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COVID-19 Information for Churches and Schools

Wes Youngberg Dan Houghton
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Dr. Wes Youngberg shares information regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus as pertains to churches and schools.



  • February 28, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Well I want to welcome those who may be viewing this video we're on the 28 that February 2020 and my name is Dan Houghton I have the privilege of sitting down with Dr West young bird my good friend and we are just going to be talking about the issues related to the corona virus which that whole issue is sweeping our world I believe over 50 countries now $59.00 countries we think of as us today and we're sitting here in our own church this is our Fallbrook 70 evidence church where we're both members and this is our worship community. But not every church Not every school has the privilege of having someone like a Dr West young bird in their midst so we decide to sit down just talk right talk about what this means and Wes give just a little bit of a background I'm going to Dr Younger Yes I'm going to go back and forth with Wes we're just friends here talking what you give anybody who might be watching this a little bit of an idea why this is a path a passion to you what your background your education your study on this is well I became very interested in health when I was a young kid in my early teenage years and my mother was diagnosed with cancer we were missionaries in South America and to make a long story short that changed my life that made me very aware that life can be taken from you you know that people that you care the most about can be taken away from you at a moment's notice and so I became very interested in health I became very interested in this some of them as health message I read and as an 8th grader I read the book ministry of healing and it it just instilled within me a deep passion to learn how to be healthy not just to stay healthy but to really gain help once lost and so those are critical issues that are before us as we're as is globally we're face. With a very significant threat to our health and the health of our family members especially those family members that are most at risk but have underlying medical conditions like diabetes which we have discussed many times and and like heart disease and c o p d or asthma or the lung conditions of those are the people that are that are dying at a very high case fatality rate it when exposed and infected with the new novel coronavirus are coded 19 virus so so we it's important that people wake up I've been talking to every patient every day I've been talking to church members and I get this deer in the headlights there from them like wow you know I heard on t.v. there was no big deal oh and Borat other hand you might hear someone freaking out I know you can't buy anywhere of the California right now the mast in 95 master sold out people are scrambling where so on the what do you have those who. Say there's no problem in the other hand you have people that are freaking out right and of course freaking out is the worst thing you can do because if if you're stressed out at a time like this it actually depresses your view system such that now you're more susceptible to be infected and more susceptible if in fact that they develop serious complications so so we need to look at this from a realistic perspective but then we need to come up with strategies that have been shown in the past from from the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1800 to be very successful and we can share that information now our goal tonight is not to do a 6 hour marathon of why it's important and what to do about it how to prevent being infected how to manage and treat infections that has already been done in this church a month ago you know 4 weeks ago February the 1st we had a 2 hour and 10 minutes. That's when that that's when the video cut out I actually went longer than that presentation and I know right I think there is somewhere north of 8000 people who have watched it on You Tube and I know I had one friend tell me today that they had shared it with over a 100 people so a month ago you were doing that and I just before we jump into this is one more thing I want to say. As a businessman and very concerned about the spiritual health of myself and my and my friends and the people that I care about I have as a matter of philosophy never ever wanted to make a decision based on fear right Ok when you start making decisions in the business world based on fear or even in the spiritual world based on fear is not going to turn out necessarily so well but an abundance of caution being realistic as you said a moment ago and saying Ok what do we need to do to appropriately handle this now some people right now because of the politics that are in our country and in the world. Which this would go away and of course we always that wasn't happening and at on the other hand there are people who are you know they've see a boogie man behind every bush I think we're going to try to look at what is real and what are strategies that a local church can use and what are strategies that school can use and so that's the approach on abundance of caution. Absolutely absolutely and that let me just 1st let me just say a little bit about my background for maybe individuals that aren't aren't aware of the type of work that I do I actually because of my interest in lifestyle medicine I chose to take maybe a track that was different than most and ended up getting the doctor the public health n preventive care which is essentially lifestyle medicine and had the privilege of about 16 years ago to be one of the founding directors of the American College of lifestyle medicine I'm a fellow with that organization I'll have a master's in nutrition but I have a lot of background in epidemiology because you have to if you're going to do a doctor in a public health and and so that we need to actually listen to what the experts the professors at Harvard and the mathematics modelers at Los Alamos National Laboratory what they're saying based on information that they've been able to glean over the years and decades in optimizing the way they can forecast they can project into the future very precisely what is about to happen so let me just read a couple things real quick that that come from medical journals here January the 31st the Lancet one of the best medical journals in the world published a report by Dr Gabriel down and colleagues at the University of Hong Kong and they were extremely concerned about what had been happening for the previous month or more in China so we're good 3 months out now and we're seeing we're reaping the whirlwind right now and on February the 28th and we need to get serious about this so hey this is what he said essentially 4 weeks ago and left substantial public accountant interventions Abdullah the popular. Ition and personal levels are implemented immediately into pendent self-sustaining out bricks outbreaks in major cities globally could become inevitable because of substantial exploitation a priest's symptomatic cases preparedness plans a mitigation intervention should be readied immediately Now this is something that was shared with the entire world 4 weeks ago and. There are still people that aren't paying attention to the still people at high levels Philp still a lot of doctors are or media people are still thinking our men and this is no worse than the common flu in fact the common flu has killed more people let me put that concern to rest it's true that presently the common flu has killed far more people. Some projections are between 10 and 25000 and that's the he thought this flu season alone have a ready succumb died because of the flu the common flu. The seasonal flu back in the case fate out of the rate or that compared to the number infected is that 0 point one percent if that the case fatality rate or the coal bed 19 is is at the low end of the spectrum right now at $2.00 That means that that the likelihood of dying from the Corona virus coded 19 right now is at least 20 times higher than if you get the flu. They sell sell sell if we need to put that aside and that information is malpractise in reporting in my opinion so that's that's published in The Lancet Well Dr Robert Redfield who's the director of the c.d.c. And I understand a viral a just I'm self when I record that here the 12 and stat news insane right now we're in a containment strategy we now we were sitting in California right now where just a few hours ago the 2nd human to human transmission. Confirmed transmission of the corona virus. Has occurred in an individual who had no relationship to China no travel to China or to anybody else who had traveled to China so. We What does that tell us and terms of how our own level of preparedness for as a family and as a church family as a community as a country as a state so Dr Redfield made a point that that this was 2 weeks ago that that intil they have confirmation of or generations of transmission that is somebody who's infected in the u.s. Maybe they brought it back from China or wherever they in fact somebody else who then infect somebody else who then infects a 4th individual and we know that the are not for the repeat reproduction number the basic reproduction number of Kobe 19 is is way above 3 is being projected between 4 and 6.7 or so and that is the number of people that are infected by each in fact that person. Ok so this is huge as in terms of how how the doubling rate occurs exponentially over time so in the in the money world we talk about the principle company correct same things happening here it made you get paid a penny today and then 30 days it's millions and millions in this case it's anywhere from 2 and a half to 4 days it doubles it doubles it doubles and so that's why we cannot wait until we have. A thorough investigation of every little case before we make a decision of what to do about it and this is where where South Korea and other countries as Singapore are doing a much better job than what we are right here in the United States to testing a lot of people to see where the clusters are in the jumping on and right away if you wait until somebody becomes in some symptomatic of the sensually out allowed that person to in fact potentially several generations of people and and we can't have that will we will lose that game or at least will crew will allow excessive morbidity sickness and mortality death if we don't catch them early and so the so that is why this is such a critical issue for churches and schools if we actually wait until until we notice wait a minute so and so is it actually sect and and maybe next week we'll have a test test kits to to use because hardly anybody has tested as yet her designs $200.00 to kill Yeah so there's you can't wait to confirm the case with with with the swab test because the cuts aren't available yet and so by the time we wait for many people to get sick that means it's already spread everywhere and we risk. Substantial liability by allowing it to go that far so we need to walk fully have a discussion of what this is mean to us as for churches for pastors for for church board says how do they provide leadership within that church to number one minimize the possible transmission where we need to assume at this point Dan that there are people around us that are ready in fact that it would be irrational not to assume that and the reason for that is because it's real yes and because we can actually see we have hindsight in our favor because we can see what has happened with other countries when they haven't acted soon enough and right now an example of that is South Korea and Italy in our world right now and Germany I read a little bit about that this morning so let's say that a pastor is watching this conversation and he's thinking about his church because in South Korea I read a news article that it was a 61 year old woman who had no symptoms at all had no idea she had covered 19 and she went into a church her church family and that I believe if I recall correctly news said that over half of the church a huge number became infected with it and that was part of the beginnings of what happened in South Korea in what church a pastor what should a pastor do to keep a balance between scaring everybody at the same time. Finding a way to approach this makes sense of course we want to pray we want to see divine guidance in these things but God expects us to have a job will the bible says My people are lost because of a lack of knowledge and one things we're trying to do here is to provide knowledge so what would a pastor would be your you know if you were to make a 3 or 4 or 5 items What should a pastor be thinking about doing in a local church so the challenge is that knowledge is readily available everywhere and because of the enter that we have access to. An exponential amount of knowledge how do we apply that in a way where we truly understand the ramifications so has now come Gladwell said you know we. There's there's a lot of knowledge out there. But there's not much understanding we have lots of the former very little of the latter and so my goal is to make sure that we present this and such a way that people understand that so that they actually take action because unless we take action prayer will do us no good at all and then we have a back and thinking about it and knowing about it is not going to save you either. Strategies you've got to implement so let's just in 2 minutes real quickly set the stage for why this is so critical from a numbers perspective Ok the professor Mark let's start at Harvard University School of Public Health he's been on the news a lot lately and a very smart individual an epidemiologist and he has estimated based on the best mathematical modeling that between anywhere between 40 and 70 percent of the entire world's population will be infected with coronavirus $1000.00 so others others have have asked them aided around for around 5060 percent. The the if you look at if you look at the numbers let's just assume statistically for a moment Dan that 50 percent of Americans get infected it may be far less than that maybe more than that based on Los Alamos National Laboratory suggesting it's going to be it's going to be around that 160000000 people dead yes so we have a 330000000 people that live in the United States right now so about $165000000.00 individuals would potentially be infected Now the good news is and this is you know we can share the good parts of this as well the good news is that even a even if we look at the data from China which you know we have to take a little bit with a grain of salt because the data from China has an hour we've been accurate but even if we look at that carefully 81 percent of people who are infected. By the coronavirus called it one thing actually did find they had my own symptoms if any at all and they did not require any medical attention they did not require hospitalization of any kind so the the the key here is that we want to be if we get infected we want to be part of that 81 percent of salute the problem is that that 1000 percent just rounded up to 20 percent is huge so 20 percent of 50 percent is 10 percent of the entire population which is 33000000 individuals potentially for this nation for 3 just the United States alone and and those would be people that would need significant medical attention hospitalization maybe on the floor a soul so about 3 fourths of those would need basic medical attention but where they can't be they can't do that at home they need they need a doctor watching over the profession the roughly 5 percent or quarter of those people that need attention are going to be critical and the data out of China is 49 percent case fatality rate if you go critical half of you will die that has to be considered guys so what the problem is is that is that that represents what a quarter of. A quarter of 33000000 right is is what around 88000000 people and there's no on that or not half of hospital care for that I think I read that there's 925000 hospital beds and in the United States and out of that is like 95000 and critical care or in that's correct 95000 i.c.u. you beds so. So I you know I just talked with individuals a level in the universities their mobile lives in for the they're getting ready to you know expanding their hospital in the parking lots I mean they're there they're going to be ready for this I think hospitals across that bash and that we need to do our part we can't just expect hospitals to do their part because they're only going to be able to do a small part of this or there's only so many hospitals and so many beds and so and so that the 1st thing is number one seeking to prevent to be infected to follow all the precautions that we're ready understand we don't have to go over those church flats and there's one anyone who's watching as one to say that we have already got video over 6 hours of videos right with all of this detailed that you can go onto the Fallbrook Adventist You Tube channel and you'll be able to see those That's right and then so that that that presentation was given or weeks ago tomorrow that's right and then last weekend I did a whole series at the coming to a real service them in this church which is on their You Tube channel but it's also I trimmed it up. To put it on my You Tube channel which is just west younger you can find it there so there's a lot of information available take advantage of the I want to end with this this call to his sobriety to watchfulness to prepare this and as I was preparing for a sermon I gave on this just last weekend. You know preparing for the end Think of all. I was looking at the statistics with South Korea just 4 days earlier South Korea had learned that they were had they had a problem and they had in just 4 days an 8 fold Absalom mantra rising cases now to their credit what they have done is they have to my understanding already tested 35000 people well. Only here in the United States as of a few days ago we had only tested $455.00 total for the entire nation so so you see the South Korea was far more prepared to get a handle as what's going on where are the clusters of infected people that that are able to be tested with even early symptoms not sun so the viewer sometimes that they would allow testing so so fortunately this is going to be that's going to change it here in the United States but not until probably next week and essentially we need to have this testing kit in the hands of every doctor and every clinic and every hospital to be able to test anybody who comes in with any some things that are possibly related to. 19 so so in other words for those who think that we are overreacting we just reviewed the actual medical literature on this and and there's no way that people can rationally say that we're overreacting in fact in fact if anything we've reacted too late you know. So but we need to still act so you ask the question what what should a pastor be aware of number one is to is to wake up. And maybe maybe read I think it's page 104 in the book this ire of ages. The book of John the Baptist in the wilderness where where he saw his people. This is the dead asleep in their sense they just you know everybody go on about their religious duties and everything was. Happy enough where waiting for the Kingdom of God to be implemented on the earth and you know every everybody's Ok but they're asleep in their sense and I think that most people are asleep they're there they're absolutely not aware of the tsunami that's coming our way so so that number one is pay attention to what the actual research is saying with the actual epidemiologists the world's smartest people in the area of modeling epidemics what they are saying and that was some government official is saying that may not be able to speak frankly at this moment. So that's number one number 2 is recognize that for all in all likelihood there's a ready and that the rules present in our own churches here in California and really all around the world would be true anywhere in the world right now because this epidemic has been fomenting for now over 3 months I think you said 59 countries you read 59 countries are ready documenting a problem and of course that documentation is probably came a month or more later than it should have so. What are the implications for thinking people that care about their church members that care about their students and their education institutions. And so I remember that as as I as I did my presentation last that or last actually the. Presentation was on Saturday afternoon that we did you called me up you were doing to determine that you called just the right the middle of the servants and we basically had made a quick decision right before church readers do not shake hands and so what I said he said I said did not greet each other with the holy kiss a hug or a handshake and tell further notice that to me some people were grumbling at all you know we used to be the friendly church and the you know this is so bad you know we need to love each other yes but not in a way that makes us sick and that spreads an epidemic remember what happened in South Korea South Korea has has been very aggressive at figuring out what to do but what they were not able to stop initially was that super spreader that came into a large Congregational Church infected dozens and dozens and dozens of people and she had no idea and they had no and so here's the key even on the news today February 28th prior to coming to church to film this they say was there was a big scare in. Various areas of California because of what happened at u.c. Davis Medical Center where somebody came and was transferred from and by another from another hospital clearly already on a respirator clearly critically ill but they had they did not meet all the criteria required to to get a test kit for that night pain because that person had not been to China and had not had not been around anybody else to their knowledge they had been to China and so and. So literally they waited 4 days before they finally pulled some strings with the c.d.c. to get to get the inside of the kit and then she tested positive while the ramifications of this are the number one is that they had to self quarantine almost 100 health care workers from u.c. Davis Medical Center because of the exposure they had been protecting against droplet transmission 3 to 6 feet sneezing and coughing they had not been following the precautions for aerosol So this can spread very easy this is not like other epidemics that we've had this is much more infectious than what we've seen and is that I've heard it said that this is like a cold is that well you know transmits yes and no this is very much like a cold that's what makes it so deadly because this spreads like a cold except it's it spreads anywhere from $2.00 to $4.00 times faster than a cold or then the flu. So it's really more like more like a flu in terms of how it spreads and remember if you're waiting for a vaccine fine but we know that that's going to be a while but understand that the vaccine even when when it matches well to the to the seasonal flu we still get many tens of thousands of deaths or up to that much per year so a vaccine even if it works well and it doesn't have any negative side effects Well it will not solve the problem especially because this virus seems to be uniquely their land and tricky and how it impacts the body so so that's why we need to we need to 1st and foremost have our own public health our own Mosaic Law see a will where where where we're forcing in our own church is guidelines that are prudent that are biblical that that are make sense and what would be appropriate for any public health organization to endorse Ok so no shaking hands yeah absolutely that's one of our things in our society and they would shake a hand that's a really positive thing and we've got to go through a kind of a miss of one of the things that you know one of the things we can learn from our our. Church members in India is that instead of shaking hands maybe maybe do the prayer sign of praying for your brother even though I mean that's what we were doing is telling the bomb but even that's a little bit more contact than we really should be to because you could still be transmitting right so remember that the challenge here is that even talking you and I they gather just just normal talking could potentially be transmitting viruses so so that's why we need to number one and this is not you know this is not rehearsed we haven't even prepared for this we just we're just done talk and hour ago we decided to do this so this is just speaking from the heart and the number one is we need to minimize any physical contact. And that's going to be hard in a church setting because we're used to hugging and greeting kissing sometimes hand shaking and so the friendlier the church the higher the risk so we need to stay friendly but basically appropriately state this from the pulpit and make sure that the greeters are clear about this and that this is this is stated up front no we're not shaking hands we're just greeting each other with the holy greeting that doesn't mean we don't love you in fact we do love yeah we love and I care for you so much I'm not going to shake your hand. And don't worry about it if a Chinese fellow comes our lady comes up to you want to shake your hand says I'm not going to shake your hand because I care for you that's right and I'm not shaken anybody's hands back in fact I have limited a policy in my clinic a week ago because Because what I do doesn't require the patient to be present that they do it by phone or by video conference so I'm just minimized I'm here because you're protected up so in our churches number one we don't have to get together for Bible study we could do that virtually That's right we can't we don't have to have any meetings any board meetings I mean you tell what you did just recently you know I just I have a board meeting this past Tuesday night but I was scheduled to go back to a meeting in Kentucky and I made the decision after a conversation we had earlier that I would tie in by zoom and I did that those whom is a video conferencing platform that she was just like you and I are talking us right sepsis a computer screen and I can infect the computers because right and there were 3 of us that participated in the meeting zoom and just an abundance of caution Yes So so number one we should only have meetings and person if they're absolutely necessary. So that's a really record day so if the is if this is early on there's you know we keep hearing that the threat to individuals is very low all I would say well the threat of having a 4th of July weekend right now is also very low but if common for sure the difference here is that this 4th of July the well is going to come much sooner in fact we're even at the door so if action is already in California we know that it's already most likely in every State of the nation it's probably in every country around the world and the countries that are not reporting are the countries that are simply not able to properly figure this out and so so the bottom line is that we need to assume that there's individuals in our congregation that are ready infected but not necessarily symptomatic So if anybody in our congregation is symptomatic they should absolutely not be in church communing with anybody they should be whole and resting and we learned from the Adventist seminary there nor We have been as a seminary in the west of Minneapolis Minnesota during the Spanish flu in 1918 that is soon as somebody had even the earliest symptoms fever which is a temperature of $100.00 or higher so everybody should have a thermometer and should be checking it out on a daily basis of your feet if your temperature goes to $100.00 or higher you should stay home you should not go out you should go anywhere you should stay home and protect and rest and relax and by the way I just want to say in our church we stream every Sabbath the worship service so a person that is ill is still able to connect. What's happening absolutely the technology so so we're actually at the point. As a church as a community where we could actually communicate very effectively face time on phones. Video conferencing on computers we can have we can have 304-051-0200 people all together being able to talk to each other and listen to a lecture and interact with each other through video conferences so there's we need to be thinking about implementing those strategies because if we don't do it it's going to be imposed on us later so we should expect that within a period of weeks if that. That there's going to be strong pressure by the government to to close down public public facilities schools and discourage people from going to church now that's not this that's a good thing if it's going to protect the public but that doesn't mean that we can't have church in other words you know we're in this church right now and this just you and your wife and you say who's the you know the mastermind behind filming this so there's just 4 people in here but eventually they are going to be thousands and thousands of people who watch this while church services can be streamed live in many churches and if your church doesn't you can find one that does this right there there's them there's literally thousands of Sta churches with then the United States alone that stream an average Sabbath and so so we need to start thinking about other options and with even if someone is isolating like this they still need to stay use their telephone and stay socially connected absolutely numbers and friends and family so isolation is this. Goal so it doesn't get passed on or got to get worse but you still need that emo gap so what we want to maintain that high touch connectivity without actually touching someone that's right we can touch somebody emotionally but not physically And one of the things we did here in this church we did this 4 weeks ago after you had the 1st presentation here is we have the pumps all around here or people can wash their hands and not wash but but you had a hand sanitizer as sanitizers those those simple little things you know I'm thinking of those things that people can do another thing that we need to do with churches 1st of all the individuals that the greatest risk right now are those with underlying medical condition. Those with diabetes heart disease those with lung conditions as in the seal p.d. and really for their best interests it would actually be better if they for now stayed home from church until we get a handle on this because right now there's just too many questions and there's a strong likelihood that they're going to be the 1st to fall in this battle sure Ok so we know from the research from China that the case fatality rate for those those type of individuals is as high as 10 percent. One out of 10 who gets who get infected. And end up dying and that's would a way too high and people don't have to if they take proper precautions that's right the other the other precaution than would be how we we like to pass the the offering plate and course I was just just last Sabbath's as after my sermon preparing for the unthinkable I was actually titled The. Wellness implications of the parable of the 10 virgins so it's a parable prepared in a parable of 5 wise virgins but also 5 foolish virgins so we don't want to be among the 5 who these churches or 5 louche educational institutions that waited until the government to shut them down and now their students are stuck either in quarantine in the dormitories or or or they're not able to travel and so they are stuck for that reason. So we need to be thinking I will talk more about that a little bit so so it's this gentleman that at church sat next to be a potluck. And I knew I knew what he was thinking because I was thinking that too I happen to be the 1st one to go through Pollock because I was a speaker and I was going to be doing a question and answer period it 2 o'clock. But as I did that I had to pick up every use and so spoon and and put food on my play and so if I had been infected every single person that came after me would have been exposed to that virus and so so they're in there in our lunch this gentleman came and sat down right next to me and he was listening to the conversation and in a few minutes I realized that he's a physician a trained that University of San Francisco Medical School and he said. A question about the viral transmission here in the spotlight line this you know this mortgage board you know serve yourself and. And I said you're right you're right that's a mistake to mistake it so we are self set in our way as this is a scene even those of us that are most keenly aware of health principals will let something go because we're so used to it and and so his point was that minimum you should have servers at each area serving people so that they're not touching the utensils so so but it raises a larger question that it's very difficult to do potluck. Because of the preparation itself that the individuals who prepare the pot could potentially be transmitting the virus without realizing it and of course nobody would want to do that intentional Right right and so. You know I hate that he did say that to Boyce that concern but prudence with dictate from a public health standpoint to who had to tell we have a better handle on this to not have potlucks we should be the whole idea of going out to a restaurant how do you know that the people who prepared the food for you are in fact that how do you know no matter what ethnicity they are how do you know that the people sitting in the table next to you don't have that infection so for the near future let me just go back over somebody's watching and maybe wondering comes number one for strategy eliminate physical contact contact No more shaking hands at least for the time being and keeping that down number 2 was to make sure that like you were talking about the offering plates often plays a way to do that would be to have the deacon stand at the door and people put the offering in as they leave so as not being passed. And also in Iowa and then did they have the issue of transmission because of the offering itself too and we need to be online you can that we have online giving people can actually give their tithes and offerings online and that there's no that would be the safest way to do it and so and thirdly would be public's right and then we talked about that that the elderly who who would need contact more than anybody the elderly or people who get no physical contact all week and they come to church and that's the only time that they might get one hog a day and they crave that but. If the elderly have any underlying health concerns they should stay home and then we should be in touch with them we should contact that we should make sure they're Ok And that idea strategy and passion is think about for those who do end up self quarantining or otherwise have a way of staying of mobilizing the church to stay in touch and that would be the role of the pastors and elders to actually set up like. Little groups of support groups like we're going to take care of you fact that's one thing we're going to have to end up doing is there's going to be people who don't prepare at all for this and they're going to need food they're going to need supplies and so that's one of our roles as a community church is to help address those issues effectively and appropriately as the flip side of this is you know we've got the old and the the people who have underlying medical conditions they really need to stay away from groups crowds. The so they should be encouraged appropriately to stay home and be in touch with us virtually. And then we can bring things to them and so forth the then the young families if anybody has had a temperature or a cough during the wee prior they should come to church. No matter how otherwise healthy your are you know you could be the strongest and healthiest person and the world but if you have a cause you are you may be able to handle it yourself but you're affecting other people that might not be able to handle and we don't even if you say even if someone's self. Teens and doesn't come to church we don't want to get in the habit. We want them to be once once this is over we want people in church raised their way into church you know and I heard it pains me to even be recommending that people not come to church in certain situations but prudence dictates that we need to if you we just heard today the pope Francis is now is now sick and they're saying he has cold symptoms while cold symptoms are also sent them that relate to 2 more serious conditions and he has come pretty certain situations Kovan one teen as well and so he had been out shaking hands with a lot of people he was comforting some of the yeah and so we need to be careful how we comfort others so that we don't end up effecting many many other people because the the u.k. is that's is not to say that I have I'm actually sick but don't know if I could transmit the virus to you it would actually take up to $12.00 to $14.00 days or longer before you show any symptoms or you receive any indication that you have that you have a problem during those those 2 or more weeks you could have infected many many people are and have no clue Yeah and so but that's why we're presenting this in this program is so that we don't we don't. Inadvertently become a Typhoid Mary and in fact potentially dozens of other individuals some of which will go to their grave early because of our thoughtlessness or our unwillingness to pay attention to what's really have or our lack of knowledge so I fear you have young children and you have children with runny noses and coffee. Stay home you know take care of your children at home watch the program bring everybody together for the services it can be a great church home experience and then connect with your so your group of individuals that the church put you together with to to support you but don't don't just come to church because that's your one religious experience a week because you're now potentially infecting people that might not make sure this seems like a good time to interject another thought was if someone has a family member or someone else that they're responsible to care for live in the same house with us or close by and that person becomes infected and you're going to caring for them you're going to be exposed That's right take this paper I've been holding I've been wanting to bring it up and talk about this this actually is a is a reprint of the I don't know their new union Reaper which is the 7th the evidence magazine printed in in early 1900 this is the date on this Actually I think is in December of 1900 her ect before we had all the end of bioethics before we had all the parts Big Pharma and all the things that we have is no vaccines no anti-virals and here is the 1st part of this which was kind of just an extra thing is talking about all the church schools in South Dakota and all of these is talking about how the teachers were all involved in helping taking care of sick students and families and there were people that were caregivers as well as those being cared for I couldn't help but just be fascinated reading that but the big story is the seminary and Hutchinson tell us about that so it will briefly and we expand on this story significantly and the presentations that are on You Tube. Essentially the then the. The building that. Housed the majority of students and faculty at this Danish Norwegian 7th they had been a seminary near Minneapolis Minnesota. Was huge huge building imposing looking building 130 people living in the 120 people in the building NY any of them became infected with the Spanish flu they came down with symptoms as diagnosed by the resident physician Well this is ition had been trained by the principals of the sanitariums of the day John Harvey Kellog and others and he knew exactly what to do and so he had a nursing staff where he immediately impose a bed Corentin of complete bed rest for individuals that showed any symptoms at all a fever again a temperature of $100.00 Fahrenheit or higher or a cough or a runny nose or sneezing or malaise we just feel how man I am myself or you know why am i feel so bad why am sighs all tired and so any of those symptoms whatsoever they were told that you need to stay in bed now the beauty of this program is out they stayed in bed and they were given plenty of water they were given the healthy plant based diet and they under the watchful eye of the nurse to make sure they did. Start start studying or doing something that they should do while within a day or 2 most of them would get well. And course you know what you and I would be tempted to do or I mean we've got to get back to work we've got things to do you know we're already behind by 2 days but. The physician in charge imposed imposed a therapeutic strategy where this the students or faculty who had been sick had to remain in bed for at least 2 days after they fully recovered under the watchful eye of the nurses and and then many of them actually stayed in bed for 5 days after a full day recovery because there was a significant risk of relapse the Spanish Flu took took people and waves there were 3 main waves over a years time of the Spanish flu that killed between between 50 and 100000000 individuals worldwide now and that was at a time when the world's population was one quarter of what it is now so that was very very deadly pandemic while this pandemic has all the earmarks in fact it has a greater infectivity or are not reproduction number then this vanished flu you know one of the things that really struck me as I looked at this one of the primary strategies of this doctor given you his name and your doctor Larson used. Was hydrotherapy Yes in the hot and cold. Without drugs that hot and cold yet so hot cold therapy is such a fan of this the challenge is that it's very very time intensive it requires the full time attention of one person at least 2 to get the fomentations the Turkish towels or the the wet Oyston towels they have been heated up in a microwave and then are placed appropriately we won't get into the strategies because us all discussed in the video or were they the the fomentations are placed on the chest on the back and for 5 minutes at a time and then cold water is used to rub that down in between 3 applications so it takes about 20 minutes to do a full application of hydrotherapy but that is so it it basically massages the immune system into circulation of the body such that it is it is basically taking the virus that's already in your system in your lungs it is taking it to other air other immune centers of the body that then basically triggers those immune system sections to paste are producing plasma cells or large lymphocytes that will then produce antibodies so you're basically feel it cranking up your and the body producing capacity and so you do that back and forth caught cold called your stimulating this this this messenger is going back and forth basically activating the factories that build these antibodies and now you're add a body count goes way high and then if you take a at minimum a 20 minute early nap right after the hydrotherapy just laying in bed or on the floor covered by sheet blankets and that you're fully dried off afterwards your muse. System just. And you feel so good and you're able to rest Mar You know many people are sad they just hard to rest so you're actually activating all the things that can find that using I just there be another way I do this today is I use I love a hot shower. And I have to admit in times past I haven't always used the cold shower at the end but I started doing that given that cold shower culturing hot and cold which also is a quick yes I just there so if you're if your see another one of the the study statistics that came out of the work that has been done in the last month is that if you are part of the 20 percent of the populace of the infected population that gets seriously sick the good news is that at least in China not one seriously ill person died it was only the critically ill people that died Ok so if you get really sick and you're laboring and you're having a hard time breathing in and you know or you're so you're starting to notice that don't don't feel that all is lost you just need to get proper medical attention now what all the public health authorities are saying right down in the United States is if you have a fever if you have a cough if you if you have flu like symptoms do not do not go to the hospital if you can call your doctor but do not even go to the clinic stay home and rest and they will now we're adding the water glass so water that don't eat junk even though you feel like eating junk is that really makes you feel better but that's basically on most guaranteeing that the virus is going to take over so make sure you eat very very clean and then have somebody to do hydrotherapy on you if you do those strategies and you stand bed you know where you're just bored to death and you can stay in bed and stay in bed and rest and rest rest there's a very high chance that even if you were slated to go critically ill and half of those would die you could be saved from that so now one individual from that the NIH. Any individuals at that 7th day have in a seminary died from the Spanish flu which incidentally just did the there was an article in this article there is a the health officer for the city of Hutchinson said he had not seen anything like this anywhere in the world 102 years ago or 101 years ago and he said Hutchinson 77 Similary had an incredible thing because of the way they were cared for pretty dry we have an amazing health message we need to employ a minute and that the piece I want to come to is that you me as an individual be required to help somebody else that has this and if you that may be their only hope that may be their only hope and you know that's a place where you've got to protect yourself as much as you can and pray and do all the right strategies but be willing to give yourself to help somebody else as well so so you basically what's going to happen frankly what will happen and what should be happening in other areas of the world right now is that there's not enough hospital beds to take care of the people who need it we certainly know that they happen to China and so so the only How is being taken care of by people that are either in your home or people that are willing to come in from next door or nearby that are aware of the of this health message of these treatment will Dalla these that are lifesaving as they were at that seminary over 100 years ago and I believe that with God's blessing those those treatment options or alternatives can be can be life saving even and the other great thing about this Dan is that not only did not one person die out of all 90 who had been who had been not just infected by have come down with a serious Spanish flu but none of them actually became even seriously ill. Because they have immediately employment in this process program the the challenges and I have actually 8 books that are were written on the Spanish flu and the one thing that struck me over and over as I was reading these books is is the parallels that we see today the newspapers and news agencies of the day were saying this is no different than the common flu they were saying that they were saying Don't worry about just go about your normal routine and people instead of resting at home because they had symptoms or they were not feeling well they go out to the theater they go out to the plays they go out and do things and 2 days later they're dead because their immune system did not it was not they they did take advantage that that little window they had available to them to regain momentum to fight and overcome this virus. And so we need to act immediately as soon as symptoms occur whether it's the cold weather it's thick seasonal flu or whatever virus it is because because of the the eminent threat of Tobit 19 to our nation and really every nation of the world we need to we need to start implementing these natural strategies immediately once symptoms occur and recognize that we have maybe a ready infected for for several weeks prior to any symptoms at all so that means that we should all I'm taking the hot cold showers every morning I do back and forth 3 minutes hot 30 seconds all the way cold then 3 minutes as hard as I can take it to make sure I don't burn myself in then back to 30 seconds cold I do that 3 times back and forth we call that the poor man's hydrotherapy if you're if you're the is in your opening up here now seriously ill you can just get in the shower and do that but if you're seriously ill you need to somebody to support you and do it for you so that you can be resting the entire gender Now I want to talk about schools in just a minute before we do that we've been talking about these strategies with. Today we have a few more strategies available to us and they had in 1900 that have been a little bit better hydrotherapy the hot and cold shower etc That's a primary but there are several other key things that are available to us like I know close to your heart is vitamin d. vitamin c.. The use of simple iodine and less those listening to this roll their eyes at this moment and say all there we go Where is the where we are no longer looking at the evidence based medicine if you believe that then then you need to actually look at the evidence based medicine because it is there it is there and we've been using it for decades successfully and so make sure you optimize the key nutrients that can be used as simple remedies to to shore up the immune system in a powerful way so so there's there's there's the risk is negligible The upside is dramatic sure to take advantage of the simple remedies others and the presentations that we did that are new to talk about the use of iodine sprays or nostrils for the lungs eyes for the face for the skin as a prize the best hand sanitizer ever invented is liquidised spray this has all been studied thoroughly after the Spanish flu it's all documented in the medical literature look it up if you must if you're if you're a skeptic which is Ok I've been a skeptic about things like that until I actually read the studies and inside how they were so powerful so there is there is a there's a list of strategies that that may be actually very beneficial as Ag jumps to the fundamental natural remedies and let me say this if I had to choose between the simple remedies and and the natural remedies the rest of diet proper. Water intake proper stress management forgiveness of all they natural remedies out picked a natural middies any day but no there's no rule no guideline no doctrine that says that you can only stop there we're we're told that we need to take advantage of every mall Dalla the that is rational on is reasonable and that's what we should be doing in educating ourselves about it because there's going to come a time much sooner than we realize it's where we may be the only individual in our neighborhood that can save people in that neighborhood that are seriously ill and of course there's been story after story after story of individuals who who called upon upon individuals who had been trained the natural medicine methods and that there's a need you have to have that you have a degree that just means that you've taken the time maybe a few hours even to learn these natural methods and then and then share them with people. Anything or have no faith and see what God can do in their lives Amen Now let's talk about schools. I know that I just I think it was this morning it was last night some of these timelines running together a little bit but the island of Japan the entire nation of Japan shutting down their school system for a month and granted this was part of the spring break and then another month and then another month Ok So they're shutting down in isolation the social isolation policy and we're on the verge of social isolation policy could be within days here in California. Because Dr Robert Redfield from the c.d.c. he basically said 2 weeks ago if containment fails we move to the next policy which is social isolation that's exactly what he called it and. Which is important you have to which means that there's going to be restrictions of travel between communities which means that there's going to be restriction of air travel even within the country and within within the states which have China and we are not really clear on exactly what they're planning because they don't want to they don't want people to panic but their reality is that if I was in charge of the public health program I would be that's the logical thing to do next but we need to have been a geisha strategies where people understand that it's not just stay home and wait it out versus the hospital there's many things that we can do while we're waiting it out which means we need to prepare for them and then we need to understand how to implement them not only for ourselves but for those that will be dependent on us even though there may be a neighbor we've never talked to and then they will be dependent on us to take care of them otherwise they may go critical and pass away sure. So in a school situation is that your principal or your teacher and this could be if a public school teacher is watching us or if the private school of the avenues that was the public go it will be close 1st because the government controls that sure but it would be sad that we would have to take the lead from the public school system we should because of our emphasis in health care as a church because our our strong background and our health message and public health we should be taking the lead on this and basically you know reading the signs that are all around us it doesn't take. A super intelligent person to be able to forecast that there's going to be problems in our schools and so I have been sharing with some school administrators over this past week. Around the United States at least just just raising the thought What if one of your students. Became became sick. And actually was confirmed to have been one team of course doctors are now saying that the this is the seat c.t. scans are actually much more sensitive instruments for detecting this is easier than the actual sinus was that p.c.r. test so so I think more and more physicians will be do using the c.t. scan because they have ready access to it and they can see the problems with the lungs the ground last appearance they'll pay cities and then they'll be able to make a decision to isolate that right away rather than infecting so many other people and staff in the meantime And so if that were to happen what happens to your school what happens to the other students who are in the dorm who who have been using communal showers and bathrooms and in and out our rooms and then you know the vents is basically one of a cruise ship a dorm is just a big cruise ship and we know how that went with the Diamond Princess just we do so if we take any message from that we should be actually making choosing to err on the side of caution and I have raised the you know one of the options for schools is that there's many universities that do everything on line distance learning technology is readily available because of what is happening in the timeliness of this epidemic that has hit it also South Korea and Japan countries that are mobilizing far more rapidly than we are right now and that you see that it took about a week for them to close the schools from the time that it started going exponential. It didn't happen until there was over 2000 cases now you know we could. Kudo's we don't know how many cases we'll get that and how soon but it would be seem reasonable to me than agreed at end of it that that school administrators should err on the side of caution and at least offer their students the option to leave early so that they can fly home and be where they are confortable to ride this out if it were to get as bad as we fully expect it will and do everything all the learning virtually where the teachers provide information over over the Internet and the tests can be done virtually just like most universities can already do so there's I don't see any downside to that's the university level or boarding high school level but what about a regular school where kids come from home and come to this class and they haven't closed it yet if there was only 3 or 4 days or 2 weeks that a teacher or as what would they be doing to educate the kids to help them understand to obviously they should be having discussions like we're having right now. Be honest with the Bamba talk to my daughters who are in Washington state and they're like you know there are they there there's Dad talking again profit is not honored in his own country. And so it's not I I realize that I realize that you know I I talk to my daughters today and I just I just let them know where this is going and I'm now letting my wife Deborra most of the tocking because she's been the one that was more incredulous and now she's going there now she sees it just pretty obvious to her now and it should be obvious to anybody but a lot of people are still not paying attention and this isn't it you know where you'll wake up one morning and and the world's going to be a totally different place never to come back to where it was before. So this this this is going to be far more disruptive potentially than $911.00 was or any other event in history so I hope I'm wrong I will eat crow if I'm wrong but I will feel you've been worse if I'm right and I did say something and I think that's where the prudence of this conversation comes in to play and for anyone who might be watching us from now through the next month or 2 months you'll actually be able to see what really happened we're talking about will be things going to happen people watching this will be able to say it is not it's not just some something that we dreamed you know it something is real we've received this is this is information that we've been told for over a month from the top mathematic modelers in the world they're saying it's coming it's it's already here you just don't see it because you don't have symptoms yet because you're not you're not coughing in control of the we're not you're not you're now down and out but it's going to come and we now know as of February 28th today we have to confirm human to human transmission think California and have one person and a hospital on a respirator and there will be deaths and 106 there will be deaths and if if if we learned anything from South Korea they went from just just a little over a week ago just a few cases where I to now over 2000 cases and 16 deaths in one and one week and so so pay attention and whatever we can do this. As soon as you see this whatever we can do this week and whatever we can do in the next few days to prepare I think our pastors and our then this traitors need need to to form groups just like Moses was was encouraged by his brother in law in Elko the law father in law to to to develop a little groups us so that people can support each other and make decisions and get through this because otherwise we will have failed as as shepherds of the flock well in my hearts I recognize that we're in uncharted water but yet we know this is uncharted from the experience of our generation person perhaps but I just pray that God will sustain us will help us to make good decisions because that's the big deal if we make good decisions will protect ourselves if we are careless with it who knows and so it's my hope and prayer that pastors teachers anyone watching this Wes will will say hey. I could do something to prepare and I hope that maybe our discussion has given people some ideas some very simple things and I want to just you know there is there's hope that's right is it result is this this is not the end of the world no this is an opportunity even though you know there's there's asked event by Harvard in Los Alamos that over $50000000.00 people will die worldwide from this so this is this is not the victim the common flu this is not absolutely not this is a way way way way worse and bat bat we can actually dramatically cut that back if we as a as a 7 they have this church. As as as as large Protestant educational as to Sion around the world if we start implementing these these natural methods that are tied to the 7 they have a health message which is designed for the world they're not this not for us no this is this is for us to share with the world so that we can protect them so that we're going to give them a whole we're just so we can give them some something to actually do something that actionable that actually works as opposed to just sitting home and and being fearful of something they don't fully understand and then leading to rioting and unrest now there's we need to be active showing people with with calmness of spirit that God is in control and that God has shared these natural methods with us so that we can help each other and we can help those who otherwise would not have any help and you know in spite of the challenge we see I have a home that I believe is from God Absolutely and I want to be as prepared as I can and be as helpful as I can to anybody else that is out there and I know that's exactly your philosophy as well now I just want to say for anyone doing this if you want to go to on to youtube dot com and go to the Fallbrook Adventist youtube channel or the west young bird You Tube channel there will be continuing information that will probably be posted as time goes on and west been a good discussion. And I will say. God bless you the way courage you to maintain your distance right and. Pray pray for each other and pray that God will see it through this using his proven. All right thank you and God bless you watch. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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