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Romance is in the air.



  • May 23, 2020
    1:00 PM

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Romance is in the air literally we're airing about romance on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary. Focus. Just in within for. Everyone My name is Justin you're watching inversely we're in the studio here with my friends and you're watching inverse a Bible study t.v. show. For young adults and for those of you who are young at heart and on this special episode of looking at romance or looking at dating so for those of you are young adults and single you want to pay attention for those who are not want to pay attention unless you give this wisdom to the next generation or whoever may be single and needing this kind of information we're going to Genesis chapter 2 Genesis chapter 2 and Jonathan can you pray for us yes that's our heads father heaven we just give you praise for another opportunity to dig in the Word of God we pray that you will reveal to us things that we have not seen before and that you will give us an opportunity to grow in our relationship with you and with each other this we pray in the name of Jesus Amen Amen Amen as well can you go to Genesis chapter 2 and for those out there please take out your Bibles whether it's a book format or a digital form and read with us and if you have an opportunity go to inverse Bible dot org There you'll find the entire Bible study guide series where we actually talk about God's will for this quarter and other other topics as well as go to Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 through 25. Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and to keep it and the Lord God commanded the man sing of every tree of the garden you may freely but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat for in the day that you eat that you eat of it you show surely die and the Lord God said it is not good that men should be alone I will make a helper comparable to him out of the ground of the Lord out of the ground the Lord God formed every beasts of the field and every bird of the year and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name so Adam gave names to all the cattle to all the birds of the year to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and he slept and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place then the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and he brought her 2 men and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of men therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh and they were both naked the man and his wife and were not ashamed. Most likely were this chapter many times for those of us who are trying to read the Bible through and beloved Genesis Genesis 133 is a wonderful introduction to Scripture Chapter 2 what are some principles that we see here we guarding God's will for all of us that we find in the text. Principles Well for one thing God willed that we have companionship you see that because when God created he says he created Adam 1st and then he put them in the garden and he gives them a what to do now God already knew that Adam needed companionship but he puts Adam in the garden and he gives him something to do for Adam to realize his own need and then when Adam says whoa everybody else has a companion that is comparable to them except for me and then God goes and he needs that need so the 1st thing in terms of God's will for us as humanity is that he sees that we need companionship Let's start there let's go to verse 18 and in the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will make him a helper comparable to him we see throughout Genesis one that the good good good good very good good good good good good good good good this is a very repetitive phrase or part of the word but in verse 18 of chapter 2 it says he is not good and here Adam expenses and loneliness and this is something perhaps we should maybe spend some time about many single people many young adults many of that generation are you feel alone latest 6 say that perhaps maybe one 3rd of the population feels alone but they're not they're not they can't express it or can't say it why why can't this generation deal with loneliness or say it or articulated or whatnot but I think that you know I mean this generation one of the big things of this time is technology and the technology makes gives you the illusion of being able to have relationships with a lot of people very quickly very easily and thank God for technology we have a lot of blessing through it I mean without it no one would be watching us right now but it is it is hard to to replace. A relationship that happens in person you know with technology you can do only go so far you can only say so much you can only experience so much and because we are generally people who you know we mean. No comfort we enjoy not having to invest too much and still want the most result we go to social media and we think all we can have relationships online and connections but it really does not fill the void that's in the heart that God has created us to have like this social connection that we need one on one so technology I think is one of the big reasons why we look at the struggle with. A different angle with the same thing from a different angle is that we live in a superstar generation with Instagram with You Tube you can be you can be a superstar in like 10 seconds right if you look good or if you have a specific talent you can get on online and all of a sudden draw all sorts of people to you and I think what that's done is that it's created a filter between the individual and the social circles around them I don't know if you ever saw that picture that that's been kind of going on a picture on the Internet yeah you know I saw that picture you know. Messing around. Of the Apple you know there's a picture of an apple Yeah a company called Apple I know this is a fruit there's a fruit called Apple 2. And so and the picture is of an apple that has a mirror in front of them and it and it's a perfect apple but from behind the scenes you can see that the Apple has been been Ok And so this is sorry that we live and the pictures basically portraying that we always put our best face forward and so that that that prevents us from establishing real relationships right no one wants to be in a relationship with someone like all their marriage is perfect and so all their kids are perfect the more they're perfect to get perfect grades and they're you know perfect they look perfect and we live in that kind of a generation where you know people are taking pictures of themselves waking up but their But they look perfect right and or they're taking a picture of themselves eating and they eat perfectly right and so I think that prevents us from establishing relationships and an effort to be perfect we actually separate ourselves into loneliness. I think that's another reason I think you're saving more sophisticates one step further it's gotten so sophisticated that hey we want involvement ability we want Authen we want real so let's be perfect in a real way so that my hair be messy but each one is partly perfectly in a messy way or someone is you know revealing their inner inner whatever is in any controlled raw way but in a artificial perfect way if their writings it's got sophisticated to that level as you can because relationships are messy like in a real kind of messy way and and putting yourself in never you enter into relationship you have to be ready to be heard because once you're vulnerable in a simple world there's going to be some kind of pain that comes with it and we don't like pain yeah we do really embraces pain like our Bring it on you know it's you know we want to insulate and so I was against that and like Jonathan I think there's a way that I can kind of do it you know do the relationship thing but protecting my sound like keeping my walls up and yet kind of peeking over to connect at the same time because we don't want to get hurt well to live an incredibly fast paced world so everything's going so fast fast fast and with so much to do that we are we don't really have time to invest in quality relationships it almost seems like a waste of time to hang out for more than you know maybe a couple of something or whatever and so I believe that this fast paced world is robbing us of opportunities to build quality connections with people I know from my own life is like off you like and constantly I have to do something else and all right I'll spend a little bit time here but you know I have to go to the next thing so and it takes away the opportunity to just build relationships because relationships take time you know it is a process you're going to just run I just want to see to know that it's not a bad thing for people to realize that they are alone or lonely because before God brought Adam. Companionship he had not realized Look it's not entirely a negative thing to realize that man I need companionship that's actually a positive thing it's in the right direction I'm gone be able to supply them well that's my next question I was going to ask how how does the Bible especially this chapter address this problem that we have and it's this lonely time or this this solitude time that we need God that really is a solution I love John and his comment that relations inherent part is tying and I remember you know any relationship needs needs time needs even years and even in romantic relationships there's a time even even awkward time you know when you're 1st meaning there's awkward silence for our generation has a hard time tolerating it and then the minute or some awkwardness people you know you say the word awkward again it's even more awkward really and it's just well this isn't for me and we don't want to get hurt as a barest meant to retreat but there are these a solemn some level of security to engage in that awkwardness and be still be Ok And how do we get that security Well there's there's something that moves a little too fast I wanted I wanted to I think there's something that needs to be shared as well you know terms of why there's broken relationships or why we don't have relationships and that's the addiction you know we haven't talked about the role of addiction and it's back on relationships we live in a time now where all of us can be sitting around a table and we're communicating through social media we're communicating through text and the reason why we're doing that is because we've become addicted to social media right we've become addicted to our technology no matter where you go around the world it's there's there's addiction to technology right and so I think addictions whether they're they're media addictions or any other kind of addictions alcohol drug usage or addiction to sex this has prevented relationships from being it has representatives from being awesome about it from being able to develop relationships what what is key here in the passage to tie in. The word she was saying is that it's talking about God creating someone that's comparable to Adam and a person that's comparable is a person that can relate or an a creature that's comparable It's a creature that can relate to the experience that you have and so I'm not a perfect individual right I don't look for everything you know but I sort of have a certain And Judy Ramos. And so it's like you know I'm not a perfect individual and and really the worst kind of relationship that I could be in it's in a relationship with the perfect individual right and so there would be too much tension there and that relationship doesn't exist between us and God but God knew that that would not be enough even in a perfect world we're not a most perfect he was still far from reaching God's ideal And so what God does is he says I'm going to give someone to you that's comparable that you can relate to that you can journey through life with that's going to have ups and downs just like just like you have a man like it's making you wonder you know even with Jesus coming in our relationship with God when God relates to us he puts a mediator who is Christ who goes through the same experience it's so that we can be able to relate you know to God you know to the person of Christ you know what I love is that the Adam spent alone time with God and also Eve spent alone time with God Well Adam was sleeping so as alone time that we get strength from and it allows us to engage into our relationships we come back after the break we'll look at now romantic relationships and dating related ground on generic relationships now what are the principles from this chapter in the Bible about our significant others stay with us. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they're joining us like us part us thumbs up us our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back a lot of you out there are probably wondering I need to know what are the principles for dating I'm single and how do I find and that's we're going to talk about right now. People what are some principles I know for something that's been a long something like decades since you know. What are principles from the scripture I don't I mean there is a superficial stuff someone who is you're attracted to someone who's healthy human being those are these are the basic principles that I want to look for in dating but from Scripture and specifically from from this chapter what are some principles to look for in our significant other or can I start with the one that you ended with actually before a break was that time with God that both Adam and Eve had alone time with God you know and it's not just that a man needs to be connected to God but the woman he was created after Adam but God made sure that he had time with him and he's the one who brought Yes you Adam and so just having that connection with God individual lead that's replaceable then I would say in our twenty's maybe one of the loneliest decades for some of us and we need to embrace this solitude Yeah it's painful yeah there is but you wanted to learn who you are you going where you're going and specifically your time with God And and if that low in the loneliness is is dissipated through our devotional life that really prepares us for the next stage of marriage and what I was just listen to podcast out of there and they were this was in a secular concept they were talking about the importance of loneliness especially in your early twenty's this is the long this is that the loneliest time of your life and for many years and so to embrace loneliness in that time and to embrace the fact that this is a time this is something positive you're finding yourself in all those things you know but in this beautiful context you are finding God as you said the 1st thing that Adam saw was God The 1st thing that he thought was God and then they he brought the 2 together I think there's room for that you preach that at my wedding exactly that point you're probably going to make that plan right now is what I was and then that. Over to me right now. There's a there's a beautiful imagery there's a beautiful imagery in the book of Genesis where God is literally handling Adam and Eve and I think that it paints a good picture for what God wants to do with us Adam and Eve are literally formed by the hands of God and they're beautiful creatures when he's done forming them but they're still a lifeless and we can marry the most beautiful person in the world but that individual can be lifeless unless God has literally inserted himself into that person and so Adam is a beautiful creature Eve is I mean Eve is the most beautiful of all creation and it was designed to be that way but they're still dead right and it is until God gives what he has in him self and inserted into that lifeless form that the 2 are able to even meet together and so when it comes to our human relationships with each other we have this beautiful imagery of allowing God to handle us allowing God to mold us into his character and most importantly allowing the life of God to be in me and to be in the spouse that I marry why because in a marriage relationship if God is absent if God of zaps in the marriage relationship no matter how talented or beautiful or whatever these 2 individuals are the marriage cannot work there needs to be the foundation of getting them to nothing sustaining the common now exactly and just to speak about what comes in we come to convert it in previous episodes but what comes through that time is God is developing your own personal sense of identity and what your personal mission is and mine and this is another principle you know for finding somebody before even finding somebody and find you know you know for sure we're talking about 4 and 5 I know your identity which puts your mission you know certain right but that's a clear common connection right into God when he's when he's with Adam he gives Adam. To do it more he brings it into the picture so God needs to give us an individual to do and I wish I was privy to the conversation he had with Eve because you know that's one and. You know I'm sure he gave they had their conversation right and and maybe that's important that other people may not hear the conversation you had with God It's between you and him but you need to know who you are and what God has called you to do in your world before you're getting into a relationship with somebody else and if you lose yourself on the 1st 20 verse 20 of Chapter 2 Adam gave names to cattle birds and beasts of the field but Radom there was not found a helper comparable to him so here he realized there was a mission for him he had a task but he was almost incomplete in who it was in in his identity and in accomplishing the mission mission so he felt the need for which there the need to set up his his parameters to find is not find but to be compatible or to connect with with with Eve So this is the principle is if we know who we are if we know what our mission is then we know who we need to converse that mission together with and God will bring someone to help us and come here so I think what is important not just from Genesis but the whole message from the Bible is the importance of relationships romantic relationships the point of it the goal is marriage Ok so we don't have this is you know we got a sniper training to us and a way where we just you know jump from one person to the other and just have romantic hero men think their god has clearly designed a relationship between man and woman to be a beautiful representation of who he is we read it here in immersed 24 Therefore the men there for a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they should become one flesh we see that Jesus is also pro-marriage we see the garden once individuals who come together a man and woman to be united in marriage and have an experience in that relationship that glorifies God so the poor. Of dating the point of courtship whatever you want to call it the goal must be marriage and not just a casual hey you know we're going to have a good time together put this beautiful beautiful Go here for us and God lays it out here right in the beginning in Genesis just the expansion of the Kingdom of God is central having a good time is peripheral and sometimes we do have having a good time a central And just if anything happens that's just a side effect. And so on to another principle for you know getting in relationship is invest 21 and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam when Adam when God created Adam Adam was sleeping so he was resting in God He was not process you know what I was. He wasn't he wasn't part of the creating a process like that was God's business and he needed to take care of the work that God had given to him and etc And beyond that resting having that a certain level of peace like in God in God doing the other part and I'm saying this because you know some sometimes even with I need to get a relationship I need to get married or and that can become the sole focus of your life right it's lessness restlessness and unfortunately in a simple while not everyone will find that significant other and if I wasted my entire life looking for someone looking looking looking looking instead of resting in God and understanding and knowing that God has given me a work to do he knows the needs that I have I can rest trusting that God will create that Kalpa comparable to me that he knows I need right now is really important story but I would even add that God is the one giving that rest and you know sometimes we have this restlessness and and you can't do it yourself like Lord give me this rest and you know you have been a. Wake you up sometimes I think of there's a if we go to chapter one verse 27 yes we find another principle and that's a principle of spirit. Compatibility Ok so it says here so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created He them now we typically use this passage talk about marriage as between a man and a woman and so forth there's there's another which is true there's another principle there that that talks about the fact that the image of God is reproduced in or should be reproduced in marriage and the purpose of marriage is to exemplify the image of God And so what Adam could not do by himself right what Adam could not do by himself he needed Eve to help him in in being able to portray the image of God and so spiritual compatibility is significant and it's often overlooked but you know one of the reasons one of the 3 main reasons why people get divorced Outside of money and sex is religion right there's there's different trajectories in terms of how we want the image of God to be reproduced and so we have to understand or remember that if the purpose in life of my purpose in life is to reflect the image of God My purpose in marriage must also be to further reflect the image of God and I have to find someone that's going to be spiritually compatible with where I am in my relationship oftentimes we have a young lady or young man that's going to that wants to be engaged or dating or marrying someone for like missional reasons right I want to convert this individual to the gospel so I'm going to marry them that's like the worst decision you can make in your life well you don't want I'm the worst decision you can make your life is to marry someone for the sake of the mission to convert flirted unberth that's how they say that Europe. So is spiritual compatibility the purpose of marriage should always be to reflect the image of him and I want to I want to emphasize is so important to keep that in mind and once you enter into a relationship like that with the understanding that this is to glorify God and that in that love relationship there is a reflection of who God is. It completely elevates the entire experience and it just doesn't just the horizontal it goes vertical it's like it's a beautiful experience that we can so we've been talking about marriage and some people are like me this is awesome to taking notes but there are some people out there like in the off with the marriage thing and do I have to get married I've been looking for a 100 years I've been looking for whatever whatever whatever and I So let's go to Matthew Chapter 19 and there's this weird verse Jesus speaks about you know there's a Where does he just has this weird cryptic almost saint and may help us out in elucidating that you 19 Matthew 19 verse 12 and Jonathan can you read for their Unix who were born deaf from their mothers and their eunuchs who were made you know spend men their Unix who have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven sick he was able to accept it let him except in case of the questions are not me 1st question what is this verse saying quote and Question 2 is is marriage and goal for salvation is the next time I like to answer the 2nd one is the core of the verse is trying to still marriage is not the end game to salvation so in about different kinds of units which don't want to talk Ok. Ok you were well. I was going to I was going to be a Logan All right I was going to you asking what does it say here well this 3 options Jesus gives you 3 options there's units who are single people singles yes those who are born. From their mother's room so they are that's just their nature. I don't have a position we're just here we want to talk about Unix Ok so these are not what is a you know and because we can get into some weird weird people out there well people who remain single purpose celibate celibacy to live Ok Yeah Ok All right keep going there are humans who are made eunuchs by men you see that a lot in the Old Testament but these are. There's this isn't a great time here this is just the situation maybe it wasn't their choice yes and then there's those who have made themselves eunuchs for the chemo heaven sake so they make a decision that I'm going to remain celibate for in order to further box mission so one is biological 2nd is circumstance circumstantial environmental by by chance and lastly is by choice yes so what comfort does this give to a single people explain it that well we're not we live in a society where we're driven by sexuality and as a matter of fact in many situations people want to get married because they want to have sexual life but Jesus saying here is that the the mission in life is not to be sexually fulfilled and happy that's not why we've been created we've not been created for the purpose of procreation or for the purpose of enjoying life there is a far more significant and important goal in life and that is to expand the kingdom of God And so Jesus was among those individuals who decided not to get married to expand the kingdom of God you know and so was Paul he was married early in his life decided to not remarry but to remain single and. On that note on for those who are out there who are single calibrate your life for the Kingdom of God and for those who are married out there and yet made a couples calibrate both your lives and your families for the Kingdom of God That's our prayer here in the studio Ok that's yours for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes as an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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