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COVID-19 May 1 Update

Wes Youngberg Dan Houghton
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  • May 3, 2020
    7:28 AM
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Well I'm Dan Houghton and I'm glad to join Dr West younger this afternoon for a another update on the coronavirus Dr Young Burgas been little almost 45 days since we didn't want to broadcast it on a new to the live stream Wow So much has changed we've had a world that's been turned upside down and I think a lot of people are wondering where do we go from here and I think it be good I think the last time we were together we were on the rostrum of the stage of the church Albrecht we were doing a demonstration on how to do hot and cold fomentations that was I think if I remember right March the 18th and here we are at May 1 today's made urse we're obviously socialized socially isolating because I'm in my home you're in your home and we're able to do this and be able to put it up on the on the You Tube or live stream a little bit later so what what's happened this give an overview of where we're at what's happened over these last 45 days well you know it all over the last month and a half we have realized how critical it really is to address the things that were 1st talking about optimizing our immune system if there's anything that we've learned than organised this last few months is down at the pub with a strong immune system do just fine. Yes those individuals in high risk groups that have weakened immune system because of diabetes because of underlying factors associated hypertension and heart disease except run in so and so the individuals that we need to be able to focus on right now is is helping individuals who are ready know they have these conditions in educating them about how to better improve their health because the the the current state of how within their known disease diabetes hypertension heart disease whatever it might be is directly proportional to their current risk recovered 19 turning deadly. And so it's almost like elevated 90 now I end up by risk responsible Florent the SARS whole coronavirus who is is a Nextel a regular a whatever you already have got going on so it enhanced says are increases the the papyrology associated with what ever is happening inside your body right now and so. The corollary to that the good news is that if we actively address a given risk factor that we know we have the kind of let's start for high blood regular high cholesterol or or whatever it might be in the overweight my stance big too yeah if we if we are correct we address the debt risks that are through natural methods their lives no medicine and strategies we are their record label lowering our risk associated with COPD have 1000 complications. Because they're really tied together in the I just meant to our heads on a weapon are we talking Rogers Well from from nonresidents California is a Loma Linda University Clinic law assistant Monica professor and I am but he is board certified in 4 floor different areas internal medicine and sleep medicine momentary not ascend and critical care and when I let go about him his knack he as a moment knowledge is working in b. intensive care unit he is now recognizing that this is primarily an issue of oxidative stress where the immune system is is compromised and the cardiovascular system is is compromised and so I love it when there is nice rational is that medicine who is willing to think outside of their specialty is kind of hard for him to do that since you have somebody special. But not in recognized him as a medical detective figure out what's really going on and so today we're going to be talking about what are the many things that we can do to optimize them use them one of Dan one of the criticisms or one of the concerns or can usually means I'm not imagining or or enhanced seeing them use system its neighbor all that well wait a bit wait now we thought that was the whole problem that the immune system was overreacting and so we don't want to do anything that would enhanced immune system to make it even overreact more well that's that's a that's a common concern even boyish by many physicians that are well it's raid but dat dat out of debt underscore is a maybe a lack of a more comprehensive understanding of how the immune system works well you know Wes just as you're get ready to. Let me jump in for a 2nd I think the most lay people know all that are out there the average people that are not medical professionals they're looking and saying Man there's so many confusing messages I'm going out you know there's this idea there's no masks and there's masts and there's hydro hydroxyl core queen and then there's not Hydra poxy or point then there's something new and then we find out hey it's maybe not so much to do with your lungs as it is to your cardiovascular system all it tells me that there's just a lot we don't know about this and we're learning it the post-mortem on this whole process is going to say wow we sure made some dumb decisions didn't you know why it's if a process of learning what works and what doesn't work and didn't but also be true to the science of what we already know it's yours oftentimes. We and our healthcare field aren't paying attention what that what we have learned from past pandemics past respiratory infection pandemics and if we do pay attention that we have a leg up you know an understanding of what it's cry and then a worsening embrace the research project process to see what else we can learn so that we can keep fine tuning this you know way that we can powerfully improve our home so the original confusion West you know there were there was there was information and be used in a civil system this you know this amino acid really that helps build glued it into body and that can act as a way to help detoxify the body but also dramatically decreased by replication and in many other well respected physicians Dr and you'll not only knock the runners well in other areas have you have actually talked about this is research that have been published in and highly credible medical journals that end of it. With Branson it's the seasonal flu or a risk when taking in a civil cysteine as a as a supplement can will dramatically lower their or their tendency to experience severe symptoms they say they still may get them faction but bad day they're at 75 percent less likely to have negative symptoms running higher yes. Well I think that lifestyle medicine of course that's your specialty lifestyle medicine but even more pulling together strategies that help us to survive these moments and I I love what you said in the opening that hey we've discovered now that it's people that have these underlying conditions or these other complicating factors in their immune system that is really where the deaths have occurred not pretty and if you're if you're immune system is healthy. Your chances are so much better and of course that's where you know one of the things that are probably search community fallbacks of the administers community which you and I are part of and that will be watching this. We have not had a single case that I know of in our own church now my son he's a pastor in or in Colorado he actually has had one family that has had the code in their family and many other people have we have not and I think that also may be a testament that we've been talking about lifestyle medicine for a number of years now you've been sharing these principles and are people are are paying attention to that so you know that now on May 1 we have opportunity to say all right we can start making adjustments to our thinking now. That's right and self so. The part of this comes with an understanding of how did in his immune system probably what we've learned about the research so far is that when when somebody is exposed they're infected with with SARS coronavirus do that Barash the cause you know that night. The what happens is that that virus pricks immune system and just lay low and they're kind of like Ok we're not going to do anything really just let us manage kind of lettuce kind of cohabitate with you it's Ok And so the immune system kind of left to happen and does not act that they against the virus and so during these these $5.00 to $12.00 days the virus is just making a mistake reproducing their reproducing and reproducing I'm checked by the immune system and finally when the virus is so powerful it overwhelms them uses them and then it finally wakes up in its late the the condition. Regress is to the point where now the symptoms are so severe they may need to be hospitalized. Well. What we know is that 80 percent of people who have symptoms you know who know they have the problem because they have sent them here go on to not have any problems never return require any medical care of sorts and only about 20 percent need hospitalization but if you include it with the antibody test the now being more available we have learned that over 4 percent of the population has been exposed to covet one thing has actually been a back that it produced antibodies and that's that's not a rough early measure of some studies that have been done here in California and so we know that this is the infection is far more widespread than we initially thought and that means that really literally 9095 or higher percentage than that the people who get infected never need any any medical care at all. And they just they eventually their new system is able to fight the fight and ultimately when the fine so you can within that relation then our job is to educate them on how to optimize your immune system further so that this virus doesn't even get a little bit of a hold on this is the eradicated run out of the goodness isn't for later will remind me to address the post-viral syndrome which I suspect are going to be the real challenge in the monsoon months and years is what's going to happen to people that let their immune system let this virus take hold partially they never required medical intervention necessarily but now this virus is going to be an opportunistic virus much like the herpes simplex one virus which over over 60 percent of the American public have it and it just raises its ugly head from time to time and it's. Never really fully eradicated and so well that's why we need to come up with immune enhanced the strategies natural ones now to prevent that from ever becoming an issue. So what about what about so if we improve them your system early on with hydrotherapy strategies which are videos previously addressed if we address that with appropriate nutrition and sleep then and other things that we've also addressed previously then then his system will be so strong and activated early on that virus never takes us up buddy and doesn't even produce any significant symptoms so so we believe based on the new data that well over 95 possibly 99 percent of people who get in fact that never need any any additional support we just want to optimize amused at them in that process Number 2 is what about be more at risk population we know that somebody is obese if somebody is diabetic in particular they're twice as likely if in fact that to come down with serious complications of the disease Wes you get to the hospital it's a 22 percent chance of not you know Ok once you get into the i.c.u. requiring a ventilator it's anywhere from 50 percent chance of that to a 90 percent chance of them Ok that is time so we want to make sure that the average risk you ladies and. You are educated appropriately Now I'm an advocate and if we're where we're clearly haven't tested adequately to date and you know for the last 2 months we've been hearing oh yes they're going to be available next tomorrow or or in a few days then and it's still not on the 2 months later we don't have enough notes social Masson improve NASA change we need to task No actually. The mayor of Los Angeles just mentioned yesterday last May have a it rolled out that they were going their goal was to test in 1000000. People and the greater Los Angeles area now that's an amazing goal I support that 100 percent so we can have accurate data less than really go or not of course we're going to see there's a fairly high infectious rate least more than we are. Compared to people who are dying sure it is so so we'll be able to concentrate on the risks knackers associated with who comes up with the end of bombings but also more importantly the risk factors of who become seriously ill and since Leons and so we want to concentrate on populations. That are highly outwits Neil beast the diabetic the cardiovascular patient interesting lean not in it's not the s. Natalie it's Or those with chronic obstructive lung disease c.l.p. dig that are coming down with this problem is not actually that was expected to be the number one risk that you're it's not it's not even considered the data now supports that it's not a risk factor in awe. If yes which is to balance only because because you would think somebody with c o p d Yeah or has not would be much higher returns especially seal meat meat no increased risk of ending up monostable with cove at 19 if you have c o d or not. Well I guess that destroys some of our early ideas so it's certainly right where that because where where and where does the pulmonary and the cardiovascular crossovers happen because well obviously we've found out there's blood clots there's unexpected death from people they think they're walking out of a hospital things are fine they have a heart attack 30 minutes you know how to what do you know about that yeah self so the latest information in fact again I just got that knock. And a webinars with Dr Rogers Well who is really a champion in this concept that it's primarily a not to be that stressed the nominee which you know there's still so much research that needs to be done but our best guess at this phase is that there are multiple mechanisms that work that are increasing free radical damage in the body that that makes this think that this is primarily a lot of national disease that they enter a line in our blood that's called in the the alien that's just one cell layer and then the needle e.m.r. be damage and oxidative damage or pap knowledge these occurring which then increases them from age then and that introduces a cascade of challenges that ultimately ended up inside of minds form which takes embodies life and so yes the lungs are involved in this process because there's blood vessels in every organ in the body including the lungs so we were starting to think that if via the lungs there rest before a jury that the the virus gains gained entrance into the body and then spread to the various mechanisms and so you know there was then there was an interesting study. That was just reported on yesterday I think they're actually read the study but it was on the news and it was reporting an Italian rheumatology study of 65000 individuals in Italy who had lupus or rheumatoid arthritis which is are are very for the mere out of the in diseases now if I would have been asked even even 2 days ago what I would expect in a population like that with to be at higher risk. Of coming down with co-pays 19 and having complications or a lower risk right normal I would have immediately said higher risks now they still may be higher risk and I think there are higher risk by those patients who were on Lachlan author was known as Rock Warrick one which is the common. Anti-malaria medication that has been bantered about and debated and in the media the last a month or so you know that that is a common medication that is given specifically for room and board arthritis and look at this as a way to combat the added a mutant activity the extension of the knee in response going on and the abnormal immune response I should say against the against the joints in against various body organ system so. These studies have been clear those people on Platinum the 100 rocks eat more and do much better if they have rheumatoid arthritis or are looters Now what really struck me was that that out of the 65000 patients that were being monitored in Italy Chris they have a more socialized medicine system where they keep track of every church and guess how many of them up to this point according to the report got the whole bit one thing you would have thought have been a big number yeah. 20 out of 65000 Yes How many of those 90 woll and didn't go out with our own Once again if I if I were asked the project in person now is dangerous the project because you know that's what we can test that's what we do research is to actually find out what the truth is sure it's all that you know we are always called upon to do our best guess in the moment and I would I would predict or says back that there actually are at higher risk and covert $1000.00 because not all the underlying factors that I'm aware of that in Florence disease which are toxins low grade infections and there were no they're called morbid conditions so how can it be if that's true. Now let me make sure I understood that out of 65000 people yes that were either rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus correct 20 people actually contracted be 10000 deaths correct and we have that was the report back and I haven't seen the study and as we look at this now carefully and it becomes peer reviewed except you know a lot of these studies are just being thrown out there just to happen you can talk about that's what we're doing right now and so so peers other health professionals will discuss the kind of banter damper Mason backing or you see how this changes our our approach to treating the at risk patient and then call for more research in person is a lot of each or most out there that keep all this data on their rheumatoid arthritis and lupus patients and they could they could publish a paper tomorrow with that data and I hope they do Ok so so in other words what this study was suggesting Dan or this report is snap is that. Platts when they were done it rocks and pork when is actually prevented it's not just their puting for people that are currently sick but it actually can keep them from getting sick or if they do get sick maybe a better explanation is that they just never rests in the disease to the point where they need care again now now we it is well now that one of the main mechanisms of work when is simply enhancing the transport of zinc the minerals seen across from the bloodstream into the cells and fresh the membrane into the cell and it is that Wallaby that rock support when which is suspected to be one of the main reasons it actually prevents viral replication because that's exactly what Xen does inside the cell is it it acts as birth control through the virus it prevents the virus from hijacked mean the internal mechanisms of the cell and producing Sergio teens which are the source of life but in this case producing the viral proteins which are the source of nat gas now if you have a not zinc present it moderates that process those that stand sure that the studies have shown with previous coronaviruses that it previous SARS virus and that it essentially blocks that virus from being reproduced it just shuts it down again yes so I'm so clearly that mechanism of action is worthy of further research and Intel we have something better it's worthy to consider as not only a therapeutic. But potentially you've been a preventive strategies out now let's get to. What we do is a lifestyle and functional medicine is we're always asking the question Ok so that pharmaceutical medicine that antimilitary method. Which clearly has some potential side effects associated with it and I've had patients who have come to me that have had rarely substantial negative side effects that are lingering because they went on and not military medicines easier easier and as they were going into a malaria and Demick country so they were taking it as a prophylactic which is read much recommended my daughter did a mission trip to Africa was on convent rocks New York and once you know just a little bit of it as a prophylactic and I supported that that was reasonable but now that I've studied this further with all this interest and this popping I know that what I would emphasize 1st is number one I would measure this zinc level in the blood in the copper level in the blood make sure that both were optimal because both are not only not only needed for many cardiovascular health or for in you know logic or for cognitive and neurological But but we know that diabetic and people with severe insulin resistance like obese individuals people high blood pressure in underlying heart disease heart disease is primarily an insulin resistant problem for many people that there are they are frequently very low and zinc. Might have 1st started doing research in the Micronesian islands of the Pacific where I was a medical missionary reporting years as you know big the many people who lived on the islands were aware of the research that the islanders not highest miss the diabetes were the ones with the lowest status and zinc yet they were given as a supplement or along with the ones that were higher in seek as well they became less prone to diabetes and more able of reversing diabetes when addressing b. of their intervention stratagems so sync is a critical step into Sprouse zinc not only blocks viral replication. Mechanism that uses black women home Ok but you can actually get zinc into the cells by making the over the counter supplement person and then in a similar way to what Plaquenil done so so which doesn't have the side effects of Latin So there's there's a work around so to nutritional medicine I'm always learning from the basic science research that pharmacological research and saying Ok is there are there other more natural ways to accomplish not least the part that can work as adjuncts to these other strategies for sure and the answer is almost always yes. And as long as we're willing to look at the research that's awesome that's awesome so. Here one of the things we're finding after all this time is that having a good level of zinc and copper in your system allows your body in a natural lifestyle way to be able to resist something as offensive as coma 19 so what I do then is I have now as part of my testing protocol for every patient recommend a zinc blood level and a copper blood level that's just part of the I back I just did this myself about 2 weeks ago I was hesitant for a while to recommend people to go to the labs because of just her you know question about infectivity and then I realize now that maybe that was overreacting because Francis labs or my favorite lab nationally they never laid off one person. Then. They have a 70 percent reduction in normal value but then they didn't release any workers they're all following this Rick medical guidelines were protecting themselves and other people I walked in there wearing a mask everybody else in there was wearing a mask they're very courteous those are hardly any weight at all I just went in there and I I did a blood test 30 different tests they did and that included zinc and proper Ok so glad they did it because I learned that ironically might sneak was down the way but my copper was low. And again and this is more typical to my patients in wa because of the volcanic Aqua for have high demand in these demanding these in the water is so high it's 2 it tends to neutralize link to a degree and so you have you have lowers the skinny and it decreases copper and so you end up with with the high manganese low copper about a 3rd of the population so I've long copper. Right and I wasn't actually thinking that much before hand it wasn't supplements that separately I wanted to test to see if I needed to take a little bit of zinc right now along with versus then but but I'm doing that based on the objective measures from my own body but what I'm also doing which I don't normally have to reckon in the paper and says I'm taking copper about 2 milligrams which is actually a lot of relatively speaking and that copper and zinc are both necessary to get this prevent unnecessary oxidative stress so not only does Archdeacon copper important in the immune systems response to how viruses replicate in the cell but it's also critically important to the cardiovascular oxidative stress that yours that can ultimately take somebody is one in other words that need attention now his ink and Congress status is one of the many considerations that can enhance the immune system and help balance the cardiovascular system at the same that's awesome not just for those who may be watching they're saying Ok oxidative stress I know what that has been not sure just review in a moment your oxidative stress what is so bad about that in the body and how does that happen well the best way to understand oxidative stress is to understand anti-oxidant and so we all know about the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin c. of vitamin e. and essentially And while v now and other things and so but there's many different mechanisms by which oxidative stress in occur also we can refer to it is really radical damage and so oxidative stress business associate with rate radicals these are chemical that that are are are dying to get an electrode right now and. And and big become hasta dogs and so they sell the the what happens is that if we don't have good biochemistry and good physiology through a healthy diet or we have too much ram we have inadequate leave except defy the starts to get more and more stressed from a chemical perspective through this oxidation process we're really radical process and so what we need is is is various processes that donate a lot from vitamin c. you can donate a real electronic calm things down by then you can dominate electrons and calm things down and shout so that's why we want to have a diet that's rich in whole. Plant based foods because this is where we get the abundance and that means so we should be just looking for a supplement the next this because really you can't supplement away the oxidative stress process you need to focus on the more foundational strategies of why the actually needed stress happened in the 1st place lack of a healthy diet to match sugary carbohydrate so replying to start has to match a snatch rated matter in animal fat to match best level oils as well really badly in this process all of these cost oxidative stress to the body the lack of sleep not law consumption and just being angry with your neighbor being angry with your with your spouse or children or parents that creates oxidative stress and so so I dress each of those in a positive way isn't anti-oxidant for giving each other isn't an accident and I and then and then as I had jumped of strategies in addition to the fundamentals we have simple remedies which would include taking a little bit of vitamin c. or a leaf out taking some bite and he taking some zinc Possibly but that can all be done in up through dent way by working with your healthcare professionals so that you're getting to an optimal bounds sure sure well I'm now that we're finding out that covert 19 actually causes oxidative stress. You know I'm just thinking of the Myself and others that are saying Ok we've been through Basically we started talking about this January 31 Ok that was the 1st time you made a presentation on the cold night the next 3 months ago Ok we've gone through this whole process now and. People are confused and some people are very unhappy there is in fact there's a lot of anger going on there are resistance movements I saw yesterday at the Michigan the news in the news in Michigan there are some actual armed militants that made it inside the Capitol building you probably saw that review now and you can see people are frustrated because their their lifestyles the income is cut off I think that they say 30 or 40000000 people now are on the unemployment rolls just like that and there's a lot of stress talk about has not just oxidative stress there's a lot of regular stress that is killing people out there so here we are Friday afternoon May 1 and people have been paying attention they've been saturated with this on the evening news what would you say to someone who's been working very very hard to try to keep from getting this and they have it where the mass they go out you know they may be on toilet paper at their house by now who knows but what what do we say to people as far as how they go forward from here. Self the self 1st of all I think that I think that there was an understandable overreaction. I I present that. You know aren't that Mary's at burrs I present a very lengthy discussion that on our You Tube channel back that talk about the current at the time mathematical modeling of how bad this was going to be for various reasons the while this is a very infectious virus is no there's no debate about this this is a far more infectious virus than the seasonal flu it's not run but there has not been a significant more depth rating. From bit one. And then the season then some bad years with the seasonal flu and that's that's good so the question is is now that we have more information. Have we overreacted Ok and I like Dr Fauci said at the very beginning he says Our job is to overreact our job is to to if I'm in a strategy that errs on the side of protection services on the side of just let everything run and you know and if so I agree with that but it's also our job look at the at the most recent data in just our reaction and our response and our guidelines appropriately and so. Looking backwards now and Monday morning quarterbacking. I think we can say fairly accurately that that many governments and municipalities have all reacted by closing down walking trails by closing down large parts of national parks or closing down. Closing down beaches or not when and why am I saying that because all the data shows that one of the healthiest places you can be even if you're in fact it is into some shine in a fresh year or so that's very clear now that it doesn't change the wisdom and establish the reason of all social distancing rules and reasonable amounts wearing and so so. If you know when I when I 1st saw when I 1st was addressing this in early February if I went out I was wearing a mask Yeah well seal goggles no no Arab and not all these are firemen goggles Why because because there was a concern that the heiress losing agent of the virus in question you've been like places like a grocery store could get into the eyes and infect somebody that way your well that still may be true. But it devour old dos is everything is so inspired me and system is event marginally it's that it's able to handle a very low dose exposure like through the un it's Ok unless somebody is exposed to that viral cloud all day long like some doctors man then if they weren't wearing proper are not. So so there's there's it's reasonable looking back you say we should we should in a safe way out will open up these outdoor recreational areas but do it in a way to provision on here and to ensure that there is reasonable social distancing going on because people are going to be much healthier going to the beach they're going to be much there if they're there and muses them going to improve their vitamin d. levels will slow our might be not to sign the the Irish is well known now not survive very long at all when exposed to sunlight and fresh air in the south will be down and their stress will go down that absolutely and so there is there's clearly ways Dat that municipalities can can't supervise hundreds. Beach activities so that people are packed in like sardines sure yeah I mean if they can shut a beach down they can do that certainly right but I think I think all beaches should be open and I think I think all parks should be open and then there needs to be again there needs to be some maybe up through neighborhood watch where there there's all kinds of people who'd be willing to volunteer to help ensure that there's reasonable social distancing going on I mean how to supermarkets know it you know right and so in other words if if if if it's safe enough to go into a supermarket that's an enclosed area. Then it's Then there's absolutely no science no good science behind saying that it's unsafe to go and be at a park or to to walk in a nature trail or to be at the beach so I think that's one of the things that that we need to encourage our leaders to be aware of that you know that we talk about following the science well that's follow the science then the site is very clear that you're right you're well did a whole show on forest bathing showing that being in a Florence being in the woods being in the wilderness being and made sure walking amongst the rocks in it and that and the trees actually enhances the immune system dramatically. Dramatically above and beyond what the sunshine in the fresh air would do if there's actual There's actually chemicals released. By forms and treaties your app that enhance the body's ability to fight viruses so so this idea like like in Michigan re can even go out into the woods I know you know that there's no science behind it on that's what people are getting upset on when when government authorities over reach over reach themselves and make policies that make absolutely no sense then then it becomes more clear that it's a question of control and we need to and we need to voice our our concerns about things like now but in the meantime we need to whatever we do we should that do it in a way that is putting ourselves or other people at risk so if we're going to be I think one real day and if we're going to be in a and enclosed or Al Gore area where we're going to be getting closer than 6 the people because the whatever because of that and the number of people around then it's reasonable to wear a mask. Thank you no Dennis soon as we're in a area that is less nets then we don't really need to be aware and asked if there's 100 feet between me and another person in a big I don't need to be wearing a maps sure it's good to have one up bailable So when I go skateboarding with my family on and on then walk me through trails and bike trails here in Temecula I have a nasty with me but I don't use it because because I'm not there in less There's a lot of people on the trail than up with Michael I somebody put it on temporarily now take it back not so that's a reasonable thing from a scientific standpoint don't expose yourself unnecessarily but get outside get some neck it's not one of the most important is a good actions on and people are becoming less and less healthy and more and more prone to inspect and serious complications because you're afraid to get outside in some of those countries that have said you can't even be outside your house there is absolutely no science behind that indeed that is an overreach of authority it certainly is and of course we have the stories of doors being welded shut in some countries and and the reaction the overreaction is certainly there and we tend to see when there's a danger you overreact and need find out what's real but I want to ask another practical thing I talked to some people that have been out of their house basically. Or 45 days. Are you couple to go to a grocery store with your mask on. And I have yeah absolutely absolutely I do it once a week and I get lots of good allowance of Betsy's and not any you know what it initially the grocery stores you know that across the 1st thing that went for the paper. Knickers those people who were paying attention to our earlier presentation that all the clothes people they need right now and so so that that the other things that went where you know the meat idols we've just. Heard Ok and I think course we now know that it's in the meat packing plants and in the meat sections where. One of the processing plants that are serious risk factors are getting in fact. And so maybe that's another reason why people need to move away from the meat eating because as well we all know that that's not a healthy way to do things that. In terms of going to the grocery store the one of the 1st foods that were not available is even the this that this soya milk sort of the all that milk or any kind of dairy even I'm just gonna And they say you could only get one or 2 well within within less than a week they took the signs now you take as much as you want because the initial hearting was over you know at that point we're just getting enough to use to stock up and so they're going to take as much as you want what because discouraged plan they had and had more products available and so now there was there's really no problem and least in the stores I went there was there was no problem getting the majority of what you needed except for the 1st meat of panic. And so on and so a big Mickey is most families can go to the grocery store once a week you know send your representative which is usually me and because I was afraid to go initially I was wearing the the the fireman's now. Goggles but after a time I realized that that was unnecessary and I just wear a man's inspection and see what everybody starts wearing a mask and then it becomes very safe sure what's not safe is when other people are wearing masks gas so this isn't the initial idea of wearing a mask exactly her ball there was never any sign that that was you know whoever started down it whoever perpetrated that it was it was awfully schnapps it was all foolishness Well I think even worse than that it was intentional deception and that's one reason why people have a hard time believing Yeah yeah things like that make the Senate go on Fortunately And so but the good news is that after a time bomb incidents came back. Front and center and we realize now that this has been true you know for for decades and decades all other kinds of things that have been have experienced a pandemic that now is soon this is a problem everybody wears mad that's why everybody has a map and that's why we should learn our lesson and that everybody should have their sentiments bailable cause this is not going away this is going to become a recurring problem you know when I was in Tokyo 30 years ago. I was shocked to see people wearing masks at what is now in the doctor's there explain that law somebody has has a cold or flu or they're in a house with somebody who has it it's just common courtesy here in Japan meekness they all wear masks as a sign that we're not going to we're not going to that that the people that I mean it's common sense right so we should be doing the same thing and the people at risk you know I always wear a man's. Went when exposed to people that are new they're not normally around and you know if we did that all the stories other social then this scene restrictions could have been far less severe if internationally really just focused on man wow I mean you have Sweden as a great example compared to Norway and Norwegian right it's all Norway lockdowns meet in the not very similar countries and honest the fiscal basis while Sweden does have more cases and more Das It's not that big of a difference between them in Norway even the Sweden never lock everybody of their restaurants they don't rent out except where it's not run and so that the major clue that the whole issue with lockdown has been all over emphasis on what we need to do now is is it's really emphasized is the importance of healthy behaviors the importance of getting outside and getting sunlight so I didn't when I was a day and to individuals in our community that have not come out of their house in 45 day. That is a missed application the data that the data are always that good outside right that we won we gave a talk about the importance of fresh air and sunlight. Opening the windows in the doors and let the you know ventilating the house several times a day even if it's cold out but also. Getting outside I mean it's it's not like you're on this break you know in a hustle and bustle New York City if you go outside I mean most waste is you get outside you have a run yard you have a backyard and take advantage of it so even if you don't go anywhere outside of your immediate property it's long as you're getting exposed to fresh air and sunshine you can walk around your house and you know you can just walk back and forth in your backyard or your front yard but you can do more than that as well you can go for a walk in your neighborhood there's nothing wrong with that there's no there's no rule against that even in it but if you do if you go outside of your immediate. Yard it's good to have a mass with you if there's nobody around you have to have a mask other than the guideline right but the principle is you wear a mask only if you're somebody near you within 6 feet that could possibly infect you right not mean that's the principle that that that the spirit of the law and so so if you go for a walk or a bike ride or I like to go biking with my kids or skateboarding with them and that's great exercise we're going to go walking in the knees or in the morning we need to be doing that more consistently than the normal there's no there's no risk in doing that in fact if fact that lowers your risk if you do it sure that's not make so much sense now 2 of the things that I want to talk about here but in the time we've got left doctor and we're going one is so many people are are not working because their offices are closed because of social distancing theory etc What would you say about getting back into a less social distanced world weather and we'll talk about church in a minute but 1st let's talk about business. So so essentially. That's another thing that I think in retrospect we really over react I mean I did it I'm going to Central worker and I actually moved all I don't have to do that now I said you know what you're still many I'm downs because I can't. Change my phone system the Ring Central so that my staff didn't answer the phone anywhere in the country you know and we're still a dialogue and so we just moved everything to our respective homes or other locations that were not part of a medical group building right there at that time that made good sense in retrospect it probably wasn't necessary but I've enjoyed actually need you know working from home I've enjoyed doing all my business it's on a column that is in using zoom and and Chris I do that for patients all around the country already anyway so it didn't really change how I operated rather than just central planning you know everything everything's done some work well so I would say this is now I would have no problem moving back into my clinic right now if it was if it was. Convenient for me to do some Ok Now what about other people that basically are were told they could not be at work or because they're not considered essential workers well could never reality Dan is that everybody's an essential work sure Ok I mean if our economy has already suffered so much that you Qantas are saying that it's going to be years before it recovers and all. That's true and again and that to me is far more devastating than in other words more people could die because of the shot than then then we're say because of the jump. And it Chris that's that's a projection that's an estimate just like everything else has been so far but we know that because of the shutdown that cases of child abuse of sexual abuse of spousal abuse of homicide. You know basically all these things have gone up. At least in the family unit they have gone and because of the stressors associated with shuttin this the economic stress of where or how we're going to pay the bills how we're going to pay the rent and so our cars our state have to be more rigorous about following the science. Initiating a an appropriate reintroduction into to normal economic status and so I would say that every every business not only has the right but has the potential to open up follies certain guidelines where they're opened up in a way that you either the limiting the number of people that go into the place of business or there are they're wearing a mask right and so if you're doing those 2 things right there you should absolutely be no reason why why businesses can't open up Ok now because if you get if you can go into a grocery store. Which is usually much more crowded then this typical place of business right Ok then then as long as business is. You know signs on the dotted line that they're going to follow up writ guidelines which are basically make sure that people were en mass and and you know. And limit the number of people that are coming in and limit their ability to to be in too close contact with each other sure so to me that's an obvious thing and I'm hoping that our elected officials will will start paying more attention put that because every day that goes by without people working there is going to be many unintended consequences that come from here now when you come to activities like church a church is a very special thing with a deep spiritual thing out here in Fallbrook and across 70 evidence churches across the nation we've adapted pretty well I mean not reducing zooms just like what you and I are doing right now I think I had 57 connections last Sabbath for the Sabbath school class 1234 I don't know what people are these connections are church services being You Tube's streams streamed live on You Tube So we've adapted to that there are some people that are falling through the cracks a little bit because they don't have access to the technology perhaps we're trying to make sure we take stay in close touch by telephone and I know some people go and ring the doorbell and stand back the team be just talking kind of shout at each other there's got to be those things but when it talks when we talk about really easing back into a worship service alive worship service we have people of all ages What do you think is a guide because I know a lot of conferences a lot of churches are starting to think how do we go back to do this nobody wants the 1st. Because of the potential liability they don't want to be the ones that cause more of these Desta happened what do you think What's the council what's the council for yeah I think right now we're playing it's more of a perception war as more of a political issue. Unfortunately And so within we have to we have you know understand the implications of the perception and so the media with it immediately come down in any any church organization like they did in New York with the Jewish organizations or you know it's kind of sad how they're really coming down I mean they're just following their culture and I'm uncomfortable with the government knowledge somebody they can't follow the their cultural traditions of thousands of years. As if there's never been a pandemic in the past right that this is this is a whole new approach to dealing with pandemics and like I said I think I think we're where richness not like we have the ball of being passed around to millions of people which course would never happen because Ebola kills the quickly but so I think we need to be very thoughtful as we consider the future steps I really think that the 1st is to make sure that we're working with our with our city officials and and our our county officials to ensure that appropriate testing is being done and I think that's that's an area. Where we've really been or as as as a country dropped the ball we we we have to we have to make sure that you have a kind of the bailout will not easily available under short amount of 100 and especially that response relations or I would say this report unit than that in our congregation the whole roughly 400 members no one to our knowledge has has gotten close to 900 and certainly nobody has succumbed to it now Chen I would suspect that that more than a few did come down with help admitting you know I would be surprised if I did that at some point. But I actually had an antibiotic test on me done because the administrator of the medical group I used to work for. You know he actually offered me the test not the 1st doctor that they jack and I and I came back negative but you know these past are there's only one test that's at the root and and they're questionable and they're in fact right there in their sensitivity and special business the bat but it's that's still that's all we have right now so we should move forward with good casting so that if somebody finds out that they have issues we can learn more about maybe how that came to be and 6 now so I think the most important thing to do is get people tested so that there are when and that's the whole the whole thing about testing so we know what's going on is not a real body and number 2 is we need to educate the average population which we've been doing in our church for decades we have as far as you know what what's the what's the downside of being a diabetic if you are a diabetic What do you do about it and we have the diabetes and some programs not these other programs available that will literally mitigate the risk of complications from diabetes which which at the same time. Mitigate the risk of cold at night or the beauty of it so so if we keep educating our response relation and then educate them so well that they are at lower risk but also that they recognize that they need to have different behaviors then maybe the rest the best that are not at high risk and this becomes tricky because people say well I should have the same ability to go to church as anybody else well if you have if you have the flu are somebody in your family has the bad. Do we have the access all right to go to church and in fact other people who might be at risk you know pass it around Yeah so I mean that and I believe that has to be done in a personal level you know mandating things can be can lead to real real challenges very quickly politically and so I think I think are encouraging it is educating people like you if there's any possibility that you could be sick with any virus. The respiratory nature that can be spread easily you should stay home period whether you're working where the are sent your work or not you should stay home until you're better right now are restart ethical responsibility and take accountability it's all so that's number one and number 2 the average population the diabetics accept they need to be more much more thoughtful about reintroducing into activity even when they're social distancing and play. Because there are higher rents right as well so resonant and Rex Grossman if I were being asked I was asked by the corona virus down and I'm not going to be asked that if I was asked what my advice would be in reckless what my Monday morning quarterbacking would be I would say we overreacted in shutting down everybody regardless of their response going to work we should have never done that we didn't have actually been evidence knew that we just overreacted and it went along with it because there are so many unknowns we should have we should have allowed the not at risk population which is over 80 percent of the population to work follies certain you know where no mass rallies certainly make sure the washing your hands all those things we've been learning. But it's those those that were high risk they should have been told You need to stay home until we learn more. Because we didn't do that that's why we're in the position we are with our economy and with our national indebtedness. That was already horrifying now no catapulted to unreasonable levels that are that are putting all of us at greater risk will we get that there can and there will be inflation Ok there is inflation going on now but you know I'm thinking in terms of the future you know 3 months is gone by like that one thing I've discovered being at home and me working from home you know we've been able to social distance at my office here and all broken and I go in 2 days a week and other people go in but nobody's at same time but I think we passed the point where that and probably be changed mitigated we can mitigate the mitigation I think. That's right totally agree I think we need to we need to move forward with that we just need to focus on educating the public on how to do this but not keep saying we're waiting we're waiting we're waiting because every day that goes by people's lives are being ruined. More so they called it one thing sure sure now with the things we've already learned like you said this is Monday morning after the game and you can look back and say Ok we overreacted there are certain things like for instance learning about zinc and copper and how important that is in the whole process because it's very likely that this is going to hang around for a while and go see a little resurgence in the fall maybe next year I don't know but certainly if it comes back around we need to be able to approach it differently and be prepared in our own minds or how to approach it differently that is not so devastating. And recognize that there are certain ones among us that are much higher risk and we need to minister to those people and help them and create as much normalcy me as we can so that they're not going to be adversely affected by serious illness or death. Abs Absolutely we need to understand where the people. Who the people are that are at risk and then do. The do everything we can to minimize the rest your education but also that you know these nursing homes you know we've got to rethink nursing homes. Between need to you know maybe maybe there's something to the area society that make sure that they're living situations are where there's there's always a place for mom and dad. And dad and so that these nursing homes not become less and less necessary and they're And these individuals are in a in a family situation that is much healthier and less risky Well I certainly I think areas of policy in states and federal and county and and City those are all going to undergo a massive review and rightly so it's having been a nursing home illustrator at one point in my life Ok I look at the whole idea of having the admission of covert 900 patients into a nursing home as almost unconscious is unconscionable where you have a place where it will get loose among the population that's very high risk and one of our safe did that and it's very clear and I just I'm appalled those are the kind of things that we need to make sure those kind of mistakes never happen again and we respect those among us who are at the greatest need well listen I think today we've spent a little over an hour talking now whether we can do this again we're in a new era now we're we're past that that 45 day lockdown time so let's find the talk again in the meantime I know that you're getting ready for Sabbath and so are we yeah. I hope that we can enjoy a wonderful Sabbath with our church family and this will be up so people can in watch and and get up to date on where we're at in woman or to do this again and maybe we can and yes and so for those that want more information about about natural ways to to optimize enhance them uses them which means increase them use system's ability to wake up in life the barest earlier on which then decreases the overactivity the overreaching of the immune system later on yes it's not really a an adaptive genic modulating attack on the new systems of brings up the low immune system during these the b. and deactivate an excess immune system when it's in x. So so then you protocol that I've actually updated in the last few days is available on my website the are younger doc on. That it's right there on the mole home page you just click on that in the 1st post and you can see all the links and the links to our past presentations that you and I have done and ahead there is these discussions there are other professional videos on high growth there at the end and understanding just hope I'll post Birol send grown concerned and you know all the reasons that we need to motivators that we need to stay focused on this because it's going to be around a long time and we gotta get our economy going again and we have to take care of the people there at night and that's right well our next visit the other Wes will talk about post-viral syndrome right you know we get that right after all right good talking to you and God bless and watching. You as well thanks. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know. 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