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Experience in the Sanctuary

Richard Davidson



  • October 14, 2005
    7:30 PM
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enter university from Loma Linda University I grew up in Southern California I graduated from Loma Linda University and I love to come back home to Michigan is a thousand miles from the nearest mountain that's very depressing from one who grew up in Southern California and spent many of his summers up in the high Sierra 's hiking and first six months I was back at Andrews I hallucinogen overtime I saw a bank of clouds I thought that was a mountain range and finally that first summer I got so lonely for mountains that Joanna and I we hired herself out as Apple pickers you know to climb up an apple tree that's all the higher you can get in Michigan so we had this feeling of elevation us that's about all the highs that you can find in Michigan but I like Michigan I love coming home to go Southern California flying over the Rockies today the snow fresh snow on top of all those fifty for fourteen years anybody climbed the needles fourteen years in the Colorado Rockies I'm on a quest to get off fifty for those my my son and I have done forty six of them now so that then coming up over my favorite mountains out here San Jacinto in San Gregorio I proposed to my wife upon San Jacinto and so that this is really fraught with much memories this area there's one thing that I need to do though in order to be comfortable I look out at all of you and your also comfortable and no one has one of these on why am I wearing one you would you would you be offended if you are the only one of the room that has a lookout and I look at every opportunity I can him him and I even found a name I even found a sanctuary reason for it you probably heard this text but I I started pastoring in Buckeye Arizona that was my first district to pastor no buckeye Arizona anybody been the Buckeye is just west of Phoenix and it's the hottest place in the United States the hottest how in the United States it's usually just about as hot as death Valley you read the same temp thermometer reading about tragedy death Valley and so I arrived there the first the first Sabbath Reagan preached after finishing seminary and on my dark suit my time walked in there and the first Elder said ran up the platform it's an invitation to believe in the Bible seminary was putting me well you know you follow the Bible and so what we mean is we turn to this wonderful sanctuary text old brother Jago I still still blesses hard for saving me from fate worse than death throughout my whole ministry Ezekiel forty four verse eighteen speaking about this sanctuary administers the increase of the sanctuary says to give forty four verse eighteen the last line they shall not clothe themselves with anything that causes sweat the great text help to get your coat off many places so thank you that I feel comfortable the tide is coming that will take a while but I very go on the teacher and preacher so I need a whiteboard or something to be able to feel at home and teachers like ask questions especially when I don't have to grade the answers nor teach for free and I probably like us they appear very long because it's I will hire their teachers teach for I with I teach for free I made all my salary during those weeks on grading examinations and papers and all the rest the time I teach for free and so this time I can ask questions and I don't have to grade him and it's the perfect kind of teaching so here's my question for the night as we start out tonight if you just had one thing that you'd ask God for just one thing that you would think I really like to just seek for this one thing in my life what would you ask them for provision of this this is a great question positional right or wrong answers okay so what's the first thing that comes to my feet can't be enough for us what else Holy Spirit on us without one of the things came to my wisdom wisdom has peace and unity of man yes you wouldn't have a great fidelity once you do all the time always a great answer to anyone else had a thought came to my overcoming sin okay indeed I think if we went to everyone in the room would all have a great answer to both it will different you know to be a great answer I said there's no right or wrong answer but there is an inspired answer to that question no there is a text of the Bible that an inspired Bible writer 's gives us an answer his answer to that question on the New Testament there is the answer to the question this one thing I do were repulsed in this one thing I do know things are behind in pressing forth on the prize the high calling of God in Christ Jesus that most of this one thing I do question but in the Old Testament we got a this one thing I ask of God on the extent over here and you may or already are hearing the familiar cadences of the language is tucked over in the book of Psalms and the song is yes on twenty seven written by David when he was hiding in the mountains in the wilderness of Judea fleeing from King Saul and every day he knew that that might be his last night because Saul was just over the hill 's armies were just camped over on the next hill and you never knew when solid come upon another in the night and he'd be in the history was quite quite a scary time for David but he was up to the situation because he learned to trust in God implicitly and so this song starts out with these great words you hear can hear the song that you often hear the soloist sang the Lord is my light and my salvation can hear that song ever a soloist sang out of especially a high soprano that this goes way up to the Lord is my light my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid when the wicked came against me and they were so all the wicked was coming against David just as he was writing this under inspiration to eat up my flesh by enemies and foes they stumbled and fell and we saw that that's what happened time after time picking songs just ready house when God intervened in a marvelous way though an enemy should attempt against me my heart shall not fear the war should rise against me and it was in this I will be confident now comes the verse verse four one thing I have desired of the Lord that will I seek out what was David's answer to this quest this single-minded quest you know I've rarely heard an Adventist and give the answer David gave it on all other answers are right in fact the more we look at this text will find everyone they gave an answer here fits into David's answer it was really saying that and more what statements one thing he wanted ask of God I heard it quoted the background that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life what your single-minded quest in life is to live in the church seems a little odd for David to choose that as his focus sunlight and I've heard people try to explain away this text I've heard some say what you know it all the old adage absence makes the heart grow fonder couple weeks ago I was in Siberia and no Internet access no phone access my wife was in Australia she was speaking a cameo straight out of speaking of pastors in Siberia and we worked in like an eternity apart what if I want to see her absence makes the heart grow on drywall dreams about that time when we would get back compact all you know I heard it said David just wasn't able to get to the sanctuary during the time that he was hiding out in the wilderness from solids only of course he would want to think you just get to the sanctuary that's the elected to the heart of the second volume on will let's test it out let's fast-forward to David's life okay you you see his the is conquest finally Saul dies member up on the hills of Gilboa son Solomon dies David is crowned King person Hebron and seven years later in Jerusalem and then he fights against the Philistines and the other enemies that are sort of pressing in upon him and he sort of makes peace in the land and that he forgets all about his thoughts about the sanctuaries are right to let me feed you a line of off of the lonely here is a forget about the sanctuary no a second Samuel seven the whole chapter is the story of him going to make them the confidence they need than you know I got a house built with Cedars of Lebanon and still live in an attempt attempt that Moses built four hundred plus years ago I went in the house and made them think that the great idea until that night when he gives a dream God says no tell David it can be the one to build me a house because why is blood on his hand is a warrior and my house is to be a house of peace until his sudden Shlomo Solomon which means shallow moments the name in Hebrew shall loan you here shalom their shallow shallowness Shlomo is when peaceful manner they will build my house of peace within Damon hears God 's sense of humor sense of humor he does humor especially in plays on words on its I play tennis with the guy that's my calling in the seminary that cannot give a single sentence without putting on something and this is just cracks us up and come in the most serious committee meeting for the Board of Trustees what is most and he really serious to come out one of these politicians have us rolling in the aisles puns are great ways to to get the point across and yet good enough lighthearted way God has upon me he says they can tell David you can't build God else instead God will build you all the two meanings of the word helps in Hebrew by getting which it can be the building are can mean just because you don't build me a house building unveiled you and your son and your grandson in your great-grandson of cinema thrown until the Messiah he will be born in your life and David Harley I believe in all the Hebrew there is so originally says to me to me you can make a charter for all mankind and sedated disappoint you Kendall got a house is always gets the idea and he goes on to other ideas that write know if you can all the housework any doubt prepare so help me this is an freedom talking your talk back to me what did he do to help prepare the materials would Cedars of Lebanon floated down the Mediterranean Sea from Joppa yes what else quarried the stones third of the of Jerusalem old Jerusalem is hollow underneath you can go down still in the quarries there goes in for since like forever down into that came for a cut these stones that are as long as from here to the wall one still higher than you can reach wider than you can reach and so perfectly cut that you can than when they were piled on top of one another you could even put a knife blade between such precision data don't pulse with those giant ashlar stones still standing today some of the original stones from from the couple that Solomon built still still there the Temple Mount what else would call in Gold and what else one other precious metals bronze with that beautiful one in between the gold in the profits the sulfur have a goal in silver and bronze was he just sort of the free wheeling hear me that he just think this all up on his own given the plans the text says that he got the plans from God so he was under inspiration gathering the materials in order to fit the precise blueprint that God had for purple materials and we cannot mention a few more of the precious stones the breastplate can go to think the convention but besides the materials what else they do to prepare what you need besides materials okay furniture but it still made out of materials just get the materials what else is the temple me yes and they okay yes and David had plenty of bacon he kept moving forward in faith that's right she now okay we sang hymns to start our worship service David will it's called the book of Psalms out of a hundred and fifty Psalms ninety nine of them were written by Damon to third seven written by David Hume wrote the music and if that's not enough he also sent to musical instruments the Bible tells us maybe the guitar we played today was invented by David I don't know if this is the strangest of it doesn't give any details maybe even invented our notes anyway he invented special instruments for the sanctuary and then code performs the music the singer was right and that instrumentalists did you ever stop to notice how many singers there were at the Temple choir about about two hundred and eighty eight that makes the Mormon Tabernacle choir will acquire pale into insignificance use two hundred eighty eight singers would say is instrumental us and this is an ever side they were all paid by the time these were God 's ministers and I for the sanctuaries at the sanctuary will meet with his single-minded focus is still upon the sanctuary all through his life even though he couldn't build and that we read a summary of what David says about his experience and see about that text appear second Chronicles twenty oh three to have several here I think I think of one alone with a look at his first first Chronicles and twenty nine chapter twenty nine after David gathered all these things notice what he said first Chronicles twenty nine verse one furthermore King David said to all the congregation my son Solomon whom alone God 's chosen is young and inexperienced in the work is great because the Temple is not for man but for the Lord God now for the house of my God I have prepared with all my might all the notice verse three moreover because I have set my section on the house of my God you even in the sanctuary he says his affection his very in light of his very heart went out as he was enraged in this building of the sanctuary so I think it's fairly well-established with David all through his life his single minded focus never wavered he wanted to be focused upon the sanctuary was a little all is this just something unique to David and over this may be something that the other local writers shared how can we get at that a one way we can get that at that would be to count how many chapters different Bible writer spent on the sanctuary estate Moses five books of Moses Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy sometime just page through and count the number of chapters hold chapter not talking about wolves versus whole chapters that deal with the sanctuary my count was forty five chapters about the sanctuary will go to the prophets another forty five to fifty chapters about the sanctuary and of course you go to the Psalms wisdom literature and not only was the book of Psalms that hidden over the sanctuary that you start with reading the Psalms and on an average of one reference per song I count a hundred and fifty explicit references focusing on the sanctuary in the hundred fifties are one per song focusing on sanctuary many go to the New Testament and the New Testament writers are just saturated in sanctuary language Gospel of John was fitted at first that was less than a few quarters ago and the whole Gospel of John is structured around the festivals Jesus takes and fulfills in his own life and ministry one festival after their book of Revelation but the revelation of Jesus Christ and the pictures the juices give to John divided up into seven sections and at the beginning of every section of the book of Revelation gives him a vision of what sanctuary sanctuary seeing former sanctuary scenes and if you know where you are in those seven sanctuary scenes you have the key to unlocking the interpretation of the book of Revelation the key sanctuary becomes deeper forgetting at the big picture of the book of Revelation the appalling writings on saturated with and Peter and the other epistles with the lamb of God was with Jesus as the priests the high priest with with the those allusions to the sanctuary offer and we can even begin to exhaust all the solutions everywhere I dare say there is more written about sanctuary in the Bible than any other subject I data from Iraq start counting chapters in fact the more you look the more you see sanctuary in which the whole Bible focuses some many ways in so many different perspectives on sanctuary now is it any wonder then if the biblical writers had such a focus on the sanctuary if the sanctuary was at the very heart of the experience of this will live they should just go there for a minute you know God gave Israel various holidays various holy days set apart for worship and celebration ever stopped to count how many there were that he gave them where they were to come to the sanctuary every year over the air just as the wild guess how many per year twenty eight great guests higher the go three hundred sixty five but no be reasonable there I counted ninety one sanctuary holy days holiday celebrations three months out of every year God set aside for coming to the sanctuary to worship to celebrate to rejoice knowing it on I you might think that you love that I don't think I cheated I added the fifty two Sabbath Sony wasn't that to come the sanctuary and the twelve new moon festivals once every new moon and that all the annual festivals including the high holy days income of the ninety one even putting in for him which comes later and biblical history I would take your and get Chanukah that comes before the New Testament times reptile hundred hundred here and then to add that you not only went to Jerusalem we were in it was just what everyone did and the males had to go on the women went when they could when they weren't occupied with getting birth or something they kept them away three times a year and you went up if you lived until Dan hundred and fifty miles or so north of Jerusalem Tokyo week and a half to two weeks to get there walking or by mail we can have to exceed back three times you started the venture the people of Israel even the ones that live the far-off had their sights fixed upon the sanctuary we we maybe go to the malls ninety one times a year that's where our maybe to the baseball are no sports events or something ninety one pound zero Israel went to the sanctuary 's what is wrong for sites on sanctuary is it any wonder then that God 's people in the last days have been invited to focus on sanctuary is it any wonder that when God raised up his his remnant movement in the great Advent movement of the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds the message that he gave them centered on sanctuary and Ellen White could write in great controversy page four twenty three the subject of the sanctuary was the key that unlocked the mystery of the great disappointment of eighteen forty four it opened to feel she continues a whole system shall contacted and harmonious goes on to describe further the importance of the sanctuary message any guys that are connected with medicine know a lot more about systems than I do we neutered you deal with systems of the body my wife is a systematic theology theologian seminary she looks of the system of the biblical truth and Ellen White indicates here that the system is that the evil United altogether devoid of understanding the key to unlocking is the sanctuary the end of this message is not just perhaps haphazard conglomeration of twenty seven twenty eight Lytle believes it's knit together in a coherent and sin cool system sanctuary is the key that unlocks access wow not tonight I like to get into why I believe the sanctuary message or the details of the of a Adventist understanding of the sanctuary I think of Friday evening especially most important thing that we can we can bask in his the experience of the sanctuary because David when he describes the sanctuary here and some twenty seven he doesn't describe it in terms of abstractions theories he is describing an experience that he wants to have the sanctuary so for the next few minutes like to just unpack in a sort of a summary way what is the experience that we can have in the sanctuary was the experience of David hungered for out there in the wilderness of Judea and he never let go in his site what was the experience that drove the Adventist pioneers in their and their joy at the sanctuary message I think it's summarized all heard some twenty seven summarized in three words now if you go to a philosopher for a look at the Scripture got a philosopher the classical philosopher and ask them what is worth dying for what are the values that are worth dying for philosopher every time will tell you the triple star of value no mention goodness truth and beauty or if you want to put it another way it's a study as we have ethics that's goodness and what is in dogmatics for the truth most of the ones of the three values in life I do not give a hoot what philosophers say most of them are probably wrong but I did find intriguing when Ellen White was writing a trucks and profits was at page five ninety five believe here five ninety five yes and she called for a radical change in the educational system from how it was in the days of Battle Creek whenever doing classical Greco Latin education it was totally theoretical and basically worthless for any preparation practical life and she called for a radical change returning to the model of the schools of profits and she said the teachers in these schools I think she's probably talk about Loma Linda is like as well as Andrews and all of our schools should endeavor to a week I love for goodness truth and gene paychecks and profits five ninety five what should we teachers be all about we should be about the business of stirring up in the minds of our students I love truth and goodness and beauty and the interesting joyous thing that I discovered in some twenty seven is the sanctuary experience capture captures all three will it Inc. yes beauty and goodness and truth but see how that works of some twenty seven now with me you still with me or together on the same page okay let's get back to Scripture now executing Scriptures Psalm twenty seven David says one thing I desired of the Lord that will I seek to damage what little is my life in a zoo is a wanted to do there now here's where the rubber meets the road here's the experience once that there was to behold the beauty of our first thing to do sure just all you are I find it fascinating that when God told Moses to make the sanctuary told him to make informed glory and for beauty and when Solomon built the Temple again God uses those same words make this for glory and for beauty because abstract theory doesn't cut with when you see something you fall stop sigh reaches inside our and this word for beauty and a Muslim right appear for you to be bored with it who knows it's the word know all in Hebrew it's no on and it means not just abstract aesthetic qualities but it means something that is so lovely so slowly entrancing and just correctional in your heart you just so that's the meaning of this word know on this is a picture beauty of the Lord is the beauty of God that you see there in the sanctuary and it's also the beauty that he wants to do any in the sanctuary and it's all about the eye just a little head that God wanted to be beautiful we party talked about how beautifully earthly sanctuary was just underscored a little bit more how beautiful was the Temple of Solomon Ellen White says that was the most beautiful building that was ever built at least until her time in the history of the world we just try to meet and visit if you ever stop to figure how much gold there was Solomon 's Temple the text tells us it tells us there was a hundred thousand talents of gold hundred thousand translate that into modern waste and its three thousand five hundred times of gold and you translate added to monetary figures and it is forty billion dollars worth of call Solomon 's Temple in an assault the silver it says was a million talents of silver that thirty five thousand times of silver if you translate that into our monetary amount it's five eight billion dollars worth of self and how much bronze member she couldn't count it has scaled it to count they just gave up it went we can fictitious character that their minds around that they give up on calculating the bronze and so God made his house beautiful his temple where his Shekinah glory dwelt and yet this temple on earth is just a faint reflection of the of the original Temple because remember the one that Solomon built one of Moses that was just a copy of the one in heaven the original heavenly sanctuary and I love the way Ellen White puts it and I think I have that written here where she says this this is in great controversy a chef for fourteen bit of fighting the seasons first talks about the matchless splendor of the earthly tabernacle reflected the human vision the glories of that heavenly Temple where Christ are for renter ministers the abiding place of the King of kings in heaven where thousands times ten thousands minister that temple filled with the glory of the eternal throne or seraphim fail their faces and the most in the most magnificent structure reared by human hands on is but a faint reflection of the fastness and glory that we can't even begin to grasp the beauty of that temple now I think the very fact that God made it so beautiful is trying to tell us a plan of salvation is beautiful sanctuary which points us toward the plan of salvation which points us to the character of God is beautiful I was teaching the century class in Russia fears ago it was just the biggest of the night it was been wounded communism fall in Russia when the pooch was I was nineteen ninety one was on it was it was the summer of nineteen ninety one and it was just the summer before communism fell and they were still under communism is still a scary place to be strange stories happen that month our family was there but I had in my class a student who is an interior decorator now I wondered ever learn from interior decorator about the sanctuary but she brought her paper in Russia but my translator translated informers I got the gist of it and she said you know in interior decorating we learn that when you going to someone's house and you look at the way they arrange their house if you know your interior deck design you know what kind of person they are you can tell by way of person decorates their house person I was in his today and so she suggested that you know God 's house in heaven is really a reflection of who we got to thinking about God 's house and I've not try to tell say that I know exactly what God 's house looks like what the heavenly sanctuary looks like but when I want to make here is that is called the house of the Lord here in earthly sage was called a house of Lord of the heavenly was called the house Lord is not just the tech we going to worship is first and foremost it's got hold is an I did have a teacher however if years ago that told me what it exactly what it was made up and you learn what the heavenly sanctuary is made up my teacher shared with me request Doctor Haas who unfortunately died in a tragic car accident so with the right stuff but he spent about ten minutes in class just dangling the carrot in front of our faces you know this joins Nina I know just to know anyone I care I just has trolling of these virtually drooling there is where listening to them talk and finally to get his answer is simple it's made out of heavenly stuff okay that's all I know they got a heavenly stuff it's a real spatiotemporal reality in tomorrow afternoon as we look at hermeneutical issues with regard to the sanctuary I'll try to share why it's so important that you don't just say the sanctuary is a metaphor like the evangelicals of the once you start doing that you really get into trouble for many reasons but sanctuary is a real place I know exactly what it looks like it's it's more vast than in my mind can probably take in at this level of our earthly nice but think about those articles of furniture was just as just a stretcher minds for a few help how long has the heavenly sanctuary been in existence has it been in existence before sin was at their reports and you think a Bible proof for just your thoughts are pictures of the assets good logic in the end of the text of Bakula back to logic up as one we don't usually use this Jeremiah chapter seventeen in verse twelve Jeremiah seventeen twelve it says Jeremiah seventeen twelve a glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary now the earthly sanctuary to him glorious high throne the art was not high we just love this time to talk about a glorious high throne Europe in the heavenly sanctuary had says to begin a from the very beginning of creation at least and maybe beyond God had a home why what was the purpose of the sanctuary God 's original purpose the site need to dwell in houses the keep warm or sheltered from the rain now why does he dwell in space and time there's one other text that tells us about his house 's heavenly house before sent records to others but one is in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight we usually use this text this show the fall of Lucifer but notice the description of where Lucifer served first fourteen twenty fourteen you were the anointed cherub covers and when were talking anointed cherub where are we in the sanctuary right in particular where I tried in the holy of holies those covering cherubs that were over the heart somewhere in the very holy of holies here and it says that he was established there any verse eighteen you are perfect in your ways we run the holy you know you're perfect in your way so it's before he said is describing here he was a covering cherub there in the heavenly sanctuary guides all edits as you on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of this fiery spell our pavement was so slow iridescent the Microsoft all holy mountain of God now River that phrase and turnover to one other texts in Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah fourteen this is the other texts in the Old Testament it describes the fall of Lucifer Isaiah fourteen in verse twelve starting in verse twelve how are you falling from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how you cut down to the ground you who weakened the nations present in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the mount I'll let the congregation or the assembly right so this holy mountain of God this heavenly home of God is also the place of assembly is where the unfallen worlds Kane to meet with God it's as if God said hey come on over to my home for some fellowship how do I know what was fellowship will look at the furniture in the sanctuary usually we think of the furniture of the sanctuary in connection with the plan of salvation I want to stretch your mind even before the plan of salvation of God at all in this and this in the counterparts of this furniture were there in the heavenly sanctuary an internist know exactly what they look like that was the counterpart you got a table with thread on it and with the table with bread on it what does that mean it means what you come me right it means a dinner table and so it's the place I like to think the best table of showbread in the heaven is that table of silver this miles long that they redeemed or minister that it up on White writes about an early writings the commodity has a table fellowship with me in the lampstand representing the Holy Spirit does the Holy Spirit only necessary for people you ask about the need for the Holy Spirit when we when we get to heaven will no longer need the Holy Spirit but he'll still be enlightening us what he saw that the influence that the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit there I could think of that part of the sanctuary is God 's living room or resort sit down and listen to the Holy Spirit teaches teaches the ways of Christ Internet the altar of incense like wonderful smells in the thought of what God smells like I I asked that question one time of the church north of here about two hundred miles in that night there was a Native American who was on high on peyote they have to come to church that night and soon as I asked the question of your personnel God is to us in selling right now he jumped out of his seat at the front started telling about the smell of God and the wonderful smell that I is smelled it sounded more like peyote than it did this house of God that the flight had careful about asking that question but but that insects but as it represents represents Christ's righteousness merits of his of his righteousness was quite righteous before he became human wouldn't there be a nice thing to have the know when you go to a a palace of royalty if you go over to where you come from where originally did come from do you have temples where there's incense temples in Indonesia and all nothing you go to the gym got in a Buddhist temple service and examples you walk in there you smell distance you know that you're in the house of the God is that simple of the insects no I don't know what it means in those religions but for the incense it tells me that God even once our sense of beauty the beauty of our nose to the entry but not only the beauty of the eyes but the view and the beauty of the taste of the beauty and all but the holes scrub stretching our minds here to try to see a picture of the sanctuary be on solving the problem even before there was a sin problem these articles of furniture had a function in revealing to us the ability and I thought David Long thin as a sanctuary to see the beauty of the Lord I urge you when you study the sanctuary left your mind just soar over its beauty and I understand in November sanctuary of the full sanctuaries to come here a replica not a replica but the real size right there just be entranced by the beauty of God 's beauty I know very quickly when you touch on these tomorrow just imagine the other two one Utes David's is a want to see the beauty of the Lord second thing he wanted to do back to some twenty seven he said I wanted to inquire in his temple this is the word in Hebrew boxcar and Bob Carr is not the norm word for choir or Satan but high means to diligently search to find out the truth to waive any and to see what is true is all diligently investigate the evidence to find out that David basically is saying I not only want to explore the beauty of God 's sanctuary also want to know the truth of the sanctuary passage I wanted to be to grapple with the truth of the sanctuary message so I would put here David second experience was an experience of seeking to grasp the truth of the sanctuary message is likely to tell the story because the survey cracks me up still with the motions but it was just after I had finished my studies at Andrews and I was preparing to start teaching at Andrews and I had my my very best theological friends know one that I pitch tents with her several years as a pastor and we prayed together and we wrestled together with the word and we did everything together during those times met together and let out in the junior divisions can't meeting we just were we were good buddies and this was the year that the storm broke in the Adventist church about the sanctuary doctrine where questions were raised about the sanctuary message and where there was a nine hundred and ninety one page document prepared to basically debunk the Adventist understanding of sanctuary after my studies were done I was given a chance to go to Israel the study is an postdoctoral studies for a few months thinking about how miserable and my friend was waiting for me came to my door with a nine hundred ninety one page manuscript and several more big stack of books relate them on my dining room table looked me square in the eye and said Gary to read these and staying at the Savoy even gone I've been reading over the ninety nine or ninety one page manuscripts that these other books and I'm convinced the sanctuary doctrine that Adventists teach is a bunch of worthless garbage it can not be founded upon solid biblical evidence and so on I get now and a few weeks later the impact company was headed out of the seminary believe later I heard it we resign turned in his credentials as a minister it weeks later he turned in his membership to the Adventist church drinks later and started his own denomination and urged me to come within what was I what was I can do with a big stack of books the left behind I was just starting to starting to teach at the seminary and I have time to read the books and one thing I know how teachers are first-year teaching or keeping just one day ahead if their students if they're lucky and so I would prefer my lectures and during the day and then at night it all when you get in bed he wanted to light reading helps you make drowsy and fall off inside nine hundred ninety one page manuscript and services read a few pages that don't put me to sleep right more red work Herb that God questions I had about the sanctuary that I didn't have answers to finally my wife one night she blurted out but that's okay you getting so so as to be around the weekend we can always stand here on your anymore I realized that such an effect upon me but I started looking at me up I was gross and I was this was eating away at me so I I stopped reading and do not light reading I and the instead took it second to my office written my office but Loyola 's anatomy teaching and students can have questions are better know the questions so I can know how to respond and I came to the conclusion that if this manuscript was writes I couldn't stand this now I know there are those who have come to a different conclusion they decided that as a sanctuary doctrine is passé we can set that aside and still be a cultural administering all sanctuary selectors that no doctor and what about many the check that one out and soaking everything else but I had seen too much about how the sanctuary was the heart of Adventist is what caused this to the next eighteen forty four following a meeting every other doctrine some other church has divided another church but if you believe that Christ entered into the most holy Place in eighteen forty four to start it a work of judgment the judgment is only one church teaching that that's the evidence church anything wrong about that question has been out this was my conclusion I came to the site I determined to get out if this was the biblical but I was originally quite as fast as my friend Francine God working in the church too long to just walk away that I determined I needed to get to the bottom of it because I didn't want to stay in evidence just because my parents were pretty one of the leader just because my teachers taught here because the pioneers said so or because the pastor sensorium is like that so it is much as I believe in a white yellow white herself tells and tells us don't believe it because I say so political Scripture says so go back and test it was Scripture and so for a period of weeks and months stretched out in two years I hated wish to install agonized to try to the China box car like being a bid to searches diligently as deeply as I knew how to test to see whether this doctrine I hoped that I would only that I would maybe just find enough evidence I can hang my doubts on you know stay just like just enough and staying with it both been number of years since those those crucial months and years can say that I found all the answers to all the questions I found them raised but I've come to a settled conclusion but the sanctuary doctrine is taught by Atlantis doesn't have to be jettisoned in fact I found not just a little bit of them I found so much evidence for this doctrine but it caused me to not only believe it was true but the following public to realize it wasn't just an doctrine to be believe it was a powerful life changing message that has made a difference in my life so I haven't had to remove a single pin or pay our pillar of the sanctuary message and tomorrow afternoon or have a question answered I'd be happy to share with you some of those evidences that have for the last few years that have given further reasons for leaving the sanctuary message and its relevance for us today but only its truthfulness but it's relevance to this card with the sanctuary I encourage you don't take my word for it don't take the preachers word for or the pastors teachers parents friends evangelists whoever you might want to plug in their dig it out for yourself go through step-by-step and do what David D to see it's true I can tell you that because I know you're been a fine I know what you're been a fine if you're honest in heart driven a fine more evidence in your dream evidence that's not only theory but it's kind of the mind blowing practice practical relevant steps can make you say holiday and then there is the last one goodness the covert go back to some twenty seven four one more time some twenty seven and he heard the word chiasm has ever been brought up here classic structure I hate that word it's a it's a it's a ten dollar word when you can have just the simple work in order why not just call it a mountain climbing pattern because you know the chiasm is well you what you what you find here the beginning you find in the end what you find here you find next to the end what you find here you find in the third to the end what a fine for two four and is what happens all you climb up the mountain I think I still remember the life so in Southern California Newman Manzanita trees down here and then you will hire the oak trees appear when you get in the pine trees and then you get into the smaller pine trees and finally the timberline and many that on the other side of all there's the timberline and there's the smaller pine trees in the bigger pine trees in the trees in the manzanita trees in the reverse order if you're going down the other side of the car as Wang is a big word when you could get a picture of climbing Mount and this whole song some twenty seven is written in a chiasm and we could show all the points of the match but some of the first four has as its matching pair down here in verse thirteen verse thirteen is the matching numbers for I would have lost heart and thus I have believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living here is the third word to goodness most of the three experiences that David wanted to have in the sanctuary tomorrow morning for our sermon I want to talk about the goodness of the Lord the good news of the Lord especially as it's represented at this time of year last Thursday was Yom Kippur the atonement were living in the other typical day of atonement and want to share words become good news to me why I see the goodness of the Lord in the sanctuary special sanctuary message that we teach not to wind up our art our study here together tonight the chiasm lips I said that naughty word a mountain climbing pattern the most important part of that widely white Bible writers like to write in the structure to the top is no one one one join I first started dating she found out that I was an inveterate backpacker who love to backpack and I'd love to climb mountains I'm not into the local snarkiness that the mountaineering stuff just really only get high and as vital relationship was growing more and more serious she got more and more worried because she grew up the her mom likes to say that her idea of exercise with walking the car to church on Sabbath morning I was about all that she'd like to do I say that honored because now she's wanting grabs me in the morning and throws me out of a sort of encourages me to get out of bedroom exercises is the exercise freedom house down with those days she could not quite grasp what made me take and she was afraid if she got up to me that she might get drawn into doing what I did and so she got up the courage one day to ask me what to enjoy about putting on a backpack that crunches your shoulders and those foods that give you blisters on your feet and you go up switchbacks hot switchbacks one after another with parched throat and the sun beating down on you getting asunder and knocked on anonymous what about that and you know I I rarely can surprised to win but I think I got it at one time I logistically and I said you know what I hate the blisters I hate the source shoulders I hate sunburn I hate all the dry ground just wanted to let as an example doing because I knew from the time you get to the top of Mount Whitney by going to the top of Mount Whitney anybody been ten times have you really think they're okay I try to get eleven this is the only worldwide laser holographic that realized that but we can make a play I locally get their year to the top of Whitney and you you you can look North and you see a hundred feet straight up north count them one after another they are going Rocky Mountains and climb of those fourteen years and you can look at three and sixty degrees and you know you solid and again if there's just something you can describe not unless you got it into an summative one of those mountains and she's home now that's why she broke her leg she was backpacking a few weeks ago she was on her way down cute she's already conquered and to gain down she had the flu and we had to get out the back to school so she had to hike out the fluids you had sweet lost her balance and broke her ankle so she's been on crutches for the last four weeks but you haven't given up on the hiking right great okay so get you feel like I like I like to hike because the view from the top and I these mountain climbing structures on twenty seven is not no exception what is right at the center is the most important thing was right at the center is not gross for units that this was not in the middle of the song ever since he is not in the middle what's in the medical 's first eight when you said see my face my heart said to you your face Lord I will seek once the heart of the sanctuary experience in this whole psalmist sanctuary language it's the most saturated sanctuaries on the book of Psalms is read by the Jewish people in preparation for the high holy days were experiencing right now once the heart of the experience your face Lord I will seek God longs for the sanctuary to be a time when we come into his house and was home to seek his face and he done it recently ever been to the heavenly sanctuary that some new to think of in the book of Hebrews invites us for to come boldly to the heavenly sanctuary they check off that just tick off the texts Hebrews chapter six verses nineteen and twenty Hebrews six nineteen and twenty this we have as an anchor the syllable sure and steadfast which is the presence within the veil I will cause within the veil to the heavenly sanctuary it was ten versus nineteen and twenty brothers and sisters having their list to enter the sanctuary by the blood of Jesus by annealing living way which consecrated for us to the veil let us draw near with a true heart in for a assurance of being like my brother in the back said earlier but the point is he's inviting us to come to the heavenly sanctuary and the third one I skipped is over here in chapter four verse sixteen or sixteen him only to the throne of grace for me to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need and finally he was twelve is my favorite one it was twelve twenty two that you have come to Mount side to the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem to an innumerable company of angels to the General assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven he goes on to say to Jesus the mediator of the new cover is it so you will come are you might come that you have come God wants us to wreck that we've already come to his heavenly sanctuary I believe this is the secret of how to seek his face in his sanctuary because it's his home and he invites his wife a imaginable there can come boldly to century to live there in fact not just a prayer weigh-in sites where prayer is great because not enough I like to call it sanctuary I today was a long day for me I got up at five morning and got to bed too early last night still undulate from Siberia and I ran into we enjoyed I have a lot of difficulties getting here in the north of the local and all of those troubles and I was tempted really tempted to just throw all learn why am I going to California else why am I why am I taking this trip but I started thinking about these texts are similar take me away from the traffic that I had forgotten was so busy Southern California who are inching along a few inches from Ontario images in the an hour Lord take me to the heavenly sanctuary and you will suddenly there was a call McCain this piece that you describe to someone was asking for peace with the unit was saying her peace sanctuary experience provides answers for all of those things that you mentioned the beginning if if you would just want to go there to get away with that southwestern and you want to get away your CNET and there's better at that you want to get away permanently by faith from the problems that oppress you in this world think of the sanctuary is God 's house where he and Blanchett just experienced life on December the story of Jim my friends at the seminary with a guy about six foot seven he was huge he was also very strong he was also very funny he had a sense of humor that would just matter how serious I try to make my class he would find a way to just break everyone up and tear into tears of laughter mean they just couldn't keep a straight face whichever is a tennis player a get me out of the tennis court and he had such a high server that he would hit the ball at such a steep angle would come over the net and bounced right over my head and my racket time after time I couldn't get the ball then he would just roll in the court with laughter as it were and are just just rejoicing that he had done one in on his professor again well this one away a lot of the hallways in the tennis court so I we invite our joyride by our students over for glasses on when we can teach a classroom but I'm over to our house at least once during the semester and we invited Jim along with the rest of the class that he was in my class that semester all I had I forgot to say when he is dear Jim he he when he left the seminary 's first conference president he took a snowball wintertime the right to an open window and hit the scarf is present right on the side of the head neither time he took it Waterloo and he was staying in the upper stairs motel room and when the conference treasurer came out he talked a lot about a lot of the guys head this was Jenny 's crazy and so he evidently was tentative so I I I your highest good silver and lifted the time by anyone left in such a join and I were in the kitchen to start cleaning up the dishes I heard this voice behind me while steps crunching steps of the six foot seven giant coming closer to me and I heard him say eight can I give you know I could just imagine the turning around and him taking me in his china closet and just rushing every bone in my upper torso and him and so I can imagine all kinds of things into my dear to me so I try to think of some funny to say as I turned around to respond to I turned around looked in the face he had tears streaming down his cheeks I never seen Jim cried before he said no give you a hug he said you like I've been in Adventist schools all my life with an Adventist elementary school in Adventist Academy and at his college not just ready to graduate from an Adventist seminary and I've never been invited over to teachers home before thanks the twenty now is my turn to cry with his embrace therefore one time I got to thinking how no Jim look forward to being in the teacher 's house country special and we had fun in the in the tennis court in front of the classroom and in the hallways that there's some special about me I hope I is to teach it like to be invited home to God 's call God says hey I'll walk with you along with your exams and to all your problems here I'll be there beside you but in all will just come home no hassle at the sanctuary means to me says I want you to be in my home by faith everything you come home and then Sunday he says John fourteen one to three my father 's house was in my father 's house what was the house of the father but felt that father 's house to house the Lord rests the sanctuary my father sounds the sanctuary on any mentions they rose and one for you know and when I come again I'll take you a list me in my father 's house sanctuary you'll end down with me I sure that's the sanctuary will be able to seek his face every day for eternity may that be our experience now I think sanctuary life and may we like David as he closes his on twenty seven he says wait for the Lord is working way that he uses isn't just waiting like the dead people wait in their grave it needs waiting on tiptoe and although our economic I am taking me to his heavenly sanctuary and then when that century comes down after the millennium will this abuse home will have a room and I'm sure all you guys will have your country home somewhere in Southern California and I'll be join you obese login but on Friday the speed of thought will head to the new Jerusalem revealed us spend every Sabbath in God 's house as we go we can match sets home for when he comes I pray that not one of us will be missing for that experience what had super father in heaven I thank you for the message of the sanctuary yes the work of judgment going on now we'll talk about that tomorrow but help us to get the big picture of the sanctuary that it's the place where you live where you love us where you invite us now to come and experience life with you and where soon those homes sit here those rooms in your home you will come and get us and you'll take us to be there forever we can hardly wait Lord may each heart say yes to you tonight everyone here determined by faith by your grace not one of us we missing for that great reunion in the father 's house Jesus name I pray and


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