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Home-based Hydrotherapy and Natural Remedies for COVID-19

Wes Youngberg Dan Houghton
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With the potential of hospitals being overloaded, it is important to know how to treat patients with COVID-19 or other respiratory infections at home using natural means. In this presentation, Dr. Wes Youngberg demonstrates practical home-based hydrotherapy and natural remedies that are highly effective in treating those with these types of illnesses.



  • March 18, 2020
    7:00 PM
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My name is Dan Houghton and I'm actually here with Dr West Young Burke my wife Karen our Associate Pastor Ivan Starsky And Betsy West his wife and I want you know we're not here trying to hold anybody up but we're just wanting to show what it means to have a mask I'm wearing it in 99 mask and we're going to take this off and I mean it just so that you'll be able to hear is a little better and I can breathe a little better sucking air as I'm talking so fast but I want you to notice Karen's beautiful designer masks she's really happy about that color and Dr Emberg you're wearing also in 99 aren't you that's right Ok and Betsy is got out what kind of a mask that she have and 95 mask Ok and 95 and what we're here for tonight we've been talking about 19 and all the different things that are associated with that all the practical things we can do we decided tonight we wanted to actually show you some simple home remedies that will be useful to in your home be able to treat these kind of conditions so that you know whether to begin my child is what we're going to do tonight all right so what I'm going to defer is I'm going to take off my mask. Just so that you can hear me better for this instructional on home base natural remedies using hydrotherapy to actually treat respiratory infections really just to improve them use system in general this is even if you just want to feel better if you've had a really bad day this is a really good strategy to improve help to improve circulation to enhance the body's natural ability to heal whatever is going on especially viruses Army especially viruses that's right especially illnesses that don't have other good treatments now the we all started out wearing these special mass and so Dan and Karen and I are wearing in $99.00 mask these are actually dust masks the one I have is is called the base camp dust mask now it's actually at this point very difficult to find these any type of mass for that matter but what's nice about the dust mask is that they have a there they're basically have like a nylon mesh and then they have an insert that you can replace that has multiple charcoal filter layers that pick up 99 percent of the particularly case so it's a much even more effective than the in $95.00 mask which are kind of the industry standard for protecting the wearer so there's a difference between these masks including the mask that Bessie is wearing which is the $95.00 you see there's these little what we call respirators on the outside that means that as we exhale whatever whatever we're breathing now actually comes out of these respirators and that makes it easier to wear a mask like this Now that also means that if. Bob sick and I'm aware ing One is these mass with the rest greater I'm actually put tension really increasing the risk of them back being somebody else not increasing the risk compared to not wearing it but thinking that I'm that I'm safe from infecting other people when that's not necessarily the case because if I'm within 3 feet or or closer to Pastor I haven't and I'm wearing this mask and I'm in fact it with color been one teen or another respiratory virus is I expect all through my nose or my mouth the respirator valve opens up and allows the air to go forward if that air is breathed by Ivan then he could actually become infected so so this is something we wear to protect ourselves when we're in this case where assuming that Pastor Ivan is in fact did he needs to have some kind of remedial strategies and Chris we have gone over specific trivial strategies and previous the deals that are that are on this channel and so I Curry if you to go to those at the. 7th Day Adventist Church You Tube site to learn more about the other natural remedies but today we want to really focus on how to use hot cold fomentation hydrotherapy to dramatically improve the immune function and so the 1st step is that whoever is treating it and we're not you know this is not a hospital setting this is not we're not talking about a clinical setting we're talking about if you're in your home and you have somebody in your home or are in right near you that you're already in contact with and they need support this is what you would do us maybe it might be someone that you feel like you'd like to have home and patients you want someone to know how to give it to you that's right so this is a. And so that you can actually provide this in your own home with things that you're already have now many of you don't have access to maps I'm unfortunately that's just the case during the 1980 to banish flu individuals were making their own mask with 5 layers of just regular gauze and then fine mesh wire mesh so it will form this around your face and just get a rubber band set up and you can make your own mask that are fairly efficient Now the so all these masks including the n 95 mask that Bessie is wearing are designed to help protect the wearer and they are very very helpful for that purpose because as we're breathing down the filters the charcoal filters and the filters of the mask are actually preventing the vast majority of viral particles too from getting in now does it prevent all the viral particles to get it no it doesn't but they're not an all or none thing the main goal that we have is to lend it contagion to limit the dose that we that we are exposed to and so everything that we do washing our hands all the things that we've already learned about are designed to limit exposure we're still going to have exposure we many of us most of us a probably already been exposed at some level but our immune system has been able to keep up with it and when the individual battles over that but if if we do things that that damage your immune system or if we fail to participate in activities that optimized abuse system then we're we're going to be at at the mercy of this virus that is replicating very rapidly in the body so this is particular is a strategy that helps them use system fight that battle much more aggressively now. This is actually very appropriate that we have passed arriving here today because we just learned today that Pastor Ivan you just learned today that your brother who is in this early thirty's and in Switzerland tested positive for Kubot 19 tell us how you heard about this and and how that came about yes so I talked to my brother today and actually he called me and he said I haven't Yes So I just want to tell you something last week I got really sick really bad and I actually it was so bad that he could to do a few things he had to stay at home and do nothing else he went to the doctors and the doctor said You're too young to have to worry about it you something else so he went home he stirred trying to heal himself today given back to take the test Well it turns out he's positive he's positive and so now he has to take treatments and more precautions so yeah that's how he phoned out about. That is very very sobering and many of us here in the United States are now hearing of family members of loved ones of color workers neighbors who are getting sick and they're wondering is this possibly call of it and I see. The medical group where I used to work here in Temecula. They're actually in the same building where my clinic is they are now doing drive through testing for their large patient group starting today so it's a lot of people are mobilizing not waiting for the government to do everything for us we have to mobilize to take care of our own needs and that's why home based strategies may be our only option in fact for most of us that will be the only option so Pastor Ivan I have brought a special mass for you and so go ahead and put this on. This is a special mask that is different from the mask Betsy's wear and that the n 95 or the ones that we've been wearing the 99 This is a surgical mask it's not nearly is the fact that protecting the wearer but it's very effective at protecting everybody else because if you were infected past arriving in your in your sneezing or coughing or just just breathing breathing hard or just talking just just talking like I am within 3 feet of you could actually could act if I was infected could potentially aerosolized virus to the point that I created my role cloud around me that that you then breathe then and now you're you're been exposed in a question is can your body fight that off or the you succumb to it so these are strategies again that are going to enhance or muses and so Pastor I was wearing a surgical mask and these are typically the mask that most medical doctors and health professionals wear but it's it's really designed to protect the person they're treating more so than to protect them. So if you want personal protection you really want to be wearing something like what Betsy or Dan and Karen and I are wearing so if again if you're in a situation where you're not just demo ing like what we're doing tonight but you're actually treating somebody at home or an even in your neighborhood that is that needs help then that you want to make sure that the sick person is wearing a mask now so I'm going to ask Pastor Ivan hold are you. 20 a Ok young stat So come on Count have a just go ahead to sit down you're going to be laying your head. The pillow there and. You're relaxing All right so we're basically basically what we're going to do here is run through how you do what we call fomentation hydrotherapy treatments and there's different ways to do this you know we talked previously that you can you know if you're lucky to have the pool in a hot tub you can do you know 10 minutes in a hot tub and at least at 104 degrees and then you can do 30 to 60 seconds in the cold pool and go back and forth 3 times or if you have an infrared sun that works is that what gets you like to do is good but that's right we're going to do it tonight because we need it. Or if you have infrared sauna like you do than a parent you can get in for 1015 minutes and then take a cold shower soap box with Castiel soap and then go right back in and do that 2 or 3 times and that's very very helpful in the heat stimuli opens up the capillaries in the arteries so that so that the blood is drawn to the surface and so blood is drawn from the congested areas of the lungs in particular in the air and then when you do the cold that that constricts all the blood vessels and it pushes blood back down and then you go back into the heat again that opens it up and so that creates a passive form of improved circulation that helps detoxify the body helps helps relieve the congested areas of the body or the organs that are suffering with with the virus or whatever illness it might be and it just helps the body remove these toxins and these viruses via the kidneys via sweat. And to the urine and even even through the digestive system into feces so this type of them prove. Circulation is detox of my self in the in the one cold showers do the same thing Ok so and what I've been doing frequently and we call it the poor man's hydrotherapy is multiple times a day if you're not super sick and you can get up and get in the shower Ok you just do 3 minutes is hot as you can take it you know make sure that you're paying attention that you don't burn yourself right the shower stream right coming down your throat and chest area and then after 3 minutes hot you turn it as called as you can make it not take it make it go so you can handle the cold and by the way if somebody has serious medical conditions this is for people who are otherwise healthy that are now getting sick or risk of getting sick or trying to prove circulation so I obviously if you have an open wound if you have a hemorrhage somewhere if you have cancer somewhere and you need to work with your doctor to make sure that you can handle this type of increase or if you lay should buy for the most part the average individual can participate in this type of activity Ok. So the and in the shower you doing that 3 times 3 minutes hot 30 seconds called 3 minutes hot 30 seconds called 3 minutes 30 seconds cold and that's how you end now when you finish hydrotherapy I always dry out really well and so if your hair's got wet or sweaty you dry your hair completely So you're not damp you dry off your whole body a towel down and then you immediately get in bed and stay there and try to sleep and rest for at least 20 minutes for further building much longer because your body needs rest and so that's the 1st point that we want to make getting getting our poor sick pastor Ivan to rest and basically sleep it off so to speak this is really critical because without rest even the hydrotherapy even even all the other things that we're doing are not going to work nearly as well so you have to have complete bed rest if you if you're sick. And you have a cough or even a slight fever you got it just totally stop everything and focus on getting better because if you don't you are running the risk of hitting that tipping point where you may not make it or like young individuals like Pastor Ivan is and as a brother who's 3 years older than him. They're very unlikely to die from Cove is 19 but what we're learning now in the last few days is that is doctors look at chest x. rays of the young individuals like like in their late twenty's and thirty's or even early forty's their lungs have all kinds of damage from the illness that they have gone through which basically could disable them physically or from a health perspective for life they're not going to be able to do the things they used to be able to do so young people take this super seriously because it could totally change the rest of your life even if you're survive this and you probably will but not the same as you used to be now so they 1st step things that we do is we want to as as we as we demonstrate how to do hydrotherapy the 1st thing that we do is we there's different ways to 2 different types of towels or you can use to heat up and therefore use that as the way to transfer heat from the Tao into the body the I had the privilege to train under the mentorship of Dr Charles Thomas who over 35 years ago was was the master of hydrotherapy treatments he had his own clinic and Banning California and I remember one of my good friends are roommates Dr. Brett Hildebrand who was a medical student at the time we went together to his clinic and learned directly saw him treating patients directly and we actually bought these these hydrotherapy pads at that time the adult called my clinic and asked me where to buy the let me we have to do the same thing is you figure it out look on Amazon and find find the best or just make your own. All right so if you don't have one of these What's most of us won't these these that are designed for hybrids they're used Turkish type towels that have been designed for this purpose that hold the heat in really well just use a regular towel and it won't hold the heat as well but it's still very effective and so so what we do is the 1st step is to basically do a deep dampening. Of these towels and so give them what get them thoroughly wet not don't make the mistake that I've made the 1st time I ever did this about 30 years ago is I think well it doesn't have to be that damp you know we're just kind of you know warm it up in the microwave and if it's not thoroughly damp you can start a fire in your microwave because this will burn unless it's wet so that's the 1st mistake that you want to avoid the 2nd mistake you want to avoid is that if if you don't wring this out let's say we've dampened this really good with water taken of take and give me the pitcher there. Ok so I've taken there's actually with there's actually warm water in here Ok so I'm not going to just you just pour water over this not course not over the patient like I'm doing that's not a good idea but the idea is you you and the kitchen or wherever you are and of bedroom you just wet this tile thoroughly and and then and then you take this and you you roll it up really tight. And you just ring it out you ring it out so you might if you're if you're putting really hot water on this course of your microwave and you can just wet it with regular water regular tap water and then wring it out you don't have to wear gloves to protect you from the heat but if you're if you're doing it if you're doing it with really hot water from a pot or a kettle then you need to be careful not to burn yourself as you're wringing this out now so so after you've rung this out you you make sure that it's not dripping because if it's if water's dripping off this is you're going to you're going to burn your patient don't do that salt so make sure that it's nice and damp through and through you put it in a in a in a plastic grocery bag or you can even use a trash bag if you don't have a grocery bag and can only see that real quick so you saw the another another thing that you can do this will seem us so what I do is I just grab a like this and then twist it twist it and then put it in a microwave like that so go ahead and. So and you can actually do 2 at a time because you're going to we're going to be putting a fomentation pad the bottom of past arrives back and then we're going to be putting one on his chest I guess so when you put it in a microwave every microwave is different so I'm not going to give you a definitive number of minutes but generally speaking I would put it in for maybe 3 minutes and then check it to see how steamy it is and then you might need to do another couple minutes some microwave you might need to do more than 5 minutes so let's let's assume that this is now all steamy we microwave this long enough and you can to do 2 of these at once so now you take a towel just a regular large towel and and just all that in half. Ok fold it in half and then you just lay it down on the table and then just put the fomentation Pad or the towel that you used you can use just a regular towel and then put a dry towel around the heated moist towel now Pastor Ivan we're going to ask you to get up there. And watch him or should he be wearing a t. shirt I don't know could I ask you to actually just take off your teacher. And now you can just leave it on easy. Ok so you can tell he's a fit man that we play basketball together so he beats me up all the time Ok go ahead lay back them Ok so now what we're going to do is pass arrive and I'm we're going to lay down so before you lay down that one more towel please Karen Karen's our resident nurse We appreciate her and and because see this this tile this there's already this this is a massage table so that has no risk of getting wet or damp but if you don't have a table that is waterproof or you're on a bed for instance or even on the floor on carpet you want to put a plastic down to prevent. From damaging or bad from water Ok so you put a plastic sheet you can use a shower curtain you can use a garbage bag that's been cut open and then and then you put its howl down on top of that like what we have here and then a towel around the wet moist hot towel and then we add one more towel. On top of this before pastor Ivan and it just depends on if because he's young I'm just going to do a just a double on this if if if Pastor Ivan was my age or older in his in his seventy's or eighty's the older you are the less the less likely you are to handle deeper heat and so we want to start more gently Now this path this towel is not not hot but if if if it was it would start making you feel it just you feel the radiating heat coming out of the towel into the back and then it radiating up into the posterior all areas of the lungs Ok that's what we want we want to stimulate a blood flow to the lungs which means anti-bodies are being that have been formed against this virus on the how are now being funneled to the lungs where the color that 19 virus is attached to that of the ace 2 proteins and that in the alveoli or the lung that's where the viruses are doing most of their damage so you want you want to get blood flow through the lungs Ok so that's the 1st step the 2nd step here is so so we have another towel another Turkish towel or regular cow that has been thoroughly wrung out prior to being microwave now it's hot it's steamy you put it put it on that other towel dry towel fold it over and now if you could pull that blanket back so now what we're going to do is put it with actually one more towel if we could have another towel on top of I've been stressed because this is actually going to be really hot and so we want to have one layer of a regular dry towel on top. Ok And and then we put this towel that has the hot fomentation pad inside of it on top and then and then what we do we want to try to keep that he still now there's heat here there's heat underneath coming up from his back and so we want to contain that so that so we can even use another towel on top of that if we needed to to further contain the heat and we basically cover him up that's the good tester I haven't. All right so I did mention my my wrap around glasses these are safety glasses now you know if I was in a man in a hospital scenario this will be good enough we would be wearing some type of. Goggles that prevent any any potential flow of virus through the air because the virus can be aerosolized and it can be in the air for hours so here's a couple examples you know this. Guy He is going to be here for at least 3 minutes maybe 5 minutes 3 to 5 minutes and we will be checking to make sure he's comfortable making sure that he's not getting too hot and. Ok go ahead good. Their bodies Ok so so there's all kinds of different strategies you see have sinus congestion was doesn't seem to be a big part of Colvin one thing but it could be you can actually do a hot compress on the sinus area at the same time but most of the time you'll use a washcloth that way that is cold that has been dipped in ice water and that will keep the head nice and cool while the body's heating up so this is where sensually creating a natural fever in the body to stimulate blood flow and immune system activation the the you do not want to suppress a regular fever this idea of taking aspirin or whatever to decrease of a fever that's only one o one or even one all to do is you're actually impairing the ability of your immune system to fight the virus when you reduce your fever artificially so you only reduce the fever if somebody is really in pain or has a as you know is running at 104 or higher and in my opinion. So we make sure that that if if there the fever is high somebody is uncomfortable cool head off like what we're doing here now in terms of in terms of goggles we're you know we're not renowned necessarily wearing goggles here but if you're going to wear goggles and because of the this threat you want to wear goggles that don't don't have vents on and because if you have vents on the goggles then you're kind of defeating the purpose other than potential splash. Onto your eyes so a wrap around glasses like that protect against splash somebody sneezing or coughing but but that viral cloud is still there that can get around things so this would not protect me from the viral cause. We really need to assume that everybody that we see has a viral cloud walking around them that that's around 2 or 3 feet in diameter around them and so you that's why we want to maintain at least 3 feet away from each other. Yes Yes So so ideally you know we want to keep about 6 feet apart Ok so so so what I did is just when I 1st heard about this in late January I mean I went on Amazon and I got a fireman's goggle they're they're not that expensive and they're they're not vented why because firemen are in areas of smoke and if they're wearing a regularly non regular vintage goggle then they're going to get smoke affecting them so use a non visit goggle That's one option or if you if you can't find them anywhere else go to the swimming section of a sporting goods store of just order and online at this point and just were swimming gods. Looks a little bit yes the older the seals and you're completely preventing the risk of the viral cloud in your that you're walking through to contact your eye and therefore infect your body Ok so the. The so so so so past arriving now has been under the influence of this hydrotherapy he session for around 5 minutes 3 to 5 minutes and so now what we want to do is introduce the cold part of this so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to pull the blankets back. And. Ok so so Betsy now has a bowl of literally ice water and what we're going to do. With this going to be called it's going to be good and and so I'm going to remove I'm going to remove this and the tile so good let's go ahead and do some some cold friction. All right itself so this is now really cold so what I do is I just dip it in good and then I just ring it out pretty good so it's now it's not dripping her right I want you to know that Ivan was really and this is not right to it when Dr Charles Thomas taught us how to do this he just he says well I just fall over here it is just really get get blood flowing to there is this is constricting the blood vessels What do you. Get All right self that so be you do this for basically do this in turn it around do this for about 2030 seconds Ok so that's nice and cold and that just stimulates the circulation back and forth so now we're back up bring it back up Ok And then then I'm going to now do the back with some more cold water. Ok. Ok so now I'm just having turn so turn away from us so that you know if he starts coughing or because we're doing this call so just really really do the back and just kind of cool enough now the 1st time we do this. It's a little hoop it's is a little bit. Rough but the 2nd and 3rd time we do this is like a relief because it's taking the heat off of the body that's really hot Ok so so we'll put that back in the can all right so go ahead lay back down past right Ok Now actually I was also as a as a patient that was awesome because he didn't get the real heat but he got the real cold. Ok so. So now what we're doing this where where we're got to take the pads go and sit up. We're going to take the the old pad off and we're going to put a new one down. So. This this is now been wrapped this is the new put it back in a microwave. And heated them up and and we have we have a towel on top of it because this is now a new hot Turkish towel or or heated towel that's wrapped in a dry towel and then another dry towel on top going to lay down and just check how is that feel is that is that to war Ok you just let me know if it's too warm and then we again we put a dry towel and we check this you know since since this was there before check to see if it's to do if it's damp it will make it the heat more pronounced so we know make sure it stays dry if it's wet we replace it then we put the new Mike moving microwave. Towel with a dry towel around it and then cover with the blanket So this is this is the 2nd. Stage of the hydrotherapy 1st 1st step is is the hot and then the cold and then the 2nd time hot in the cold so we do this we put put the we put the cold. Wash cloth. On the forehead to just again draw heat off the forehead to kind of help help relax because you know by this time if we're doing the he he's going to feel really good they have this cold washcloth on the forehead Ok so we do this 3 times back and forth just like we did right now and and they Let's assume now that we have just finished the the last the 3rd time of heat Ok so we're going to take that off we're going to we're going to go ahead and take take these off. Of the extra towel and we're going to we're going this is this is the ice water we're going to do a quick quick section with that ice water strolled in and then and then and then you bring Give me a towel so I can just make sure that we dry that off just any towel here we go and we just dry that off really good really quickly so that there's no dampness there. And then then we go ahead and just stand and we're going to we're going to remove these hot pads and we're going to the moon where that washed up go. There we go all right so then we just again end with called I always end with called aphelion good right hand drive and power right. I charge by the hour by the way. Right and then so you just get that cool that off. In prove cold constricts and since the blood back down to the deep areas which then keeps the circulation going and then we dry we dry this this off real quickly and then we get you to Calais back down Ok I want you to be comfortable there and we then we then basically and then of this this is a critical phase when when I 1st was observing Dr Charles Thomas back in the mid 1980 s. I just assumed that the rule important part was a hot cold but Dr Thomas pas after the last session and he said to he said to us we're observing him says if you do not do this last part you're not going to get nearly the benefit I go what's left for are we done and he says no we're not done then the most important part is the rest phase and the rest this is where now that he is dry we made sure that he stayed dry make sure that he's comfortable and then we basically just turn the lights off we're not going to do that today turn the lights off. And and you know this is actually a good time to pray and this is a great time so many people prayed the beginning and the end and say You know Pastor I've been. The There's nothing more valuable to the healing process to know that God loves you and that God wants you to be healed and that God has made available strategies like this to increase your opportunity to experience health and healing and. And so if you would allow me I would like to say a prayer for you Ok and I always ask I don't just do it I always ask and you know every you know every millionth patient I have my say no that's Ok but most individuals will no matter what their faith walk is or the lack of belief in God might be almost always they say yes especially after we develop some report and they know that I'm here to help them I want what's best for them and when when we ask that actually that actually and you get an affirmative answer that means that that unlocks the power of heaven on the behalf of that individual that that minister in angels that the Holy Spirit you know we live in in a world of spirituality whether you realise it or not that has power or power to improve healing and so Pastor Ivan I'm glad that you want me to pray for you so let's just positive moment and pray Father. I thank you for the privilege to treat pastor Ivan today I thank you for the privilege to use this is an opportunity to. To educate thousands and tens of thousands of individuals that are watching this this home based remedy hydrotherapy program today so that they can apply these principles for those that they love in their own home and and Lord I also take this opportunity to pray for Pastor Ivan's brother another another pastor in Switzerland who who right now as we speak is is suffering with coded 19 respiratory viral infection Lord I pray that you that you own Lockyer your ministry the angels in your holy spirit to be with Him to guide him to give him wisdom to to take advantage of all the natural remedies that are available to us if we would just open our minds and so I pray for healing for his brother I pray I pray for healing for for all individuals like like Pastor Ivan who are at risk like myself who are at risk and the things that we can do to protect ourselves to educate ourselves so that we are not unnecessarily allowing this this disease to to be victorious over us. So we thank you for the privilege of being able to the privilege of being your children we look forward to the blessings that only you can give of health and healing that she says Name Amen amen So with that Pastor arrive in your responsibility right now is to trust fully in God and just allow allow that peace of mind to know that your immune system is now doing everything possible to fight this you have angels in the Holy Spirit on your side it's your responsibility now to just rest no stress just rest and sleep for as long as you can right now so this is the phase where we say at least they in that position for at least 20 minutes on this is what happens physiologically when that when when when somebody takes the time to just chill for at least 20 minutes what no plugs I'll be watching t.v. don't want me watching the news about the latest lockdown focus then how about just resting letting your body heal and so what happens when you just told the rest of this that improves circulation that has occurred within your body that activation of the immune system. As as the as the blood in them that explodes throughout the body they stimulate various immune centers and activate them to start producing antibodies that are precisely this design to attach to covert 19 it's the most the most amazing chemotherapeutic strategy available your body makes it is self we just need to harness that energy appropriately and so when you once you start resting after that hot cold hot cold hot cold what happens is that the b. cells of the immune system the b. cells that are responsible for actually producing and have Adi's they start going into action at a much higher level and you start producing and have bodies at a dramatic level we call it spontaneous blast the Genesis with a b. cells start releasing all these antibodies and those antibodies blood to your lungs where those viruses are and they basically do a complete frontal attack on all those novels viruses and dramatically increases the chance of your body winning the war before it causes chronic damage so even young people young peach children who get infected number one not only of their super infectious to everybody else even if they don't feel anything but their athlete creating damage inflammation in the lungs potential scar tissue that could that could in fact then impact them for life there's been reports about the previous acute respiratory syndrome cases like this where people who were infected would have depression for the rest of their life even though they survive not just because of the experience but. Because of what it did to them physiologically it could cause post for magic the stress disorder for life I mean this is not something that we want to play around with that's why it's so important that we all take the responsibility to stay home if at all possible and you know only people that have to policemen and firefighters and medical workers and people that have to keep the grocery stores going to except for all those are the only people that should be out there everybody else should stay home and take care of each other and that the 1st find of any center take advantage of strategies like we have addressed today pastor Ivan this is probably the easiest you've ever had on the stage and I want to say to our audience that is watching this is actually the podium where we have our worship services and our forward church and what more could we do as far as helping to to demonstrate to you what can happen when if we use natural healing methods that Christ has given to us now this was the main thing we wanted to do tonight we wanted to let people see exactly how to do this and we've done that we've got to bonus things for you know so Pastor I mean I hate to have to tell you but you're going to have to. Know the good that was the we actually told our I go and get up and left is all better now yeah yeah Ok now pictures you can put your teacher back on and we're going to actually do a hot and cold foot bath next and while Karen's going to do that Dr Embry you might be able to talk about the benefit of a hot and cold foot bath. So and once again we're trying to improve circulation and when you start out with hot that draws blood down to your feet Ok that Droz that opens up the capital areas in the blood vessels to the feet why because it's hot and we're trying to disperse that heat blood. Close to the feet and then when you go call that constricts it and that pumps blood back up so it's a way to stimulate the blood flow and circulation in a powerful way Ok So Kiran go ahead describe what's happening here with the specifically. In the in the tub it's not as he can handle it and I like to put in a little bit of Epsom salts in there it feels really good it's got me the m. it is making easy and it suits your muscles so you put your feet in there for about 3 minutes and then when you're done with that then you stick your feet now you're not in 3 minutes but you go from the really hot to a bucket of ice wires if you want to just you know and the heat you know if somebody is older they're going to be more sensitive to the heat that you want the water to be roughly somewhere between somewhere between 104211 degrees so if you have a thermometer for water that be a good way to check it if if somebody is elderly or Fred frail you would want to start at the lower end of that see how they're doing and then gently add additional hot water does that making sure that they're not having a problem with that now if you're if somebody is a diabetic and you're treating a diabetic they may have peripheral neuropathy which means they may not feel the heat and they could actually burn their feet without even knowing it so so that's why if you're doing it yourself at home check it with your elbow usually people don't have peripheral neuropathy in their elbow issue that's actually a little too hot and so be careful with that salt so be cautious when you do these things you need to have it at the right temperature. Relieve congestion and another thing it does if you have a headache coming on it really helps relieve a headache as well and while he's doing the hot and cold on his feet another little thing that we have is a sore throat pack and this is it can be a strip of cotton or flannel and you get this dipped in ice water so I'm just going to pour some ice water on it to get a good went right over this. I did and they just. Had to get cold click Lee and then you ring it out make sure it's good and run out and then you wrap this around your throat. And then where's the wall and piece and then you take one piece of wool and what I've had done is I had a lead to make this for me she put Velcro on it and you just wrap that right around the cotton. And leave it on overnight when you go to bed and in the morning your throw from much better draws all the blood right to that area where it's hurting but make sure that the cotton is I think cold when you put it on wring it out and then put so starts a cold and then it warms up all over time and it dramatically improves circulation that area and helps helps the Musa's them fight the viruses that are in the throat area the things you know this is Karen showed this and it is something she had made the outside is will correct here in the outside as well inside and you can use a safety pin to we just have Balco put on because it makes it so much easier they both you don't have to have her on the cotton Don't just stand place keep the place of it poor man's approach which I've used frequently if you don't have a knife and if the wall to use you can actually use a sock like up like I winter saw a wall sock wrap it around and then use a pen yet nothing would happen and you gave me that terror tear a piece of a pillow case an old pillowcase or something a magic lot so these are little things that can be helpful in your look because here documented one of the things that we've known in news is we've got the surge coming we've been talking about the search and they're saying hospital beds in fact I know here in San Diego they just activated the hospital ship Navy hospital ship in San Diego I also read today that the state of California is in the Goshen with 900 hotels to try to utilize rooms for hospital based purposes and maybe call in the National Guard to help in the armed forces to help with the surge we have coming so in case you're not able to get treatment someplace else this these things would be a natural thing that people could do right in their homes Remember you're not going to be able to go to the hospital I was I was so sad and just recently I've seen a news story of a lady an elderly lady. From Italy crying just desperately because she just lost her husband the cove at 19 and then she had been tested positive because she was not sick and she was told to go home they just didn't have any treatment for it is no reason to take off the bed when you don't need a ventilator or you don't need that that palettes have to take care and so she was just weeping because of this and her adult children were there you know trying to console her taking a risk of being infected themselves so do not try to try to go to hospital if you have just early sentence because they simply will not be able to address this certainly be in touch with your doctor by phone or telemedicine but these are strategies that have been able to save the lives of countless thousands who took advantage of them and so you want to start them earlier rather than later now one thing that we failed to address at the beginning that I forgot is that when you start hydrotherapy make sure that your patient drinks at least 16 to 20 ounces of good pure water you want to be hydrated because you're going to be sweating at the time during the procedure and you know anybody who's gone through any type of hydrotherapy whether it's a hot shower or hot to call that you get really thirsty afterwards because you're sweating so much so drink drink drink lots of water and that all home get rid of viruses through the urine so that you're less likely to be getting rid of viruses through your breath and infecting other people around you so a lot so water throughout the procedure at 20 ounces at the beginning and and then maybe through that process get a little bit more water ask a hair have a little bit more water and then at the end more water and then you sleep and then when you get up after your nap past arriving you do another drink drink drink drink 3. The the we talked previously about the seminary Yes the Danish Norwegian seminary just west of Minneapolis Minnesota in 1918 who's who's graduate physician a fact they remember at the seminary immediately put the people who were sick with the Spanish flu to basically bed rest immediately went to bed rest even if at the earliest fever or symptom of any kind and they were told to stay in bed for at least 2 days after they felt well they immediately focused on hydration lots o. water and then helping the only Whole Foods only plant based foods like soups that are made from being served lentils or just something very simple vegetable Gras just eat really lightly 3 times a day with an at least 4 or 5 hours between meals if they're hungry give them water just you don't need to eat that much when you're sick when you're sick your body wants to focus on healing and not digesting more food and so give the body's a chance to heal eat very sparingly during an illness like this the last thing you want to be doing is I feel so bad I'm going to treat myself with with some ice cream or something something sugary or some pyre some cake that can kill you if you do it absolutely only healthy food during that time so I surrender hydration proper diet trusting God hydrotherapy and then stay in bed until till at least 2 days after you feel better and then don't don't stress your system remember you just went through a serious illness so those are the principles of healing. Now there's one thing I want to do is kind of another bonus for the people that might be watching Justice afternoon are a.s.i. organization. A group of lay people that are blade business people very involved in ministry we put up a brand new website today called Debbie Debbie Debbie a God cares every day Dato work that's God cares every day dot org And there are many many different resources that will be on that website including some of the things that have been done here at Fallbrook Doc's younger so were destroyed thrilled you've tuned in this is the 3rd or 4th video we've made now today is March the 18th we were trying to keep track of just a day over 450 people died in Italy alone and that is so sad we don't want that to keep going we know that it's probably going to happen like that in the United States we need to be ready for at and we need to have home base remedies which may be the only way to address this in the future and that's why we've done this for you and we pray that somebody will pick this up and say I can do this for someone that's close to me and it'll make a difference and save someone's life and it's been our privilege to be with you again tonight we've completed this in just about an hour tonight Wes It's a writer and we trust that you'll be able to share it with friends and we just want to say thank you and I'd like to say one last prayer before we close tonight Holy Father we just thank you for the privilege that we have of this knowledge and I prayed more that you would help this knowledge to go to lots of places because these are simple things towels heat cold the proper processes using hydrotherapy and trust in you all the things that was laid out this forthright steps make them real to us a great make a difference for the people of. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more Sermon on the visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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