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Optimizing Our Immune System: Natural Strategies for Preventing and Treating Coronavirus and Other Respiratory Infections

Wes Youngberg
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Dr. Wes Youngberg discusses the COVID-19 coronavirus and explains how to optimize our immune systems in light of this and other respiratory infections. (Note: The original recording of this message cut off before the presentation was over. We regret the abrupt ending to this talk.)


Wes Youngberg

Author & Founder of Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic



  • February 1, 2020
    3:00 PM
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Everybody How you doing today how many of you want to avoid the corona virus and all viruses I'm thankful that we serve a god that wants us to be healthy he's beloved above all things I wish that you were in good health right so why don't we go ahead and have prayer and all turned over to Dan who's going to introduce our speaker today our own resident Wes young Burke let's pray Heavenly Father thank you so much Lord for being our Creator and our redeemer and wanting us to be healthy physically and spiritually and mentally in how all these things work together Lord I pray that you would give us alert minds today as we listen to Dr Young Burke speak about how to prepare for this and other things coming and so please give him the words to speak today and anoint his lips in his mind as he speaks from his experience and for the things that you put on his heart in Jesus' name amen Dan. Thank you Pastor Dave Good afternoon everyone. You know with all this been happening in the last week as we've been hearing about the corona virus and the fear that that has created all around the world Dr younger and I started talking I called him on Thursday and said hey would you be willing to come to my Sabbath school class and say a few words for 5 minutes and we talked about he said you know what let's do a Saturday afternoon program and just let him have a full discussion of this from a health standpoint how many of you would like to know some simple things that you could do to strengthen your opportunity to avoid this and to deal with it if you came in contact with it when Joe Ok today you're going to get that and I'm very pleased and I don't think Dr Young needs any introduction here but some people may be watching on our live stream and will watch it later and we're very fortunate here in Fallbrook to have Dr West Young Burke and his family as members of our church he is the director of the young burn a lifestyle medicine clinic in Temecula he has an incredible array of treatment that he does for people all over the nation and some places in the world does a lot of his consultation by Skype but he is into health and preventive health specifically and he's going to be bringing some some things that will help us understand what is happening you know here in our area you may know that there are 201 people quarantined less than 50 miles from here Ok that were flown back out of China and we hope that they're all doing well in fact we're praying for the people in China and Bangladesh India United States Canada Germany all the places in the world where people have gone from there and we just are asking our God to be with them and to be with us and it's a real privilege Dr Young. He is in addition to being at the younger Glasto medicine clinic here in Temecula He's also an adjunct professor of an assistant clinical. Professor writes at Loma Linda University in their school public health school medicine etc And he also is a Fellow of the American College of lifestyle medicine has a doctorate in clinical preventive care and I am very pleased and would like to invite you to welcome today Dr was younger. Thank you Dan What. Have been stayed up late to stay up late when you're prepared to keep your immune system strong with all this week I've been staying up late trying to keep up with this amazing new information every day things are changing hour by hour as we're as we're trying to understand this novel coronavirus epidemic and that is now going pandemic and what does it mean in there was a report just yesterday that I read it says we should really be focusing on the flu not on the corona virus is that true is it true that the corona virus is is is not as much of a problem as the the regular seasonal flu. We there's so much information and mixed information in and I have actually found it somewhat difficult to keep up on it myself and I've been studying this for 35 years and so it's clear to me that the average lay person in a public is just going to be just overwhelmed with information and not really be able to make heads or tails of you know what's going on and we're being told well wait a minute just just a few days ago the World Health Organization declared a a go all Bowl health emergency because of the current a virus epidemic. Ok Should death somehow impact what we're doing in our personal lives today. Or do we just sit back and wait for the government and other health authorities tell us what to do next is there something that we can start doing right now or as yesterday in January the 31st when when the United States task force on the coronavirus came out in basically declared a national public health emergency these these are these are unprecedented times that we're dealing with and yet we keep hearing you know we're really at low risk and so the implications I think to the average lay person is just just keep stressing which is the last thing that we should be doing right now is stressing because stress in our lives and not knowing what's going to happen next not knowing what to do not know how to prepare ourselves is the worst thing for our immune system and so today my whole business to try to make sense of what the latest information is which again changing from day to day so months from now or even a few days from now there may be different perspectives coming out but it's think it's important that we start making some decisions right now in this going to become clearer as we get through the data that is unfolded over the last week in particular be so my philosophy and as a lifestyle medicine specialist and clinical nutritionist. Is to be 100 percent honest with my patient about what's going on in your health. I have a reputation for doing lots of lab tests and because of that we're going to find some stuff that's wrong I don't care how healthy you are we're going to find some stuff that isn't good we're not going to just do the regular you know metabolic profile and complete blood count and I thought and we stimulated hormone we're doing you know a lot more than that to figure out what are we points and therefore what can we do about it so I. I call it the philosophy of this are they just page 104 bit one of 2104. Where where John the Baptist. Chapter on John the Baptist minister he saw his people the Jewish people deceived in a sleep in their sense. And so he longed to rouse them to make better decisions with their lives and his approach to doing so was basically talent like it is don't don't sugarcoat it just tell it like it is Ok and then provide answers that give hope and so I'm going to try to appropriately. I report what I feel is going on based on the literature there's a lot of literature that's a magazine that's been published every day in top medical journals and and then give you some significant hope because I'm going to share with you an example of I was actually a 7th Day Adventists seminary in 1918 near the city of Minneapolis Minnesota where the majority of the the individuals in the school on the faculty lived under one big group it was a huge huge building 120 people in that building were exposed to the Spanish Flu This is a flu that over the course of 1800 through 1920 took took the lives of between 50 and 100000000 individuals and I'm going to I'm going to tell I'm going explain to you how the physicians in charge of that student and faculty group implemented a protocol that cured. All 9 patients who had come down with a Spanish Flu not one fatality in other words there are insights from history that if we pay attention to we can gain great insight from and in so that in other words there is hope there are things that we can do there is there's a concept called passive stress versus active stress. Dr Neil medley talks about this in the depression recovery series he says if if if you're just stressed out but you have no idea what to do about it and you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop you're waiting to get exposed you're you're you're you know you're basically not sure what's going on and that type of stress significantly depresses the immune system thus perpetuating exactly what you don't want to happen whereas active stress is when you purpose in your heart to do something about it and you figure out what the most rational prudent appropriate strategies are and you begin implementing you're doing something about that according to your abilities and knowledge and understanding and by doing so that becomes an act of stress that actually enhances your immune system which is exactly what we need in situations like this when the body's defense against the virus or another pathogen may be that determining factor on whether you become infected and therefore whether you end up transmitting that pathogen to other people especially people that you love or people that you work with or people around you and so so it's important that we that we dig in and start having some active stress right that's what we're doing today we're getting into some active stress doing something about it and then what my goal is to share with you additional natural remedies that directly impact how to optimize or immunity. And apply those appropriately and then finally I want to share with you what we call simple remedies we have natural remedies which are the the lifestyle medicine strategies. And then we have simple remedies which are which are strategies that we could take advantage of both as a preventive to optimize the immune system and in particular as a therapeutic strategy for those of us who may get exposed and for those of us who unfortunately actually catch any kind of viral respiratory illness so these type of strategies are not just for us to prepare and address the novel coronavirus but they're also all the very same strategies that we use to impact any any respiratory condition any immune related condition All right so that's what we're going to try to get done today how many hours you got. That is a joke but I will try to run through this so it's. My 1st challenge is to summarize with what what we have learned what's available in the medical literature over the last week and that's that's that's a major major challenge it's it's of interest to me that today February 1 2020. Marks exactly 2 months from the very 1st reported case of novel coronavirus and who hunts city in China so it's been just a little bit over 60 days and wow have things changed so dramatically it is also very interesting to me that we didn't really start. Being even consider that concerned about this until around January 23rd when it was starting to get announced that was just over a week ago and my house how have things changed over the last 78 days I so. One of the 1st things that we want to take a look at and this is this is hard to see maybe from the back of the church but you can look this up on the Internet essentially essentially this is looking at the outbreaks from January 20 to January 30 in January 20 there was 291 cases I've been a 5. By the way. Dr Fauci who's the national director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease said something at a press conference just yesterday on January the 31st that was very telling I 1st heard him say it on the radio as I was driving and I go I got to look into this because a lot of people miss this and the question was a very astute question about the the accuracy of the Diagnostic Test see it's very possible that the majority of us actually feel that if we go get tested for this and it comes back negative that we don't have the virus that's not true. In other words they made a very special point to state properly so that this is not like getting tested for a tri v. where the where the past tells us with 100 percent certainty whether or not you have a try. This isn't even close to that those exact words and so the the actual even all the data that we're that we're reporting on is based on much less than accurate measurement. Screening So that's this is something we've got to really understand in fact they specifically said you could test a somebody one day and then be positive and the next day they are negative in a couple days later they're positive and so the specificity the sensitivity of the test the likelihood of it being a a truly positive to us or a truly negative is in question and so the scientists around the world are are working night and day trying to figure out how to come up with a better test but that's the best we have at this point time so so even even with a less than adequate or less than optimal testing we see this exponential rise of confirmed cases in other words the tests are not good enough to to give as the higher level of confirmed cases and so in just a 10 day period you see from January 20th of January 30 you have increased from 29127711 well it just this morning on February the 1st we are learning that there's over 12000 cases and counting and there's 240 niner is it. I think that's close close to 249 actually I actually by put it's past 250 now so I So bottom line is that we are looking at a significant death rate looking at the numbers directly. So let me let me try to summarize all this data real quick the Dr Pedre Geneva of the World Health Organization has called this an unprecedented outbreak that has met with an unprecedented response the question always is you know you always ask What's what's the justification for the lockdowns What's a justification for not allowing people into the country what was the justification for closing borders all around the world and and but the real question is did we actually catch this in time and the general consensus is no that it did not get caught in time because because prior to the lockdown which I believe was January 23rd in and city 5000000 individuals had left city that had been there during the infectious period what does that tell you what what does that tell you about the likelihood of. How many of those individuals and we know that there's persons of interest that are being evaluated right now around the country but I suspect that there's a lot more people being evaluated because of the knowledge not being discussed because of the knowledge that there were there were potentially thousands of individuals traveling to and for the celebrations that are already back in their respective countries many of which I I would expect would be in our country and so so there is there's potentially a lot of individuals around that that have been exposed and most of them may not even know it so it's just something that prudence suggests we should at least consider we don't know the facts on that but but we need to be prepared for that the bottom line is that if people start asking a question and being honest with themselves about is this an outbreak that can be truly contain is this is this a. An epidemic that now. Isn't going to actually get to impact me as a person and the likelihood of that not happening is very low so we are technically right now at a very low risk but that's what was being said. 6 weeks ago or even a couple weeks ago by by the top officials in China. And in fact the virus was being transmitted in a dramatic fashion at that time so so we don't know what's going to happen but but but everything that's happening at the World Health Organization and at the national level here in the United States is is should be giving us clues that we need to pay attention and not just wait for more information there are things that we can do immediately at this time the significance of a of a quarantine or a lockdown in the province of who by Obey is which is a province that. Having a population of roughly $60000000.00 individuals would be comparable to the entire population of California Oregon Washington Nevada and Arizona being in lockdown so that means it brings it close to home a little bit so and there's there's obviously there's there's different policies depending on where and. Province they are but essentially most of those people in cities are basically not able to leave at all everybody is basically depending on the government to take care of them at that point which is something to ponder for ourselves in the future so the. Bottom line is that we need because the World Health Organization is causing this an unprecedented I'll break we need an unprecedented level of preparation and and. Interest in making wise decisions as we move forward. There is been a suggestion that there's a lot of similarities between the 2002 SARS outbreak that's the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak and that also began in China and liking it to the current novel coronavirus epidemic while there are some significant similarities but there's also some very significant differences that means that we should in some respects be more concerned on the one hand it appears that that the corona virus is is not as. Is not as deadly doesn't kill as quickly as as the corona virus but the problem is that one of the reasons that the SARS virus was actually actually burned itself out is because it was killing its host faster than the host were able to infect other people and if that happens eventually the virus burns itself out or at long enough period goes by that virus can mutate sometimes for to the worse or sometimes to a less virulent state so so anyways so there is there is there is still concerns because the virus itself the corona virus can be transmitted for potentially up to a week or maybe even more prior to symptoms developing and that was not true the SARS virus. So it's a completely different ballgame now and the other concern is that the. The Basically reproduction number is called the Basic virus reproduction number which is if you get infected on average how many other people are you going to fact and so the basic Reaper dot reproduction number for the novel coronavirus is actually significantly higher than that for the common flu the seasonal flu even the fellows that are bad you know like like this year's flu is not going to be a good thing. But but it's actually. Even higher then they reproduction number for the Spanish Flu of 1980 so let's let's go over that briefly the the the Spanish or the the flu has a reproduction number of 1.28. That means that for every person who is infected that there is another one for every for every 10 people that are infected there is less than 3 additional people that get infected so it's it's still builds the momentum builds and even that lower reproduction number is associated with between 10 and 20 percent of the entire population of the United States coming down with the seasonal flu every year. That's a significant number to remember. And so there is a a lower reproduction number but there's already this this flu season alone there's already been over 15000000 individuals who have succumbed to the flu who have gotten the flu and I have which other way about 8200 have died so what's interesting about that let me jump jump to the numbers on that in my in my notes that that. That means that the death rate due to the flu. Again this year in the United States alone this flu season we've already had 8200 people die so that's you know on the surface seems to be a much more serious problem and that's why you were seen articles all the time about flu as much a bigger problem than corona virus but they're not they're not accounting for what may happen and what may it will likely happen if we have any semblance of what's going on in China happened in the United States so the death rate due to the flu if you calculate if you just basically take a $1200.00 and divide it by the $50000000.00 cases that generated those deaths. That's that's a death rate. Point 05 percent that's 120th of one percent the lay this estimates and these these are probably low estimates. Based on mathematical models that the universities around Asia are coming up with are are looking at at the the the death rate associated as as a last few days with let's say we have as of yesterday Twitter Twitter 50 does with about 128000 cases confirmed that means that the death rate is 2 point one percent. Do the math what's the difference between point 05 percent and 2 point one That's a differential of 40 In other words according to that simple math and I hope I'm wrong I haven't heard anybody talk about this yet I have already think about I just did the simple math and you do it yourself I hope I'm wrong but it's it's literally a death rate compared to what's going on in China right now as a day and and what's going on and with the flu in the United States the death rate in China with the core corona virus is 40 times greater for those that get infected the other the other way to look at this is that the. The individuals who have been admitted to the hospital in other words their symptoms are bad enough to get admitted to the hospital they and in China that the the death rate associated with that once you get admitted because you have a more severe case is between 11 and 15 percent the 1st $41.00 cases that were admitted to hospitals in China because of the novel coronavirus leading to severe symptoms resulted in a 15 percent death rate. And there as authorities are they are stating just as of yesterday that they believe that the virus may be mutating to be more virulent because of what they're seen what one professor from Hong Kong went to evaluate the situation and came back and he was an expert in the SARS epidemic. That's his expertise he came back says coronavirus The novel coronavirus up at the mic is 10 times worse now I'd like to know we exactly what he meant by that you know based on what statistics based on what information but that's that's what he said as was reported in the news so. So you know I could literally spend another couple hours doing this introduction my wife said You get 15 minutes for the introduction that's it yes so we have to give you the rest of the introduction some other time. Be. I got to do this part. I got to do this part 2 so. So I did I did some statistical analysis myself so that reproductive number for the novel coronavirus is 2.2 Now the words for every person that's infected so far the. Rate of infecting other people is 2.2 people. Which was was termed an explosive number now when you just hear the number you're like yeah compared to what that doesn't seem to be that high to point to right but it's actually an explosive number compared to the flu being 1.28 and this Spanish troops being 1.8 It's so it's bigger there's it's more effective and mainly because you spend up to a week or oh I don't know how many days we'll figure out as we learn more about it in fact the people and we're feeling just fine and we're affecting the very people that are closest to our lives so. So what I did is I just got out my calculator and I just I just punched in the seal so that in fact they're right it's 2.2 So how many how many stages of infection do you need before you get to 12000 or so and I discovered that you needed 12 stages and if so if you do the math based on if that's if that number is correct that means that every 5 days to $2.00 individuals are being affected by each person who's been in fact that was originally infected every 5 days it goes up by $2.00 And so so so that's that's interesting but you know it's confusing because the university. You know I'll come to that in my notes later but one of the university me ologist in Asia actually wrote a new article I believe in The Lancet British Medical Journal very well the top medical journals in the world and he said says the mathematical models that I'm looking at suggest that by January 25. Ok so week ago that the number of infected cases in will hand city alone was over 75000. So and other words we don't know but that's what they're publishing and that would that would be a much more serious issue in terms of that's why I believe that the World Health Organization in our own government are jumping on this right away because at least they need to do what they have done right so I So let's let's let's move forward here and then the Dr Fauci said where we deal with a lot of unknowns. You know that the just just in the last 24 hours there's been an additional $2100.00 cases an additional $46.00 deaths. The. The. The There was one other quote that I wanted to mention here. Before we move on to strategies. You know Dr Nancy Mesan year who's the director of National Center of the for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the c.d.c. said we are preparing as if this is the next pandemic but we're hoping that it's not Ok and that that's what we need to do too we just need to prepare for it and the good good thing is there's things that we can do. Last of all. Some of you may have read in The New York Times. Today the Chinese doctor Dr when Who's the had a pulmonary mountain at Peking University Hospital in Beijing had stated initially it that the virus was controllable and he's regretting his words now he's feeling very bad about in fact he he described the outbreak. And the work being done by medical staff around his country as soldiers walking into the battlefield. Initially he had said that the corona virus could not be transmitted human to human. He went to one city to evaluate the situation because he was the expert. Later contracted the virus and the article said apparently while. So. Somebody on the Chinese Twitter which is called We bow said could be prevented and controlled because this because of this line the statement that Dr Wang had made the most critical half months was squandered and the result is this and so when I read that I asked myself that question Ok that's why I'm taking the risk to talk to you today this is this is not something that I wanted to do or or any any really help professionals eager to talk about the state of the coronavirus because tomorrow it could be a totally different message but but we need we need to move forward and that's exactly what I'm going to do now all right so. Just today in The New York Times as I was reading about this the apologies Chinese officials who wish that they would have been more aggressive and dealing with this front and the 3 or 4 weeks. Before they finally there's something about it there's I mean I thought this was just an advertisement you know and and. And I looked at that those are awful big and essentially these are health workers in a city 300 miles from Wall Hans city that are pouring disinfectant into these units to be sprayed all over the cities now wow such a novel response for a novel coronavirus and so again it cost me. To be thoughtful about this what what does this tell us you know there's there are other things that we don't know about this that they already know and and but it it does my heart good to recognize that there is an aggressive approach being taken there you know leave no stone unturned let's let's do even if it's overkill you know that would be my 1st initial vote in that little overkill but maybe it's not Ok so we need to be prepared so hit bottom line what do they as we look at the symptom list I think it's important to understand that that the virus seems to start with a fever but not maybe for up to 14 days after becoming infected and that's a fever of $100.00 or or or more and then And then there's a dry cough and then shortness of breath and then potential more severe symptoms what is what is. Interesting is that the symptoms of sneezing Ok even though it's listed up here is considered to be a rare or symptom of this condition so runny nose and sneezing is actually not at least up until now is not that prominent compared to fever dry cough and shortness of breath Ok. It was Herbert Hoover. I love to quote him who said wisdom consists not so much in knowing what to do in the Ultimate as in knowing what to do next and never more appropriate time to be aware of this admonition because too many of us wait it out I'm just going to wait and get some more information need to collect some more information need to receive more research and in the meantime we thousands and potentially tens of thousands get infected and die so don't wait don't sit on your laurels let's let's move forward Ok. You can see this but I just wanted to document that 10 years ago in this very church I gave a talk on optimizing your immune system and and after my talk this gentleman who had never met before came up to me and said Have you ever heard about the. Danish Norwegian seminary in Minnesota that had been exposed to the Spanish Flu I said No I never heard that so he a few days later even mailed me this very document and so this was this was a this was a a newspaper article that that was published in the Hutchinson leader on December 13th I believe in 1800 but it may have been the following year because it was it was a bad pandemic and and so let me let me just read this to you because this this tells the story of hope. In of what prudent natural remedies can do even for a pandemic that killed between 50 and 100000000 people in short span of time in 1918 and 19 so I don't Similary clinches the flu. Hutchinson institution makes a record combating disease 120 exposed 90 patients no deaths none very sick I mean that's just extraordinary good not only did they prevent that but they actually prevented the severe morbidity that that not only makes you feel horrible for days and weeks. But can actually maybe you for a life that can put you into post-traumatic stress and literally for a life that can that can damage your kidneys where you need medical support and treatment for your kidneys or a life where you can develop all kinds of other physical and neurologic elements for life so we don't we don't want to certainly we don't want to die from something like this you know right now we're not at risk but obviously there's a lot of people around the world that are at high risk and that could potentially end up impacting us as well. But but we also don't want to even get severely sick even if it's just the regular flu and how how the flu can lead to severe illness like sepsis you know you know that one out of 5 individuals in the around the world one out of 5 deaths rather are caused by sepsis. Again it's a condition that initially that starts with a septicemia or or a viral attack that stimulates an inflammatory response it's a very complicated biochemistry that basically starts causing hundreds of little micro colossus that you can see that's why the in the emergency room the doctors will check play at levels of the plate levels are low they they are strongly suspect that the platelets are being used up to create blood clots of course low blood clots going to the brain and cause little t.i.a. is all over the place and that's why confusion and and they're meant to type symptoms are one of the signs of substance and it causes kidney failure I mean one out of 5 people in the world die because of substance and so there's natural and simple strategies that can be employed that directly impact that as well Ok so so let me keep read this right quick. The. On the authority of Dr Fred Sheppard health officer of Hutchinson city which is just west of Minneapolis and maybe stated that no public institution in the state of Minnesota has up to they made up today made a record in handling influenza the worldwide epidemic that has swept millions into their graves like like that to a credit like that the credit of the Hutchinson 7th they have in a cemetery the cemetery with $120.00 of its 180 students and teachers housed under one roof now. When I when I read that I say I wonder if I if I can find a picture of that building by the way Maplewood Academy now uses I don't know if it's the same building but they now use that property and. And so this is this is a postcard from 1913 ish and that and that raises So how many of you would like to be in a building like that with with $120.00 other individuals in the middle of a Spanish flu epidemic not me you know I mean talk about the exposure how do you get away and if you look at this from these you know this is I've been to Minnesota in a winner you know. It's pretty bleak you know it's pretty bleak out there and so so it's. So you're kind of stuck and so. This through the house under one roof was invaded by the malady 3 weeks ago so this would have been and. Late November symptoms of the malady developed with night any of these students and faculty and under the direction of Dr 80 Larson a graduate physician and member of the seminary faculty so that's just a trick if you if you're running a school anywhere make sure you have a good doctor on your faculty even though they may be teaching other courses every person showing indications of sickness and so this is step number one every person showing indications as sickness was at once put to bed with a trained nurse taking temperature and watching for some things of that Demi In other words quarantined to a bad so that we can't overemphasize this point. That. Rest in sleep and you know we joke about that complete rest I don't you know I don't feel I feel like I need to go through some just the whole problem there where we succumb to the illnesses because we're we're so driven to get things done that we never give the body a chance to heal so this this is a critical critical step I I remember just 5 years ago I was in San Antonio at the General Conference meetings and there was a booth there. By the you know medical school university in Nigeria. And so they were they were near where I was I had a booth and and. And so I went up to a gentleman there that was. That was talking to people and he turned out to be a chaplain and he asked me what I did and we started talking says you know what I come from a long line of herbalists in Africa so many many of my ancestors were master herbalists and I said you know then he talked about how and now we are we have a Western medical school and so we don't talk about herbs that much anymore. Except on the side but the he said one of the traditions an herbal medicine is when when the the herbalists gives you an herb that is specially designed for your condition he or she will tell you take this and make sure that you get a good night's rest make sure that you're sleeping well make sure that you're resting adequately because and this is the point because if you don't this medicine will not work. Ok so I never forgot that So this is so the the the number one thing if you don't learn anything else from this talk today is that you need to take care of Russ in appropriate sleep in if you're struggling with that and I know many of you do because I've been dealing with patients for 30 years on this don't give up until you figure out a way to do it because if you do give up on that you are putting your immune system at risk and that dramatically increases your susceptibility to any virus so. Immediately put to bed with a trained nurse if those symptoms develop the patient was required to remain in bed there were no drugs to be given out with complete rest and quiet went to care for regulated diet Number 2 care for regular carefully regulated diet and fomentations applied to the throat chest and abdomen Now let me actually let me actually address that right now Ok and. Let me just I got these fomentations from Dr Thomas. Probably 20 years ago. And these these fomentations these are basically. Appropriate cloths that will hold water in my wife's year so you basically wet these and then you make sure that they're not soaking wet you kind of ring them out you can do this with regular towels regular towels don't work as well as as these and you by the way you can buy these online just just Google it by fomentations the new ones come with a little little tab so you're not burning your thumbs every time you pick it up and you just wet days and you can put it in a plastic bag and microwave it for like 5 minutes and then you have one on your back you just lay on it get on the Get on the floor with some sheets down and just lay on it and then you have another one placed on your chest like this you have to have a towel between you and this otherwise it'll burn you because this is really hot and for 4 to 5 minutes you just sit there and just enjoy that deep heat from both sides the back and that and the front of the chest and that that draws blood in a dramatic improvement of circulation of. Blood and immune cells to that area where the heat is those immune cells. More integrates with the immune sensors of the body and then you do ice water with the washcloth for 30 seconds in between sessions you have to have somebody helping you to do this so. So you get washed down with some ice front and back to cool that off and then whoever's helping us already got 2 of these in the microwave ready to heat up for the next day when you do that 3 times. It's very very powerful and so so fomentations to the chest in particular here can be very fact that in a little bit I'll talk about Steam hydrotherapy sinuses and other forms of hydrotherapy as well so so these type of fomentations were were used by the nurses that took care of these 90 individuals that came down with the Spanish Flu thank God for nurses right I mean talk about a lot of hard work there all right so the. The. This treatment in almost every case reduced the temperature of patients and in a day time to the Spanish flu now in a day or so they were apparently well but not in the matter with them the next danger was a relapse the guard against this every patient was required to remain in bed between 2 and 5 days after apparently full recovery you can't overemphasize that because our natural Our nature is to just just assume I'm great I'm good and then I got I have all these other things that I didn't get done because I was sick for a week and so now I'm going to jump right back to it that's the worst mistake you can make because a relapse could actually be worse than the original sickness why because you just got done killing off 90 percent of the viruses but not the 10 percent that they were the strongest and most very like Ok so that's why when your doctor gives you a set of 14 days of antibiotics you don't take it for 10 days ago like ooh you're good I'm done no you always finished in a box why because otherwise you're just creating drug resistant strains of bacteria. And you could end up far worse for not finishing the course Ok so. So these these this is the core of what's going to work folks. As proven in history and but Ok so to guard against this every patient was required to stay in bed for 2 to 3 days. According to the state of their flu a thick affliction in other words if there was any a sign then that took it another 2 to 5 days all right so as a result of this system of handling the disease. That is scoring thousands of victims every day there has not been one case that could have been called serious or a single death in the seminary although there were more than 90 persons affected the record is remarkable and the last statement written by the reporter for the the Hutchinson Leader newspaper stated this it makes the ordinary methods of dealing with the flu appear irrational and interesting statement so so that's so that is the core of what I wanted to share with regards to the hope that we should all take advantage of now. Let's run through this fairly rapidly Winston Churchill I love I love to quote him as well he said Men stumble over the truth from time to time but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. I hope that us here today don't do exactly that we go back all that was interesting and then rush off and and don't get enough sleep and don't eat right and don't take care of the natural remedies and don't even consider what other things that we can do. Ok so just is out this week is how is preparing this talk I ran across a quote from Malcolm Gladwell how many of you appreciate Malcolm Gladwell I mean he's got Chris books are so insightful and he said the key to good decision making is not knowledge it is understanding we are swimming in a former And we are desperately lacking in the latter that's why I get into trouble with a lot of people for taking so long to explain things to help them understand the problem because just simply Callen you do this this and this and this means you probably not going to do it because you have no idea why it's important it's all so that's that's why I'm what I'm trying to do today is to give you an understanding of why these strategies are so so critical and not just for us but for for many individuals that can be benefit because because we don't just know this but we understand how to apply it appropriately. By the way he said this he said this in a You Tube. Clip that was in titled Why 98 percent aren't successful. Clearly he wasn't talking about fighting the flu or the corona virus but an interesting association here why are bolus people not successful at least in and preventing severe symptoms or preventing contamination in the 1st place and there's reasons for that all right so. One of my father's favorite concepts is that of synergy and it's essentially synergy is the concept that you don't just do one thing this idea of many of us are champions of our own wellness program and we do one thing we're really going to a nutrition Yeah I believe in that I'm going to tertian is Ok but that's one thing Ok we need to synergize that we need to multiply the impact the benefit of that with other things as well and so the example here is when one horse is tied up to a wagon it can pull 2 tons but if if 2 orses are yoked together they can pull 23 tons. Ok so that's that's the synergy of lifestyle lifestyle factors Ok so. What I'm going to what I'm going to do next is I'm going to share with you in some of the natural remedies starting with and I'm going to be jumping around with the new start acronym but in a slightly different way here we are beginning to really with trust trust and divine guidance but also trust in a way that we don't stress all the time as I mentioned earlier there's a difference between passive and active stress we need to turn this into active stress that we're doing something about so we can feel good about it and no longer stressed and so we need to learn to think good thoughts we need to recognize that that there is hope we need to recognize the problem but help people work through that and by knowing what to do ourselves we can help other people who are struggling with that in the future so that the and new start is nutrition and so are you saying and as I wrote my book Goodbye diabetes we call that becoming a 1st class food in other words focusing on the best focusing on on the foods that promote 1st class health focusing on the foods the promote 1st class and I optimize immune system and so there's there's core principles to this and I want to just touch on a couple of them we need to we need to be aware and. And follow through on the notion that there are 1st class foods that we should be by focusing on getting at least 80 to 90 percent of our diet from 1st class foods and this is well written up and in the literature and the books that we've written but but then there's 2nd class was in these are the foods that we need to use in and it's scarcity that we can we can dabble in but we need to be really careful we need to be cautious it's a red light food and then there's 3rd class foods which we just need to accept the fact that they're not good for us and to stay away from them this is really really critical that we do so so that's that's some of the key aspects of nutrition I understand that that the colors in foods the very pigments in fruits and vegetables that make up the color of the food are the very chemicals the very phytochemicals that literally turn on good genes and turn off the bad genes and so all of us have bad genes let me be the killer we all have mutations we have bad genes and and by by taking advantage of an optimal diet we can literally deactivate to a large extent the those genes feel typically we change the expression of our genes without changing the fact that we have the gene we're changing the expression of the gene itself which in the end is everything Ok so so we so we need to take advantage of diet and let me just say one thing about diet most important thing is you got to eat a lot of good food there's a lot of people that that avoid avoid all the 3rd class foods the redlight foods the bad foods but most of their foods or otherwise there's very few green life issues and there's mostly yellow light foods those people are going to be healthy even though they completely avoid the 3rd class foods. So so number one we have to eat a lot of healthy food and that is. This is a this is a handout that I actually give to most of my patients now which I call the 3 cube diet this is this this is a a dietary concept she doesn't call it 3 cube but she's the one that came up with the idea that Dr Terry Walz from University of Iowa Medical Center who 30 years ago as a young internal medicine physician discovered she has progressive a mouse and she was told by her experts just just to retire from medicine and die because she was going to die from it and she refused to accept that and she figured out on her own by her own research over over several years what to do in 30 years later she's teaching doctors how to follow the same protocol and basically and I am anti out of them you protocol for conditions as severe as a mouse is that she's done a wonderful work and so she basically has this this 3 cups a green 3 cups of colored vegetables including some deeply colored fruits like blueberries and grapefruit and in 3 Cups of sulfur rich vegetables like purple cabbage on the ends and mushrooms. Over the last year in particular my wife Betsy and I have been doing this veggie stir fry essentially every morning I would have never guessed years ago that my favorite part of breakfast would be would be the party that had the big part of the 3 q. diet that focused on Stir fry vegetables you just add a little bit of water you don't even have to add much water because the vegetables are fairly hydrated and and you just stir fry the onions and mushrooms and the purple cabbage and that's my favorite part of rock it's not it's not the only part but that's the core Those are the foods that heal the body let there be no mistake those are the foods that heal the body and if we're not taking advantage of foods like that we're not going to be optimally healthy. Just that simple Ok so I she uses the slogan 100 days 100 percent so which she worst of patients she is basically saying she's basically saying that the the for 3 months for 100 days you want to be you want to be on it 100 percent because unless you really go all out you're not going to get the results especially if you're dealing with a serious illness and so on I am thinking this week as we're learning about what may be going on unbeknownst to us even in our country. Maybe this is the time where we really say $100.00 days 100 percent not just for the nutrition component but to for all the natural remedies that are still part of full in synergistic in optimizing our home so. Optimizing digestion I've said in my practice I said in my many lectures that we've done here that if you have a digest there problem you've got to fix it it's not just a social issue it's not just a discomfort issue this is a huge issue because if you're not that just digesting right if you have to take an antacid medications or proton pump inhibitors now you're not absorbing nutrients very well and that's why exposure to those type of medications has been well documented in medical literature to increase the risk for just about everything. And certainly you're decreasing your absorption of key minerals which are which are critical for the immune system like magnesium and and seeing Solenn him except for by the way one of the big. Understandings about how these coronaviruses that should not transmit to humans should stay in the animal population how they mutate to the point that they can transfer. And infect humans is because the soil in China and other parts of that region are very pleaded of Solenn you know this is been in the literature for over 30 years now and so and so it's possible and on the whole peen that bad. That when the virus finally does does expose individuals that are Solenn the m. reply I have plenty of Solenn am because they like to eat Brazil much not just one Brazil that a day really optimizes your Solenn in levels maybe 2 a day would be more optimal but. Having cell in the end replete status in your body helps helps protect against more aggressive mutations of these viruses and potentially helps revert to work mutations that are less harmful so so that optimize that Justin is critical extra size this is this is a double edged sword. We've got to be really careful with exercise so if somebody is apparently healthy we you want to increase exercise intensity and duration and frequency gradually Ok And so you want to do some exercise every day in fact multiple times every day we we want to be here here in the key points you want to be doing at minimum some light activity immediately after every meal Why because because we have known with diabetics and pre-diabetics and essentially the rest of the of the rest of us who are insulin resistant that light exercise immediately after a meal doesn't make us what it doesn't make us breathe deeply it's yes improves circulation and uses up that sugar so that instead of the blood sugars going sky high the the blood sugars are blunted and therefore the insulin production is blunted and that's critical if you had pre-diabetes or diabetes you need to be painting a special attention to this focus today because those are the people that are succumbing at all Army to right to all these viruses and especially the current novel coronavirus all great so it's the vast majority of people who are dying or that people have an underlying medical condition and guess what condition is the 1st one that come up when that's discussed diabetes hypertension. Cardiovascular disease you name it so those are conditions that can be reversed most of the time and have minimal controlled in a healthy way so that we're not putting ourselves at higher risk so in other words let's do the homework let's figure out what we need to do to reverse these diseases in our lives so that we're not having a depressed immune system and more likely to succumb so light exercise immediately after meals. Even 5 minutes is helpful but 10 or 15 minutes would be just walking just walking around if you can't walk for whatever reason use your arms you know in other words don't ask don't ask the question of well Doc I can't do that because you know I got me problems I got back problems or or hip problems whatever it is ask the question What is it that I can do I like President Kennedy said when asked not your head he asked what you can do Ok and all of us can do some type of exercise figure out what that is and do it because it's literally that simple and so and via your health care professionals can guide you in that as well other aspects of exercise is definitely do not overdo it that could be one of the worst things that you do because if you overdo actual size b. and I'm not talking about compared to somebody else I'm talking about compared to yourself Ok And so if I haven't actually sizing for a while and I end up doing even 15 percent of what my friends are doing I'm overdoing it for me they may be under doing it you see so we're not comparing ourselves Ok we're where compare selves with where we're at right now so gradually improve that by doing some light activity every day after meals and then every hour every hour do something get out for a minute and walk around just just like like I'm standing up right now do a little bit of walking that's officially activity if we need to be active with a minimum the standing for 2 hours in the morning 2 hours an afternoon 2 hours an evening that's minimum how many people do that very very few. And so on so it doesn't even so but then other exercise can count for those 22 and 2 but at least we should be standing and doing some light activity because that improves circulation this is that this is very critical now. Along with the actual size component here which needs to be done prudently I'm going to talk about the importance of fresh air and breathing we should spend we should daily spend time outdoors in the fresh air prefer to be doing some walking and enjoying the sunlight right so we get all those 3 natural remedies all that same time but but most of us are not aware of the fact that breathing in how in our posture and how we stand and how we sit is critical to this and so before we look around see how we're sitting every stand up everybody stand out right now Ok. Ok because it is that blood is coagulating it's not moving very rapidly right now and so we want we want to do a little bit of a Can Dance I'm just going to do a breathing activity with you right now every hour Ok especially if we're not feeling well if you're feeling a little listless every hour we should consider doing some deep breathing exercises where you taking a deep breath 6 seconds and then and then and then out for 6 seconds and you do that for one minute Ok so basically we're where we're doing that just under 6 time now here's one reason we want to do is start start practicing before I think you start taking seem deep breaths. Ok. I'm not seeing anybody taking a day you're holding your breath has it that interesting Ok so it's a start taking something as I talk. What happens when we're not deep breathing when we're shallow breathing which is what most people do we're only using the upper lobes of the lungs maybe the low upper 2 thirds of the lungs that means that a large percentage of them human cells the white blood cells the natural killer cells that are designed to kill viruses and bacteria and pathogens and cancer are literally just hanging out in our in our in the bottom lobes of the lung they're literally hanging out we call them larger margin 8 and they're just like holding on to the edge of the. Alveoli or the or or the little capillaries or go through the lungs and there's a little bit let alone we have in our in our party Ok And so we don't want that we want them working on our behalf there are part of our 1st defense system right and so just doing deep breathing or light exercise after a meal will will stimulate blood flow to the lower lobes of the lungs to be margin 18. Forcing those those white blood cells the natural killer cells into the bloodstream where they now can kill on contact so natural killer cells are license to kill they don't got to go back to the media centers and wait a day to get an audience and say hey listen I saw this bad guy what do we do about that you know can I get rid of No they're told you see a bad guy you kill him on sight that's why they're called natural killer cells they're naturally born killers they're there to destroy the viruses so let's do a little bit that right now Ok deep breath ready use your arms look don't hit the guys next to you or the girls next to you. The breath in Ok and then let it out all the way out. Into your nose out of your mouth. It I'll use that diaphragm. And again a little more get it full get those lower lobes to work in and then. Now their breath then. We'll do 2 more and out. And then. You feel better now I feel better my the only one I know best feels better all right you can sit down no now. But by the way that maybe this is a good time to tell you ironically one of the things that really caught my attention when I was when I was studying the comments made on this side by many of these top experts around the world is a comment that was made I believe just yesterday on January the 31st said it's important to note that the novel coronavirus isn't just transmitted when you're in close proximity it can be transmitted through air droplets of the 6 feet away from the person. And they actually stated who is talking and breathing normally so it's a really good thing that we're very low risk right now here in the United States but is it is very important for us to realize that this novel coronavirus can be transmitted from an infected person prior to them having any symptoms by standing relatively near to them and while they're just talking or breathing normally. That is why this there's been discussion of how effective a mask is because these air drop these droplets that are flown through the air and touch down and connect to your eye in the mask you know you don't walk around with that mask over your eye Ok so the main routes of transmission are nose mouth and eyes so so so that will lead me to discuss some strategies a little bit later of what can be done for this Ok so so breathing is very important posture is important if we're if where if we're slouching while we're sitting I'm not looking I'm not looking Ok I'm looking up if we're slouching while we're sitting we're not do deep breathing and where limiting our immune defense against viruses fear is simple so so that's actually very very profound difference in how well your body works against pathogens Ok. So what strategies the most important. Yeah I've already taught bottom line is this is that sleep is one of those irrefutable strategies appropriate rest that if we don't do it we're not going to get better they already are ready talked about that so so bottom line a couple key strategies to consider the goal the ideal is to essentially get bed go to bed at the same time get up at the same time prefer Blee an early early to bed early to rise Ok You know you can finish that statement and that is basically in the bed around 10 and up around 6 or something like that and I know that some of you're rolling your eyes right now I know I struggled out to this whole week I didn't do that because I was working on this. And and so so but but recognize if you don't get to bed on time the next morning your immune system you know so if you stay up late to 3 hours later than 10 o'clock than usual your next day you're missed it was about 50 percent suppress 50 your natural killer activity 50 percent suppressed which means that you could be exposed theoretically 2 to anybody the flu virus or the novel coronavirus whatever. And every day of the week and if your immune system is is hearty and nothing you could actually wipe out that early exposure and it doesn't generate and infection. You know where it's taking over your body it gets wiped out that's what your music is supposed to do right and so so everybody there's a continuum at which point the attempt in point occurs where your immune system is no longer able to address with that level of exposure now theoretically if we get a huge exposure even the strongest immune system may not be able to deal with it effectively and we need other strategies we need medical intervention but but it's also true that many of the exposures that people are commonly exposed to that lead to infections are unnecessary if you are simply had an immune system that was working on par with what with what is possible so that's that's something that's really critical to understand and so that one day that you that you don't get your sleep in you get exposed to the same dose of virus that you've been exposed to for days and weeks before that could potentially get you Ok now you've got to work a lot harder with the natural in the simple strategies to catch up. All right so bottom line is seeped up of sleep that prison deprivation or disruption ultimately impacts a full one 3rd of the entire genome so we have about 20000 genes in our body the human genome Ok and roughly $7000.00 of those genes are disrupted in other words their ability to activate in signs and the metabolic processes in our body is disrupted and what's that what's the consequence of that where more susceptible to hell notice Ok so so that's that's critical to understand another another key strategy is that we need to be well hydrated. One of the causes. That associate with sepsis and premature death due to severe inflammatory disease associated with viral illness is simple dehydration so don't let yourself get the hydrated do not trust your thirst instinct it's never good enough never Ok And so here's the bottom line with with it with thirst or water there's 3 most important times you get water what time of the Day Are you the most the hydrated typically when you 1st wake up why because you've lost a tremendous amount of of water and fluids through perspiration urination Ok And so now you need to replenish that otherwise your kidneys are not going to be healthy and your kidneys are one of the most susceptible organs when exposed to these type of Verrall and viruses and that which can lead to even if your survive the condition which a lot of people do they have chronic kidney disease for life that gets worse and worse over the years because of that so. So drink hydrate hydrate hydrate So 1st thing in the morning after you use a restroom. Bit put a put a pot of water boiling. Some pure water some filtered water and then put that in your big water mug so you should get 16 to 20 ounces of extra warm a little bit of hot water you can add a little bit of organic lemon to that if you wish Ok and just that's that's your wake up fluid you know Pete Coffey doesn't wake you up because of the caffeine it wakes you up because you're drinking warm to hot liquid caffeine can't wake you up it just keeps you Ok so so so water so much healthier for you than a cast so much healthier for you so so take advantage of basically 16 to 20 ounces of water 1st you know morning and then the 2nd and 3rd most important time to hydrate is mid-morning in mid afternoon basically about 2 hours after a breakfast or 90 minutes after breakfast drink drink 2 glasses of water or 16 ounces or more of cool or cold water and then if you still thirsty. Even if you're not thirsty Ok drink a little bit of water maybe 2030 minutes before lunch if you feel like drinking anything with a meal you're dehydrated Ok And so you should never have to drink anything with a meal now if you get to the meal and you're eating a meal and you're thirsty don't say well you can't drink in water now because Dr you said it should be drinking with my meals it's too late to make that argument you're thirsty you've got to hydrate you've got to drink with your meals at that point but plan ahead right come up with a strategy get your phone alarm set then like 10 or 1030 and 3 or 330 and just and reminds you drink your water drown those buggies you know help your body flush the system Ok so now there's already talk about the hydrotherapy. For the fomentations let me tell you real quick unnatural strategy using water therapy or hydrotherapy for for science it's well known that the corona virus likes to hang out in the sinuses nostrils and sinuses and and in the throat area and so the so there are some simple remedies that you can use for that they will touch on in a minute but the 1st thing that we do is take advantage of the more fundamental natural remedies which includes steam therapy you basically put a big pot of water on the stove boiling and then you get a chair to sit near the stove make sure you never lean over that get up get a piece of paper to funnel the steam towards your face Now again if it starts to get too hot you just close the damper right you just shut off that steam so you don't burn right then you try a little bit more and you do that for 3 minutes breathing and through the nose that steam which basically activates the immune system in the sinuses helps unclog the system so you don't get secondary bacterial infections or fungal infections and and basically just clearing doubt out it just decongest you. 3 minute steam and then you put down the piece of paper and you have a shallow pan of ice water next to you and you just do this you just you just take that ice water you can use a washcloth if you wish and put it right to your face to cool off your face and your exteriors nostril area and do that for 30 seconds and then back to steam 3 minutes 30 seconds cold steam 3 minutes 30 seconds cold and you're done with that series if you have issues with sinuses you should do that once twice even 3 times a day do what you've got to do take advantage of the natural remedy now there's another way if you don't have these fancy fomentations like I have or if your spouse or family member isn't home to help you do this properly you can do what I call the poor man's or the poor woman's hydrotherapy you get the shower. And says soap down with Castiel soap to get all all the toxins off your body Ok And then as soon as you're done with that turn then water as hot as you can take it right on your throat and your chest area don't burn yourself use common sense Ok. But the 1st the 1st time you do it go be a little bit conservative see what you can handle and then for 3 minutes just leave the of that water pouring down your neck area stimulating and gorge Mina your lymphatic system and the capillaries in that area to draw immune cells to that area and then you go cold for it for 30 seconds now in California. It's actually not cold it might to me it might feel a little bit cold to us locals but if you grew up in Michigan or Wisconsin Minnesota or anywhere else you know a cold really is a shower right and actually that's the best the extremes in temperature are the best it really activates the immune system nicely so you go back and forth just like this steam therapy 3 minutes 30 seconds you do that 3 series and then at the end by the way the 2nd and 3rd time you can actually go harder because your body is now capable transmitting more. So you do that at least once so if you're feeling early signs the early symptoms of flu of any kind or viral respiratory illness of any kind or really any infection of any kind take advantage of optimizing your immune system in that way. And you can do that once a day twice a day 3 times a day so the more severe your case the more aggressive you gotta be to do that's a form of passive exercise to get circulation going and as the cold and hot comes it it basically massages the live phatic So they see immune cells get activated by the viruses and then are able to dramatically increase what we call spontaneous blast the Genesis where the the b. cells the white blood cells the b. cells are able to generate a tremendously higher level of antibodies against a very specific virus that's in question Ok so so that that's that's it now another important thing about hydrotherapy is soon as you're done with hydrotherapy you need a 20 minute nap. Remember the importance that we emphasized on rest the Dr Charles Thomas. Who who is one of my major professors at Loma Linda University it was a a also a physical therapist who ran his own hydrotherapy clinics and basically gave talks all around the world on how to do hydrotherapy appropriately he taught me how to do this I have to actually spend some time it is Clinic and Banning California and. And he basically said make sure that after every session. That you say a good prayer with the patient. And then you put it put it put him to bed rest for at least 20 minutes prefer play you do it at the end of the day when they can actually sleep through the night and that rest phase dramatically optimizes how the immune system can fight whatever is going on in the system so very very powerful strategy. Ok so. Soaking up the sun the now we're going into a combination of natural and simple remedies here this is this is extremely extremely important so let me just cut to the chase here. About 10 years ago I had the pleasure the privilege of going to a medical conference here in San Diego California and I was able to talk directly with Dr Robert Heaney who is a professor of medicine at Creighton University and Omaha Nebraska and published published 100 literally hundreds of studies on the power of vitamin d. and basically he stated that the way vitamin d. works and the vitamin that comes from sunshine. Is that it is the key that unlocks the genetic library that actually allows allows your body to with with vitamin d. access that allows you to go to the library and find the template the the master plan for developing the very chemotherapeutic chemical that is necessary to kill the specific virus or pathogen that is in your system so there's nothing more tailored to specificity nothing better than the body's own immune system if it has the tools to do its job and one of the one of the biggest challenges is that there is still so much conflict in information about vitamin d. being good vitamin d. bad oh you don't need to check your vitamin d. Well let me just tell you everybody should know their vitamin d. level Ok I know that you can find opinion statements in the medical journals to say you don't need to check your vitamin d. but in my opinion it's absolutely wrong it's a shame that we're not taking advantage of a simple test and by the way forget about asking your insurance company to pay for it Ok this is your health just do it Ok I know so many people they don't do anything unless insurance company pays for what even if you're dying you know or even if you could you could do something that would cure your health care insurance companies aren't there to take care of every medical need you have they just have their rules and if follow them so stop thinking that their guidelines are going to solve your problem because they probably won't in cases like this in particular so so tend to check your vitamin d. levels and get them tested so but bottom line is that there's a molecular and genetic basis for why vitamin d. is so critical and you want to have it in the upper range of normal. 3030 to 35 is not good enough and yet most of us who have never checked or vitamin d. are going to be under 30 unless you're supplementing vitamin d. right now you're probably going to be deficient Ok so so that's why I don't take my word for it test yourself Ok and take your own word for it I mean I typically don't like believing other people what they tell me I test it for myself right it's like the brilliance right test for yourself get to figure that out Ok so the reason that why vitamin d. supplementation is essential in this specially essential in times like this is because in the winter time if you're if you live above the 37th parallel which is the vast majority of Americans you are generating 0 vitamin d. for up to 6 months fall and winter even if you're outside all day Ok so so do not accept the arguments that even some of my colleagues colleagues raise that if you're just outside for 10 or 15 minutes with your hands in your face showing your kid all the vitamin d.. Maybe in the summer maybe but I haven't even found that to be true why because I measure people's vitamin d. and I have the last 20 years every single patient so I know. I used to believe the idea that if you just spend a little bit of time in the sun and your vitamin these would be great Ok but as soon as I started testing as soon as I tested my own vitamin d. level I learned it wasn't true because I was in Guam and I spent like an hour or 2 in this almost every day after lunch walking on the beach because I didn't I worked in the evenings as well so I would take a little break in the afternoon in my swimsuit walking on. The beach. Ok my vitamin d. levels were low even after doing that and I still don't believe that if you and your son sign a lot that your vitamin d. is good your only way you know is by checking and the only way to optimize that for most of us is to supplement it on average has to be 5000 units a day on average Ok but don't take my word for that test yourself and then figure out what your dose is based on your testing so by the way this is critical it may be the most critical single test that you can do to avert or prevent contamination with the virus when exposed Ok And and the development of symptoms after being exposed and the tendency to transmit that to others your vitamin d. level by itself may be the one of their rate limiting factors why it is one of the rate limiting factors and maybe one of the most important ones so make sure you take advantage of that Ok so the other thing is if you're on the sun into any time of the year. I call it the sun shadow standard it's basically a a phrase that describes your shadow if your shadow is longer than you are tall you're generating 0 vitamin d. and I guarantee if you go outside tomorrow. In the beautiful sunset and that we've been getting over the last couple days divide the sun has to be above 45 degrees in the sky before you generate any vitamin d.. And essentially there's only about an hour and a half maybe 2 hours in the day here in Southern California in the wintertime when you get that. So if you're out in the morning or in the late afternoon your shadows will be way longer than your then you are tall you're generating no vitamin d. it's still good for you it's still anti-viral on your body it's still good for your brain is still good for emotions but is generating 0 vitamin d. my point supplement vitamin d. appropriately Ok everybody should really be doing it. So all right see the key studies on this there was a group of $200.00 African Americans which are more likely to have low vitamin d. status why because their darker skin protects them from the damage from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation which means there is less of a tendency to produce vitamin c. because of the darker pigment of the skin so they're protected in that way but they're also the downside is that there vitamin d. status is going to be low by the way it doesn't matter if there's a match no matter what skin tone you have you're going to probably have low vitamin d. it's just on a scale Ok so so this group of African-American women by the way one of the big one of the best medical organizations to promote this concept of vitamin d. supplementation is the African-American nurses or so she because they were there trying to get the word out to to to everybody that is that is African-American or everybody who has darker skin tone your or you're prone to greater risk of vitamin d. deficiency so bottom line is if you supplement even a little bit of vitamin d. for a period of 3 years your risk of developing the seasonal flu drops by 2 thirds in other words those not getting even a little bit of vitamin d. were 3 times more likely to get the flu than those who are getting a little bit of vitamin c. is the should have been using 5000 or more but even small amounts is protective Ok so. There was a there was a powerful study here showing that. Yeah by the way if any of you need to leave I'm not going to be hurt at all if you need to leave basically time's up I regret that but I'm going to keep going Ok so if I want to come to finish this oh so don't hesitate really I'm serious this is going to be this is going to be available online so so if I don't want you to get stressed and then your immune system to d.p. the process because you're stressed and you've got somewhere else the be so so just do what you gotta do. I'm going to do what I got to do all right so that there was a key study here shown using schoolchildren and whether they were supplemented with even a little bit of vitamin d. and how that impacted the flu rate for that year bottom line this was this was 10 years ago and 2010 published an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and it in a sense. They the children were given a $1200.00 units a day which is again a super low dose they should be given more than that and but those who got a little bit during the winter months Ok actually were only 10.8 percent of them were diagnosed with the flu compared to their classmates that didn't get that they were randomized not to get the vitamin d. they had almost a 19 percent level of the flu so it was a dramatic increase risk of the flu basically if they got the vitamin d. they only had 30 percent 36 percent of the risk of getting to flu compared to those without the vitamin d. Now other words one 3rd of the normal risk with such a small dose. We should all be taking advantage of this in so what was really interesting here is that for kids with previous history of asthma. Their risk of flu in those taking the vitamin d. was only 17 percent or less than one 5th of those kids who had no vitamin d. supplementation So in other words the more likely our children are to have some underlying medical condition the greater the need is to take advantage of vitamin d. supplementation appropriately Ok same thing for tuberculosis you know tuberculosis has been a scourge of. The world and and even on the best medical therapies the the ability to fully eradicate tuberculosis is only like 7677 percent but if you just add vitamin d. and $10000.00 units per day to that for at least 6 months or more it becomes 100 percent eradicate and so vitamin d. isn't be all end all but it's a very important piece of the synergy that we need to be taken advantage of Ok now what are some practical stuff like just say like you say you go home tonight stress down talking about all this stuff and you start feel a sore throat and you wake up kind of a little little children a little sore you all my goodness you know and you know what happened to me. What do you do while you're ready you know all the natural things right hydrotherapy and in the diet and breathing and all that kind of stuff I spent some time outside the sunlight a couple times twice a day and then but here's what I would do with a vitamin d.. 1st of all unless proven otherwise if it's in the wintertime even here in Southern California I would recommend at least 5000 units of Vitamin d. a day many of my patients who actually know what their vitamin d. level is if it's not a ready into the $70.00 to $100.00 range I will give them $10000.00 units a day they Lee until we document that they're well into that upper end of the normal range and we don't want you to be above 100 but understand that it's not truly toxic based on the medical literature until you're well over 250 in your book and nobody gets that you know that's that you'd be taking a whole bunch of vitamin d. way more than you really need so in other words take take 5000 units a day unless you need more based on testing and then let's say What if you have symptoms right now well Ok you get you get a bottle of liquid vitamin d. and you take I like to get the bottles to have 2000 units per drop that's why if you need $10000.00 you take 5 drops but there's been actually published medical. Medical paper some years ago show basically answering this question well how much vitamin d. would be prudent to take as an acute dose if you're having symptoms of a cold or flu and the answer is that you can take up to a. 1000 it's actually officially it was 2000 units per kilogram here in America we don't think in kilograms and so basically it's just under $1000.00 units of Vitamin d. per pound of body weight per day for 3 days. Now that's actually a lot of vitamin d. Ok so if you weigh 100 pounds that's 100000 units a day for 3 days if you weigh 200 pounds that's 200000 units of Vitamin d. per day now that's what was officially published I tell you what I do what I suggest to my patients is I say you know what I've seen work over and over again is half that where you just take 50000 units at a time and take a quick story my mom and my dad and I were in Geneva the center of the World Health Organization attending a health conference at the World Health Organization and the 1st night in the hotel we had been sleep deprived for 2 nights because the the flights were delayed and in Washington and so we literally had 2 nights of very little sleep and so we ended up in Geneva and we were like Rashed and my mother who was. Who was 85 ish at the time she said I am coming down with a bad flu so how do you know this when I have feel like this I know I'm going to be out for at least a week. And we were like beginning a tour of Europe and a conference in Geneva that next day and so we're thinking well there goes our you know where we were on a speaking tour around Europe and I think are you kidding me what we're going to do and so fortunately I had a bottle not this one but this bottle bought this size of vitamin d. that I had taken in my carry on and so I said Mom open up so I took the dropper and I knew that one dropper full was about 50000 units of Vitamin d. and she obediently this is my mom she doesn't obey me ever but this time she she was willing to obey me she came up to me opened her mouth. Like a mama like a Mama hen I gave her the vitamin d. and she went to bed woke up the next morning I was fine now I know that's an end of one that's an anecdotal testimony or case study but I've seen that have been countless times not only to myself and family members but to multitude of patients it's powerful and out Tippett still feel a little bit off the next morning to do another for another $50000.00 later on that night if you still feel a little off another $50.00 and you do that for 3 or 4 days if you catch it early enough you probably will not get out in one day. Ok so that's how powerful vitamin d. is so so those are the strategies that are very very important now let me comment on a couple other things here. The There are studies and you've always heard from your parents don't walk around barefoot especially in a winner you know when I was a kid I would literally run out in the snow and the icy street in Michigan where it just just cut off snow sure you know. No shoes no socks and I would literally run around the block I thought those fine well that was horrible for the immune system this basically a study here just documenting the fact that you're much more likely you're you're you're basically. You're much more likely to come down with a cold the common cold if you expect if your feet are cold Ok So bottom line keep your tits is warm at all times is specially if you're at risk and you know when that is you know your body right you still don't let your feet get chilled over in fact don't let your body get shelled out Ok once you take a shower after you do the hydrotherapy the worst thing that you can do is walk around with with hair that sweat. You got a towel out thoroughly and use a hair dryer dry your entire body dry your hair thoroughly and then wrap up dressed up get warm and cover your titties Ok not just with socks because socks still don't get it you walk around on a bare floor with socks you still losing he a lot of heat through your feet which depresses your immune system be aware that Ok now there is this concept of 1st line therapy 2nd line therapy 3rd line therapy 1st line therapy or the natural remedies we are in the outline 2nd 2nd class their appeal would be the simple remedies including the nutritional supplements that can help boost immune system and 3rd line therapy would be using appropriate medications on this is true for all all chronic or Q conditions unfortunately right now with the novel coronavirus there is no medication for it now there may be some there was a couple anti-virals that were used for SARS that were considered to be somewhat effective but probably not nearly as effective as the things we've already addressed Ok so so let's jump into this. We're already dealt with the stress issue let me just say real quick that that if you're under stress figure out with it you know that. Because as I suggested earlier stress is one of the worst things for the immune system we've got to bring closure to stress Ok we've got to learn how to deal with it that doesn't mean our problems are solved immediately that means we're giving it to God or are you using appropriate counsel to discuss and pocket about it so that we can address those issues that the right time and not constantly worry about it because worrying is just destructive to our immune system so bottom line is if you're stressed your risk of the common cold and then the viral illness goes way up Ok so we've got to learn to deal with that one of the biggest Truss's in our life is the stress of unforgiveness feeling that we're not forget or are not being willing to forgive others and so there you know we done 90 minute talks just on this topic right here in this in this in this church but let me just say this forgiveness is the only prescription and entire universe that it's powerful enough to a lock the chemical bonds of hostility resentment and this and bitterness it is the medicine of greatest importance hostility and unforgiveness is in a sense inflammation is physical chemical inflammation in our body there one in the same day and so if we don't want to have inflammation that drives us into immune depression that drives us if we're sick and have severe symptoms and the sepsis and. Then we've got to get rid of unforgiveness and that's all I'll say about that for right now Ok so. So let me talk for just a few minutes on the topic of nutrient therapies I recently did a workshop that is available primarily to this ition is and and clinicians that deals with the power of nutrients as a primary intervention yes primary intervention for many medical disorders especially behavior all or a neurological disorder So Dr Bill Walsh has spent the last 40 years doing research and literally working with over 30000 patients that by doing specific laboratory tell us in figuring out how different nutrient the fish and seas or access is dramatically damage the body's health and Immune System 11 thing that he is well known for in particular is the relationship between copper and Zeke and we could spend a whole hour just on this topic in fact I just did a conference that spent 2 hours just on copper zinc racial everybody should have their Compazine gray cells checked because if you're copper is high that means you're toxic and if your sink is low any time sink is low your body absorbs more toxins and holds on to more toxins and toxins depressed immune system I don't think we have to explain that but so we want to get rid of toxins Now the other thing about Xena in particular and in particular the example that you see on the screen is doubt when you take zinc as a lozenge and hold it in your mouth at the back of your throat this is being actually kills viruses in your throat. And so one of the treatments if somebody has a viral has a cold or or any kind of viral infection that is that is respiratory related using zinc lozenges just makes perfect sense and I could I could cite dozens of studies on this we don't have time for that so we're just going to go on now what about what about this in a very interesting says this is Journal Veterinary Medicine 2018 the efficacy or the fact of this of oral iodine or I have died to prevent bovine respiratory disease complex this is was a very interesting study because it because it is this I said to begin at the introduction of the study that these bovine respiratory complexes occur when Adam moles are crowded together in wild animal markets and the like you know what was their cause in Ruhani city of this Corona virus outbreak it was actually directly caused by animals being in close contact with each other not not in sanitary conditions and they basically that virus in their body mutated to the point that it could spread to humans and then from human to human. So so in other words it was all about using iodine as a way to prevent spread of these viruses and so we've all known for well for 100 hundreds of years that I dine is a powerful anti-viral anti-bacterial antifungal and yet it doesn't get a lot a lot of notice because well you know the patent and I don ran out a long long time ago so so bottom line is that I dine is actually even been shown to be effective against Ebola virus and other really hard cold viruses so should we pay attention to the appropriate use of iodine is one of the many but effective anti-viral strategies that are simple and cheap absolutely So how do we do that how do we do this so the here's here is a study that looked at the enhanced meant respiratory mucosal anti-viral defenses right it's all about improving our empire viral defenses that are natural in the body already. By using this physiologic process of oxidation that occurs when we have adequate levels of disease in that area so so there is there is there is possible here is here is a bottle This is my bottle same one actually. Of liquid iodine this is a fairly diluted form of liquid iodine but But what I actually recommend to my patients is that people who have chronic post-nasal drip people have bark ons or this multiple antibiotic resistant coagulates negative staph bacteria and their sinuses people who have anything going on with their sinuses use use among various strategies that I recommend that are encouraged in the medical literature is just use the liquid idea Ok and it can you can actually spray. This right on your face he's actually in even even even right into your open eyes like this and that will actually help protect your eyes have a better barrier against viruses your face and and this more one of the a Nobel laureate. Back in 198045 discovered that when my swear exposed to a lethal mist of viruses they died but if you 1st swab their snouts with a little bit of appropriate iodine Ok And they did they used a swab and swab there now they didn't die. Ok why because the iodine I recited is powerfully antibiotic Ok so so anyways that this is so simple strategy so it's prudent Ok specially when we don't know what's going on is take a very good use a little bit of spray right in your hands Ok And so now now your hands by the way if you use and just Sanath hand sanitizer the best ones have I done in this is just kind of a quick easy way to bypass it just do this and you can spray it on your face you can spray it up in the air and just let it rest on you who knows maybe maybe the Chinese health workers were spread. Over over there probably. Would actually have been a good call all right so so I dine is another key strategy you can buy these snoot little bottles with the pharmaceutical grade cap application that you can unscrew and put on other bottles and use of that way so you can buy that on Amazon very easily and so so take advantage the simple strategy you know and if you have a runny nose if you have sinus congestion if you have symptoms take advantage of that you know 2 or 3 squirts each nostril 3 or 4 times a day why not when you got to lose Ok you have everything to gain there all right so. All right. I'm not going to go there. There is I have a whole section on sepsis and which is let me let me just get through this real quick the bottom line with sepsis is this is that they one of the biggest risk factors for it has to do with the inflammation that is triggered by Birol illness especially viral illness that is it mitigated by the pro print natural and simple remedies and so sepsis is far more likely to occur when we're loing the nutrients in our body especially vitamin c. in fact essentially 80 over 80 percent of individuals who have sepsis. Have extremely low levels of vitamin c. and many of them are actually a score Butin now their words their levels are so low that that is defined by having scurvy So there's so by the way substance is the number one cause of excess cost in hospitals number one cause period in hospitals not out of the 20 conditions out in expect you to read this I just wanted to show you that this was documented in 2013 sepsis is the number one expense and hospital care period Ok by pear and then diabetes is all the way down at 18 you know this was the last time you heard of a lecture about substances must pay attention to this and so just cutting to the chase the. The Dr Paul Merrick actually did some research on this a couple years ago Dr Eric Madrid who's a family physician and one of the main partners at ranch a family medical group here in to makea Linda Illinois empire of Southern California he shot me an email about a couple years ago and says Well yes let's say you've been talking about this for 20 years and like this this doctor is using relatively low dose i.v. vitamin c. one and a half grams every 6 hours to 2 basically dramatically increase the cure rate of sepsis in the emergency rooms or in hospitals. And yet he got all kinds of nasty letters from his colleagues for even talking about the potential value of vitamin c. and course you know he's just doing it because it's the right thing if other people don't agree then that's Ok but you know if somebody wants to get the benefit of it take advantage of the medical research that's been published on this and so he calls it the hat method where he gives in and Jack hydrocortisone vitamin c. and if I am in $200.00 milligrams once a day of the b. vitamin fireman in the treatment for severe sepsis in septic shock so so there's there's a lot more about that that we could talk about bottom line is is there's there's articles here that basically say this. The summary of should we supplement this was that published in 2818 rather by current opinions and critical care now there is somebody who's at risk of dying of sepsis and we're going to have a theoretical debate about whether it's safe for effective to use this hack therapy that uses hydrocortisone vitamin c. environment or do we do it and there's actually a lot a lot of doctors out there that they don't want to do it they just against the principle which. Is infuriating but but essentially they're saying here is short of course of intervene if I didn't see pharmacological those does seem to be a promising well tolerated and she adds even therapy to moderate the overwhelming oxidative stress in severe sepsis trauma and re profusion after a skiing via large randomized control trials are necessary to provide a more evidence before widescale implementation can be recommended they added that because they had to add in any peer review document that's the way it always is the bottom line is that I or a child of mine or a friend of mine in something a hospital within a risk a subset. I want to make sure they're in a hospital that's willing to do this protocol because there are plenty of them out there Ok so. So that they they the bottom line here there's all kinds of reasons why this is beneficial and and he hears here's here's the key point undivided and see a lot of people says well it's just not natural to take vitamin c. you know as a supplement it's just not natural really Ok what about Is it natural that we have a mutation we as humans have a mutation one of the few species on earth amongst amongst including. Monkeys apes and. Guinea pigs and bats Interestingly enough I think that's one reason this mutatis current virus mutation came from bats that's the current most likely opinion on why and where this where the reservoir of this current virus came from is bats best can make their own bottom see whereas every other Manimal almost 99 percent of species on this earth can take glucose sugar and is a magically converted into vitamin c. And so for instance a a goat that is 70 kilograms can naturally makes 2000 to 4000 milligrams of Vitamin c. every day in a healthy state this is why in zoos if gorillas are supplemented 4000 milligrams of Vitamin c. a day they get sick because in the while they eat so many plants are getting about 4000 milligrams of Vitamin c. Ok so so this is very interesting how that works now if that go became sick it would immediately start producing the equivalent of about 20000 milligrams of Vitamin c. for that day. That's just the genetics in the physiology of it so now that you know you can't make vitamin c. and you're at you're at a. You're at risk because of that you have a couple choices to make fortunately in our technology we have access to vitamin c. and we should be taking advantage of it that's the bottom line I'm safe specially if we're concerned about our immune system right now we should be taking a lot of vitamin c. in divided doses throughout the day that would be equivalent to what an abnormal of our weight typically makes him that's what that's what a lot Linus Pauling the 2 time law Nobel laureate had was saying 35 years ago and by the way he's considered by those who knew him to be the smartest scientist not of just his generation but in the last couple 100 years he was considered the Smarter than Albert Einstein he could look at a problem in Understand that was without doing the research and I saw smart this guy was and many people just laugh at him while they laugh at him because they don't have the wisdom and the intelligence that he had All right so. Bottom line Ok so so basically I recommend that you just take a little bit of vitamin c. every day and. There's there's really no downside to it. And basically you make sure you don't take so much that you get watery stools and that's pretty much the rule Ok now here's the trick if. I if you're sick if you have a viral condition or some type of illness your body absorbs a tremendous amount of vitamin c. so you can basically if you're taking vitamin c. to bottle a tolerance your ball tolerance increases dramatically and you can you can literally take up to 2030 grams a day if you're sick. Ok if you try to do that when you're not sick you're going to be on the toilet all day long Ok another words be prudent pay attention follow the science and so vitamin c. can be an effective ad Juba. To support them use system and it is directly viral sidle and anti-inflammatory and anti toxic so it helps basically put sensually limit their risk of developing severe symptoms if you do get exposed another another quick and well most on here another quick strategy of just giving you a couple of the things that that would just seem reasonable for everybody to be aware of there's a whole bunch of things that you can do we don't have time for all that but as I've as I've worked with top positions and nutritionists around the world and helping individuals be healthy as possible especially if they have chronic conditions chronic immune related conditions they and a tendency to catch every little bug that comes around whether it's bacterial fungal or viral. Bile site and spray. Can be used for the throat it's powerful it's actually more potent in the other strategies than in liquid itis more potent it's an herbal concoction that is developed by one of the top nutraceutical firms and essentially it can just knock out if you have a sore throat and use it right away it'll knock that out within within hours sometimes and so it's not tolerated by everybody but it's worth a try something that would be prudent to have in your own natural medicine cabinet. So it's called Bio Sidon and you can take you can take one of these misters and put it on top of that same bottle and you can spray that into your sinuses as well or in your throat just be a little bit more careful with that compared to the iodide because it's it's more potent right so you just Alright so that's one probiotics if if if you're if you want to optimize your new system consider using a this is the one I personally use but there are many good brands out there just making sure you're using a good clinical grade pharmaceutical grade brand that has multiple strains and roughly you know this one has 20000000000 units cell forming units per capsule but it's not just probiotics it's the prebiotics and prebiotics are the food for the probiotics to optimize the the the immune system the gut so the micro biome can be enhanced in optimized up to 80 percent of your immune system resides in the gut because they gulp gastric associated or associated lymphatic tissues and and that. Lymphatic tissue response to the micro biome. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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