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Master Guide Skills Development - Part 7




  • June 20, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Our Father we thank you so much for the blessings that you've given to us we've had showers this morning of water now we ask in a special way for showers of your blessing through the Holy Spirit in whatever else you want to give us many people hear the things they need to hear for where they are and who they are where they're the asinine need. So we're going to be talking a little bit about worship here today at the heart of every Christian is a relationship with food. While we're Why are people called Christians why did they get that name. But. They were Christ like. Your followers of Christ you were talking about him all of time and people notice that so that's the they are talking because if this is a friend of theirs and that they had a relationship or a relationship is usually expressed breast in some form or prays often with a group of people who think this about Jesus in the same way. We often call it worship is the sense centers around a person's need to be alive and dynamic. And here we have a cartoon for their recording you know we've got this sort of almost hippie ish looking guy in front of a whole bunch of electronic stuff and it says as we worship the Lord this morning remember the subtitles are available on the screen for the hearing impaired and the earplugs are available for those who don't wish to be hopefully that's not the situation in your church I like this. Worship gets used to the hardest times in your life because it shifts your focus from the problem to the problem solver. Anybody ever have for a least a brief time get overwhelmed with a problem I know I have been. I remember one time I was very upset with a situation at work where I was working because of something that happened there. And then that Sabbath afternoon I. Went to the funeral of a gentleman that lived down the road. Where I grew up and all of a sudden you know it's are. Less about the problems that work. More about the problem solver and. But that's that's one of the things we want to talk about in worship is what are we going to be why are we doing some of those Let's talk a little about attitude before we've been talking a little bit about facts and skills in and things that we do physically with people to help them learn how to build kites or or identify trees or whatever it is that we're doing but along the line hopefully they're going to pick up some added twos because that makes a big difference in how well they're going to absorb are they likely to absorb it I sat I met somebody at lunch today that reminded me of someone just looking at them and their mannerisms reminded me I said myself they have to be related to insert name they've got of the and so we as we get talking yet come to find out this is younger sister. And she idolized older brother and she wanted to copy everything that he did. And yes what that just became a part of who she hit. It yes there yes there is a significant facial resemblance but before I picked up on that I noticed the mannerisms 1st it took me a couple minutes to rip who is. She she had an attitude toward her rather hold fully our kids will see an attitude that we have Ward our Savior welcome. So how do we develop positive attitudes in knowing that there's the old saying You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink and hopefully you're not drowning them. Shall be forced to learn something if you don't want to. But if you don't they might learn some stuff but if they don't have the right attitude it's probably not going to stick. Here with a cartoon is talking about a children's service mom says that the daughter placed close attention you can't rewind. In Sevastopol and church and life we can't rewind vocational choices are largely dependent on attitude application of ideas large moves it depends on the do that a team so this last year anybody you're not from Michigan other than Julie and you're from here. Just not you don't get to live here currently You don't get to live here. But everybody else is from Michigan so our theme for that from this last year adventures in Pathfinders was half full which means. The optimistic what else. Was a day of the society my heart. And what was the adventurer sighed Ardan be cheerful. Today. This is what we're talking about here. In the Primary Department I'm privileged to get to play a guitar for years for primary song service back home and in the primary song book is a song that should be in any kid's song book give me all in my lamb but in addition to make me a fisher of men they have a couple other verses one of them. Sheep a song in my heart keep me smiling I like that one so how do we develop Aza to that a Tuesday Ford worship for kids well among other things you're going to have to give them some positive experiences. Here it might not be fully positive worry and he says suddenly I feel the need for some intense impro long acoustical privacy. We need to develop an appreciation for the nature of worship and water its components seems in the center point. In here somebody says how can I worship when our church isn't up to date technologically we don't even have digital video jumbo projection. And. So is our are the big screens helpful for worship. They were what having to work with the past 6 years I'm not saying they can't be but if we needed technologies that were. Not on the world of credit and when. Most modern method available. It was very very very and I agree with both sides of this really there are some still of the time he. Can have already the financial literacy. Soul working at a small church in the Peter the north. You know where they mean that Andrew's map draw from somebody that's in you have a very rare but. I hope for a church that has called white or change or whatever and you don't mean that by default or. Vice versa I. Bought that because of the app where they don't have to play for types like I'm thirsty and they don't have anybody to wear anything and that's why they put it out on the street and they had it on. And how did you get it worse. I'm just saying just because. You have these things available that doesn't automatically want to work. You have to be everyone to participate were. Meant to cry have. A real need to submit to great. You know where I come down on some of this is all depends on how it's used. And I will make it those of you that know me know I enjoy music. And. I grew up. You know back when a computer took up a room. And. And you know I have more capacity on this little jump drive. Than they'd dreamt of back when I was a kid. But I can remember. In Sabbath school. We had singing youth some of you. A few of you may have be obscene copies of that old book but it I remember when it was new to me and I thought it had just come out and. In Sabbath school we got to pick what songs we sang out of it and we were very blessed because we had somebody on the piano that could play any of them. And we did number 4 and she taught us the correct rhythm for number 4 or some people didn't know that I didn't get that right but there are there are still 2 versions of stand up stand up for Jesus and there's the one stand of stand up for G.'s out the one that's in the hand on the other one is in there and I haven't seen it anywhere else and just out of curiosity I had to try it and so we sang it and we had fun doing. And back then we've got this and we were encouraged to sing in harmony. This is something that is not encouraged when we just have the words on the screen. Words on the screen tends toward uniform everyone singing in unison and I'm not saying singing in unison is bad but I'm I will say there are times when I missed singing in harmony. I know you know how to sing in harmony Howard because we sang in the choir together for a while is discussion only limited to the 3. So I'm not I'm no but but the best use I'm to spending often because I have a lease I like it and I don't want the part I don't like it because it stifles participation but it ends to what extent were we talking about and also its titles. You know resource on what to develop were still like music one present oh I need to learn how to do other things and volatile portion. That's the theory that we're out of prison legal concern because of proof sample of my church we use the screen and we use an audio track but we have several people who play piano. But since it's easier. If there's more bust in the seat then people are to city and that's something where I feel I don't want my fears. And I don't see that as being a positive benefit my per one of my personal preferences and take this as Dave's personal preference Ok this isn't something from the youth department Ok you got that this is Dave's personal preference when we have a text on the screen let's put the name of the book in the chapter and the verse verses location. And let's not put all the the months not fill in the words that are found there let's put that up there so people can open their books that's that's my personal preference. I understand the spirit of prophecy that's a bit tougher. But then if we're going to put it up there let's not trying to get half the page on one slide. Ok. Yeah. Yes Yeah yeah and several years ago our church got a new person in charge of a communications department and all of the sudden I couldn't read half the slide. That because my 60 some year old eyes are up in the balcony and there is at any rate. Enough on that. The idea here of the. Digital jumble projection is it necessary for worship no price got by without it. Can it be helpful I think it can be a real blessing and when you get to a place like Osh Kosh. Or even in our outer tourism here it's really nice to have these cameras that are focused on the speakers so that you can see them instead of someone that's the size of your thumb. Or your thumbnail. That's interesting sell for the tape they. Are rented APRA a very high quality camera and for the live stream and they saw the attendance go down and so they went back to the camera they owned and which when they have as good a picture and so attendance will come back oh. Yeah. Yeah. Well. You know you're. Lying to me. But that's another example later the situation really is that 2 Here's another example are sure to use. Dull was very happy in the writing night that picture. We had below the loo that it be nice to be the fall. But now we all want our media automatic. That won't hurt it was not participating in the or if you go over I'm coming down now and I don't know I and it is a balance that you have to take. So the net is sure to. Remember. Sir. They have. Come. To. When I. Heard him a. Candidate. For having. Him going. Anywhere in. The other like you are. But I were going to meet and. When I were. Below there I know what. I know is there in my heart I am. Sorry for me. But it is totally over me. And I got our rational. Please believe me. I mean you have the public to assert you know me. But I have a couple of days I did my hour of what I just told you sure. Sure. You know and there's a current revival reason to go the whole world am again I think. I have joy and they are people. Have one way. Or the saw. And after about 3 or 4 when the mass service packs are to bed you know. They may never. Or you know we knew there. Was just the. Whole place is sadly now things are turning the saddest but it is still. Now in the lane and even when that. Really sounds like you know what it is and 30 years they don't let it. In your eyes or by. Challenging Yeah yeah. I like the was. Murder. I can rush church here mission. And church. Both. Ok I'm going. To get. Busy you know air freshener. In the well they're not. Your. Church. So no need other then you know like that and I. Know you just you just used a word here that has been a wounded 2 but nobody is pulled out before fellowship and it's been alluded to but you pulled it out and actually stated what's talk a little bit about fellowship what makes it good what is it that you like about it because the way you said it I got the impression it was a positive experience so what makes it a positive experience. When you. Come around or. Not people around you were trying to worship you. So as you. Say or to continue. To. You are running. Their partner. That you want. Some Respect for when you're there. Me and. You know they. Are. Back to basics and not. Ok. We're. Going to be nice. And we had no concerns for our dog and said a word anyone in that church about it at all before this church can or prays. Just before a church. Lady 2 rows in front of us shared basically I mean very very very similar with one of her children. And it was such an amazing lasting thing you've got and that he asked to do an earth and afterwards they were never talked. So there are things that we get in there about our ship like jewelry. And the actual hug sometimes not even necessarily with our arms around you but by being with someone based the very same tries to isolate us and not make me think I'm the only one that's a lot so here I struggle with this terrible scene you know and and then I go to church and I find out there's other people that have had the problem that are working on the ground and we can come together and exhort any. And he screamed we don't get it again and that's the best you can do and that's what you can do today or this week you know than do it but we need to come together same love. By coming together and realizing that we're all sinners Christ the same exact way to be say we get them by rubbing elbows and. Talking based on interacting. That is you know a good solution to. Be and it's like again reaction out of. You writing and out Raksha last night and do I want to be changed by you or do I have to change. If you are not a warm church i.e. if I come in and I have a war I mean they're going to drive you out of the church or Warren you are. Crazed did not change everyone. But he polarized people in it were the price of light we're going to pour I people I'm not going to come into your church and say You guys are a bunch of tramps and I'm here to change that absolutely not but by coming in it's amazing try it sometimes if you have in the morning when we can if there grumbling be cheerful be cheery and it's not going to be one or 2 things of a Isn't it a day to boot and everybody loves us but you'll be amazed at how after a bit of turning your war in cheering as a pretty soon the kids are like a bag of this already grumpy think is that they weren't and sometimes we tend to them a church that now there may be some people you can't reach right. But you'd be surprised sometimes that being given that rose colored glasses that everything. That your brain this morning right you know or the weather report is sunny and 70. I enjoy the rain but there's something to look. You you have a church if you have. A. R. and b. cheer. No no. No but what we're supposed to be talking about is developing we're attitudes about worship and what word what the slides talk about or what are the things that make it but you were were covering the slights trust me we are covering all the material but that's in the book that this stuff came out of. And we're doing it without some of the fancy words. And yes yes and without the tick not all my words we're doing it without the technology Oh no. Well is it still with Will it still be good if it's without the technology. All. Thinking about children after. All everything we've been told is to our kids. When when they don't come they just don't know it but when they come to the program we have a beautiful worship time with with a kid we have here where they actually get. Mentioned the attitudes have an issues were added to that of the. Day They don't want to be there to. Actually feel. The responsibilities. We had. So come with me back in time few months ago I was a is I think I had scheduled somebody or other to do I was on a committee that dealt with scheduling people for special music and offer towards the service and whoever it was that was scheduled to do it fell through her whatever reason and. True confessions about 3 years ago. I saw a young lady playing the piano here at Camp meeting and I was really really really appreciated the way this could get around the piano I saw her accompanying different people and just doing a fabulous job of it and playing with him doing a fabulous job of it and I said to myself self you need to find out who this is each case you ever need an accompanist because from time to time I blow I blow my horn and it's not nice to have an accompanist and I heard somebody once say that on the piano tonight is Lindsay Mills who I would my phone stuck at on my new moped I think and no idea where she was from but we I have a name and. Fast forward several years and there's been a. Short parade of pastors who are church as you if you know what I'm talking about and. I hear that there's somebody in the new pastor has by me been selected and and I heard somebody thing that will Milt which meant nothing to me at all nothing whatsoever and then. Suddenly I was looking back through. The moped thing in my phone and I spot of that. I wonder if. Wonder if they're related. And then I found out sure enough they are so when I 1st that their 1st 7 here I confessed to him I was more glad to see her going I was him. And he took it well yeah. But anyway so. I was I was supposed to come up with somebody for this one special music or opera her I don't remember which one was and. Because somebody had fallen through and so I sent email off to her. Wondering if there was something which says he's so and so somebody fell through we need what we need a lot we need to get something put together for this next album she didn't understand quite would go what I had said and she lined up a young. Person in the church who's currently in the used. And I say praise the Lord because that young girl needs to feel needed you know. That's I think in the end it's more important for her to play that is for you to play. I am very much of the opinion that our kids need to be needed. If we want to keep minute church. That's I have very strong feelings on the if they don't feel needed. Why are they come. And that's all what that's what we're talking about here isn't it you know if he's. Recognized her along. Every one of us why to our ideas agree with her Erm you are somebody Emmett in any situation and now say. What do you think about him in a campfire tonight and if your reply is something like mine I know it's kind of more mad now woods where I don't know when I come up and I say Hey Glenn what do you think you watch me I'll go around until I hit somebody there's a knack campfires a good idea if you are now as adults how much more you think young people who are in such a volatile point in their life just by the nature there are going to be common goals and wanting to but not wanting to their parents or wanting them to but now wanting to and so why wouldn't they want affirmation and to be recognized appropriately out is more solid than adults so I think you know your point is very well but they want to be needed but yet I'm not abandoned so when we like them in special music reading and that's where whatever appropriately our of our church for a while and every film sample every Sabbath they have by every month that they had it right that one episode with was you Sam And we lost some of our real good that were we you know doing it but it was really nice. In the new. Miami. Might they also suggest that one of the things our youth are sometimes better at than adults technology stuff so I you know most likely their hearing is better than some of the. I saw this very clearly demonstrated few years ago I was asked to play it's in an Easter service in Westminster Presbyterian Church and. One of the deacons went to. Press the button on the side room to record the service and I don't think he put his glasses on. And. So there there's 2 trumpets 2 trombones a pipe organ how proud and we we play through our 1st song and we're hearing other stuff in the background and all the sudden we get to the end of the 1st piece and the minister of music. Who's on the organ. Looks around an scoots off the organ disappears into the back room and I hear. He and I and all of a sudden it came to a stop and. Parent me he pushed the stop button on the cassette tape player and the dear brother he was trying. But he couldn't hear that it was that it was playing and you had put his glasses on and so you didn't see it it wasn't recorded. This is an area where you know. We're young people who would have been better suited to it I think and you know especially if you're trying to get a mix of different mikes The good chance they might have a better year for bouncing than some of the older voters. In wall. Shielding. We are just an instant who was asked to. Be. Some leader. Happily agreed to it. Days before Sarah she's like. Oh this is like yeah you have your pianist. Only 2 days to Sam. I haven't asked anyone so she was thinking of all individuals their playoff time. Just kept thinking. They are on all the time and I lay Well that's great but one of the. You have some people that have been taking the arrows and. Some of the young people to. You are know they will say yes or probably tell me no because he's so short notice all the worst thing that could have. Found one of the young lady end she say yes she was really happy are the only worst. After she accepted the Torah her mom I think I made a mistake. Something to say. I don't think I know the songs that well she is if you're a bully and her mother was so happy she came back and she told my daughter. That. I mean. If nobody invited their moving up to their one user can't. We just miss you so you have to ask. So I was really good. And although he didn't I'm I was there I needed him to have somebody really call the offering so I asked a gentleman what would you have because. He's like I'm a shareholder Amish I'm up to the boss telling a problem but let me think about the following Sabbath asked him again and he said you know I don't think I can be up front she said it wasn't right next to. How you when you do the. Job or. Tell young people they're so willing to try anything and he did and he did a good job. So let me ask this in them doing these things the piano and the call for the offering. In their doing these things which are both sort of upfront and things right specially the call for the offer but the piano is sort of an upfront thing to you know uses your very exposed as there usually is just one person playing the piano and you know is there an element of fellowship. For them in doing those things. Or. You know and afterwards you know. You hate Thanks for doing it you did a good job. And I mean just tell us a bit at the certain others which is also here you. Are children to learn to serve others and by doing that in your church. With. Other verses down the other words. It's less. And it's not just a one time thing and. You have a guess or one time there were 2 dozen 18 and you will see him again and. There has to be a way to figure out how people with musical skills with oratory skills with technological skills that they have there are near where they consistently see every other week or if possible every participation. Or area. But as long as they're always constantly. So that they can feel like felt when I come to is going on when I come to church I know my absence is going to be No it's just like others as well because people have come to the custom of my presence and that also all makes me. Motivated to go that I need and I'm being want to so when there is going to probably call me if I'm not there or what have you it also have. That element into the other things that I agree that I've been here. My America who were there are more options for me. To. Be nice to her. When needed fanservice are. Setting up. To show off. The doing church she gives me her. It is interesting to me a meeting with yes that went wrong and I think that's great but I wonder around pine are some rooms. There with me should almost be boring I would have loved to see the video craze to see how Wonder or. There's a fine line between entertainment tonight. And a church service a sermon to me is supposed to educate No it's not supposed. And I'm not saying that they shouldn't be interesting. And having grown up going to church or had a dedicated pastors or every week for the pastor on our air really good and now having them and other churches where elders and having been an elder throwing in over a church where we are. Like Landsat it's interesting after I've had my sermon and you speak next several hours much different I look at your servants but him by Isaac and it's amazing I have a sister in law that has a ferment as. I cannot carry a tune in my I play in the band but I toned down my sister in law. Because she's afraid of me. She has a thing the worst song she's ever saw and I had you know. You know as we have different people participate Sometimes I think it me encourages people to get up and say or. They may not have if we only had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing in our church every week. And he can to me the blessing is from God not from your and I want to. See what. So I think that's one thing that's good at. Herb's them so that when it comes time to be you know and they don't stand back and say oh I can't do that yeah I've never been up front what if I make a mistake you know. We're all human right well it's in time for the glory I invite people to my church and if they say well I can't go because I do this or that scene we're often or there's. You know now again after we muddle through and don't hear about. I can remember is it remember what you're thinking but I can I can I remember as a kid once we had a visiting layman. And I grew up in Minnesota and so saw you what will smile at this he was visiting us from the state of Michigan. And and I was probably a junior or early teen at this point I think probably a junior and what I really really really enjoyed about his sermon is he had a lots of Scripture references and he expected us to be turning in our Bibles to follow and I was able to and I really enjoyed the I. Think about whether to. Do. Who is in. Who you know who are who do you know my good who was the niece of her quiet quiet quiet persons. Insecure who she said well you would believe Mr Hutchinson earlier you you know he for service that they're the ones who are to when I didn't do good to do I didn't explode didn't but see that it was what it I wouldn't. Talk about a kind of didn't publicly you know. She I think it's a good thing sometimes when he what is not the his visit the ones. Who were a little who. Say something it means a lot and gives them you in church to look at their own you know so many. Piggybacking off of that I remember a time long ago when our church had a and this was a small church. And it was. The sanctuary was about is why it is this room and probably half again as law that was our whole sanctuary had a higher ceiling but anyway. We had a some a Saturday night program in the basement. And somebody had gotten some 16 millimeter films that showed some people going down. Some really probably the Colorado River some other fancy Rapids there some some other stuff and I don't remember all the ins and outs about it I suspect this might have been one of those times when my folks were out of town doing and I don't remember what but not a common occurrence but somehow Dave ended up being the one running the projector and afterwards one of the deacons in the church who. Looking back he was probably then about the age I am he came up to me afterwards Dave you had done a good job. Now it's over 50 years ago that he said that and I remember Swede saying. Yes yes I do I do still hear it in his voice and he's he's resting he's been arrested for a while. But I can still hear his voice. We've got 6 minutes. But. So. You know. Realistically we have covered a lot of. What we were supposed to really we covered a lot of what we were supposed to cover. We've really covered most of it this is an interesting little graphic with these different kites and talking about how there are some people that see things some people hear things other people talking other people do things. And we need all of that in our worship services don't we. How many of you ever ever been to a worship service or somebody else is up front signing to people what are. You of us have that's one of the many skills I do not have. But it's interesting to see and I remember once number of years ago we had somebody. That was attending a series of meetings that we had and someone was able to bring in an interpreter and remember going to come to me. And she was looking for the word Abernathy that's not a part apparently a common one in American Sign Language. And looking for something that substitute for the. Ok here's how I always get a. Kick out of this that the idea here is let's try and not use a lot of course Shays Bob I didn't realize you pushed the armhole. Raised the bar. And fought outside the box. Out of the loop on Frank lot of different cliff Shays there in that character. Now. So what Lowell I do want to touch on on this point here briefly what sort of cliff Shays. Do we need to be careful while working when we were working with our kids are there questions that we need to thing keep in mind. Children should be seen and not heard. They go. Aha we say they're the future of the church and them but they don't feel it. Is not to say. Ok any other cliff Shays that we need to be careful of. Spending off of yours. And I don't don't take this as a question but but as a challenge we the people often say children are the future of our church future leaders some of them are leaders today. And we need to find ways to to integrate them into making them leaders of our present. Seems like I read once somebody said a little child will lead them. We need to give them some opportunities. Sometimes this is one of those illustrations a slow tough to describe all the say there's an Escher escape. Drawing there sometimes you know if we feel that there's if we're only going to give him facts and rules in church you know we're here then we have no reason to expect creative thinking. Sometimes we need to give him a chance to reflect now and I hope I don't offend anybody but we're going to spend is that history of us. One of them a very memorable worship service in my home church earned home church member years ago it was and I always get these terms confuse. If he was an assistant or associate pastor but it wasn't the main pastor and this is the one who was there. Basically a some set posting he was about at the un for he was coming up on retirement and. We had all the normal preliminaries in church and then he gets up and he you know he reads a passage. Of scripture and he reads I think a quotation from Mrs White could talk about sometimes it's good to have a testimony meeting and we had a testimony meeting that day totally different than any other testimony ivivva been experienced too he went on to say that if you look at all of the positions that are of the church offices there are people in there like in lower status cool divisions that are to just teaching kids they don't they don't even make that list they're just teaching kids they're not even on us and yet we need to show our great appreciation to them and this worship service today he said is going to be a time where you can thank get up and thank people for things that they have done that made a difference to you and I'm going to start and he says the 1st Sabbath I was here and he points over here and talk about somebody that was sitting there and what they had done and what it meant to him. And anybody he named them by name. And there were 2 roving Mike. And different people stood up and thanked different people that was our whole worship service. At this time I actually was not a member of the Lansing church my membership of St John at the time and so I get no credit whatsoever for what I'm about to say because I had no involvement there were I think 4 young people that stood up and with one exception at least for with one exception the people they think with their Pathfinder leader. And the other one thank the gentleman who always sat Ray here. In the church Elena Jack. And she appreciated his Despite his advanced age his enthusiasm for for worship and and his leading response to the whatever was said but I found it very interesting because I'm really looking in from the outside that all of these kids with except for the one girl and I think it was the 2nd time around for her and brought him a have had spoken about their appreciation for their finding the. So what makes worship important is who we worship break the idea want to grow that relationship we talked about a hug sometimes we just get virtual hugs but. Yesterday afternoon as the day before I was literally walking across. Toward the boys' dorm somebody called my name former pastor's wife back when I was in Minnesota and that the church that she passed that he had pastor was a very very very hug and. There were lots of hugs and. I have learned that not everyone is except being of people hugging people are not married to but we I explain something to her campus ol boy says you know what this is says no he said that's virtual. And I stole her every time I see her just out of habit I want to do this and so when I saw her walking she called my name because. She's a huge issue just trying to say hi I said on my computer. And she got a virtual hug from me 5 feet away we want our kids to feel that when they go to church they're at least getting virtual hugs from people who are there and from there she's. The Isn't that really what it's about and. By going there they can sort of give him a hug. We're out of time our Father we thank you so much for the blessings that you've given to us we thank you that you are God were invited to worship you said you wanted to sanction so that you could be. We and we thank you for your interest and help us that we can help our kids to learn how much you love us you want to be with us and help them to want to reciprocate. Be with us throughout the rest of this camp meeting that we can grow closer you find ways we can get our kids closer to. Each Other. More this place in. 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