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COVID-19: How to Deal with It Naturally

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 18, 2020
    11:15 AM
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You know we're being reminded at this time of something very important and that is that the family unit is the church family unit of the church so the church is made up of families and as goes the family so goes the church and you're being reminded of that as you're as you're sitting together at home in your family and. You know over the next several weeks we don't know how long we'll be socially. Isolating or physically separate but we are not separate at home so I want to encourage you to reestablish the family church and the disciplines last week at our family were able to read what Elder Wilson had suggested with us last week the impending conflict we read that chapter together and were able to do things that we normally wouldn't do because we're rushing here and rushing there may be a big good idea to have some families take over the services on the weekend so we can see them leading the search area as well so. So we're glad that you're here tonight. At Tonight we want to look at. Some issues concerning spiritual immunity as well so you know this last week. Our president from Wiemar college Dr Neil Medley was part of a panel discussion that looked at the 1900 flu and what had happened there with God's people in treating people. For that flu with using things like hydrotherapy and fomentations they call the hydrothermal therapy and want to make it sound a little more up to date I guess but it's basically hydrotherapy and fomentations and there were a number of presenters and one of them we had interviewed on us a logo Roger Short help. As well as a pulmonologist and. As we. Listened to him he was reviewing all of the science that had to go. Behind this idea of. Hydrothermal therapy and Ok I just plugged it in I'm sorry it was my problem so I wasn't plugged in Illinois so it should come up on the screen turns all and show you that flyer there and then. It should come up in a minute and then he was talking about this idea that the corona virus has a certain course of disease phase one you can see there up to the time of infection and then after you get infected you don't really know you're infected you feel great feel fine feel to same perhaps for 5 days this is the problem this is why there's quarantining of people that don't even look sick and then finally comes the symptoms cough. Fever. Maybe maybe some other things and then those symptoms go on for 7 days and then you have admission perhaps of the hospital if you haven't survived it and then you have worse sort of breath now the recent things coming out just every day I'm reading some about this because I'm a part of a committee here that has to keep track of things but now what they're finding is they try and keep people off the ventilators as long as possible they try and turn them on their sides or on their backs and they're using different beds and stuff because if they can avoid getting on a ventilator it's always best and but then if they get on a ventilator It's about a $5050.00 chance they make it with adult respiratory distress and Drobe in the i.c.u. And then of course they either make it or they don't at that time so as they look at the course of the disease Phase one is an infection phase 2 is 20 percent go to the hospital the i.c.u. the middle 8 are in the middle making death 80 percent have immune system success so as you know as we look back at that they said look during this 7 day time period during this time period where or even before that during that phase was where you know that you're probably exposed at some time in your life to this over the next year before they get a vaccine or something else you know you're going to be exposed Why not work and enhancing your immunity so that's what we've been talking about here we are then also when you get the symptoms 1st serve start treating him do. Do treatments just like you would do for pneumonia and different things and by the way they went through those straight treatments and whatnot and we have a series of videos actually coming out on those and then comes admission. And then if you're admitted and now there's a couple studies going on right now where they're actually doing studies and I see use where they're actually giving hydrothermal therapy to people on the floor and in the i.c.u. and that's exciting they're studying that to see what happens because they believe that some of these simple things that happened long ago with the Spanish flu would also help with that situation so they're working hypothesis according to Dr swelled was that the SARS cornea virus a down regulates innate immunity it kind of sneaks past it and especially doesn't allow the monocytes to express themselves those are turned into macrophages and different things so what we want to do is to. Enhance inmate immunity which is not strong enough and strengthen into a natural killer cells the monocytes and then this might even stop or prevent us from getting that So these are the cells you see these. They come from the. Bones you have the mass cells the basal south and then you have that model site that has a red box around it. And those then are they go into the dendritic cells of the macrophages and those macrophages other ones actually go in and they lock onto the virus and then they engulfing and kill it and so what the virus has done is kind of been able to sneak past those but if you can wake them up with hot and cold and different things you can. You can in Hanson robust your innate human immune system but I want to talk about some spiritual things that we're discovering as well. They've also discovered that there is a direct relationship correlation between unforgiveness and our immune system which directly affects our healing process these in other words if in your life you have anger you have bitterness you're upset with somebody and you have a lack of forgiveness for that person it decreases your immune system so this would be a great time to bury the hatchet to say you're sorry to ask for forgiveness or to extend forgiveness when you say this is be a great time to do that right now to ruminate on an old transgression is to practice on forgiveness so if you're thinking about things that you're you keep putting them over near your brain again and again you're upset you see they maybe maybe you're upset because something happened 40 years ago and you still can't get over it maybe the person ask you forgiveness and you won't forgive them and it just is now coming up during this time of stress a Says a very bad thing for your immune system and so this is the lack of forgiveness now angry angry hostile interactions are known also another researcher from the University of Oxford. Religion and hell. Angry hostile interactions are known to have a negative impact on immune functions hostile behavior is associated with decreased natural killer psycho toxicity another was those natural killer cells they can't kill like they normally do because you're killing them because you're not forgiving you're bitter in your anger and you're killing yourself you're killing your own protect themselves when you don't forgive someone else and there's decreased a limbo site proliferation what does that mean there is not a great production of white blood cells and those white blood cells are what are made into all the various different forms of of cells that you need to protect yourself and if you're not forgiving they're not living and then you're not being protected and there's also an increase in anti-body body tighter to Epstein Barr Virus In other words this virus Epstein Barr is another virus here and able to contain the virus when you're not forgiving your lack of forgiveness does not allow your body to protect itself against viruses how many think you might want to be able to protect yourself against viruses now you don't have to go to a doctor to get a medication for forgiveness you don't need to you know go and spend a lot of money is very simple pick up the phone write a letter kneel down ask God for forgiveness he says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just a forgive us and the cleanse us from all and rises he's a forgiving guy on. He's a forgiving God everybody has and have and will have been forgiven and will be forgiven this is the mark of the land you have heard of the mark of the beast the mark of the beast is the accuser of the brother who uses them day and night he's always upset he's always angry but the mark of the Lamb. Is to not only understand that you're forgiven and have gratitude because of that by the way gratitude is also an immune booster but now we have gratitude for that but then to be forgiving towards others now there's another thing the view of God is but Evelyn and forgiving or punishing and Judge middle. Predicts. The. The peripheral ation of viral load as well and HIV people so if you believe that God is benevolent and forgiving which he is of course right he is a forgiving God That's what it says in the Bible again and again if you believe that that's good if you believe is a negative God harsh just middle punishing is a big difference you have a positive view you have slower disease progression with HIV which is a viral type infection and you better preservation of the cd 4 cells what are the cd for self the c 4 cells are the was that tell the cd 8 cells which are the killer cells to get rid of the viruses and cell if you in fact have a positive you have got your generals who tell the other cells to do things to get rid of the viral cells they actually function more effectively but if you have a negative view of God think is hard to judge middle unforgiving predicts a faster disease progression over 4 years of time how we think this kind of interest so that's number one another thing that can boost our community already did some of this tonight and that is in the area of music. Singing and health so we sang tonight we sang even though there was basically nobody here and by the way you know I've never heard myself sound like that before I filled the whole room that I could actually hear myself singing usually when I'm here I can hear all you guys singing and I can hear my own lovely voice but tonight I was able to hear myself saying a man I kind of helped some of you knows I hello some notes and I yeah it was great I was always like I was singing a solo or something well anyway singing and help decreased feelings of anxiety loneliness and depression and I think that might be good right now when you're at home you're isolated you feel lonely start singing and next time I'm saying sing with me on the t.v. I was home last week watching the service here and I was singing at the top of my lungs in my house my kids looked at me I said What do you guys been doing when I'm not you're supposed to be singing like this and when they knelt down I knelt down when they stood up I stood up when they turned in the offering. I went outside but I should have I said a turn in the offering too but I didn't have any but it turned into so anxiety loneliness depression children who sing in choirs they get better grades choristers choristers are also nicer they say they were found a volunteer significantly more than the general public and give more money to charity studies show that brain activity involved with learning music helps counteract the effects of aging and cognitive decline by the way aging is not good for your immune system so if you can put it off and increases your immune response it enhanced neural plasticity can make more cells and regenerate and it increases grey matter in the number and strength of neural connections in the brain so you're smarter you remember more the release tension headaches and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Also helps people with asthma and bronchitis to breathe by the way you want you want to breathe better this time because if that virus gets down in there it's a respiratory problem right so this would be good for it but also look at this they also can help in. The increasing the body's production of the anti body immunoglobulin a and natural killer cells the cells that attack invading viruses and boost the immune systems effectiveness of that So if you're singing you directly are countering the activity of viruses man I think you should be seeing it all day just go around saying if you go to the store if you have to go out something might even drive people away that have the virus you never know might. And it also reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol which is also at the cortisol goes up you notice is attacking your immune system you need to go down so you're not stressed. And by the way they the cancer medical science had an article singing modulators mood stress courses all sutta kind in rural peptide activity in cancer patients and carers as well so the people taking care they actually are better the people who are sick they actually have more cells white blood cells natural killer cells cytokines. Sayto kinds their cells that go out and they they will they will attack cancer cells they will attack viruses all tacky anything and singing modulation the mood and stress and upticks of the recent research found that activity was boosted in cancer patients and caregivers givers that sang for an hour in a choir so look we didn't sing long enough we're listening 15 minutes so you're going to have to work in some more singing when we do our depression anxiety recovery program we see an hour a day an hour a day because we know how powerful this is so singing is a big one what about hope another one is hope having hope will also increase. Your ability to fight off infections now place well he didn't believe in hell he said it was foolish and Sophocles also joined him and said human suffering is prolonged by help and Ben Franklin the 1st American citizen at least that's what they call in the history books he said anyone who lives on hope will die fasting and Friedrich Nietzsche not known for his positive attitude. He said Hope is the most evil of evils because a prolonged the man's torment think something might get better these guys were not up on hope they didn't think it was very good and this new clothes comes out of condoms on Zach he's. Sounds like a Greek name sounds like I'm about order to order some falafel and some oh man I'm getting hungry anyway Mickos he said this I hope for nothing I fear nothing therefore I had free so these guys were not up on hope and this is the interesting thing they're missing out because hope actually correlated with cd for classification levels if you have more hope your cd 4 levels go up your cd a levels go up if you have hope if you believe that God is going to get you through something or this you're going to get through through something and you have hope it increases your immune cells Wow that's powerful c 4 cells a was a play important role immune system gives you an indication of the health of your immune system your natural defense system against pathogens and vaccines and illnesses So look the reason we we come to church the reason we have been weak service the reason I'm here even though you're not is because I'm hoping you're watching because if you're watching and you're singing and you're involved guess what it's going to do it's going to increase your hope and I think that's important a port enough that I drove over here and went through a bunch of things to do this service was nobody here. I accept you. Because I want your hope to increase. Wow So hey by the way text me e-mail me text me right now if you're watching say hey look you're encouraging the you're giving me help let me know that you're out there now let's talk about hope discriminant hope is made up of 2 things. There is the will to live and there is the way to live so hope is not just some amorphous thing something without a body or a structure hope is actually broken down in these main elements of the will to go forward I will go forward I will finish the semester even though I'm a month classes on Zoom and I have to travel home I will complete my assignments I miss because I believe or hope I hope we can have graduation I really do now I really appreciate everything I've been through oh I would take anything to have a graduate of will there be one is there a way forward as some of you have been emailing say is there a way we can do this and by the way we're looking for all kinds of ways to do that because we would love to have graduation and the see your smiling faces and those of your family so but hope is made for 2 things will and way forward and when that happens you can have a high expectation for goal attainment both pathway and agency pathways that's the way forward and agency that's the will to go forward are required for hope I got just got a text one text we are increasing our help God bless you thank you to someone else text me so I know I'm not here a little and that really encourage me to increase my health Ok so. If you are if you're feeling like you don't have a will to go for you need to be with people who can encourage you and then the way forward or agency you need with be with people who can strategize who can help you say yeah I see that obstacle I see that but what about this way what about that way you know I think God kind of blessed me with a little bit I can help people maybe see different ways around stuff maybe he's blessed you as well with that So clarify your girl goals if you do that if you know by the way if you you know if you don't know what you're shit shooting at you don't know what you're shooting at you probably will hit it right so to make sure you get a tart a goal and clarify that goal that will increase your agency. And then look for those barriers and adjust them and then as you go forward in progress. That pathway and agency relationship and strengthens In other words if you have someone else working with you on the goal working together that is also a real blessing and also increases the possibility of you accomplishing that goal so have that Zoom class period get together on that on that chat and encourage one another and your goal will be realized you will realize your home now here's the interesting thing Hope was was was downplayed by all those people remember all those very significant philosophers they didn't even believe in help they talked against hope they said Hope is nothing. But look at this it was not until the Jewish Torah that's the 1st 5 books of the pit of Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy. Was hope seen as a good thing the Torah talked about hope and the Judeo Christian tradition elevated hope to the equivalent of faith and love hope faith and love in the virtue of human beings maybe this is why Christians live on average 14 years longer than people that are not Christians maybe this is why people of a 55 and beyond the Jewish people that about 28 years longer than other people and maybe that's why 7th Avenue is to have both the Jewish understanding and also the Christian understanding live the longest because they're actually reading the Pentateuch and the Pinatubo is filled with hope and by the way the solves they go right with a fit penitent you get the 5 books of songs the 5 you know categories of some of the go with Genesis acts to this the biggest numbers Deuteronomy So when you're singing there are many times Psalms that will bring you out of despondency and into hope and remind you of those stories in the penitent and this is why Paul says we are saved by Hope last were saved by what saved by hope that's what the Scriptures say so not only do we want to remember hope for ourselves and encourage one another we want to be encouraging other people as well and I just want to remind you of this you know we have a website wherever you're going maybe you're at home go to t.c. I we mar dot com t c I Debi e i m a r dies c o m and you can see this web website and you can email us to see if we might i.d.d. you. And we set this up for our community. And on the Web site there's all kinds of videos and all kinds of things that can give people hope and help with all those phases with the coronavirus if you don't have it if you have some you know have some symptoms all those different things we have videos into things to try and help as well and that's another thing by the way all truism was found to predict slower a HIV degrees disease progression and lower viral loads what is altruistic That means helping somebody with no thought of benefit or reward it's so-called sacrificial service and if you can go out and help people with no thought of reward and that really trying to protect yourself that is all true as I'm and it actually has been shown to decrease viral loads of people that are dealing with. The human immune insufficiency virus or HIV How do you think that's kind of interesting So right now you know you're thinking well maybe I'll distance myself from that person the other m. Innes good to follow those government guidelines but can you still help people even though you have to stay away from them are there ways that you can find to reach out to them that's why I'm giving you the website put it in send it out on social media maybe take one of the videos off and say watch this one watch that one maybe son one a day to your friends but keep reaching out because as you do that it is increasing your immune response. Now the Bible even talks about this principle Isaiah Chapter $58.00 verse 16 and let's read it together is this not the fast that I have chosen so they were fasting and they were fighting with each other and they love to go to prayer conferences but they weren't really helping anybody but here and I was if it's a different kind of fast fasting and prayer that's connected with actual activity how many you've ever in a prayer group that trade all the time but never really did anything for anybody that's probably not. The full meal deal you want to have both prayer and activity is this that the fast I have chosen to loose the bonds of what Wiccan is what does that mean well you get somebody who's smoking how you think it might be a good time to help someone stop smoking right now when the coronavirus is coming Yeah because smoking goes right down in your logs all those poisons it decreases your immune system it has your lungs always working on trying to get all that smoke out be a great time to stop smoking and help someone get out of that bind. Wickedness so I said why do I say smoking is wicked because it kills you is the single most preventable cause of death in America and if it kills you it's not good it's wicked so to loose a bunch of wickedness to undo heavy burdens maybe you are there someone who is addicted they're there they're caught and they can't get out of it and in need your help where there are people like this in the Bible they need help to go to see Jesus remember those people took people Jesus see Jesus. Or what about people that are in drug addiction or other things you know they talk in the Bible about sheep that are that are cast down why are the cast down oh my soul remember that's all and it's cheap when it was was cast down it couldn't get up on its own it couldn't get out of the valley of the saddle of debt you know. That valley of the cell death of Psalm $23.00 talked about the only way to get out is if the Shepherd took his staff and put it around his neck and pulled him out of the only way I could get out. And so this is what it means to loose the bonds of wickedness to under heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and then if you break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry or that you cast or bring to your house the poor who are cast out I talked to a man yesterday and he was helping one of the students here with some resources to finish the semester because they didn't have finances and I was thanking him for that and he said I wish I could do more but I can't because I have deferred all my wages is that what you mean is deferred your wages he says for the next 3 months I'm giving all my money away to the people of my church that have lost their jobs I don't need the money but they need the money honey think that's that that's fulfilling this this is all true is that it is sharing the bread with the hungry bring to your house the poor who are cast out and then when you see the naked you cover him and that you hide not yourself from your own flesh taking care of the people in your own house then what's the promise if you do that what's the promise if you're involved in these al truest a gag what's the problem then you're a light shall break forth like the morning and your healing shelf spring for speedily what's it same the research says if you're involved in altruism it decreases viral loads it helps you fight off viruses it helps you get rid of them and this text is saying exactly the same thing if you're helping people what will it do and what will it do. And it will make your healing spring forth be the league and your righteousness so go before you by the way that right says this is given to you by Christ right here right dismisses his right to because of yourself you can't be altruistic you can't do any of this unless you're like Christ I'm going to show you a very interesting article in just a 2nd but if you look at prices of what he did did he come out of heaven as Haven't this is only sent in heaven no he kicked it all out right so he comes down into the quarantine zone down down through the ionosphere through the stratosphere through the atmosphere and he comes down down down and he comes into the world and he doesn't come to the best place he comes to the worst place can any good thing come out of Nazareth and he comes to the poorest place he comes to the place where most people living today are very poor in Africa and he comes to a place that's under a dictatorship and he comes to a place that looks very bad and he goes down down down down to identify with the outcast and then he helps them altruistically when people see what Jesus did then they are filled with gratitude they give their hearts to him they give their lives to him and then he covers the with his righteousness and then his racist this goes before then they start being like him the glory of the Lord's will be your rear guns so here you have his rights isness goes before his glory is behind you. You're not going to get tax from behind or before you know the viruses that can attack you from behind or before you know it's the sick or the sickness of the illness or whatever it is you're attacking it then you shall call and the Lord shall answer you so cry and he will say Here I am at the 1st part of the chaff and you have got they were praying and no one was answering but now because they're involved in having trailers that are connected with actual altruistic not just self-serving but altruistic activity true disinterested benevolence not having anything in it for you but just doing it to help others God begins to be very present in people's lives like that not just for physical healing but also spiritual connection this is a picture of my grandfather my great grandfather so I look like him. And it's taken what he thinks maybe not at all this right here no. Size or bigger Ok this thank you very much. And I want to know if I need you as a part of the worse it seems to be in the future but anyway so. You can text me if you think that that I look like and I haven't got very more text I just said in a couple text and I think so anyway this is my great grandfather now my great grandfather he lived during this time of the Spanish flu. And he had learned he had gone to Boulder Colorado to the hospital sanitarium there and they had given him to the hydro guys the hydro guys had sprayed him all different ways and he had learned all about hydrotherapy and then his wife May That was my great grandmother when my daughter's middle name is May 1 of my son's middle name is Malcolm after these 2 people and they went out and they started to help people and you know they talked about how they save the lives of 40 people that the doctors had given up on and then came the time of the Spanish flu and they were up in Canada at the time the Spanish flu had up there and there was a lady there he tells about in his memoirs a big lady but she was about dead she was unconscious and went in and said What are you doing to the nurses I'm just pulling the current because he's about to die she said What do you want her to die says I don't know what to do all the doctor says it too busy they had a system that was overwhelmed that sounds familiar that a system that was overwhelmed they didn't even have ventilators back then the only thing they knew how to do were these hydro therapy treatments that I talked about earlier you need to learn about those hydrotherapy treatment so he goes in there he says well look give me 6 of your best blankets give me a cotton sheet and heat it up bring all the water you can heat up some water make it is hot as you can and he put down that hot water and put a blanket over the laid the lady and the rafter up in the seats really tight put something cool on her head so leave her there for 2 hours and then what do I do when the well I want to do all that 6 of that bed and move or that bed and do it again and if she not better by then she's probably not going to get better but she probably will get as she got better in fact they had about 50 different cases that were given them because their doctors were too busy and you know what he says really touches me and I read it every time he says God was good to us we didn't lose one person. See this was Isaiah 58 work did he have to do that did he have to go to the hospital that he had to help the people of the hospital know that was altruistic service and as a result of that you know people loved him because they knew the Lord was working in him and he started off 40 different churches 40 different churches altruistic service now this is something I want in with this this is something by the way have you been blessed by the different things we can do to increase our spiritual immunity these are things that you don't have to get a pill for these are things that you can do at church or at the home church where you are now this is what really got my attention does religion influence influence epidemics does religion influence epidemic and I don't know if you can see by screen or not but let me just go off screen here can you see then let me see if I can find this document I want to show you is here's here's a document we're trying make it bigger here so I can roll down Ok can you see it now let's just read this document again. Does religion influence epidemics whether they believe in God evolutionary biologist me paying closer mine may need to pay closer mind a religion that's because religious beliefs can shape key behaviors in ways that evolutionary theory would not predict particularly when it comes to dealing with disease so this evolutionary biology ology says look this is an amazing or what was so amazing to him that he was talking about people that were serving people who had aids in Malawi although not a religious person has long been fascinated by the power of religion to get people to behave in waves they might not otherwise behave. An extreme example is this when someone tends to the sick risking infection or at least in earlier times death. As a result so they would help people even though they might die a behavior that doesn't make much sense from an evolutionary perspective particular if the sick person is not kin and for evolutionary biologists The question is not whether religion is correct but how people. Behave thinking there might be a god so they want to admit this that only a myth there's a god but they're going to look this is odd and doesn't go with evolutionary theory evolution teaches what does it teach the survival of what the survival of the fittest Who cares if people are dying you know as I've watched the different nations around the world you know what I've discovered not many people are true evolutionists they don't really believe in evolution they're there they're working together they're sending mass to each other they're asking for ventilators they're rushing people people are helping one another that is totally opposite evolutionary theory. And you know what that's a beautiful thing a couple weeks ago I read about these Italian doctors all atheists all raised to believe in evolutionary biology and then they were physicians but then they saw all these people dying and they realize they don't know what they're doing they need help and they knew that there was only person one person could help them and that was God and the only reason they knew that was because a minister came in and he was going to die but he spent his time helping other people that were dying and then they saw him giving him his life and his life being poured out and when he died they said we want to be like that we want to have a relationship like death we want to have peace like God like that and there are no longer evolutionary believers Wow So this is a fascinating article now knows what happens. Researchers look down here at the history of religion and they look at how people deal with religions and religions deal with disease and they found that between 20800 b.c. and 200 b.c. cities flourished deadly place arose capable of killing up 2 thirds of the population but several modern religions emerge these religions all had a different take on disease which affected how people responded to epidemics such as polio measles smallpox the belief systems for example influence whether a person fled from disease or tried to help those who were sick Now notice this very interesting what it says next the Christian tradition set by the example of Jesus as a healer stands out as you said healing the sick was one way to ensure a trip to heaven so risking death from a disease spread was encouraged all of that's completely accurate but they would help people even though they were dying other religions did not promote such extreme all truism and he talked about the Islamic teachings basically disavowed the existence of contagious disease although some people understood it Jewish believers attributed the death of God to God's will and promoted the idea that only God can heal so they weren't as engaged but you know what the Christians were more engaged than anybody else the Christians went out there and helped in fact they serve they in Malawi 3000 people from 1000 villages across that African country and they asked questions about religion and Aids and other words Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome immunity is down on me to fight off the. Human incidence of this new virus. Which affects one in 14 allows that as a leading cause of death notice what happened some religions were and can Christian communities and others and Muslim them some were mixed this is what really got me about 30 per cent of Christians regularly visited the sick that had aids whereas in the Muslim communities only 7 percent did and they attribute this to the fact in the study that they were Christians and trying to be like Christ and so they were helping people Rosicky and then in the past 5 years a says 400 of those responding have shifted religions many of them moving to Pentecostal African Independent Churches places where the promise of receiving care is greater than the stigma of Aids has less how we think that's a fascinating journey fascinating why is it so fascinating because as we look to Christ as we look to his way of dealing with sickness and disease we realize that his example was to spend and be spent for the cause his example was a sacrificial service and he didn't die because of a physical sickness he took all he was doing all the physical things he probably acts walked on an average they think of 20 to 25 miles a day he had a wonderful diet he was filled with hope he was filled with forgiveness he had all these different things going you know when he died he died of a broken heart because people were so mean to each other that broke his heart and he took the sin of the world on himself and he came he was born and he lived here to identify in the midst of a quarantine situation he went past all the borders to die for you and for me. And sacrificial service so I don't know how God's going to use this message in your life or maybe you'll be just visiting someone to deliver some medicine or some food to me had to come in closer than you need to being wise or maybe it's going to get inspire you you're a nurse on the front lines you're going every day here wearing personal protective equipment God bless you and your doctor God bless you you're doing the right thing and the motive that can can inspire you is that motive was Isaiah 58 the motive of Christ himself however thank you for the nurses and for the doctors and for all the people working to bring healing and help at this time let's pray together as we close this evening father have a lord we're so thankful this evening they would spend just a thoughtful hour singing and constant playing. Spiritual immunity and the things we can do spirit so that would boost not only our own immune system but would help us help others boost their systems their immune systems as well bless all the people on the frontlines and Lord. Bring an end to this pestilence. But as the past tense is going on I pray that many would turn to you we dedicate their lives to you I want to rededicate my life to you the Bible says if we confess your name before men you can confess our name before the angels and I confess my name for those watching and those here that I believe that you are the Christ. And I claim the promise that as I confess your name you can confess my name before God before the father your father and he can send the angels and I asked if he was send the angels not just around us here but send the angels around those people that are caring for people in hospitals those people at home that are sick and suffering those people where maybe they don't have any medical institutions or anyone to help them and that you would send the angels around them we pray and we thank you we come in Christ's name Amen and. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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