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The Science of Overcoming Sin - Part 5

David Shin
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David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • March 5, 2020
    4:15 PM
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Here on the screen I have this diagram of Jesus being divine and human and there have been theological debates that have gone on for centuries some individuals have emphasized the divinity of Christ and said that Jesus just appeared to be human he appeared to get hungry he appeared to get thirsty he appeared to have these things he came in appearance as a man but he was not really human it was more of a macho he was divine but he came posing as a human being looking like a human being but he was not really a human being like you and me so there's different heresies that crept into the church that emphasized the divinity of Christ and diminished or even negated the humanity of Christ and then during the time of the Enlightenment we had a different Christ ology that came out that said that Jesus was human and that's it he was a good man he was a moral person but he was not really divine and so came the search for the historical Jesus that the Jesus of faith was not the Jesus of history but here we have it Piss Christ a logical Mystery of Jesus being divine and human which is it it's both and it's one of those cases that we have to be Ok with mystery and any time you emphasize the humanity of Jesus to the diminishing of the divinity of Jesus or vice versa you get into a very dangerous area now this is the mystery how can God be 100 percent human and 100 percent divine. And we have this mystery that unveils itself in this concept of the nature of Christ and the temptation that Jesus had there now back in the 4th century. Theologian by the name of Augustine he wrestled with Lost and he came to the conclusion that sin was not able to be overcome and sin was something that was original this concept of original sin came into the church through Augustine In other words when Adam sinned all of us in the in Adam which meant that every person born into this world had Adam's original sin we were couple guilty of Adam and Eve's original sin which meant that when you were born into this world you are born a sinner from birth sin is a state of being and then there's all these theological structures that emerged out of this notion of Augustinian original sin which means when a baby is born to this world is that baby a sinner according to the Augustinian paradigm absolutely Which means if that baby dies is that baby going to be saved no not from the paradigm of original sin which postured this practice or brought into practice I should say infant baptism. Abilities mourns is what you got to baptize him in order to be saved because of Adam's original sin and then came this Christ a logical dilemma because if Christ was born just like you and I it would mean that he would be also guilty of Adam's sin as well you can see the systematic theology that emerges out of this because of crisis born just like us he is also guilty of Adam's sin in the Augustinian paradigm and we know that Christ is not a sinner so they came up with this concept of the Immaculate Conception meaning that Jesus was different then us fundamentally so that he would not be culpable of our original sin and then came up mereology because Christ is not really like us he can't really understand us and then came up this concept of a cold Mediatrix a co mediator in Mary because Mary is like us she can really understand us and so Mary takes on this media Tauriel role as well you can see that one little fundamental core concept a shift in something seen as a state of being has all these implications regarding the nature of Christ now what is the nature of Christ now this is an area that we need to take our shoes off our feet according to The Spirit of Prophecy because we are on holy ground and will be studying the divinity in the humanity of Christ throughout the ceases ages and there is some information that the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy does give and beyond that we need to withhold speculation Amen and be Ok with mystery but here's some information that the Spirit of Prophecy gives And this is from one my favorite books the desire to be just talking about the notion of the nature of Christ and what it is what it was it would have been almost infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in his innocence in Eden. But Jesus excepted humanity when the race had been weakened by 4000 years of sin like every child of Adam he accepted the results of the working of the great law of heredity. What these results were shown in the history of earthly ancestors he came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptations and to give us an example of a sinless life so here the desire of Ages is very clear that Jesus came bearing the repercussions of the results of sin upon humanity and one of the reasons was to give us a why and example of a sinless life now if you take the Augustinian paradigm can Jesus really be our example no because he was conceived in a way that is different than us and so this whole concept of victory over sin and she's being our example falls apart but here in this paradigm it's very interesting that Jesus came in a way so that he could show us an example of a sinless life now let's go to Scripture here and Hebrews chapter 2 verse 17 and 18 Paul makes a very interesting statement in regards to the incarnation in what Jesus became in his nature here it is he was Chapter 2 verse 1718 therefore in all things how many things all things. He had to be made lying his breath right now hold that thought in all things he had to be made like his brother and meaning Jesus that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation its atonement for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being one tempted he is able to aid those who are tempted now there's a lot in there but I just want to hone in on this part the Bible states very clearly that whatever Jesus was when he came to this earth in the incarnation it states that in all things he was made like whom his present why and the last part I want to highlight there's many reasons but the last part he's able to aid those who are tempted in other words Jesus came as our example and in his temptation not only gave us an example of a sinless life but revealed the character of God and went to heaven so that he is able to assist us when we are tempted this is significant when it comes to Christ ology and soteriology which means the plan of salvation here's the key phrase that I want to hone in on here therefore in all things he was made line his brother now here's the question Who are the brethren. All right we are now Biblically speaking letting the Bible interpret itself here it is to verse 11 the same book for both he who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified all are one for which reason he's not ashamed to call them but brethren. Now this is a significant nuance in relationship to the nature of Christ that the Bible brings out Jesus is made just like his brother in in all things now who are his brother and those that are being sanctified Now here's the rub I believe that when Jesus came to the search came in humanity fully human fully God but His humanity was saying to fide now missing to pick ation is available by implication in this verse to all of us Amen In other words Jesus did not come with something that we cannot have access to he came sanctified so be implication of this verse and said Jesus came not only converted but he came saying to fight he came into this world born of the Holy Spirit and came with the phone maturity of saying to vacation that you and I all have access to so everything that Jesus came with we can have that's the implication. Now here is are a few statements from the spirit of prophecy which indicates the nature of Christ in St occasion and this is from page 9394 in the book steps to Christ if you have not read this book and highly recommended by the way are Same here and I want you to notice the nuance of this paragraph our Savior identified himself with our needs and weaknesses in that he became a suppliant a petition or seeking from his father fresh supplies of grace that he might come forth brace for duty and trial now the implication is that Jesus got his power from whom the Father. That he might come for the brains for duty and trial he is our example in all things he is a bronzer notice the words that she uses here he is a brother in our infirmities in all points tempted as we are but as sin as the sinless one his nature recoiled from evil he endured struggles and the torture of the soul in a world of sin now I have a part italics sized in this paragraph it says but as the sin this one his nature recoiled from evil does does your nature naturally recoil from evil No when I was born to the world I came with a nature that had a gravity or gravitated I should say toward sin I enjoyed it but you can see that Jesus here his nature when he came in the presence of sin his nature was like it was like scratching a chalk board it was like. That that doesn't set well with me now. Remember according to Hebrews Jesus came in a form of saint of occasion a saint of occasion that we all have access to and some people may read this and say oh jesus had an advantage that I can never have access to because his nature recoiled from evil but listen to this this is from the book desired ages again 668 all true obedience comes from the heart it was hard work with Christ and if we consent he will so identify himself with our thoughts and names so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses the Will refined and sanctified will find its highest delight in doing his service when we know God as it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ through Communion with God and I praise the Lord for this phrase sin will become hateful to us praise his name which means that in the Christian experience in the same to fit cation journey that through rocking with God habitually that God can re work our neural pathways praise his name that we can get to the place where we hate sin. And love righteousness him in. And that's what Jesus had that when following Jesus there we like following our own impulses that's where God can bring us by His grace in the same to fit cation experience now it's not like that in the beginning but in the Christian experience through in life style of walking with Jesus Day in and day out you build new neural pathways into the Holy Spirit's work you come to the place where you love to read the Bible a man you love to pray and you hate witnessing sin God can transform he can rework those neural pathways which means that when Jesus came to this earth he came converted and sanctified but that experience the experience of Jesus is a venerable to everyone a man and notice the last part of this it says that when we know God as is our privilege to know him the will refine and saying to find will hope find its highest delight in doing his service our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ this is where God wants to bring us now it may not be where we are now but the beauty of it is that's the destination that God wants to bring us best to tell us and Jesus came to the service in a state that God says look you depend on me I can bring you there. I can bring you there. This is from 1st erected messages page 252 the majesty of heaven undertook the cause of man and notice as part of this all in all caps and with the same faculties that men may obtain praise the Lord withstood the temptation of Satan as man must withstand him this was the only way in which fallen man can become a partaker of the divine nature so everything that Jesus had we can also have in here it is in 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 21 is Jesus and eggs are example to this you are called because Christ suffered for you leaving you a want leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps this is plain scripture friends now there is a prominent systematic theology that is person pervasive out there because of Augustinian thought and it goes like this sin is original sin is a state of being therefore Jesus did not come with the same nature that we have you following it sin is a state of being it affects the nature of Christ therefore Christ cannot have the same nature therefore Christ is not our example therefore you can be sinning until Jesus comes there is no power over your addictions you can be living in a lifestyle of sin and that is a framework in theology that is pervasive throughout Christendom and it began in the 4th century with the mistake of making sin as a state of being affected Christ ology which affected soteriology which is a practical day to day existence because here's the rub if Jesus can't even come with our same nature and overcome sin what hope do I have there is no hope you're rost in your sin. Jesus can forgive you for your past sins but there is no power in the present to give you a victory over sin in the here and now and that's presented as good news in the gospel on friends that's not good news to me because I want to go to someone say look there's good news that heroin addiction that you've been struggling with your whole life you're forgiven. And God has power to break that habit in your life Amen that's good news why because Jesus came just like us with things that we can all have fully sanctified and that grace and that power is available to you and you can depend on him to bring you through this that's good news friends that's the power of the Gospel Jesus is our example and notice the way that Jesus came now here's the question when Jesus was tempted in Matthew Chapter 4 did Jesus have power in himself to overcome the enemy and it's kind of a trick question here but it's now ontologically speaking meaning his divinity absolutely all right he he was always God All right so he could have just put on this which I don't know what it is it's a mystery but tapped into his divinity and just batted the devil away like a fly it would never even been an issue I mean how can you tempt How can you tempt God right he could just tapped into it all right but here is here is the beauty of the way that Jesus came when Jesus was on this earth Jesus made a conscious decision never to tap into his ontological divinity never even though it was there at his fingertips at any time to just tap into it talk about ultimate temptation I mean if I had to vanity and omnipotence that I could just switch on in every moment look out. You want that type of temptation I imagine some of cut you off on the road you can just tap into that divinity right all the tires on that car just far off and you just drive off you know I mean this is this is crazy this is crazy place to live that that we don't have that type of power All right so so so so here it is all right so Jesus had all of that power All right just waiting with a thought to to tap into but he did not choose to tap into that power how did Jesus operate when he was on this earth and we have some clues from the Gospels here is in John Chapter famous 1000 then Jesus and sent Jesus answered said to them their leave yearly I said to you the son can do nothing of himself now this is not an ontological statement not saying that he did not have divinity with him but is saying that Jesus operated in a way on planet earth that he did not do anything of his own divine power even though it was at his fingertips to do so it was a conscious decision he chose to operate in a paradigm of not depending on his own power but depending on holy spirit power and the father's power the Son can do nothing of himself for which he see it the father do for what things whatsoever he do it these also do it the sum likewise and here it is in John Chapter 5 Verse 30 by myself I can do nothing now again that's not an ontological statement of being saying that he's not divine but of the conscious decision that Jesus operated on planet earth fully depending on the father now here's the rub can we follow that example absolutely by the grace of God the same way that Jesus depended on the father for everything is the same way that we are to depend on him for all power. So that's the example that Jesus gave while he was on this earth and here it is desired ages page 64 Jesus revealed no qualities and exercise no powers that men may not have through faith in him is his perfect humanity is that which all his followers may possess if they will be in subjection to God as he was the last part of that paragraph indicates that Jesus is our example in his ultimate dependence upon the Father and we can't do anything Amen we need to depend on the father for everything we need to depend on Jesus for everything now what I'm doing here Ok so here it's now let's go to the temptation here not just taking the macro you know $30000.00 foot view of the theology of Christ ology and the implications of that now let's go down here to the micro so so we we've kind of just with a broad brush looked at Christ ology and some of the issues here but we've established a broad theological framework that Jesus came as one of us and according to Hebrew see came sanctified he came with with sanctification in conversion a saint of cation in conversion that we all have access to any dependent on the father just as we are to depend on him to overcome sin in that way he's our example and so here Jesus comes in temptation and do you think Saint and knows a little bit about Christ ology. All right I think he does. The devil's brilliant So here he comes the devil knows to a certain degree I believe that Jesus can't or shouldn't tap into his divinity but was own selfish purposes and here is a man to chapter 4 verses one through 4 last part of it but he answered and said mention I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and he answered and said it is written mention that live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God now 3 times in the temptation of Jesus he quoted scripture now I want to look at the significance of this to Jesus have to quote scripture no he could have just tapped into his divinity and said look we're done with this all right and the devil would have to flee but Jesus as our example overcame to reveal to us one fundamental and foundational key to overcoming sin and that is his usage of scripture the repetition is very clear it is written it is written it is written so it shows us that in our fallen humanity. We cannot overcome sin any way differently than Jesus showed us as our example our right it is written very clear so I make that observation very quickly here. The if the concept of it is written is very significant because 2nd Peter Checa wondrous 3 and 4 as his divine power is given unto us that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His glory and virtue by which has been given us exceeding great and precious promises that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust what Peter is bringing out here is through the Word of God through the promises we have access to the divine nature that's what Peter's bringing out is that there is access in here to all the power that Jesus had in overcoming temptation the divine nature is accessible through the promises and very quickly here but he answered and said to them it is written mention I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God So very quickly in this verse the Bible brings out that there is something more then physical food. It's spiritual nourishment that is the most important thing in our life this side of heaven man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God the Toda scripture principle the Bible in the entirety of the Bible now I want to highlight this part here Jesus brings us an analogy between the Word of God and bread and this is not the 1st time that Jesus used it actually the 1st time but it comes up later in John chapter 6 or 61 and 52 I am the living bread that came down from heaven and if anyone eats this bread he will live forever and the bread also which I give for the life of the world is my flesh and he says Whosoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in them so here Jesus uses this analogy that is very disturbing to disciples and if you read the Gospels after this many of the disciples went away because they thought he was talking about cannibalism because he says if you eat my flesh and drink my blood but he says look I'm the bread that came down from heaven but he said look you need to eat this bread later on Jesus clarified what he really meant and he said the words I speak unto you they are spirit they are life the words I speak unto you they are spirit they are life now I want to comment on this very quickly because we're living in nature today where the very interpretation of Scripture is in question. We're living in an age today where very intelligent and very smart and educated people are reading the Bible and saying that it's not really saying what it's saying. They're spinning theories and having presuppositions that are imposing on scripture and basically taking all right and neutralizing and neutering the Word of God any power so the way that we interpret Scripture is very clear and very plain in here Jesus is a stablish ing this principle that look the words that I speak unto you they are spirit they are life and what the devil would love to do is say like look if you want interpret this text let's not take Jesus for what he's really saying it really depends on what the definition of is is. This the words I speak unto you their spirit their life Jesus didn't really mean that we need to be more educated in how we approach Scripture and so there's this hominid tickle challenge that comes in but look I believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally all right and it's meant for the common person as much as it is the scholar and that God has given access to everyone and the most important determiner in will you come on the other end of home a new tax in Scripture is your intent here that wills to do His will show no concern in the doctrine so it's not about education it's not about being more educated or smog or anything it's about being spiritual because spiritual things are spiritually discerned and here Jesus brings out this principle look if you take God's word as it reads and accept it into your life there is power transformative power that brings about major regeneration in the mind and in the heart so the words I speak unto you they are spirit they're life so when we look at the sink surely it's fascinating. That you know that there is bread in the sink she wary there is food in the sink sure and it is strategically located all right the bread is located here. All right and this bread was to be continually before the Lord there was never a time in the sink surely service that there was not food in God's house it was always there now if you changed over on a regular basis and be eaten by the priests but there was never a time that this was not here there was never a time that the altar of incense was not burning there was never a time that the candlesticks did not light the holy place they were always there in the saying sure word and the strategic location of this reveals the prominent place that the Word of God should be in the Christian life and is not once fed always fed it's always to be there now look at the trajectory now the whole goal of the sanctuary is to bring you from here into here into here and finally into here that's to tell us that's the end that's the goal of the century is to bring you back to that Adam and Eve relationship that Jesus wants to have with each one of us that Adam and Eve had before the fall there were right here all of us are accurate so God wants to bring us here and in 2 years so here Jesus brings us into the courtyard be accept Jesus as our Savior were baptized then we come into here and we experience continually these 3 elements the table of showbread the altar of incense and the golden candle sticks and that prepares us and sanctifies us to meet Jesus in the Holy of Holies that's the Christian experience now notice this part here the table of showbread is here now you're baptized now this represents the new birth experience the court yard your brain on again as a Christian now if you know anything and this came as a revelation to me once we had our our son I I focused so much on the birth we did and rightfully so. And we have focused on the birds every year as a memorial a birth they praise the Lord for the birthday right and so we're preparing for the 1st day and it came and I'm just like. What a relief right 10 fingers 10 toes all there all right and I remember cutting the umbilical cord a water privilege you know put his 1st diaper on I mean we had photos I cherish those memories you know and then I remember the nurse telling me Look you've got to you've got to give the baby regular feedings that's no problem you know baby fits into our schedule right. And she said no no no no no he recognized like around the clock I meant I said around which clock You mean like 24 hour clock said yes everyone have 2 hours that baby needs food mothers milk analysis like wow this is I mean I musta missed that part in the in the birthing book or something and then tell me about this so. You know you have a few moments to celebrate and experience the book and then and then it transitions to this never ending all right cycle it seems like over eating right and then we get off the milk and then we go to solid food and look we have a we have a boy and I'm like where's all this food going you know is this constant constantly even on just like whoa whoa you know and then I remember my my senior pastor Lipton Rother he had 4 boys. Big guy like 6 foot 8 I mean and he said when these boys would come home he said the locusts. The locus would come in he dissident It does look this came to my home and he said I don't understand what's going through the sun's Mike he said they would take just a building of soy milk and just charge it down the whole thing and then put the empty thing carton back in the fridge or later he said what is happening. However far faster and so you can see that in the physical life you never stop eating a man you never stop eating it in temporal to growth and life. And I have news for you friends many theologies out there saying like look this is it just be born and you can. No milk no bread you're going on life support just to sit in the pew and we'll hook you up to t.p.n. you know that is direct nutrition all right every Sabbath come and get it or plug you in our right to a feeding tube every Sabbath and and we have sad to say because the theological structures out there a whole generation generations of Christians are that have never gotten out of diapers never grown never learned to feed themselves and many individuals are content with that experience but God wants so much more amen and it's no wonder we're rocking into church with feeding tubes emaciated falling apart and when the devil comes with temptation we're just we're in the way there's nothing to it I mean systems can't handle it. Then what God wants to do is to bring us to a place in a Christian experience that we are feeding on the Word of God daily Amen mention I live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God In other words just as much as we need food we need the word we need the word and as we feed on the word daily and as we mature and grow in our same typically Sion experience God strengthens us for temptation we should be armed with scripture Now I know we live in Alaska and one of the 1st time I came here to visit to check out the church. I remember my wife told me one of the one of the codes of the person in front of us went up and that person was armed as it all live in a different place here everybody's back it seems like and and look there is so much investment I've been in Cabela's and I just you know I don't buy anything in that section but when Mosey it out over there and I was just like wow. I mean these are these are things that I just never even imagined all right for self protection how much more spiritual protection a man and we don't wrestle against flesh and blood we wrestle against principalities and powers and look we should be armed with the Word of God We should have a text ready for every temptation Jesus did temptation came in Jesus didn't miss a beat rolled off his tongue on to the Word of God It is written the text for the temptation. And the discussion next temptation it is written. Next temptation it is written and it was over. It was over and yet what we do we don't feed on the Word of God with me she added the temptation comes we don't even have a it is written We're just like Ok. And we fall into the cycle of sin no it's not to say that there is not forgiveness if we forgive if we confess our sins He is faithful and just forgive us our sins but God also has power to keep us from falling in so I want to make this very practical here I want to give you how to make sure that you're armed spiritually All right clarify that for those that are watching online. Your arm spiritually and here is a text that is so easy to remember. Especially in our social interactions you have to have a situation where someone is so disrespectful. So rude or says something so hurtful and hateful to you I have how does it make you feel I think you know you're human nature just rises up and like there are situations where someone comes up and says things to me so disrespectful and and mind you don't think that Christians are immune to rudeness but I that's that's how the devil gets you in this situation and I'm just like oh man I thought this person was all about the character of God and he just likes of vengeance just comes at me under slight Oh I I thought you were a Christian and you know and those that reaction the temptation to respond in kind to a Christian that is not being very Christ like that isn't Garrick hating you all right they're trying to catch you in your words and you're just like well you do it is for it and here's a text for those social interactions in that moment that you're tempted to respond quote This verse. And it's so easy to remember say with me to not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. I mean isn't easy to remember right you're in a social interaction at Wal-Mart and that that cash register person is so rude and you're just do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good moments after 12 years 21 cannot be overcome by and look it's a promise it's a promise because when you quote that bursts you are tapping into to define church and the same things that Jesus had you know I have and you have victory in that moment over responding in an un-Christ like manner in misrepresenting the character of God How many of you want that today and meant how many of you want to be armed with the Word of God so that it is wrong over your consciousness to say it is written do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good let us pray Father in heaven we thank you so much for Jesus that He came as one of us walked on this earth and gave us an example by depending on the father to get us an example of told dependence all Lord Jesus we need you more than ever before at this moment in earth's history help us to depend on you through your help us to be armed with Scripture. Then any time we're tempted we would have a response. It is written. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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