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The COVID 19 Crisis - Agriculture and the Endtimes

Darren Greenfield
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Pastor Darren Greenfield, Farm Manager at Weimar Institute, and Chairman of the Board of Adventist Agricultural Association (AdAgra) gives a important message of how we can prepare for the end of time for ourselves and our families. The COVID pandemic is a small taste of what the trials ahead are going to be like when we cannot provide food for our families.


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager


  • April 4, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Loving Father in heaven I'm so grateful that you are still on your throne and that your faithfulness is seen day by day as we see the results of your work both in nature and in allies in and now ministries father please speak to us today do plant a seed in our hearts we need to understand more fully your message for this time and how we can work together with you and more effective ways to not only reach a hurting world to heal the hurting world but to supply our needs so that we can be sustained to finish your work we pray and ask for your help in Jesus name me so as a point of illustration I brought with me a box here with some squash some kabocha squash it's called Sunshine I gave one of these to a friend who is nearly 80 years old and he is he's been gobbling all us life he ate it and he said that was the most delicious winter squash of ever eaten in my life would you like one I have 4 questions and I have 4 squash and I'm going to give you one if you can answer the question what were the means given to Adam and Eve for true education 1st hand up. I think your hand went out 1st but then went down nature almost Ok Anything else yes cultivation of the soil Yes I think that's pretty close so let's have a look here what we're told. God gave to our 1st parents the means of true education when he instructed them to Tillis oil and care for their garden home there you have it and so if we want food security what do we need to do we need to learn about true education it's the foundation of life here you go you have a little bit more food security so I have another one to give another question for you. What did God give to parents so that they could raise children with clear minds and be able to reason and be think is not just reflectors of mean thoughts 1st hand yes you gave the garden that's true so here we have it in connection with your home have a garden of possible way your children can work and where you can work with them so instruct them and so arrange they work that their spare time will not be spent in idleness give them something definite to do and let them feel that they are doing something to help father and mother to sustain the family let the older ones feel the responsibility of giving a right example to the younger children that all act the part according to the years when the children thus trained attain school they will have clear minds they will be able to reason for themselves and will not accept that which this one says all that one says without some proof you think that's needed today with all of oysters that are bombarding young people I mean here is a squash for you with a little bit more food security see if we follow the counsel of the Lord we will be secure in these times of crisis. 3rd question what combination did God give to medical missionaries that would work miracles what combination of things that God give to medical missionaries that would work miracles Ok. That could be true but it's not exactly true because you see the Holy Spirit works through physical things as well so who has a Anybody have. Yes and the natural remedies very close I think I'll give you that one let's read it we have told locate sanitariums on extensive tracts of land where in the cultivation of the soil patients can have opportunity for healthful outdoor exercise such exercise combined with hygienic treatment which would be what Heide hydro and and the like will work but will it work miracles in restoring an invigorating the disease body and refreshing the worn and weary mind if you would like to come and get your squash you will be food secure. Ok one more question considering the future problem of buying and selling what has God counseled us to do yes. Move to the country and grow your own food very good Dorothy you got it right on here it is again and again The Lord has instructed that our people to take their families away from the cities into the country where they can raise their own provisions for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one we should now begin to heed the instruction given us over and over again get out of the cities into rural districts are the I know you're already involved in growing your own food but you have a little bit more food security today. So about 4 years ago the Lord impressed 3 different individuals at the same time with the same burden without them collaborating together they came out with these books on agriculture compilations never in the history of the administration had a compilation on agriculture being put together and put into the hands of his people you see God sees the future he knows what we need and we are heading into very serious times and so he has given us this counsel for us to become very familiar with and knowledgeable and to implement into our lives so that we will not be caught and panicking like the rest of the world and I encourage you to go to the we may not or go online to Amazon and buy a self one of these I believe that the women carries the council's on agriculture book hopefully they'll have enough for all of us. But I very strongly encourage you to read that book because there is much more in that book than I can share in the short time that I have today. The book out lives outlines the benefits of farming or agriculture in our lives and in now working on Ministry every one of us there is a benefit for medical missionary work for true education for soul winning for food security and food of spiritual development do you think they're all important for us today I mean and so in addition to the Lord giving us these books full of counsel about 7 years ago the Lord raised up the Adventist Agricultural Association to bring back to God's people to bring us to an awareness of the Council that's being given and to help equip God's people to implement the council and so every year we have a conference where about 700 people who have been coming together and we have classes from beginners if you've never gotten before or done anything to experienced farming seminars as well as well as many inspirational talks you can find them online if you go to audio version go to the conferences you'll find a number of the conferences that I and a lot of good inspirational instructional talks there and if you go to Facebook Facebook has a page for the administering to association encourage you to check that out as well as some good information and things that will be helpful. So I don't know if you've been to the shops lately but I know when I was there are several weeks ago I did see the shelf that was on the toilet paper of a row but I did see that the food shelves were starting to empty out and I've heard that that has gotten worse and in addition to all food becoming scarce are and how to get the news has been talking about food shortages forecast for the future as well as that the seed manufacturer is a very busy right now because people are feeling the need to get into growing food because I don't know that they're going to be able to go and get what they need in the stores and so they are selling out of seed and I can testify that that is true because the one company that I deal with mostly Johnny selected seeds and mine another long a selling to the home grow up their own Excel ng the rectally to the commercial growers because the demand is so high they can't keep up with it and they're a company that has excellent service usually put in an order in the next day it's in the mail and you get it very quickly backlogs and even with they just dealing with commercial grows we're looking at about a week out before we can see the shipment of what we boarded and if you go through the list of what they have available many of sold out and in the past you could order something sold out and when it came back in stock they would send it to you the no longer doing that because I think they know that they might not be out to get that seed because the demand is so high so what is the food security that God has for his people we are told that in God's plan for Israel every family has a home on the land. With sufficient ground for tilling Thus we provided the means and the incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and no devising of man has ever done what improved upon that plan to the world the pacha from a desiring to a large degree the poverty and what does poverty produce shortage of food right and the richness that exists today in God's plan even those who lived in the city and Jerusalem were to be involved in agriculture do you know that look at the sin is equal Chapter 48 in verses 18 and 19 this was a blueprint you could say for the children of Israel when they came back from having been captive in Babylon returning back to the nation of Israel and rebuilding Jerusalem God gave them a blueprint for the temple and he gave them a blueprint for the layout of the city and in this blueprint right here in easy Q 48 in verses 18 and 19 it says the rest of the length alongside the district of the holy section shall be 10000 cubits to the east and 10000 to the west it shall be adjacent to the district of the holy section and its produce shall be food for the workers all the city not like we would do it we would put a fowl next to the city and we hire a farmer or farmers and have them grow it and then give it to us but in God's plan notice what it says the work is of the city from all the tribes of Israel shall cultivate it with that of included the Levites gone pass that on you to being out there in the time of Israel cultivating the garden and that was part of God's plan that everybody would have the benefit because there are many benefits that come from the activity of Agriculture. I won't read this because of the Short Well yes I will was going to say and the time is too short but I will read this because I think it's a beautiful words the wise man Solomon said this I have seen the God given task What's the God given task that he gave to man there's only one God given task that he gave in the beginning to man what was it to till the soil I have seen the God given task with with which the sons of man are to be occupied he that is God has made everything beautiful in its time also he has put eternity in their hearts except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end you see most of mankind when they plant a seed and they watch it grow and not thinking that there is a God in heaven who puts his Holy Spirit in that seed in germinates and gets it to grow and brings it to the harvest so that we can reap it most people are not thinking about God They don't think about his involvement in agriculture but he is very involved very involved and the wise man says I know that there is nothing better for them than to read Joyce and to do good in their lives and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor it is the gift of God It is so rewarding when you've been working hard and cultivating food to be able to sit down and enjoy the sweet goodness of God to taste and see that he is good and that is what he wants all of mankind to do and as we are mindfully cultivating working in cooperation with God working with him when we sit down to eat that you know what it does for you it makes your heart be so grateful and thankful and to to to say a special thanks to God for this gift this precious gift he's given. Paul when he went to Athens had something very interesting to say to them as he was looking for an opening door an open door an open wage that he could put in the air to get their attention and he says man of Athens I perceive that in all things you a very religious for I was passing through and considering the objects of your worship I even found an altar with this inscription To the Unknown God therefore the one whom you worship without knowing him I proclaim to you today I know that you know our creator God but perhaps we are not familiar with his unseen agencies that are working for us so today I want to proclaim to you the unknown agencies of God working for us that we would understand him better God has much more in mind for us. Here it we mamma and around the world in the work of the 3 angels giving of the strangest messages then food security you see if we had just thinking about food security we are no different then those who follow Jesus for the loaves and the fishes when Jesus gave something had to say many turned away from him because they followed him for the loaves and fishes they wanted food security but they did not want the hard things that he had to give and so what I share today is not to. Point a finger and saying you know I was being critical we're not doing what God has said but it is mainly to say this is what the law does say that we should do and for us to look at it and say Lord Help us Lord help us to take hold of everything that is going to enable us to more effectively accomplish your work in the service so here we have it Ellen White was given a special vision where she saw sanitariums that were following God's plan and if they followed God's plan their results would be very powerful Now just think about this when I share this in the context of the giving of the 3 Angels' messages that is the most important work that we do but we have to do things that are going to captivate the attention of people so that they will listen and heed the counsel that is being given in the Word of God So through medical missionary work God wants to heal people and as God heals people then they open up to God and His message but through agriculture there is a certain role it plays to help them understand the. The practical face. Applications of believing the message so let me read it and then we'll discuss it a little bit for them she says in the night season a view of a sanitarium was shown me the institution was not so very large but it was complete it was surrounded by beautiful all mental trees and beyond these were orange groves connected with the place were gardens in which the woman patients if they chose could cultivate flowers of every description each patient selecting a special plot for which the care outdoor exercise in these gardens was what was prescribe Can you imagine a doctor writing a prescription to a sick person go to the garden get your hands in the soil and plant some things and then start caring for them pull out the weeds and this is part of you healing can you imagine then this was was prescribed as a part of the regular treatment thus I was instructed by the Lord scene after scene passed before me in one scene there was a number of suffering patients who had just come to one of our country sanitariums in another I saw the same company but oh how transformed they were walking about and talking and appeared happy disease had gone the skin was clear and the counsellors joyful body and mind seemed full of health Neva she says that I value outdoor life let me pause there when you hear Ellen White say the outdoor life she is referring to the activity of outdoor work in nature primarily cultivating food so just understand that context of outdoor life. Never did I value outdoor life as a means of restoring the sick to health as I valued it after the scenes had passed before me I had always taught these principles but never before had I so clearly seen the life giving power in nature since these views were given to me I have felt intensely over the matter and of earnestly desired to give the light to all who are engaged in medical missionary work you get that she wanted to go to all who are engaged in medical missionary work we engaged in medical missionary work here we must we have done so should we listen to this a man I was also instructed that those who have been sick are resort to health and now sanitariums in this country and return to their homes many will be favorably impressed by the transformation that has taken place in them those who have been benefited will be as it were living object lessons. Many of the sick and suffering notice this this is where the $300.00 messages come into it many of the sick and suffering will turn from the cities to the country refusing to conform to the habits customs and fashions of city life they will seek to regain health in some of our medical institutions in the country that us even if we are removed from the cities 20 or 30 miles we shall be able to reach the people those who desire health will have opportunity to regain it under conditions most favorable so notice that the effect of the patients coming to the sanitarium being prescribed Godling activities spending time in one and all the wonderful benefits of Al sanitariums are a lifestyle saint is and getting a taste for the something better that God has than what the world offers that well then what man has given that they see that God has a better plan and that he is calling his people out of Babylon which actually includes calling them out of the cities because we know that the judgments of God are fulling already upon the cities and God's people a cold to come out and to prepare for the time that is soon to come upon this world and so these patients become these living object lessons to defray ins and to others so the ripple effects go on and others will come as a result you see. If we are just healing people sending them back to the city lifestyle they don't have the God given means to take hold of the health message and to live it in its fullness they've got to be thinking about I've got to go outside every day and brief some fresh air I've got to go for a walk every day and do some exercise I've got to go to the gym and do some exercise to get one muscles working and they have to think about all this list and schedule every one of these new stuff principles but if they get into the Gotten they're doing all of these principles all together in one practice and one package and they can mine tine this helpful lifestyle practice that we teach That's why God name should be and was counsel to us to be part of Al medical missionary work we are told God will work wonders for us if we work in faith when we cooperate with him he is ready to do his pot everything in my power I desire to do that my brother and maybe lead to pursue a sensible course and that their efforts may be most successful here we have Again another statement I want you to just enter into the hot and to the mind of Ellen White who was given these visions who experienced it personally in a self through one time when she was deathly sick people thought she was going to die she had a terrible lung condition that she was coughing it was so bad maybe it was crown of us I don't know but it was something really deathly you know it was killing or in the people thought that she was going to die and her husband took her out of where they were. I don't know if it was in the city of Battle Creek I'm not sure I didn't check the context of it but they went to a rural location and you know what she did she was given a comfortable seat on the ground and she started planting strawberries and she said that as I was planting these strawberries in the ground she said it was like the poison that was in my lungs was just being drawn out and she said in the very short time I was well so she experienced it for herself she used it to restore her husband when he had a deathly stroke and then a was thought he would be an invalid for the rest of his life she used agriculture to restore his health so he had a few more years of usefulness and God's work and so she understood this I want you to enter into her hot and as she's sharing these messages just think the urgency that she felt to get this message across to God's people this is what he wants you to do this is your protection this is where the effectiveness of your work lies in reaching more people for the kingdom and more effectively. Sustaining the work that you're doing. She says I plead I plead for our sanitariums to be located away from the cities where the children and use can learn to cultivate the soil and to develop naturally in the country they can develop healthful bodies and clear minds by the exercise to be found and out of door work this is in harmony with the instruction that has been given me we should endeavor to establish their institutions where there is plenty of land to be cultivated the patients should have plenty notice that would plenty of outdoor employment and Recreation give them opportunity to exercise their muscles by caring for flowers and fruit and vegetables there is healing for disease in out of door life the Lord will act a spot in providing sunshine and shall was man and woman be taught to do their pot in cultivating the soil can you Saint. Hot Can you sense the urgency that she felt and the just strong like I want you to understand this I was thinking is most of the world probably billions of people. Rigorously washing my hands and sanitizing the hands and surfaces all around them and here I am getting my hands dirty old a long one a contrast I don't have time to tell the story but it's a beautiful story of this lady that Ellen White. Went and visited their home sister high as a man and this lady had been to Al sanitariums she had had hydro treatments and all the best of what our sanitariums could offer her she was very sick and she went home and she was very feeble she was still sick she hadn't received healing completely. But she started to cultivate a garden not because she learned at the sanitarium unfortunately but she started to cultivate a garden and slowly even though she was very weak and she could do very little day by day she got stronger and stronger and stronger until she was very strong she had calluses on a hand Sorry ladies but that's actually a good thing to have she had calluses on her hands from from working in the soil she was a picture of health or health of being restored and how the white visitors her and she was so impressed that she recorded the story and then she had this concluding statement to say she sees the benefit that system hides a man's work in the garden has been to her is a lesson for us all it shows what such work would accomplish for the patients at all sanitariums it would work acute without drugs oh how many invalids might be healed if the Lord's methods were followed when I read that it makes me think that there are perhaps some people who leave out center Al lifestyle St is without complete healing because they are not experiencing what God has given us in its fullness. She says in another place and you find this over and over again it's amazing Have you ever bought a car that you never noticed on the road before and since you bought a car and it was a certain color or whatever and all a sudden you start seeing the same kind of car on the road well once you start seeing these statements it's like they pop out everywhere to you she says locate sanitariums on extensive tracts of land where in the cultivation of the soil patients can have opportunity for healthful outdoor exercise such exercise combined with hygiene and treatment will work miracles in restoring and invigorating the disease body and refreshing the will warn unwary mind we read that before but I'll read the rest of the statement because it's really powerful amid conditions so favorable the patients will not require so much care as if confined to a sanitarium in the city nor will they in the country be so much inclined to discontentment and repining they will be ready to learn lessons in regard to the love of God ready to acknowledge that he who k. so wonderfully for the birds and the flowers will care for his creatures formed in his own image thus opportunity is given physicians and how close to reach souls out lifting the God of nature before those who are seeking restoration to health so will I need us in the work of reaching souls for the kingdom as well as bring physical healing. She says in another place working in the garden gathering flowers and fruit listening to the birds praising God the patients will be wonderfully blessed angels of God will draw near to them it's very interesting that in the in the very can. Metro surroundings that God created for us to to be. Living our lives and that angels love to be the 2 angels of God will draw in man to them they will forget their sorrows melancholy and depression perhaps it could be a major part of the depression recovery program melancholy and depression will leave them the fresh air and sunshine in the exercise taken will bring them life and vitality Have you ever spent much time in the garden when you are feeling really stressed and just worn and just like your energies a just gone and you get down the in the God and you just thought you not really doing anything really physically that. Hot but you just the a doing something and it's like you just get listed often and revived it's part of God's plain to revive us. The plan of having us sanitariums out of the cities is born of the Lord this should be borne in mind and sufficient land should be secured to raise fruit and vegetables it will be a boon to the sick and to the Help us to be given out to work on the land many of our own workers have broken down in health through excessive mental taxation without the balance of physical exercise would you like your job description to be and have 2 hours a day included in it to be out working with students to be out working with patients whoever it is to be out there and this is part of your ministry to be with them in that location and as a part of that not just teaching in the classroom sharing information that you're out the a being revived yourself when that be wonderful that we could have that kind of an experience that is what God intended but unfortunately throughout the history of the s.d.a. church this council has largely gone unheeded I have searched I have looked for evidence that al historic lifestyle of sanitarium Saints is head God and and patients who have prescribed this that we've been reading about I have not been able to find it anywhere if you if you found it please share it with me because I want to see it and I would say that if it was done in the past they would be glowing reports just as we told they would be of the results we need to be sharing this message and I want to share more as God gives opportunity but the extent of the loss of not including agriculture we do not know and we do not understand but I would I would. Think that the loss is great I would think that the loss is much bigger than we can even imagine and I want to share a story with you that illustrates this point. It happened in my own country of New Zealand where a young Mallory man in fact he was still a teenager is probably 16 maybe 17 years old the egg biggest work had just started in New Zealand Stephen Haskell who this hole is named after was the 1st ed minister missionary to New Zealand it was so far back in time the 18. Let me see was 18 nineties when technology was starting to develop and he had one of the early typewriters you know if you remember those they had to have muscles and the thing is the person was a little case and they would have to be impressed really hard upon the paper to to get a good clear print he had one of these and he went to New Zealand and he didn't have printed tracks so at nighttime he was typing tracks a giveaway Can you imagine it having to type your own tracks that you wanted to give away anyway the work started to take hold in New Zealand there was a few other missionaries adjoined him and this young man Mallory poem Ari would have been probably I'm trying to think of the year that he would have heard the admin a smidge but it was in the 890 s. he. Was really converted I mean he had a powerful conversion experience if you have a scene someone that had such a transformational conversion experience their life was so different afterwards you know like in 1st 2nd currency and 517 it talks about you know if any man is in Christ Jesus he's a new creation all things have passed away behold all things have become new now all things are of God who has given us the ministry of reconciliation so Mally pope Maori had that kind of a conversion experience and he had a burden to share this message with his people the Maori now he was a young man who was born into a you could say our royal family he was a son of a chief he was in line to become a chief himself and he. Had great potential He was very intelligent he was very bright he was one of the few privileged Maori young people to go to school he went to a special school and was gaining an education and he had a burden to help his people and so you can imagine the excitement amongst the early Adventist missionaries and Ellen White actually spent the winter in New Zealand where she was able to have some quiet time to finish the book the desire of ages so she was there for some time and you know mingled with some of the missionaries and she was excited about Mallory pome mockery and the potential that he had of reaching not only his people the Maori but the whole nation of New Zealand. And so I'll share with you a few things that she wrote about this experience with this young man she says we expect the young man maoi poem Arya Mallory will leave on the August boat for America so he was sent to battlecry college to become a medical missionary work so that he could come back and help his people his going to Battle Creek means much and please he's writing this to Dr Kellogg this is a personal data to Dr Kellogg his going to Battle Creek means much in please do not forget this it means that the impressions made will be carried to a whole nation give instruction that he shall have every kindness shown him that he shall have a good bed and room and the best and most spiritual society the sons of the chiefs and higher class of Marys have conveniences equal to the Americans I am told that he is a half caste pleasant in appearance and intelligent so she goes on and she says. He's a half caste which he said before is the great grandson of poem Mari that took the Chatham alms Now if you are at all heard the message that John Bradshaw will preached at i.s.i. several years ago he told the story about how the Maoris the chief took. People war is over to the island of Chatham Ottomans where they were a native people called the Morey Henri's and these Morey Henri's were peaceful people and they didn't fight they refused to fight the Maori slaughtered them and they didn't fight back and try to defend themselves and so Mari was the grandson of that Chief that when slaughtered and basically made the Morri already people extinct. So he came from a savage background but he was converted. Mally primary has always worked from the earliest boyhood to elevate his people and being of rain he was granted the privilege of going to school he designs to become a medical missionary that he May the beta able to elevate his people he is anxious to spend some of his time translating tracks into the Maori language we rejoice that the truth is being carried to the Maori race this is while he was still in high school he had even graduated from high school when this was written he was still a young man of 16 or 17 years old I think at the time now I told you that his life was completely transformed his life was different after he was converted and he had Jesus in his life and he had the hope that we have noticed what I want says about this experience she says these Maoris make very much of the a pleasure exercises games at football and the like but poem Mari seeking the Lord had experiences such as God gives he related to Sister Caro his experience which was decided and firm he said he had to give up his games of football or he could not rest in the Peace of God and he could not feel that he could glorify God in that exercise now said sister when he goes to Battle Creek and finds them engaged in all these sports I am afraid of the influence upon him he will become acquainted with some who are engaged in these games Well well said she things are rather mixed up I must give primary to the Lord but I can fear that the enemy will come in to make the truth now to him so solemn so sacred through the influence of others who have not had so deep an experience under trying circumstances to be brought down upon a level with common things. Sister Caro has it or own experience St several of the New Zealand boys in his hiring money that means borrowing money to support them there you can understand how she's exercise she says my boys write to me inquiring if it is not the best to go to Ann Arbor and obtain their education hire a room and be by themselves in other words the conditions of Battle Creek where they were playing sports for exercise was having a detrimental effect on these young students that was Alice to become workers for the Lord so Ellen White was very concerned about this condition and so she wrote wrote a letter to the teachers at Battle Creek and she was reproving them as an e l n y knew how to do and notice what she says she says I was speaking to the teachers and messages of reproof all the teachers need exercise a change of employment God has pointed out what this should be useful practical work but you have turned away from God's plan to follow human inventions and that to the detriment of the spiritual not a jot or tittle of the after influence of an education and that line will fit you to meet the severe conflicts in the last days what kind of education are out teachers and students receiving has God devised and planned this kind of exercise for you or is it brought in by human inventions and human imaginations How is the mind prepared for contemplation and meditation and serious thought and the earnest contrite prayer coming from hot subdued by the Holy Spirit of God You see. This was before the time that Sutherland I'm again who I liken to Caleb and Joshua in the Advent means Mint who fully followed God You see when I came to Battle Creek they said all that Lotus said we will do and they didn't do it saying we will do we will do it with God's help and what did I do when they got there you know one of the one of the things they did as they were reading these councils and things they took a play out they went to the football field and they plowed up the football field to put in I gotten that would provide the exercise the Godhead said yes and so they were very zealous but it was really hard on them they were not understood they receive much criticism and much so the position in fact it was so severe that when I finally moved to Battle Creek college to Verin Springs the enrollment went from 700 down to 50 Can you imagine how little cause people were willing to to get behind them and help them in this work it was so hard for them the criticism Ellen White actually said that McGann's wife who was very feeble and sickly she actually died and pot of the stress of all the criticism that they were receiving contributed to her death so serious and. I must move on in the story I could say more about that. And why continues writing she says the Lord opened before me in the necessity and she still writing to the teaches the necessity of a stabber sing a school of Battle Creek that should not patent after any school in existence we were to have teaches who would keep this souls and the love and fear of God teaches were to educate and spiritual things to repair a people to stand in the trying crisis before us but there has been a departure from God's plan in many ways the amusements are doing more to counteract the working of the Holy Spirit than anything else and the Lord is grieved I don't know if you can get this the Holy Spirit is grieved because the very plan that the Holy Spirit gave under inspiration force people has not been followed and instead in its place worldly exercises and amusements are being. Implemented to provide the exercise needed but it's not preparing God's people for the trying times ahead agriculture was given to prepare us for the trying times ahead I have students that work with me on the farm and it's wonderful to have them there but one thing I've noticed year after year in the summertime when we start work in the heat and it gets hotter and hotter until sometimes we have 2 weeks of triple digit weather I notice that they melt because they're not used to being outside and it's hot it's really challenging to be in the heat and we as we meet together in the morning before we go out to work and we have a devotional time in prayer I encourage them you will get used to it and you will be able to handle it just and do it agriculture teaches us to endure it teaches us patience. Because patience is so important patience is the foundational virtue to every other virtue if we don't have patience all the other virtues collapse it's very essential and agriculture teaches us patients when you plant the seed you have to wait you have to be diligent in fact the book of James says look at the farmer and learn patience from the pharma as we are preparing for the load to come the Battle Creek sanitarium Maui poem Ari went to Battle Creek college to become a medical missionary to return to his country to help his people and through reaching his people with the health message and improving the health to reach them with the 3 engines messages while he was at Battle Creek college there was no agriculture for him to experience while he was becoming a medical doctor and doing his internship he never experienced agriculture as a healing modality he didn't learn it unfortunately from Maui power Mari while he was at Battle Creek college the very thing that Ellen White feared insisted Caro feared would happen to him did happen he lost his way by the time he returned to New Zealand he was no longer a 7th Day Adventist he was no longer following the Lord. Our white fear is that the fire that consumed the Battle Creek sanitarium had a reason notices the law to modify it to consume the principal buildings of the review and here old in the Senate Terry m and the last remove the greatest objection urged against moving out of Battle Creek it was his design that instead of rebuilding one large sanitarium our people should make plants in several places these small a sanitarium should have been established where land could be secured for agricultural purposes it is God's plan that agriculture shall be connected with the work of al sanitariums in l. schools Aluf need the education to be gained from this line of work it is well and more than well it is essential that efforts be made to carry out the Lord's playing in this respect as powerful Can you imagine we must burning down because we didn't do egret culture as part of what God said God of Missi Ellen White underscoring the power of Agriculture to help those who are sick now is what she said she said tell those who are sick that if the hosts of those who are dyspeptic sin consumptives could turn families they might overcome disease dispense with drugs and doctors and recover health that's how powerful it is I said before about how Paul went to Athens and talked about the unseen God that they worshiped to make the Unknown God I want you to think about the unknown agencies of God that He created that we know nothing about that are at work to help heal people in the right setting that he prescribed tuberculosis. Was also known as consumption it was a deadly killa it was the cause of more deaths in industrialized countries than any other disease during the 19th and early 20th centuries by the late 19th century 70 to 90 percent of the urban populations of Europe and North America were infected with the TB bacillus and about 80 percent of those individuals who developed active tuberculosis died of it was a pretty powerful devastating pandemic a White says this about healing from this disease she said sanitariums that her Rick did for consumptive patients should be place some distance out of the city where there is plenty of open space a clear stream and land which can be cultivated then the patients can be drawn out into the fray Shia while those who are strong can cultivate the soil the institutions built for consumptives which has not these are companies complements cannot benefit the patients so notice what was involved in. Everything we have here including land which could be cultivated and that the patients could be drawn out into that for a Shia and those who are strong enough to cultivate the soil and if those conditions were there and used they would benefit the patients could mycobacterium boquet which is found abundantly in soil have been the Cua mycobacterium back a is a nonpathogenic species of mycobacteria say family of bacteria that lives naturally in soil research areas being pursued with regard to killed Michael bacterium boquet vaccine include immunotherapy for allergic asthma cancer depression leprosy psoriasis dermatitis x. Mas and tuberculosis and. And who he long com biologic pharmacy Co Ltd produces a mycobacterium buck a vaccine with the trade name a fall the treatment of tuberculosis immunise or Incorporated has reported to successful clinical trials with its oral formulations of m. buck a in treating all forms of tuberculosis including drug resistant resistant TB powerful this was why after Ellen White gave the message about the conditions that would cure tuberculosis rather than taking a pill they got it from hands in the soil and perhaps they even breeze that in their nose I'm sure they were so back to our story Mallory pome Ari returns to New Zealand as a medical doctor 1st Maori to become a medical doctor he becomes the 1st minister of health in the New Zealand Parliament he still had a great burden for his Maori people but this time it was to help them with their sicknesses and diseases and to restore them to how without the 3 angels messages he became very prominent he went with great if it he walked miles and miles on his feet to remote villages and educated the Maori people and better healthful practices the Maori people were dying they were dying like flies and the the. White settlers fully expected the Maori Rice to become extinct so much so that many of the settlers were taking advantage of them they'd say Here let me buy 10000 acres from you and here is the here's the what we agreed to and then take 20000 and because I thought that never have any. Recourse where they would be held accountable for fraudulent Lee taking land from them well he helped the people and it turned them around from becoming an extinct race to where they are now I believe is close to half a 1000000 in the country he became known as the savior of the Maori race and in 1922 he was knighted which is the highest on a Anybody in the British realm and receives consumption was a daily killer of the Maori people in the late 19th century tuberculosis was a major killer of Europeans accounting for Tampa St of all deaths Malorie were even more vulnerable by the 930 s. Maori tuberculosis death rates were probably 10 times higher than for non Maori so you can imagine this was just wiping out the Maori race similarly Pomery died from tuberculosis in 1930 at the age of 55 years 3 years older than me too young to die 2 years Im going to me older than me sorry so did this need to happen I would like to suggest that if agriculture had been present at Battle Creek college instead of the sports for exercise. That he would have been involved in that and not lost his spiritual experience with a lot I would like to suggest that if the Senate hearings that he worked in to learn his medical medical missionary experience had been using agriculture as a healing modality he would have seen people with tuberculosis healed and he would have gone back to New Zealand and he would've saved thousands and tens of thousands of his race from dying from tuberculosis in addition to that he himself would not have died in 1980 but much more than that if he had remained converted Not only would he have saved his Maori race from dying but he would a reach them with the 3 engines messages can you imagine how many souls were lost to the kingdom of God as the result of not following God's plan it is astronomical and so I like to ask the question Is it time for advantages to include agriculture in the list of needs for revival and reformation What do you say you agree much more than words and needed and I would like to make an appeal as we close because we are not following Jesus for the bread the loaves and fishes we are following Jesus because we love him we adore Him We are committed to him We want to do everything he says and we want to see him come quickly I mean so we need to do more than just survive in this time to grow God and so that we have food security we need to help many others to know what we know and to prepare for the soon appearing of Jesus are you willing. Before I before you respond to this appeal I'm going to ask you to stay in 2 feet but don't do it because to stand to your feet and not mean it to do it because everybody else is doing it I would call you to the front but because of social distancing I don't think it would be appropriate but to stand to your feet when everybody else is doing it just to look like you're just part of everyone else and doing what everyone else is doing is I lied to the Holy Spirit and you know how serious it is to lie to the Holy Spirit it is deadly So if you are feeling the spirit of repentance from the Holy Spirit if you are feeling a call from God to do something about what you've heard today if it is your desire to say yes I will do whatever it is in my ability and my realm and my. Responsibility to implement this plan of God then I invite you to stand to your feet and say Jesus count me in on your plans for these last days praise the Lord and if you are watching in a distant place. I invite you to stay in too because God is looking for a people to stand in these last days that is pray loving Father in heaven we want to thank you so much that you have given us light to help us through these trying times if we do the work that you've asked us to do we do not need to fear about food security it will just be a natural byproduct of doing your work and so Father we need to be equipped in prepared because this is just a tasting ground now this virus will come and go and life will perhaps go back to someone normality. But a great a trial is coming when your people will be tested whether they will stand with you even when they hungry we will be tested severely and Satan wants to make us feel so much pressure that we will yield Lord help your people to be prepared and to have the peace that passes understanding because we have adopted your ways that are higher than our ways. So help us a little we have to stand restored. To indicate our desire to follow you for help us to that I pray Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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