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The Time Is Near

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • March 6, 2020
    6:15 PM
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We're going to talk about the time is near. The day was just July 3945 and the ship was carrying its cargo of 1196 people it was the Us s. Indianapolis this is the actual picture of the ship and the soldier by the name of Harrell was upon this ship and they thought they were in safe waters at this point they had just dropped off a load of your rainy m that would later go on to build the atomic bomb that would in World War 2 and on their way on their way after this trip they were headed back and as they were traveling at this point unbeknownst to them there was someone watching them in 6 torpedoes went out and struck this ship and it went down and the soldiers for 5 days the sailors I should say for 5 days were swimming in the water the few that made it the ended up going through extreme you can imagine hunger unbelievable thirst severe burning of the skin from the sun for days you know broken lips and bleeding and the thirst was almost un bearable but the Sharks were the other thing they had to contend with as one by one they were taken out by the Sharks and we read in a book written on this particular subject by one of the soldiers it says soon after the ship had been struck by a torpedo we read. With almost no one left on the quarterdeck I stepped over the rail and walked 2 long steps down the side of the ship that now made a ramp into the water then I jumped the 1st into the murky oil laden ocean my cape aka jacket came up over my head and as I came up to the surface of the water I desperately parted it with my hands in an effort to get my head above the layer of thick black oil pushing the oil away from my face I swam away from the sinking ship about 50 yards and joined a few others who had also abandon ship gradually the firelight of the steel inferno dimmed as the fan tail disappeared in this band of 12 minutes the mighty u.s.s. Indianapolis slipped into her watery grave in the 7 mile depths of the Mariana Trench the deepest region of the Pacific Ocean there she rests to this day I cannot remember all that raced through my mind as I swam in the darkness but I do recall a powerful promise that resonated within my heart that dreadful hour a promise that has ruled my life from that day forward Peace I leave with you Jesus said my peace I give unto you not as the world give it give I unto you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid to mazing is this man is going down just into the ocean after watching the ship he had been living on seeing under the billows of the ocean the next thought that returns to his mind are the words from our Savior Peace I leave with you how could it be that someone could have peace in the midst of trials all around them you know it's interesting. We at the end of time the Bible talks about difficulties it talks about trials many people fear those times but could it be that the Bible actually tells us that God has given us a book he's given us the Book of Revelation that talks about being blasts Blessed are those that hear the words of the prophecy of this book and that word in in the Greek language the word glass can mean to be happy happy are those who read the prophecies of the Book of Revelation what happy are you going to be happy knowing there's going to be trials all around you because the reality is not only can they have peace in the midst of trials but they can have peace knowing that their Savior Jesus is coming again soon they can know that you know one out of every 25 verses in the New Testament is related to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ one out of 25 verses and you may not have thought about this one but one of them you may have just maybe you may have prayed for the coming of Christ over and over and over and not even thought much about it there's a certain prayer that many parishioners have prayed called the Lord's Prayer and you may remember what it says there in Matthew 6 it says in verse 10 die Kingdom was come thy will be done noticed it's actually asking your kingdom come in this Lord's Prayer we are praying for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ it says I kingdom come thy will be done but what are the next words in earth as it is in heaven right it's interesting though to think about this income in this passage in this prayer is a contrast between heaven and earth when we look at this it says by kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is in Heaven God One of the aspects of heaven is that in heaven God's will is done that makes sense. But one of the aspects of being on here on earth is that often God's will is what not done and that's the contrast the contrast between heaven and earth is that in heaven God's will is always done and that is not always the case here and that's what makes heaven Heaven that God's will is always done and that's what makes Earth Earth that it is not always done Revelation $22.00 verse 7 says Jesus says behold I come what quickly blessid happy is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book but the question is why is Jesus coming why is he going to come back Jesus tells us in John Chapter 14 verse one through 3 re says Don't let your heart be what troubled it this is probably the most repeated command in all of Scripture Don't let your heart be troubled do not be afraid fear not time in time in time and time again we see this message repeated in scripture from the Old Testament to the new Do not be afraid in the trials all around us we can know that we have. And he says Do not let your heart be troubled believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I am going Why yes why did he leave because I'm going to prepare a place for you Jesus says and if I go and prepare a place for you I will what come again and will receive you to Myself that where I am you may be what Also Jesus is coming again because he wants to take his followers home to be with them I remember the very 1st time I ever heard that the world is going to know I was just a child I was in my grandmother's house and she told me the world was going to end and to me that was a horrifying thought. I was not happy about that I had never thought about when you're little you don't even think about death unless you've seen death around you but I'd never seen death at that point and my grandmother told me that the world was going to end it was a horrifying thought and many people when they think about this because the reality is this world life on this world will end someday no matter what even according to the evolutionist slowly I mean over a very vast long period of time the stars are going to lose their heat the earth will become cold the universe will lose its energy and everything will just you know yeah you'll just have moments of you know massive rocks in the universe that would be it but that's not what the Bible says The Bible tells us that something will take place long before the sun itself will burn out the reality is we have hope that Jesus is coming again to take his people back home to be with them and Jesus gave one of the longest prophecies in Scripture in Matthew chapter 24 Jesus is there and just in the last chapter he had been rebuke ing the religious leadership who had turned away from him he had rebuked them time and time again well to use scribes and Pharisees hypocrites the religious leaders had been turning the people away from Jesus and he he gave the wolves upon these people and then he ends that near the end of the chapter he says your house before that time Jesus referred to the temple he referred to it as my father's house but the at the end of Matthew 23 he says your house is left unto you desolate. And then he leaves the temple in in Matthew 24 verse one and Jesus went out meaning when out of the temple and departed from the temple and his disciples came to him for to show Him the buildings of the temple he had just said your house is left on to you desolate and there they are pointing to that temple and say wow look at this place isn't credible and Jesus said unto them see all these things truly I say to you there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be. Thrown down and as he sat upon the mount of Olives the disciples came unto Him privately saying Tell us when childe these things be meaning when is this temple that we're looking at when is that going to be destroyed but notice the 2nd question they ask and what shall be the sign of your. Coming and of the. End of the world not the disciples evidently believe that this when the Temple would be destroyed surely that must be what Surely that must be the end of the world that has to be the end of the world and so they asked Tell us when these things should be and what should be the sign of your coming in of the end of the world but here's the thing these are actually 2 separate events but they did not perceive that when they asked the question to Jesus at that moment but Jesus responds to them with over 20 signs of His coming and we don't have time this morning to go into all 20 we're just going to hit just a very few We have some messages we have some D.V.D.'s that have a lot more than several more signs of the times that we look at but it's interesting when Jesus gave these 20 plus signs of His coming. What he did is he mixed together 2 different events the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 8070 after his death after his death some roughly you know 39 years after his death the destruction of Jerusalem but many of these prophecies would be fulfilled in a miniature form in at the destruction of Jerusalem but those same prophecies will be fulfilled in a world wide application at the 2nd coming of Jesus so we have these 2 pictures of the last days of verse history Jesus blends these 2 prophecies which the 1st the 1st came to pass at the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus the Roman general and once again will be repeated at the end of time and this Titus who went in and sacked Jerusalem ended up taking over destroyed the temple the fire the temple was lit on fire gold was literally melting at that time blood was everywhere it was unbelievable it was terrible situation they got to the point where women were literally eating their own babies is an unbelievable time period and I've had the opportunity to go to Rome and see the Arch of Titus this is actually made just after Titus is death to commemorate the takeover of Jerusalem by the Roman armies and in this in this area here right in this area if we get a closer look you see this what are they taking out of the Temple in Jerusalem. They're taking the Menorah of the 7 branch they're taking actually not the minority of they're taking the the 7 branch candlestick that had gone in the in the temple that would give a light to the temple that this was taken out there at this point by the Romans this was to the Jews a terrible catastrophe and it was no question but this was only a foreshadowing of what would take place at the end of time you see Jesus said that there would be signs in the religious world Jesus said that there would be signs in the political world Jesus said that there would be signs in the natural world he said that there would also be signs in society he said that there would be signs in society but if you brought your Bibles we're going to look at 2 of the analogies that Jesus gave for these signs of the times so if you have your Bibles you can turn there with me maybe have one on your phone. But it's always a blessing to actually read out of a Bible so we're going to look in Matthew chapter $24.00 Matthew is the 1st gospel the bottom Bible is divided into 2 portions the old and the New Testament we're looking at the New Testament Matthew chapter $24.00 and we're going to look at these 2 symbols or analogies that Jesus gave for the signs of the Times Matthew chapter $24.00 in verse $32.00 the Word of God reads Jesus says here now learn a parable of the fig tree when its branches yet tender and puts forth leaves you know that summer is what. Nearer or not I the King James Version says and so when you begin to see this in this here I was in California my wife has a relative there who has good portion of landed on his land and fig trees growing and found one of the fig trees there and this was the fig tree began to sprout forth its leaves and so I took a simple picture of it and according to Jesus when you begin to see this it tells you that what's going to happen summer is coming it is a sign of the times that you are living in in the literal world and as in the natural world so in the spiritual world now these things these symbols the signs that Jesus give us just give us a picture of a foreshadowing of the coming of Christ but you say you have a many of these things like earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars these things have always taken place these things have always taken place and so Jesus gave us another another analogy to help us understand that if you have your bible and your look looking there in Matthew chapter. 24 look with me in verse 8 Matthew chapter 24 in verse 8 it says all these are the beginning of what sorrows if somebody has a new translation you may have another term there it says all these are the beginnings of birth pangs birth pangs because in the Greek language that is what this word means the sorrows that a woman goes through as she is delivering her baby so what we see here is the 2nd illustration the 2nd to now logy Jesus gives is that the signs of the times will come as labor pains nothing about labor pains I've never had them as you can imagine. But from what I understand and women you can those of you who have experience that you can correct me if I'm wrong from what I understand when a woman is beginning to go in labor her or her water breaks she begins to have contractions and from what I understand those curtain contractions initially maybe maybe have a real time period between them you have one you wait another a while and then you have your 2nd one and then a 3rd one but as the time progresses and you get closer to the time of delivery they become more frequent and more intense is this correct ladies how can all the men here we just have to take your you know we we just have to trust your word right. And praise the Lord we don't have to suffer through those kind of things right but the reality is these signs are going to be in a similar fashion yes there are always been wars Yes there are always been earthquakes all of these things have happened throughout history but the Bible says they would be come more frequent and more intense and do we see this taking place with some of these things let's let's look at some of these together number one Jesus said If you look with me in verses 638 look at some of the signs here Matthew chapter 24 beginning in verse 6 and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you be not troubled see that you be not troubled Fear not there it is again. Why and you he says in verse 6 and you shall hear of wars and rumors of war see that you be not trouble for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse or various places so Jesus tells us there would be wars and rumors of wars have there always been wars yes or no I mean we think of even the 1st battle between 2 brothers who are that Cain and Abel right we had the 1st battle right there at the very last 2nd generation averse history wars have been to come a commonality throughout all time so why would it be any different now well here's the thing 180000000 people were killed in the 20th century and statisticians tell us that more people were killed in the 20th century than in the last 20 centuries put together that is unbelievable could we say that war is increasing in intensity and repeatedly do we see that yes or no yes we do there's no question it's very interesting because sadly a portion of Christianity people look back through history and they talk about the atrocities that were brought on by the church and it is true some potentially 50000000 people were murdered for faith in the Bible as the church was trying to hide the Bible from the common man they would kill those burn them at the stake those who had who had a Bible and some 50000000 people were killed by that and that was the most murderous to regime in all of history until the 20th century. Then a new doctrine began to to spread across the world and this was not a doctrine of faith in the Bible it was rather of faith in a man's teaching who lived in 800 by the name of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin began to teach that we were nothing but animals interesting really enough his doctrine began to spread to 3 great places Germany China and anybody else in the 3rd on Russia and those 3 places together killed more people then all of the atrocities of the last you know like we sent 100 centuries a new doctrine became the most deadly doctrine in all of history very fascinating and so this is what we see as there is this spread around the world we begin to see death on a scale that humanity had never perceived before and it's interesting because Revelation chapter 11 verse 18 says the nations were angry and your wrath came and did the time as did the time for the dead to be judged and to give your bond servants the prophets their reward as well as to the saints and those who fear your name to the small and the great and to destroy those who destroy the while it's interesting the Bible prophesied that God would destroy this the Book of Revelation in time prophetic message here in Revelation and it says God would in the end destroy those who destroy the what the earth now that's very interesting because throughout human history humans did not have the capacity to destroy planet earth yes or no I mean you burn down a forest or something or knock over a building but humans did not have the capacity. For all of human history to actually destroy planet Earth but is it possible to do so now yes or no yes it is once again that ship the u.s.s. Indianapolis had just brought its cargo your rainy I'm that your rainy I'm dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bringing an end to that war but the reality is even Oppenheimer I've had the opportunity to go to the Oppenheimer museum there in Los Alamos New Mexico and there where they were this is Los Alamos by the way was the place where they actually made the 1st bombs and as as they did so as they as they ignited the 1st bomb out in the deserts there not not dropped on Nagasaki or Hiroshima but as they were just testing the bombs when they saw the 1st explosion the the inventor of this cried out kind of an expletive and then he what he said was Oh my what have we done he recognize William Ripley was a journalist and he said after going to Hiroshima Nagasaki he said I am standing on the place where the end of the world begin. What fall what a thought and the Bible had prophesied that these times would come to planet Earth and once again these are like these are like birth pangs they give us a perspective of the time that we are living in but right in the midst of this Jesus had said See that you fear not don't be in the frayed Don't be afraid in all of the midst of this I will be with you Jesus promised this to us you know. We even have that today you wonder all is it you know just a few weeks ago you think there was this kind of skirmish going on between Iran and the United States there's always wars and rumors of wars it's just a part of life it's just the way it is today and Jesus said also though that there would be signs in the natural world we just read it but let's read it again read of me in verse 7 Matthew chapter $24.00 and verse 7 it says for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places this is what we see now when we look at this famines we see famines around the world we see this this is something we don't even think about it it's become so normal that it's not even on the news any Borba millions of people struggle with a dearth of food a lack of food around the world because of conditions on planet Earth we see it all over the place we really just don't think about but I want to focus now because 4 times say we're going to talk right now about pestilences pestilences What is the root word of pestilences past and you know what that is don't you you think of your little brother maybe. But it's something much worse than something like that the definition is a strange disease which afflicts human beings crops and the environment so it is a strange disease which afflicts the human beings crops and the environment it it's such a blessing that we we don't have diseases like this that afflict humanity anymore I. No I actually still do but before we get to the ones that are afflict humanity this is taken from just just a few days ago this is from a.b.c. news locust plague in East Africa prompts the u.n. to call for international a just a few days ago this is going on right now a locust plague when you think of a plague of locusts What do you think Egypt right now but many of you think if you know the Bible anyway you think of Egypt right you think of like this ancient things that take place but here's a picture of what's going on over there can you imagine the devastation that was taking place in Africa now up into Pakistan we see this this is so what they decided they would send out 100000 soldiers to go to get these insects but you know what those 100 So 1000 soldiers are ducks they're literally sending 800000 ducks to try to fight off this infestation of these and when you see the videos of them doing it it's the funniest thing in the world to watch thousands of ducks just like taking off toward the enemy and so yes we do everything we can but but we live in times we live in strange and unusual times and this is going on right now at this very moment so do we see plagues that we see difficulties around the Earth we see deserts of Acacia in places like North Africa where the deserts grow upon themselves they've been doing that for centuries but the desert just continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger and thinking of pestilences upon humanity strange diseases that afflict humanity do we see anything like that today s. or no I was actually praying because I thought man you see what happened in we were just invited Like I said to go to northern Italy in northern Italy has been on lockdown. And so we said you know now this isn't a good time for us to go to North Italy women obviously come back any time soon right and here's the thing you see what happened in China you'd seen the quarantines taking place and as this is taking place around the world I thought Man I hope we actually get to do these meetings before the difficulty comes to this area and praise the Lord we're here so God answered the prayer he's so good to us but you may have heard of the deadliest flu in history anybody know when that was 118 it was the it was the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 had a mortality rate of about 2.5 percent and keep in mind they can't couldn't do tests at that time to find out if you had it so it was just whoever was sick was just assumed to have this disease and so obviously people can get it and maybe never even feel it at all but those you would never know so just looking at the humans and the death toll at that time was somewhere in the vicinity of potentially 50000000 people. 50000000 people we typically think of things like the Bluebonnet plague of you know in in Europe and we just don't we don't even think about something like this it's because the bubonic plague killed maybe you know a 3rd of Europeans so it's unbelievably bad this did not have that kind of mortality rate just 2 and a half percent yet because it became a worldwide disease that killed so many people and once again yes this Corona virus some people may get it and not even know that they have it but of those who actually get sick you know presently what we know this is taken from the World Health Organization as of Tuesday the corona virus has a death rate of 3.4 percent so potentially a little bit higher then this particular disease that was killing people and they're now talking a University of Australia was looking at the research and they believe that potentially millions upon millions will die because of this and it may not be I hope it's not the case I'm not here to fear monger I hope that some way people are able to alleviate this but you know it's very interesting looking back on the history of the state of Michigan when the Spanish Flu of 1918 was wreaking havoc around the world there was a health center in Michigan and a little old city called Battle Creek run an issue lead by a man by the name of anybody know John Harvey Kellog it's interesting they would use simple natural means of helping people with a 1900 Spanish Flu one of the major things that they will use is something that is seldom used in modern society it's called hydrotherapy And we're told that all of the people who made it to that hospital of all of the ones who were able to walk into the building they had 100 percent success rate of helping the people with hydrotherapy 100 percent success rate very fascinating. But the reality is we now also have this disease and people think about it people fear you know in the United States people are fleeing you know running to the grocery stores maybe you seem videos of what's going on at Cosco in the United States on the on the West Coast people just taking every sack of rice and just running to grab food these kind of things we are living in strange and unusual times now probably to this too will pass but the reality is it's just another indicator of the times that we are living in when we look at this on a global scale some time ago a medical doctor an emergency room physician gave me a copy of the periodical the economists and in The Economist had this particular article in it here and what did it say it said it isn't the article is entitled some hard talk about towns what does this mean some hard talk about cities what is the article say it isn't just an urban myth life in a city really is getting more dangerous and the sources of peril are not just human ones like muggers and reckless motorists a report by un habitat and an agency responsible for human settlements says that the number of natural disasters affecting urban populations city populations has risen 4 fold 400 percent since 1975 is that interesting the the destruction that it's taking place on earth strangely enough seems to be. Affecting to a large degree where specifically. City. City that's interesting in the Bible seems to give us perspective that it might be wise to start moving out of the cities toward the end of time toward the end of verse history and we see that even now we're seeing 400 percent increase in natural catastrophes not talking about muggers and dangerous humans we're talking about natural catastrophes natural disasters hitting the cities around the world now looking at this we see the signs are slowly taking place not even slowly they seem to be coming at a rapid clip at this point we also see the Bible prophesied about economic turmoil and I'm so glad once again that we don't have that today right. We've just seen the greatest point drops in history within the last week or 2 now not necessarily always the greatest percentage drops but the greatest point drops in the last week or 2 in history just yesterday was another one I mean it's just incredible so what do we see looking at this the Bible prophesied in Revelation Chapter 18 percent 19 for in one hour so great riches is come to what not to what does not mean so great riches come to nothing at the end of time many times we we build up our finances and we we maybe like King Nebuchadnezzar are so happy is this not great Babylon which I have built. I built all of this I am safe I can eat drink be merry I can have no fear but the reality is in the end our money will save us. Nothing wrong with saving money it's actually wise to have some money saved up the Book of Proverbs clarifies that right in the house of the wiser choice reserves of of you know food in the house right the Bible talks about that but the reality is that these things will not save us in the end it is wise to prepare for sure I'm not negating that one iota but the reality is in the end that 2 will come to nothing but that's one of the great trials at the end of time God's people there's something called the mark of the beast and if we're willing to receive the mark of the beast we're promised that we can buy and sell in life can continue as it always has but if we have the seal of God and we will not receive the mark of the beast we're told that we will not be able to buy or sell that make sense this is what the scriptures reveal and so every one of us if we live to the the very cost for the very end of time this will be the great test for us Am I willing to let go of anything for my Savior Jesus Christ am I willing to let go of anything for my Savior Jesus Christ and you say how could I do that I'll tell you what Jesus can give us strength to do the impossible if we will deceive you old our hearts to Him daily you know but I think the clearest prophecy of all of them were only touching on a few for time saved but I think the clearest indicator for the times that we are living is found in this verse right here in Matthew chapter $24.00 verse 14 it says and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the was here it is this is not an ambiguous. This tack says Jesus speaking in verse 14 and this gospel the gospels the good news of Jesus Christ the Jesus came to this earth 2000 years ago he died on the cross of Calvary and upon him on that cross or all of your sins all of my sins they weighed him down they weighed such a burden upon his soul but he took our sins to the cross and they died with him and if we receive Him as our personal Savior in exchange for those sins unimagined the exchange this is going to be the worst exchange in all of human history that he would he would take all of our filth and he gives us in exchange for all of his righteousness this is not a fair trade is it we are on the on the better end of this bargain and Jesus said The gospel is the good news that Jesus died for your sins and will replace your sins with his beautiful spotless role but righteousness but also fill your heart with righteousness he can change your life also this is the good news of the Gospel and the text says in this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world so how many people need to hear the gospel the whole world everyone. It says as a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come so when the Gospel finally makes it to the end of the world then Jesus will come back this is not ambiguous it's so clear so the question is you say Chad but there's people groups who don't even have a Bible in their language it's true but check this out this is taken from The Denver Post Bible translators have hoped to have every language covered in 15 years you say all 15 years we got some time. This article is 10 years old. 5 years they're hoping to cover every language on planet earth meaning we are literally living in the time of verse history where Jesus can come back friends Jesus is coming he's given us the signs he's given us these symbols and he's spoken them in His Word He has told us these things now why would it be so important for this word to go to every nation kindred tongue and people why would it be so important because the Bible tells us in 1st Peter chapter one verse 23 what does the Word of God do it says being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the. Word of God which he lives and abides for ever how are we born again you see 1st of all we've got to go back even further in John Chapter 3 The most popular passage in all of Scripture John 316 before you get to verse 16 Jesus is talking to a religious leader one of the Sanhedrin a man by the name of nicotine miss and here's this religious leader he's lived a good life spade is tied he's done what's right his whole life as you know he's kept God Sabbath he's done everything right seemingly Now he's the leader of of the Jewish people and Jesus looks this man in the eye and he says you need to be what you need to be born again what I saw you need to be born again this man who was such a good man he was such a good man why would he need to be born again you see because the Bible tells us that the way that we are born the way that we are born is not right. We are born of the flash Jesus said that which of the flash is flesh and that which is of the Spirit is spirit and him Paul in Romans chapter 8 gives us even more detail he says that they that are of the Flash do mind the things of the flesh what does that mean that people who are in the flesh it's a litmus test to find out how do I know if I'm in a spirit or if I'm in the flesh Paul tells us they that are in the flesh do mind the things of the flesh what do you think that means they think about they think in their mind about the flesh so if you are in the flesh you are someone who thinks about evil things continually and you may remember and in Genesis Chapter 6 before the flood it says the thoughts of men's hearts were only what evil continually and I used to live that way I'll be perfectly honest with you growing up my thoughts were only evil continually I was thinking evil things all the time even the seemingly nice things I would do often would probably be to try to get something out of something. They that are of the flash think about the things of the flesh Paul tells us but they that are after the Spirit the things of the spirit meaning how can you tell if you're in the spirit or in the flesh if you're in the flesh you think about worldly things all the time if you are spiritual your mind will turn to spiritual things. Jesus looked into Demas and he said you need to be born again Peter also had walked with Jesus for years and Jesus said to him when you are converted strengthen your brother and then Peter later on writes a book the book of her speeder so that we would know how to be converted how we would so that we would know how to be born again and he says you are born again by the Word of God as I begin to read my Bible through for the very 1st time. You know it was mentioned here this morning a friend of ours a friend of mine just told me this just a couple weeks ago this woman had come from a rough background and she was addicted to drugs and and the last thing she was struggling with in her addiction was cigarettes and she told her pastor she said Pastor I cannot overcome I can't overcome the cigarettes I just feel like I have to do it he said Ok this is what you need to do every time you're smoking make sure you're reading your Bible and you think that's heresy heresy Well guess what happened she didn't smoke that much longer she told me that store in then it hit me you know what I used to do when I decided to I made an atheist to challenge me and because of him I read the Bible through for the 1st time and the atheist have to challenge me I begin to read my Bible through for the 1st time and every time I am almost every time I read it I be chewing tobacco I didn't know that the Bible said that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that God wants to live in you and that we're not to Destroy this temple I didn't know that because I hadn't gotten that far yet I'm just reading through the Bible and then later on so as I'm chewing my tobacco and reading the Bible through that process over time as I learned about that I finally let go of the tobacco also because we think oh we shouldn't we shouldn't be near the Bible until we're perfect right we should get perfect in then come to Jesus right that's the what the Bible teaches not at all we have to come to Jesus how just as we are you can't make yourself right with Jesus to come to him that makes sense you got to come just as you are just as the woman caught in adultery she had just been in the very act. And yet Jesus said where are your accusers She looked around her accusers were all gone she said there's no man Lord What did Jesus say neither do I condemn you go and sin no more go and sin no more praise the Lord for what our Savior and Jesus tells us if you've seen him you've seen the Father so the father looks at you in the same way when you stumble and fall he is right there to pick you up don't believe the lies the enemy that you can't come to God because you're too sinful that is an absolute lie I don't believe for one second we are born again spend time in the Word of God No matter how dirty you feel no matter how ashamed you feel you were born again by the Word of God Read a story some time ago about these this group of people I think it was a Boy Scout group with their leader they went spilling King your guns belonging I've gone only I think only one time where you're wedging yourself through these small areas and I don't love that feeling to be honest with you. Just to be in the ground you know just to kind of squeeze through some places and. You know to be honest I don't go that far in those things because it just scares me on speed totally honestly I don't love that but nevertheless as as these this group of people they were going in I think they had those old carbide. Those lights that were literally lit with a fire and as they were going forward one person's light went out they ran out of that little coal like substance in the next one ran down the next one and finally only one person had one a light left and then there are the lamp went out and they were so deep in this cave so far back that they knew there's no way on earth we could find our way back and so they thought I guess we just have to wait. And so they sat and they waited and you may know that underground in different areas the earth is a constant temperature and that one it was in the fifty's maybe around 50 degrees now they go fifty's as not to but try sitting around in 50 degrees without maybe a sleeping bag for days they're sitting on rocks they begin to actually literally have nerve damage in their body from the cold as time passed you can imagine they run out of water they begin to hallucinate one of them shouted out there's a Coke machine literally they begin to hallucinate imagine these things that were around them and as they're hallucinating 2 days 3 days 4 days into this you can imagine they're looking they're hoping that someone will search for them somebody will come looking for them to save them and as they continue to wait and wait on the 5th day you can imagine hope begins to maybe even wane maybe nobody will ever find us maybe it's going to be too late because in a few days for sure it's going to be too late and then their leader thought he heard a voice but then he thought now I'm just elucidating again and after he heard that voice one of the boys with him shouted were already there and he knew he must have heard it too I could have been hallucinating and over time in far off in the distance he could see a tiny little light tiny little light and that light began to come closer and closer and closer until that light was beaming all around them and their Savior was there and one of those that had been in that cave was quoted as saying I love that light I love that my friends Jesus is going to come back. With all of the angels of heaven every I will see Him The Bible tells us when he comes back in the clouds of heaven and we all have the opportunity to love that light and we need to get to love it here so that we can love it when he returns in the clouds of heaven and how do we how do we get that love we are born again by the Word of God which he lives in abides forever I want to close with this this. Poem that Riz written a number of years ago quite suddenly it may be at the turning of a lane where I stand to watch the Skylark soar from out of the swelling grain that the trump of God shall thrill me when it Cole so loud and clear and I'm called away to meet Him whom of all I hold most dear quite suddenly it may be as I tread the busy street strong to endure life stress and strain its every call to me that through the roar of traffic a trumpet silvery clear shall stir my startled sensor senses and proclaim his coming near quite suddenly it may be as I lie in a dreamless sleep God's gift to many a sorrowing heart with no more tears away that a call shall break my slumber and a voice sound in my ear rise up my love and come away behold the bridegroom is here. Friends Jesus is coming again I don't know where you're going to be and I don't know where I'm going to be but if we make it to that day if we are living at the time of our Lord's return friends I want you to be ready how many of you say with me I want to be ready when Jesus comes back in the clouds of heaven would you raise your hand where you are just now a man let us pray Heavenly Father how we need you Lord I know how many people in this world struggle with looking at you father as a tyrant in the sky that maybe Jesus and he might have been nice but not you will father couldn't be and I'm so thankful for Jesus because he taught us if we have seen him that we seen your father that the way he treated the alcoholic with love and kindness and even respect the way he treated that our Savior jri did the the woman caught in adultery with kindness even show this woman respect that father this is the same way that you want to treat every single one of us Father I pray that you would change our picture of who you are that we would recognize and understand is 1st John chapter 4 tells us that you oh God that God is love Father I pray that as we behold your love in Jesus that we would be our hearts would be melted and transformed that we would become like Christ that you would help us that you would help us to shed the maybe addictions that we struggle with maybe if not to substances maybe it's an anger problem it's a problem of lust maybe it's a problem with greed but I thank you through Jesus Christ. Through the Word of God that we are born again by that very word and Jesus is the Word of God Father I pray you draw each one of us nearer to him as we spend time with you not just in these meetings but in our personal time as we read your word father even if we're terrified to read it I pray that we would come to love you and that perfect love would cast out fear Father I pray that we would not fear your coming but that our hearts would rejoice in what the New Testament calls a blessing. And a glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ for we pray this in his name. In. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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