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COVID 19- Stress Reduction

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, gives some thoughtful tips on how to reduce stress when times get rough. He shares some stories of individuals who went through difficulty times and gleans some pointers on how they were able to go through their personal trials.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • March 28, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Well today we want to consider this text in Philippians and part 2 of our stress and anxiety series this morning we looked at a text in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and we had a rich blessing invited to go back and watch that later if you are not able to this morning and during this cove a good time period in earth's history it appears that people from around the world are united in stress and anxiety and you know that your people are are looking for things when they take your sermon I got 2 emails today with a link or had my sermon from last week had been translated into Russian and another one in Polish so I don't know about the other countries but those 2 countries people in those countries were saying you know we need to hear messages last week we were talking about coded in the sanitarium work and different things in the morning message and that's. Gone Viral to use the big word these days but the people are stressed out they're anxious Yesterday I went with Dr Ned Lee and we. Graciously flew me to San Francisco to pick up. My family member who had come from Africa hall and we went into the airport there after we landed in the man at the counter just kind of jumped back. In a mask on and gloves on I thought maybe he had robbed him self I didn't know and the mini you know he asked what we were doing where we were going and he said well we thought there might be a car that could take us to the airport he goes No this take the keys you can take the car yourself. I've never had that experience before where someone just gave the keys to a car and said then no paperwork no no no don't come close for the paperwork to stay car said Man if I was a thief this would be a great time. But there was just a lot of it and then we got to the airport and we got in the airport in the normally hundreds of people at San Francisco airport and they were like 6 people in the section I went in and so an interesting time in whenever you get close to I noticed there were people coming from from Africa and. The Americans they would just jump jump away I don't think it was they they thought maybe they were bringing new disease from Africa and then my daughter told me that in Africa they said we think the white men brought this to our country so they were jumping away from her on the way. Prejudices and conspiracy things come to the top of people's minds and it's kind of the kind of an interesting time isn't and that's why our attack today be anxious for nothing is so important the peace of God will guard your hearts how many want to understand how that can happen that the God of peace and the peace of God can actually be in your hearts and minds so you might. Keep Philippians open now I'm going to start the sermon today with looking a little research on stress immunity and health. You know people say we need to boost our immune systems and different things at this time because we're encountering a virus but did you know that you can kill a virus can kill a virus and your immune system may be interesting but it's not really connected to the virus except for if you get a secondary problem that develops because of the virus so a virus is not something that can be killed as something that can be destroyed but I can't be killed how you want to destroy it. It's now live it takes over you it takes over your system you're alive look look at yourself and say I'm alive some of you are are more alive than others so. So you cannot kill a virus and but it must be destroy it you can't kill a virus but it can kill you. So we're going to look at this now stress lessens our ability to fight out pathogens including influenza and the common cold t. cell responses are down regulated and Birol activity increased in times of stress you cannot fight off of a virus or any or an infection from bacteria for that matter if your. Immunity goes down. The t. cell responses these are the killer cells they are not working as effectively if you're stressed how many of you have met anyone that stressed out recently and how if you have a level of stress as well after Hurricane Katrina HIV patients with post-traumatic stress disorder which we talked about this morning were more likely to have detectable viral loads that means more of the virus and a low t. cell count and this effect lasted for 2 years post disaster so their stress was up and their inability to fight off the infection is that might come from secondary infections that might come from. Viral situations depression is associated with increased inflammatory markers which alter the function of lymphocytes and decrease again natural killer cell activity. So year underlying perhaps depression and anxiety you know what I've noticed in some of my work. In the community this past week is that and then also here as well as that underlying situations come to the front in times of stress. Our conspiracy theories our worldview. All these things get talked about very pronounced and then also any underlying problem we've had with a family member or any underlying problem we have with others it gets magnified and these all affect our immune ability so with these things in mind you know it might be a good thing to do to address some of these things in this particular time when we definitely need strong immune function hopelessness and avoidant coping significantly predicts a decrease in killer cells and an increase in a person's viral load Have you met anybody that's avoiding things today. I mean I think the entire nation has been told to avoid things and there's wisdom to that but avoidant behavior when it comes to your emotions and the other things you're dealing with is probably not going to be helpful in the long run now this morning I looked with the group the faithful remnant the 8 o'clock group 8 that's how many people got in the ark and that's about how many people came in the morning. But the 8 o'clock group we looked at this book Hope and Healing for those with post-traumatic stress disorder by Harold Connick. And in that he looked at the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and the stressful event must be a catastrophic one that involves actual or threatened to death so no one here has actually died but they have had a threat to their life and this is a traumatizing thing you can either have direct exposure to the trauma or you can witness the trauma happen to someone else which is and secondly what the news attempts to have you do boss Bill times a day or the internet learning about someone else's trauma can also be traumatizing to you and being repeatedly exposed to the results of traumatic events they have websites that track every single death or whatever and you can see in real time these grass the discomfort emotion and even though it might be in a far country away from you it's almost as if it's happening to you and that's traumatizing but notice the symptoms in all 4 categories. Intrusions come class backs nightmares of void in. So avoidance of places of sounds of situations negative moods and Thoth that also experience and then changes in Iraq or or reactivity people are become aggressive become irritable maybe you've noticed that at the gate if you worked at the gate or maybe you've noticed that people on the campus they just they're already kind of hyper but now in this time they're even more reactionary they might say or do things that you just would not expect and some people get calmer under pressure some people don't. And you never really know until you know. So one of the 2 symptoms of one or 2 of the symptoms and each of these requires a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress or no one has that in America yet because this has now been going on long enough to be one month. The need to cause significant distress or problems with social occupational right recreational functioning and starting to do that if it continues on or a nation that's going to be traumatized how I think that's good news today for the church service that really actually there is very good news. So. These are the symptoms Now another thing that happens sometimes in war and you know our nation our president and the government is calling this a war Have you noticed that wartime powers and then maybe saying you know martial law we're going to have the National Guard but then we have the troops and we've got to do this and do that because we're fighting a virus and so more time. Moral injury the diddled bill is a Terry dilatory of the facts of war participation or other severe trauma on moral conscience and ethical conceptions the wrecking of a person's fundamental assumptions about what's right and how things should work does it seem right to you that you can't go wherever you want to go is the same right to you that there are you could only sit. One person at a table in the cafeteria Does that seem right to you Do you find yourself singing old songs from the seventy's like one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do. I found most of singing those like you know it is a me like you know so. Moral injury involves acts of moral compromise and potentially threaten the soldier's ability to Myron even recognize themselves or trust in the reality of others in the world we have people saying this is a result of an ethnic group or a certain part of the world they're trying to get us or that group and everything is now polarized into statements like we're dealing with in the me. So while moral injury is not p.t.s.d. if it is dealt with it can lessen the effects of p.t.s.d. so it will decrease p.t.s.d. symptoms and enable the traumatized to utilize their notice this religious resources more fully in dealing with trauma and respond more readily to secular treatments as well there are many people out there today there are saying if there is a God then why would he allow this to happen maybe there isn't a guide maybe everything I believed is not true and so people are struggling with that maybe you yourself have thought about that maybe is that really I mean God is all powerful why would he allow this evil maybe there's not again but if you sense there's evil of youth if you sense there's wrong that actually is healthy moral system you really don't. You really don't think those thoughts unless you think there's a God you know less you think there's good you don't think there's bad and so but people are struggling with this now at and looking at this this book on traumatic stress. Disorders said pastoral care and support among other things and many treatment things but I'm just focusing on that is very important and many people will actually turn to pastors at this time in fact they turn to pastors almost every time this is why it is so powerful to see yourself a prepare yourself to be a minister of the Gospel was the most powerful thing there is you never would take a profession to be just that profession it's only an excuse to do ministry using their profession and many people are turning to people that are seen as pastoral in their lives and this is happened for thousands of years and factors and robust research now that looks at how you can build your spiritual strength and they've studied it and they've seen how spiritually integrated cognitive therapy can actually help people as well and go through all the details of that but there's robust research that's now showing just how powerful your faith and spirituality are especially in times of stress and trauma and so we come back to that text be anxious for nothing and the peace of God will guard your hearts some people think that their cell phone will God their hearts they look at them at all times like they're a stress reliever they would not maybe sometimes even come to church and they look at their phone maybe they're looking at their scripture passages but sometimes you think maybe that's God for them that's going to help them and if you've noticed that your cell phone does not really decrease stress when you're looking at the news when you're looking at the Internet is there really decrease stress. So you know I find myself sometimes if I'm sitting in now not preaching I'm like I started pull out my cell phone and my wife a look at me go what are you doing and I'm like good point but I'm fine myself with that and. So be anxious for nothing and what will happen to the peace of God will guard your hearts Now how does that work let's look at that passage today because if that's true how many think that if there's a God and He can give you peace they you or someone you know might need that today so how many will like to see how that works how we've got something and you didn't know how it worked but then you had to put it together we got some additional sun is here the other day so that everyone be can be. Increasing their immunity and also putting themselves in very hot places because there's one thing that can actually destroy a virus and guess what that is heat heat can destroy the fat layer around the protein which is a virus so but we have to put it together you don't just say let's think about the sun a effects some people they went the 1st couple days to the sun a but now they're not going any more somehow they think maybe I don't need that. They become the lay of the sea and they're now what they're not even warmer lukewarm they don't feel like they need the heat up. I'm here in some spiritual lessons coming here so look at this there from my beloved along for Brother My join France stand fast in the Lord Beloved I implore you Dia and so I think they need to be of the same mind in the Lord and I urge you also true companion help these women who labor with me in the gospel with comment also on the rest of the fellow workers whose names are in the Book of Life rejoice in the Lord always Again I say rejoice let your gentleness be known to all men the Lord is a hand be anxious for how much nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to go and the peace of God with surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus now let's see how that works let's look at it more slowly What are the pre walk free requisites for peace and I want to jot these down out of you know how to actually still use a pen and paper. This would be good because the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory I mean I think I've written these things down I have or they wouldn't be here and this is had a great impact on me already because I wrote at them that if you want to have a similar impact you would write it down or you might put notes on the side of your Bible my bible is filled with notes at least by earlier Bibles when I was some of your ages. Now I kind of remember a lot of the things that are there for multiple times of talking them up but there are new things I have something new I write it down so what are the pre or pre requisites for peace that we see in this pass as number one stands fast in the Lord. Stand fast on the worse than wait and see and ask for the old plan where the good way is and walk in it many people right now are saying wait a minute this is stressful this is traumatic I need to look back at what I heard long ago and they're starting to come back to their faith they're starting to come back to the Lord they're starting to think again I need help Galatians chapter 5 is a great chapter it has several different key words it says you have fallen from grace so what you have to do stand on the Liberty that God gave you and then it says walk in the spirit and in it says in one passage you ran well so the idea is that you fell you need to stand you need to walk you need to run and then collation 6 it says carry one another's burdens how you think is a very practical so if you stand up then you can actually do what walk and you can run and you can carry others and it shows exactly how that's done spiritually and this is what we need at this time in helping others during this time of stress now the coronavirus cases jumped large in a large way in Lombardy Italy 2500 people died in one day but I saw a story about this that I read the some of you last week and as this began to overwhelm that particular section of Italy the physicians that were dealing with it they they began to look back they realized that they had fallen and they started to stand up spiritually never in the darkest nightmare that I imagined I could see and experience what's been happening here in our hospital for 3 weeks until 2 weeks ago my colleagues and I were atheist it was normal because we were doctors and learned that science excludes God's presence and I hope you're now learning that here in your science courses. And I know that you're not because I know your teachers and that they believe in God and that's one of the great beautiful things of studying people that know where science came from was it came from God He originated it but you see these folks had not learned that and now in the midst of this trial they say wait a minute we're no longer atheists being an atheist is not helping us in this time period to say Ok God doesn't exist we're hoping here exists because we need help right now I always laugh at my parents going to church maybe some of you laugh your parents I've actually heard people that have said you know when I get old enough I'm never going to do this again that's exactly what these people did but then they came up against something that made them reevaluate they realize they were fallen and needed to stand those what they wrote or said in their testimony we realized that where man what man can do is where man can do is we need God and we started asking him for help and we have a few free minutes we talk to each other and we can't believe that as fierce atheist we are now every day searching for our What's the next words the peace of God we're talking about the peace of God in here that is a way used to be atheists and that didn't bring us any peace we're going to pieces p i e c We need p.e.a.c.e. that's the point and I know that could not get it in a Godless worldview we're asking the Lord to help us resist so we can take care of the sick we need to stand so we can walk so we can run and so we can carry other people very powerful testimony will come back to it now is a virus a living organism no can you kill a virus or can you kill the viruses. Sorry about that typo. Can you kill a virus no you can only destroy it and there's 2 ways of destroy it well there's more than 2 but I want to talk about it. One is by heat heat and you have to heat up to a certain level and then that fat layer around the protein just melts away and the virus decays and goes away and you know spiritually speaking the Bible talks about the remnant Church of God at the end of time they're Laodicean they're lukewarm and they're that killing the viruses of the devil they're succumbing. And they need to be hot they need to be zest ohs The other thing that kills a virus is detergent because that fat layer Why do you wash your hands you say look you a greasy does that mean your hair is Breezy you look at it like slimy what that means time to put some soap on you some detergent and you know we live in a time when spiritually speaking physically speaking we need to be watching I was talking to some of the different wise men and women from the campus interviewing them for this total community immunity series that we're doing total t c I. And one was saying you've got to wash your hands a long time you've got to wash them for 20 seconds or more 30 seconds and then I was on the Internet where this guy was saying it's hard to wash my hands for that long so I sing a song at last 30 seconds I timed it and I have to he's singing while he's watching. How many think you need a church that Sigel all their washing and you know there's different kinds of churches there's what we call the emergent churches they're trying to do this is that they're merging they think they're really cool I don't really think emergent churches are what we need today and then there's submersion churches and the submersion churches that word of God is so submerged it never comes to the front we don't need emergent or you know suburbs and churches what we need today is they detergent church and what does it say in Daniels has a verse 14 unto 2300 days then sell the sanctuary be submerged that what I said what's it say it will be cleansed and today as I was listening to some of you in Sabbath school I recognized you did not know the prophecies you are a submerged church you need to become a detergent church even understand the prophecies of Daniel revelation eat in the cell understand exactly what they do and how they bring cleansing you know in our total community involvement some people asked me why would you come and clean up my are I said because that's what we do we clean things up God is cleaned up heaven and so we're clean up your yard and I was hoping you would ask me that little what else you do at the Institute we clean out people's coronary arteries we clean out their negative thoughts we're not the submerged serves where the detergent serves how we want to be deterred and search today because we can't just try and kill a virus because you can't we gotta destroy it. And in our own lives we need be constantly submerged in not to submerge in tears but submerged in water the water of the washing of the word if he's in step to 5 or $25.00 and so there's this whole idea of killing the virus of sin now you cannot really kill a virus but you can destroy it and it takes a village that all times one thing we're learning in this time is that we normally are not that vigilant how many of you diskette apprise yourself on not washing your hands up to this point where you know I'm going to have germs and in improve my immune system. It's good to have a little bit of that and also if you're looking with a knowing look at each other. And actually some people they said look I'm going to lick the toilet bowl some person did this in Tennessee and now they have Corona and other personnel you know I'm not going to follow any of these rules about social distancing or that and now they haven't maybe the media is hyping this up but kind of interesting washing the virus is very fragile The only thing that protection is a thin outer layer of fat This is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy because the foam cuts the fat that's why you have to rub so much and heat melted away 25 degrees Celsius. Or above that for washing and of course the sun is or even hotter hot water makes more foam and makes it even more useful So number one we need to stand next that our Texas says be of the same mind in the Lord you know if you are trying to fight something off or if you're trying to win in a battle it does not help you to be double minded again if you're looking at your cell phone at the same time you're listening to a sermon does that work. No it doesn't work you're a double minded so you do not have any benefit coming out of the message no benefit when you drive down the road and look at your cell phone while you are driving what happens we know it happens you're going to get in a wreck you're going to get in a wreck and that's why they give you a fine if you're doing that right so be of the same mind in this particular text there were some people fighting with each other and you Dia and said think they were not getting along maybe in your family it's you fighting with your mother or you fighting with your father or your mother and fire father fighting with each other or you're fighting with your brother or you're fighting with someone else you will not destroy the virus of send when that's going on and so the apostle is saying here be of the same mind in the Lord there's no way you can be of the same mind truly except being in the Lord some of you might be in relationships with people you say look I'm going to be in a relationship with this person but they don't believe in the Lord Well that's not going to help you in the long term you're going to have problems the book of James every chapter talks about being double minded and if you're double minded there is no benefit and then when you come to the end of James in Chapter 5 it says the prayer of a rightness man avails must in healing the sick if you want to have time of healing and strength you cannot be double minded spiritually and this is what he's saying here now you know I don't have time to put a graphic and so you're forgive me for my graphic I just took a picture of this I just drew it out just before the servant here here here's this here it is illustrated. That you might want to draw this out yourself. But this is Revelation 14 that's the mountain of Revelation 14 you're always wondered what it looks like right and this is Mt This is Revelation 14 and what's on the top of the mountain Revelation 14 Jesus and what's he doing he's singing and who else is within the 144000 do you think they just took a helicopter to get up there what they do they had to stand and they had to walk and they had to go up the mountain stand walk and head up to the top of the mountain right and as they started guess what the case was how do you think they all walked the same path all together as 144000 of them and we've been on the trail a hand you are kind of nervous because there's so many people next to you like I walk around my property numerous times every day I have a little trail there when I'm counseling people talking on the phone I have my little has headphones on and I'm walking around and my dog Tosh the dude is a trail hog he walks right next to me kind of pushes me with his hip. And so they didn't walk the same way they probably walk from different areas and when they walk from different sides of the mountain they're not in they're not unified they have a mountain between them but as they look to Jesus where they start doing they don't even realize it but what's happening was happening they're coming was closer together in the Lord and as they start going up that mount there might be ups and downs but they're going up and they're getting closer and closer to and the closer they get to Jesus the closer they are to other people that are following Jesus and finally they're all together in the Lord how many things that need to happen in some areas of your life if you want to have decreased stress and you want to have increased immunity and you want to have the peace of God The best thing you can do is stop buying with your husband and stop biting with your wife and stop by the whatever it is you know if you want to be single my this time to protect yourself and your family then say you're sorry for the stuff you've done take care of it how many increased immunity. And this don't mess around what he said is we're looking at had the peace of God and the God of Peace you cannot have it if you've got this conflict come you have every benefit so you can destroy the virus's of life so set your mind on a thing about them you know if the need be raised with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God set your mind on things above not on Earth for you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God That's the whole idea. Number 3 be involved in gospel work with those who are in the Lord stand get rid of the disunity only the Lord can help you do that and it's by looking at him that you change by holding your change but then be involved in the gospel with those who are in the Lord whose names is said in our text are in the book of life do you know do you know whether or not your name is in the book of life how many of you know that your name is in the book of life how many of you know that your name is in the Book of Life Ok We're going to go into a gospel sir because many of you do not know this if you do not know whether or not your name is in the book of life and you are not like the people in this passage because they knew Paul is saying to them that their names are in the book of life can we have the assurance of our salvation can we lose our salvation but we need to have an ongoing assurance of salvation that comes from being in the Lord you're doing things that are not in the Lord then you need to be questioning really where you're standing is so be involved the best way to actually know that you're in the Lord is to be sharing and there's not 100 percent sure but because some people can share the gospel without actually believing the Gospel but it is very hard to look eyeball to eyeball to somebody and share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ without being in the Lord it's very hard to do that kind of like why you know. Why face to face interviews and different things are much better than like over the phone and are you in the Lord and we need to have that assurance of salvation back to our testimony these. These doctors who were atheist but now are converting during this very time in history they're now standing up for God they're now coming into unity with each other in prayer right they now you know influence them someone sharing the gospel with them an older a talian pastor was taken sick with a coronavirus 9 days ago a 75 year old pastor came to us he was a kind man had severe breathing problems but had a Bible with him and a process that he read it to the dying and he held their hands he was a socially isolate he knew he already had the virus he went there and he had this he had this burden for the last and they size fearlessness and they saw his faithfulness and they realized there was a spell over him Godspell the Gospel and here is going to people and he's holding their hand while he's dying he's helping the dying and you have to be converted to do that narcissistic cell focus people do not help anyone else they'll let people help them but they're not known for helping other people well I'll let my mom take out the dog I'll let my sister take out the trash Ah I rather would just sit in my room or find every excuse not to help people in the community this is a sign this is a symptom of OJT it Martha says I'm now I might be misusing those terms we have a psychologist here she might come to me and say you were wrong about that but self focus is the opposite of the Gospel and all of this intrinsically are narcissistic I am and so are you unless the Gospel comes into your life. And this man is 75 years old he does not fear death and he's going and he's actually living out the Gospel we were all tired says the formerly atheistic. Physicians discouraged yet we could not help but listen am now we have to admit we as humans have reached our limits or more we cannot do and more and more people are dying every day yesterday the 75 year old pastor died the spite having hundreds of deaths in 3 weeks here he had managed despite these conditions they must have these co-morbidities underlying conditions these all maybe had some other conditions he had met is despite his conditions and difficulties to bring us up peace we no longer had hope to find how many this is this a powerful testimony of someone on the frontlines who's living out the gospel now who knows will happen in this family who knows what will happen here but I do know the hospital is planning for an answer a lot of covert 19 I do know that our team is planning for that as well and I do know that in New York they're buying university buildings or renting them and they're all the schools are out and they're going to move patients into those schools and I do know that in some states they're buying complete hotels and I do know that they're getting equipment and I do know that they're sensing maybe they'll be over well I hope it doesn't happen how many over doesn't happen but if it does how many do you need to have the same kind of phases that 75 year old pastor how many of you are afraid of death how many of you are ready to die how many of you would be willing to die. This man can say yes to all those and we talked about this morning in this morning's passage from 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and the reason he can have that hope and confidence Paul could even now he said because he knew the resurrected Christ he knew the Christ in a gun to every corner seawall had come down into the midst of sin and destruction and entered in and actually be came in the likeness of simple human flesh and became san and die because of sin so he could save us and this is what this man was living on and that rejoice again stand get rid of the disunity with one another and then be involved in gospel labor and now for rejoice once you stand once you're involved in gospel labor then you have joy you have joy and there's a great immune booster some of you are perhaps not known as joyful people does your family say to you man I'm so glad to see it this morning you're always just filled with joy I mean my kids are fairly joyful especially James you know he built the other day James and oh you're watching me James built a quarantine castle in the front room he was like Ok I'm going am my own corn thing castle just in case you know I get sicker than the rest of you he takes out all the seats it looks like a Bedouin tent and his big seeds and had different compartments he said Dad come into my quarantine Cath have a stereo in there and different things and then you come back and my wife was like oh no what have I only took 10 more seats or whatever it was and they will expand the castle only because I want more room for more people and he was this joyful in Corinth he. I'm saying you know I'm I'm I'm sick of this he is embracing it with joy I want to have that experience and so after you start standing for God getting rid but God's help of that disunity by looking at him and going towards him you start to have pace you start to have joy and you actually start to saying you know when I was not converted much I need to be more deeply converted even today but when I was not converted in my teen years I literally became an atheist and could not saying you were you can't believe that now you say so loud I think I'm trying to make up for last time last time but I simply could not sing I didn't even like the lyrics safe in the arms of Jesus I'd like I would be in some guy's arm now all the stuff and I would have all these SOBs like face to face get away from me I mean I don't like that I was avoiding guys you know and I'm the lyrics were so intimate to me I was like no the the no no no no but now I love those songs I want to be close I want to think of your understand what I'm saying when sound and now you can fake it you know you get people that you know can sing gospel things that are fake an analysis of a hard conference they can sing anything but I'm just talkin truly sing it with understanding and with joy it's not about how you necessarily sound you can make a joyful noise and for the Lord he still accept that right but this is the whole idea and look at these texts Isaiah jaw the back of the form of here on the screen to save time Isaiah 61 I will greatly rejoice in the war mice also be joyful rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice while you repeat it 2 times maybe because of this rejoice rejoice for he has clothed me with the garments of what salvation in. I'm covered no virus going to get in there. It's destroyed my rights it's not as filthy rags but he's covered me how do you think that's something that joy about joyful about and you know he's deck to me with his ornaments as a bride adorn of themselves with his jewels and other words there's this purity of character there's this ornamentation of the meek and quiet spear there's all these things of the prerequisites of joy if you find people that are fighting all the time over stupid stuff they don't have this there may be fighting over you know the cereal box or they're fighting or I was talking and you're not supposed to talk this is not the recipe of a converted person let your gentleness be known to all men instead of the text when you're converted you're gentle you're not harsh you're not lashing out you're now yelling you're not screaming you're rejoicing how we want to have the peace of God and peace of God Secondly Joell to $23.00 Be glad he children of Zion and rejoice in the law now this too rejoicing here as well for he's giving you the former rang moderately that's the that's the Holy Spirit been poured out and Pentecost right but then it says what and he will cause to come down on you the right in the former rain and the Latter Rain How would one have a ladder rain experience rejoice rejoice and Paul is almost when I looked at I looked at word words rejoice a little every passage there in Scripture go look at that he's saying rejoice and rejoice that's exactly what we need. And then the last one I love this one is my wife is here I be calling her up right now honey I be calling you up and we be singing this together because we wrote a song though the fig tree shall not blossom neither fruit be in the vine nor world the labor of the oil shall fail in the fields yield no meat on the flock because off from the fold and there be no heard in the stalls yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will joy these 2 times there in the God of my salvation doesn't really matter if there's coronavirus doesn't really matter if there's this or that doesn't matter because what's motivating me is not fear it's not a conspiracy theory if that this or that it's Jesus that's motivating me and that's where I get my piece powerful lesson the apostle is teaching those number 5 the text says Remember that the war is at hand everything that goes towards this this peace that passes understanding is always ends with the phrase in the Lord the Lord the Lord the Lord the Lord and then says Remember the Lord is and he. Know the time that now is high time to awake out of sleep for now our salvation is nearer than when we 1st believed how many you think that there's many people the next thing they're going to see is the Lord after this coronavirus prices us and next thing they're going to see sometimes we think about well you know this coronavirus is going to bring on the Sunday law because of this a man the other I've heard so many of these things and this really extremely long. And I go what is the at what is actually motivating this person that's preaching that way it's not the love of God and His perfect love cast out fear of not it's not there not being motivated by that now I do think that bad things can help you you know think about where you are with the Lord but look at this you don't have any assurance that you're going to you live to the end of the day your motivation. Regardless if you're in peace time a war time should be the love of God However with Mina's a love of God and this is the whole point remember Jesus hand you don't say oh no he's at hand there's going to be a crisis normally you're going he said he and I finally get to see him he's my friend I stood for him I unified with other people because of him I'm doing gospel work for him and with him and I'm rejoicing in him I want to see if it's like all the coronavirus the. I might lose my job and book everything you have is worthless except Jesus and then finally before we come to actually in of our passes prayers and make prayers supplication with thanksgiving and God so don't a stand for Him Don't just be united with him and others don't just share the gospel and rejoice then that sets you up for prayer of prayer that really makes a difference and supplication with thanksgiving to God and I love this because you know Jesus had this down to a science resists is of course the one who lives to make intercession for us today he still is the ultimate person who prays and you know he prays he prays with Thanksgiving he thanks. He thanked his father before things even happened as Lord cycles comes and how we're going to fail always they go to all these people and so frail Lord I thank you for the loaves and the fishes and then what happened there came and they just heard this hand them out it was a prayer of thanksgiving and then we'll Lazarus was raised from the dead Lazarus raise from the dead how that prayer go Lord I thank you these people don't understand I thank you you can hear my voice and he said Lazarus come for he thanked the Lord that he was going to bring forth and then he brought him forth how will learn how to pray with Thanksgiving you know in my life it was the prayer of my grandfather I remember hearing one time the end of hearing aids in normally when he talked to me I was so on convert at the time and he just put it hearing aids and money take it hearing aids out most the time and he didn't want to hear me anymore he just take a mom turn him off and he has a smile and when he went to bed every night you know he took his hearings aids out as well because he couldn't you know I was new when he didn't because I hear a squall squawk you know in his ears but he took a while anyway be in there train for me and for my brother and his prayers were very interested Oh God thank the Lord that Dot will be a powerful minister for you I was like what that was you thank the Lord that this and that thank the Lord that he be committed to read this paragraph the thank the Lord that He will find the right wife thank the Lord I was like how easy we need to pray for other people like that calling those things which are not as though they are let's say or your wife is a piece of work. Let's say your husband's a piece of pizza work you're like men. Why not just pray for the person and say Oh God I know fifo will. I only feel so good I think that. Oh God I know that done will will will whatever it is and praying with Thanksgiving I want to lead with Thanksgiving Why can you lead with Thanksgiving because you're standing for God because you're coming into unity with him and others through his power because you're involved with a spell has come over you the gospel has come over you and you're rejoicing this is why you can pray with Thanksgiving you're so thankful that you know that God works how do you realize that all of you definitely. Are a problem without God every single task here in the Lord in the Lord in the Lord to God. Finally what happens as a result of all these things 6 steps what is the result of the Peace of God with surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus now can you see how that prayer can come through and we can see how you can have this peace the pre-requisites peace and about you but I also notice here that you can't really have the peace of God without having Christ Jesus in your life I would have Christ Jesus in your life did Christ Jesus go through all the steps that he stand for you did he come into your fallen state and stand up for you to Jesus do that. Did he bring unity among people that were discordant for you did he say I when I be lifted up will draw all not all men the entire universe the word man is added there I will draw all to myself Is he a unifier. Is he involved in gospel labor still and does he rejoice and does he still pray with thankfulness today so look the only way we can have the peace of God is by accepting the God of peace the Prince of Peace and Jesus himself back to our story as we close the pastor there 75 year old pastor he finally died Shepherd One to the Lord and soon we will follow him too if he keeps it up in other words if this coronavirus and I think keeps up I haven't been home for 6 days I don't know when my when I last day and I realize my futility on this earth I want to dedicate my last breath to helping others I'm glad to be back to God was surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow man this test me the 1st time I read this testimony I just started having tears well up in my eyes you might think if you're watching or even hear that because you're older you don't have a role to play for God but you do you do so I'm 711718 says now when I'm old and gray or old or don't for say me until I declare that I strength for this generation and every generation as a coach I talked to a man yesterday he said. That man that was so terrified I ask him you know are you afraid he goes I'm very afraid because look at me I'm so old they wouldn't use a ventilator for me and I have diabetes I'm toast I said Don't give up you're you're alive you're talking to me that's a good point but more than that God has a plan for your life look at what this man did 75 years old and he converted a bunch of atheists you know I did then you know how he did that because he died long before he died is dead he was dead I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live the crises of that in me the gospel of Jesus Christ converted that man long before then when he got in that situation he wasn't afraid of death because he knew he already had a life and I'm asking myself Do I have that experience and I'm asking you Do you have an experienced Oh I am a whole life before me I want to get a car I want to get a boat I want to get a plane. Made of I want to guardian angel I want to walk on water I want to drink from the river of life and we think we need to die today and we think we need to commit to death today so we can actually live and that's the secret of peace you know it says next and was over things are true which were cured which were honest and there's a plan word words the God of peace will be with you 1st of all says the Peace of God And then of the God of peace some of us want the peace of God without the God of peace. And what the text is saying is you really can't have that piece without getting I want that piece and I'm sure you do too bothered having. As we and our service today. In this time of stress. This time of self reflection. We want to have what that 3rd verse talks about. Really. Of the things of this world. Full release. Of our self focused lives. We want to fully live in the Lord stand in the Lord unify the. Witnessing with the Lord rejoicing with the Lord praying with faithfulness for the. Want to experience more of that peace. Crassus. Understanding. We have for it we boldly claim it in the name of Jesus our master. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. audio verse or.


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