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The Purpose of the Church: A Drastic Contrast

Chelsy Schauer


Chelsy Schauer

Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) Vice President of Evangelism



  • March 13, 2010
    11:00 AM
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morning I is that he'll armored fire had hit me now I have one more thing for a prayer before we begin father garden hunting thank you for who you are that we know you are a God of love and mercy of truth in this morning I don't want to speak a message at all but I need to hear from you I tell her heart needs to be change we need to be changed so this morning we want to hear from you two are in open your words away no team promised that when we do and you'll speak to us so this morning I just thank you for the promise that your word is not go back to void for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us convince our hearts Lord in whatever area we personally need to be made we hear the word from you I pay this in Jesus name I heard the story he can furnish you what I really hate it is a small town there is a negative they were building a multimillion dollar and the wind in the game the grand opening you can say that I learned in the human species it everybody was excited and when it came time for the first letter to be mailed a man who got the privilege of mailing it in his hand as he was walking forward and when he got to the place where the drop box should be in the embarrassment of the engineers they forgotten to put it in your will they couldn't even mail a letter no drop ceiling as long as I live your things overlook what he and Marion reasoning for it exists a minor clinician negating the very reason for existing widely exists why is there church why not call you personally insignificant and she are we making omissions in our life that may even negate the reason for this arena is there that will enhance and the apostles and I know sometimes when we hear a quote our mind starts to wander week we don't listen it carefully someone's reading but this morning I want you to listen very carefully the charts is not going to agency for the salvation of men what a search for what the program the lead agency for the salvation of man it was organized for survey and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world he had gone through his church shall be worth the digital world his fullness in this efficiency in the church those who he has called out of darkness into his marvelous light are to show for it his glory the court anything that shirts in the repository and the ridges of the grace of Christ and through the church will eventually be made manifest the final and full display in the love of God so there's this to my drive is what I wanted and did you catch it whether you like to bring the world for the salvation of man to serve our mission is to understand how marvelous that we encourage what is he doing there in his glory in character for me he has over people just see the final and full display in the love of God through one for me change the matter of his character how did happen my only leaving on changed as we hold the characters we know God we are changed into enlightening I mean we want to share the mission of the church is running effective meetings as you look at to his stories and thinking of organizing work that the difference between them the contract then I want to get convenient in light of our mission thinking chapter six seconds in particular and began in verse eight a little background Israel and Syria where were at war constantly at war there was always the things going on right now Syria had the upper hand so to speak and there there are there going to attack so here is a serial of making war against Israel and the disturbing thing I can't will be incentivized to play the man God thank you the King of Israel beware that you do not pass this place for the Syrians are coming down there than eating of Israel sent someone to placed on which the man of God had told him but he warned him and he was once full they are not just once or twice therefore the heart of the king of Syria was greatly troubled by this thing and call the rings and said will you show me which of us is working of his white servants and not not my lord O king but a life sentence for bank with you are linking up Israel the words that you speak in your backyard to me than he planned I will decide where they're going to sell the license out thinking he once or twice but many many as three nieces who is your religion and anything ignorant but not revealing to you using your battery is the most secure place where not even his closest friends when no one spoke symbolize threateningly silly Lysander thinking I been in the Army 's officers and going to go destroy this man you know the story lastly got in verse fifteen outline sermon are in their first fourteen forty nine horses and chariots and a great army there came by night and surrounded the city telling the sermon on the man of God arose early and went out there was an army surrounding is even important in Zürich and in my master wants to leave you to the answer do not fear for those who are with us are more than no squirming and a light rain will I make even the Lord opened the eyes of young and he saw in the open mouth was full of horse and chariot of fire all around Elisha reality and in what we see with our are fleshly eyes anything so I signed up for any event will open in IDCs all need is a change in protecting and in between and among the mountains those who are with us are more than those who are against us and so civilized and pray and not as easy as I thought that Ugandan blindness he then where he lead right into the Israel campaigns of Samaria and it seems we are overnight mail winterizing their standing in their enemy can write what we may expect that these enemies are demanding that I mean I love your enemies and anyone right thing that will result laws against these people now now is our time is early but when you tell them to do their Elisha Elisha Schilling felt like a little embers we do a license and use of nonhuman you will need when taking damage or sorting about food and water before then serving a eating drinking or their master and not allow collection to bring them into the camp only for them to kill them I wanted to show them who he was seeing the crying for him to prisoners of war it is killed it wasn't right I think prisoners of war may be taking it but not particularly cultlike right there is no young children and instead had to be there and that this place is weird he is beating his enemies that will happen as a result verse twenty three then he prepared a great feast for them after they ate and drank the way they went to their master so that the Syrian Raiders came no more into the lands of his ever to see you look at the rest of chapter things I want you to look at the contrast here alive death is feeling pain in prison on any all that is one but we would go there anymore within and against his 9/11 and the neighboring people as I know I wanted to show the people that the highest-ranking Indian aviation is too many women are an educational Internet and many more in the direct result of what a day and a AVC here verse twenty four we are completely different picture same chapter but I want to compare the two in your mind on this a little background in the age of twenty eight will warn the people K last thing as a link on that as he known problems would come upon them he's specifically at twenty eight mentions of famine and that they would be eating the flesh of their children they would on and understanding would take place in his verdict and then they were gone only in verse twenty four the people of God are not calling God anymore after this that that that king of Syria gathered all his army with an busy scenario now they're back contacting the people and there was a great famine in Samaria and a deep anesthesia and telling donkey 's head was sold for eighty shekels of silver and one for the camera droppings for five shekels of silver that is making a visual reminder while the woman cried out to think the Lord is the Lord does not help you where I work in my house for you from the threshing floor the winepress banking center what is troubling you and she answered second New York Times that we may see him today and we leave my son tomorrow so we boiled my son in a nice center on the next day Junior son of the mayhem that she's later sign now and when the king heard the words of the one he tore his clothes and in the past front of all the people looked and there underneath yet sackcloth sack cloth from his body we had a different site and then go changing in chapter six from the first half to the second pin God losing power and it might not lean on the ability to just save his people from the Army is coming up on no life people have in their understanding when making these armies coming to attack inside I annualized anymore they made a change that now there really is seen as he will burn dropping and boiling their children any Lenny Lenny and himself aiding cell this arise these are the people of God into human eczema and Kenya years is from the one he carries is closed and what Bernie sat cloth do you thought and she was seized a whole lot but you can't reconnect is not true heartfelt repentance when you're eating out in Atlanta where there is the rank and covered inactions through hurricanes and he just hiding any angry if you read the rest of the afternoon thinking of this is the wisest laws of God 's fault illegally had election and human University in Atlanta license guilty of his work in the day all of this is going to change these of the evening but today this will change in a interesting uniformity we read the rest of this chapter the difference between these two when I was studying them and this morning I was reading through it I just struck me how how do I think inevitable people they think it will scenario still the same people involved fighting what happened one man praise and an all-inclusive army coming at an alienated many more finicky and walk through the winners were they showing eating their own children as me it is in what I write you this morning our mission want to be changed to show the character of Christ be more like Kinsey to show you what is any focus of the foundation of men and women and some where the loss in chapter six with God 's people so he is going to happen in it it's interesting that he's taken up in first outing in chapter seventeen license and the next day will be changed you're the sort of the Lord in verse three now therefore let her lover 's managing agent of the gate for one another why are we kidding here until we die at least visually lengthen the city famine is anything we shall die there I think that here we die also now therefore surrendering the Army and the Syrians and keep the line we shall read and think we shall only remember thinking that writers and the reactions they can go in and I can sit here and I we do not have a chance of winning or maybe I will try to the next time they go twilight to go to the campus of the Syrians and when the Syrian cancer they are surprised no one was for the Lord caused the Army of the serious as the noise of chariots and the noise of horses the noise of a great army to defend one another humans are hired against the Kings of the United Kingdom the Egyptians would therefore they arose and fled late last camping chapter ten of their horses their donkey baseline for their lives when electricity lovers came to the outskirts of the camp they went into one hundred eight and drank and carried from a silver and gold including and when indicating that then they came back and injured another and carry come from their hotel and when unit twenty said one to another we are not doing right this is a day of good news of the Vermont remains silent if we wait until morning why sometimes you will come upon us now therefore but is going to help the king 's household the result may find truly these are eating a start factfinder there only need to start taking the gold and silver and before anything and he realized wait a minute the more time that we waste here the only thing taking care of ourselves here people are dying that could be the people are dying I could be safe this is not good we need to share this good news good news is not only find visible hunger good news is is the spiritual as well as as well and great object lesson that has many little daughters qualified to do excellent work accomplished very little because they attempt little I challenge that is called on I cannot attend Dean great things for your cause is just doing very little time trusting what I can do not what you can do and we redesign analyzing these the ones I think after we see the people who believe in the same God is able to make significant and where are we at the weekend all of God as a licensing and we know him as the people in that city and the fan and you and many excuses that are often used for why we cannot share Christ why we we can do it I don't know enough to have enough time we have a million excuses but when it comes down to the core of it there's a fear of selfishness this transfer gone in NYC could really you will boil down to to not contracting ourselves and God is generally a look at Chapter ten I want to share with you this person a couple of stories and personal stories and such Luke chapter ten verse two here Jesus speaking you believe what you said is true the SNL of energy harvest truly embrace but there's not enough resources out of that there's not enough money there is no Bible study guides Westfield the laborers are few the labor and industrial Realty trust in God is handling all times within an hour behind him but the laborers are few those who are willing to go to put yourself aside and therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his his harvest in this twofold mission of the church person is are we spending time with God are we growing in our walk with him are we being as each day to be more like Christ and are we sharing and if we know where to want to share beginnings in the love for souls for salvation for people for people like people on the document will be on I want to desire their salvation and timeframe for that any segment of the laborers are few not all of the other things you know I'm in there's not a need for people who are interested actually just a couple days ago my parents are nearing I'm moving Morrow to the cold hunger of Minnesota and on and on I like to take a break and get a little sunshine before me you know go back to the goal of Minnesota so we were sitting there so I pulled him over and were sitting there also is talking to us in she is someone who shares whom the angel who will demand some sort of home and she was really something when her knees and she was trying to reach young people like their all leading was an Asian participant Kristin Sartori everything that happened in our family and other problems and you are and how you will pray for you as our lead and anti-spyware the Internet a few minutes in the pool he was looking at these contrasting crystallinity is not a lack of people that are interested in people that you need to hope that need to know that we are doing anything often is that there were for delivery to speak it's often that we think why it is in the news we were just taking it in but not sharing my many are perishing in the city this morning and I challenged myself as well to really focus on wine were in existence not me at omission and negate the very reason not even fulfill a very purposely work brought about to fulfill and actually there was a man I studied with is why we didn't mean anything e-mail this week and what store I had the car like the one born with talking about people turning your vital part of any lifecycle it was door as you like yes you know you Jehovah's Witnesses or something the building lobby there I have a Christian and we started talking I will sleep very well handled the next meeting strangers like in the study and she's not as many on your nails outside not wanting that to me and I think you will need to be meant to say I went in week after week and now he comes out to you Revelation from the Army I just lived like change he has years of work that the truth from the wording is so excited and I mean in those meetings was baptized as a government is one long ago maybe here in half or so ago and now right after he was baptized he started actively working I share with you little bit little help from the licensee community 's environment it became a share in member I don't know share and reach an evangelistic meeting we started out with the people in our group and I was relieved that this man was ninety join himself these two men we started doing this with our lives they started on depression recovery program that went really well twenty eight people coming to the meeting after that we had a study on the book of Daniel very well that we held a series of meetings with Lehman preaching only a few people so it was a good experience for speakers even on the event that he went on the studying I started eating Bible study lessons to a couple in my town the same thing that you gave to me their lackluster one on Friday and unfounded they were baptized and raised on the ceiling I never had in my life and I was I like you I never expected one final thing heart and my hand at ceiling he would be preaching that he would be studying with some e-zine and the type as a result of his timely and he encouraged me even more that where ever we are every day is an opportunity every day is an opportunity to plant seeds for God we shall tingle there are enabling ourselves in in mind and not by people around is not a lot of first all is for their salvation if we truly had allowed herself that we truly average image rendering and R genetic link and where ever in your work or school would be different it would be the first story when Elisha instead of this story you know the non- human genome the power he had to say contingent have you experienced power in your life that you want to share with others I want to challenge you to know the condition is fulfilled the mission that God has called us to and my time is up as quickly and sinus conditions my story there are now cool on was working at a training crossing but one that I came down the red light flashing on a lantern enemy was there he would waive the lantern of the car was coming to let them know what train coming to an window lantern they would stop the train Google should understand he was really tired and fell asleep for a few moments then anyone got out of the train coming in a car currently went turning these are waiting in line to win his letter but according to the Kent County three hundred when it was coming as the train coming the cars coming and he realizes waiting longer to jump out of the way and that the train runs over the car anytime soon the paramedics of the concert to help any lay down the ground he shouldn't just passing as Green Lantern I was waiting around and that is you you were awaiting a lantern lantern with this morning I want I want to challenge us first and foremost is our lantern that I delete it and all Christ and I think it will number me being changed and is certainly a linear lantern and is now waiting I start sharing time to start living our first house for the very mission gone columns doing now as when we are most fulfilled doesn't mean all the word most ourselves the only prescient sermonizing we need to be set to work with her and finished building a winning start sharing to making continued to grow the deal and got a short time Matthew on two things number one eight zero lantern that is around ten or maybe it's unwavering earned sort of flickering this morning one thing I want you to fan the flame and not flames on the fire for you secondly maybe you and your growing in your walk with God here's a few doing something but it you're not really putting your whole heart into it we know there are people that once easy to reach this morning wanting God I want to leave the lantern want to leave Atlanta no more excuses with Atlanta if you are needed us to group someone you stand for one morning easier like Kathleen one ounce Elisa is pledging to stand this is fun for healing the commission today for us to change right father in heaven we are standing because I'm only wanting to light up flame in our walk with you maybe it's flickering eighty things in mind that he may be linear something between us and you whether we need to forgive someone outsource our sin in our life and we need you to take care of that and get out of the way so there's nothing between us that our light can be a bad summary for each one outstanding as of now Lord that you bring Evangelicals connection with you that you like that lantern their life and their heart life or for those who may be feeling there was when he has been stronger than just you know I and rigidities are many licensed bonded in a forgotten the purpose of permitting or they're scared phenomenal thing no one today we were saying we won away in Atlanta we want to win that landmark EU is you but we want to fulfill the purpose even called us to we want to be my subordinates story tracking anyway and one man against the Army were not afraid not the city Florida in family because they forgotten who we trust selects teams are three new West today as we walk from here learning the newly opened mentioned that we can raise or that we may see you soon and only hear of you that women come home my glasses group are Crane Jesus


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