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Pandemic of Persecution - Part 1

Eric Walsh
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Persecution has come to the church at certain times in the past.  In this time of Coronavirus how might persecution return. 


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • April 23, 2020
    7:15 PM
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Our scripture reading tonight is taken from Revelation Chapter 6 when it started verse 11 Revelation Chapter 6 starting at verse 11 and the Bible says in white robes are were given on to every one of them and it was set on to them that they should rest yet for a little season until their fellow servants also and their brother and should be killed as they were should be fulfilled. Message tonight isn't titled the pandemic of persecution this is part one the pandemic of of persecution part one the 7 seals of Revelation and last day events the pandemic of persecution Let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word Lord again I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail or acid you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that ever was not be seen or heard in step father let us hear word from the throne room of grace the prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen we're not going to start revelation rection to start a new book of Acts I'm going to jump to x. Chapter 7 starting at verse 54 Acts Chapter 7 starting at verse 54 we jump in at the point where Stephen has just preached a powerful sermon to Jewish leaders a ship as well as a Jewish layman he recounted the history of Israel in Scripture and walks them all the way to the time in which he is living just about 3 and a half years after the death of Christ. And he is there and he is. Giving them this powerful sermon and we'll jump right in I won't get into the sermon is a lot to to cover but I want to show you what happens to see Stephen not 7 verse 54 says when they heard these things they were cut to the heart and a notch on him with their teeth but he being full of the Holy Ghost looked up stedfastly into heaven and saw the glory of God in Jesus standing on the right hand of God Stephen then says Behold I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man Standing on a right hand of God verse 57 says and they cried of the loud voice and stopped their ears and ran upon him with one accord and cast him out of the city and cast him out of the city the Bible says that they stoned to him and witnesses laid down their coals at a young man's feet whose name was Saul and they stoned Stephen calling upon God and saying Lord Jesus receive my spirit and he kneeled down and cried with a loud voice Lord Lane not this into their charge and when he had said this he fell asleep the Bible tells us that when when Stephen is done preaching this powerful message a message calling out the sins of the Jews especially their leadership when he does this. They are so enraged that they begin to they they grab him the Bible says that they not send him and they throw him out of the city the scripture says that they then take up stone that they begin to stone Stephen in fact it sets up the next stage of the book of Acts because the young man whose feet it's rolled out of their clothes at his feet is that as a young man named Sol who later becomes Paul and here Paul the great apostle is almost complicit in the murder and martyrdom of Steve Stephen and here they are now as he is dying the scripture says he looks up and you can see Jesus seated at the right hand of God He cries out Lord receive my spirit he falls to his knees the Bible says he cries out Lord lay not this sin to their charge Stephen dies Stephen is often called the 1st martyr of the Christian church. And if nothing else he is the 1st martyr in a sense that the church begins to shift the Gospel begins to shift after this before we get into the Book of Revelation I do and Daniel I do want to give you a little bit of what made the Jew so angry and that's 7 in verse 47 in the sermon he says what Solomon built in my house how be at the most high developed not in temples made with hands as say of the Prophet Heaven is my throne the Earth and Earth is my footstool What house will you build me say of the Lord or what is the place of my rest. Then he says in verse 50 hath not my hand made all these things you stiff necked look at how he speaks to them some folks say we'll be out of preach a timid soft gospel but I want you to see how Stephen preached this thing he says you stiff necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears do all ways resist the Holy Ghost as your fathers did so do you which of the prophets have not your father's persecuted and they have slain them which showed before the coming of the just one of whom you have been now all the betrayers and murderers who have received the law by the disposition of angels and have not kept it Stephen calls them out for their sin he calls them out for for love of the temple and factor for issues that Stephen addresses with them that we have to address today let me show you this the 1st one is Stephen says that Solomon built them a temple but God was bigger than their temple it gives you a flashback to Matthew chapter 24 when the disciples show Jesus the stones of the temple and say look Lord look at the temple as if to impress Jesus because it just cleanse the temple and that just variety to the Jewish leadership they were trying to remind them look Lord look at this great temple and Jesus says I say unto you I believe that your house until you desolate and he says that not one stone would be left upon another and just as Jesus did not give any big Kudo's to the temple neither to Stephen and it was in that they're almost worship of the temple that the Jews got caught up. And isn't it interesting that it would not be long after the death of Stephen 30 something years before the temple itself the prophecy of Matthew $24.00 would be fulfilled and the Temple would be the straw and here's what's crazy I don't have time to get into it tonight but what's crazy is that today the same lies are being told in law that the temple is going to be rebuilt in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount where there's now a mosque and something well of mosque isn't in the same place but it's close and on that mount there saying what was once Mt Mariah were Abraham where many argue Abraham would have taken Isaac to be sacrificed they want to build the temple and he is what's crazy even American political policy is built on the idea that Temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem and if you go back to the French and Napoleon who 1st said that that the Jews should have Israel back as their homeland European Jews who if they were ever in your and in Israel had not been from many many centuries and then of course the Balfour Declaration of that by the British which gave Palestine over to the Jews and all of that happened and now even in America it is there's a focus on Israel as the center of prophecy and many of our and then Jellicoe churches and I've heard great preachers and angelical preachers like Tony Evans out of Dallas Texas say that Jesus is going to come back and rule out of that temple and he's going to force the world to keep his commandments for 1000 years yet that is not Biblical God never forces anyone to do anything and yet today American policy is built in many ways around the idea that Jesus cannot return unless there is a temple built on that mount in Israel. So Stephen had an issue with that temple just like in the last days that's going to be a problem many are going to be lost just like the Jews were lost because they're focused on a messiah coming to a temple that no longer has relevance they're waiting for a Messiah to come to a temple and no longer has relevance and here is how Satan will be able to deceive by coming as an angel of light the 2nd issue that Stephen had to deal with that he dealt with them is God as creator we are dealing with that today as evolution has taken over and so many doubt that there is a God I won't get into that except to say it's an interesting issue that we also have today but of course the even well being persecuted and persecution of the believers will happen again of the last time that is what his message is going to focus on but the last one is interesting it says they were not keeping the Law of God In fact the protection of Israel eventually they wore out their welcome under the protective barrier of God because they continue to not keep God's law Stephen says that they brutalized the prophets and even the just one Jesus Christ when he came they were conspirators against him and then martyred the Lord Jesus he said no you don't keep the Law of God and they got so angry and this is what about was that they notched at him and not at him they took him and grab Stephen threw him into the streets and they stoned him murdered him in cold blood even as he asked God to not lay the sin they were committing against them but prophetically is 2 things that are relevant the 1st one is what happened to Stephen will happen again and we're going to find out there are iterations of persecution in the scripture if this is part one you make sure you tune in for part 2 if if you are in. Natal and Free State Conference I want to encourage you to come to the church's website a good audio verse where we publish this next week the 2nd half of it because I can't get through all of it in once in one sitting. But I want you to see that it or it will repeat it a ration of persecution that's why this message is entitled The pandemic of persecution and we have seen that things have gotten very crazy in the world because of this pandemic because of the coronavirus we have watched pastors be arrested we watch churches be sued in South Korea we are seeing that churches have actually had to sue to u.s. government or fight against the u.s. government I should say or their local governments and the United States Justice Department has gone in to allow them to have dried up church services in their own cars because the local governments wouldn't allow them that is we embedded in this time of lockdown is an interesting truth and that is that on one hand it is a test precedence might be being set as to how you could shut down not just the society but specifically how you could shut down the church so when Stephen died it was critical to the stream of prophecy in this chart and Russia was in charge the nights and this chart you can see here that there is this begins the 810 years I'll show you that in a 2nd but when after Stephen a stone Israel would no longer be the center of prophecy not the Israel of the scripture what would what would happen instead is that Pagan Rome would take out in should Israel. And that people Rome would try to take out spiritual Israel in fact in that moment the the shift went on to follow me now when Stephen is still around as Saul who would later become Paul is watching and he doesn't notice this of God is so good to us Church Saul doesn't realize as he's watching it he is a witnessing a historical prophetic shift in the way that God would work on the earth and saw as he's almost applauding what they're doing to Stephen does not realize he's next missing this thing Saul is next and even as he still is in this you know I that's what a Bible says. That God loved us so much that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us God was working to use salt when Saul was still working against God and in 8034 when Stephen is stone as you look at the 490 year prophecy the 70 weeks of Daniel when you look at it it ends this prophetic period and here is what I want you to get church when it happens the Gospel shifts no longer is it to go into the Jewish nation now it must go out to the entire world and isn't it ironic that the guy holding everybody's coat would be the would be God's major mouthpiece. Let me say something if you're living a life and you think God can't redeem you from if you don't think you can be restored I challenge you to look at the life of Paul Paul was complicit in murder in this story and yet he becomes the greatest of all of Vangelis the world we have ever known. So let's look at this a little bit let's get into this a little bit we don't have a whole lot of time there's a lot of prophecy to go through tonight but let's go to this because I want to make this prophecy relevant for today so let's look at this we know and I get I don't have the time to go through the verses and all of the history is will never get through this because it would take me a week's worth of Revelation and Daniel seminars and do it but some of you should notice a lot will just go through this quickly and your local churches can feel you went on a bit on how we get to some of this and for 50 c. there was a decree put out to rebuild Jerusalem the prophet tells us in the Book of Daniel that 70 weeks would pass that Messiah would be cut off in the middle of that week and that is the time that we knew and the Messiah would be would be annoying to it at the 69th week or 483 years Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in 8027 when he was baptized that was the annoying thing of the Messiah is earthly ministry began and that is when the Gospels really begin read a book of Mark you'll notice that the story begins at 827 pretty much at the time when Christ is anointed clearly fulfilling his prophecy I mean let me break this down even further how do you think the magic Idol wise man knew to go to Egypt of Bethlehem to look for Christ they had studied the Old Testament prophecies they knew that the time was almost up they knew he had to be anointed and that he would be anointed probably as an adult so they came decades earlier when they saw the signs in the stars and they saw it and they came knowing that time of the Messiah was here how do they know because the prophecies are sure of course through a half years later crisis crucified right on time we'll talk a little bit more about that. And when he does that that was the end of the Temple service there in Jerusalem so while the Jews are almost worshiping their temple they don't realize that the purpose of the the temple has been fulfilled tight has meant anti-type and the temple has no more purpose this is why once got that happen and a veil is torn the Spirit of God left the place and thought when when the Temple is finally torn down by Titus and his soldiers the they cry out it called it the Bob the glory has the parted and realize the glory departed when they crucified the Lamb of God through to have years later Stephen is stoned that is the 490 years but a 490 years are better in a longer prophecy if you look here to 490 years are imbedded in a 2300 a prophecy will go through just a little bit tonight we don't have all the time in the world for this but I want you to see here's a 483 years I guess of Christ baptism Here's the crucifixion is the stoning of Stephen Aaron 34 a.d. there's some explanations on the slide I can't get into all of this but you can look at somebody versus Of course what my favorite part of it is how well it predicts Christ crucifixion because it was at the cross that Jesus won the victory for us and here why that's relevant the demons and Satan were cast out for good at the cross Roger No in his book a trip to the supernatural tells us that when the demons came for him this form of demon worries about when they came to try to get him back at to become a 7 if it is Christian Rajam or no says that he would read out loud the 27th chapter of the book of Matthew and the demons can't stand to hear the story of the crucifixion of Christ because at a crawl they lost it all but for us we sing to him at a cross at a cross where I 1st saw the light this is where it happens. Burdens of my heart ruled the way it was there by grace I received my sight and now I'll I am happy all the day if you're a Christian you ought to be happy all the day because of what Christ did on the cross and it was prophesied happen right Will it happen but what I want to focus on and I'm shift and I'll get to some stuff but I want to focus on is what happens with 234 a.d. and 844 we have that as uniquely Look at 844 we know that many call it a great disappointment what it really was was a great purging and we'll talk more about this next week but it was a great purging what the church went from what a miller had Miller had thousands and thousands of Miller right followers on multiple continents and one of the great disappoint was over you know just a handful of believers less probably less than 20 something so that when God started the remnant church started a pure small group to build the church and in 1904 the judgment begin began in heaven will tell will come back around to that but this is the 2300 a prophecy so what we know when you go inside of this is the 23 today prophecy again at 30 $480.00 the Gospel begins to be preached that are Gentiles and there's a 1260 year period inside this 810 years that I want to focus on remember interation of persecution Steve it is kind of a type to what would happen during somebody aeration and it's almost interesting that his words reflect back to Christ's words in Matthew $24.00 where does tribulation of the dark ages as well as the tribulation of the last days are both prophesied and I'll get into some of the details of what's on here but you can see it fits in there quite nicely so I have to jump to the Book of Daniel now they're going Chapter 11 starting at verse 36. Begins to describe this 1260 year time period that 11 verse $36.00 says and the King shall do according to His will and he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every God and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished for that for that is that is the term and shall be done neither shall he regard the God of his father's nor the desire for women nor regarding any god he shall magnify himself above all this is Speaking of what we will soon see is what is called a little horn power and this power with exalted self would not look would not have the desire of women which is summed up in the in the doctrine of celibacy for the leadership of this organization. And would not regard it out of his father's but or magnified self above all and Daniel Chapter 7 verse 19 this is the end of 5 version of the Bible it says that I wished them said to know the truth about the 4th beast and I wish I had time to go through all the beasts but again we're trying to get somewhere that I wish to know the truth about the 4th beast which is different from all the others exceedingly terrible and shocking whose teeth were of iron and its nails of bronze which the Vollard broke and crushed and trampled what was left with its feet the Bible describes a mighty pagan Roman Empire here but it goes into a little more detail. Verse 20 of Daniel 77 at about the 10 horns representing Kings remembered as the amplified version so you get these bracketed explanations in it that were on its head and other horns which came up later and before which 3 of the horns fell the horn which had eyes and almost a mouth of this that spoke great things and which looked greater than the others but here's what I want to get to Daniel 7 in verse 21 says As I looked this horn made war with the Saints and prevailed over them this horn may war with the Saints and I've a picture there from the depicting the Dark Ages in Europe and you to see that they used to practice and perfect multiple systems of torture and abuse their goal was to get people to recant their beliefs I want you to get this that was their last resort to silence the Christian they like never can as a wanted everyone to bottle before the image of false religion that they had set up but when you would bow they put you to death the Bible says verse 21 as I looked this horde made war with the Saints and prevailed over them probably one of most difficult periods in church history you can imagine the innocent women and children they killed. Men who would not revoke their belief in Jesus Christ or in His Word or in his truth during his law were put to death in the most terrible ways. A sermon to talk about how in the United States is a book the Catholic Church and slavery and I talk about how the the systems that were used to the 2 to torture the Protestants and of and the true Christians in Europe or the Dark Ages were actually used against the slaves in North America and in the Caribbean. In the West in general but then you 725 says this and he just creeps me great words against the most high and so wear out the saints of the most high I think the change times of laws and he shall be given and shot and they shall be given into his hand until a time at times as dividing the time of the time as a year 360 days when you do the math as $1260.00 days and the year the day year principle which I can't get into tonight tells us that this is the same 1260 years and what he is telling you is the law of God they were trying to change it and if you don't believe me just get a Catholic catechism and notice that the 1st Commandment or the commandment that says that you should not make any graven images is removed and because of that the 4th Commandment becomes the 3rd but a 4th commandment is shortened to simply say Remember the Sabbath day it does not give you the rest of the verse and the 10th commandment not to come it is split into 2 parts so you still have 10 commandments and in the Catholic catechism they sought to change times and laws the Bible. Give us more on this Revelation 126 when a woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place for a period of God that they should feed her a 1200 threescore days in Revelation Chapter 12 The church gives birth to a woman gives birth to the child the government tries to get at it as I say it says and you kind of as depicted in Romans and Revelation the 12th and she has to be taken into the wilderness the wilderness is that time of trouble and you can see is again 1260 days or 1260 years the church had to hide will talk about that want to 2nd in Revelation Chapter 13 in verse 5 and it was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power was given to him to continue 42 months which again is 1260 days or 1260 years and the sea power was given to him How did this all start before we get to our main theme for tonight Well historically it's all we can anchored as down because the prophecies Ankara's in let me say something the reason prophecy is important because it allows you to understand the surety of God's word how sure it is and ought not basis alone the Bible becomes more open to you because you are your faith is exercised and strengthened prophecy does that in 530 a.d. the astronauts abandon their siege of Rome and this left the bishop of Rome to exercise the parameters of just any of the Korea 533 ab the power authority of the papacy grew and grew and grew 530 Days of what was just Indians code that kicks off the Dark Ages the 1260 years what brings us a little more up to power and Justinian's Kota $533.00 d. says the coat of our Lord the most sacred Emperor Justinian. Concern the most exalted Trinity in the Catholic faith and providing that no one dare to publicly oppose them is a picture of just getting in there and he says and we this is a part of his code we order all those who follow this law to assume the name of Catholic Christians and considering others as the listen to what they consider if you don't accept Catholicism and 53380 consider others as demented and insane we order that they shall bear the infamy of heresy and when the divine vengeance which they merit has been appeased they say afterward be punished in accordance with our with our resentment which we have acquired from the judgment of heaven they said if you don't follow what the Catholic Church teaches and remember we're going to go through to 4 horses if we don't get all over the place and don't worry I'm going somewhere and what it what they wanted to do was to make it so everyone followed every What was what with what the bishop of Rome said they said if you don't follow that it is because your demented and insane jumped bishop of the city of Rome to the most illustrious and merciful son Justinian the Roman emperor among the conspicuous reasons for praising your wisdom and generalists most Christian of emperors you have preserved reverence for the sea of Rome that is data Vatican is still called the Holy See and have subjected all things to its authority and given it unity and 530 a.d. just any and took the church and made the church powerful all I bait and pass civil law that the church ought to know everyone had a bite out of the will of the church let me say something in the middle of our pandemic this is where we're headed again we are headed back to a time like just in eons code where for good cause and the common good. Of the environment as we talked about an earlier portions of the series for the environment or to benefit of poor or to help the animals are 1000000 reasons we are going to move in unity to solve the world's problems but Julius in $538.00 ascended the papal chair under the military protection of but a serious and that is and a history of the Christian Church Volume 3 page $327.00 Here now the secular government propped up the church Constantine began to move as you'll see when you go to the churches and we can't get deep into that tonight either but but you can see what happens and you get to a place where the state government is literally supporting the church and let me tell you something we are not as far from Mr De as it might seem in fact when I visited the capital of the European Union I was shocked when I went in the building and saw Catholic statues and and symbolism all over the place and I thought to myself This is in America this would never happen we would never mix these religious symbols in and then I thought about when you go to Washington d.c. in fact much of the symbolism of our capital city is of the occult and my son ix So you'll see there's a blending of certain things that are happening even in the symbols that we put up so the 1260 years one more time it's mentioned 7 times Daniel Revelation all the different times really they're all listed here that isn't mentioned in Book of Daniel a book of revelation here is what the date the years that it covers from 8538 and 798 in the Bible it is called the wilderness and Revelation 126 the Great Tribulation and Matthew 24 verse 21 it is the dark ages of history when the brilliant scientists Galileo came up with theories that other than the church that not want to misteries a simple as the earth is not flat. Even arson You know it's crazy that there are people who are now preaching again or teaching on internet people who are called flat earth people and they believe the earth is flat again yes that's that's crazy but Galileo was taken before them because his theories won against church teaching so he could not look you can learn freely because the church would restrict it these created the Dark Ages We'll talk more about that in a 2nd I'll talk about how it ends I normally would push this to the end of this but on it about and then I would talk about it the relevance of what happened on empiria to what's going to happen today and set us up for a conclusion in the next next message the end of the 12 and the 60 years in 798 the French general Bertie here proclaimed the political rule of the papacy had come to an end he took the pope prisoner to France where he died in exile in the 12 to 60 year rule of the papacy was finished then the prophecy could be understood so what's interesting about this is this is the wound if you if you study the prophecies of Daniel revelation this is the word of the beast was moved to dispose of a mortal wound because all of a sudden the secular power Napoleon was the mightiest of of conquerors at the time and Napoleon's general takes the pope brings him to France and he dies in exile the church does not recover from that for a very long time and what's interesting is France because the move towards more of a society of reason out way from a Catholic nation many Christians have been persecuted and put to death in France and in Spain even during the time of the Spanish Inquisition and so all of these things that come to bear and a France now moved in fact it wasn't like $833.00 that actually the Spanish Inquisition the laws passed to end it officially but the Catholic church loses power in 790 and so. Ari does a spectacular pictures of the armies of Napoleon and Italy place the pope at the mercy of the French revolutionary government which now advised that the Roman religion would always be a persistent enemy of the republic the government urged to pull into the store the center of unity of the Roman Church and the Polian did just that and 1798 the 1260 years ends just as the Scripture prophesies history bears witness to the Word of God So the deadly wound was the end of the union of church and state and the establishment of republics as a principal way world powers would be governed but something else happened here this transitions us to the end of time we now know that last days began then Daniel 12 in verse forces without Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased the Book of Daniel had been sealed up until that time and in a period of Biblical and scriptural enlightment had begun with the Protestant Reformation and now come to a question dope and after $798.00 it would be many would be good to know the truth of the scripture and so we want to look at history from another angle now and here we begin to look at the 4 Horsemen of Revelation Chapter 6 I will deal with them as seals that we can keep consistent between the 2 messages and so when we go to Revelation 6 and verse one the Bible says and I saw John the Revelator speaking and I saw when the lamb opened one of the seals and I heard as it were the noise of thunder one of the 4 beasts saying Come and see. And I saw and behold a white horse and he that sat on him had a bull and a crown was given unto him and he went forth conquering and to conquer and this generally is regarded as the church from 318-2180 there were warnings of a possible boss the sea and the true church was victorious during this period of time when. In fact nobody was there to really oppose the church like they normally would have because the Jews were in full blown a rebellion against the Roman Empire and because of this Jerusalem they were allowed to preach the gospel for a few decades after Christ's death because the focus wasn't on the Christians Christ that died and the Apostles were preaching but a focus and even a book of actuals that the Roman that the Jewish powers still didn't like them but the Gospel was able to be preached up until the time of the fall of Jerusalem in 841 when Jerusalem falls the Christians have to leave and the Gospel by default gets scattered all over the world and as Rome is dealing with uprisings the Christians are initially seen as a threat to the worship of the Emperor and so for that 1st few years powered by the Holy Spirit powered by unity to the Bulls the arrows of the gospel are able to go forth and the hearts of people and convert them to Christianity that white horse Interestingly enough the 1st church has a rider sitting on a white horse and it's interesting that later in Revelation Christ is depicted riding on a white horse as he comes to get us the crowd on his head is a Stephanos it's not the crown of a king This is the crowd of a victory for this is the crowd you put on someone who wins that is the way that the church began conquering and to conquer. But the 2nd seal is opened in Revelation 6 and verse 3 it says and when he had opened a 2nd seal I heard the 2nd b. say Come and see and they went out another horse that was red and power was given to him that sat there on to take peace from the earth and they should and that they should kill one another and it was given unto him a great sword what happens well in the next phase between 100 and into the 3 into the 33300 I mean or something you know I don't really weigh too much on the exact year these things transition because it would be trends but in that next couple 100 years the church is now persecuted for Roche asleep what's interesting however is that somebody early church fathers one of them is quoted as saying the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church and water is the ground and the church grew and as they would they would do again like I said different iterations of persecution Stephen was persecuted by the Jewish leaders but done under pagan role the persecution were terribly would take Christians that I call into places like the Colosseum and the release of pardon wild beasts they would they would have gladiators do things that embody horrible things as spectators applauded but here's what happened as they were being persecuted for their beliefs as the sword is great sword Revelation 6 and verse 4. Is talked about here as this great sword would come upon them and people in the audience of these coliseums would watch or did hear the next day around the water cooler at work they would wonder why would anyone suffer this way for a lot. And as more and more Christians died more and more people around them in Roman and far reaching aspects of the Roman Empire people began to think and say what they're saying must have some validity for who would be tortured and die like that for a lie. So the church began to grow and grow and grow and I could talk more about this but this is not really the point the church group under persecution people began to see the truth to the point where even Constantine the the future emperor his own mother becomes a Christian and here's where it gets sticky because Revelation 6 and verse 5 is and when he had opened the 3rd seal I heard the 3rd b. say Come and see and I beheld and lo a black horse and he that sat on him out a pair of balances in his hand and I heard a voice in the midst of the 4 b. say a measure of wheat for petting and 3 measures of barley for a penny and see the hurt not the oil and the wine and there's a lot of ways you try to interpret is the point I want to make tonight because we could go into so much deeper we don't message on just these forces but I want to make a point that what happens in this as the seal is broken and the 3rd seal is a broken and a black horse comes out is that now the church gets hijacked we just read about Justin and he doesn't come on the scene for a couple 100 years but when Constantine decides I want to you to find my empire I am going to take paganism and imitate paganism and I'm going to baptize it and bring in integer that's why we have Easter Ishtar that's why we have Christmas on December 25th celebrating of the birth of a natural pagan god that's why Sunday is the day kept by most Christians in the world it is because Paganism was taken that ties and brought into the church and that's what the church goes from white to read when the church when it when the church been attacked by this foreign power to black because black is the opposite of white and what the Bible is really trying to tell you is that that day becomes a famine for the Word of God. And that's caught right here which is a nice and I heard a voice in the midst of the force be say a measure of wheat for a penny and 3 measures of barley for many penny. And seed are not the oil in the wine and what it basically saying is for what was once one day's labor where you would be able to buy what you needed to feed your family under a famine the price goes through the roof and I was at times because of the Old Testament a prophet says that there is a famine for the Word of God and all of a sudden the church gets good the truth gets ripped out pasta see slips in but God still has a people during this time who do not bhalo their knee to what is going on and this famine for the Word of God becomes crazier and crazier as instead of Christ riding a white horse in the beginning we go to the next church I thought of next horse before seal and he says and I heard the voice of the 4th Be say Come and see and I beheld and I looked and beheld the pale horse and his name that's I don't he was death which will I believe represent Satan himself so that at 1st Christ is the head of the church but this church whoever it is horses and horses remember are are in a bible represent a means of Balor war who I was writing this thing out of the spiritual war that's going on it is now the devil in control of what's called the church you know and its name the set on it was death and hell followed him with him and power was enough and hell follows him because the 2nd death is what is what this what this what is this pale horse rider is really building out powers given to them over the 4th part of the earth to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the earth Ah so here we are trying to get to the pandemic of persecution. After the church is gutted of truth under the 3rd seal the horse turns black and as a famine for the Word of God The Spirit of the enemy takes over and as we discussed in $538.00 just any and then launches the Vatican or what I should say the the Roman seat at the head of the church to the top of the just discussed once that happens and it is it is anything and is elevated to his high position now what happens is you say I've got to stop everyone who doesn't believe as I believe anyone who doesn't bow to me and ironically the very way that Pagan Rome sought to take out the Jews and real but a flesh and blood Israel no the Papal. Power here wants to take out spiritual Israel the Bible says there are 4 ways that try to do this want to says those powers given over the 4th part of the earth some say for quite a Roman empire was destroyed in this process but I would argue that in fact the earth itself began to be impacted because not long after this time. Colonialism and imperialism begins and a very nations a church controls in Europe like the Spanish the Portuguese the Dutch the French they begin to scatter around the world and take colonies and so Catholicism begins to spread all over the world during this period and they use something to control to kill the sword which is war and with hunger famine and with Death of the beasts of the earth so it's not interesting they kill with death. How do you kill with death well it speaks of the fact that again this is the 2nd death we're being was speaking about but the Greek word for death there I want to focus on that is the word faggot talks and this is the word that Marvel Comics and Marvel Universe takes the word that makes the character battles from in fact the very I was at times but the premise of all of that really is that Donal's. Which goes back to the Greek god of death and the word Thanatos that that that character in the Marvel Universe represents what was happening here and I'll leave it at that for those you know how that story goes here the Bible says that now some translate that as pestilence so like magic 24 it's war famine pestilence interesting they got an order but during this time and I want to submit to you that we are living in that time so while we are freed in this virus time of death from the pestilence I want to submit to you that what the devil is after is to kill you not with simple pestilence but to kill you with death itself with satellites meeting next you spiritually die while the world is worried about the economy and how we keep everything up the enemy is trying to figure out how do I make a famine for the Word of God How do I figure out a way to get the entire world to be killed with death itself because they die spiritually let me say something I've recently. Another person close to me a friend of mine in California I got a call this week at about 1 30 in the morning committed suicide again. Not the 1st person in my last few years of my life that is committed suicide and I realized that that almost that's what's inherent in here is that you know we're all get to a place the Bible says men's hearts would fail them for fear Jesus says in Luke Chapter $21.00 and I want to submit to you that as the the powers of heaven are shaken as the world begins to go crazy there are folks who do not know God and the devil of pounce on them and he will kill them with death in other words trying to take you out in such a way that you have no hope for salvation that's what he was trying to do to the true Church hiding in the wilderness this time goes back to the woman being in the wilderness the same time period it goes back to the little horn coming up and trying to destroy the saints of God This is the same time period that says and with the beasts of the earth my talk more about this next on the next message but here are 2 place in the Bible talks about people being beasts because they're so spiritually destroyed I want to submit to you that as we saw in Canada this week when I was a mass shooting and 16 people were killed in Canada where with stuff like that just doesn't happen I want to submit to you while we are focused on a virus I think we ought not forget that there are still brute beasts among us we still live in a violent world fact the famine and you know we talk about hunger here one of big news stories this week in the United States is that we are facing now a pandemic of famine in Holger there's some predicting that thousands maybe millions could die they just told us that the western part of the United States is about to have a drought like has not occurred in 1200 years some are reporting. I want to submit to you that if you if we were to go back as we did earlier in the series and look at Matthew 24 those things are those the signs of warning signs are coming up and let me submit to you that like I said it's a it's in a ration zx persecution happened under this under the 4th Seal under the pale horse It's coming again and I will show you want to 2nd from the Bible that it is guaranteed to happen again because when the papacy was in full power she was terrible in fact that to James Wiley now why coaches in a great controversy with Dr James Wiley said this he said the noon of the papacy was the midnight of the world only listen to this all over the world and Mel Gibson in one of his movies. Apocalyptic he in that movie about a little in that movie he actually shows the movie ends as the Spanish ships from Spain pull up to the central us America and how they go in and conquer you know doesn't tell you that part of story but but basically that was the apocalypse that was the end of the world for all those pagan tribes and it happened all over the globe and the whole world was brought under the control of the superstition of Rome and again millions died in this process and the wife says this is a great for controversy page 54 she says in the 6th century the papacy had become firmly established its seat of power was fixed in the Imperial City and the bishop of Rome was declared to be the head over the entire church. Paganism had given place to the papacy the dragon a given the beast his power and his seat and great authority Revelation 132 and now began the 1260 years of people oppression were told in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation Daniel 725 Revelation 13527 and I goes on and he says Christians were forced to choose either to yield their integrity and accept the people ceremonies and worship or to wear away their lives in dungeons or suffer death by the rack the faggots or the headsman's ax now were fulfilled the words of Jesus you shall be betrayed both by parents and brother and kinsfolks and friends and some of you shall they cause to be put to death you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake one thing that the church that an incredible job of during the Dark Ages that Ellen White is trying to give you here and again this is going to happen again it will it is an iteration that will repeat is that they they painted these people in such a horrible light they were viewed as the worst people possible they were viewed as the enemies of the state enemies of the church and of means of human kind and so everyone hated them they turned on them with social shame and let me tell you what's crazy the ability to shame someone socially during the Dark Ages pales in comparison to shame someone socially in a time of social media let me tell you something church it will not take anything for false videos of us to be made lies to be told about us put out in the media and in social media and it will circle the globe look I myself as experiences I know what this is like I know what it was like when people come against you begin to tell lies about you and to paint you as an evil person and and turn the whole communities against you I've experienced it. And I'm telling you it's going to happen to more of us and I mean to some of your paycheck or your house or your friends or your family is more important than being a Christian and being faithful to the Word of God when the pressure comes when you're ostracized like those who are working with know and helping him build the ark when they could no longer take being ostracized they dropped their hammers and went back to where they went and died because they would rather not be teased than to please God and I goes on and she says where controversy page 5 for page 54 persecution opened upon the faithful with a grid of fury than ever before and the world became a vast battlefield for hundreds of years the Church of Christ found refuge in seclusion and obscurity Thus says the prophet the woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared of God that she should feed her there that they should feed her there a $1200.00 and threescore days during the Dark Ages the church had to hide in fact to make this kind of come together if you jump back to Revelation 6 and verse 9 and around the time when when the when the Protestant Reformation happens and some people argue that the last it would last all the way to 798 I don't know stick with the dates I will say that I believe that the Protestant Reformation is the beginning of the cry to to justify the martyrs not just before men but before the universe and verse 9 says and when he had opened the 5th seal I saw under the altar the souls of them that was slain for the Word of God and from the testimony which they help so we see it in the other SEALs how we've been propping the church have been persecuted and in Alaska it's the worst they kill even with death but now the bible says under the ultimate altar represents the earth. Outside of the heavenly temple the altar just like the altar of sacrifice but of an outside of the of the Holy of the most holy place also represents the earth and I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God of the testimonies which they held now watch this verse 10 says and they cry with a loud voice saying how lol Lord wholly untrue does that not judge in a vent our blood on them that dwell on the earth their blood being in the crowd got this is not the separated spirits This is not Scooby Doo It is no goes fool around in a story but just like when Abel was killed by Cain the Bible tells us that his blood cried out to God In other words God sees the injustices that happen and he understands these martyrs were dying many of them were wondering God save me where are you but they still sang the hymns of God and like Steven many of them still pardoned I got a partner who were torturing them God knew that some of them wondered where he was and here is the Revelator John says they cried with a loud voice how long the Lord wholly untrue does not judge and avenge up lot on them that dwell on the earth look at verse 11 underlined it and white robes were given on to every one of them and it was said unto them that they should rest for a little season until their fellow servants also and their brethren that should be killed as they were should be full feel wait a minute. So when the martyrs from the dark ages when they're when they cry when their blood cries out to God God says stay there this is how you know to not float around in heaven or float around on earth he says you need to rest what is the rest the rest of death is a sleep of death the 1st death not the 2nd death because they would be resurrected again what would it be the Bible tells us clearly 4 and a little season after a little while you will be raised and who will you join you'll join knows that will be killed afterward like you were church there is coming a pandemic of persecution what is going on in the world now scares you I want you to understand something worse is coming for those who truly believe in God and in verse Revelation 6 in verse 12 it says this and I beheld when he opened the 6th Seal and lo there was a great earthquake the sun became Black a sack law of here in the moon became as blood in the stars of heaven fell into the earth even as a fig tree casts of their own time we figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind will get into this more next next message but this earthquake is the Lisbon earthquake and it shook all of Europe and Africa even in much of the world felt this earthquake is probably one of the biggest earthquakes. Literally the world has ever known and it was a sign like a lie it was like saying that the. Papal power would soon be broken and this is when the 6 seal comes in and I want you to understand that we are living between Revelation 6 and verse 13 and Revelation 6 and verse 14. This Revelation 6 and verse 14 says it like this and the heaven departed as a school one of his role together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places and the kings of the earth and the great men and the Richmond and the chief captains and of mighty men and every bond man and every free man hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains we talked about this in Matthew chapter 24 when Jesus. Warned the women that were following him that that event that the time would come when Jerusalem was falling that they would want to run to the rocks and go and hide themselves he said again at the end of time Revelation 6 tells us that as Jesus is returning some will run and try to hide themselves were 16 and said to the mountains and the rocks far less hiatus from the face of him that sits on the throne from the wrath of them hide this fact it will be a special Reza race record we are told where those who crucified Jesus are going to come up as he is coming back to earth and they're going to see that the 1 May crucified in fact was the king of the Jews he was everything he said he was going to look upon his face and shame and rejection hiatus from the face of the lamb will finish on 1st verse 17 this week and will pick this up next week Revelation 617 says for the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stay or to close the night by asking that question of Jesus came tonight would you be able to stand would you be able to look into the face of Jesus and be a joyful and it be a celebratory moment where you could say this is our road behold we have waited for him he is our God Would you be able to say that or would you be like the people depicted in Revelation $615.16 running to the rocks to say fall on us. Hiatus from a raft of the land I fish this week it will pick this up next we can go a little deeper into this because we're going talk a little bit more about how persecution is going to come to us and in these last days but I want to leave you with this you need to be prepared now to stand that the great day of His wrath is come and who shall be able to stay a pray what all the power of the prophecies we just studied that you understand that God's Word is true and exact and just as it says that on a $27.00 a.d. Jesus would be baptized and at 78 years later Stephen would be stone and the middle Christ would be crucified just as it was perfectly time just as you can trust those prophecies you can trust that Jesus is about to return who shall be able to stand let us pray Father God we thank you this opportunity to study your word and these prophecies appear in a special way Lord let you prepare our hearts for what is to come upon the earth and Lord now is the time for us to get ready that we would be able to stand Loren in the next message when we study more about those who can stand. I pray Lord we would begin now to gravitate to you or do word towards which. We would be. A prayer in Jesus presence in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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