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COVID-19 Update - March 13, 2020

Wes Youngberg Dan Houghton
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Dr. Wes Youngberg gives an update on the COVID-19 coronavirus, and shares key things we can do to help ourselves and others.



  • March 13, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Hello I'm Dan Houghton I'm here with Dr West Young Berg It is May 30 I'm sorry it's March 13th I got that on our air earlier March 13th 2022 weeks ago we sat at the same spot and gave a little update about the coronavirus coded 1000 and tonight there's been so many things happening even today even just today. So many things are happening we decided to sit down and have another casual discussion for anyone who wants to know what is really happening and how it affects their families and the church I would just begin by saying if you have opportunity yesterday talk about what a difference a day makes yesterday at. 9 o'clock am California time 11 o'clock am in Illinois we taped a special program on 3 angels Broadcasting Network with myself Danny Shelton Mark bin Laden John lawmaking Dr Young Bergen also Dr Neil Nellie from Wiemar and in that short amount of time so much has changed and we want to encourage you to watch that it'll be shown all they tomorrow Sabbaths. March 14th and again probably many times in the next few weeks but there's so much more information is happening in the day that we wanted to have a chance to give you some new information to hear from Dr Younger He's been tracking this Wes you've just been on this and it's been a part of you because your training your background your interests and today a lot of things have changed. And from 2 weeks ago when we 1st sat down and started talking about this I know that there are at least 3500 or 4000 people have watched that conversation that we had I don't know how many watched today but so many things have happened as an example our church where we're sitting right now in Albert California today our elders met with our pastoral team and we made the decision to to suspend the Live services we're going to be doing a live stream tomorrow and for the next few weeks but along with all the churches in southeastern California as well as southern California I understand there's some in Michigan pioneer Memorial Church I believe is also going to be live streaming tomorrow as I know Chattanooga area and there are probably many other churches that we haven't even heard yet in addition to West you know it's interesting I don't know if you heard this but the North American division and the General Conference in the last 2 days have made a decision to bring all the people that are traveling back home wherever they are in the world early on them in the North make a difference and no more travel by our division and General Conference people for the next 3 months that is so encouraging then because we have learned from recent studies that every day that we wait to limit our contact with the people around us increases the risk and makes the increases the risk of a month later. Serious cases by 40 percent. So so what little changes that we make right now can dramatically increase the risk or decrease the risk of what happens a month out and that is because of the exponential change the compounding effect that occurs or that that's that keep going until you make a change Dr Scott got live who was passed f.d.a. commissioner for the United States has been one of the most keen and most insightful interviewees on t.v. over the last 6 weeks and I noticed immediately that he was insightful and he's been saying for 6 weeks now that this is very very serious and just a few days ago he actually tweeted that just a 25 percent decrease in our everyday contacts in other words instead of doing everything that we normally do at work at home at church except if we just decrease those contacts by 25 percent in a given on a daily basis that would decrease the case rate of covert 19 by 50 percent a month later Saul and then with I'm just thinking one of the reasons why maybe it has and we have to take this seriously as we should have even though you and I've been taking it seriously we normally have a problem and then we have a way to sleep solve it we don't think a month out. But what you're saying is the decisions that are made now impact what will happen a month from now and I recall very distinctly that on January 31 when you made a presentation to a roomful of people right here which is about 6 weeks ago you said the things that would happen and they've all happened almost right down the line and one of the things you want to talk about tonight is what will the next 6 weeks like look like and maybe the next 10 or 12 weeks look like poor people and how should they be adjusting to that but bring us up to date what is actually happening right now in the whole scheme of 1st of all I I was so elated. Listening to trump speech today because I have because for the last 6 weeks I have been dismayed I've been in just so discourage that and that has of that the government agencies haven't been acting they have been making excuses of why they can't get tests out there we've got to control this and and it was just a fiasco and so finally Trump said Ok forget about government agencies I'm going to create this national state of emergency we're going to bypass those agency rules and we're going to go right to business and something that apparently the c.d.c. was struggling to do for the last 8 weeks. Roche and in the lab for inquests didn't like today yes and so and finally now we have access to considerable testing. And then Trump also announced the fact that there's going to be every Wal-Mart. Vs Walgreens target is going to be make some of their parking lots of bailable for a drive through testing that's going to be done very carefully where up to 200 people can in their cars can be tested in a day in each location so that's just a wonderful. Thank so will be learning more about that on Sunday evening which will be on the 15th 14th 15th 15th of March so so we're we're now moving forward with it and decisions are being made and they are actionable and some variant by that but but don't assume that because because of these major decisions have been made in the right direction that we're out of the woods because we're absolutely not out of the woods for instance just a few hours ago Tucker Carlson did a he Tucker was interviewing Dr Michael Oster home who I've I've also been paying attention to he he and Dr colleagues are the 2 most. Logical and file for scientists I've seen interviewed to date on this topic isn't even a university that's right so Dr Oster home is is a professor at University of Minnesota he has been on government task force at the national level for the president and state levels for the past 4 administrations he has no bone to pick on the Democratic or Republican side both Republicans and Democrats have been fighting the wrong battle on this they way too much politicizing on this we just got to deal with the facts in the facts are is that is that there was a world in coming on this and we need to be ready for it and the reason we're here Dan is we want to help you recognize the things that you can do what makes us fearful makes this panic is when we have no idea what to do we have no idea we haven't educated as to the action of all factors that are available to us right now and so that's what we're going to focus on but let me let me let me be clear. Dr Michael Auster Holmes basically said this he says that we have about a 160000 ventilators these are that are used in i.c.u. ministry critical care. In didn't hire United States now with there is a stockpile that's available for emergencies that I believe is about 6000 and President Trump mentioned today that they are actually ordering a whole bunch more but he made the point is that that doesn't come close to what we're going to need potentially in the next few months sure and so and so in other words. Don't wait to take care of your health and tell you find out that you're seriously ill because if you do that it's very likely that they will not be event of Ailill for you in fact that that's the if then the majority of cases that will be true come mid May based on mathematic modelers Now speaking of the top epidemiologists in the world like Los Alamos National Laboratories Harvard University and others who have extremely bright people working for them with multiple Ph D.'s in mathematics and epidemiology and they understand how to take some of the early index cases and this see the little clusters that develop in different areas around the counties or states or nation nationally and they can accurately forecast where project exactly was going to happen one week later 2 weeks later 3 weeks later a month later and 2 months later in this mathematical modeling which which has been highly improved and refined over the last few decades is basically saying that between 40 and 70 percent of the world's entire population will be infected. In other words kind of expect to be infected now 80 percent of those infected aren't going to have serious complications but those of us who do get infected then we're going to be infective In other words we have to self isolate because otherwise we're getting other people sick that may not have the new system strength that we have and then they go serious and potentially critical and as we said there's not going to be enough ventilator certainly or even critical care beds for them you know later dismiss a ventilator so somebody may not know what that is a ventilator is a mechanical device that helps you breathe if you're Yeah I think of it like a mechanical lining it just helps it basically it infuses a high degree of oxygen that helps bypass the fluid build up in your lungs as blocking oxygen transport from your lungs into the blood and so without without a significant amount of extra oxygen coming into your bloodstream through a mechanical means through a ventilator that person will probably die even in China with with access the ventilators people who go critical one out of 2 will die as a board with 49 percent death rate once you go critical so so in other words our task here is is to recognize that we're not going to be able to stop this virus and Dr Michael Auster home and I'm quoting him he says trying to stop this new novel virus is like trying to stop the wind it's essentially impossible all we can do is try to slow it down a little bit and and now with this new mandate we are going to be able to slow down what otherwise would have happened but we can't slow down what we have what we failed to do today let's let's go back and review that. January 31 you said if we don't get some action in place this is going to have a process that's geometrical in its expansion Seles be clear I didn't say that January 30 would order that the Lancet medical journal one of the most respected medical journals in the world as written by Dr Gabriel Leone at University of Hong Kong which is a w.h.o. collaborative Center for Research on infectious disease he published a manifesto if you well for all the medical world to read and he says if we do not mitigate this properly because of asymptomatic spread this is going to go globally and essentially they were predicting that one percent of those infected with Die which was roughly 50000000 people worldwide that was published January the 31st Ok that's we talked about yeah and his so I'm just I'm just a messenger you are and one of things I want to point out to those who are watching us right now is all those things that Dr Younger pointed out 6 weeks ago are right on the exact track and like he says he understands the pandemic of the algae but you're reporting all these different people that have done it you're just you're just the messenger showing us what it is but I want to I want to sometimes people think Ok today I went to the grocery store and by the way talk about panic you know I've been gone all week I was back at 3 inches Broadcasting Network where we were taping a new show on the 3 engines messages we came back and went to the store today and couldn't believe it though everybody is panicked and they're buying the shelves are cleaned of almost everything there is a panic across the nation right now and that's not the right thing to be doing I don't think but I want to go back before I get so then let me finish one point about this mathematic modified. Tucker Carlson also interviewed the governor of Ohio this was branded to me you know my wife is a than a while girl she always buys me Buckeye sweatshirts and I'm from Michigan I feel like a traitor but anyways. Watching the governor of Ohio and his chief medical officer. Talking about what's happening in Ohio and the chief medical officer said Monday we had our very 1st official case of Culbut 19 that was this Monday just basically 4 days ago. Today they have 9 official cases but they were smart they actually met with the top f.p.p. Meola just mathematical modelers and said Ok We we're seeing a little cluster here and a little cluster over here and a little cluster over here what can you tell us about what this means as we project out any help what the mathematical model are said to us based on what we know today it is highly likely that Ohio already has a 100000 cases now that's going to shock a lot of people. That's why we've been talking about this for over 6 almost 7 weeks now and most people listening have been completely dismissing it and many of my physician friends are going to go west Come on man and even as a few days ago they were dismissing it while they're not dismissing it right now because all of a sudden the nature of mathematic modeling and the exponential impact of the doubling effect self so let's just so what is let's assume the 2nd let's just assume that they're right that there's 100000 cases in Ohio right now and we would be foolish to think otherwise because they've been right about everything else so far. This doubles every 6 days. That's what I want to get to this doubles every 6 days Ok so so 6 days from now Ok On March 19th there's going to be accorded the model 200000 people another 6 days to the 25th and the 25th of March now you have 400000 cases another 6 days later now you have 800000 to invest just in Ohio now or Heigho. Ohio is probably not as bad as California and certainly not as bad as Washington state and most likely not as bad as New York state and so in other words we're all in this together but some of us are way ahead of the curve in terms of cases and so we're sitting in one of the hotbeds right now Dan and that's one reason that even even against some opposition to close our church services to physical congregations coming into the church we are saying we're going to have a church service we're going to we're going to keep doing it just like what we're doing right now but it will not be in a way that increases the risk of contact spread of coded night pain because that would be foolish and that would be basically be dramatically increasing the risk of serious illness and death in people that otherwise could have lived That's right that's I want to say something to this because many of our church members are involved we're going to be going to be watching this maybe you're watching it right now live. One of the things we realized there was this it was an agonizing decision Wes was on the phone call with the rest of our elders today it was an agonizing to me I know it was an agonizing I got eyes into some people that were sent Oh we're going to miss this and several I've got some some texts and e-mails through the day somebody sent me the text of Hebrews the said for sake not the assembling of yourselves together in my name and I just want to say that we have a sense of the need of the social community and we're working on ways to make sure there are telephone contact and cetera but some of our most vulnerable precious people in this congregation and congregations everywhere wherever you may be watching this those people we must protect and so we've got to find ways to make sure and they're the ones then they're most likely to come to church even against our advice that's Right and so if we say well let's just let the parishioners make up their own mind right that's just let them come if they feel like they can well guess what the most the most. Most risk are the ones most likely to come because that's face it church is one of the is the highlight of their week it's and you know the end they need it so we're not going to forsake them we're not we're going to make sure that their needs are being Matt but we have to do it in a way that actually meets their needs without putting them at unnecessary risk and we're not talking theoretical risk here we're talking about simply being in contact with them might make you feel better because you're supporting them emotionally but you could have just infected then with a virus that will take their life within 3 to 4 weeks and we don't want that to happen we want to be very sensitive to the needs of everybody and we want to ask you if you're watching this and you think of someone that may love to come to church and will miss greatly you mingling and fellowshipping give him a call don't go see him give him a call we're trying to keep as many people isolated because I want to reiterate what Dr Embry was saying if we take these steps now we dramatically decrease the probability 5 weeks 6 weeks from now to some of those people we did and that's really important we don't want anyone to die unnecessarily and just like I said 2 weeks ago the Bible says My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and that's one reason why we're doing this we want people to be knowledgeable about what to do now Ok so $100000.00 people in Ohio there's got to be a how many $100000.00 in California and Washington and Florida a lot more than that so 6 weeks or 3 weeks from now a 25th is only that's only 2 and a half weeks from now we're looking at having a tripling of the numbers that right 25th is 2 weeks from now 2 weeks ago so by that's about that's 36 days just about so yeah. That's we're talking about some serious expects potential elements now what is that going to look like in our daily lives so you know I think the problem for those that are still like wow this is year the year blowing this out of proportion you know let's wait and see them to we're are going to wait and see but we're not going to wait to make decisions the best thing that we can do Dan is take a careful look at what's happening in Italy right now where roughly 2 maybe 2 and a half weeks behind Italy because Felt's all think about the implications of that So Italy made decisions too late they waited way too long before they closed their borders they were basically overrun with the virus by the time they realized their mistake they closed things down but now they have 60000000 people under complete lockdown. You know who want to thought of that a couple months or even a month ago or even 3 weeks ago even a week ago most people didn't think that could ever happen and so what's happened in just the last week or so in Italy is is just just exponential rise of cases where there are literally have been to 3 of you may be thinking well you know if I'm completely asymptomatic if I'm completely fine well if there's not a sniffle on me at all if I have no headache if I'm from robust and healthy and feeling good that I should that I should go about my business of being contact with as many people as possible helping them out well yes we need to help each other out but we need to do it in a way that doesn't infect other people which which primarily means you know we need to keep our distance you know we're even We're about 3 maybe just under 3 feet from each other we're little close to each other right now actually according to the guidelines but. And so the key here is that we need to understand it in Italy 40 to 50 percent of all those individuals who tested positive for Kovan one team were completely asymptomatic. And they've made the big noise they have which means they had no clue that they were sick. And thought well actually they weren't sick and in this symptomatic sense they had no illness they did feel. At dis ease but it but they had it and they and their virus the viral comes for hive which means just talking just talking the way we're talking right now aerosolized is this virus at a high degree and that virus can land in our eyes or can land or we can more importantly or more easily we can breathe it through Arnolds or through a mile because it has been breathed out just food normal breathing doesn't take a sneeze it doesn't necessarily require a cough to transmit this and so this is so seriously infectious this is much more infectious than the than the seasonal flu but by a factor of 3 to 5 this is this is more deadly case by Tallon a rate of cold that 19 is at least 10 times worse than the flu at least but more likely $20.00 to $30.00 times more deadly So this is not something to play around with this is not something to say well I'm just going to go ahead and get infected a little bit now so that so that I can then be better later on to help other people know you're going to be out of commission because you're otherwise you're infecting people that could die because because of that decision so so so in other words we need to assume that a lot of people around us already in fact that we don't know because testing has been inadequate up until well and up until next week and so so Number 2 is to understand that there's Triology going or a dent in Italy and with which you know which means this trash is when somebody comes into the merchant see room. And doctors had need to decide Ok who gets who gets my priority right now if somebody is is just just says that you know they got a cut on their knee they're going to be the lowest priority on the trio but if somebody comes in and they're not breathing they're going to be given primary priority now this is how bad it's gotten and only doctors in Italy are writing to doctors in the United States to say if I had to do it all over again we would have taken this far more seriously even though even 2 weeks ago they weren't taking this seriously because they didn't think people it's an unthinkable thing to occur but we have to we have to accept the fact that it's possible because it's happened in China and it's happened in Italy and this happen you know other places as we speak so here's the bottom line we know that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are at the highest risk just simply being over 80 years of age regardless of your health condition means that if you get infected which is likely 15 percent will die 15 percent case they tell you that's that's $150.00 times more deadly then the general death rate case fatality rate for the seasonal flu Ok so so in that there is that's why we absolutely cannot allow somebody who's elderly to come into a gathering where is undoubtable that many of us already positive. I would be shocked to learn if in the future that we don't have at least 10 or 20 people in our church congregation that are already positive. And right now we don't know because we'd there's not enough testing so we actually have to right now we have to wait until we're symptomatic you know a couple weeks ago we had we didn't get tested at all because we didn't we didn't travel to China which was the most ridiculous idea so right now we're pretty soon maybe next as early as early next week we'll be able to do a drive by test if we have symptoms you sign up on the Web site that Google is putting together as we speak and if you have symptoms you get you get a code and you're on your phone and you can go right through the drive by a Wal-Mart Walgreen's target or c.v.s. and get that taken care of so so the the national emergency is a wonderful being a call to make this happen because our public health laws would never allow that they have to put that aside right now right so sultry agin and Italy has gotten so bad that Mitt doctors are essentially allowing any elderly person that comes into the hospital to just die now they're not doing that because they don't care they're doing that because they don't even have enough beds for the 40 and 50 year olds who are coming and sick and they want and they know that the 40 and 50 year olds that are sick are more likely to to successfully live through the treatment whereas they know the 70 year olds and 80 year olds are very unlikely to live through the treatment and so they essentially make the decision we will not even in to base this patient will not even start care and they're sending a a physician that has nothing else to do like an orthopedist or a pap ologist end with a with a brochure for the family saying we're sorry your family members going to die now I'm sorry to be so graphic about this but that's what's happening in an Italy right now we cannot. We cannot ignore this and so but what we can do is potentially dramatically minimize the risk of anybody in your family elderly or not from succumbing to that if we take action today. Today tonight to to dramatically decrease our contact that is not just giving up on the world and just making a good decision we have technology where we can reach out and touch people anywhere in the world we're doing it right now start using it right start using it a fast of late to reach out to your loved ones to to to your friends in I've been spending a lot of time on the phone talking to not only patients I I don't see patients in person anymore I haven't I haven't for over a week because because I know I said I wanted to limit transmission of this virus because I already knew it was everywhere and so everything I had for thing I'm doing is by zoom comp video conferencing or phone and for because the president trunks ruling today most physicians now are going to switch over to primarily a telemedicine or video conference and so the last thing you want to do is go to a medical office and even worse the hospital to get treated because elective procedures are now out hospitals are now have been given the green light to cancel all elective procedures and to gear up their hospitals for just the critically ill but the seriously and critically ill because we don't even have enough beds for that guy so so so let's talk then about the things that we can do Ok before we do that I'm sitting here thinking this is and I know you're passionate about this and in fact United talked you said I wish that I had been a little bit more direct early on you felt like as if I had sounding a little bit kind of tough or abrupt doing it on purpose because because if you're on the fence right now. I need to knock you off the fence on the right side that's right but I want to come back there's a spiritual dimension to what I hear happen here from from you just just going my mind. We talk about something that happens today having in effect 30 days from now most the time we're thinking about today and tomorrow day after tomorrow that's on my calendar somewhere but yes but in the same way that decisions that we make now will have an impact on our future spiritually This was a great illustration of that point and I'm just thinking that you know for those who are listening and saying oh my goodness this is worse than I thought and yes it is probably And one of the things that makes me think of this too with last night Karen and I flew home from St Louis we had been at 3 inches miss 3 inches Broadcasting Network doing this 3 angels message project and we had these in 95 masks on that we had sprayed the I had on inside and outside and you know what on the whole plane it was almost all there was only 4 people that have masks I think after tonight that's going to change that probably will change about all by the fire by the way don't don't don't buy into this device that wear masks or they've been as bad for you that's ridiculous everybody knows different campaign has kind of obvious it's right now they say the only reason that's being discussed is they're trying to limit the hoarding of masks so that the hospitals have enough right and you know I it's beyond me how a hospital administrators could have found of this 3 months ago yeah you know this is beyond me that that that they're going to run out in a couple weeks of mass unless something happens because they're not coming from China anymore their whole they're using it just for themselves so we need to ramp up our own production of all these things and hopefully that will work out well we are where we are on May 8th markets and make On March 13th 2020 and the question is Ok what can I do and let me just say as I've thought about some conversations I've had today let's say that you get a phone call or you get an e-mail that says you were in a certain meeting in a certain place and we now would know that there was someone there that is tested positive for coping 1000 you need to self isolate Ok you should self isolate now be a little better and you need to do it for at least 1415 days that right now least and then let's say that you're one of those that gets. The symptoms and you become sick what should a person do in that circumstance speaking to the spiritual connection here I've been thinking a lot of the book of defeats. Paul wrote to the Church of the f.s.s. amazing is that he talks in chapter 6 of the seasons putting on the whole armor of God If it's such a well read it's like Socrates in the Bible right and. It's as as other doctors have said over the last few 6 weeks we need to have a mole time fact oral strategy approach to this we can't just do one thing I love the fact I'm pleased with the fact that we keep hearing about washing our hands and hoping that for those of us that are like nothing's going to touch me right I'm not going to been sick I don't need to wash my hands you know I'll be honest with you I kind of I kind of had that attitude for many years but that the reason washing hands is so critical it's because it actually breaks up soap and water will basically disintegrate the outer membrane of the virus causing all day the genetic material of the virus to leak out and die essentially and basically be broken up and destroyed so now that virus has no opportunity to infect anything so so when we wash with soap and water we're not only washing off the virus but we're also destroying the virus by inactivity so if you think of washing your sense they take that virus that's right that's right I come on let's go here right now so that's why they say 20 seconds take your time wash your entire hand palm side back side and rinse and weirdly and and then we need to be. Wiping down everywhere we have been when that needs to be wiped down with this in fact since at least twice a day well I know on the plane yesterday we curate she had a little we wiped down everything around us on the plane and. My daughter's as full as far as flying home from college that just ended today and you better believe that we're telling her you know where the mast We Are The 99 mask the black man that's when I have and and and wipe everything down and don't eat anything on the plane don't don't let them give you water don't let them give you anything don't let anybody touch you don't accept anything so what does it mean that the put on the whole armor of God or from this perspective analogy extends to what are all the things that we can do to optimize or help now we have the new start principles which Dr Natalie Ripley summarized into 3 a.b.n. special that will be on tomorrow I believe that 8 o'clock central to start 8 o'clock Central and it goes through for the play 4 times tomorrow and talking with Danny Shelton again today he said it really playing multiple times of the next week so 2 and then tomorrow the 3 a.v.n. you know I watch our program for the service from 10 to 12 percent take time. Fall broke s.d.a. you to channel and then watch watch 3 a.v.n. this great program you know is Abbott and all week long actually so so the natural remedies or the New Start principles are critical critical. That let me say let me say that probably the most important one that once was less once you low that man I got it I got a feeling of feeling something in my chest I've got this kind of the cost developing that's a really really strong indication that indeed you may have cultivated 90. Again and you should that basically fill out that survey online and the Web site the national website and do a drive through screening right away I mean you're ready you know if you're paying any attention at all you're ready should be self warranty you should already be isolated not just in your home but away from your family as well you don't want to check your tire family I mean that would be that would be really naive to just be black around the heart of the house and coughing on things and infecting the whole family I mean this is extremely infected and so so you need to ask Lee be in the room of the houses away from everything else the bathroom that you use cannot be used by anybody else ideally well otherwise is going to be a real problem and and basically the actually good to use a a plastic sheet like a plastic tarp to put over the door so that it there's some kind of a barrier so that so that whatever you're breathing isn't being sent through the house somebody needs to be disinfecting the room maybe 334 times that because of the venting situation we don't want to have we don't want to promote what happened and they the cruise lines just because the venting basically infected almost everybody in the ship we believe that that's the most likely mode of transmission so keep the windows open though once once you know that cause something is happening here even if you're not sure the most important thing that you can do and this can be the difference of life or death if you go to bed immediately you go to your room and you get in bed and you stay there and you don't and the only reason you get up is if you need to use the restroom and you don't get up for any other reason. Everything else could be brought in in a way where there's no contact you don't want somebody contacting you unless they've already had this right because they could be the one they want or yeah it's all food water there you know that can be done in ovate of ways where there's no touching. All right so this other number one thing in this this goes along with the most important wellness strategy bar none and that is you've got to get your sleep and that also implies you've got to get your rest if I look a little tired right now mean I was about ready to crash about an hour ago when we decided oh we're going to do this at this time now think I don't know if I have the energy to do this I'm going to do it when I'm out of high energy 1st and I was literally run and load so I know I'm going to sleep a lot and going to I'm going to basically do hydrotherapy tonight hot cold hot cold hot cold I'm actually I'm lucky I've got a pool my backyard and so I'm going to go between a hot tub and up and a cold very cold pool back and forth over a 20 minute period so. But the most important thing is you got it and you got it your rest the Hutchinson 7th they have in a seminary in 1018 just west of Minneapolis the reason that 90 people who got the Spanish flu at that seminary survived without even getting seriously ill and none died and the reason they didn't get ill is because in media when the 1st symptom occurred than they were put to bed complete bed rest and there was a nurse making sure that that person did not deviate from that from that situation that is boring as all get out to be just in bed for so many days but that it may be your only chance and if you have 5 and even after you start feeling better stay in bed so the real risk is that yeah we're all going to start feeling better after getting you know maybe even one good night's sleep we're going all good now and I got so much to do I got finals I got I got this I got that I got that work project that I'm Laden and I going to lose all that obviously you have to basically say you've got to put all your energy into getting well and the risk of relapse is so great that's why a lot of people don't make it is because they don't stay in bed and so the success of the 11800 percent success rate at the seminary was that they stayed in bad for at least 2 days. After they sell well at least 2 days and that doesn't mean you're sleeping full time you're in bed you're resting your reading maybe listening to tapes watching 3 a.v.n. you know what watching good things on you to not overly stimulating your brain be careful with that sure you don't be benched bingeing on Netflix because that that's not rested makes your mind yes right that's not rest as stress actually so so and then some of the cases and 1800 down required 5 extra days after they go sensually recovered because they kind of coming back a little bit so you have to really monitor your temperature so make sure you have a good thermometer and you need to even even when you're feeling fine you should be checking your temperature 3 times a day as soon as your temperature gets to 100.4 or higher you've got a problem and you need to immediately treat that not with an ass for not with a fever reduce or that's a sign that your body is trying to fight the virus to reduce the fever you're just knocking out your immune system at that point you don't you don't take a fever reduce or unless your temperature is very high I would say at 104 or higher and last year and serious pain I mean literally you don't even want to let it burn off the virus that's why you have a fever your body immune system is trying to destroy that virus help it destroy the viruses so rest is critical in fact without rest almost everything else we do probably not going to work let me just say that up front that's why it's the number one thing in the most important thing and the next thing is hydrate hydrate hydrate drink drink so much wider that year year and it's just completely clear the Hala time. We say drown those bugs just allow your body to flush out virus. Your kidneys in your system is trying to get rid of virus your sweat going to have virus your spit is going to have virus Your breath is going to have virus it's not just sneezes they have viruses everything about us we're just have this viral envelope around us that kinda walk around with us and we need to be getting rid of that so urinating and death Ikeda unhelpfully make sure you're not constipated keep flushing it take more magnesium take more vitamin c. whatever it takes to flush out that stool to get rid of Iris writes whole lot of water and then a very critical 3rd step Dan is to absolutely stay away from all that junk food now by l.b. sugar particularly but yeah Pittsburghers actually sugar because sugar really that presses your immune system so so if you want to increase your chances of death or or or long term disability people who survive this will have many of them will have long term disappearing in the lungs just not just ones but post-traumatic stress syndrome literally they'll have emotional problems they'll be have depression problems in it's not just because they went through something that was stressful this because there's a physiological change that has occurred because of the path ology of the illness so I don't think it's here and gone tomorrow no this isn't so the effects of this are going to be for life for many individuals even if your survival so so that we need to take this seriously and absolutely avoid sugar is I say this because. I'm human too I mean you know when I get sick with the one thing I was you know in fabrics when I start craving sugar that's when if my brain is working at all if I've had enough sleep and appropriate exercise and fresh air and sunlight my brain immediately tells me West if you want sugar that bad that must be that that your body is telling you that you're sick that you're that you're at Halle. At risk or maybe contagious and so the very time when you're craving sugar is the time when you should be talent people tied me to the mast and don't antinomy no matter what I say Right right. And so I'm seeing this is critical because if you start eating sugar in this situation that could be your undoing even if you're rusty so the multi-factorial issues the putting on the whole armor of God here requires the whole armor you could be missing just one piece of armor and that's your own doing so don't be the champion of one thing to 2 to disregard of other strategies other wellness strategies because in this case we don't have that luxury we have to be the champion of the whole armor of God we have to be a champion of alll the multi-factorial strategies that are critical for us to to stay healthy number one but right now we're talking about how to get healthy again once we succumb to that you mentioned 4 items but there was a 5th one you talk to you later to the minute ago that's hydrotherapy hydrotherapy is would be a 5th item I believe in that now you have a pool you have a hot tub and you have a cold pool most people watching this may not but hot cold shower that's right and if need be what's the fine art of the fomentation I don't usually do the hot tub you know because. It takes about 45 minutes to get that going to know what I normally do a home and I try to do this at least once a day just as a preventive measure kind of prophylactic measure is that out when I take a shower I always do hot cold hot cold hot cold and then and so here's how you do it you get in the shower and you just ease into the as hot as you can take it without you know without your phone you know you've got to use your common sense here if you know you're going to you're going to end up with a red chest if you're going to get the shower right and it basically your throat area and the upper chest area you can even do it on your back area as well so that that the heat from that shower draws blood to that area and draws lymphatic fluid to that area which means you start activating the immune system to start producing the very and about these that are specifically targeted against that virus better than any medicine that any vaccine day could ever ever hope for because that the body has the ability to make the exact chemotherapeutic anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-cancer whatever the room mobilization which requires improved circulation that's why if we're well moderate exercise and fresh air and sunlight is so critically important to our health but. So the hydro therapy is great because it's a form of passive passive exercise Dan where we're dramatically increasing circulation throughout the body especially to the very area of the body the lungs that have coronavirus that 19 attaching to the protein receptor called a c e 2. That are basically allowing the spike proteins of the current virus to attach to it and that's how we get infected so we can actually be destroying that connection by in Crusade increasing blood flow with immune cells to that area and so now we have battle going on and we have a battle that we could potentially when if if that's happening Ok so now I'll turn this the water was like feel really good and I can sense all those lymphatic cells and all the things you're describing Festen so well why do I need cold. From the cold as he tries how many people actually think that he holds is just as important as the hot Ok and so so that you get it by the way if you do caught right to call this release is that is like instant relief oh get get get that heat off of me and then get that as cold as you can take and then the heat is released so you go back in for the releases release so you do about 3 minutes of hot in other words you should be panting a little bit in fact I heard you to Breathe in deeply through your nose in and out through your mouth. While you're doing the hot shower and that will allow some of that steam from the get into your lungs that way as well so that's a good thing. Once you've done it roughly 3 minutes then you turn it as cold as you can go and then California that's not so cold it's like tepid You know you're from Wisconsin and I'm from Michigan that's cold was water cold that's right here in the you're in and in the north or the East Coast you know what cold water is so yeah it's cold as you can take these 812-345-6789 extension 10 I say the least 15 seconds cold and you're going to take your breath away hold on to something and you turn around and all of the faint of heart you know you've got to hold on specially when you go hot some people may get a little light headed if that happens don't you know you need to you need to back off a little bit because the last thing which way you want is for you to have a concussion while you're trying to trying to therapeutically improve your situation a coven a team self so you do 3 minutes in about 15 or more seconds of cold maybe 30 seconds cold Dr Charles Thomas one of my professors and hydro therapist extraordinaire from 2030 years ago Tatas how to do that and then. And then you go back a half or 3 minutes spectacled for to 15 to 30 seconds do that 3 times you're going to be in the shower at least 15 minutes when you're doing that and then you you after that I actually recommend after the 1st series you take a cast feels so prefer Blee or any soap if you don't have cast steel so and you soaked down completely to get rid of all that virus ever that has been that you're washing virus thorough your skin you're washing toxins through your skin you're getting rid of mercury and lead and cadmium and all kinds of toxins literally when you sweat that's why infrared sun is really good as well if you do have that by the way you can do 15 minutes sauna and then soak down take a call and then take a cold shower and come back and do that 2 or 3 times so so after that after the 3rd. Their time you've done hot then then turn it just slightly warm for a 2nd so down with the Castiel So rinse that off completely and then go cold for a full minute. This is one of the tricks that we are is that it uses go go for a full minute cold and that energizes your immune system so powerful easy that and then what you got to do very quickly you don't you don't just kind of like use that time to shave or or to to putz around and do other stuff you immediately drive down 100 percent if your hair is wet which it probably will be you blow dry your hair so it's not wet it all you blow dry your body I'm a hairy guy so I gotta blow dry my body to completely dry and then Then what you do is you jump in bed and cover up and stay in bed and try this we were at least 20 minutes and this is something that I remember Dr Charles Thomas telling me I was I was with my my good friend and roommate Dr Brett Helder Brant back before we were doctors and he's an urgent care doctor in Michigan now. And he looked at us and I says says now the most important thing about this entire hydrotherapy is the end and they ended you gotta drive down and then immediately get in better somebody is doing it for you through it through using towels in the microwave and so forth it will at some point will demonstrate that in future sessions. I have somebody is helping you then you just stay in bed after a year and dry it out and you get covered up in a sheet in blankets and you just you just stay there and feel the it's an amazing euphoria that you feel after hydrotherapy and that euphoria is associated with what's called spontaneous blast agenesis where the b. cells of the b. the b. lymphocytes of the Muse system that are tasked by the body to make antibodies have now been primed because they've been circulating and they find those those coronaviruses and now they have been primed to make antibodies specifically against that virus in your body and you have just bought yourself a whole bunch of soldiers you've created within yourself an army millions of soldiers that you otherwise would have not had that will that like my my friends they used to be Navy SEALs they say they we go in on site as the drones they they're they're now smart enough to know us know where to go we have to go we have to be on site is paint the target and once we've painted the target by putting a beacon on it then the drones the smart bombs they just follow the beacon they're not that smart they just model follow the beacon and they blow up that terrorist facility or whatever that's exactly how antibodies work they go they they basically go to the virus and they they essentially paint the target they create they create a beacon a signal a cytokine signal that goes back to the macro fires and the natural killer cells that swoop in and destroy that virus where it is and so and so when we take that 20 plus minute all rest after the hydrotherapy. And we're just basking in the the feeling of Healy. As you argue that the feeling of healing I like that's what you get from hydrotherapy you're actually sensing that that by following God's proven methods of natural remedies you you now get not just a sense but a full feeling that healing that's taking place why because you've taken action you haven't just prayed that God would help you you have prayed yes but then you have taken action used you have by faith you've stepped out to do the things that we have been told work. And so if we don't do them that means we're you know we're part of the 5 foolish virgins that don't have the face that's right to have that are not able to take action because we didn't prepare properly so the whole purpose of the session tonight is to give you actionable items that you can begin doing right now these are things that are that are preventive ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure but Ralph Waldo Emerson said an ounce of an ounce of action is worth more than a pound than a tonne of eerie so so the time to theorize Well I don't know we should we should talk about this we should we should establish another task force and meet once a week and maybe come up with an idea the time is passed for that forget about committees we need to act now if you as maybe a leader in your family. Have a responsibility to act now to institute strategies for your family you know my daughter didn't want to come home from college she was really upset yesterday when we told her I told my wife yesterday morning you buy a ticket now. And she want to do it and I basically yelled at her I said you buy it now because we may not be able to get it 30 minutes from now so she bought it immediately and now our daughter's coming home this weekend and she might have not otherwise been able to do that and so she don't want to come home she wanted to say I stay on campus and she young people are in disbelief right now you know they cannot believe what's happening they can it's sort of real what's real to them is what they see on Netflix or whatever well that but but they're they're there right now being woken up into a scenario where we have a whole new world that's right a whole there's a lot of our young people that are all of a sudden being jarred into a new reality because in the last 48 hours I know of at least 3 of our evidence colleges that have closed down for the rest of the semester Yeah and then 3 if there's an all of your goal that has been closed down yet they should shame on you yeah I'm serious this is not the time to mince words shame on you you should you should know better than to be open at a time such as this and we just have a few more minutes tonight Wes. And I'm thinking in terms of several questions that people have asked me one person asked me specifically is this a virus a flu virus or is it a cold because different people you listen to different experts will talk about it in a confusing way the average layperson might not get so is this a flu virus or is it a cold. Well you could answer yes to both and you can answer no to both Ok I prefer to look at this is this is an entirely different animal we should stop trying to compare other than what I said earlier this is the the are not for the infectivity ability of this of this virus the ability of it to to infect other people is is so much more significant than this than the seasonal flu that it's the seasonal flu has infected city or a basic reproduction number they call it of 1.3 And that's that's stretching it a little bit in other words if I'm infected I will I will in fact one in a 3rd other people that means it keeps spreading it keeps going exponentially over time that's why every year even with everybody getting the vaccine there's still a lot of people who get sick even if they have the vaccine why because the you really can't stop the seasonal flu very easily like Dr Auster hold mentioned that's like trying to stop the when you can just slow it down that's all we can do so so the the other adds to your question is that the again the case face ality rate is at least 10 times worse than the seasonal flu and more likely $20.00 to $30.00 times worse and so so in other words this is a whole that's what's called the novel invest not just a keyword Oh this novel that's neat you know as it is this is this is a we should maybe call it the deadly novel coronavirus because because we I don't think we've really seen anything like this because some people say was not quite this infectious as measles or as Ebola or as SARS one or more. Or the Mediterranean Mers what that's technically true but it's very misleading because this is going to kill far more people than all of those combined far far more Amien a matter of. Magnitude times 10 I mean it is this this is this is this is a totally new animal we have never seen and so that's why we're saying Wake up pay attention but do not despair I'm not despairing I just want you to wake up to still that you can start taking advantage of these strategies these strategies are available they're extremely effective Yes there's no definitive study with Colvin 19 we don't need a definitive study with Colvin 1000 to say that these strategies are going to be effective we're just using common sense and physiologic principles of what we've learned from past outbreaks right and we and so we need to move forward and not delay I also think that you know even we are talking about there being. The room one of the reasons why that's so important number one is that God has given us those natural healing methods but the ability to go and get a medication or a vaccination is not even available right now and may not be and these will work right now and the other thing is even if we get them we're dependent on a source pattern that these medications my will I will anyway categorically that I believe based on my 30 years of experience in this field the lifestyle medicine and nutritional medicine that that nothing that even comes in the next year will come close to be as effective as a think that we're really just talked about there's nothing more important than mitigating our situation from a symptomatic stamp point then immediately instituting the strategies there's no medicine for that matter there's no even natural supplement out there that is going to make up for somebody being unwise with sleep and rest unwise with hydration unwise with diet and unwise by not taking advantage of hydrotherapy there's there's no medicine there's no supplement there's no no vaccine that's going to come close to being a suspect of his those things and that's why you know we have something to give to the world the experience that we as 7th the evidence with our health message we have the ability to be able to give this and that's the next thing I want to say let's say that someone Dr young bird that's close to me let's say my wife or one of my children is in very serious condition. And I want to give them a moment Taishan Yes we're going to talk about that in a future video we're going to go to demonstrate how you do that we're going to get a model thinking of our youth pastor I think we can get him in here and say we're going to give you some fomentations and show you how to actually do that for someone who may not be have the strength to get to the shower that's right so we want to be able to take that to a whole know a lot of us can't actually get to the shower now so we should be doing that shower hydrotherapy now in a regular basis and if you start having sentence yourself you know you're still able to get to the shower we should be doing that 3 times a day and then immediately going to bed so the only time we are up is when you're getting that passive circulatory exercise of hydrotherapy and then and then you eat sparingly but you eat only healthy food only fruits and vegetables basically only healthy food there's a lot of people in our world that are really freaked out right now I was in the I was and Costco cleaned out baskets I mean piled up you couldn't put it any more in baskets people are saying I got to get ready for something you know and I'm just looking they're trying to do something late. And we've got all those people that are out there and I'm thinking that yes some of us are going to be exposed to it maybe already have been but we've got to be willing to to be of service to those who are freaked out that's right and I think that's one of the unique things we have and so we're going to have to be willing to take in all the bull by the horns and some situation I'm going to help somebody while we protect ourselves to the best and so had Rosa says the best thing that you can do right now for people that you care for that you may not have direct contact with is send in the link to this program so they can watch it they can become educated and then they can educate other people because many of these things that we're talking about do not require us being there physically. In nursing over song. It just it just requires the knowledge and we're in a situation you know probably one of the most important things that you can have right now is a good internet connection that's right what a blessing that is yesterday's world Yeah and so have a good internet connection and make sure that you have good power. And and then you might want to actually get a little battery backup so that if your if your power goes out you just you just plug in your internet box. In the garage or wherever it is you just plug it up to your little battery that has an AC outlet and now you have internet again. So I just talked to my internet guy today he explained that to me Ok so I have your little backup batteries you know just think I had You're probably going to need it and so and so I'm going to be able to do all my consultations and all my visitations with patients from home you know online. Or by phone or by Zune or Ring Central so did hooked up with those things are well connected to somebody in our church than. Through our network like our growth groups are a network of little little companies within our church that keep in touch with each other and in that we're going to be doing more of these programs for them if anybody starts having any sense and I'd be shocked if there's nobody in our church that doesn't and sentence right Will home we should be in the shade in this policy immediately or where I can send them a link on my front and zoom to so I can actually see them and I can talk to them and I can reassure them I can say listen this is what you do I want you to follow this advice right now and family members can cautiously appropriately care for them without getting infected themselves and then initiate hydrotherapy principles and we can walk them through this the entire medical world and the world really not just us the world is going to go to Hell of medicine. Ok that was President Trump today said all the barriers to doing telemedicine are now gone it's sure it's is going to be covering telemedicine don't don't worry about that it's going to be covered and so so any any doctor in that that normally would require a patient to come in to be traded Chris which is the worst thing they could do the stay away from our spittle stay away from medical clinics absolutely don't go near them because that's the most private most effective place you're going to find but right insult tell them it is yeah you do everything by telemedicine and then if they have to see you they will give you that guidance of how to come in in a safe way and to get the care that you need because essentially the only people that need to be seen are the ones that serious symptoms if you just have normal sentence. The best thing you can do is what we just talked about because frankly that's all you've got but it's not it's not it's not minimize this is actually the most important thing you can do anyway the best thing yet even if there was anti-viral medicines even if there was other strategies this is still by far the most important step Well our time is just about gone we have spent a lot of time doing this and I'm really excited that there are some of you that are watching this that will come away saying you know what I can do that I can start doing hydrotherapy I can make sure that I'm self isolating and being cautious when I'm thinking about what I do today may impact others 30 days from now or 60 days from now. As we kind of bring this to a conclusion there's one more element that I want to address Burge. What will be happening 3 months from now 6 months from now 9 months from now we're a 3rd of the way or a 4th of the way into 2020. And some people are having relapses. Some people are saying this may be a seasonal thing that's with us in the future so we get through June July What's the world going to look like then and what might we see next fall Well 1st of all that like like Dr Anthony Fauci from the Center for Infectious Disease the federal government he said we don't really know you know this is this this is a new game. We're not sure about what's going to happen but if we have any indication from for instance the Spanish flu which which has many similarities some dissimilarities is that for instance the Spanish flu in 1800 came in 3 ways. It came about this time of the year was pretty bad the cities. That waited too long to impose social isolation were devastated the cities that immediately imposed social isolation guidelines did find that their hospitals were not overrun they survive quite fine. Where we're past the point where where where we're not going to have problems we are going to have problems and so we need to be ready for that the mathematics modelers. That have been for projecting this for 7 weeks now are expecting that. That most likely with the doubling rate every 6 days and and the infectivity of it. That that we could we could literally be at a point where our hospitals are no out longer able to care for the new cases once somebody gets seriously ill with Kovan one teen they may require a hospital bed for 3 weeks and that's if they survive. And so and so our house we have about just short of a 1000000 hospital beds nationally course that will expand as organizations like Loma Linda universities are really going to be using this parking structure as field hospital and so that's going to dramatically increase the same we double or even triple the hospital beds an aerial to 3000000 while we're going to have a lot more people sick than that right and so based on the modeling sure and so there's going to be a point in this being a week ago is projected to be somewhere mid May where that will hit and of course that will be a very sad time when will be tree gene very very in a very similar ways to what Italy is doing right now that could have been much earlier than that though is if we're if we're running on the numbers in the wrong direction once we hit that point starts to level out that will still take several months I'm really the it's very possible that it will probably the minute during the summer starting in late June July August but it will still be there is a still be very bad. Forget about think about going back to school I don't think that's going to happen for probably a year and and then the fall in October it'll probably come back again even worse than this than this current wave that was just started which similar to the Spanish guesstimates Lou was much worse the 2nd wave and that's where most of the people died Ok so and remember Spanish for the tech between 50 and 100000000 people in a world that was the quarter the size population here that we have today. The American Hospital Association just came out 2 days ago with an estimate of how many people would die this year alone from Culbut 19 it was just short of half a 1000000. And I believe that that was a significant underestimate of what's likely to happen and so that is precisely why we're doing this right now we're not doing it to scare people to put people in a panic where we're doing it to help people recognize the risk and do something about it at a time that will save lives we could by and by acting on this information you could save literally thousands of lives yourself by what you do in my early It reminds me of an illustration you know of a father and his son were walking along the beach and all these starfish had washed up and been trapped on the beach and they were just bleaching in the sun and the little boy came along and there's thousands of them out here he'd pick one up and throw it out the water pick him up is dead said Son Why mess with that you can't make any difference he said I did for that one did for that one and we're not done that plenty of times on the island of Guam Ok whether you're talking half a $13000000.00 or $5000000.00. One person that loses their life is is to many Yeah but that was certainly on your health that they if they actually share that with others and pay it forward you could literally be saving thousands of people just because of the one thing that you did that's right and so I want to we need to tell people about their other resources that are on this fall Brooke s.d.a. you to actually that the You Tube channel is this it's it's Youtube dot com Fallbrook Adventist that's really important Fallbrook administers where we have the presentations that you have done prior on this topic but you know I'll go to youtube and just type in public s.d.a. and it'll pop up same way least for me at that and then also doctoress younger you have a I have a You Tube challenge is called West younger so if you just go to youtube and type in West Bergen you'll see a series of talks that I did 3 weeks ago at the camera real 7th heaven is church on this very topic. That give expands on what we had to address tonight and and then 2 weeks ago from our visit just like tonight yes there are now to tonight and we'll do some more as this unfolds and I'm also going to be putting more information on my Web site the our younger dot com because we're getting people who watch our videos Dan Yes our colleague in our office is saying now what was that again that you said Please watch the videos several times to understand their entire message and then we're going to be putting a more detailed example of what we discussed in the videos on the home page for our younger dot com for Dr Younger got calm and because I've been so busy I should have done it 3 weeks ago I just had a chance to do it I'll get that done as soon as possible and I just want to I want to say this as we come to a conclusion that. We live in a world that's challenged but there is hope and man our God has told us there would be famines pestilence and wars and rumors of wars and famines this is a pestilence it really is and if you watch the special program that we did we taped yesterday will be on 3 b.n. tomorrow and played multiple times you will see there the pastor Mark family pastor John lawmaking Danny Shelton Dr Neal Ned Lee Wes and myself we were talking about it is to tell you tonight we want to be able to go more deeply and we've done that and so we're not all bad that you know I I was given some time to present the problem but we didn't really have time to present the solution. And so that's one reason I said then we need to meet to write it to give more information about the solution of course with there's a lot more that needs to be said but at least we have this one done that's right and I'm also told that we will be invited to participate with the 3 of you and again probably the next week to do a follow up with good so anyway God bless you where you are be of good courage and know that God is in control of your life will bless you and will help you as you deal with these challenges and your family and our church not only here but around the world around across the nation we have wonderful people in Italy that are suffering right now right people around the around the world in places we're not even getting reports from that sort of suffering with this Iran is so greatly I think about I say a prayer Donna says please do please pray this prayer with me is the Lord we thank you for for the opportunity to share this message of hope and Laura that's what we've been trying to do here I just pray that you give us wisdom. Yes and how to present this in the future even more effectively even more forcefully with greater understanding and conviction Lord I pray for everybody who's watching this regardless of their worldview even if they don't believe in you Lord we know that you still love them and that you want what's best for them and that you desperately seek what is what is in their best interests and this message was given. To us for the purpose of sharing it to the world the 7th they have in us health message is not for us it's for the world as it is so we we share this with no strings attached with the entire world if if you and audience and if you want to learn more about about this message and what inspired Dan and I to get involved in this get the book the ministry of Elan of healing by Ellen g. white you can download that free on line just just look for it and you can read that and that will give you the broader context of the ministry of healing this is the health and healing ministry of Jesus Christ a man as alone as we as we pray to you the Father we pray that you will you will send your spirit the each person to give us with going to give us understanding to give us a willingness to take action to step out of faith and to move forward because every day that we wait it could could basically mean the loss of thousands of lives. Ok Lord we look forward to your blessing this massive and blessing each person who hears Jesus' name. And us could talk to god bless all. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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