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Passover and COVID 19

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, show the significance of the passover service during the time of the 10 plagues of Egypt. How is this significant as we go though this COVID 19 pandemic.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • April 8, 2020
    12:15 PM
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Father in Heaven Lord bless us today as we talk about the time you passed over and the plagues passed away and we are praying that this plague that has come on our land and around the world will also pass away and we're wanting to to. Distance ourselves shut ourselves in with you for a few moments that we might understand more of the blood and more of your cleansing and that comes as a result of this following of your instructions or a least remembering your instructions at the time of Passover when we think you would come in Christ's name Amen and Jesus was a very interesting teacher and he liked to what would you say flip the script so Jesus was always flipping the classroom around he. He would say things that caught people off guard he knew all the parables the rabbinic Pat parables of the 1st centuries and he would take those parables and then he would turn them on there in everybody knew what he was talking about because he would take the parables of the teachers and then he would just flip them on in and this really upset the teachers of that day can you see that they're a little upset and like I can't believe he did that he flipped the script I guess the well we're going to get him and Jesus was joyful he was solemn we had joyful. Mark to the disciples of John the Pharisees were fasting then came and said Why do the disciples of John of the 1st these fast but your disciples do not fat than Jesus said to them Can the friends of the by groom fast whether bridegroom is with them as long as they have the bridegroom they cannot fast it's a time of joy because Jesus the bridegroom is with them so Joy. That I've never seen pictures of Jesus smiling sometimes were almost against of them he says no no no no no no. The man of sorrow is a queen with grief that's true never smiled I don't believe it for a minute I believe Jesus could smile I know I know you're not sitting close to anybody but look at the person that's that's that's as close to you as possible that which is like 10 feet away and smile at them so. The smiling joyful Jesus the book of the generation of Jesus Christ the Son of David the son of a brave This is the day the Lord is meant let us made let us be let us be what glad and rejoice in it and I hope none of you are taking pictures tonight that you will post that is not going to help anybody maybe for your own remembrance. This is the day that the Lord is meant let may let us be what glad and rejoice in it make a joyful noise to the Lord all the lands serve the Lord with what gladness break forth in the joyous song and sing praises let the rivers clap their hands let the Hill saying for joy together our miles were filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of of joy. That says the common people heard him gladly or with delight So Kristen said be the most cheerful and happy people that live. They may have the consciousness of God as their father their everlasting friend but many professed Christians do not correctly represent the Christian religion they appear gloomy as if under a cloud I want to say that perhaps the person that looks that way does not understand the character of God It looks like they've been baptized in pickle juice in the. Simply don't understand the joy of the Lord you can have sorrow enough without acting sorrowful yourself remember once I was playing. Basketball and my. Confidence in myself was very small because I had never played before and had a very unusual bad experience in the 1st game I ever played I knew so little about it I won't go into it because it would just create laughter but it was an unfortunate experience and so the next time I went back I told her he would want to pick me in and my mother heard me talk he says you know as enough people who are going to beat you up in life just don't beat yourself up this way for them to do it. In other words don't walk around the gloom and sorrow you're going to have sorrow enough in your life so don't borrow it from the future so Jesus was filled with joy and Christians are filled with joy now what was teases purpose in the last supper they believe this is like this is the traditional site for where the Last Supper was if you go on a tour to Israel or with us we'll take you there. You know the purpose was well there's there's a. What was the purpose of the Last Supper why it was a farewell It was a Passover celebration as a purpose and what was the purpose of the Passover celebration Passover Sela bracing for the hint the purpose of the Passover was to do what celebrate way that God had delivered in the and the purpose for Christ to have the Passover was not only so that God had delivered in the. But he was going to deliver in the. Exactly that p.c.i. guy there. Like a little horn of a No 7. This is another one of the traditional sights there of the Christ one for the last supper and then of course you have the tomb and we go there we many times will celebrate the supper they're out at last supper the source the basic source of the ancient path of reform is a tract a pasha Keim or Pasco Passover in the mission in the mission was written down in about $8200.00 by Rabbi Judah Han Nasi who received the oral tradition dating back to Rabbi hell ial who lived in the century before Christ and the Passover was a festival occasion a celebration of the nations released from Egyptian bond is only later with Jesus' disciples realize the irony of this joyous occasion that pointed to the death of the Messiah I don't think it was still joyful then but that was its purpose and the atmosphere in the setting it was a place to really just kind of relax and celebrate it was one of total relaxation they would recall Klein around the low table about 18 inches high sprawled on pill is being served by. The Help or by. Servants if you want to have this this type of. Being close to the ground he would go to maybe the Kin Joe's house so there's tears I notice today or very close to the ground. I mean you've been the kids out in the. Paster rich a Korean culture many times are very close to the ground the little tables girl and so this is kind of relaxed and they would kind of lay on these chairs that they were they were not having to sit up they would lay down you can see those match down there they're laying down and they would all lay the same way so the social distancing or physical distancing was not really big in these these celebrations it was kind of laying on you know laying around a table that was close of the ground take off your shoes let's have a good time in the seating the head of the family said at one in the guests were to wrap around the table either from the most important to the. From the most important to the other and this was a typical order of the meal was not just one cup it was for chops and. They would drink these 4 cups of this talk about them as they celebrated them so Jesus would flip the script of Passover began at the temple in the in the service within the on Friday night at home so they would go to the temple and begin the service there the celebration and then when it ended Home Instead Jesus celebrated the meal on Thursday night why he celebrated on Thursday night because he was going to be the Lamb of God he would be a sacrifice on the 1st scene of the Passover at the same time the last lamb was sacrificed in the temple so he has that that celebrates celibate Tory feast before that. When the head of the family came from the synagogue his hands were washed by the servants and sometimes now as they have the Seder meal they have the kids wash everybody's hands so they all wash their hands they they would take that mean they would take water and wash their hands of everybody every family member had their feet washed by a common servant but instead Jesus did not have anybody wash his hands but he himself washed the feet of everybody else this would have totally caught them off guard what you're washing. My feet they would have thought this was most odd but what really got their attention and this is why Peter so strongly reacted what you're washing my feet. I tell you the truth no servant is greater than his master nor is a messenger greater the one who sent Him Jesus said by the way if you want to read all about the Passover where would you read about it in the New Testament. John 131-415-1617 extension 18 that's how many chapters are dedicated to the Vassar right this is Jesus telling the Passover in these following the very script of the meal that they would see and if you want to read another kind of service they would recount they would read all through the Book of Exodus to sow the exodus by the New Testament probably the most similar of the history of Israel with the x.x. and 7. And 8 we read the whole history of his Remember how Stephen did that and he read the whole history of this was so they would read the whole history the meal lasted 11 o'clock at night. They would rid the house of leaven they would wash the feet and hands and this is why we have foot washing as well Number 3 during the meal the story is told of the Exodus it was retold will last 2 to 3 hours and when the hour and come Jesus in his op was recalled the Apostles reclined at the table and he said to them I have eagerly desired eat this Passover of you before I suffer for I'll tell you all night is again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God So there they are reviewing all the history and what was all that history about pointing to. Jesus the Lamb of God and it was like the saying look I brought you out and I'm about ready to bring you out again the celebrating joyfully what had been accomplished and preparing for what was about to be accomplished Jesus begins to live out the story of the final Exodus John 301-415-1617 Like I said but also in Revelation Chapter 10 through 22 starts in the water with Jesus' feet on the water in the land and in with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb Revelation $22.00 Jesus is flipping the script and after that word to go after eate the meal John 18 were to go garden of 70 so if you want to read this more fully look at it and by the way I think would be a great thing to do on this weekend now you go to the garden assuming they have these olive trees you 2000 years old a thing. Or something to look at then the telling on the main topic was the more the Passover Exodus 12. They had been past tense say by the blood of the Lamb and he would bring the story in the present truth by saying this is my body given for you this do in remembrance of me another words us no longer the Passover Lamb that was back then and that was victorious it brought people up but now what I am the Passover Lamb I'm the body that's about to be sacrificed he's flipping the script rather than having people wash his feet he washes their feet rather than talking about the lamb that they were about to eat he said I am the land that's about to be sacrificed for you Behold the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world I'm about to be fully consumed for you Hala cost is where we get the word holocaust completely consumed for you number 5 the bread at the beginning the Passover a piece of bread was cut into 3 pieces 1st 2 were set on the table the last one is broken into is broken into it was hid. Afikomen for the children to search for it in the middle of the child who found the African woman receives a reward from the father some of her gesture the 3 pieces were Abraham Isaac and Jacob others say father son in the Holy Spirit Jesus is the bread that was right in the middle broken into for them broken asunder Likewise those who find Jesus the hidden bread will be given the reward of eternal life so that unleavened bread the sinless savior and then the 4 cups the 4 cups of wine that were drunk during the Seder were the represent the fulfillment of God I will statements in Exodus one of the I Will statements Exodus 66 and 7 read with the. Therefore say to the Israelites I am the Lord and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians drinking cup number one cup number 2 read with me I will free you from being slaves to them Come number 2 come Number 3 I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and mighty acts of judgment had that happened and then a cup number 4 I will take you as my own people and I will be your guide then you will know that I am the Lord your God who brought you out from the yoke of the the Egyptians I am your Yahoo way Elo he Yahoo a lord of all capital letters the Judds who came down with the place the does but also got l o Heene That is the one who's in covenant relationship with you how many we've ever studied anything about the covenant today. And there you were in my class actually listening to the cup of freedom he gives freedom from bondage the bondage of sin the cup of deliverance he gives freedom from the power of sin the cup of redemption he saves and gives eternal life the cup of covenant he takes this as his own people these were the 4 cups not one company like we have in our community celebration but how many cups 4 cups well known for actually 5 that you know there are 5 kids I'm about to show you that. In the telling of the Haga there's a 5th cup of wine and nobody drinks this camp at least back then a compass called the cup of the light it with a cup of the anger of God the door open the head of the family reads 3 verses from the Bible or of Tyrol for the nations that do not acknowledge you on the King of the Do Not Call on your name for they have devoured Jacob and destroyed his homeland may their place be deserted may there be no one to dwell in their tents pursue them in anger and destroy them from under the heavens of the Lord and this was the cup of allegiance and they taught that before the Messiah would come Eliza would come would recut return again before the Great and Mighty day of the Lord and I said this this Kathy based it wouldn't drink it that just mention it but here's the beauty of Jesus again flips the script put the seed to Jesus knew the 5th cup very well it is the cup of the anger of God which is Puerto on the Messiah who is bearing on him all the sins of the world the sins of Israel the sins of all the nations all the curses he just gave out he takes this is why he can be the judge and be just still because he took the Judge been which he passes out for you and for me Matthew 2022 you don't know what you're asking Jesus said to His disciples Can you drink the cup that are about to drink we've already had the 4 cups that the meal boom boom for caps but there's another cask that I'm drinking for you what is that cup to come up a cup of judgement and to Similarly Jesus prayed to his father about the 5th cup going a little further he fell on his face the ground by my father if it's possible made this cup be taken from me you know none as I will but as you will. You know the celebration had all been of joy what had happened in the path all the recounting but now we have flipped the script and he is a look. Not just joy and now it's suffering for you who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross and who was the joy that was set before him the people he had prayed for when in John 17 just before John 18. And who are those people his disciples and you I don't pray for them only but all all who Billy how Passover I'm going to be the lamb that is slain while you are in the solitary quarantine with your family while you are inside the come outside don't go don't come outside or you will take the judgment stay inside quarantine your cell while I take the judgment for you the only people the only people who sons die that night were the ones who did not believe in the Lamb of God those the did not take the quarantine seriously from the pandemic of sin they stayed inside and what was he doing he was drinking the 5th cup when the disciples one of the fend him when he was arrested he knew what time the that the time to drink it arrived he said to them put your sort of way shall I not drink the cup the father. He was the Lamb dying he was that blood on the outer door post he was the one protecting them from the pandemic of sent. And then if they followed the quarantine orders he paid the price that that plague that virus would not take away their brain life and breath I say to you and now and how many you think that's now joyful when the there was startled how many joy in that now I say to you I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until the day I drink it new with you in my Father's Kingdom the Jews taught to the lies of what a part would appear prior to the coming the Messiah I will bring you to the land concerning which I raise my hand to give the Abraham Isaac and Abel I will give it to you as a heritage I am the Lord look how many of you want to take advantage of the land that he has laid hold of for you Jesus who is the prophet Elijah who is the priest Moses and who is the King David will again return and take us to the Jerusalem above can you tell why I talked about Passover tonight because it's passive and the one of them are 2 because it has a lot to say to us who are quarantined for this day some to let with my dad when I was talking to about this earlier that you thought that's only a day and well. Sometimes a day was a year by a prophecy she's like that how many things were still in the time period where we need to be shut in with Jesus we need to have our hearts cleanse from 11 am sin and we need to be covered from the blood of all it and how many think we don't need to get out of that situation we need to be in with the family of God covered by the blood of the Lamb saying goodbye to the leaven of sinfulness rejoicing in the fact. That he delivered that he gives victory the there's always a but rejoice in the fact that he took my judgment he took your judgment he drank the Cup I don't want to go out from Jesus how many don't want to go on from Jesus I want to stay right there with him and that's the picture of Passover let's pray Father haven't. We're learning many lessons during this time of Corentin just like he Children of Israel learned many lessons as the plague hit both the children of Israel and the Egyptians and finally begin to focus more in on the Egyptians but only through the choice of staying protected in the blood and help us to desire to come out of Egypt was not representing any ethnic group now God is not against Egyptians but Egypt in the symbolism the Bible is where our Lord also was crucify the reject it represents those who like Pharaoh said I don't believe in God I mean we want to come out of that we don't want to have a godless life we want to come out of Egypt we want to escape the place of bondage go forward. And we want to overcome not by our own strength we can do it by. By the word of our testimony and that test will be about the blood of the land so fill our hearts with joy recognizing more of what each of those cups mean but especially that our Savior our master our friend. Drank the 5th cup. That we might have to one except the get together. Thank you come across. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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