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The Good News Gospel

John Miller



  • March 26, 2010
    11:00 AM
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go ahead and our hands before we get into messes going above and have in mind when you think you some Tuesday father rethinking for my friends your OIC and downward for their willingness to step out in faith or the Communists this conference to know you more Lord Sue to learn how to share hope with people and father pray that the words of a sailor won't be mind that they would be yours and that many people like to be blessed and be motivated to serve you with all the parts of my brain just name and I'm all right title my presentation this morning and the good news gospel to the gospel is good news then I'm identifiable steroid nature Luke chapter eight forensic a look at a story found in the gospel of Luke Luke chapter eights in a different night with the story and lives after aides you remember that this is the same story words is a thing of the disciples got on the boat and never failing across in Galilee and the wind and the waves came right November the story when the wave came and use of their and he fell sleep on the boat with Siebel started to freak out and adopted there any top flight of Jesus they will do is up existed what is that underneath that piece these fill in the wind and the waves were called city to imagine the confidence of the disciples and have at this point because they just witnessed Jesus the one in the way of knowing a never done it before and no one 's ever done offense and then and so it the sword over and take a look at takes a meeting take place immediately following this story that is a madly confident that they should be stepping off the boat knowing that they are with the right guy and then look to get up in verse twenty six dozen they sailed to the country of the gatherings which is opposite of Galilee and when he is Jesus stop that all the land there met him a certain man from the city when demons for a long time anymore no close nor to be live in a house in an attempt so immediately with the writer at the very beginning of the story I assume that if I only used about the vote there the problem Ryan what's the problem is a demon possessed man I idolize you but if we were to leave this now conference here today and go out on it and the public then and right through the last person I would be a problem right and I and so we see that there is a problem now imagine here Jesus Neil and his disciples had just witnessed what happened there on the Sea of Galilee so you think the disciples would be pretty Kaufman right now hey if you know are the right guy so when this demon possessed man started to run them what you think happened they started to run through profit so that they ran away they ran away from honest man out of after them but the Jesus runaway knowledge is not back down he did not run away and I ensued were pretty familiar with the story as now Jesus I see he this man come to Jesus and you thousand hey what's your name instead legion because meeting with an end of him ranked as the Jesus and the past been the demons into the herd of swine and they run off the cliff right okay let's look to get up your solicitor the problem with every problem there is a solution and I'm an dollar figure out what the solution was a three verse thirty four and thirty five says that when those who fed them saw what happened they fled and they told in the city in the country then they came out to see what it happened and came to Jesus and found the man from whom the demons had departed sitting at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind and they were afraid so here we see this man he takes this problem a bring this problem can see the MN at the best thing to do whenever we have a prop what problem the dealer and then and that was taken from the US and give within the solution Jesus cast the demon out we know that in and everyone in the city companies missing this man sitting up if you do with spending time with you this MN Bible holding mouth about beholding we become changed and so this man had to spend time with you the Jesus phone more and more in love with you this and I wanted to spend so much time with him and that we see that my city had use this being we come into our right minds and then before many of us came to know or have a saving relationship with the less we were not in our right minds every some of us were out of our minds unless you know I had dreamed to do things much differently than what were doing out for me I had a dream I want to be the president of United States I don't doubt be awesome I I thought it be really cool on the politics work my way up don't go to Washington and you're not being Benigno and God had other plans and then his plans are in the best plans and so on by sitting at his feet we come into her right mind and what's a result of spending time with you this use only got there anyone at show but let's see what the result was of this man is big and ugly chapter eight verse thirty six since they also who would seen it told them by what means he would been demon possessed was healed in the whole region the whole multitude of the surrounding region of the gatherings asked Jesus to depart from them for they received with great fear and he got into the boat and returned when the man from whom the demons had departed big Jesus that he might be with him but Jesus sent him away saying return to your own house and tell what great things God has done for you can you imagine this guy is so excited he is so excited and spending time with you the finances of the and and you look at getting kicked out of the city here for what existed and in this man like what we'll do that for the one way and the Minnesota myth running time at the three-hour nosiness for everything that goes apology the former and ideals of the Republic mostly wanted to go into the Fed no right is that now you have MSN you have a job you have to go back and shared the great things that I've done for you and we pick it up in any state so we see that the results of a springtime if you live in that we wanted to evangelism and then we want to go out there and want to share the good news with others like passage worth of last night we do not well if we're not sharing and then so let's let's continue on verse thirty nine says return to Houston celebrate things God has done for you he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for him and so it was when Jesus returned that the multitude welcomed them for they were all waiting for him a man I love the story of so exciting this man had a real genuine experience with Christ anyway he was sharing with people and youth came back a second time there is a great multitude ready and waiting and then I believe that could happen here today and I'm many people to come to know Christ as a result and exciting things they were better than other questions regardless morning the question from publishing ministry page three forty nine said what every Seventh-day Adventists ask himself what can I do to proclaim the third Angels message I get rashes I question what can I do for God what can I do and I says Christ came to this world to give this message to his servant to get to the churches this we proclaim to every nation kindred tongue and people for the big mission right now to take the gospel the everlasting gospel to the entire world and another huge mission and bidding on government help with MN and I continue life as well how are we to get it are we to do it this division what one means by which the methods is to be proclaimed but every believer scattered broadcast tracks and leave open bugs contain methods for the fine but then read their literature is one mean that the only means that we can survey the people but at the very very effective way of sharing our faith in a very quick way of doing it and then if you can't when you go to Walmart you can't just sit down with the person at the cashier at there and just do a Bible study Daniel to be pretty hard that the person could get fired or you could end up having a line of thirty people behind you and that might not be good so so this is one really great way of reaching a lot of people sent to question three how menu here are believers this morning amen RA letter gives me prove that you raise your hand at your believer and energy razor enemy that you have a hand and you can take attract and you can put it into the hand of someone else and I'm so is it's not easy and that's why dwellers come into existence of the program of the acronym stands for giving light to our world one page at a time and it's it started about two years ago in central California conference and spreading like wildfire and then over eleven conferences now are involved in this program I just moved up here to Washington to start this program enough into my friend so when the number climate conference in Middleton Idaho so it's spreading out like crazy up here in the Northwest to you and us was pretty exciting if you have gotten the blessing the purpose of what was to provide every willing heart a church member with the tools and training necessary to become literature evangelist now when you think of the word literature evangelists most of you probably think of someone doing this knocking on doors right selling buttocks and blitzer vandalism MN medical intervention uncle quartering were axially doing a summer magnet program this summer in Seattle Washington which is pretty exciting the first time that the Diane and quite a few years and but that is not all the major men and women filled with adrenaline is so much more than just knocking on doors during the summertime when the Germans of them is not taking literature wherever you go and distributed a man literature mandolin by lifestyle government is off if the media evangelists during a certain portion of the year and I'm really want this to be evangelists wherever we go and I'm so our mission is a good Bible -based literature and every hand that will receive it Mangini is regardless morning there the water handout there other dinner receive it amen screw profits of the review and Herald June ten eighteen eighty paragraph nine of those carry with you wherever you go a package of select tracks which can hand out as income opportunity and important results will follow and then so are trying to follow the counsel here on from the spirit of prophecies would carry a package of select tracks again it's good to have a variety because you come across people that have a variety of different needs are going to different circumstances different area all in different places in life so it's good to have a variety there and I like the end of this court is that important results will follow amen the results are in God 's hands within God 's Word God methods aim to help take it and make it effective a man will not come back to employ what the Scriptures say and so on the back of each one of these tracks people have the opportunity to sign up for Bible studies and then pretty exciting people can go online they can call as they can write us handwritten letters sometimes I get that surprising and and so it is pretty maybe and see how it's worth it people people plan for models of the line what we do and before that to the local church and or if they want correspondent levels are reported to amazing facts we can get the corresponding Bible studies literature is powerful if I were to go across this room and after you have what it for the friendlier wife I'm sure many of you could say yes most of you all and you could probably say yes to some capacity exchange led maybe some anemia but maybe someday be a flyer and evangelistic series or maybe that happens your path not slated today and it's the literature is powerful and can be used for good and can also be used for evil we look at at the Bible we see in second Kings chapter twenty two and twenty three downtime to go there this morning I can be your homework assignment that the really exciting story during this time and thinking straight and twenty three Israel is an apostasy they turned away from God and in fact they're not following what's written in the law at all in fact they didn't even know where it was and hell kind of priests he found the book of the law and he shared it with Kansas I remember him the young king the king who was only eight years old when he first started and and and and amazing things happen Josiah restored true worship to Israel and then the end of reading the book of the line in front of the entire nation of Israel they all repent and I believe a similar situation could happen here if people worth it were to understand that the God still cares for them if we were to give them something to let them know hey I got eleven and you want to transform their lives people will change people will realize that the God of the God of love as we look at history we can see how literature is been used for evil we see what happened during World War II with Hitler and the propaganda that he spread all across this country influencing millions of people to believe the same way that he did and so that was used that's one example of how it's been used in a negative way we also see when I go to the grocery stores and arena go to Walmart when you see in the checkout aisles trash right is reporting this literature you see the literature that's not enough help you get closer to Christ but literature that's going to bring you down farther and farther and so we as Christians have a duty to get out to the literature and I'm the Sarah failed the people do not driving me any kind of literature we do the word out and I'm in believe it or not golden opportunity the current daily or we can hand out tracts the people God has divine appointment Doctor forth every single day and often times our eyes are closed and we don't realize the things that we must ask God to open our eyes that we can see these amazing opportunity that has for us through the fairway then you can glow you can give life to our world the first and most practical thing is through intentional sharing taking tracks with you wherever you go when you go to the grocery store when you go to auto shops the mall wherever you go you can glow and then you can give life to our world and you know ever study of all the people program of about two years ago I was that I had to contract with me knows hungry one day so went to Winco meet my friend and I and all we needed to get with the avocados in Manhattan in the economic artist of the connections damages and into my friend Mister Brent avocados I went to go stand out in the checkout line and so here I am at Winco and check out Lionel had anything rang at anything you check out with them hoping my friend gets back on time and hear him humming low tracks and all of a sudden the person visiting person in front of me in fact I feel impressed by the Holy Spirit need to talk to this person and it turned out that this was the register ordinary Joe but this was a big half rough looking men like he looked like you'd be interested in spiritual things like all memory sure but that he lately he lay the burden on my heart and and so I I step out in faith excuse Mister do you like to read in a man like that me he said no he said now I don't like to read but when I do read I like to read the Bible amen I almost fell over I was not expecting that but the what I've been praying the Lord brother will be like to read the Bible you love this game in my blog track MN I gave him some literature so that he can learn more about the Bible if I want about that man a question like that I would've never known you know the Bible for them and lets an hour on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart and then run the strategies in a less nice than its intentional single table attracted to gas stations you can put on the gas pumps of the person that comes after you can pump the gas and read them through the literature and then you also leave literature there and restaurants with your tip that the great great place to do again obviously that waiter waitress and no one answered the payment and delete them let them great literature to read also bill payments you know sometimes you get those credit cards all that stuff in the mail I have the prepaid postage on it right you can actually stick the blood tracks in there and mail it off amen someone in Timbuktu and can get and learn more about Jesus and that the great place to do it actually in the Washington conference we are aware that in Outlook tracks with all of all of the bulimic than out of the comments on this which is pretty exciting though on you can also tracks like on a desk over there it's her office and gives everybody worked with another great way to the glow is through large gatherings like promise keepers are concerts in fact when I was in central California there were the villagers that will defend our ministers are pretty active with the glow and actually they there the concert going on any area Christian rock concert in the glow leader got got on the phone he called everybody yet is that they gather this concert going on you want to come over and we cannot tracks everybody and so you get about ten to fifteen people there and they were just waiting for the concert doors open out there that isn't caught fire thereto and that the group ended up printer like Lord please know I don't I know it would would would happen there with the constant please know how them go someplace else the sure enough other than as a name then the cops are starting to leave in the door the MacArthur opened up and founding the Christian start coming out and then and they handed out over six thousand tracks in a half an hour and then pretty exciting we can reach a lot of people very quickly in a short amount of time and these were people that are coming to a concert hopefully because they wanted to know Jesus better and then so large outings is a great place you can also put literature on cars unless it was on the doors I recommend the doors open more convenient for the people on here in the Northwest so I discovered that it rains a lot especially where I'm in Seattle and reigns upon all the time and so I haven't been Arena Dayton in a plastic baggie and then put it on the car and the creative about it can also give the Lord school a great place to share with their friends told the newspaper I meant for herbal extracts of DVDs like the Pennysaver or early your local newspaper you can also put a literature and laundry mat that the great placing out on people women and wonderment are always waiting for longtime Rankin away for the washer got away for the dryer and oftentimes allotted that a lot of other churches up with her literature and if so why not put our dinner and then I'm also hotel rooms you can use glow track of Gideon Bible bookmarks MN anyone can go to a hotel a pig at the Gideon Bible in and be interested in spiritual things right so why not put a little tracking their and that way they can learn more about Jesus learn more about the Bible also airplanes you have a captive audience when you're traveling on an airplane united there for a couple hours when I talked with a talk with them note given the track I encourage them in some way somehow I was flying back from Southern California appear to Seattle and had an interesting experience of that was I getting ready going through security nearly after the all the TSA security and unloaded water and everything why forgot to do that I I went through David Smith a lady bug tracking system thanks seven moving on unguarded go through that machine that you can carry anything in there with you and I really have my water bottles there with the with me nothing gleeful like man and I believe securities I went back over to where the later other than e-mail like as though my water was that he would visit all the support out there in the trashcan that said sure okay are you sure and that the defendant doing it and as you said either way which urged you to fill in the seven thousand inserts overly I wasn't like the prophecy radio almost every day she like you know who Doug Batchelor is like Yahoo though Craig God you know if I want that had a very bad track you know who knows you know got gotten reaching out to her and I just wanted to help evening as well at to leave the attraction that you learn even more about the three stunning God 's word so airplanes and airports are great place and you never know Nielsen minor plaintiff that by you know someone really influential in their states like like Nino never know so or hollowing giveaways you can get on needle tracks to to trick-or-treaters that come iron door or you can take your Pathfinder that are you yourself can go door-to-door that's a great night everybody and going door-to-door on Halloween why not go out and give them something everlasting amen instead of giving them candy given something that will last forever help them to realize that they can have a relationship with Jesus they also put literature in the little sign of the times boxes if you run out of the fines magazines or office waiting rooms you can put below are right there on the waiting when I given something beneficial to read something that will elevate their nature or you can block them all just recently before Christmastime I went to a church in downtown Bellevue and over we went out I ended and outreach a glory outreach in the afternoon we went to the all in all and none of this pretty exciting to arrive for Christmas plan for the small and obsolete pack their autonomic value the people were inside the flaw but it was just like bumper-to-bumper amounting underneath everybody rose in all all over the place and I notice a trend as I walked throughout the mall there were a bunch of guys sitting down I thought it's an interesting side garden and the like and you guys would like their wives are probably in the store right here and there just waiting for the perfect opportunity for God to the guy the decade your tickets of the subject and evaluate and that they are really receptive and any know that so that's a great way so you can glow even when you go shopping and then visited the nine teslas I can share with you how to become godly blessing people of this are that great literature there is someone in Arizona that would be involved with one program and she was really shy individual revenue shy individuals are then somebody are two-sided razor hands that's okay you know got pennies shy people to visit Misael individual hop on the bus one day and she just started carrying tracks with her and I and I see was there on the bus or the guy that came and sat down right next to her and she felt the Holy Spirit Tyner AU need to give this guy on some literature and so I suggest putting in August to bring officers stared but finally the guy was a bargain to get off the bus and I ensues he mustered up all the courtesy good and she handed the guy one of one of our tracks on the God driven up hurting the dialect of this track and you like wow this is crazy that I was praying that God wanted me to continue my life that he would show me a sign and I believe this is a sign that I been praying for a man you never know the enemy never know the person sitting next to you is going to a really hard time you never know and so the bottom faith in God will bless there in a similar situation happens in Washington there was another younger open bias and to give attractive the birth of the next Erwin and you said thanks when she was getting off the bus he turned around just to look at and to wave goodbye and she can see tears coming on a space because of no part on the nicest thing that happened to them are recently so I weekend we can help people out a lot we have a lot of hope in an we can share that hope with people around us are you can also glow when you go to Taco Bell and then I know I'm Islam going to talk about also we can even glowingly go there you know when you got the drive through there was someone in Sacramento that the contracts of the mailing to the drive to place her order got their food and I had there again if we receive they had the person will attract on the second coming of Jesus the lady said thanks he put in her pocket a while later she and a green attract as you call them for Bible studies and I'm just a short little thing you know grabbing some food haters of entry to read and a lady called in for Bible studies other people out there that but he's already working on their hearts they just there at the right and their looms this writer received some good Christ felled Christ centered literature as another threat that happens it's recently there is a church member around the San Jose area that was going to the doctor one day and just to get a check up and die to give his doctor aglow track now a few days later the Doctor and the calling them and have had some tests done as universal and a doctor called he was kind of nervous right you like oh no the doctors calling them in good health I hope you got out of them bad news and that turned out the doctor called and he was just calling to say thanks thanks for giving me that track I read it and I gave it to my wife and she wants your website as you read all of the tracks and and the next time you come in I'd like to talk to you more about the Bible and I want to know more about the Sabbath and who Alan White is are you preplanning the thing that happened to those people to another with a young girl seeds excellent tracks into a national Day of prayer gathering and there were people there from all different denominations and Jasper mission is to put some of her literature there on the table and an registration table and they said sure no problem but she came a little bit late and so not everybody who knew had registered and gotten some but it turns out that that they made an announcement at the end of the meeting they said hey a lot of you haven't registered for the event if you could please go back to the registration table and register before you leave we're greatly appreciate it by the time everybody did that offer tracks are gone and I'm in the Merced County jail chaplain take them on the tracks Reddit and that he liked it so much you give us a call I said hey I would like to order them this literature for all of my men in prison and then and so we sent them we talk to a church in a nearby area they sponsor then we sent them over nine hundred steps to Christ amen and that sort of the manner about six months later they give us a call against the hate we once the most loser for all of our Spanish inmates to prevent them another nine hundred pieces of literature so because one girl but some tracks on the table we were able to reach thousands of people amen I seen the multiplication here we can reach a lot of people very quickly with literature close to where I live there was a young girl who decided to go shopping one day her name upon it goes to university there in the local area and is pretty interesting she went shopping this is right before Christmas time it's used to there at the mall the South center mall and asked to going shopping starts what do some shopping catalogs as you look into the catalog defines three blow tracks inside the shopping catalog and on and she ends up going online and she signs up for Bible studies in man three more tracks that the pretty creative way to the survey the people and contract inside shopping catalogs I never thought about when that's good though another threat that happened recently is that my friend Amy I done in Southern California she was G Jensen car trouble and so on deferred non-Communist friends loan the loan for their car and I does use Dragon for a few days and and finally her car was fixed this is returning its use UN lost it cleaned it all up in suburban flowcharts on the topic does God-given hurting she put inside when the compartment in his car where he kept his gum a few days later this man called her and he he sound like he's crying and he felt soaked up anything thanks Amy I believe that God compelled you to put that track in my car and I'm going through a really hard time and I was just wondering the question does God still care about my situation and then that's when I found your track that you left me and it is one of the state banking he said that he read it to all of his kids and I and and his wife and they were very blessed by and and so is just inspiring to see you know how how we can just surf it instantly create a wave of what people runneth that are hurting the need to know Jesus they need to have some hope in Anthony to have their hope awakens and it's pretty exciting so there was a lady one day there at the Rose Bowl Parade her name is Gloria she was a nice Christian lady and I see there watching the parade and all these people started walking around handing out tracts they started passing out literature issued up at the track on the Daniel chapter two she reads she read that participant in her Bible are shipping in her pocket was young to printer Bible and then about two weeks later she gave us a constant headache I got one of these is the literature there at the Rose Bowl parade and I really like that how can I get some of this literature is that I can have not told my friends and so we told her about and she wanted eight hundred tracks from us and I'm a unattractive all different topics including the found of the state of the dead all that and if estimates you hand them out to her friends I often tell people that if we want to do the work if we want share with the people got more done while the rocks cry out and then we got monthly the claimant that his story I wanted to review the story on hopping over in Templeton I used the Bible were covering their and Templeton for a little bit of time there at Pastor Myers and down yelling about working out are going to do it there it is an invitation in an area and then I can adore lady who is pretty frantic she was like please come inside my fun is in the back knees crying I think it might be like to not be my commit suicide or something to you please come in so they come and they start talking to this man and use of mid- twentieth and I going through a hard time and they start no comforting them now claiming Bible promises to strengthen the truth and and just listen enjoy me know in a friend and before that what they handed them to the tract of God-given hurting you look at the track no way this is the third time this week that I've gotten the same exact track and this is the week that even contemplating suicide getting out of an accident no way God wanted to reset young men and the exciting thing about the story this young man sorry come to church every Sunday and then start become the prayer meeting every Wednesday night in fact GIP decided he wanted to become an evangelist himself so he didn't want to rise and then he went to Riley got some training and now he's out there spreading the Gospel and on the pretty exciting if the how God has worked in that story right there there's another story that I want to share with you and this one happened in San Francisco it's pretty inspiring when I first heard the story I been for the strippers drilled like men this sounds so unbelievable and that but I called my my friend Spencer County said yes this is a true story and I see one a read if you again this happened in San Francisco said the Filipino church member from San Francisco on her way into work and stopped by gas station seen lots of people 's eyes he pulled out some effort to attract tenants women Jenna realized that the three men in the store were actually robbing the gas station true story as she walked in she asked excuse me sir are you online I'm going to be late for work are you done lately this is a robbery the method is done within the back of the owner of the store I know but I'm going to be late for work ninety to pay for my gas the men began a slew of cursing that wasn't very nice here she pulled our first contract you need this this will help you become a nicer man I argue seriously the another man started yelling anyone to serve people about the next track this format is is trying to make a living you need to leave this nice man alone and with that she had in the last burglar attract the men were dumbfounded and began to get nervous this lady talks too much and Internet then let's go and they ran out the front door leaving only the church member and the owner of the store when they were gone the owner said he saved my life I gets really got in my back he said my wife what is that that you have what you give them how I know more about this man and I see an opinion on man attracting he ended up requesting tracks replace Mayor in his own gas station that you get by the testimony of what God had done in her life and I'm so it's it's pretty mailing of the Bible says in Proverbs at the right the foreign-born online and I believe that God inspired this young girl in the emblem of the line now I'm not saying that God is wanting you to walk into an armed robbery situations but I believe that God wants us to be intentional about sharing our faith and then sharing the whole of Jesus Christ and I and so I hope that the inspirations you the femininity while wondering what it was they would hand out literature to people and I passed that I had out there together begin with some of these tips on their but if you look at later on but here are some of him and these are just a few basic phrases he can expand land use them or come up with new ones but here's a good one I like that it thanks here's something for you and Ms. Raquel uses Venice when I'm going to the grocery store and a handy my receipt I think a bank or something for you Hope everything and very most I receive it or here here's something for you to read when you're bored that's a good one I think they're a pass on all handouts that he didn't get a handout you can come to the booth afterwards and you can get one audience that hears of an free to read when you're bored a lot of people out there that no young people specify like I'm bored what hey there's something in over your check this out our care this will help you with stress and truly our literature will help Emma stressed women it'll help them to realize that Jesus cares about them in a big half of my cares upon the Lord and then orient you can say here's a free gift for you know I really like getting free gifts so that the great thing to do or pay this amount and favorite pay do you like to read and I love this question because the give them an opportunity to respond to get some feedback hearing up if I went about this question about the guy and Winco I would never know that this big gruff tough looking guy love to read the Bible and nine though and the clothing of this question is whether they say yes or whether they say no you can give track NSA yes I like to read all that great why did he like to really like that in Panama track or anything I don't really like to be a much caveman no problem to understand I'm pretty busy too but it segments this is something really short but the really short so what if people don't accept your literature within that be devastating no don't be done with it okay don't worry about it you did your part than what God asked you to do that and not bad but the accounts the most likely the probably just say no thank you so you know that's not too bad of them no thank you if I were to invite Esther over to my house and I offered her some grape juice and she said I'll man no think you asked her to the money grape juice man as there must not even like me what I invite her over anyways she and I cannot she finally know what water not any nonscheduled wanted to know when we would we overreact like that in all right in there that's another one grape juice no problem maybe she wants something else and so we can't force we can't force anybody to take one hard drive family rather than force anything upon us we can compel them we can urge them if they had a brother without me I think it will I and I know this will help you and you know we can encourage them to take at but the knowing we can't force them so they're not rejecting you remember this or not rejecting you the rejecting the message event and I'm right on time a quick year for in order to start anything new takes over time even the habit of doing that so the first thing you can do to get in the habit of distributing literature is to set a goal what does ask a store manager in your house or in your carpet and put in a minimal quantity printing your trunk you're probably not Timothy probably forget that's what would happen to me anyways so put it in your car or put in your house and take some fact that the number to set a goal by distributing three or four track eleven hundred a month pretty awesome and I read communist here or even in an eighty one thousand three four track today no need a lot of tracks on a like one million no one million out of no something crazy do the math but it's forgotten number three and practice all discipline go back to the car if you forget your below event okay go back to your car if you forget your love is as happened to me quite often actually there is one time I was walking the bank knows like I was married everything is like oh no I will have a literature and so I like all I need to leave I can't believe if I'm in the glow director for my conference when my doing without literature right and so I ran back to my car and I grabbed some and he came back in and the interesting I have the same bank teller that it had for the last six months there in Seattle the same guy yells and everything else I'm almost in a given contract every time and and this time I gave them I gave money like you like how many you have played I get enough men get enough you know and and so go back to your garden furniture glow number four find an accountability partner to remind each other to glow to encourage one another you know passenger is mentioned last night you know why the religionists of the disciples out to bite you it's for encouragement for accountability and Evelina God wants us to the same now and then number five is that the most important thing that you pray prayed during an emotional time for divine appointments I believe that by doing that God will open your eyes and see the divine employment all around you so that you can reach the people closest to you so the result of blowing for Christ Jimmy liked her world and that our publications are now selling the gospel see this is from review and Herald June ten eighteen eighty paragraph nine says our publications are now signing off the field and are as instrumental in bringing as many souls to Christ as the preached word the R literature and bring as many for the crime and the priest word amen that is incredible whole churches have been raised up as a result of their circulation and in this work every disciple of Christ can act the part and everything a lot about no matter how saying when or how shy we arcing could attract on a table or can hand you know and one to one of our friends or family members and even if just one person is blessed by you doing this it's worth it in the cry for the dive for one for just one were selling say that like planting a garden when you go out there and you plant a garden do the plants come in spring up immediately no writer takes a limited time so don't get discouraged if you cannot a lot attract you not seen instant results no it didn't work on and from my will that is readily a you know Ukraine but gotten of them well you know to ski sowing seed but for God wants us to do and infecting second Corinthians nine six Paul says he was so sparingly will also reap sparingly and he was about the fleet will also reap bountifully you know I offered a few people tell me before in the past that demands of them doesn't work and you know anything about it inland doesn't work when you don't do it amen amendment of the work we don't do it but when you do it it works and I'm and so if you want to have a big harvest neither you need to so a lot of the Damon so you do all the pre- work and the follow-up and I'm not just the evangelistic series so on the advisor zero quake of the video clip of people that end of real people that are called then offer Bible studies and I hope hope we can turn this microphone and together blessed by this but oftentimes you don't hear the people on the other side client for Bible studies and and at this point to nearly hear this total saving its ongoing a a a a a a in writing and in a moment and in and in and in a you a you a you a you will you will will and in color and I know you and he and he will and he is no as you might think my mostly grizzly whom I was one of the many Williamson it's me I'd appreciate it thank you reminds me and my senior brother in Christ and then a lot of people out there that are super interested in spiritual things and on and on this whole thing ends with the quote which is not selling for some reason but it said that more than one thousand will soon be converted in one day most of them address their first conviction back to the reading of our publications and on back to the reenter literature that may sound like the latter rain and I thousand converted in a day it can happen my friend and happen sooner than we think and God wants that God wants that to happen and I'm so enclosing a story in Luke chapter eight what happened when they killed the money act published the good news the other member the whole city gladly received the news MN and they were all ready and waiting for Jesus to return what you think would happen here at each birth I believe a wife he and God has share the good news about God and in your life I believe that Portland and surrounding areas wherever you come from I believe that you can help repair a great multitude to be ready and waiting for Jesus to return and then that you desire if it is coming and you are willing to make a commitment today to tell the world what Jesus has done for you and a man God will help you you know it doesn't matter how shy you are how things are gotten to help you get if he wants the work to be finished and then you get to finish it but he wants the lusty raiment and so I design encourage you to do something for God continue to glow shine you know people when they saw the disciples menu that that they had been with Jesus amen because there's been some assignment and they were glowing and read about your experiences as he spent time with Christ in the morning that you can't help but share it in the afternoon amen amen let's pray father in heaven where we do thank you so much Lord for what you've done in our lives and Lord truly yet done so much for us Lord Lord you have rescued us from from all the problems or this world Lord you you delivered us Lord you have changed our lives Lord father we wouldn't be here today defendant something in her lives some are we what we saw menopause from him and say thanks thank you Lord so much and father this news is truly way too good to keep to ourselves the father please inspire a sword motivated us help us to go out there Lord with holy boldness the share of trade with those around us father Trinity bless each one here today and their families would help them as they share their faith with others Lord I know that it can be somewhat intimidating at times but father would help them to just go out there with curries Lord knowing that you and your angels your holy angels there are by the thousands Lord thereby our side helping us sort of a minister to others so more bless each one given current floor strengthen us and finally printed a great multitude can be found ready and waiting as a result of the literature that we hand out on this year father so we thank you have created a special blessing on each one here today I'm fringes and him and


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