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Master Guide Skills Development - Part 3




  • June 17, 2019
    10:00 AM
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They're kind Heavenly Father I just want to thank you today for the opportunity to comment to learn more about how we can communicate with our staff and her staff and with the kids Lord help us to be open to the message that messages that you would have for us and please use me in a way that is honor glorifying to you amen. Ok so those of you who were here yesterday had just as a quick reminder My name is more should be 0 and I am the club director for the Stephen still challenger Pathfinder club down not too far from Andrews University and. I bought 102 tickets for Ash cash. So I feel like I'm taking a little tribe with me. But. I actually hold a degree a master's degree from Western Michigan in Interpersonal Communications and this is it with Pastor Craig being very ill last week in a still trying to recover he remembered that at the last minute. He said Marcia can you help me out that is why I'm here today. So today we're going to be talking about we're going to start out with communication theory am listening skills probably the main focus is going to be on listening skills in this listening is actually very critical to how we communicate with each other but 1st let's just I'm going to go really quickly through some of these slides your handouts got a lot of this information some of it I'll spend more time on but I don't miss I won't necessarily read everything that's on the slides so communication is. It's you know we just thought like it says here we often assume that if someone's lips are moving communication is taking place do you agree or disagree disagree why is that why would you disagree doesn't mean you're listening that is correct just because a base lips are moving has no bearing on whether anything is actually being set of values so. Cation is the process is very important it's one of which we add understanding to and for instance when we even are speaking the words we use for instance if I was to ask you sir or talk to you about a dog in your brain what's the image of a dog that you have what would comes to mind when you hear the word dog. See you and I might be talking the same language because I actually have a husky Malamute now. But for others it might be smaller dogs it's whatever in your mind is that image and that creates that understanding so there's far of 5 levels of communication the 1st one is small talk I think we're all pretty much familiar with small talk the little conversation we have with each other the next ones is factual conversation I tend to have factual conversations at work I just want the facts at work the things that will help me get my understanding as to what is needed on the next project ideas and opinions. This kind of level of communication for me usually happens at church board meetings or Pathfinder staff meetings is where the ideas and opinions come in and that's another level. Next level is feelings and emotions. Usually this is going to be happen when you have an intimate relationship with somebody or somebody you're close with my best friend and I we definitely have the communication of feelings and emotions you may think I'd add my husband to that list but I don't because my husband is not one for communicating feelings and emotions. Stand up when I get over emotional that just he doesn't know how to handle that you'd think after 30 years it would have got to the Carly you cannot go back and tell him any stories what happens in this room stays in this room yesterday or stand this Karl over here has known my husband ever since he was a very little boy. And then deep inside this is actually where I would put my staff. My level of conversation with my spouse is the insight we will have some of those conversations of which not necessarily there might be something and emotions expressed but the fact that he knows when I'm communicating with he knows my inner soul now we tested this recently. In March after being hospitalized with pneumonia I was home 2 days and lost my voice for 6 weeks Ok yeah well they found out I had noddles on my vocal chords and stuff but. I would be communicating I could I know it by alphabet for sign language and he knows it too so we could start out with the alphabet and he could very quickly pick up on what words I was about ready to say or wanted to communicate across a friend of mine with up it Michigan at the Pathfinder fair or sit around half and I still have much of my voice at that point and so I'm trying to communicate with her the same way but she can't seem to guess the words as quickly as my husband could guess the words so that's where that level of communication is deeper and deeper and he questions. Yes or correct I'm going to repeat your question for the sake of the recording so the the question or the comment basically is that you can actually have emotional and feelings interaction with somebody like a stranger expression if you experience a traumatic event together absolutely but that there plunges you very quickly into a deep relationship with them when ever you have that kind of interaction with somebody and it's connected around a traumatic experience that that's a connection that the 2 or more of you who are experiencing that together will always hold and that's something that nobody else can understand so let's talk about some barriers to effective speaking. So a barrier could be a solution sender anybody have any idea is when you hear that term solution sender what that might mean somebody who always tries to fix stuff Absolutely and. There will be times I have looked at my husband and I said I'm about ready to talk and I need you not to fix this I don't need you to fix it I need you to let me just share with my feelings about all of the earth and that you know after 30 We've been married 30 years so it's pretty an open and open relationship like that so I can get away with saying that. A put down any feedback and put it out but what a barrier to effective speech would be put down criticizing I would be one. Face away body language. There is a phrase I can't absolutely stand Yeah but. Yeah but I interpret that to me if you're going to negate everything that either I've said to you or the fact that. You don't believe it yourself. I actually I also teach because you know having 60 kids my Pathfinder club is not enough I actually teach teens Sabbath school class and. Some of the same group anyway so. But I have ever had them do an activity recently of which they were choose Think of positive things to describe themselves. And this one girl was having a really hard time thinking of positive things to describe herself as so of her friends sitting right next to her kept telling her positive things that this she felt about the squirrel and the girl kept saying no you don't have that right no so here she was putting down with somebody else was saying about her and I stopped that conversation and I said wait a minute ladies you've got somebody here who has said they've seen this in you and you're putting them down so you're not validating anything what their opinions of you and we have to be very careful of that a correct or. Anybody have any thoughts on a correct or right so the people who they they always want to correct you and be you say they have actual clip from a shed but one thing that I think we'll talk a little bit tomorrow about is going to be perception and how perception plays a big role and all of this a monologue or how can a monologue or be a barrier to effective speech. That's what you were thinking. Oh Ok so you've experienced a monologue or can you tell me what has been your experience this is so fresh What is a monologue or do. Correct so they're not giving you an opportunity to speak however that's a 2 edged sword because you don't want to also be perceived as somebody who you're just listening to respond. So that that's a challenge as well but no I've encountered a number of these type of people in my family my husband has some of them in His am way more than I do because I have a very perfect family and. But. I will say things in jest here this afternoon but I. Know he's got a brother in law and a sister who are very much monologue and my dad we've had our families together doing activities and my dad gets frustrated with them is my dad is one who he's an excellent listener. My dad has to really concentrate on listening because my dad is somewhat hard of hearing and even his hearing aides are that effective and because it's a medical condition and so he has to really concentrate so he's concentrating really taking in what you're saying and he would like to respond back he's a well read man but he's never given a chance when he's around them and that frustrates him and so we just I was make sure. About the silent treatment. Is that a barrier to effective communication. Silence sometimes the teacher's worst anomie many teachers don't like silence all right I'm going to. Be talked about. Ok let's go over some quick rules of affective communication. Rule number one choose the right time and place and you learn that the more you get to know the people you're working with when is a good time to communicate with them now. It's easy for me to figure this out with my spouse because I've got that figured out but every year when I get a new group of Pathfinders coming in there's a whole new learning curve here as to the correct time to have good effective communication with them and this is even though a lot of this is what we're talking about that it's just kind of along the lines of general communication I want to always be thinking today the underlying impact it has on our club ministry and on the Pathfinders that you're interacting with. I know for instance with my spouse communicating with him and deep subjects 1st thing in the morning is a no go but the other thing he knows is that deep conversation with me late at night is a no go so middle of the day is are we actually get lunches together most of the time we're very lucky that way and so we actually can have some good communication during that time but I don't have an expectation of it in the morning or late in the me the next one develop a pleasant tone of voice I mean usually when you're talking to somebody generally you might have a pleasant tone of voice but what if it's what if it's built around a conflict where you're going to have this conversation do you have a pleasant tone of voice when you're going to have to talk to a group of after. You have a pleasant tone of voice one of my big things and when you have a group as large as ours. It's hard not to for lack of better words shout to get their attention and that to talk to them. So you need to have some sort of mechanisms in place in my opinion of what you need to be pleasant kids are going to respond more or to your pleasant towns the new artist than they are to sharp tones I have a couple I have a guy in Mike on my staff members right now. He's a big teddy bear but when he goes to get the Pathfinders attention is very sharp sounding and some of the time having to tell him back in town so I bought one of those old fashioned bicycle horns with the rubber thing on the and and that's how I get my Pathfinders attention it's not overly loud it's loud enough and they now know that when that gets beat to they quickly get into unit lines and then they will let me speak. So I'm not having to shout my horn is doing the loudness for me because actually since I've left my voice for 6 weeks and had to have speech therapy I'm not supposed to do any shouting and that's really bad vocal hygiene for shouting Are you going to say some things that sure. There are 2 there are. Any. Correct so let me just kind of get caught up here with you so a pleasant tone of voice does not mean that you still can't give correction in your tone or give them you know don't go down there. But just to initially though when it comes to like shouting it sounds more like barking orders and how well do you respond generally if somebody is barking orders that you are natural responses to be defensive and that goes with these kids as well so you can have those tough conversations with them but you don't have to be shouted at them now do I feel that every now and then a shout has to happen absolutely if they're going to be running down the street and there's a car comment they're lucky I don't toe tackle on the McCallum in the same time kind of thing but no it's just that there will be times but generally speaking heaping that pleasant sound. Right so it does emotions do play you get into situations I had one Pathfinder fair time I had to in my t.l. tease a boy and a girl they're not dating but they're very good friends but they we had hammocks some of the the tail tease of a fair are allowed to hang hammocks and sleep in the hammock says the privilege of being a t.l.c. Well these 2 decided that they were going to sit in his hammock together late at night right before bedtime and so when my staff members who were in charge of going around and doing that check could come 1st find her and then found her in his hammock. They were not being inappropriate they were sitting there talking however inappropriate. Appearance and so I had been working with my staff saying I don't want you to respond to those situations negative lives negatively right at that moment back up. Take care of what needs to take care of so they just said to them to the one you really need to go back to your own hammock it is bed time and they said it nicely then I had already gone to bed and so they had actually talked to me the next morning the staff member came to me and said hey this is what happened last night so they let me handle both situations and so then I found inappropriate time during that day where I pulled the 2 of them aside because I did not do this upfront Hubbell a cli private matter pull 2 of those 2 aside as has Listen I need to talk to you they already knew what I was going to talk to them about and I said listen we have talked about appearance and says I know you guys and I know that your intentions aren't to appear to be doing anything inappropriate but this is the appearance and while I just want you to be aware that and they apologized to me they went apologize to the staff member for putting them in a situation as well so but this is been years of working with them so it's not something that really kind of quickly happened overnight but it's it's kind of that time in place we have another young man who he can very quickly get angry and when he gets angry he totally shuts down and then he doesn't want to listen to anybody expression legal woman so I know that I'm not the one who needs to deal with him. Tapped my deputy director who's a guy I says you know so and so we've had some sound I need you to take care of that or I had actually the geist the men staff on my and my club there are 2 to that now and they'll see that this young man started to have some problems and they'll just in a meeting in immediately go intervene which is great I have a larger club and I have a larger staff to do that with Sometimes you're the all encompassed person doing all of that but again I would say Never criticize or anything in front of a group publicly and number 2 choosing that you know that part of choosing that right time and place and I try to never talk to them with my emotion now they did have a Come to Jesus moment one time with me and that shocked them to death because they had never seen me get upset with them like that but that was more impacting to them than if I would be one who is all the time raising my voice then I just did this one time and they just were like Devastated I have some of them cry niggas they felt like they had hurt my feelings and all that so that I go along making kids want to cry but. Alright so be clear and specific when you're talking to anybody and with kids you always need to make sure that there's clear and specific instructions or the goals you want them to have when you tell them yet when they ask you oh hey Pathfinder fair I want to go around see my friends at other campsite and you say yes be back shortly that's not clear and specific enough and I say a good rule is give of 5 minutes tell him 5 minutes before you really want them to be there. And we've tested them and we told them right up front you said hey those of you who've been with us a while we've tested you we know you can be back on time George job to teach the younger ones coming in what that really means and they do it's really it's an interesting phenomenon that can happen but you as the leaders have got to build those rule and build those guidelines and if you do it in such a way the kids are just going to fall into place generally speaking but it takes time yes Carla. Well what I do too and. Well there's usually some penalty of needing to have to be attached to my hip for the next few hours and do what I want to do not at all what they want to do with the exception of I do not go the bathroom with them and they don't go the bathroom with me. There are some times that pushups are required now if a staff member gives a kid pushups to do staff member has to do I'm with them because I don't want my staff members just pushing now push ups without thinking of the consequences. Because I don't think that's right either that gives too much of authoritarian kind of I'm going to you know behave I get to do this to you. Now I'm not allowed to do pushups because of a repair and I'll go but I can do planks and so there was one Pathfinder meeting this year I did 5 planks 5 minute planks consecutively where I had like a 3 2nd break in between and when they realize that I'm willing to do that they're like oh hey she means business. And always keep your word is another saying I'm a firm believer in. The positive I think we've kind of touched on this already kids like it when you're positive. I do fist pumps with my kids I make we have funny picture time where we'll do funny pictures with that you know they the face see me being crazy and goofy inappropriate ways there and being positive about things always give them praise for the things that they've done well and I do praise publicly correction privately it makes a big difference. So this last year our scene was half full for the conference so that was one if you didn't have care curious Tom in my heart be positive so what I did as I went to Wal-Mart and they have these little fleece blankets that are maybe 3 feet by $4.00 fee if that at $2.50 apiece I went and cleared out Wal-Mart $2.50 Cent peeps blankets and at the end of every meeting I gave out warm and fuzzy Awards where somebody had done something or even my staff had noticed something or sometimes kids had nominated other kids they come up and tell me this Marcia so and so they were really kind to me today made me feel good and so then I would give out these award so that was publicly praising them and you know what those blankets I began seen them all over the place like we finally had our spring camping trip. There was all kinds of warm and fuzzy awards. Because the kids began treasuring those it was $2.50 a kid and that got them you know that made a difference and they like that rule. Be courteous and respectful I'm just going to quickly run through those the sensitive. And develop the art of conversation. This one's you know how do you develop an art of conversation with Stop your for quick moment how do you develop that conversation. Practicing it so you actually just have to do it so don't feel bad if you fail if you never fail don't do bad if you don't catch on it for sure you have some challenges that's not going to matter. I am going to be reading you some questions you are not to think a long time about the answers to these questions just write down the 1st thing that comes to mind Ok I'm only going to say that question one time and I will do my best to pronounce every word correctly Ok question number one Johnny's mother had 3 children the 1st child was named April the 2nd child was named May What was the 3rd child's name Question number 28 clerk at a butcher shop stance 5 feet 10 inches tall and wears 13th size sneakers What does he weigh number 3 before Mt Everest was discovered what was the highest mountain in the world number 4 how much dirt is there in a hole that measures 2 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet number 5 what word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly number 6. Millie was born on December 28th yet her birthday always falls in the summer how is that possible number 7. In British Columbia you can't take a picture of a man with a wooden leg why not number 8 if you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place what place would you be in now number 9 which is correct to say the yolk of the egg is white or the yolk of the egg are white number Chan a farmer has 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in another how many haystacks would he have a fee combine them all in $1.00 field and number 11 the last question how many say how many of each species did Moses take aboard the Ark All right let's grade a. Number one. Johnny's mother had 3 children the 1st child's name is April the 2nd Stoute name may What's the 3rd child's name Johnny. A clerk at a butcher shop Sam's 5 feet 10 inches tall and wears size 13 sneakers What does he weigh mate. Over testing your listening skills by the way this is what we're doing right here. Before Mount Everest was discovered what was the highest mountain in the world on Everest just hadn't been discovered. How much her is there in a hole that measures to Pete by 3 feet by 4 feet none it's a whole. There's none. And I eat donut holes all the time. With the part around and I get me in trouble. What word in English language is always felt then correct play and correct play. Billie was born on December 28th yet her birthday always falls in the summer I was this past book southern hemisphere and British Columbia you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg why. Ok the answer is the wooden leg doesn't take the pitcher. Is the question was can you take a picture of a man with a wooden leg so it's not that the man has a wooden leg you can take a wooden leg and take a picture. Ok if you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place what place would you be in now. You passed the person 2nd place you do not pass the 1st place 1st so you're in 2nd place. So what's the correct saying the yoke of the egg is weight or the yolk of the egg are white is neither because yolks are yellow. Ok the farmer has a for 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in another how many haystacks would he have a he combine them all in one field one big haystack. All right in the last question how many species. Will the moves is take aboard the ark not there was no one. So yes I have and. The other questions I have asked before would be. Can a man in North Carolina marry his widow sister No because he has a widow that means he's dead. So I mean there's. Anyway so that's just was a little test on your list and. Ok effective methods of listening so if you're going to be an effective listener what kind of methods do you need to have. Be alert with your body language do you know how much do you think of what we communicate is communicated to her body language. How much yes. Yes between 7580 percent depending on which study you read comes from your body language so that means a very little percent actually comes from your actual spoken words kind of scary isn't it but if somebody tells you if you say how are you doing and they go oh I'm doing great but they say it in a way of I'm doing great Do you believe what they're saying now because we're listening to their body language and that's important when you think about it so you always have to be very aware as to what their body language body language is saying even what messages you're sending out yes oh no it doesn't not at all. You can should be honest with you the most effective communication will always be face to face. The most effective because as always miss the non-verbal we will build in nonverbal communication into text messages telephone conversations. Emails we will build in our own response to those yes or. Yes Some want. You don't get a whole slew of body look but you still it's better than some of the other. Yeah. I we do. Web video meetings with my siblings because my husband I'm the only one that lives this far west and I know this is not very far west but they all live halves of a New Jersey area and so probably once a month we all get on line and we visit with one another and that's better than not. Yes it really is all right so be it or the next one is to be a door opener does that mean to physically go and hold a door open or door open but do you think being effective listening is part of being a door opener we think that comes from any ideas yes. Asking questions getting clarification that is how you open the door. This cartoon always cracks me up so the police officer feels like he's getting very solid instructions and obviously the person receiving them is not receiving with instructions. Or Harrison It's time we had a face to face conversation also known as white. Ok active listening. So active listening when you think is a little there's a description appear of active listening so active listening me your whole body is engaged your eyes are engaged your. Your body like is your body language engaged an example of how this you should not do this is I mean in one this has been a number of years ago to change or to talk to the cell phone company about my service and I walked in and they had all these deaths that their representatives were sitting and they wanted to come over here and sit down and I sat down he's like Ok And then this guy starts typing on his computer reading a card that the last person had left him so he wasn't even engaged in what I was saying so I'm strong enough in my beliefs and how I feel people should communicate with me I just stop talking and he then stops I'm doing this what I'm listening I go No you are not your mind was elsewhere while I was trying to get something to come I feel like I am not at all important to you and I important to you as a client Well yeah it's been treat me like I'm important to you but this also happens when we're dealing with young people how often are our minds so busy with the next thing that we brush off our young people it happens way too often and are we in the young people want us to be actively involved in their lives. They desire that and but this doesn't happen if you're not actively listening and actively listening is that you're going to give them feedback you're going to ask them questions even if you don't feel you have the time. You should do that if you really you know if you really want to have that interaction with them that solid relationship that I challenge you with this that any time you are doing a Pathfinder activity and yes you know that there are things that you need to get done that day during that activity but start out your time even before you get there Lord I'm about ready to go into a Pathfinder activity these are the things I feel I need to get done today however I understand you might have other plans and so God I give my time to you and I let you lead what needs to be done when I have done that my kind goes much smoother and my anxiousness about getting all these things done that I feel had to get done goes away sometimes I don't get any of those things done other times I get them all done maybe I only get a portion of and them but at the end I can say yeah I did I did and less time what was most important to God that day now how many of you were fair this year of which we had to do the quick pack up if you wanted to when you left early made even though most of the night to get back home. Today so. I was supposed to be calling parents letting them know that we were going to be heading back and we were going to be saying that the church when we got there but I kept getting interrupted this Marcia this Marcia missed Marsha. And I. So much so that I knew that I had missed calling people but I didn't know who there was 4 of them that I had missed so but I was you know I was Ok with that because in the end Hafter I realized what I had done because I knew that I had had to answer those other kids questions. But yet a part of me was just to shut up and go away and ask somebody else but for some reason they need to ask me so I have to be open to them asking me and that's that's really what's important all right active listening so we're going to maintain good eye contact not like I'm doing now sit attentively. Act act interest. I'm listen here I question the way they use that word act interested we really need to be interested because if you just act interested it's called pseudo listening and who's going to call you out on that quicker than anybody else. Filled red and are going to call you out on that do you really care what I'm saying well I try to yeah what did they say that here. They go back here raise your eyebrows and nod your head smile or laugh when appropriate. This doesn't say roll your eyeballs. Now. You know some people have no filters they talk about no filters on their mouse my face has no filter and so it is a struggle. For me to not roll my eyeballs when I want to so bad because that's you know so I always have to try and come up with something up. So I'd like us to do a listening activity. All right another one yeah another one. So I'm going to quickly do a recap when you're talking to teens These are the top things to know listen to them. This will not be on your papers because this is something I've pulled up extra listen to them. That allocate their feelings no matter what Do not tell and really it's not just change that new talking to anybody and they've expressed cement feelings of themselves don't tell them No you don't really need to feel that way you need to let them have their feelings it is a poor and so number 3 show that you trust them so that they can trust you meaning that if they tell you something in confidence now I know that there are times that a parent have to be involved especially if there's abuse situations or not just parents but authorities but there will be times of which you need to have conversation them that they need to feel like they can trust you don't dictate to teens because I said so is really not the best way to go about when you're working with. They really need to understand the why not that they're questioning your every move that they are nerdy. Reasons and that how they are growing that questioning is them growing. Give praise we've talked about that control your emotions we've talked about that the 7th one do things together how many have you you don't have to raise your hand this may be somewhat rhetorical or somewhat just a think question like send your kids out at maybe an hour to do an activity of which then you just say sitting at the church in a chair or doing something else or do you get up and you interact with them I would hope that you would interact with them. Now given understand you don't have to do quite do everything with them but for instance a couple of years ago I had a ts So when Michael was a lot smaller. I had only brought up 4 teens with me girls I should say the rest were boys and it was Saturday night and it was 11 o'clock and I had just got my pajamas on and crawled into bed and they came in this version we want to go for a walk around the board walk. Away no I'm exhausted but I didn't say it and I thought I have to practice what I preach to my own staff so I got I'm a bit silly when now and we went around that boardwalk I'm not saying that to Pragya myself because the inside I was having to talk to Jesus because he was really talking to me. But it ended up being an awesome experience once I got over my feelings of being drug out of bed and I was interacting with these kids it was one of the best times I had had. And they actually had probably 3 of them came to me later and said thank you for coming with us we felt appreciated we felt like you here and if you have a larger company in a Lansing it's got a good sized club it's important to know as many of your kids' names as possible. And and I've had to work very hard to specifically get to know names because they like to be called by their names as well and that's part of validating them and then the last thing that when doing some research is said to share meals together that's kind of more if you have a teenager in your home but it's still part of your camping with the kids go and just sit off with the other staff doing other things you learn an awful lot about the craziness that goes along kids' minds if you sit there in with them and there's something about food that seems to loosen their tongues a lot it really does happen all right. I ended up talking that time and we didn't really do too much of an activity I was going to have a steward but we kind of running out of time so does anybody have any questions about listening about communicating we're going to beat our next session is all about. Going to be more income will be talking about conflict management and conflict styles and how to deal with comics so this was more on the listening skills and so forth. So it goes along the lines of something like Lord I'm about ready to start a Pathfinder activity this is what I feel I need to get done today however I know your plan is more important so I'm giving myself and the club to you today and ask for your will to be done. I prayed the same prayer basically over my desk at work every day that is correct but my desk is the same way. Because when I 1st started one of the things that I do it my regular work is a lot of it has to do with customer service or helping faculty or teachers build on my courses. And so I never know when I'm going to get a phone call or somebody is going to pop into my video meeting space need assistance because I help faculty all over the world and. But they'll be things that projects I need to do. And so when I 1st kind of started at this I found myself getting kind of I didn't get all these tasks done today but when I changed my mindset to having to crane over my desk and realizing that my number one job. Kind of requirement of my work is called interruptions might you know if you say well what describe your job number one thing interruptions once you get that mindset then everything out seems to fall in place because I know about you but I serve a God who made the sun stand still for Joshua and if he can make the sun stand still in the time stand still he can make my day go however he needs my day to go and I'll get done that day what I need to. That has helped me greatly. Now keep in mind those kids drive me nuts every now and then yes because that Saturday night after we left camp and I knew we were going to head back to church get there about 2 15 in the morning to 215 that we were going to have to deal with these kids in the church so I was going to sleep on the way home was I didn't have to sleep be in the vehicle with kids they were distributed I was in my in the truck with my husband so I pulled my hoodie over my head and leaned my seat back and for the 1st 20 minutes I could go to sleep because every time I closed my eyes I I could almost feel them going on Marcia. For the 1st 20 minutes I might is right yet I love them dearly this media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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