willingness to just take the trials that come and do the very best that they can with them I was I really appreciate the opportunities that we have to get to know others in the garden setting because it really it gives opportunities to get into deep heart to heart conversations a lot easier than. I mean have you ever felt a burden to get to know someone and encourage them but you just don't even know how to go there like you say oh shall we go on a walk together that seems very awkward when you come over to help us dig some cares exactly so there was a there was a girl that was attending our church this spring and God put it on our hearts that we should really connect with her but you know if you was in a totally different life stage than me I felt like I didn't have very much in common with her so Lou suggested hey we got all these carrots to harvest why don't we ask her if she she wants a little job with us so she she was happy to earn a little bit of money and she came and she and I dug carrots together for 2 days and it did not take me long you know working side by side with that girl getting our hands dirty and just talking her heart has opened up and I got to see the the department needs of this girl and little did I know at the time. She was about to embark in a season of her life where she really was going to need a lot of support and I didn't know that she didn't even know that at the time but God knew that and so he intersected our paths so that we could be there for each other and I'm I'm so grateful for that and I'm thankful for the opportunities of the garden provide to bring people together. There's a quote in Christ object lessons that I I really love it says Christ object lesson page $86.00 all who would bring forth fruit as workers together with Christ must 1st fall into the ground and die that's the analogy of the seed the life must be cast into the furrow of the world need self love self interest must perish but the last self-sacrifice is the law of self preservation the seed buried in the ground produces fruit and in turn This is planted thus the harvest is multiplied so in human life to give is to live a life that will be preserved is a life that is freely given in service to God in man those who for Christ's sake sacrifice their life in this world will keep it on to life eternal so our policy has really become. To hire those who are in need of employment more than sometimes we need to hire somebody to get a job done if your of your initials are age you know who you are but the rest of the time and there's been others there's many people in this room that really blessed our family but our usual policy the rest of the year is to hire people who are in need of work and try to mentor them or train them help them to become good workers in we so not only just mentoring employees in good work ethic attention to detail efficiency but really getting into deeper heart issues. Asking hard questions what what are your goals in life you know what's been your experience what are your plans how do you plan to get there and. Getting to the bottom of what are the obstacles what will it take to overcome them and what is God's calling on your life in getting to the bottom of. Pointing out our own human weakness and our own need of God God's power and God strengthen our life and there's been a number of employees a number of friends who some have stopped by and the rest some have stuck by of their own volition. God pointed them in our direction. I have one friend who dropped by to say hi to come out of work with me for the afternoon. And I started asking him hard questions you know we grew up together as kids and for years he joined the military started drinking and got married got divorced got depressed had a bad car wreck trying to figure as life out asked him a lot of questions and I mean I. I didn't know what I was doing so much but his you know his life took a turn at that point he started seeking the Lord left alcohol behind eventually led him to. Evangelism train school here in Florida he got married we've kept in good touch then it's he's has struggles I was able to. Give him some mentoring in the marriage department whenever his marriage was on the rocks and. By God's grace he has a good union with his wife now and they've had the opportunity to minister minister and and and lift up others in their own church community who are who face similar challenges in that all started just basically from a conversation in the garden so you know what's your willingness to have a hard target conversations with those in need. One of the things that I found is really vital in this lifestyle and ministry is that hospitality and service they have to be a lifestyle they can't just be an event if you treat people sitting around your table extra people like a special occasion there's always going to be stress that's going to lead up to preparing a meal for company and you can't do that if you're going to live this way and have your door be a revolving door people feel like they can come any time and you know I've been growing I've been learning but I've been so inspired by the example of Luke's grandmother I remember when we 1st we lived with her for a couple of years and when we 1st moved in with her she had invited. A lady a young mother to come over and get some extra produce out of the garden that she had meant canvassing the community or something anyway the young mothers there didn't know anything about picking produce in the garden so Grandma was out with her showing her how to pick stuff she didn't know anything about parenting either really young single mother and so I was overhearing grandma giving her some parenting encouragement and tips while they're going along and grandma was in charge of lunch that day we had a schedule and she was supposed to be cooking lunch and lunch time was coming and she was still out there in the garden and I was thinking you know I was busy too working in the garden and so I thought well I guess we have it figured out well lunchtime came and she invites us later this day for lunch and I'm thinking you have not fixed anything for lunch not I mean nothing for any of us let alone this lady and she literally grandma went to the house and pulled a couple of bags of sweet corn out of the freezer cut up a loaf of bread pulled out the homemade mayonnaise and tomatoes and we had to made a fan which is and sweet corn and there was lots of it and it was tasty and we were all satisfied and the lady was very grateful and I was just in awe thinking wow she like did nothing to prepare this meal but it didn't matter because what that lady needed was not a bore me a good meal she needed love and she needed to feel included and so I've been seeking to grow in that area I've come a long way sometimes I'm still really stretched I remember one day this last summer my couple of our workers showed up right at noon to work a half day and Luke was like he will feed them lunch right and I'm like I didn't I mean I wasn't I didn't have a pot of beans on like I usually have I wasn't going to make lunch today I had leftovers in the fridge just enough for a little family I was working on a project in the garden with the kids and I was looking forward to not having to worry about cooking that day and. My husband made one of its classic line a Why can I go ask mom if she has any leftovers in and I'm like Ok no no you're all going to have a verse for that you know go to your neighbor ask them for some bread roll belittled me. I don't know don't don't Go Ask Mom let me see what I can do so I went to the fridge and they're just the you know hodgepodge of leftovers I had and went to the freezer and I'm really embarrassed to share the story Ok so bear with me I'm just being very real for you I found a package Japanese ramen noodles in my freezer and I whipped up in 15 minutes. Freida Pinto Hussam that's built from the cooler the ramen noodles and I had ramen noodle soup on steroids ready for my guests and you know as I'm sitting there and starting to eat and feeding my children I'm trying to act nonchalant to cover up how mortified I feel over this feel free to judge me because you cannot possibly judge me more than I was judging myself in that moment. And our guests are eating and one of the guys was like you know who's the chef around here this is so good I love you. And it was like the Lord spoke to my heart in that moment and said You know I don't need anything fancy I don't need all I need is a willing and a humble heart from you and I can take your little loaves and fishes and spread them to be a blessing to the multitude. So over the years we've had a number of single teen moms the same spring All right so my wife didn't go into any details but they are the day our son was born. Was the day that one of my friends 1st time we really got to know him started. We we didn't really know was the beginning but I've come to count him as a friend since and started working for us he's had so many ups and downs struggled with a number of different substance abuse issues. Come to our house and middle of the night had so many difficulties that we we've really been blessed with the opportunity to to enter and enter into a struggle but there was also another girl her mom died from a drug overdose when she was 11 Her dad was an alcoholic she got into a bad relationship with a guy decided she need to leave town moved a few towns over staying with some friends from school grandmother need a way to support herself come ask she heard you know maybe we should get some work out here so what we're like Sure yes love to have a lot of needs and help during asparagus season so she started out just helping us during asparagus season. And that was 5 years ago and she's had a few kids since then on a 2nd relationship since and. We've seen a lot of time out of the country but we were just able to reconnect the spring and she's so excited to reconnect with Shauntay really wants to spend some more time with us really wants to do a little work force again but really she is desiring that you know I had a lot of good hard conversations with her when she was 18 before she made a lot of bad choices and she was like almost. As some Paul potential converts almost persuaded but I don't think it's too late you know keep posting these people up it's it's. You know it's hard it's a hard road a lot of them come from difficult places and you have to be willing to persevere you have to recognize there's going to be a lot of relapses there's going to be a lot of apparent failure is going to be a lot of disappointment if you see yourself or so much energy and emotion and prayer into these people and and then see them make such destructive choices but what is god been willing to do for us how much is he pursued and I have to remember that if I was born into these situations if I was in those shoes I probably would be the same way so by the grace of God Let us continue to reach out again and again as he has done. All right so we've mentioned my grandmother a lot and we lived with her a while we've you know we kind of been homeless ourselves in my eyes it's hard to say we we went to stay with my grandmother to take care of her she was she's 90 years old now so back a few years ago. Whenever I I had the aspirations of making a house for my family before I got married and we my brother and I built a small place those of you been to the to the farm I know what it is in a way because I'm brothers eventual homestead site house site and. I'm not going to completely house I've got a house building credit with my brother and I just need to buy the materials so anyway we went in together to build this house we lived it for a few years. But then when my grandmother needed somebody to take care of her we moved in with my grandmother my brothers since got married and lived in that house. And then we went to serve in Sudan for 3 years. And my grandmother sold her house to our oldest daughter they retired moved up from Louisiana and my aunt and uncle are now taking care of my grandmother about halfway through our 3 year. 3 year agricultural development project in Sudan and our work visas were not removed. Renewed on somewhat short notice and we came back to the States on a more permanent basis one year ago. January of 2001000 to no farm housing I had my potential garden site had my walk in cooler and other infrastructure but I didn't have a house anymore so we moved into my parents' basement for a few months while we. Started working on a new homestead about a mile south of my parents' piece of property about a mile south of my parents' same time say it's family land. We have a we're going to have a we're going to have a panel discussion on why and how you should why and how you farm on Friday that I'm moderating but I was I had so many blessings then have to buy land I need a tractor could just borrow my dad's tractor when getting started. Anyway so a mile south of my parents we started a new little homestead. A little short on cash for building a proper house so we bought a 16 by 20 canvas Walton those of you who are into elk hunting out in Idaho or have been in the old fashioned tent safaris in Africa may know the type it's kind of a posh. Potential for a posh glancing sort of situation if you're on vacation. Or like camping. I you know I like to view my life as a vacation and I really liked here being so we that we moved in there in February of this of 2001 team. But in our we had a our old house had a pioneer Princess wood so we put that in there and can really keep the place of if we put a lot of wood in it. And so made it through the end of last winter in our tents spring was really glorious and we started moving to make some preparations for slightly more sustainable living. On the island using sir so the last year our homestead journey has been full of lessons again and we're out of time so we can't really get into it but I will say that. You know it's been helpful for me to keep our goals in mind we want free living we want to live in the country we really after being in Sudan like you know in the town we really want to spend some time in the outdoors with our children working alongside them developing character and living in a tent full time is definitely living outdoors more than I more than I even realized and it's not always been easy for me and I feel like sometimes. My kids think it's just a grand and glorious adventure and my husband does too but you know sometimes in the night when I was pregnant needing to use the bathroom I just did not want to get out of bed because that floor can get really cold in the wintertime even if the woodstove is going or you know when I want to do laundry and oh the generators out of gas so I need to go to the farm to get gas and then I bring back the gas to put in the generator Oh the generators not working is that needs oil so that all there's actually not enough water in the tank for me to do my laundry so I have to wait anyway life has a lot of inefficiencies I feel like when you're living the pioneer way but I've come to I've come to appreciate that even these hardships. Are some of my greatest blessings and if you read Ellen White vision in early writing one of her 1st visions where she sees a narrow pathway and people traversing up to life eternal she says that only those who have accustom themselves to hardship and privation will remain on the narrow path and as we heard last night you know our society today tries to avoid hardship and privation we as a society are not used to hardship and privation but living the agree in life you don't you don't even have to live in a tent to come into contact with real hardship and real sacrifices that you have to make and yet instead of viewing our lives as our Gary lives Oh there are so many parks there are trials and hardships too but there are so many parts we need to realize that those hardships and those trials are indeed some of our greatest blessings because they are preparing us for eternity if you want to come on a farm cation we have an extra 14 by 14 canvas to you can help me rebuild the high tunnels a little way 3 years ago we got plenty of work to do the next few months in closing God has been leading We know he has more work for us to do we've been so was even by I was so inspired by Gabrielle my Glover's message yesterday on medical missionary work in the context of farming and he has given everyone the work to do God needs you to reach your friends your family your community. He needs your garden your farm your business as a Samaritan outreach operation or restoration and. As a gospel training school he wants you to partner with him in the great work of restoring his image in the lives of the people that he created so let's close. Dear lord we've been so humbled by your leaving your blessing and we just ask. As we go for the use us. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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