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02-Sources of God’s Will Part 1

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter Callie Williams


Have you taken the time to get to know God and get tuned into His will?



  • April 11, 2020
    12:45 PM

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Have you ever heard the voice of God Maybe on this verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary issue. Of Ok. Now here's your host Justin within. One you're watching in verse we're in the studio here channel with my friends we have Sebastian Jonathan and Cali we're looking at the will of God in this 13 week segment of a topic we're looking at 1st Kings Chapter 17 is our Bible verse and Jonathan. Let's pray Jonathan can pray for us let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you so much to your will can be understood and known and we pray that you will reveal your will today to us through your word this we pray in the name of Jesus Amen Amen Amen thanks and Kelly what do we talk about last week it's just. As we talked about the the very 1st part of knowing God's will for our lives to have a desire to do so so much that it's all of our heart and we talked about that a lot and it looks like our actions are matching our desire not just like I want to know but I can actually follow it as we talk about yeah and so you know sometimes we think the mystery is on God's in the but the mystery is really on the cloggy is on our and not having a completely obedient heart not a surrendered heart and once it's opened up God is totally willing to reveal his will to us and now this week we're looking at the sources of God's will what are what are some ways that God has revealed himself throughout Bible history I mean one of the funniest ones has been you know God speaking through the donkey to bail him out and God is spoke to animals through any just that one account that I know of unless you know there are now we just didn't know and some people love their dogs in the Lord has spoken to their dogs. Apos ability yes the other way. I mean spoken. I mean directly through the burning bush to Moses. And later on more face to face interaction with most of so he has spoken directly to people. Through Providence their job to Joseph k. again the Rhode Island Capitol is here still going to Providence so let's actually break that down a little bit what do you mean by Providence. So it sounds good but what it was just in case people might because you what I mean is so Joseph had completely dedicated his life to God yes lived up to whatever he had in front of him whether that was a part of his house or he was in prison and God opened and closed doors and he and he did he serve God The best we knew how in every context so I don't think Joseph was working for Potter for Potter for or imprison me like man I really want to be like 2nd in power in this place that was so cool like he wasn't knowing that he was just serving God I also want sad for your dream you know God knows dreams let me tell you just where he was he served and got open and closed life events and coincidences and just in the natural course of life and then things happening that are not of the normal nature yeah and God reveals Himself through those because you know and I do think you know it does come sometimes get a little complicated because in the sense that God does allow free will and so things can happen that God isn't like I want that to happen but as in the day God is sovereign and he can open and close. Special right well it's just going to add that you know when you're when you're taking the the question of Providence as a source of God's will it can also get a little bit shaky because how do you know it's actually Providence and how do you know it's like just go with students right and so sometimes you're kind of like oh you know I was thinking about you know you know whether I should have another baby or not and then I get in the elevator and it's a woman who's pregnant and cycle was this like Providence like God telling you should have another child. Oh lord there's this tool to ditch is year one was like that man I am a sinner and we're humans are an assist in a state of depravity we will never ever know what God's will is so let's not even try and let's just do our thing and God will understand it which is they do whatever you've got to do so that's one extreme the other side is like God is everywhere. And and I just feel impressed like I need to touch the touch Jonathan and that's that's God's will and we start hearing voices in and God it's somewhere in between those 2 extremes Yes it's also I think you know there is almost a. Like a hierarchy or an order in which we know God's will so today we're talking about the most important one that we can always talk about what can I say and yet I would say it's the clearest way the clearest way of Yes Yes No it's knowing God's will through his words yes yes I think sometimes we can say even contradicting things like the bible is going this way but this happened in my life so I think godliness Well yes you know I get we're saying Yeah yeah and I for sure people just say I prayed about it yeah I guess always interesting to me when people like preface a conversation of what they want to do or what they're going to do and it's like they already sense that this person is not going to agree I've heard about it so they don't say well you know through a lot of prayer you know I mean I was agonizing I mean I was in the quality and you know my knees are hurting. But it is like well how much is it going to change the bonnet Yeah. Murders justified in this case and. So in that sense I do believe that. We have to be careful of all these other things of why God giving us the clearest revelation of his will through the Word of gone you know how that keeps us from a lot of the extremes in the other forms of how he reveals his will we are going to 1st kings but before we are 1st kings I mean kind of do a little because you know what you let's go to 2nd Timothy because I think it is a good foundational text and no it's found already in the Bible. It's where we got to go Ok. There is extinct 316 not John 316 but 2nd if the 316 and John think you might reading it for us here and it well the Says here all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness and 17 us as well that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work Ok so that's where the foundational text for the Bible is found in the Bible I know it's a little bit of an interior thing but it shows you that there is intrinsic integrity within Scripture and if you don't know what that means then look it up on Internet it's got to 1st kings 1st Kings Chapter 17 is where our main narrative comes from and Sebastian Can you read 1st Kings Chapter 17 verse one through 9 yes using a digital medium is a little slower than the rest of us but that's a. Just generate Ok. And the Tishbite of the inhabitants of said to have as the Lord God of Israel lives before whom I stand there shall not be do nor reign these years except at my word then the word of the Lord came to him saying Get away from here in turn eastward in hide by the brook Kerith which flows into the Jordan and it will be that you shall drink from the brook and I have commanded the Ravens to feed you there so he went in did according to the word of the Lord for he went in stayed by the brook care with which flows into the Jordan the Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening and he drank from the brook and it happened after a while that the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land then the word of the Lord came to him saying Arise go to 0 fath which he longs decide on in the well there see I have commanded a widow there to provide for you it will stop there and if you also skip all the way down to Chapter 18 verse one please. And it came to pass after many days that the word of the Lord came to a lie Joe in the 3rd year saying go present yourself to a habit and I will send rain on the earth Ok One of the great keys to Bible studies to see what phrases repeated over and over again in this case is a little bit self-evident because of the topic that we're talking about what phrase is repeated over and over again so is it in the Word of the Lord we're going to Lord him Lord you know that's right if you read the rest of the logic narrative you see the word of the Lord and like we talked about last last episode he had such a heart of obedience surrender that whenever hear the word of the Lord he automatically did it and except for one case one scenario when he didn't do that right was the scenario where he ran from just a bill because he was afraid for his life in some text message I'm going to kill him in looks at it without waiting for word of the Lord this exactly right and we see that God eventually comes to him through a whisper that was still small voice and says What do we stop here Alija or what are you doing here. Clearly he's confronting the logic in the fact that he's allowed his fear rather than his faith in the Word of the Lord that has guided him so successfully Up until that point so let me ask you this question question from this narrative how is Alija following the Word of the Lord similar to us following the Bible or are we here are we here to be hearing voices like Elijah is where is the parallel going on well I think in life you you making you have to make decisions every day and so as we win as you go through life you kind of describe a scenario if you can just like float around I'm like Ok well you know I interpret everything as the Word of God but there are principles in the Bible there are clear instructions from the Word of God that help us with decisions that we make every day in especially. Big decisions in our lives every decision should be made prayerfully but those principles it's Eunice the they guide us into the right direction and soul. As we wait for the word of the Lord we don't necessarily have to wait for a voice from heaven every day but the voice from heaven is right here and as we spend time with him every day and we wooll understand the will of God more and more. And I would add a sort of contrast to that which is is that it's different from Elijah because the logic is hearing the voice right God is actually speaking to him Go east and go do this and so in essence I don't think are our following of the Word of God is necessarily the same as a large I think it 10 b. I think we can have experiences like that but where I think it is similar is that when God reveals something very clear to us yes how do we respond to that in our ability to obey the Word of the law until you walk into that and it reminded me when I was in a dating relationship and I was praying in you know there were some issues in the relationship and so I was praying. I was calling God I was calling about the day with the Lord and when I was talking to God God made it abundantly clear to me through His Word through a text in Matthew chapter 5 where Jesus says if your eyes causes you to offend then you remove the eye right and cast it away from you for be better for your for you to enter into heaven maimed than to go into hell with your whole body and solace by man I was so convicted because I saw that this relationship was was leading me away from Christ it was hurting my relationship with God And so it wasn't about relationships it wasn't necessarily telling me Sebastian you must break up with x.y.z. individual right now by 3 pm you know otherwise your whole college experience is going to end prematurely you know it was simply God guiding me through what I was seeing in the Word of God in the crazy thing was was that when I when I broke up with the individual I'll be God 2 weeks later right I'm praying and I actually see who you know are compatriot on the show I called her and she said you know you should really pray for her you know when you guys broke up you know it's hard thing to do in the church so I'm praying in literally God gives me. Almost like a vision where I see myself talking to my ex-girlfriend and I saw a clock tower and I saw the time and she was going to come to me and ask me about getting back together and at the end of it it was God telling me the answer is no so here I am not thinking about it the next day I get a phone call from my ex-girlfriend she says oh I wanted to tell you something I've been thinking about it and I'm like Ok sure and when do you want to meet she says 12 o'clock on Sunday so it didn't even strike my mind that I had this kind of spiritual experience the day before so Sunday comes around I'm waiting at the bench and as she's parking and getting out of her car parking and came out of our car will hold you right there it will take a break stay with us. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while they join us like this sums up the handle again and invest Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Welcome back. So it turns 12 o'clock she gets out of her car and as we stand we're sitting around talking and she can tell my demeanor is a little bit bothered and she basically says exactly what God told me she would say word for word it's like all want to get back together it's sort of cetera and I look at her and I say God told me that you would see this in the film there is no and she was just kind of shocked like she didn't even know how to respond and so we part ways and I go back to my my dorm room and I'm thinking about the fact that. If God would have spoken to me that way initially just to like some sort of supernatural experience right you say Oh well God told me but then if things didn't go the way that I expected I would start questioning but because I had the word of the Lord to ground me this experience was not in place of the Word of God It was actually confirming because I had already decided to all be the Word of God and I think for a lot of people like Alija the rain stopped and he was obeying God but let's just see where all that was due were there was something on the ground in lodges mind is going to follow the Word of the Lord in His obedience to God allow supernatural experiences to confirm like the Ravens feeding him like the brook or the widow that he sends him to and that's where I think it's important that we follow like Alija not waiting with supernatural but follow 1st in the supernatural comes to confirm him into him into the Bible is the clearest and the most important and the basis by which all other things are confirmed when it comes to the will of God There is the story of this gentleman who is like man this is the Bible I need to follow devival so they do the you know the random don't I don't I don't do it out of the and it says that Judas hung himself the principle that he extracted as men are God are you trying to kill myself so that kid clearly can't be a Number 2 down on out out out on what thou do it quickly like what's going on in that I don't know I don't know the number 3 as I go bagel voice of the Lord so. If you're not careful the Bible can be used to really justify anything yes same time and the critics of the Scripture say that a man and man wrote this and you can use this to twist it any way you want so when we say that the Bible is the basis for God's word We're not saying we just do whatever you want and justify using scripture Yes but there is a way to read scripture and I want to ask you maybe in your personal testimonies a person experiences have you had moments where you have mind a principle from a particular narrative and you Michael. This is really God's will and then God God is open particularly door or avenue or a road in your personal life in your decision making process so I can talk about one studying so I guess I just talk about most law in the show I love Moses he's like I'm a fair it's just so so I want to about fuel for years ago I was studying the life of Moses and I was studying about particularly when God called him from the from the burning bush and he's just living life taking care of sheep and then he sees this burning bush and God from this Bush calls him to do something absolutely insane and that is deliver a nation from like the most powerful nation and he's just a shepherd guy and he thought he was the cool guy but then he did it clear in a way anyway so but he's just living a very very very low key life but then God reaches into that and calls him to something that he doesn't think that he can do. And that was and so my principal actually wrote down my devotional book is sometimes God reaches into our ordinary lives to take us to something that we don't think we're ready for and about 2 weeks later my friend Sebastian called me this guy over here your compatriot on the show and I He called me and asked and asked me to basically to lead out in a mission organization in a way that my 19 year old self found terrifying and asked about was talking will firstly like this doesn't say away from stop talking for me to say that but as you said well yeah I did. It. So he's thinking that but the Holy Spirit brought that devotional lesson back to my mind that sometimes God reaches into and I'm just I'm going to school I'm like doing the dishes at my house I'm just living life and like serving God but like not in a spectacular way that God reached into my ordinary life and brought me to something that I didn't think that I could do but like Moses by God's grace after I gave my you know excuses like Moses did Beisel said Yes I was used by God And so that devotional lesson I don't know I think I would have struggled a lot longer if I hadn't had that just that they will kill principle that God had clearly taken for most of life. I didn't want him from office Yeah I was just thinking of when I made the decision to follow Christ and be baptized of studying with theology professor at a time and and a small kind of questions on that he picked a scripture for me from a baptism and it's from the Book of Acts and I was trying to find it but basically it's the part where God speaks to Paul and tells him to to not be quiet but to speak because he has people in this place and he's calling him to preach and this was the time where for me there was no way that I was going to preach or be a pastor or work in any way of ministry and it kept renewing my mind and so later on descriptor was fulfilled because God had called me into ministry and and then in ministry every time I you know had an opportunity to preach I go back to that scripture and others Jeremiah chapter one because I don't feel worthy of speaking so God you've got to put your words in my mouth to share so it's a very practical thing to be able to claim the promises of the Word of God and seeing that it work out in your life because you know in my personal life I had the opportunity to go into ministry or I had my ambitions to go into the world of medical research and I thought I can go either way God's will can be done either way I can become a doctor and God can use God has used doctors and God will continue doctors and God has used pastors and go to continues pastors and I realized you know it's not the specifics of where God wanted to meet me to go but was the condition of my heart and so in as I studied scripture more and every day having a devotional life and praying to God and you know there's these little things that kind of pop up you know you're saying before like yeah god let's just does not talk about this one little area about everything else kind of thing and so it was not more about more knowing more of scripture and getting more. More principles but this revealed as Hebrews 4 doesn't reveal the innermost innermost parts of the hard the Fos intense of the heart all these things and there was in my back of my mind there was an Bishan on one side and there was fear on what would happen if I enter the ministry I'll never get married when I become a pastor I'm marrying a super ugly person I'll be pope or my children will be ugly and I'll be ugly I mean these all these things are happening because he says yeah there's a lot of fear a beautiful way and 2nd sympathy God has not given us a spirit of fear but we're a love and a sound mind and I didn't have a sound mind I had a lot of the we're so the question in the thank you for that and appreciate a greater and I know you're praying for me on this specific thing. And so that one was a fear motivated ones and mission motivated although on the x. turn now Lotty it was completely fine in the rationale of it was completely fine and God It has to perfectly fine avenues right and so on the extra God's will is permissible for both buffer and the internal it one was I was struggling with one was not at a point where I said Lord I give up the ambition I don't mind being a poor you know I wanted I had a mission to find the you know cures the diseases and whatnot I can become poor or if I think I'm a pastor I be the richest pastor and marry the you know the most beautiful woman in the world and become a billionaire and Joel Osteen will be considered poor in my eyes and just looking at those 2 thing. The mind heart is fully desperately wicked as the Bible says yes it came to a point where the Lord I just have to be real with myself with you with the Bible and that's at that point 6 the position point where God's will is revealed say Lord I surrender and here I am 1520 years later and I'm rich like jewels the in what I married the most beautiful girl in the world in prison or my children are not ugly you know and so a man God can move you to God still in those. It's an instance of the heart desires of the heart yes he says and sometimes So are there any other any other instances that you know of when you're mining Scripture and it's actually carved out life decisions for you I think I was at a conference with my wife in Sacramento California and in that morning I was studying the call of Abraham and one of things I like to do when I study scripture is I like to ask the question what did this passage mean to the biblical audience 1st like what did this mean to Abraham and when I asked that question and started understanding Abraham and how that call was not the 1st time God had called him but that Abraham kind of moved halfway and then he stopped and then God is now calling him again in Genesis Chapter 12 and so when I look at that it's like man how many times you know that the God call Abraham and he didn't necessarily go all the way and he's the father of the faithful and all these different things and so all the sudden starting his call when God specifically calls him again to come away from his family what he's comfortable with is like it's time for you to go do what I asked you to do and so in that very moment I was praying about the decision to go back to pursue my graduate studies and. Specifically that were not necessarily directed towards ministry or theology and all psych well but you know this is not comfortable I'm comfortable with the Bible I'm comfortable with ministry and theology and all these types of things but yet it's sent I sense that God was calling me in a different direction but like Abraham I was kind of half stepping it well I'll just study this you know not necessarily this. And so anyway through that text understanding what it meant to Abraham in terms of his family his comfort zone and what that meant for his family me he's wandering around in tents in the sort of nomadic life that my wife and I had ended up being on because of that transition that I took to pursue that graduate degree in that type of work it was pretty interesting that in that moment of time I knew that God was calling my family on a different path that may not necessarily look come. Noble and stable as other you know families might look and so like Abraham was with his family and why he was hesitant to even make this decision at all. And so that really helped me to solidify that because God is saying this is on the basis of a promise and this is on the basis of something some future benefit that's going to come from this decision that you're making right now. And so now I'm still on that journey I'm still in that process but I always go back to that moment of studying scripture seeing that in Abraham's life understanding what it meant to him and how it showed me that God is mindful of all those things and yet his call still remains. Oh it's going to Judah Ronna me are going to be 133 I want to go to this verse because it's been a very powerful verse it's given me structure in my life it's given me surance and hope to 133 Deuteronomy Chapter one Verse 30 through the. And this just shows you this is the providence of God that God goes before you and there is a specific place for all of us to the moon and God knows where that places for an all right job is to be obedience and to search Scripture whether it's 60 or there are scripture searching us and more whether we've got to find out from what principles and how to carve out our decisions and live here and there's a specific place where God wants us to be one of the thing I just want to really harp on about studying the Word of God is many times you have talked about these things we read something we saw it but it takes time it takes time and sometimes often actually revealing the same passage or reading other passages and it's not just what's your will read this or a school got it moving on right but it's even knowing God's will is just a further investment in our relationship with him and so to not take the requirement of time as a discouragement but an encouragement to press deeper and to spend more time and to be even more sincere in our heart's desire I was going to say the same thing getting acquainted with God happens primarily by getting acquainted with the word and there's a blessing in the process and the last season we talked about and waiting on God and then you'll situation but there is a blessing in in going through the process this is a lot to learn to many narratives the book it is a very thing a buck but an understatement there is a there's a blessing in taking time to get acquainted with the Word of God and getting to know God in the process and then becoming into human with his will that piggybacking on Kelly and John his comment we want to encourage you to get serious with scripture once again as Kelly said the Bible is a big book there's all sorts of different genres like poems it gets in there if you like songs there's some in there if there's a narrative there's a lot is a Laws of all sorts of things in there rather than is reading the Bible studying and getting to know our savior is the point of this episode and getting to know God's will for your life there's been a blessing for me for all of you guys out there that are joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the caliber is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin the inverse is brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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