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A panel of medical and biblical experts address both the medical and spiritual aspects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. What can we do, and how can we help those who are gripped with fear? Don’t miss this informative and hope-filled program with Danny Shelton and Dan Houghton.


  • March 14, 2020
    10:00 AM

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The. Lowly. Are. Welcome to another 3 a.b. and a day program thank you for joining us as you do each and every day thank you for your love and your prayers and financial support of 3 a.b.n. as we endeavor to take this great gospel of the kingdom and to all the world today I have some special guest my co-host here I don't know if we've ever I don't believe we have Dan ost and co-host together then I have a brother Dan help him and he's president of the heart research center and Dan it's such a privilege to have you here today thank you Danny it's delight for me to be here as well we've been known each other long time it has since about 95 Thanks Guy Montana Troy as you were doing the cosets That's right its 1st opportunity we had to talk about 3 abs That's right and I've been friends with the family and Karen of boys for ever since appreciate what you do for the call Thank you so much and we're great supporters of 3 a.b.. I know you are and speaking to supporters and people of friends we have brother Mark family pastor Mark good to see you my friend great to have you here in courses the this system to the president of the General Conference and Mark as won numerous hats over the many many years from back to others written and before that evangelist so probably all the people I know in the 7th heaven his church you've been there for so many years as somebody to look up to you help us when it comes to evangelism when it comes to keep interest in the straight and narrow to the Word of God and thank you for you and taining for the great work that you do and it's been a privilege working with you over the years and the last couple years we've done a lot of programs. 44 programs in fact just to have finished this week 13 new programs on the 3 engines messages that's going to be coming out shortly so we'll keep you all advised when that's happening and then course we have our own pastor John Lowe McCain at 3 am in World Evangelism director here today and the pastor it's good to have you always good to be here on the program of such gravity there is spiritual parallels to this which we talked about and we want to also encourage those who are watching or listening very there's a bit of futures in what we see right now absolutely in speaking of that that's a good thing way we're here for a reason today this is the 1st time in 35 years the ministry that I can look into the camera and say we're going to be talking to you today about something that everybody in the world is talking about and that's a huge statement that is never been able to make that and maybe not again till the 2nd coming but at least you know today's the day and Dan We asked you here for a reason and we have some other guests it's going coming in by this guy yes why don't you talk to our audience Ok at home and tell us what tell him what this program is all about well just a few weeks ago if you heard the word Corona you might have thought of a town about 4. 5 minutes from where I live in Southern California Corona California and maybe along the way I thought billboard that had some kind of a beer advertisement said Corona beer but all of a sudden just a few weeks ago the word corona virus came into our nomenclature we started hearing that and now that's what you're talking about d.n.a. that everybody in the world is talking about corona virus and specifically the code 19 variety of a drone a virus and today we have 2 special guests that are joining us by Skype one of them is Dr Neil medley who is the president of Wiemar Institute in California a very. Good friend and also someone who is very pro fish and in his medical work Someone who are deeply respect and also Dr West Young Burke from Temecula California Dr Young Berg is a very good friend as well someone Danny who is very into the epidemiology the public health aspects of this in addition to the clinical aspects of it and so they're joining us by Skype and we'll be talking with him here momentarily in a few minutes but 1st you know the word pestilence has been going around a little bit and Pastor Mark tell us a little bit about what the Bible says about pestilence with the Bible uses the term pestilence 81 times I was looking at this last night it uses pestilence in a variety of ways it uses pestilence in the general sense of a pestilence that comes upon a people or a nation because we're living in a broken world we're living in a world of sickness and suffering and heartache and sorrow so in one sense the Bible uses the word pestilence in that way the result of living in a world of sin the Bible also uses the world pestilence in some instances in the idea of the judgments of God the the plagues on Egypt are called a pestilence at times. When the Bible uses the term. Pestilence in the context of the judgment of God It is often in God's permissive will it's not that God necessarily causes pestilence at times but it's rather that God withdraws his favor in the natural consequence comes in pestilence there are times that the Bible uses the term pestilence in another way and that is as a sign of the coming of Jesus if you look for example at Luke Chapter $21.00 and verse 11 the Bible says they'll be great earthquakes in various places famines and pestilences and they'll be fearful sights of great signs for heaven and now the question then becomes what about this current virus is this a sign that Jesus is coming next week the week after not at all what it does indicate is that we're living in a world of uncertainty the signs that the Bible talks about in Matthew $24.00 Luke $21.00 are being fulfilled around us today do they pry precisely define a period of time the crisis going to come they do not but what they do do is give you a scenario a scenario that helps you to understand signposts on the way of Christ's coming I think the greatest lesson we can learn though in these pestilence is is life is very uncertain for most of us and if there ever is a time to make a full commitment to Christ it's now these signs indicate to us the need of every day of our life living a day of total dependence on God and man you know I would think and then if you turn on the television or radio news everywhere people are basically looking at 2 ramifications of this and they're looking at the physical and you're looking at the political That's right no but today we want to look at the course the physical but the spiritual That's right so thank you Mark Pastor John and for doctors that we. You have the world today because there is hope in a world that seems like everything is you know when people are so confused it's good to know that we serve a God that's big enough that he can solve any problem small enough to live within our hearts and today that he has the answer and is the only answer for this world's problems today John a couple comments before we go to the doctors well back to brings another picture to this pandemic when it began in December 2019 there was no knowledge that it even existed and I saw the parallel there too when sin had a beginning point but then as it began to spread sin affected all humanity obviously it began with a single person well sin began with a single person but the good news as we look at it today right now the concern is that where is that affecting the world how is the world being affected by it or back it too says in verse 14 for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea so right now we're looking at the spreading from neighborhood to community to continent and now we look at a worldwide concern now the pandemic the good news that I'd like to communicate out of all this is this something that's going to spread and cover the world even larger than the pandemic and that is that the Rangers messages write the Gospels to get the world ready this is an indication of how a new we are in an uncertain world this past Mark simply pointed out so in the midst of all of this uncertainty God already had a an answer to the virus of sin and that is his righteousness so while people are filled with fear the best is yet to come to talk about that as we go on so the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord more than the covert virus and that's the good news in the midst of bad news a man very good news. And I'm wondering Dr Natalie if we can ask you to respond to the viewers of 3 a.b.n. right now and tell us we I've read some things that say this is a flu I read some other things in the media that say it's really not a flu would you describe for us what the coded 19 corona virus really is medically. Well corona virus before of course that was known to physicians as a common cold and so the corona virus even today this novel coronavirus 80 percent of the time it's just going to cause cold like symptoms. Or maybe no symptoms at all if you have a good immune system if your immune system is compromised or it's not great you are at high risk of developing an ammonia with this coded 19 corona virus and that pneumonia can occur in as much as 20 percent of individuals who contract it and then a small percentage of those with pneumonia will go into what's called acute respiratory distress and Drom that's where they need to be put on high pressured ventilation to try to save their life and some of those are dying and so this is the concern now corona virus never caused pneumonia just cause cold before but this covert 19 variant is picking off individuals whose immune systems are compromised and causing that premature death Ok and I want to go over to Dr West younger though because Dr Younger you and I have talked in the past about the Depend Dimmick and Pastor John mention the pandemic element of this this started back in January in December actually and in epidemiology the public health world which is part of the world that you live in they go in geometric proportions them times give us a little idea of where this has come from and where it might be going. Yes Dan we were we were warned back in January the 31st and the medical journal Lancet were the authors from University of Hong Kong Dr Gabriel Leone and another key faculty in medical professors that are participating in that w.n. show collaborating research centers they basically publish way back on January 31st that that this was going to go pandemic because of the the the fact that it was just spreading so rapidly the key issue we still keep hearing some of my own colleagues that I respect greatly are still confusing this in terms of the severity with the flu it is true that to date in the United States and even the world more people have died from the seasonal flu then from Co that 19 but that is going to change if we know anything about Call of it might change based on the mathematical modeling in the projections is that that will change definitively the flu has a what we call in our not or in infectivity a a basic reproduction number of how many people if I'm infected I will end up infecting as well the flu only has one are not of 1.28 or 1.3 meaning if I'm in fact it with the flu all end up infecting one in a 3rd other person and then that gradually spread throughout society the whole bit 19 has an are not a minimum of $2.00 which is rather magically elevated but some projections go up as high as $6.00 So this is Barry serious and we need to take this very seriously that's why the n.b.a. on March 11th canceled all games. That's why pioneer memorial surety as of today as of March 12th has canceled all in person church services everything is going live in terms of online like what we're doing right now. In the state of Michigan has declared a state medical emergency and has basically told all educational institutions in and insure itches that they should not be meeting in large groups and you know we've been we've been saying this for over 6 weeks in our presentations Dan Yes And just a lot of people haven't been listening to this this is really really serious our churches should not be meeting person to person right now it should all be go on live create if we don't make those decisions ourselves the government is going to eventually make them for us but in the meantime if we don't make those decisions people are going to get sick needlessly and many people will die needlessly this is a very very critical issue and and before I take questions the. Harvard and Los Alamos National Laboratory have been saying for since since late January early to mid February that their mathematics modelers would be the best epidemiologists in the world that understand how to project or forecast what is to come very accurately they're saying that anywhere between 40 percent and 70 percent of the world's entire population will be infected not just exposed but actually in fact and now as Dr Natalie has been saying we know that about 80 percent maybe even 85 percent of people who get infected well either not know it and therefore be spreading it to other people or they will get mildly sick like kind of a normal. Or mild to moderate flu symptoms and then get over it the problem is that they're infecting people back to the issue with the brew the flu has a case they tally the rate of 0 point one percent it's very low and even that low percentage accounts for anywhere between 306-0000 or more deaths in the United States every year from the seasonal flu. But we're we should not confuse what is about to happen with this because with cold at night seen the case they tell that the rate at minimum is one percent which is Dr Anthony Fauci said on March 11th it's that that's 10 times more deadly than the flu that's it that's a minimum that's the most conservative estimate possible other other studies and reports are coming out that cold at night seen is is at least 20 times more deadly Another is the case they Tallaght the rates 20 times worse than the seasonal flu and other cities and once the hospital systems are no longer able to take care of patients that case fatality rate may may go up dramatically meaning it's about 50 times more deadly than the flu so so if if you've been kind of dismissive about the potential impact of coke at 19 in our country and in our personal lives this is the time to act this is a time to wake up just 3 weeks ago I did a certain on the preparedness a sermon that was entitled The Wellness implications of the parable of the 10 virgins. The questions are are we are we parted the 5 foolish virgins or are we part of the 5 wise virgins remember all of them were really well prepared I don't want that we're wiser the ones that acted quickly and had some preparation before well I think that obviously one aspect for me is preparation and trying to avoid getting it I don't think you want this do you know absolute you know I don't think of us would want that so we want to try to keep from getting it and I guess Dr nearly let me go to you next what would you say to the people that are watching this and to us that we should do to try to prevent getting this disease and then we'll talk about after that would be once you get it then what and are because while it good in there saying people don't go to church or you know go online but we have all of our health care people we have people in travel and so many places we many do not have that option so I think what you're asking is for if you're in that number and you've got to be there what do you do we do that's right to prevent or at least take the risk down tremendously That's right and then we'll talk in a minute about what to do in ministry but Dr Natalie. Yes some people are fearful for instance if they're on an airplane and one person is infected the entire airplane is going down and going to get infected are all the passengers because that's actually not true with the systems that we have in our aircraft it's only those where then a 6 foot radius of the person that's And fact it and so this is why they're trying to prevent the gathering together in tight spaces of an individual who is infected so that 6 foot radius is pretty clear if you're not within 6 feet the person isn't actively you know coughing you're going to be safe but also big way of transmission is through your hands and if someone coughs and it gets on its surface and then you touch that surface and you go to your mouth or your face. You're very likely to get infected and so we recommend before you touch your mouth or your face that you wash your hands immediately before that or at least use hand sanitizer it turns out the old fashioned washing of the hands with soap and water is actually a little better than the hand sanitizer because the hand sanitizer can't get rid of the new because that surrounding that virus that might come from a cough as well and so the best method is just old fashioned soap and water washing your hands thoroughly but if that's not around the hand sanitizer is the next best thing and even here at at Wiemar Institute which by the way Maher has not closed down we'll tell you why that's the case Waymark is still functioning and will continue to function as long as. Back to call or unless the government actually tells us we can't but we are is probably the safest place on planet earth if you end up getting covered one thing to recover from it and so this is something we'll get into later but nonetheless in the serving why we're having people at the end of the serving line wash their hands again because they might touch them surfaces in that whole process of serving and just to prevent. The spread and so it gets back into that water principle of new start and of course that was there in the Bible as well regarding the Avoiding of contamination through cleanliness and washing as we get into as we put our hands towards where Negus membranes are at and where this can get into the cells of our body. Ok I want to share a little idea talk about the face and Dr young bird turn me on to this idea and I want to show something this is a little bottle of liquid iodine forte it's and October you can talk about this in a minute but this we put a little sprayer on this bottle and it has iodine which of course is a is a great anti-viral and stuff but one of the things doctor told me it is a spray this up in the air above me and let it come down on my face and get into my eyes once I'm doing just take some years make Ok. So West talk about this aspect this is kind of a unique little simple thing that can be done that helps prevent Like if you touch your face you get on your face the simple use of widening in 2009 dogs or David Darien in the ph d. who was passionate about getting the word out that I had dined is one of the world's best anti-virals and anti-microbial. And many people who succumbed to cope at 19 or any by risk for that matter also end up suffering bacterial infections as a secondary infection and so one of the nice things about iodine is that it actually is very broad spectrum and and bacteria are fun guys don't have the opportunity to become resistant to Iodine well in 2980 dairy published a review article and a medical journal thyroid science that is special that basically highlighted how to use iodine medically to greatly mitigate the challenges with with the very deadly virus and the various little little epidemics and pandemics that we've had up to date and of course this is this could very well be the biggest one. Even more so than the Spanish Flu some are believe and I presently believe that it may actually end up being worse based on Wilhelm us National Laboratory another say could very easily lead to more deaths than even the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 in 1919 so Ok the iodine is the key is that there's different types of eyes and so we're using what you're using right there Dan is a potassium iodide a very dilute solution of $150.00 micrograms per drop and so with every squirt of that that you can either either square it up into your nostrils or or or use as to your lungs just by breathing it in squirting it into your mouth and breathing it then it helps kill viruses and it helps become the anti-viral shield and that there's them calm most common form surviving on the market or Lugol's 2 percent for sometimes 5 percent you probably don't want to spray that into your eyes or hurt or it's it because it's much more irritating so that you have to use a dilute form for the purposes that you just demonstrated but Dr David dairy also called for increasing the dose of regular iodine and potassium iodide combinations found in Lugol's for instance as a as a protective against viruses of course Dr Natalie and others have been have been talking about other very valuable strategies including zinc lozenges and other ways to optimize the immune system but primarily primarily the issues have to do with a lifestyle medicine strategies a natural remedies the the information that we have learned over over the past century from the mazy book called minister. Healing that's what gave me the passion to become a lifestyle medicine doctor is reading the work of Alan White and health message of the 7th Day Adventist Church which is designed to spread to the world to decrease war bitty and mortality to decrease sickness and to decrease the death rate I want to follow up you kind of made a nice little transition you mentioned Spanish Flu there doctor and bird and I was thinking about the situation that took place in Minnesota and Dr Natalie it makes me think of Wiemar when I look at this but in 1918 I have in my hand a copy of the Northern Union Reaper which was the Adventist union paper back in 1900 right in the heart of the Spanish flu there's a fascinating story here that actually Dr Young brought to my attention several weeks ago where we had a group of a 120 individuals that were part of the Scandinavian seminary training we were training pastors in just west of Minneapolis Minnesota a place where today we actually have a Maplewood Academy on that same grounds they had a large 5 story building with a 120 people living eating and going to school in one building and 90 of those 120 people got the Spanish flu. But the beautiful thing this article talks about Dr Frederick Sheppard the health officer for the Hutchinson City reported in the newspaper which was reprinted in the admin is paid for that not one single person died of the Spanish flu. There that was before there was penicillin before there was an idea how ticks it was before always things but Dr h. e. Larson who was a graduate physician that obviously knew how to use natural remedies treated all 90 of those with a staff of people that were there and not one person died and they were taking note of this so I'm thinking how would Dr Natalie how would we utilize the 8 natural remedies for someone who actually gets this. Well and that's a very good question because if what Dr young bird said is correct that 40 to 70 percent of humanity is going to end up getting this coded 19 which actually could be true because this is why no political organization can stop its spread we can't really Corentin this thing to the point where it won't spread because unlike Ebola and SARS where virtually everybody got sick when you have 80 percent of people not getting sick or very little 2nd s. In other words they're not going to seek care those people are going to go out and infect others and by the way that's why the flu can't be completely contained either because a lot of people have healthy immune systems and they get the flu but they develop 0 symptoms and they think they haven't have it but their immune system fought it off and so this is where New Start principles become very important because a new start actually is a great immune booster and one that can actually put us into this 80 percent category instead of the 20 percent that get really sick and I think that's what was happening there in Hutchinson is that so many people were getting very sick with the Spanish flu and these people didn't get very sick so let's go through that acronym a little bit the end is nutrition we want to have good anti-oxidant antioxidants are great for the immune system and the top 5 anti-oxidant vegetables are broccoli brussel sprouts beds kale garlic is number one and garlic actually has anti-viral properties we also want to have the anti-oxidant fruits those are your berries primarily plums or the whole fruit that's not a berry that has the highest anti-oxidants and those you know plums are pretty inexpensive and then we also want to avoid sugar. And have sugar out of our diet as well as free oil and then there may be some additional things if you happen to mess up and put something towards your face or mouth before washing your hands that would be the time for those then wasn't because ink actually stops the replication of this virus on contact and so those that wasn't just can come in and then an asset heal sifting which is something that really boost our immune system very inexpensive there was a nice randomized controlled trial showing that. Really out of 4 people that were taking n.a.c. develop narrow symptoms of the flu. And that was a randomized controlled trial and those not taking an 8th either the vast majority of them develop symptoms and because of the similarities here we thank the n.a.c. well also be very immune enhancing to anyone even with the Kobe 1000 by wrist exercise aerobic exercise outdoors don't you know a lot of people think they need to stay indoors with this thing there's no transmission outside and particularly we're exercising in the open air this is a very safe environment to b.n. and it will boost our immune system in regards to water hydrotherapy this is what they used in the in the seminary was hydrotherapy and contrast therapy where you do the hot in the cold and the fomentations can be very immune and ham thing and it can also be used as a treatment this is why we are where we're set up for this hydrotherapy sort of thing this could be a great place for people that are suffering some of the more severe complications of coded 19 sunlight of course is anti-viral and it helps our vitamin d. levels which help our immune system that's the acid in new start she is. Temperance if we're using alcohol this is why it's probably good they suspended the n.b.a. because you have thousands of people badly in need of exercise watching about 10 people badly in need of rest but those people badly in need of exercise are also drinking and when you have alcohol on board at the time you get this virus and it replicates rapidly and it does suppress the immune system. And then you have the fresh air of course which will be very helpful adequate Rast we know that late is very important for the immune system and getting that adequate rest and then that final t. is also important those who trust in God and don't panic actually are going to have a better immune system so we don't want this pandemic to be a panic Demick we want it to be one that we can trust. God that he will do what's best for us and also help us by His grace to follow these consistent Neustar principles in our life and I don't think we really need to worry about it if we're doing those things and if we're healthy I want to go to Pastor Finley for a moment. Dr Younger kind of gave a nice transition to trust in the spiritual elements of someone is watching this they're thinking oh no I don't want to get this what if I do and we know that maybe almost everyone will where is the spiritual element of this past family if we live our life's in fear worry and anxiety it does break down the immune system and we are more likely to get sick. God leads us to have a trust and a confidence in him. That does not mean that will never get sick but what it does mean is that it increases our possibility of being well I love the way it's put here in the book of Isaiah and Isaiah Chapter 43 it tells us how precious we are to God and it says Isaiah 431 but now dust says the ward who created you Jacob and he formed you away Israel fear not for every deemed you I've called you by my by your name you are mine so God says to us don't live your life in fear Don't leave your life in Warri don't live your life in exile Eddy Certainly we ought to be prudent Certainly we ought to take every precaution as our doctors have told us to wash our hands to use some of those I had sprays if necessary to definitely get the best diet and get adequate exercise and rest but in harmony with that our mental attitude is one of trust in the book of Isaiah. Talks about how God Himself is our protect are but when you come over to the book of songs in the 91st song and it talks about the increase of pestilences like this that are going to take place in the last days of verse history and it says talking about those pestilences it says Surely he that is God shall deliver you from the snare of the follower and from the perilous pestilence then down in verse 7 a 1000 may fall at your side 10000 at your right hand but it shall not come near you and then it talks about God giving his angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways I think that is Christians the way I view life is this we are in a world of good and evil a world where even good people get sick but our hearts and minds can totally trust God knowing that his purpose is for us and his intention for us is only good even if I get sick I trust him to get me through it so it's a matter in my understanding when sickness is all around you to do the best you can to keep well but if for some reason you cannot control you actually get sick to trust God that he's going to get you through a man. Pastor John you know the impact of this is something that people are doing almost naturally I heard just recently on the news and it's on all networks people are self quarantining themselves so they figure it's better to take a precaution than expose what I have to someone else and Pastor Finley that brought me to the verse was his examine yourself. In light of the conditions that exist in the world we know that this is a synonymous parity to sin it what affects me effects someone else and I think we've heard this who are you may have even mentioned it in your preaching if what you had infected someone else would it better their lives or make their lives worse and I think this is where our attitude in this difficult time is so vitally important I have said so many times if we can't communicate trust and faith in a troublesome time then people might say well what about your god look at Daniel's attitude when people had worse head fears about his his future Well Daniel said the God that I serve is able to deliver the Hebrew so the very same thing we are not going to be fearful about the atmosphere that surrounds us because the God who we serve is able to deliver and that's why Peter said casting all your care on him because he cares for you so we've taken the commonsense precautions if you sneezing wold be mindful of people around you sneeze in your Elbel cover your mouth but if you do seize your hand wash your hands and soap and water like the fact that soap and water you don't have to go buy it it's in every household but I also heard maybe some of the doctors could convey this and clear this up someone also said the overuse of hand sanitizers could actually not be a very good thing maybe that's a question that we might be able to ask because so many people are buying hand sanitizers and then also secondly there's a certain level of alcohol that's needed rather than the perfume the type that smells like strawberries or grape should we look out for those types of things in which kind of hand sanitizer will be best and at what level how much should we use that's a good question Dr Dr younger would you like to answer that question about the hand sanitizer. Well as Dr Natalie just pointed out the key is washing hands with soap and water and then using hand sanitizers as a secondary option when when you can't easily wash your hands I personally I personally have a little bottle of this liquid I dined and I just spray it I spray it right on my hands and that becomes my simple hand sanitizer and I can wipe my to my face as well so the the Right now I'm a little bit less concerned about using too much and sanitizer I'm more concerned about people not paying attention to sanitation properly Ok Thank you Pastor Mark. The General Conference of course 7th heaven and church were global church and have millions 20 plus 1000000 members around the world and some are even We're looking at having our general conference session where hundreds of thousands of people maybe even a 1000000 plus would be coming to Indianapolis can you tell us anything about that and also about how are we as a church because while we're hearing that you know we're having to stop many things what are we doing as a church to make sure we're still going forward taking the gospel to the world that's a great question Dave thank you so much the 7th Avenue Church leadership is certainly extremely conscious of what's happening cognizant of what's happening in our leadership is praying is seeking God No decisions have been made at this point regarding the general conference session you may hear a rumor that it's canceled or something that's just not true Ok at this point that the point we're taping this television program in March the General Conference is looking to our health department Dr Peter landless who is very much up with the c.d.c. and the health authorities we are looking at the development of this virus how is it going to develop if it develops in the way that some people think we will need to make some very serious decisions the general conference session represents the entire world and so we have to be asking the question if indeed there are a major. Issues with travel with the v. service the with these is at what point do you make the decision say this no longer represents the world also if you bring that many people together how does that indeed indicate the 2 infecting other people so we want to take every single thing into consideration at this point we're looking at every one of this issue contingency plans are being developed but no specific decision has been made as this program is being taped Now as far as a church is concerned we look at this Corona virus through the eyes of compassion. We've talked about prevention we've talked about trusting God But what about our responsibility to minister to people that have this virus and the virus has become a severe impairment to their health we as a church believe that we do not run from sickness we run to people that are sick and I'm reminded of a new book that's came out come out by an ortho by the name of Starkey he wrote the book on early Christianity and he tells the story of the 2nd and 3rd centuries when one of the worst plagues ever to hit humanity was killing tens of thousands and hundreds of people and he goes back and looks at 2nd and 3rd century documents. Which indicate that the pagans abandoned their sick and actually put them in the streets and Christians went into the streets ministered to them sometimes getting the influence of themselves and dying and Starkey says that one of the great reasons Christianity grew was not only the preaching of the Gospel but it was the living of the Gospel it was this self sacrificial ministry to the to the disadvantaged to the sick one of the things that the 7th they have been assured church is doing today is looking at how we can proclaim the Gospel not only in our lives but what blessing can we be to society what healing remedies can we bring to society how can our health message benefit society how can these simple things like hydrotherapy bless others how can we share the message of this new start or creation a healthier celebrate whatever you want to call it how can we share the message of these 8 natural remedies of wellness with the larger community so they can help to have strong immune systems that is a role for Adventists to play where we can light the world with the glory of God and you know Danny it seems like to me that especially with the news reports that perhaps the supply chain for medications may be interrupted in this process that's going to put even more of an emphasis on the. Natura Moody's is going to make it really important and we have maybe we need to get kind of retooled and know how to give a fomentation know how to care in those situations and so to me there's 3 things number one I want to try to avoid getting this by can. And then if I get it I want to make commonsense decisions on how I'm going to relate to whether I go out whether I stay in I think I know I'm going to stay in and then thirdly if others have it and they need my help. But I want to help them those 3 things did I think too that there are 2 great pitfalls that as individuals we ought to avoid in the church or to avoid one is ignoring what's happening one is saying well this just going to pass I'm not worried about it and I think that really contributes to what you just said we don't live in panic but we don't overreact either try we don't ignore this situation we take commonsense principles to be on the very best diet to get adequate exercise to build our immune system to wash our hands to watch it when we sneeze and try to sneeze into our elbows and to and to avoid the large crowds and sure the a little bit more I see things it when it comes to church I think that's a decision that every pastor has to make with his congregation it's a decision that may be made for us by government entities but it's a decision I think that's of one that we need to cautiously make but the one idea is people ignore it the other is they overreact so you get those 2 extremes and we want to take a measured prayerful commonsense approach to the problem as we move ahead steady at the controls and it is amazing that medical science where we are today and things that's going to be happening should the Lord tearing the next 10 years who are reading about that we find ourselves going back to Sister Helen Why yes yes and the health message God gave her hot and cold in the simple things yes to do this but I also want to talk for just a moment focus on the mission and the mission is the church is people as Christians of whatever the nomination you are for instance. Dan and Karen are here Mark family neither live in Southern Illinois and don't have to tell them of them you know that from California from d.c. area but you decided it's worth the risk. To come here now common sense would say maybe on the secular level I'm not are you kidding travel all the way to southern Illinois and go down and do all this but heart for Jesus the love for Jesus and love for people and compassion as you brought out says you know what we're going to go ahead and do this and when I get home I may isolate myself for a while but I just want to say during viewers and for all of us here thank you for being willing to be here to do what you're doing Mark you doing this past mark on this series on the 3 engines messages you could have opted in said You know I think I'll just stay home but you're driven by the Holy Spirit by the Lord to say you know I can't live in fear you said earlier you know I'm going to trust God so you to think that he's been telling us you're living in your own life that's what I noticed here you're living by those same principles to trust the Lord and to go forward and do so commonsense cleanliness. And been driven by the mission that Jesus says go ye and all the world now for the churches and pastors and all the people who say we are not like pioneer the said earlier guess what you can watch 3 a.b.n. you can stream it online you can do it on your computers download the 3 a.b.n. app on your phones just turn on to 3 a.b.n. mother's Dish Network where there's Roku cable stations around the world so for many of you and there's other networks of course also but for many who can't get out or decide not to look at the technology their god has given us through that setting anywhere in the world and no matter how isolated we are right that we have the opportunities that we can literally continue to take in the Gospel but more importantly than just taking it in as taking it in and then taking it out giving this message to the world so thank you for what you are doing and Karen and for what you're doing Pastor John he just got back from Tobago and you know Trinidad and so you didn't hesitate to go you said hey the Lord wants me there and so you did it so there are people who go forward does that mean that God's protection Tell me about that for just a moment when we have a minute left here to couple but tell me about the people who go forward I think I heard you say something earlier doesn't mean that because you go forward in name of the Lord that you can't contract something like this or bad things happen to you but when they do tell us what's what's the remedy here God is with you when we selfishly serve and give her a live to self sacrificial service Christ is with us you know and there's a statement here that I wanted to read in that I wanted to make a simple appeal to somebody this watching this broadcast. Why does God allow these things God does not cause them God is not the originator of them but there is a statement in 19 manuscript releases page 279 by Ellen White where she says God has a purpose in permitting these calamities to occur they are one of his means of calling men and women to their senses what does this virus do when we see it spreading so rapidly it calls us to our senses this world is not all that there is Christ is speaking to you and to me our lives are fragile every single one of us who live in these fragile earthen bodies but beyond what he is there is something yet coming to him and that his the glory of Christ there is something worth living for beyond this life and that's Jesus Christ allowing him to fill our hearts to take away our fears to strengthen us and to for Paris for his soon return and man but that is beautiful what we're going to do we're going to go to a news break and then we're going to come back for a closing thought. Welcome back and Dan I can't believe it's a they say time flies when you haven't done it just this isn't informative a great program and I just appreciate you and our guest everybody for being here today and maybe you could just give us some closing to Ok I'd love to do that 1st of all I want to thank Dr West Young Bergen and Dr Neil medley for joining us and they could have said a lot more than they had a chance to say obviously because a lot of additional ideas that could happen to another one of these programs we can do some time Danny but from a practical standpoint I always like to make things real how does it come down to what where I live and I know in our church in Fallbrook California we have suspended our potlucks because we don't want things being passed around on hands because you heard what Dr Hadley said We've also taken our offering buckets and we've had one of our wood workers in the church make long handles and so instead of everybody having to take the plate and pass it along the deacon can just go up and down each each row and get the offering children you know children's offerings not happening and those who are not able to attend church because of of maybe some complicated situations they're able to watch an online stream or tie into 3 Abian or something and we're encouraging that for safety but the same time we're saying we're not going to run from this thing and we're going to try to face it straight on and if we get it be responsible and make good decisions about how we treat ourselves and how we are concern for others and then look for opportunities how can we actually serve other people maybe I'll learn how to give a hot and cold fomentation Ok you know and I hope somebody else will do that if I need it you know those kinds of things will be very practical and I've never done this before on the air but if I don't we're going to get probably 10000 Ok e-mails thing where do I get that I know there are a number of Can I ask you where you go Ok where's your I will pray on the what we did. I actually you can get this on Amazon dot com It's liquid iodine Forte by biopics research you just go to Amazon dot com and it comes with a little dropper and then you can also buy a little into a bottle on Amazon that has this little sprayer on top and you simply take the take that out and you put that in and you've got this little sprayer that you can use like I demonstrated in like Dr Hamburg did as well simple and works really really well just saved us a lot a lot of work a book anyway I just I'm grateful that we've had the opportunity to do this we were here with Pastor Mark for the 3 and jewels message program called 3 cosmic messages thrilled to see that coming soon on Earth and we're just grateful to be a part of God's work in plant thank you for inviting us Danny and thank you and thank you pass from our brother John for being here today and for those of you at home again we just want to thank you for your love and your prayers and financial support 3 engines Broadcasting Network as we endeavor as we said earlier to take this great gospel of the kingdom and to all the world we couldn't do it without you our time is all gone for today until we think next time a the Lord richly bless you abundantly more than you could ever ask for thing.


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