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House Arrest

Allen Lloyd
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A timely message as public health concerns have led government officials to ask Americans to "shelter at home” during the COVID-19 crisis, and have unveiled what our priorities are have become as a society. This message encourages us to set our priorities right, and to make the best of our time at home.


  • March 20, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Good evening. It's nice to see. Faces on a day when social distancing has become a household word in America. Or a household phrase. How many of you would have heard of the term social distancing. Before a few months ago. A couple of you but most did not raise their hand and you know there's been a lot of changes in the world. Since this virus was passed from a bat being consumed in woohoo in China to human and then spread quickly from human to human in till it is now. Encircled the globe and you know a lot of. Some people have wondered. About this Corentin thing. Some of even mentioned it could this all be a government conspiracy just to. Give an excuse for governments to control people. And. Actually. I think this was answered aptly by our pastor who's not in attendance here in this evening he social distancing with his family. But I'd like to just have you listen to what he had to say this morning. I actually walked by when this was happening I didn't realize what he was saying at that time but it came to me just a few minutes ago and let's take a look at this. In times of stress and anxiety people are given to be more open to conspiracy theories the other day I was talking to someone in the community as a result of the Sat down and they had been in their home for 5 or 6 days and they were worried to come out. You know because thinking. Is there anything that old book says about quarantine about being put aside because we're worried about disease and then I remember that ancient book of Leviticus where God's rules concerning who could come into the camp and out of the camp and how you would take care of then but also sanitation and public health issues I remember that book and I looked and I began to read Chapter 13 chapter 14 Chapter 15 and I saw something that really gave me great peace you know it was quarantine didn't begin with our government it began with God when he saw that there was a problem he protected his people by taking those that maybe had a disease or maybe had a sickness and keeping them outside the camp 1st of all for 7 days then they were rechecked and then another 7 days and this was all done by the priests who were also the physicians of the day. And a call came over me because I realized that the same procedures the same ideas that we're seeing today that are meant to protect us. For something that was originated by God So. You know as a Christian I called to be a priest the priesthood of all believers we could all act in that way bringing protection. When it's needed not to separate from one another for all time but maybe just for a short time until we get healthy and we can come back again as a congregation and come together and praise. Because we took the percussions we needed and that just ministered to my heart and I hope it does yours too. So it is a reminder you might want to get those verses out that Corin teams have been around for a long time and they are for our own good and by following the recommendations. As we recommend everyone do here we are as well we're actually making the world a healthier place and we might also be protected from disease and I know even though. Cove it has not really hit this community at least on an exponential level yet it can and it's even affecting some younger people in Sacramento not too far away from here I know there's critically ill people in their thirty's in intensive care units down there and communicating with hospitalised. Which I also am. And they're starting to see the exponential rise there and what we're doing can indeed protect the community so. I also realize that this what has happened the last couple of weeks when there is a time of crisis. We can start to realize what the priorities are what our own priorities are and this crisis that has hit this country and in a large way is an impending crisis because in reality the flu has killed far more people than cope with 19 at this point and I hope it stays that way. But if we if we don't do the right things this has the potential to way out do the flu but because of this pending crisis in the knowledge that we have of it we have been able to see what it laced this country these priorities are and some may have considered prior to this that competitive sports was like at the top of the list of priorities in America and you know you might be tempted to think that because whenever you turn on a t.v. there's some competitive sporting event going on I was working in the hospital the other day and this guy was trying to entertain himself by trying to find sports there was no sports going and. Not one game being played in America the e.s.p.n. channel I was thinking maybe they ought to just go and see a chess match where they're 6 feet apart or something you know. And do social distancing my son is a tennis player and a golfer says those are the 2 sports that you can still play. In have a social distancing. And they've even made roles locally here that you can actually rent a golf cart all by yourself for the same price now so that you can isolate on the golf course and and still be out in nature. But clearly. Sports is not a top priority because they canceled all the sports they canceled the championships they canceled March Madness they canceled major league baseball they canceled all of the sports and even canceled tennis matches and you know we just said tennis could be played but you can't watch the tennis matches. With social distancing and so those had to be canceled as well and so competitive sports where you find out not really a top priority in America it's kind of some people might manipulated into thinking that but when when a crisis came we realized it wasn't number one we might also think that in America especially because it's being it's been criticized now for a long time in regards to what many consider an evil word capitalism that economic prosperity is actually the real number one priority in America we found out that wasn't even true we're actually voluntarily going in to a significant depression the stock market has fallen dramatically as a result of social distancing businesses closing all the non-essential businesses in California have closed and there is clearly. When it comes to priorities economic prosperity was not up there to compete with this priority. And so you might think well you know there are other priorities of America. You know what about freedom freedom to travel to beautiful location. Well even that turns out is not a top priority travel has been restricted you can even go to the one of the most beautiful countries in the world New Zealand man and hopefully some of you are watching from New Zealand here today in fact some of our students left that this week to New Zealand before it closed and of course a lot of other students left as well worse sad that they left but we're glad that they had an option to continue their education. And still leave in fact I was looking at a blog since I'm on the Chronicle list which is a magazine that a lot of college presidents get throughout the nation I started to see a blog from the Chronicle of students bitterly complaining about what is happening in America because they said you know here we were working towards these things and without any choice of ours we were told we had to leave we were told we had to do this that in the other. We are being a small school there were options that were given in regards to this and the students that were complaining in the Chronicle were complaining that how come virtually no school was giving options it was just mandates in regards to how to obtain their education. And by the way we found out face to face education which most educators still state today is the best way to be educated in a live environment where there's a classroom and it is discussion face to face was not a top priority in this country compared to this priority now education was still a priority because the government said that they want to continue education if at all possible at a distance. Learning and even. We could call this distance learning even here tonight because of the. The fact that you have to be at least 6 feet away from me. In and in we are spread out but this is still the face to face aspect of things but education is enough of a priority that it was put on the left of the sensual in the Placer County document that people are allowed to travel if they need to for distance education. In other words if they don't have access to an Internet and they need to travel for that access that's an appropriate. Travelling aspect you will violate the travel ban. But so you know freedom to move about it well freedom to do what we want to do whenever we do it that's not a top priority even concerts cancelled not a top priority meetings and convention centers shut down not a drop priority partying not a top priority and in so this crisis has revealed what is the top priority what would you say America's top priority is as a. At least by evidence of what is taking place here. Ok somebody said some Americans priorities are toilet paper. And yes someone sent me of course I work in the g.i. field but somebody sent me that is if you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 14 day Corentin you should have been seeing a doctor long before covert 19. And so. You know there were other issues that you should not have been putting on hold until this time but nonetheless yes there are a lot of shortages of different things and of course there are businesses that have profited from this Corentin. Anyone hear what some of the businesses are that have significantly profited outside of the toilet paper industry. Yeah Lysol things having to do with cleanliness hand sanitizer but another big one stock went up tremendously Fed Ex wife said x. people can't go to stores and shop they have to shop on line and that has to be delivered and so the Fed Ex in the U.P.S.'s ones are maxed out American Airlines and United are not maxed out. They're cutting down their flights but all the ones dealing with packages of increased their flights and so it is in regards to how businesses operate and take you know they have their ups and downs that are unpredictable based on things that have occurred but I think I heard it over here. What was even more of a priority than getting packages shipped to your house direct from your computer screen or. Toilet Paper Life life do you think that should be a top priority absolutely it should be it was a top priority for gone because that's the priority behind one of those 10 commandments which commandment is it that has life as the top priority though shall not kill that's the reason for that and of course we shouldn't do things that could lead to a life that is cut short as well and so that's why the Bible is full of health loss laws even concerning Corentin when there is infectious illnesses going around and so physical life in particular seems to be the United States top priority in this crisis and I applaud them because that definitely should be a top priority I think it's also clear that mental health is not necessarily as top a priority as physical health for this nation. Why do I say that as a result of what has transpired and how it's being relayed obsessive compulsive disorder is skyrocketing anxiety rates skyrocketing panic disorder at an all time high fear of the future is at a fever pitch for many as a result of this crisis. But there doesn't seem to be much attempt to try to allay those fears at this point because we think those fears are warranted enough to help people to do the right thing to prevent the spread of the disease that could cause physical harm and so. That's mental health is not an s. And you know it's certainly not a higher priority than physical health is what we have learned. In this whole ordeal we've also learned that maybe even spiritual help in America isn't as top priority maybe as physical health. Because of some of the things that are taking place potentially in regards to gathering in spiritual gatherings even the general conference session is not being held and of course that's the priority of physical hell but it still will be held later it's just as Don mentioned in the video this is a time of separation but we expect a time of coming together shortly thereafter we don't know how short it's going to be and I think there should be in regards to physical health do you think there should be something of a greater priority. Spiritual health should be a greater priority in fact what I would recommend open your Bibles to a Fijian you have them many of you are watching online tonight I imagine we may have more that watch this program either live or afterwards than those who are here tonight and so what I would like you to consider is when you're under house arrest. When you are just at home and can't really go anywhere except to maybe the grocery store for unnecessary food or to see if they have received toilet paper. I would encourage you 1st of all during this time when you are at your homes to not keep up with the latest and covert 19 the statistics change hour by hour they change day by day but learning more about those statistics isn't going to really help you or help society for you to know about that and there are people that are glued to their screens with trying to figure out which state is going to do what California did and of course you know we recognize often America gets driven by the Bay Area whatever goes in the Bay Area goes to all of California and that's what happened and then what goes to California ends up going to all the other states and we've seen that follow suit in regards to how this crisis has been handled but that's really in a good way in order to protect us but we don't need to figure out if Oklahoma is going to be next or if Texas or or what different specific laws they're going to do or those type of things or to try to see that the latest in regards to the the crisis of the epidemic if we were really that interested in society and what's going on in regards to the trauma of society at this point there's still more people dying of the flu than covert 19 I can tell you there is an epidemic in Auburn of the human. Met a new mobile Iris that's putting people in i.c.u. media is not reporting on that they're not interested in that but there are things that are there far more spreading right now in our society than covert 19 now we recognize that's an impending issue but we don't necessarily keep up with all the deaths that are occurring in the hospital and want to hear about those are those type of things if we can do something about it yes but to to be glued to our screens at this time with fear and panic is always going to actually cause us to have more problems and it's going to adversely affect our lives in the future so what should we do instead I would recommend turning off the screens and I would recommend setting your affections on things above the fee Jance let's say where is that. Portion. I should have written a damn where Paul says set your affections on things above not on things of the earth maybe some of the theology students can help me here. It's kolache and screen Ephesians 3 think you kolache ns chapter 3 if ye then being risen with Christ seek those things which are what above where Christ said if it's on the right hand of God set your affections on things above up not on things on the earth and during the time when you're home you have a perfect opportunity to set your affections on things about you may have been too busy with your work. Too busy with school with the traveling and things like that even if you're in school now you don't have to travel if you've got wife but I am good wife I at home and so use that extra time to try to prioritize what we should be prioritizing and we're told actually we would do better to spend a thoughtful. Thoughtful hour each day learning from Christ and I recommend that you do that 1st thing in the morning even Christ when he was here were told that his 1st priority he would rise up a great while before day go out into where solitary place in there pray yes he had the Word of God had it in his mind he would recites that word while praying claiming those promises and having the Lord communicate with Him through His word and through His Spirit and God desires to do that with each one of us and so I think that really should be a top priority getting rid of the screens in setting our affection in the things above and by the way going into a solitary place one of the things I've noticed in this whole aspect of things fact probably shouldn't say this publicly but I'll say it anyways I'm pretty transparent as many of you know but. We have a son. And daughter in law down in Loma Linda and because her specialty is she's actually specializing in orthopedics physical therapy orthopedic She's a physical therapist and now she's getting a specialty an orthopedic the elective surgeries have all ceased You know the knee surgeries the elective shoulder surgeries all that and that's what you're working on in physical therapy in orthopedics a lot of it and so all of a sudden there are many patients to do physical therapy and or very few in comparison so she was told she had to take mandatory 2 weeks off. And they were down in a little apartment building and my son was saying Isn't there a way you can fly your plane down here and pick us up and take us up to northern California so that we can live with you for a couple of weeks and I thought in this occurred last night in the edict was just there that you're not allowed to travel except for food or interesting Lee you can and my son Justin who really wants to see his older brother Nathan started looking over the edict there and said hiking trails you can go to hiking trails. And so if they ask you why you're going down there tell him you're going down there to hike. I noticed yesterday Stevens trail was packed that parking lot was packed since people are unable to go to work some of them are going outside and they're hiking the trails by the way I hiked the trails here today at Waymark what we did is we actually moved to we mark Justin and I last night so we're living here on campus at the Wiemar in right now and so our hiking trails are right here instead of up in the mountains and there was a lot of people on those hiking trails today. Nobody from from the the campus that I recognize but a whole lot of people from off campus we are allowing them to hike the trails as long as they keep to the social distancing and not going to any places where they could contaminate things so. After you rub against a tree or grab onto a tree out there you may want to wash your hands when you come back. Home. But. Nature is something the government did not actually nullify they canceled the competitive sports but they didn't cancel nature things and you know the national parks I checked they're all open even here in California and so you know you're allowed to go to nature aspects in hike and I would encourage you to get your exercise on the trail get the fresh air that way and actually go into solitary places in set your affections on things above it's a lot easier to do in nature and that's one of the things I would encourage everybody to do so let's prioritize exercise study show. As far as getting exercise is concerned 8 minutes of vigorous exercise a day is helpful but it goes exponentially more and more helpful until you get to an hour and it's still helpful if you go to 2 and 3 hours more so than one bit linear at that point it's not exponential and so I would encourage you at least an hour during this time when you're homebound don't just stay at home. Get out and get some good exercise and also I wouldn't and cleric encourage exercise as far as planting maybe even a garden you know on the 6 days that shalt Labor don't just stay inside by the way I would recommend you do something inside if you're not at work and if you're not at school and that is reorganize your house. You know get it and claim and organize some people put that off because of all the intensity this is a good time during this time to reorganize the have but it's also a good time to reorganize the outdoors of your house in planting a garden cultivating flowers it's spring time beautiful weather is here and that can also help us in regards to our mental health. And our our physical health as well and then I would also encourage you if you're home and by the way as if you're seeing some of the audience here some people might be alarmed because not everyone is staying is a 6 feet rule but did you know you actually don't have to state of the 6 feet rule if it's your household family and. This is something the government made clear. If you are going home to sleep with your wife you don't have to sleep 6 feet apart. And neither do you have to be away from your kids in fact I would encourage you we just expanded the Wiemar campus some people left and some people came to the Wiemar campus but there is a newborn that came on the Wiemar campus he had that answer those questions as the did they have any symptoms of the coded virus he says I don't even know what that is. And he was asked if he had been around anybody who had the covert virus and he didn't know then in theory there but his mother answered for him and that is Jenelle Manasse and we have someone who's not even a day old born at 530 this morning in the you think social distancing applies to him and his mother absolutely not in fact that the government mandates that that's government's gone awry that's when you can actually disobey the government for the. For the life of your of your young child. And so if you are in families and of course some of you are are in a family environment such as a room with a couple of people and it's really kind of impossible to stay away from that 6 feet then you don't have to follow the social distancing rule but if they are part of your immediate family then we do need to follow that rule but I would encourage you when you are at home with your family and you put a basket around whether it's in. The dorm whether it's in a group home whether it's in your family home and collect all the devices 4 hours a day where you can actually use this time to connect with your family connect with the people that are closest to you and. Disconnect from the screens now use this time to to disconnect and connect with each other in ways that can be meaningful and can enhance our life so I just like to say those are a few thoughts from and I might have a few more but we have a roving microphone the ceiling and I'd like to just see if you guys have any priorities or any recommendations for those that are watching as far as what else they can do to prioritize during this Corentin time and self Corentin anyone want to. Raise their hand and and give some others some advice yes in the back there and I see even though it's not as wifey is not social distancing from her. Well I would recommend taking a good book like the great controversy. Or so we shake them out of blessings but I would recommend the great Congress the specifically because. I've heard a lot of shooting range ideas around campus about what's going to happen because of this whole virus thing and we need to while this is very serious and it's a sign of the end. We need to be diligent students of the word and of the Spirit of Prophecy so that we are not saying things that are not true or exaggerating the truth or making false predictions because she's actually very clear about how things are going to go and how the people are going to rise up and they're going to call for certain things it's not going to be so that would the American nation we have this time like you are saying and I'd be a good book to reread or maybe read for the 1st time if you haven't read the great Conover's see it sheds light on what's going to happen how it's going to happen and it brings peace with many good promises and points is fact the word of God So so if we nation Gray can definitely concur with that you know in a way this is. This is kind of a minor pestilence in comparison to some of the pestilences that took place in the Bible you know dear remember. The pestilence that swept through Israel and I remember the background of that yeah it was it David's time and David was given 3 choices he was given and it was actually as a result of errors of judgment in his leadership that went directly contrary to the Word of God and of course this is something that is fearful for all leaders we need to know what the Word of God says and we need to be following it but when we think that we've become a leader that we can totally directly via lay a commandment of the Lord. We're in trouble and we're putting a lot of other people in trouble too and David did violate a commandment of the Lord and he was given 3 choices famine for 3 years war for 3 months where he would be overtaken by his enemies or a pestilence you know what he chose he chose the pestilence and that pestilence came you know how many people. That pestilence lasted 3 days 70000 dead 70000 dead coronaviruses not killed 70000 yet and it certainly hasn't done it in 3 days and for a small nation of Israel this was a major major pestilence and the Lord stopped in his mercy it could have been even more severe than that and so this is a some people are thinking this means that the fact that this is happening that the end is here now we're told there's going to be some more things happening in this world that's why it's good to read books like the great controversy read books like The Book of Revelation look at the plague this is nothing compared to any of those plagues and those flags are coming on this earth and it's actually the message of the 3 angels that can help everybody in this earth avoid those plague we're wanting to make sure everyone hears the C.D.C.'s recommendation on avoiding coronavirus But do you think it's more important to avoid coronavirus or avoid one of those 7 last plagues. Yes it's far more important to avoid those plagues and that's why the spiritual health is indeed crucial as this time goes on so I I would encourage you during this time get out a book that you haven't read in a while or a book that you've been wanting to read that something that is very going to draw you closer to God is going to help you to connect with God like the great controversy like patriarchs and prophets if you don't know the Bible very well and you're just watching on the internet I would encourage you to go through it's pretty simple and fun the amazing facts study guides and complete the amazing facts Bible study course. And it all really opened your eyes and it will help you to connect with God and so. I thank you for that bailing anyone else want to give someone some counsel in regards to what to do during this time. That transfer gets. Something I was talking to a friend about today that kind of hit me is that you know oftentimes our society is very disconnected in our families the use people are busy working and right now people are being forced to spend time together as families in their homes and it's kind of ironic but it can be a quite a blessing and I think even for you know a storm's doing especially for the staying at home with their families it's an opportune time to maybe reestablish connections or many relationships or just you know even for dorm students having a little more time to maybe make a phone call or something that. Can really be a blessing. Thank you very much Jenna you know the the holiday is most associated with family time in this country actually those 2 that compete with it but it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and it's often been said the reason why the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year is because people can't stand to be around their families for more than one day and the 2nd business busiest shopping day of the year is the day after Christmas. And so one day and they've had enough and now this gives us an opportunity to have weeks with our family without going out and that actually I like what you say Jan and that's a positive thing if there are issues this is the time to deal with those core issues take to under go what those core issues might be in regards to families because healthy families make for Healthy Minds and healthy body and that's why that 5th Commandment Joy has to do with family is actually the only one with the promise in regards to longevity and so yes and maybe as a group even do some spiritual times together have worship time on a regular basis have some good discussion of things and again don't have the phones interrupt you on a calm and important conversation. Empathy in fact there's been studies done on this if you have a phone and you're an important conversation your purse sieved empathy goes down significantly particularly when you check your phone in the middle of that because someone just texted you something. And so that actually disrupts that connectedness that we're that we really could take advantage of this time for that so thank you very much Janet and anyone else. All right thank you. I think one thing that we can also do is look at opportunities that of things that we can do as I've seen today about Paul and how he wrote like a lot of the New Testament and his I can find and things like that I think people are a lot more willing to hear about things and listen to things that we have to say I concern like timing and and spiritual things because people are kind of in a state of change or panic or kind of shock and so in that they're ready to make more adjustments in their own lives this was I think it's an opportunity for us to share Yeah a great suggestion there and it is a great opportunity to share more with others people are very much looking. For counsel in regards to this whole crisis that we're in I know friends I haven't heard from for years have found my tax thing and they're asking me questions and wanting counsel. And it's even individuals here who may before you know these were all all the coin says in Ardmore Oklahoma who are not philosophically aligned with me it's surprising how much they're wanting my wisdom and counsel the fight the non philosophical alignment during this time and it's actually a time in which they are willing to listen in and in to be able to receive counsel and this is really a great preparation. For greater crises to come. You know if we can't run with the footman how are we going to run with the horses and so this is you know it's not like what Paul had Paul was in prison you know we're being confined to our houses. And there's a lot of prisoners who would love to be confined to their houses only but he was in prison behind bars in a very uncomfortable environment but yet even what we wrote here and read here tonight. Would probably not have been written had it had he not been confined and in prison in his wisdom and counsel continue on to this day thank you anybody else. Here in the i.k.. I was just reading through some of the song Beat we sing oftentimes you know the stories behind those songs most of the songs we love to sing in church and hymns were written by people in in times of profound stress or in times where they weren't you know just living their daily life the way they normally did and I was I was struck by that because you know like Nick was saying you know it's important to share what we are what we're learning what we're studying what we're reading you know if we have time to do those things and I think one of the ways that we can do that is through song into writing songs and writing poetry you know engaging in the arts in a way that I think that we don't normally have time to do great. I love that suggestion as well poetry during these times I can tell you have any of you write a good poem regarding the coronavirus and your experience with it you'll have you know far more readers than if you would have written it at another time and so I wouldn't encourage you to think about that and having have the meter in such a way that it might be able to go along with one of those him steer you can put a different. You know there's all sorts of different meters you can look into him now and see that in regards to the rhythm aspect of things and then line it up with a tune and then those words come alive and that could last all the way to the time of the end and so yeah I like that I think lots of people are scared in fact I know lots of people are scared into the flate during spring break to the east coast and people all on the trip were talking about the present what was happening who couldn't find food at the store or what their mother was complained to do in the future or in the near future it's all about the president on about the near future all about the future and people were scared but I think during this time one of the things we need to do is remember look at the past see what God has done for us in the past maybe not necessarily epidemics but how has he brought us to difficulties what is he taught us and how is that prepared us for we where for the things we need to do right now I think that's important yes. Great perspective there often our minds are in the present and not so much in the future. And I could see that very much in regards to the. When I was reading The Chronicle with all of the students got complaints from other colleges. And universities where they were just thinking about the present and this time is going to pass you know they are going to be able to graduate they are going to be able to obtain their cheap McColl and it might even be maybe unlikely it might even be on time and they might even be able to have people there and you know we don't know it's kind of too early in all of this but if not those things are going to eventually pass and this will just be a little blip along the road but let's use this to focus our priorities Thank you John yes something that someone mentioned this past week was the impact of empathy in this time because everyone is just thinking about themselves what do I need what do I need to do to prepare and to not be left without you know supplies and things like that and I think it's important to take some time to look at what others need and how we can help those around us even if we are confined to our homes how can we. Bless others through the Internet through you know not posting things and sending things that are tearing people down but that are actually building people up great. What can we do this isn't just about us it's not just about our families but how can we show empathy to humanity as a whole. And in more ways than just social distancing that's one of the ways of demonstrating empathy to the rest of society. But it is there's so much more that we can do and thanks for that reminder idea anybody else any advice that you'd want to give. Maybe even your fellow students who made the choice for a distance more distance education than what you're receiving. Any advice for others that may be. Tuned in and experiencing this confinement and maybe advice for those who are not confined as well you know there is a few people that are going to be busier during this time according to the statistics hospital s. are going to be extremely busy when this surge hit and they're going to be probably short of sleep in the intensity and there's probably not enough personnel. And equipment to do all of this in so they're going to be stressed on the other end but I would encourage you if you're in that group or you're more stressed out as a result of your workload increasing as a result of this that you still keep the priorities in mind of setting your affections on things above every day. Still going out and getting physical exercise every day in taking time for rest and that rest includes trusting in God's overall Providence and even the intense workers you know the you're imbalanced if you're an intense worker and not doing those 3 things you're not doing about him is not I doing exercise not getting enough time for sleep those are the big 3 that I look at in regards to am I starting to get imbalanced in my life and it's a it's a quick 33 something that you can look at there yes I think another important aspect would be trying to make sure you're not just entertain yourself especially if you're in isolation all day and we all know that that can really take a toll on your mental health if you're in isolation and spending all of your time on entertainment so I would say it's important to try to educate yourself apart from your work or apart from something like that and Bible is definitely the best place to do that but it would be nice to work on projects over have some thing that you're working on the side. Great and so at yourself entertainment. In fact I would encourage you to not do screen entertainment maybe to entertain yourself by saying a new trail by you know actually learning a new skill those are things that can be entertaining learning can be enjoyable when we're interested in it but don't just go through youtube after You Tube. Of entertainment or go through those social media accounts time goes by very quickly and you feel very empty when it's all over with and you haven't taken those precious moments to enhance your cell in the ways that we're talking about here today which could be a tremendous boost for our future well thank you for your contribution tonight to. Being under house arrest and I know all of us in a way here are under house arrest but instead of focusing in on the fact that we can't do what we want to do when we want to do it let's focus in on the things God can term Mendis with one. During. 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