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How to Save Your Children (and Yourself) from a Wicked World - Standards and Salvation

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • February 1, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Let's pray. Lord with gathered in your house. We are here because you've reached out to us and we've responded It could have been through a parent or a teacher it could have been through a change or a pamphlet it could been through a preacher somehow Lord you've reached out to us and we've responded to your wonderful invitation to be your friends your children now Lord I pray blessed us as we think about how to protect that relationship and how to advertise to the world that we belong to a different leader bless us now to that end may Jesus be lifted up I pray in Jesus' name amen. In April 26 of 1906 certain things were going terribly wrong in the Ukraine. There was a nuclear reactor with 4 reactors under 4 different roofs we know it is Chernobyl it would come to be the worst nuclear accident in the history of man Fukushima in Japan not too far behind it this summer will be a little bit different maybe a lot different than the last sermon because I had so many people talk to me between 1st and 2nd services what happened was was that there was a delay in the next enactment of a test in the reactor reactor number 4 I believe it was maybe it was number 3 I'm not sure but as they waited 10 hours to power the reactor down a different crew came on board and unfortunately that crew was not as prepared for the practice session and when things got out of control they got way out of control there was an explosion in the city surrounded Chernobyl Ray you had a disproportionate level of well educated and better funded families the children were playing in what looked like snow falling from the sky The only problem was it was deadly radioactive ash from the reactor itself if you see the documentary on Chernobyl you know that they sought to cover it up hour after hour after hour but I learned to between church services one of our engineers who works in one of our local nuclear power plants told me it was as if the illustration was more tailor made for me than I knew and that is that there were standards in Chernobyl that none of the a rest of the reactors in the Soviet Union were willing to go against but in Chernobyl they banded the standards that would protect the ics the the testing they were doing and when they abandon those standards things got out of control it is a sad thing to think that not only did so many people lose their lives or their quality of life as in from a. It was withheld from them it's it's a phenomena in which we see a perfect spiritual shadow or window or metaphor as Satan himself would seek to keep back from us the information that would protect our joy in our freedom and instead of our children playing in the nuclear reactive ash in the Ukraine we find instead today our children living inside a culture in which an experiment has gone terribly wrong and the experiment is a social one the standards have been abandoned and what we're seeing now is a meltdown and so many of our young people are being picked off as the information from this generation long experiment is just slowly coming to the service long after mental appetites have been calibrated for idol worship and social self-destruction the sort of friends I want to talk with you about how to save your children and yourself from a wicked world. And along the way we're going to realise that salvation and standards are not obvious that they actually come together quite closely I want to talk to you in the beginning about weddings and I've had my chance to do a whole lot more weddings than most people I've done a lot of premarital counseling and there's one thing I want you to know all of the people that I've had a chance to preside over and probably all of the people whose weddings I've gone to I don't think there was one of them who actually intended to get a divorce but I want to tell you I've dealt with people through the years when something's gone wrong in the relationship what went wrong was this Oh yes some marriages come apart with no help from the outside but there are so many for whom the outside has an alluring attraction and those 2 people could sit in my office. And as they sat there I would hear the most abominable lies and by the way I had at least 2 people testify to this illustration between services I wouldn't need any I have my own history my own experience of dealing with individuals but it's bad it's terrible when you get 2 people who have been married for a long time and the marriage is coming undone but there's worse than that it's worse when these 2 people will sit there and one person who had no intention in the beginning to destroy the Union but has been a lured into a relationship that started out so benign a little extra time over a cup of water a little extra time at the sales call a little extra time before or after the job just a little bit too much casual in are relating and slowly the human heart begins an attachment for that which is illicit which by the way there is a natural bent for any way and to see 2 people and that situation it's bad enough to know that somebody's heart has been wrong on the side of the journey but the lies go so much and for that one person in that situation will sit there and they will say these terrible words I don't love you. But you know the worst words will say. I never loved you. These are some of the most painful words that can ever be said to somebody and as one person was sharing with me at the end of their Sabbath school class and I with them it's not just that a human heart can grow cold to another it's that it gets colder and colder and colder and tell it's still on hard. Friends I don't know of anybody that's gone down into a watery grave who has said to themselves This will be temporary I'm only doing this for the moment but I've known many who have slowly found themselves wandering away from their 1st love to Jesus so this morning I want you to know something Christian Christian congregations in societies have always done well with a culture as long as the culture was persecuting them but as soon as the culture becomes their friend and the culture begins to drift and the collective voice of the church is no longer the conscience of the culture the church itself starts cozying up with the world and when this happens we should not be surprised that affection for Christ affection for the church affection for Christian parents it all withers on the vine and dies and it doesn't just happen without an understanding there are laws that govern these relationships and laws that govern our sense of oneness to Christ now I don't want to go any farther in this message without saying this. The highest standard of the Christian was enunciated by Jesus when he was asked what is the great standard what is the great commandment and Jesus was able to communicate that the highest standard is Love You should love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and love your neighbor as yourself. This is not a message for you to grab onto so that you can get a hold of somebody else and make sure they know they're outside the way if you don't understand your own depravity if you never come face to face with some of the dark dynamics of what's potentially inside of you and has worked its way out if you're not a humble person this sermon is not for you. But if along the way you come face to face with the fact that you wonder how in the world Jesus could save me how in the world could Jesus reach out to me and redeem me again and again then this message is for you but you need to know something the devil wants to take away the ones you love and he wants to take away their love for Jesus and along the way if their love for you can be kicked to the curb that's just fine too it's hard to raise children to love Jesus in the society. I visit it was somebody this last week who basically said you don't know how many people there are at their Mamas and Papas whose hearts are hurting their breaking because they spent so much time shaping the lives of their children and their children appear to not hardly care writing from Grass River New York in 1961 a white wrote this my dear children we your father mother feel a deep interest for you you may sometimes think that your parents are too strict and that they watch you too closely but dear boys our love for you is great we dedicated you to God Your His newest keep you separate from the world that you may be the Lord's we want your lives to be right in pleasing in his sight don't feel discouraged my children Saints ready to leave your young minds but go to God seeking for strength pray much and give him your heart's best affection I'm going to skip one paragraph and go to the end we want you saved we want you to be just right and to live for God and to be an honor to his cause watch Edson against your be sentence be sober be watchful God will enable you to overcome. And my dear little Willie May the Lord bless you we shall pray for you pray for yourselves which I find to be a very interesting line from this prophetic voice and she signs it your affectionate mother so what's a church to do and I found some interesting things in studying this topic up standards let's talk about a few things that probably you're not familiar with one of the 1st things that jumps out with me as I look at this message is that God has a standard for his people and how to relate to politics and he read about that we are not to find ourselves engaging in political allegiances. You may vote matter of fact go ahead and vote it's your right to exercise a free citizen in a democratic country but at this point in time should you declare so and so to be the. The Savior or so and so to be the villain at this point time you effectively cut half of your Hoddy and saw from wanting to hear anything else you have to say Does everyone understand this. We are to pray for our president we are to support our government. But we are not to align ourselves politically. This kind of tag and label gets in the way of a higher goal and a higher standard we are not to be known as this or that politically it does us no good it does Christ no good this was an interesting thing that I learned as I was pressed Not that I wasn't familiar with the general tenor but I came across in the search for a separate from the world as I searched out the 278 references or whatever there are one of the specific things she says so you may think so and so's the worst thing since black slime and so and so's the best thing since sliced bread. But these are not to be where our topics of discussion go these are not where the center of our interests lie we're looking for people we're seeking to advance God's cause and we're not to get caught up in the muck and the mess that surrounds the political systems of the world could I hear an amen. God's Church is not to be known as Democrat or Republican God requires us to step back from these labels and to make sure that our label so that we're citizens of a better country and that better country is heaven for as much as you choose to be engage in this much as you seek to understand truth you go right ahead but don't travel the name of Christ with allegiances to certain political powers right or left or in between. We're called upon to announce the coming Kingdom which will have no end in the meantime they would be humble and make another standard and White says the God's people as we approach the end are going to be uniquely different and that there will be a meekness and humility about them that the world doesn't have to think about it that's not a mealy mouth inward looking woe is me woe is me though that's a knowledge that I'm a sinner saved by grace I don't have to be anybody and I could be nothing but whatever God points me I'm going to do my God fulfill tasks knowing I'm a child of the King Sometimes I'll get stepped on sometimes I'll get set up but whatever the situation may be I'm trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and I bring you know meekness and humility to my life these are standards that Mark God's Church another standard for the end of time that we don't hear much about is unity she talks about the poisoned fruit of dissension. This is to be a standard in God's church do you understand how brilliant this standard will stand out in a world that is constantly polarizing the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from the earth you would think the Holy Spirit being withdrawn from the church but is not to be so we are to avoid the topics that have the ability to bring the poison fruit of dissension into our midst God is calling us to a completely different kind of standard Now here's the good news reading for madness home page 402 and by the way Fritz the understand what the word siege means you know that most cities there is sieged they surrender the enemy surrounds the city of Ventura way they run out of water eventually they run out of food wrenchingly they run out of will. Most cities that are siege with an army completely around them fall the church is under siege today. But God promises that there will be a mighty victory for those who hang on your children are under siege never have we lived in an age where anybody could have a platform to broadcast their ideas to so many so easily it can be used for good it can be used for evil but this is the thing you need to know the battle is over the heart and the mind the thoughts and the affections Satan wants both so does God Jesus is deserving Lucifer the would be one time Lucifer is not here's the good news starts out bad gets better if there is any way by which Satan can gain access to the mind he will sow his tears and cause them to grow until they will yield an abundant harvest but here's the good news in no case can Satan obtain dominion over the thoughts words and actions. Let's get right thoughts words and actions unless we voluntarily open the door to invite him to enter. Could you say amen. You are not a functionary of yours oppressive demonic regime you maintain a degree of divine dignity simply being made in the image of Christ and separated by a boundary that protects your right to choose same does not have access to set up addictions and be set in sins inside of you unless someone somewhere creates some kind of propensity and then it least in most cases you give permission. He will come in and by catching away the good seed sown in the heart make a nun effect the true so what's the point well here's the point. She were right years ago about the enchantments of books do you know what the word enchantment means enchantment is when you can't quit looking you can't quit listening you can't quit watching in chant that is when you can't quit thinking. She would write about books in her age a century ago a millennium a century not a millennium she would write in her age a century ago about periodicals and now remember friends this was back in the age in the rudimentary days of the press at best there might be a few color pages to look at most of the time it was black and white and yet the subject matter was so tantalizing and the forces of evil so present and the mind so curious that the imagination could grab on to what was written in the words and you could start an engine of addiction an engine of a chant Mitt. That was hard to shut down. So imagine in our age when it 2 years of age we drop these devices into the hands of our children and whether it's something as worthless I know this of date me but whether it's something as worthless as Angry Birds I mean you know that's even old now or whether it's something as in chanting as these supposedly good digital offerings that absorb the attention. So much so that the ordinary dynamics of childhood are gone by the way I'll give you something to think about in research listening to the news not too long ago they're finding that autism is related to sleep disorders. And that the cycles of sleep start much later into the evening with those who are on the far end of the Autism on the side of the autism spectrum wouldn't be interested and won't be someday sad to be to be in a pathology class a social biological mental. Pathology class and heaven and for Jesus the master scientist to be showing us yes all of those simple rules I put in your life to protect you I want to show you how all these things were connected that brain of that little child that brain of that adult unable to rest for hours after being tantalized by the flickers and the engagements in the pictures and the dynamics of mental unrest and mental health that built out of the backside of that Jesus will be able to connect all the dots in the meantime we're here processing by faith. Listen. I want to tell you I know for a fact I won't name the place. But having done this for 30 years and being connected in a variety of places you know 10 or 15 years ago was the rage everybody had to have this Ted and this data this technology in their school I know of one school where they've categorically cut it all out. And it's not in Michigan I mean those those those electronic devices were it there had to be a port of the head to be a connection I want to tell you the operative word is port. We got a new operative word in our language too didn't we fire wall. I want you to understand when we put in the hands of our children. A key which opens the door to things they're not prepared to understand it's as if we're saying to Satan you want the key to my child's mind here it is I'm going to give it to you you can channel in all the things that will link naturally with their carnal nature. Which I have prayed would be safe would be removed and replaced by the divine nature of these you're going to have access to feed every we that I want to make sure is extracted from their life people do it all the time they think nothing of it they wonder why when their kids get to be a certain age they have no interest in the church no interest in Jesus. Be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little ears what you hear. Be careful. Because I'm here to tell you the devil has no access unless we give it to him. The good news is the devil has no access unless we give it to an else aside Leewood giving things away that his parents we don't want given away it's hard to take your child somewhere it's hard to go somewhere yourself and not have thrust upon you the things that would thrust a dagger through the heart of your love for Jesus. So maybe the issue isn't so much that we need to deliver ourselves from the legal istic riggers of standards that were in the way but maybe we need to come back to loving Jesus and then figuring out if those standards were actually there to protect the law. My wife doesn't have any problem with the standards that put reasonable boundaries on my relating to the opposite sex and I don't have any against her if I had no boundaries she'd have a right to have something against me if she had no boundaries I'd have a right to have something against her we didn't get married almost 35 years ago just so that we could watch it slowly unravel and we certainly didn't get married so that someone else could later hold the hand that we held at the altar. It's not a standard that's going to save me as a standard that could protect me if I wanted to be protected. No standard is going to substitute for the love that I have for her but no love is up to the constant assault of all kinds of experiences without a standard and the Christian experience is no different so why is it that we become so confident on expressing the grace that forgets but we've not thought much about the grace that pretext. The grace that provides victory and a little margin to think the Scripture is very clear that Christ has brought us this tremendous gift and that at the reception of the gif we are now to live differently than we lived before part of it is evidence of what's happened and part of his protection for what's happened and when you don't have the evidence or the protection you probably have whitewashed cept the Kurds I'm 7th Day Adventists I'm and will be empty of that's all you have but let's come back for just a minute so the couple. I never loved you that's a lie. I've never seen anybody come to the altar that wasn't madly in love if that's even a good word to use with love who wasn't beautifully in love with each other but I tell you I've watched people who have a falling in love with someone else and along the way the enchantment of the illicit has become the rationale for the ruination of the other and now it's really not so much that I've never loved you it's that you were never as loveable as this person. You think the human mind can't be twisted and tweaked you think it can't be deranged you think it you think it can't be confused and taking advantage of the same has been studying human beings for 6000 years and he pulled out all the stops now and the truth of the matter is if there was ever a day we needed to come back to the things that protect the relationships we have with Christ and with each other it's today. Go over to the Book of James who would want to read from the un Gospel of James. That's how Martin Luther felt that it's the un gospel Maybe that's because it's so greedy granular Maybe it's because it's so ordinary Maybe it's because it requires action without feeling. I was visiting was one between the services Here's the operative question now let's do it after you read this James Chapter 4 what's the source of your quarrels and conflicts among you is it not the source is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members you lust in other words you crave some definitions to taste and say you crave and you don't hand so you commit murder you end your envious and you cannot obtain So you fight quarrel you don't have because you don't ask and you ask and you don't receive because you ask with wrong motives everything's focused on you and it doesn't sound like a very vibrant church. And James is writing to a group of churches you adulterers an adulterous there's our image. Don't you know that friendship with the world is hostility to God. Therefore never wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. But do you think that the scripture speaks with no purpose that he jealously desires the Spirit which he is made to dwell on. But he gives a greater grace praise God Therefore says God as opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble So here's the operative question I never love Jia she knows it's not true she still loves him so here's the operative question. Could that love come back for that person. I know it can although it is rare to see it because this in chair whether it's gone all the way to the bonds of physical affection or whether it's only blurred the line emotionally which is the stepping stone to it's all been denied until vengefully it's out in the open and then what's been denied over here is that this was never real this was never good this was never worth hanging on to. I had somebody between the services tell me about somebody they knew. For whom the spouse had this problem and that problem the amazing thing was with a new commitment to each other and to God It all turned back around could this person keep loving or come back to loving this person the problem is they don't want to. That's the problem the question is will they choose to by sheer power of the will. The truth is is that if this person would understand that God opposes the proud but gives grace in a humble and if he were to say what a sinner I am. And if he would confess is wrong to illicit 3rd party alien bond and if he would confess is wrong the only legitimate bond if he would go beyond drawing new lines new standards and he would actually choose to intensify his actions as they were when he was courting he would find that that which he had trampled on could be brought back to life by the chief heavenly horticulturist Jesus Christ and the fruit of love in the plan of love could and would grow again. So what spot was Jamesy to do. Very interesting line submit therefore to God resists the devil. That's where the hard part is. I don't want to be in rebellion against God But maybe when I am doing is not wrong. Somebody thinks it is my parents thought it was the pastor thought it might be. The problem with sin and it works exactly this way and the problem with standards I mean the devil is really pulled off an almost complete amazing spiritual good to he took the things he's done to things. Number one he found a way to start robbing our love for God by loving the world and then he took a whole generation some of you at I actually have a measure of a true measure of sorrow for some of you because some of you. My parents' generation especially. You were caught in between you were caught you were being drug along. Some of you were actually in our institutions where the love was dying off but the rules were remaining exactly like this. They were dying off and the the disciplinary touches and the encounters that people had left an exceptionally poor taste in other words the standards were still the club they were still the lever to wield control but the absence of genuine redemptive interest appeared to be gone now by the way a rebel can't see redemptive interest anyway so keep that in mind but even in the places where people were sincere and sensitive hard and got themselves into bad situations without the love the standards actually become the chokehold. But let's go a generation beyond that now because we've now seen a couple generations come on the scene and the truth of the matter is the devil has been able not only to shoot a dagger into the heart of the corporate church with love the world but now he comes along and he says through the testimony of all those people who didn't sense the love that got the standard the standards were the problem those rules. And so now here we are struggling to recapture our 1st love and struggling to know how to protect it lest we become bleeding heart legal us and we go back to what actually was a standard to protect a relationship but go farther than that go all the way back to the love relationship that it was designed to protect. Here me. There are some of you that you Sabbath like it's a vacation day and you start your vacations on it and you and your vacations on it and when you're on vacation you never darken the door of a church there are some of you who use the Sabbath as a way to oppress those who don't have the liberty of getting it off but they're going to make and do things for you and wash your dishes and all this and that there are some of you for whom the Sabbath is nothing more than a wonderful way to recharge so you can go back at there and build your nest egg or build your security or build your significance the Sabbath and of the standards that were designed to protect it convict this when we're wrong and save us when we humble ourselves before the Lord and submit to the legitimacy of the protecting power. Let's talk about dress I mean I read something interesting I'm just going to read it to you. I'm. Hoops and modesty. Say pastor the should be a safe discussion nobody wear hoops anymore. Oh dear is right hang on Sabbath keepers who profess to be God's chosen to kill your people should discard hoops. Now if I. If I wanted to be funny. And please don't a bi do this I could say could you say men and that would be so easy you could say Amen yes let's get rid of the hoops and on. Their practice and example should be a living rebuke to those who wear them some plead convenience now I wish she was alive where I could ask her what she meant because there is nothing in my mind that I could imagine would be convenient about where you know who are who dress. I mean you need the whole while the exit the church service. Now here's where it gets interesting I have traveled much and he's seen a great deal of inconvenience attending the wearing of hoops. And those who plead the necessity on account of health wear them in winter which is a greater injuries and quilted skirts pass or could you get on to something more relevant I'm getting there. You won't like it. While travelling in the cars in the stages I have often been led to exclaim Oh modesty Where is the blush who could cause you to say that. I have often seen large companies crowding into the cars. And in order to make a headway those hoops had to be raised and placed into a shape which was indecent and the exposure of form was tenfold more with those who wore hoops than with those who did not and were not for fashion those who immodestly exposed themselves would be hissed at but modesty and decency must be sacrificed to the God of fashion May the Lord deliver his people from this grevious and God will not pity those who are slaves to fashion but supposing there is some little convenience Now listen because I'm getting ready to get traction here. Suppose there is some little convenience in wearing hoops does this prove that it is right to wear their. Let the fashion change and convenience will no longer be mentioned. It is the duty of every child of God to inquire where in am I separate from the world let them suffer a little inconvenience and be on the safe side what crosses do God's people bear come on. They mingle with the world partake of their spirit dress talk and act like them Ok pastor I didn't get it that's Ok I'm not done. What if there was a little convenience so I'm going to combine 2 things now what if there was a little convenience and here we go the exposure of the form was tenfold more with those who wore hoops does anybody know what I'm going. To be better for a woman was preaching a sermon maybe. It's for men and women. How many of you know that the real engine driving the Internet the financial engine driving the Internet is pornography how many of you know that. The greatest source of revenue coming out of the Internet is printed Biffy. How many of you heard the statistics of how many men and the women are unfortunately following along are addicted and what's more so if I was a betting man I would not hesitate to put down money that there is a group of people listening to me right this very moment for whom this issue matters they're locked in a desperate fight to be free if that you don't lose hope there is a living loving God who has the ability to draw you out of that mess and show you how to really love. But if you've heard this and if you know this and if you've taken the name Christian tell me why. I know why it's convenient. Now. I'm just going for it. We are so liberated. That we are enslaved. So why. The wives are here it was convenient to wear the hoops. Why would Christians follow the world and wearing clothes. For whom the exposure of form was 10 fold more than those who wore the hoops does everybody know what I'm talking about. If you need to exercise we believe in it. But it is not right. For a myriad of reasons for Christian women to repeat learned thank you to repeat. The aghast ness. Of this author by choosing to exercise in public places where even things that have gone so far I'm telling you. Please for God's sake if it was for nothing more than that man or woman who wanted to be free. From the siege of immorality. Could we not bear our cross and think about the fact that God who made us so wonderfully desires us to live in freedom and to enjoy the privileges of marriage in a marriage setting not scatter for all eyes to see those things which are only to be seen in sacred places. The next time your daughter wants to wear that. The next time your son wants to wear that in public some pair are to say you know that's really not appropriate and there's reasons why and I want to talk to you about. You see the snow is falling around us the ash of a society that's imploding is falling on around us and we're playing it thinking that it's innocent and it's benign and the real problem is the people who have the problem let's say for a minute it was. Let's say the real problem is in the person who got himself addicted to pornography. God forbid. That every time he started to run or she she had to stumble over you. The Christians of this age should live different but they don't. And it's one thing to say I'm done shooting heroin in my veins give me the needle fling it away it's another thing if the devil has pulled his greatest coup on the psychology and physiology of man and he has turned something that was supposed to be so beautiful inside the proper balance of love into an addiction I know. Delicate serious uncomfortable but there are to be a place where these things could be discussed in the context of rightness by faith but I tell you something James decided that along with fake there are to be a few works that make it work better. So for the sake of the Christian brother weak or strong and for the sake of the glory of God and for the sake of yourself stop and think about some of these things what are we watching tomorrow many are going to sit there and they're going to watch and while the actual activity itself could be discussed as with gentlemen or illegitimate what comes on in those 5000000 dollar 32nd spots will often be an affront to Christian values. And I know we've got machines to bleep out the words and all kinds of things like there but I want to tell you something the world will be there making no b.c.s. and this is why they can charge that kind of money. Our affections are on things that get in the way of affection for gone what do we listen to I drive between here in Grand Rapids fairly often. And of course Grand Rapids is is the home of the very conservative church at least in theory and history. But if I were to tune as I often do from a rock n roll station to the Christian stations and I could not easily discern the words there would be nothing different about the music. It has not always been so the violence that we watch the vote guarantees that we listen to and to be very honest there's a side of us I hate to say it I just have to there is a side of us that when something that isn't funny comes on there's a society that wants to laugh even though you know it's not funny. Why are we letting the devil lay siege to us like this why are we making our pilgrimages to the high places of this world why are we putting the key in the hands since the devil can't control my thoughts and take over my mind unless I let him why should I let him and there are some of us who who found ourselves letting him without knowing better and we've spent the rest of our lives trying to take the key back and it's hard. To submit. This is how it starts if you're that gentleman there who's fallen in love with that Miss over there it starts by saying you know what I'm going to be at least intellectually honest with myself I had somebody tell me in the research chapel. I'm going to say this too I had a girlfriend of mine this was a woman I had a girlfriend one called me up and tell me you know Elyse is drinking coffee is a sin she said no it's not. I'm going all the way Ok. She said No isna what she says is to this lady's credit who's living free now she decided that she was going to search it out. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge but you gotta do it I know you've got to do it your life is all pressed out of. There is now more in your day by God's design than you can do without turbo charging your engine. And for any of you there are mechanics and those of you are not you turbo charge an engine especially a gasoline engine and you just get more out of it over a short period of time you wear it out prematurely if you've ever read about vital force or life force in the writings of l. Why is there anybody here that wants to sign up to live 10 years 10 years fewer than God designed for you raise your hand. Depression could be an issue in that situation. How about evil speaking and evil thinking. That's a standard you're going to get to go home today. And you only go home like this. Deflection posture. What a lousy sermon How does he think. We can go home like this. The heart. Lead me all the way now there's an argument going on in the 7 there Mr Cheney. There's lots of them. Unfortunately it's the poison fruit of dissention but I'm going to tell you what one of them this one of the arguments going on in this church right now is whether or not the people that come to see Jesus will have left these things behind. If we want to really slam the argument around we call it argument against sinless perfectionism or force unless perfectionism. You nowhere. I'm quite convinced that nobody. Is going to know if they're perfect or. Except by trusting in the perfect provision of Jesus. But having said that you can't read the 7 messages to the churches and not read messages about he or she who overcomes. There are 3 groups of people for whom this is going to be a formative and primary Jacob when he went to wrestle he didn't know he was going to wrestle he's kneeling by the river jab back and while he's kneeling there somebody grabs him. He spins around and grabs back like you're not getting me all he could think about was that his brother eat off found him a little premature and this is a fight to the death and he's wrestling and he's calling out to God not knowing he's got God in His hands. He had already confessed his sins but he felt like an abject sinner. Somewhere in the middle of the night he realized it was a case of mistaken identity his hip was out of Joe didn't and he was in excruciating pain but he knew he had God in His hands. I want to tell you there was nothing about Jacob that would give you a sense he was right with God but he was right with God when he went to wrath. Group number one. The 2nd entity is Jesus Himself in get sanity he prayed Lord let me out. If there's any other way. And the father said there is none. Nevertheless not my will but I will he goes all the way to the cross abused beyond description isolated without any human ability to comprehend or understand what that was emotionally because the union. And he hangs there in darkness hidden by God a feeling separate from God completely he became sin it wasn't just that he fell sinful my sin was his he took it all he actually became c.n.n.. Hard to imagine but that's what the Scriptures say. And as he's agonizing there he says god. Why have you left me. And being the perfect sacrifice. He died. In the confidence of this Father's Law He was perfect but felt no perfection. He had never done anything wrong he was the perfect segue by and that we cannot to the 3rd group that group living right at the end. I want to tell you something they are not going to be weak they are not going to be in love with the world they will be hated by the world thousands will have left them. Myriad thousands more will have joined them. They're going to come up to that same time referred to as Jacob's time of trouble and they are going to not know how in the world they could be saved. And they will not have recognized that by simply putting their lives in Jesus day by day and following him to victory they actually became like him not even seen it themselves only seen their last misprints let's not argue about sinless perfectionism but could we let Jesus be lord of all parts of our lives and could we live a life of advertisement that I've been set aside by Christ could we live holy lives that are distinct and different from the world could we leave unspotted from the world if I sneezed all over the front row today they would not be unspotted by me. But this is the admonition of scripture. I had said I wasn't going to talk about this to people who knew about it probably most of you know about it already the way. I'm going to combine 2 things I'm not taking you there because it's getting late I saved 59 says when the enemy comes in like a flood. The Lord will do what I. Was going to raise at the standard. Take your bulletins out and let's look at what it says. This is a standard. Stephen Crane wrote a book called The Red Badge of Courage was about a man who got afraid and ran away but he came back. Look at this. What does it mean submit to God resist the devil and he'll flee from the I love this from The View nearly 107 let us strive to overcome. To him that overcome with Well I grant to sit with me in my throne even I also have a cane there we are back at the language and I'm sat down with my father in history. Let us overcome the hasty words which mar the happiness and peace of mind about those of those about us let us overcome the impetuous tempers these are our standards let's be kind and patient accommodating pleasant thinking evil of no and if we resist the devil he will flee from us of verbal biblical language and here's the mechanics of. Around every tempted soul there are a jewels of God. Ready to lift up the standard of righteousness if. If the tempted one will only show a spirit of what. So let's get this right. The flakes of contamination are falling as our society implodes in its is its short term setting aside of the standards of protection for civilization and for holiness. Is Right isness exulted a nation but sin is a reproach we're in a very reproachful moment and of course the worst people on the face of the planet are the Christians because they call out right and wrong. But if I get this right. When the devil comes to get me all I need to do. Is say Lord. You know how I feel about this there's a side of me he knows he's not here without some traction he's picked out the the precious poisoned fruit to offer me but I like how it takes God says which you choose to egg knowledge that this is wrong and submit to me. As soon as I say lawyered help me I don't have the desire I don't have the power but I've got the will. There's an angel nearby that says Raise the colors there's a battle about to go on right here. The angels of heaven rally to the spot of the conflict and the ballot is no longer mine I'm in it but it's now Christ and His holy ambassadors that are setting me free and it's pretty rugged sometimes because it any point the time I say change my mind. The Satan brings his hands in joy and says hurry we'll take the ground again there is a day Comey when the Holy Spirit will be completely removed from this earth. The enemy is going to come in like a flood nuts not just no by no Sally will be no breathing. At that moment in time the vengeance of Christ for his abuse children is going to have met the cup will be full and when the enemy comes in to wipe every visage of Similary the Christ off the face of the globe when the temptation to cave is so great because we're tired we're cold we're alone we battled our fears we might be hungry I don't know what it will be Jesus says when the enemy comes in like a flood and by the way friends the dams are breaking even now Christ himself will come down into the battle and he will declare game over. In the meantime. We have to declare game on. Final story 1st time for me I was reluctant to use this illustration but I'm going to. I took off last Sunday morning in an Airbus 320. And as I'm flying along at 30 some 1000 feet in the air. All of a sudden there's this huge clunk in this amazing vibration. Pretty soon you see the flight attendant hurrying down the hall guess where I was sitting I had one of those really good seats in the exit row. She leans over all my friends on the other side of the airplane is looking else side. She goes back up to the front she gets on that phone she looks pretty intense she sits down in her jump seat and buckles her seat and guess how I'm feeling right about now. It's not long until the pilot comes on and he says friends we've lost an engine. They didn't shut it all the way off they just throw that way way down but it was a bad enough problem in their mind that we were going to land in Little Rock Arkansas instead of Houston Texas I've never been on an airplane where the fire engines follow you down as you land. I've never sat on an airplane with all the lights in the lime green you know super terrestrial looking emergency equipment is there staring you in the face. They could've just kept going but it's like someone said to me downstairs in the hallway after the 1st service they said yeah but if you lost the other engine. Now mind you they coast for a little while. But have you ever sat on an airplane when they landed. Have you never felt him throttle it up to make sure you get to the end of the runway. Would you like to be on an airplane that has no power. Does Christ want to witness on earth that has power. That is time to really draw the lines that protect our relationship and not hand the devil the key to our minds. And while we don't need to go into hyper fearful mode. We need to love Christ with all our heart our mind and our strength and we need to declare. I'm on the Lord's side that's all we need and the angel say step aside. And while I'm in the battle the victory is the Lord's but if I declare it's a nonissue. And I lower the colors. I'm the victim where I could be the victor. A lot of us don't know where our standards came from we just know they chased us. It's time for us to study. And learn why we have them. Are they inspired or they are catered tradition are they functional and formative or are they futile and frustrating they could be all of those depending on your experience. I want power to be free from the shackles of Satan to you. Let's come back to a love relationship with Christ and if you're the man sit right there and you don't love anymore do the 1st works. And Seek the Lord of Love and He will bring life back to that which was crusty and cold and dark. And tomb like France at the risk of being completely misunderstood. I want you to understand. That doing it is becoming and form and function protect essence. You're watching things you should watch your Sometimes watching them when you should be here praying you don't want to be here because you've fallen in love with that your money is given grudgingly at times because you really would rather spend it doing this. All of these things are a hurt to God. And an offense to heaven. It's time for us to return to the 1st works and seek out the old past as Jim I said and I'm appealing to you today to simply say Jesus. I want to do what's right at least I'm willing make me want to give me joy teach me to love you and may I be a walking advertisement to the world about how much I love you. May not be embarrassed or ashamed of any of the things that make me different like you or protect my walk with you this is my prayer for this congregation this morning and everyone who watches the Devils had to free of access to us this time to say you're getting the eviction notice it'll be served by Jesus. Amen. Father the very balance on just by the nature of a message like this and it made it mother against daughter husband against wives child against parent I'm praying Lord that we would come with the humility knowing that you resist the proud that you give grace to the humble I'm praying more that we can be like children simple enough to understand the voice of the Father in the word I'm praying Lord that we would not make ourselves conscience for someone else but allow you to speak to us where the lines in the boundaries need to be redrawn and the permissions to the enemy of our soul retracted. I'm praying Lord that we would not let our feelings guide us and blind us even Pharaoh knew that you were strong. Again his pride and his love for his earthly kingdom was so great that he denied you at the loss of his 1st born. Oh and train wreck thank you for a diminished thank you for setting us free forgive us when we've wandered back in the bandage and I'm praying Lord May we turn to you knowing that you're a good impatient God and then give us Lord the wherewith our to declare liberty by lifestyle. And I pray this now in Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by are you a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you'd like this more sermon leave it to the w.w. audio or.


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