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The Urgency of the Word

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator

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on the morning and evening in the house of God while I'm each one of you thank you for coming and I'm looking forward to opening the world got together with you today were going to talk a little bit about the New Testament is remember last few weeks we've been talking about the battle for the Bible of the Old Testament has been has been criticized by the critics the manuscript they said were unreliable until that one day about fifty years ago sixty years ago when a little shepherd boy Barack and found achievement it Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in there we realized that since the time of Christ and even a few hundred years before the time of Christ the Bible had been transmitted and copied in a way that protected and kept very accurate they run a little bit of the New Testament the Old Testament battle was one with the help of a shepherd boy named Mohammed but the New Testament bowel was one with the help of the discovery made by a German professor by the name of constant dentition door now edition dwarf was a young man who gained his doctoral degree from the University of Leeds said and done at that time the prevailing attitude this was the late nineteen thirties eighteen thirties the prevailing attitude was the Bible wasn't trustworthy in fact higher criticism and textile criticism had sort of taken over the academic world and when they look in the New Testament they said no Matthew Mark Luke and John they were really written several hundred years after the time of Christ we don't even know who they were written by the critics said they were probably written by people to be taxed those disciples names onto the writing so that they will have more credibility the writings of the apostle Paul the critics would say were written by numerous people can tell the difference in the writing styles they claim so just ignore began studying these criticisms of the New Testament and a really bothered and he was convinced that in fact Matthew Mark Luke and John were credible accounts of the life of Jesus and that the the writers of those books were really named Matthew Mark and John he was also convinced that Paul had written the letters which are driven to him in the New Testament and so he began looking at that the manuscripts that were available the time he was very frustrated because it seemed like the critics were able to do too easily to criticize the existing manuscripts and find faults with the with the Bibles that were then in existence and this spirit of criticism had begun with Edward Gibbon perhaps in the the author the decline and fall of Roman Empire and the this is a quotation I put here in your handout while you have a handout you need more of them okay he says in the Edward Gibbon says that Christian leaders had with rash and sacrilegious hands tampered with the manuscript rash and sacrilegious hands as if they tried to make the Bible say what they wanted to say ration sacrilegious hand they tampered with those manuscripts of the four manuscripts of four ancient manuscripts of the New Testament was was based upon the best Bible we had the time nineteen thirty eight Justin just a hundred and eleven seven hundred and seventy years ago or so of these forming agent manuscripts work first of all the codecs out Alexandra Ness this was a located in the beginning using the British Museum the problem with the cut is connected Alexandra Ness was that it was incomplete so not all the New Testament was there and so the there were portions network calls and questions the codec Montanus was in the national library in Paris but it also was incomplete so here these two of the four ancient manuscripts Brindley and so they didn't have all of the New Testament to to verify accuracy in on this but with these these two were about thirteen hundred years old at the time there from the sixth century the current set of tennis was there in the Vatican and it was a more complete transcript there was a problem with that will the Vatican did not allow any Protestant scholar from access to this manuscript so the codecs that a canvas was not available to any Protestant scholar in the fourth and probably least significant of these manuscripts was a codex a frame I this was also in Paris but a couple centuries after it had been written in this copy of the New Testament it had been erased in the scrolls of been used for the philosophies of the Syrian scholar by the name of freeness and so this this is a problem this may have been erased and so this these were the best benefits that that the that the church had at the time and they were a didn't get a lot of opportunity for double checking for comparing so that critics could say that these few manuscripts they might be acronym might not get the problem couldn't be trusted six hundred years after the time of Christ they were probably not representing what the early Christian church had now this man constant and his endorphins and German professor he began a struggle you might say a life theme a life goal he would find more manuscripts of the New Testament he would look for those ancient manuscripts there had to be somewhere in some abbey in some monastery in some library and some involved in some cave just like they would discover the Dead Sea Scrolls he believed there had to be more manuscripts of the New Testament somewhere petition or began looking he began writing you began reading and there was an American archaeologist by the name of Edward Robinson who had made some journeys through the Middle East and he had discovered a vast library of ancient scrolls in a monastery name seen Catherine's mother Saint Catherine's monastery is on Mount Sinai least what we today are the church today considers Mount Sinai it is not all in agreement that this was in fact of the mountain where God gave ten Commandments but at any rate Mount Sinai is the home of Saint Catherine's monastery now they were to go to Saint Catherine's monastery one of these days I really hope to go there you'll find in this monasteries perched on the side of the mountain and least inconstant and Dean Konstantin 's day the only way to get into the monastery was if you had an official letter of invitation by the monks and the monks led lower down the basket and you would put your letter of invitation this was after you got to know Sinai and Sinai Peninsula you put your letter of invitation in the bathroom you pull the basket back up and see if in fact you were a a welcome visitor and then they would lower the back down the crossbar on her feet hang onto as they would crank you up the cliff to the monastery and down on that monastery by the way still today is a shrub that they claim has been growing continuously since the time of Moses it has characteristics that they say to indicate it is the burning bush I have a little bit of doubts in my mind that's really the burning bush but any rate Saint Catherine's is a ancient monastery and found it had been found near five twenty seven Saint Catherine had been impaled and then burned at in this fourth century betting five twenty seven six century on this monastery had been established there on what we believe to be Mount signing on the location of what they think they thought was that at burning bush and so it's even unique history that has a unique history because her all those years were for nearly fifteen hundred years in Catherine's existence never being overcome by any vandals or robbers or anything of that sort because they developed a very unique relationship with each successive power that came to be in that part of the Middle East when Mohammed arose in the seventh century that the the monks of Saint Catherine's with an appeal to him personally to the Mohammed as an and asked for his protection in his favor as they continue their Christian worship in their production Christian order there at Saint Catherine's monastery and annually every year for the next thousand years they renewed that request from the Muslim powers to be a lot how to have their worship there is their Christian faith and practice unmolested and the sultans actually protected ThinkPad when the Crusades were going on the monster thing Kathryn literally requested of the Christian kings not to come and pay him a visit and they knew it might offend those long hours and they wanted to be at peace with their neighbors so for thirteen hundred years before the competition door think Catherine's had existed as a Christian monastery unmolested this is why Saint Catherine's there would be made one of the greatest discoveries that would confirm the authenticity of the New Testament were enough to talk more about that next week because we need to get into the word of me but this this the stories are fascinating to me because I believe it wasn't as Clinton's they got protected those manuscripts it wasn't a coincidence that these requests for protection were extended in a granted I believe God was looking out for us today that we might have confidence in knowing God 's word we meant talking about God 's word so far we've been talking about the inevitability of the word the word of God does indeed carry with the creative power it does not it is not like a man's word remember the prophecy of veiling God is not a man it is in line with the sentiment that he should repent if you set it going to happen to make it go that's the way God 's word is God 's word never returns and envoy Isaiah says so when God 's word says something it doesn't matter how much we disbelieve it or believe it doesn't matter how much we like it or dislike it doesn't matter how much we wish it would change or we want to change are we even deny that it's true all those things don't matter because God 's word is inevitable right we've also looked at how Bob would have estimate his word relevant many Christians they might believe the word of God to be true when they simply apply to everyone else in the pews around and accept themselves in so doing they do what Peter did you remember when Jesus said to him so the disciples all of you will be offended tonight because of me Peter said that means everybody except to accept Peter Lawless should be offended yet will not lie he says so Presley repeatedly in fact I find myself reading a study that story and even preaching a sermon thinking subconsciously my mind if I been there I would but I'm doing exactly good when I do that right I'm applying the word of God it means something for somebody else but not for me today were going to talk about the urgency of the word today I believe we need the word of God perhaps more than any other time in her first history in the word of God we find that revealed the infallible will of God we find strength for the weary comfort for the grieving refreshment for the thirsty and courage for the faint of heart the word of God is good news is the fountain of life to those who turn to it but we had a problem today and I see that among Christians is not so much a problem of not having the Bible because we have the Bible right we have more Bibles and after the procession in America than probably any society is had at any time in history we have the word of God we even read the word of God or hear the word of God yet sometimes they forget to read recognize that when we read the word of God when we hear the word of God there comes without reading and hearing and automatic spots ability to do something about what we hear me with me so while we may enjoy hearing we enjoy meeting we enjoy maybe gaining some thoughts on knowledge some I see some philosophy that we can talk away in our memory bank and perhaps impress our neighbors or our interest ourselves with the satisfaction of knowing these things but yet we don't do much about what we know how often do we hear a sermon maybe a good sermon and being impressed by the truth are being pressed by the word yet we leave church not really having making a decision to do something as a result of what we've heard from Mimi Bible to Ezekiel because I think this passage in Ezekiel thirty three disk drives perhaps Christianity today I hope it doesn't describe us as I look into my heart I think too often it does is Angel chapter thirty three turn with me there were going to look at verses beginning at verse thirty Ezekiel thirty three is in the Old Testament sort of middle the Bible just after Psalms Proverbs Isaiah and Jeremiah major books and then Ezekiel 's next major profit is thirty three in verse thirty says also thou son of man this is God speaking to Ezekiel the prophet Ezekiel also absent than the children of my people still are talking against me by the walls and the doors of the houses and speak one to another every one of his brother saying I pray you and hear what is the word that comes from the Lord and after a good thing events happening in the wood and England would win a copy if the people around Naperville were going to their neighbors and say hey go to church that don't hear a good sermon when when when he pleased by that I mean God is speaking to the problem using these are what this luck people are saying so far anything that would be a living right that would be admirable if it people were saying hey there talking on their friends all her family members all around us hey let's don't hear the word of God that would be a wonderful situation in my abilities I mean if I would I would be happy if people were saying hey let's go to church that still hear what God is going to say to us today verse thirty one God continues Halliburton the picture becomes less rosy as God continues he says here in verse thirty one and they come unto thee as the people and they sit before the as my people and they hear thy words but they will not what they will not do them so this is a group of people who like to hear a sermon they like to hear easy Phillies Eagles a powerful profit I mean Ezekiel Ezekiel had a message from God and so these people God 's people they would they would listen to think of rate but there was a problem they like to hear but they didn't like to what they didn't like to do for with their mouth he continues in this thirty one they show much love but their heart goes after their covetousness verse thirty two and low you are like you are to them as they let very lovely song one has a pleasant voice and play well-known instrument for the hear thy words that they do them not the Bible 's is not as you're telling Ezekiel that these people come to hear good sermons out of entertainment they like to hear the principle is the people evidently knew too much but they were doing too little the people knew too much they were doing too little think I might be a problem even they twenty five hundred years later human nature sourcing something sometimes we want to we want to hear we want to know we want near the parasols in the back and say we understand we have the pilot in my heart I realized too often it's easy to know but not to do so God wants us to both know and to do a look at the urgency of the word turns nearby I like the look the book of Mark for one particular reason more than one reason than a minute just mention one here today Mark Warner any of the other gospel writers he detached sugars the urgency with which Jesus went about his work but what the urgency he seen recently sort of we know what we don't always catch this from the rest of the Bible writers of overlooking Lucan we had a scripture this morning from Matthew so they had a two button marked more than the other riders use of language he uses descriptions and action verbs and adverbs that convey the urgency with which Jesus went about his work back if you'll notice with me in Mark chapter one we find the calling of the disciples of the several of them noticed with me in Mark chapter one witnesses beginning with the context verse fifteen this is Jesus and he began preaching the time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is at hand repent ye and believe the gospel so here we find that Jesus began doing his work with this this is urgently based upon the fulfillment of time prophecies write anything the time is filled in time for the gospel to time for the Messiah to come he was anointed his baptism he began preaching the as an time is available now is the time now brings with it some urgency right now is the time and noticed that Madeleine Mark says in verse verse eighteen twelve or seventeen Jesus said and did them Simon and Andrew and he said to them he asked me and I will make you to become fishers of men verse eighteen and straightway they for some minutes and all them out as Mark described in these they only left it at the volume was exact straightaway right away please give down a little farther verse twenty Jesus is walking along for the sees James and John there the two brothers sons of seventy by the way sanity was evidently very successful fisherman we don't know a lot about a lot of these people but seventy we have found coins and other artifacts within the home the household exhibiting stamp upon it he must've been a pretty stressful man here James and John he's walking along the coast there he sees James and John and Jesus says to them verse eighteen 's verse sorry verse twenty and straightaway you call them and they left their father serving the ship of the hired servants and went after him noticing then on the part of an online said straightway on the Sabbath they entered the synagogue and well if you look throughout the book of Mark you'll find a lot of these references using the word straightway or immediately notice verse twenty eight and immediately his fame spread throughout all the land he looked down through the first forty two and as soon as you spoken immediately the leprosy departed from him and his verse forty three straightly charged them and forthwith sent him away while while the other gospel writers so tell what Jesus did Mark and David to get it written with a sense of urgency he was doing it with a with a sense of urgency and you can go on throughout chapter two verse two and straightway there were gathered together many were gathered verse eight and immediately when Jesus perceived in a spirit in verse twelve and Amelia Roosevelt was that these action words are all about the book of Mark there was something intense about the ministry of Jesus there is something urgent about his ministry so these acts and words are sprinkled throughout the book of Mark and the other Gospels do not reply to same degree notice of me and Luke turn up in the live now chapter nine look in lieu of Chapter nine were going to see their another instance it's similar to our Scripture readings going from Matthew and I think this is interesting because Luke here is reporting what took place when Jesus invited some disciples to follow him we just look at the urgency with which Jesus asked Peter and Jane and Peter and Andrew and James and John to follow the right and immediately they left their nets and followed him they says his urgency here we're going to finally Chapter nine but not everyone who genes is approaching why did the disciples saw the urgency of a call notice of me and in Luke chapter nine and verse fifty nine any set into another follow me Nevada is the same invitation that Jesus gave to Peter and Andrew and James and John Wright and the Bible says we just read in Mark chapter one that immediately they were so what they were doing eleven are doing that is a okay let's let's just finish this month 's e-mail payroll let's just work on our our you know our succession plan is to take our place Bibles is in the evening what they had in the fall Jesus but here's a very different situation presented nine he says follow me but he said more suffer me first to go and bury my father now when I read this I think that's a pretty good reason isn't it pretty good request I mean if your father has just died and you are responsible for making arrangements perhaps that's a reasonable request Jesus answers with something that always puzzled me I I I read this verse for many years and wonder why in the world that Jesus say what he said it seemed completely out of character but Jesus did you see my Jesus was being unreasonable irrational in sensitive the Jesus I know the Bible says that the man said to him Lord suffer me first to go and bury my father and Jesus says in verse sixteen West Bell what let the dead bury their dead but you go and preach the kingdom of God let the dead bury their dead but you go on preaching about Jesus what are you trying to say I need is Jesus not care about dead people and their families the Jesus that I know he left it Lazarus to write the Jesus that I know had compassion on the widow of the main issues as he met at funeral procession going down the road to bury her son he resurrected from the dead Jesus I know said tablet lowrise havoc you combine any that little girl that was then was raised back to life energies I know was not just compassionate enough to raise the dead he was sensitive enough to her needs as a she's hungry or something to eat and what else is just so still in shock and on and not even real Jesus understood this girls she's been sick for how long probably have been now she had a ravenous appetite issues legal exegesis I will him how can you say to this man is has more to allow I want to follow you if all you but please let me go first and very my father for sixty one evidently another invitation Jesus mean can you imagine positive second-tier can you imagine a hindsight having been invited to be one of the twelve disciples and having turned down the invitation imagine if you know maybe the ashamed of yourself your decisions on but no more ashamed than we would be having been invited to follow Jesus today we turned on things God is given us a wonderful privilege and we should not just marvel at previous men's inability to see their opportunities we should make it relevant to our strictly realize God is giving us opportunities as well we got to make the most of them so you're going for sixty one Lord he says I will follow the lead let me first go bid farewell which are at home at my house Jesus said and to him no man having put his hand of the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God so maybe you're wondering as I wonder how can we reconcile the two Jesus how can we reconcile the Jesus that was full of compassion and tenderness and sympathized with those who are suffering who mourn with those who were mourning with this passage where he says let the dead buried their dead you want to go back and tell your family goodbye you're not fit for the kingdom of God how can we file that passengers I think the answer is actually quite simple if you seem to I don't think that Jesus was necessarily saying you can correct me if you have better ideas that I don't engage as he was necessarily saying it's wrong to comfort those who are mourning you I don't even think he was telling this man who said letting on first very my father many clients go and take care of his family responsibilities I think what he was saying was don't wait to make the decision to follow me until after you straighten up your life 's can understand the difference Jesus would not be saying is wrong to comfort those who are mourning is not saying it's wrong to honor your father and your mother because he gave the command so he must've been saying you want to make a decision to follow me but don't wait until some time with more convenient don't wait until sometime when it's when admin when you don't have other things on pressing on your plates on your agenda don't wait until you've Artie taken care of the affairs if you want to follow me there is something that you must do you must decide and do it now that's letting Jesus strengthened their something urgent about the urgency here the principle I believe that is found to have lived nine fifty nine to sixty two we will always have some excuse or putting off a decision for Jesus until after we've accomplished something else play with me there will always be something that presses on our plate that trust presses in our time and our agenda and subconsciously or consciously worked into the think I'll make a decision apologies I am making a decision about Jesus and the start that understand on the start then after I'm done after I'm gone your astronaut comes is after I G is thing now to follow me is now there's an urgency to say in the sermon on the Mount Matthew six in verse thirty three but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you right seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness when it came an invitation to follow Jesus no matter what you still have to take care of in your life where you think you have to take care of in your life seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness let him lead you in taking care of everything else I don't believe this man was really being prevented from going and taking care of his father 's funeral I think what Jesus was saying don't put off following skill in taking care 's go of the disciple of me to run don't wait until some future day all but these young these of these men would've argued I am deciding to follow you and you can start after Jesus saying no this urgency to the word when we decide to follow Jesus we decide to follow him today and in other decision could be a deception think with me just a moment about there's something clever the devil might trick our minds into doing he might trick us into thinking I made a decision to follow Jesus when really we simply made a decision that someday were pathologies and having made that halfway decision we've set oh two eight comfortable complacency which he doesn't mind at all there is an urgency to the word of God if we're going to follow the word we need to obey it now remember the story and from Ezekiel 's time they like to hear the word of God they like to hear the sermons they even find find our neighbors and friends they heard that they didn't do so early love this this morning at three reasons why the word of God is urgent John Chapter seven or seventeen turn with me there John chapter seven and verse seventeen John seven seventeen three reasons why the word of God is urgent it comes with this inherent urgency within it John seven seventeen Jesus is speaking here he's a speaking to the Temple and teaching says here and if any man will do his will fathers he will know of the doctrine whether I speak of myself whether I speak of God start whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself the Jesus hears differently principal if you want to know what is truth whether this is God speaking or this is some man speaking with one of the difference right if you want to be able to know what is true and what's really coming from God is a simple principle old Bay what you know is true if any man will do his will if you obey your dealer nicely here right then you will know whether it's true or not so the first principle here failure to follow or obey the word will lead to the inability to understand the word the inability to understand the word are you with me on that PC this principle not to say near want to know what is true of anyone you know is true and you will be unable to understand what is coming from God what is coming for men if you're not obeying the truth you're not going to be able to have that understanding of the word John twelve thirty five John twelve verse thirty five Jesus here gives us a analogy a illustration to help us to understand this will concept of obedience of truth John eleven done twelve verse thirty five Jesus says unto them yet a little while if the light with you walk one you have the light lest darkness come upon you for he that walked in darkness no one thought whither you go it I remember one time I was in the jungle and then we were hiking to a very remote village near Borneo and him him send one of the islands in Malaysia and we were we left reacts he had a clinic in one village and then we were supposed to be the next morning the next village week it was dark by the time we left and visa we had a guy and he said it don't worry not too far you can you can just follow me and that we asked how far this is the jungle Mrs. at night how far is it he said it about the it is about one cigarette this was their best measurement of time these I have a lot of stories from this trip they were there were around I thought only National Geographic places like this you know very eye-opening experience that the one cigarette well about I will let how we got the next ability we were convinced they had some amazing cigarettes now part of the world because I think it took us about two or three hours slipping and sliding through the rain crossing rivers to our wasteland darkened trying to balance across logs over creeks and the problem was on the problems was he was our guide there is probably twenty five of us I don't know and his had a porch like a little porch burning stinging burning that was his life and then there was probably about a third or fourth the rest of the head flashlights and the rest were literally in the dark you had to keep up with someone who had a light or else you were in trouble until you be drunk in every once in a while are already determined expedition would be punctuated by the terrifying screams of someone who would watch their step and slid down the rice paddy into the river or some other catastrophe we made it but I learned something on that trek through the jungle at night when there's a light and moving to keep up with to keep up with Jesus here is saying the light doesn't fit fill truth doesn't fit still all you can be exposed to lots of knowledge that knowledge doesn't just stay sitting writing church where you're comfortable in the pews that knowledge is moving and in order for you to keep up with the knowledge the light of truth you have to be doing what they're learning some expense walk walk while you have a light Jesus said you don't want to have a light something that happened like that happen you're going to be left in darkness the second principle we find you by the word of God is urgent if we do not fall a word of me will soon be found in a condition where were not able to follow word file failure to follow the word will lead to the inability to follow the word are you with me because right now we seen the light we understand the truth in a meeting all I can always I can always decide later I can always obey later but what about why it has gone on which we have failed to follow it's hard to find that light again we leave we have a difficult time once we become desensitized and hardened truth actually understanding it and following it again you see what organizers failure to follow the word reasonability to follow the word finally we see here in James one verses twenty two to twenty five currently there will be our last well promised last but I did not last will return to this morning James chapter one verses twenty to twenty five the Bible says that the doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves I can remember as a teenager reading that verse meeting what kind of deception and self-deception I'm not been seen before I been told lies I've been left in the dark I've been I've been manipulated I've been I've been deceived bring that my life sometimes giving me some of your hurt but the worst deception human being can experience I'm convinced this self-deception self-deception according to James this takes place when your hero but not endure here but not a doer verse that continuing on says for if any be a hearer of the word and not a doer he is likened to a man beholding his natural face in a glass for beholds himself and goes his way and forgets straightway forgets what manner of man he was he says in verse twenty five is a look at the perfect law of liberty and continues therein he being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work this man shall be blessed in his deductive glad word of God is in his negatives also positive until the spring that because failure to follow the word beach to spiritual deception spiritual self-deception but James thankfully doesn't end there he tells us there's a blessing to those who do follow workingmen is a blessing what should we do that once we recognize the urgency of the word what should we do about it I think that there is an appropriate response that David records for us Psalm ninety five or six he says oh let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our maker if we recognize the enemy we recognize the inevitability of the work that God 's word is true we realize this is relevant to me in the apply this urgency of the word to our hearts about you but when I realize that God 's word is urgent for me today it needs me want to do it need to fall on my knees and Lord help me help me to be a doer of the Word not hear me help me to not just have the knowledge and not the action the corresponding actions David's continues on some ninety five or seventy says for he is our God and we people of his past finishing of his hands today and he will hear his voice harden not your hearts as in the provocation as in the day of the temptation will even says response of my heart as I want to worship the Lord I want to kneel down ballot down before him I want to give myself to him and went of the best time to do that it's today did you hear his voice David says Harden not your home heart wide today because today's the day of salvation today we hear his voice in the best date to respond to the urgency of the word right with me to visit the state why is it so important to response they want to just give you four reasons as were closing were not a look at these verses concern reason for you four reasons why today the best day responded the urgency of the word the first reason is this the Bible says in Romans fourteen in verse seven not none of us lives to himself and no man dies to himself in English we have a saying that says something like this no man is an island heard that the billable principle we all have an influence on people around us the first reason I want you to seriously consider why today is the best day to respond urgency word is because influence like words can never be taken back influence like words can never be taken no I've had opportunity through the years working with many people many young people and I think this is a specific instances where young people or maybe this is the word good decisions they were selling their wild oats you might say their spirits were spirits of rebellion I pray Lord had one friend who went through this and today he's back with Jesus into the prepared ministries is involved in the catchy changes in the college teaches Bible I pray the Lord for his decision yet a cousin was influenced by his time making bad decisions far as I know I had I knew that cousin well is a brilliant young man because of the influence of his older cousin a few years older than nineteen twenty twenty one this young man also began trying to sow his wild oats and to my knowledge to use drugs one time I destroyed his life he will always have mentality about a twelve and I look at my friend who praise God has been restored to the grace of God and I see the influence that he gave his cousin which can never be taken and is one reason what did the best to recognize the urgency because even if were not that bad well our influence is telling either for God of the enemies your influence like your words can never be taken back at twenty four in verse twenty five Paul is reasoning before Phoenix the Bible says is always preaching that is the reason of righteousness temperance and judgment to come Felix was the Roman ruler Phoenix and powerful man Felix trembled there was something happening empirical hearts the Holy Spirit had opened the doors of his mind the windows of his mind for the first time in clarity like he had never seen before he signs over the sooner you realize he was resisting the truth of God the urgency in the working and it was hard copy only and in that decision today and what appeared to say he said go my way through this time and I'm convenient season I will call you the second reason why today is the best day is because it's guaranteed to remember but her work seems there will never be a more convenient time or another more convenient season now Felix as we understand never came to the point of inviting Jesus into his heart making the favor of his life it doesn't mean I'm not trying to say that if you reject Jesus Grayson or God the urgency of the word today that somehow there will be no further opportunity for salvation a lot of all I'm saying is it will be an easier time future if you're waiting for a more convenient time it won't come tomorrow the decision to do the right thing will be harder than it is today the more convenient season never so today is the best day to respond to the urgency of the word Matthew seven verse twenty four the story Jesus gave of the build thing characters like the building of the house remember says therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine Hinduism I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock which is easier to build right the first time at the teardown building in the rebuilt the house no it's better to start a good foundation rather than finish the house and realizing foundations so the principle I shared you can write in if you'd like unlearning is always more difficult than learning a with me that's why today is on learnings always more difficult than learning something times while walking outside of what I knew was God 's will for my life putting things in ideas and habits and thoughts in my mind I found it two years to take out years just a few moments but it took years because of my know only God 's grace accepted the can keep us from having to learn what we've otherwise would regret tomorrow the last one James four verse fourteen James tells us where as you know not what shall be in tomorrow for what is your life it is even a vapor like the fog one of these mornings sun comes up what happens to Jean says V Berkshires for time and then vanishes away that their lives none of us know about tomorrow on himself up I remember we were in Romania in a couple of my students were preaching in a little mountain village McCarthy was the name we were I was prescient town nearby they were presenting it as a series every night and one night and he presented the this story is our salvation and they may use a car calling only instead of making an appeal for someone to come forward and prayer altar call they asked the wellness card and response indicate how they wanted to decide what decision they want to make you know you've probably seen those cards before one of the options might have been I want to I never accepted Jesus as my Savior before and I would like to do so for the first time just checked that if you like another option was I once walked with Jesus but I wanted away and I want to return to living for Jesus and check that box the third usually is I love Jesus but I wonder rededicated my life to him to following him something along those lines you know and they held their immediate appeal have the calls the cards collect the cards and went went home for the night they were there setting up a meeting in the local church there and done they notice that there was one grandma who always came and sat in the same place she's always early she wasn't there and so my students they asked that the translator wears this one grandma she's always sitting right there he's always the same place is not there tonight transitional the new here last night at that meeting she went to bed is always she never she garners that sobering news waving my students to immediately they went and looked through those cards Nelson but they'd seen in the night before but they hadn't connected the names of the phases in all cases and so they eliminate most of those cards they finally found her card missing using Windows box sure enough she admitted Mark the boxes says I've never accepted Jesus as my Savior before but I would like to do so tonight the first thing they are happy some of you might think nominal grandmamma and I nicely life is uncertain for any of us none of us know about had to my students fifteen and nineteen years old picture of how never suspected we stopped down in a few short seconds we don't know what a member of Pastor Moody when he was passing here in Chicago he had a tendency to always make an appeal the sermons and one Wednesday night deciding on how I think appeals and he decided he wasn't going senses members home that night in middle of night he was sound asleep and there was someone pounding on his door he woke up startled your screening outside open the door nobody was there to the street was full of people running and screaming passing that he looked just down a number of houses with a wall of fire is quickly coming up the street estimate he was able to grab his families kids and the clothes they had on run out in the street enjoying the crowds were running from the flames that night the Chicago fire destroyed a third of the city of Chicago ninety thousand people were left homeless hundreds of people die and many of them were asked to movies on church 's estimate he said I would never forgive myself are not making you none of us know about tomorrow the word of God is urgent is not safe to put off tomorrow what we can decide today so when I see these things I don't know about you but I have to look at my heart and I have asked myself the question what is my decision today I might just hearing the word of God or do I really want to do what I hear I really want to obey I know we don't always helpful modules of questions and still don't doubt for still human we still fail right what is my decision for Jesus today I might just coming in hearing the word of God like those in Ezekiel Ezekiel 's day might hear in my hearing and doing the work of God my decision today decision I want to make this to be not just hear the word but a doer also that your decision to like to make that decision for the day of stars and pray father in heaven you know each heart you know the struggles that we face when we thank you regard as seen in the series your word is a netball no promises are for us they will be true your promise to save us to change us to cleanse our hearts to forgive us those are all promises that will not return to you boy they are gay ending in for us in Christ Jesus Lord we've also seen that a tendency to just apply what we know the nature of the people around us but not to ourselves though it's so easy to judge others and not to recognize their own hearts condition our heart is desperate supermodel for anyone make today the message we've heard relevant I want to make it relevant to my heart I may be the preacher but I need your grace and forgiveness in your power today we learned about the urgency of the word the danger of putting it off until tomorrow what you don't accept your accepted decision for you that is a decision delivery sometime in the future the only decision you accept as the decision to live for now similar today there's someone here who hears a voice speaking Lord like I hear your voice speaking help them not to hardened hearts but to make that decision today to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and to know that all these other things will be added and what you can solve any problem that were involved and you can you can even deal with our our family issues even if we had death in the family you can deal with our complicated businesses you can do all those things Lord but today we need to give our hearts to you and trust you learn that no one be only having heard today let each one of us including myself not only here but do as we seek to get our hearts in our lives our minds hearts how Steve today fulfill your promise to us all these things will be added unto us today those who make those decisions would show them in a miraculous way how you are able your capable and you're willing and you will do what he promised before we ask this in Jesus name


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