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The Sunday Law

Norman McNulty


The study of how the Scriptures clearly shows that the Sunday Law is coming. 


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • March 31, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you for this time together this evening and thank you that there are so many that are eager to be coming together to study your word especially during this time and I pray that you would speak through me of this evening and that we would gain the Boston that we need I pray in Jesus' name and. So I actually share the most that for my church this past Sabbath or resume and some of what I share with you this evening will be similar to what I share with them but some of it will be more of a study form and the 1st thing that I want to say is this you know sometimes you hear people say you know let's just talk about Jesus and everything is going to take care of itself you hear people say I'm not so worried about what's coming as long as I know who is coming. But I do you want to offer some friendly caution she has that kind of a mentality Jesus actually gave us prophecy so that we would not be deceived because he said many would come in my name saying that I am he but there is only one manner in which Christ is going to come and there is plenty of prophetic of then it's the we can have confidence and and if we have this mentality that as long as I know who is coming out only to be so concerned about what is coming then you could be deceived by the 2 because you don't know what So it is important what is coming that's why God told us so that we wouldn't be deceived and I'm making the assumption in the scared group you. You all have a very firm and grounded walk with Christ. And so based on that assumption I'm going to challenge you. Shoot you know at a higher level so that you know we're looking at prophecy with the understanding that were grounded in Christ prices or her prices are centric prices are theme prices are focused and because of that Christ is the one that revealed prophecies hewas for example Matthew chapter $24.00 which I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the Matthew chapter $24.00 is an entire chapter on prophecy in which Jesus gives us the signs of His coming out of the end of the world and that's connected to Luke Chapter $21.00 which is very similar and there's a couple of. Variations but. It actually helps to clarify some of the issues about the signs of Christ coming out of the end of the world so and then you know Mark Nonis is connected to that as all those are the 3 prophetic chapters in the Gospels and so Jesus gives us prophecy one thing that I sometimes find with some of the August as well is that there is. An understanding that a Sunday lost coming but then there seems to be a bit of a lack of understanding as to how to show that from the Bible now I may be speaking to the choir here but I do you want to give you a brief. Overview of how I think we can show very effectively and very clearly from scripture that a Sunday of option Lee is coming and one of the reasons why I saw interest assure that idea with this group tonight is that. There are a lot of ideas that are bouncing around right now and I've seen some things on the Internet of suggested that we might be in the early time of trouble that we may be in the sea of Jerusalem prophetically speaking and so I'm going to share with you a couple of of verses actually from Luke 21 of Matthew 24 to start off speaking of the Sunday law and then we're going to go to Daniel and Revelation. To show how you would give a clear Bible study to a non ad in this without using any Ellen White quotes although I believe an element we're going to use a light here at the beginning is a. But if you are just going to show somebody. Why we believe what we believe about a Sunday law we're going to do that from the Bible interestingly in my practice today I was talking to one of my coworkers and she's a fine Christian young lady she's a Baptist and she's worked with me for probably 6 years and she of course that I'm a 7th Day Adventist we've had spiritual conversations but today I actually had a conversation with her and I said you know her name is Whitney I was like Whitney I I need to tell you some things probably that you've never heard from me before I'm like. If this crisis gets worse and it doesn't come back around I'm not saying that it would it's going to get worse and not come back around it may very well past but I told her if it doesn't get better if you start to see leading ministers of the land advocate for. Sunday worship. Just know that we've reached the end of the world and she was very interested and I actually gave her a copy of a book that I just recently which this is. This is the book it's called Daniel practical living in the judgement or you can get a copy from around the publications if you're interested the. You know people are searching and people are interested right now so I'm going to just reading it let's go to Luke true anyone. We're going to go to live Chapter 21. And this is discussing or this is Jesus and speaking in verses 20 and 21 so if Chapter 20 versus 20 and 21 here he is as and when you shall see Jerusalem Km passed with the armies then though that the desolation there is not I then let them which are in Judea fleet of the mountains them up and which are in the minutes that the part of and one of them that are in the countries and sure there and so this verse as describing Jesus saying when you see Jerusalem surrounded by the Roman army that's the time to fully That's what we call the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman army nothing Chapter 24 fifth's he is the parallel Earth the methods for life for and rather the event described as the Roman army surrounding Jerusalem there is a different term that Jesus uses and will see it here 1st 15 when you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the end of a crowd stand in the holy places or read a letter month or stand them or 16 says them up and which be in Judea flee and mountains and it goes on. So in and Luke 21 we see it's the siege of Jerusalem with the Roman army surrounding the city and Matthew 24 is described as the abomination of desolation when. The they stand in the Holy Place which the Holy Place was a territory outside of the wall of Jerusalem and when the Roman army placed their pagan idolater standards in what was considered to be whole its territory was uniting the profane with that which was sacred the the abomination of desolation with the siege of Jerusalem and Elam White House where there is a prophetic application of this abomination of desolation. Shu the national sundial and I'll go ahead and type in the reference here in the the chat box that you have this is from testimonies volume 5 pages 464465 I put 5 t. stands for testimonies of all in 5 so if I t. for $64.00 for $65.00 notice Well I'm whites as the time is not far distant when Mike that early disciples we shall be forced to seek a refuge and still in solitary places as the seed of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for flight of the g.t. in Christians so the assumption of power on the part of our nation and the decree and force in the papal Sabbath will be a warning to us that will then be time to leave the largest I know this because I believe in the smaller ones for retired towns and secluded place is among the mountains so l.-y. makes a very clear there is a time to leave the cities that does mean moment when the sorry for those of you who are there. There will come a time when you do need to leave and the drop dead date for leaving the city including on the window would be the Sunday so when people have served on social media that this covert 900 pandemic is the siege of Jerusalem that's a mess application of Bible prophecy if the actual Sunday law that will be the abomination of desolation which is the siege of Jerusalem which has some allies but been people. So that that will be the time for God's people to leave the cities of the National sun. So so hopefully that's clear so don't be confused if you hear people saying that the covert 1900 pandemic is the siege the code lighting pandemic if you look in Matthew 24 specifically verse 7 for example if a person the once that is a clear sign that Jesus is coming again this pandemic is certainly something the likes of which none of us have lived long enough to have seen on 911 was rather momentous it was a shock it came out of nowhere and I was a 2nd year medical student wonder when that happened and after a few weeks everyone kind of calmed down and you know the world changed but then we kind of got on with their lives it was 2 cities that were affected by. California nothing really changed we just kind of kept doing what we did and moved along but this pandemic has affected the entire world I went through town today. Restaurants that signs up saying they're close to the Pentagon it's over subways they're 60 percent down in my town I'm sure it's worse in some places so I mean this is definitely a pestilence and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here so it's certainly possible that if it gets bad enough. And I'm going to share some Fos at the end the show how this could lead to that it could get back that if it doesn't bounce back if a pandemic just the general way perhaps this could lead to the final crisis of her sister but I'm not here to predict that it's going to be that way it's certainly possible that let up in the next several weeks or few months and we will see. A lot of it really depends on whether or not we have God's people are ready for the Final Crisis or a sister in this is a testing time approving around just to make things a little bit practical I mean if. You know the way your reaction to this ensure an allegiance spiritually is a good. Measure of your face are you ready for the final crisis of her sister if you're complaining like God I can't believe you let this happen and this is most of my whole life and all of my plans and all of this is the 1st crisis in the last 10 months for how much more you know through my play God I can't take this anymore well now you're starting to sound like the children of those early in the wilderness. Whereas if you're using this as an opportunity to strengthen your walk with the Lord then that goal has been refined in the fire being prepared for the crisis of years history Ok so let's go to Revelation 13 and this is going to be our study on how we can show from scripture that a Sunday last coming in where that comes from and so forth now we're not going to go through every verse in Revelation 13 we're just going to look at some of the he verses. Revelation 13 starts off with this beast that comes out of the sea Revelation 13 months of us stood upon the sand of the sea and saw beasts rise up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and opponents or 10 crowns on a promise of the name of blasphemy now I should mention as well that the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ if you study the Book of Revelation you will get a clearer picture of who Christ is and Revelation 13 this chapter specifically the revelation of anti-Christ So the picture of the anti-christ beast here is the opposite of who Christ the Unfortunately some of us the only thing they know about Revelation is basically Revelation 13 but it's gotten even worse for a lot of Outness don't even know how to understand this chapter and so certainly right now with what's happening we want to understand this so we see a beast that's coming up out of the sea based on Revelation 1715 we understand the seer waters represents multitudes peoples nations tongues and things so this beast is coming up out of a populated area of the earth and 7 heads and 10 horns now we get a better idea of who this beast is based on verse to which says the beast looks like a leopard but I have the feet of a bear in the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and His see an authority now we understand who the dragon is based on the previous chapter revelation for her son the Dragon of the old serpent hold the devil and say So this is a face Haneke power and when you look at its characteristics its becomes very clear who this power represents it's coming out of a populated area of the earth. And it's a composite beast that is like a leopard a bear in a y. and now where have we seen beasts that are disk drive. As of a lion of bear and a leopard in Scripture and yet Daniel has correctly identified that we see this in Daniel Chapter 7 The Should be pretty basic We understand the the the why and represents Babylon the the bear represents me to Persia and the leopard represents Greece but here in Revelation 13 we see that this is a composite beast that combines those kingdoms and this is where we see that this beast has components of Babylon and it made of Persia in Greece and certainly when you look at the the the beast of Daniel 7 with the dreadful Beast which was the 4th beast you we understand that that's Rom Now here's the other part that brings room into this you see that this beast the 7 heaven 10 horns if you study the beast of Daniel 7 the wind has one had the bear has 100 but the left for it has for heads and then the dreadful beast has another has so if you add those heads together you have $1.00 and $1.00 plus 4 that gets you to 6 and then the 4th one has another one that that's 7 heads of now you have all of the heads from the 4 beasts and Daniel 7 and then the 10 horns are also seen because there were 10 horns on the 4th beast so so Rome is included as well even though you don't see the dreadful be specifically mentioned or the teeth of iron specifically mention the 7 heads identify room as being part of the 6 we have that allow me to Persia Greece. And room connected obese here's what I want you to to look at. In verse 5 of Revelation 13 is a Revelation 135 and again the purpose of the study is to prove that us someday law is coming based on scripture so you may be wondering how how we got there because we see later in Revelation 13 words discuss but the notice of this we have a composite beast that combines Babylon me to Persia Greece and pagan room and from the 4th beast came the little horn. But in verse 5 speaking of this beast it says there was given under him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power was given to him to continue 40 and she's a mom now this basis is a has a mouth speaking blasphemies which part of the beasts have the mouth in verse 2 Revelation 13 to which part of the beast had it had the mouth and that's correct the the lion is the one that had the mouth now who does the lion represent. The lion that represents Babylon so this beast in Revelation 13 has the mouth of a lion speaking great things of blasphemies and you know I'll mention this is a neurologist which I think is a conical. The mouth speaks based on what the brain tells it to say and specifically it's the frontal lobe and I'm pointing to my left for in a low here it's the inferior left frontal lobe or Broca's area is located and that is the expressive speech area of the brain so when when it says that this beef has a mouse speaking great things I'm blasphemies in that mouth is the mouth of a lion that means that this beast has the mind of the Lion which means that the mind of one so that's why we call this beast Babylon because it has the mind of Babylon even though it's the are wife the bear and the body is like the leopard it's mind is controlled or run by Babylon by the way if you look at the the various things that. All of the Kingdoms bring together is a composite basic comes together with the papacy and so you have the head of gold or the mind of a lion being Babylon which is blasphemy towards God in the meat of Persia brought in infallibility saying that there was should not be changed and then grease the leopard brought in humanism where the the laws of men supersede the laws of God in the room brought in persecution and all that brought together into one power with the papacy so this beast has a mouse speaking great things and it has power for 42 months of the 42 months is referring to what time prophesy. So 43 times 30 is 1260 and so this is referring to is the 1260 years of supremacy of the papacy now this is where things get interesting if you know the Danish after 7 and you see these various kingdoms and you see this mouth that speaks great things that specifically the little horn that has a mouth speaking great things and you see that mention 4 times in Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn has a mouth speaking great things and Daniel 7 verse a in Daniel 7 verse of love than. In Daniel 7 verse 19 and then again in Daniel 7 verse 25 so verses 8 of love in 19 and 25 you see that the Little Horn has a mouth speaking great things and we see that it was this beast a Revelation 13 a About as the mouth of a lion speaking very well the little horn of Daniel 7 is the papacy it comes up after rom and in verse 25 it rules for the time time a dividing of time which of the 1260 years of making some assumptions that you know this. But notice specifically what it is about this little horn that causes it to have a mouth speaking great things and this is the famous verse of Daniel 725 and now I hope you'll start to see how I'm starting to prove from scripture alone where the sunday was going to come from so this beast has a mouth speaking great things and a verse 25 it says he shall speak great words against the most high and so wear out the saints of the most high and think to change time them off. And they should be given to do as he can until a time in time when the dividing of time so during the 1260 years this little foreign power which is the papacy changed the law of God So that was prophesied through. So we see they persecute God since they were at the sense of the most high for 1260 years and during that time they thought they could change the law of God with a mouth that was speaking great things so the way that the little horn which is the same power in Revelation 13 has a mouth speaking Great thanks for 1260 years is that it proves presumes to be able to speak as if it were God on Earth. And that it could change God's law itself and had sort of plea we understand that the Catholic Church changed Sabbath the Sunday and by doing so they violated God's law which is why when we go back to reveal revelations or genus of the dragon gave us power see an authority to this beast power because the dragon in the very previous verse or in the just previous chapter at the end of the chapter as those He's enraged are Ross with a woman and want to make war with the Roman to receive which he the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so the dragon who gave us power see and authority to the papacy has tried to change the law. And that's how he has a mouth speaking great things because he's trying to change the law and the dragon is speaking through the 1st be. So. When you look at this Beast of Revelation 13 response when you see that he has a mouth speaking raping them blasphemies for 1260 years one of the ways that he had a mouth a mouth speaking great things was by trying to change the law. Now we understand based on verse 3 of Revelation 13 the papacy suffered a deadly wound at the end of this 160 years and that happened in 798 and at that point the papacy lost its control over the state it's still a church power but it doesn't have absolute power over the state so then when we move on later into Revelation 13 and we see the 2nd be in verse 11 this in Revelation 13 a woman's as I behold another beast coming up out of the earth and he had few horns like a lamb any spake as a dragon so this beast starts off looking like a whim and who is the lamb in the Book of Revelation Jesus I mean we see that very clearly that Jesus is if in fact Revelation 138 is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world we see Jesus as the Lamb who was slain in Revelation 4 and 5. So this 2nd beast coming up out of the earth which is an unpopulated area so the 1st piece comes out of the populated area of the world that's Western Europe the 2nd beast comes out of the m. populated area of the earth of the United States of America and he starts off with a Christian. Appearance looking the light Christ looking like the lamb. And the choo horns. And the horns represent that which gives the nation power and scripture horns represent our it's the horns that gave power to the United States were Republicanism and Protestantism must not the Republican Party Republicanism means. A government that protects the minority meaning that based on the constitution 51 percent of Americans couldn't the 7th day administering the prison as it stands right now so the Constitution protects the minorities of this country and we have constitutional rights. And then Protestantism. Is the principle of religious liberty so we have civil liberty we have religious liberty those are the 2 organs of this b.s. But interestingly associate spake as a dragon so what I want you to think about now is this is the dragon in it in Revelation clearly it's Satan and who did this and so then so then you know a lot of times we say Oh Ok well the United States is going to speak as a dragon that means it's going to speak like Satan and that's true. But who did the dragon give his power seat in authority. Based on Revelation 13 to. Could of the dragon give us power see an authority to yeah that's right he gave it to the beast and the beast represents. That's right the beast represents the papacy so if the 2nd beast speaks like the dragon and the 1st be stout a mouth speaking great things. Wouldn't it makes sense for them to say based on this verse that when the 2nd beast speaks like a dragon it's going to speak in the same manner in which the 1st beasts does that make sense and when the 1st beasts. It had a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and when that 1st beasts vote if it could change times Amman's And that's one Sabbath was changed to some so when the 2nd beast speaks scriptures tell me hey go back to Daniel serve and you'll know exactly what this is referring to that you have this 1st piece that has all of the composites of the beasts of Daniel Chapter 7 and then the little horn comes up out of the 4th beast and has a mouth speaking great things and when it speaks it will seek to change times of Moslem persecute the saints and so then you get to Revelation 13 and you see in Revelation 13 that the composite beast has the mouth of a wine which is Babylon and Babylon is speaking in us that with the power and authority given to it by the dragon who is saved and when base they try to change God's will walk and they do so by changing the son then you have the 2nd because the United States of America that starts off with civil and religious liberty and friends those of us who live here in the United States of America we have them. So live in the greatest nation that God has ever barrage into existence we have had the full religious liberty up until this time and here the day of coming when this nation will speak of the dragon and of nations. Through its law its. And when its speaks as a dragon it will speak like the 1st beast the revelation who received its power seat in authority from the dragon and when this beast speaks it will be through a walk that will legislate the day on which we worship change honoring the Sunday Sabbath over the truth so you can show that from Scripture you don't need to go to Hawaii and find statements from great controversy that's great for a 7th day obvious to share with each other to share what's going to happen but you can do this Bible study with Anon out and show them the history these are that and it may take a few studies potentially for them to understand everything but you can show them these are the kingdoms were represented and this is what the little horn to this is how it changed the law when he said under oath elation 30 and you say this is the composite beast of of those numbers and Daniel 7 and it changed to God's law and the 2nd beast is going to do the same thing and when that happens then we go to the rest the Revelation 13 that's verse falls as he exercises all the power of the 1st piece before him and causes the earth and then which is well they're going to worship the 1st beast who is the only one who is still so then we see that they do cause the earth to worship the 1st beast. And then you see that they do great wonders he makes far to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of man which we saw fire coming down from heaven the Earthman's minute now harmful in that case it was to show the god was the true God of the other in this case it will be done by this false prophet promised pos they prosper in America who will make it work as a god is on the side of the issue and then you see that there will be a deception he will deceive the draw on the earth by the means of the miracles which he apparently on the side of the beasts and then he see that there is the image to the beast and then the next verse or so he talks about a mark. Or the mark of the beast goes on 3rd down and for 70 so there is going to be in us the way Sion where you you can't buy you can't saw Finally you would be put. I want to say a couple of things now well let me examine the sure now some Ellen Weiss famous just to to add to what I've shared here. Hopefully what I've shared from the Bible and so far has made sense to do. You know if somebody doesn't see the connection that I made between Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 and the 2nd be speaking as a dragon if he'd like me to go over that again let me know right now I'd be happy to do that but. The did that make sense to all of you because the reason the reason I share this is because I want as many servant they are in the spotlight all to be able to give a very clear Bible study on the fact that a Sunday law is coming we're not just making this up this isn't just something that the pioneers came up with nobody can figure out now it's a very weird and. If you just connect Daniel 7 to Revelation 13 there's no way you can miss the Sunday it was Ok Sion and we need to know that especially right now something i'm so I just again it's not going to save you to be able to do that but if you're being with by the Holy Spirit God has given the us this information so that we can help people choose to not be deceived and to avoid receiving the mark of the beast because remember those who receive the mark of the beast will receive the outpouring of a sudden lost lives so sounds like thoughts. Clear to all of us I'm glad to hear that I would like to ask them because they're playing live like writing as fast as I could but I. Like it I can see it like I grew up knowing all this stuff but is there a way to like type this out in order and like how to present these verses because yes it's just like a lot and I am the only one that feels that way but I feel like I do need like more of like. That kind of like available anywhere Sure so what I would say and I'm glad you brought that up because I wanted to be clear what I would say is the best way to see this in a step by step fashion is to start Daniel chapter so. And to understand the 4 kingdoms that are represented there for years so you understand that the 1st kingdom is represented by a lion that's Babylon the 2nd Chang is represented by a bear that represents Mido Persia the 3rd kingdom is represented by the leopard which represents Greece the 4th kingdom as is a dreadful beast which has iron teeth which connects the iron legs of Daniel to that represents round and then you have the little horn that comes out of that 4th beast in that little horn has a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and you know as you go through Daniel 7 you get the verse 25 you see that that little form. Speaks great words against the Most High and he thinks to change times in Las So that's so that's but your sequence of kingdoms and then the 7 and you see that it was the little horn that tried to change the law from Sabbath the Sunday and that's what the Catholic Church did then when you come to Revelation for 13. You see all of those beasts are a composite of the 1st beast a Revelation 13 you have the body of a leopard the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion and what that's telling you is that. All of the can of that you son Daniel 7 are combined into one thing them in Revelations are seen and then you make the connection that the lion or it says that this beast has a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy So it's speaking like a lion but it's 6 for the same length of time that the Little Horn did and Daniel 725 so then you realize while they are the beast the revelations 13 but has a mouth speaking great things is the same power as the little horn and Daniel 725 and the little horn and Daniel 725 is the papacy and they try to change the law of God Revelation 13 is also the papacy running for 250 years trying to change the law of God then one saucer further Does that make sense so far yet you if so then the so then the key connection then is when you get to the 2nd beast the 2nd beast in Revelation 13 years 11 says. He starts off as a lamb but then a says he spake as a dragon when he speaks as a dragon it's the dragon who gave the 1st pieces power see in authority so when the spirit 2nd speak 2nd he speaks like the dragon he speaks the same way the 1st he speaks and when he speaks that way through a Sunday well and that's that's how you can show that for him from scripture. I think we're You're welcome and thank you for asking for that clarification because I definitely want you to understand that and I all mention this again if you want more information on the kingdoms of Daniel 7 you can get my book from Rome the publications that come on The Book of Daniel and it goes through all of that you can order from them directly from the publication. I'm going to reach the youth a couple of statements as we come to the last few minutes of our study here. Because I want to make that relevant because saw just did a little study. Showing that yes Sunday was coming and we've taught that for years and years and years the 7th they have innocent some of my friends and people who are younger than me and people who are the no older than me roll their eyes when you talk about a Sunday law but I'm telling you it's coming the Bible so that it is and Ellen White gives us some inside information that there's going to be plagues and calamities that will cause the people of the land to call for such a thing. So I'm reading do you a statement on a type this. And that's a good question about the closer probation all all answer that are to read these quotes I want to give us statement great controversy 579 you can read before and after to to get the more complete context. This is a white speaking she says since the middle of the 19th century students of prophecy in the United States have presented this testimony to the world and if you read the context this is that there's going to be a summit well in the events now taking place a scene a rapid advance toward the fulfillment of the prediction with Protestant features there is the same claim of divine authority for Sunday keeping and the same lack of scriptural evidence as with the papal leaders who fabricated miracles to supply that's what place of a command from God that was some of us this is the key thing I want you to hear the assertion that God judgments are visited upon men or the assertion that God judgments are visited upon men for their violation of the Sunday Sabbath will be repeated already it is beginning to be urged in a movement soon for Sunday observance of sas in ing around so she says in that statement that when God's judgments are poured upon men people are going to claim it's because it's been a violation of Sunday Now this next statement is even more amazing but it's the last known Horowitz from revue in her old September 17th 1901 paragraph 9 and I'm typing this in the chat box so that you have the exact reference review and Herald September 17th 1901 So this is well my says the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth when the angel of mercy falls your wings and the parts Satan will do the evil the sea is long wished of the storm and Tempest warmblood should in these things see the lights and those he gathers in his harvest and so complete in our list of the so completely will never be deceived by him that they will declare that these cold lamb bodies are the result of the desecration of the 1st day of the week. Now listen as she goes on she says from the pulpits of the popular church. Will be heard the statement that the world is being punished because Sunday is not honored as it should be and it will require no great stretch of imagination for men to believe as they are guided by the enemy and therefore they reach can reach conclusions work which are entirely false so it's honest coming when you will hear from the popular pulpits of of the Sunday churches of this land that the calamities that are falling on our nation are the result of the desecration of the 1st day of the week now I'm not here to say that the cove is 19 pandemic is going to cause the preachers of this land to say such a thing but unless. Your completely disconnected from for a frantic realities if you understand what prophecy teaches you can see very easily how this pandemic if it gets worse if it doesn't get better if the cause of the economy to completely collapse and if it just keeps going and going and there's no end in sight it could very easily lead to the end of the world and if you're 7th you need to be awake to the reality and I'm not saying it's going to happen it very well could be a month from now that will be on the down slope and will look back and say well I guess God's people still aren't ready for the Final Crisis before angels are still holding before well but the last thing I want to share with you. Is actually a sermon Oh it's not a sermon it's a 12 minute clip and I'm going to give you the link for it it's by a Baptist minister by the name of Robert field I'm going to put it in the chat link so that you can go back on your own and listen to it later we're not going to listen to you here I'm just going to share some highlights with you but that is the length and the title for this presentation is why God took Sunday away. And now this is not from the leading Polis of the lance of this doesn't feel so unwanted statements about when you hear from the pope of the popular churches about Sunday being desecrated then you know the n. This is from a pastor in montréal Quebec and Canada and he makes if I'm just going to summarize a few of the statements that he makes but you should listen to yourself that's the one copy of in your browser go back a months and there is just 12 months and he says something has been taken away gatherings have been taken away from by these like you know it's nice that we can meet by live stream but it's not the same something as missing these live streams are a poor replacement for a gathering on the Lord's Day nice he starts asking some questions he says What is God trying to teach is church why would God take away Sunday and then he says you know all of these churches where the Gospel has been preached on Sunday some any venue for sharing the gospel have been reduced and he says there are several reasons for this he says this is God's judgment on his people and he says the church needs to wake up can hear his voice and he says a key reason he says I'm looking at our produce at our present condition as Christians he says the virus is a judgment on us church is closed God has a Radek a good worship on his day he has taken Sunday away and then he goes on to say he is sending the message that he is not pleased with what we have done do as they have worship and then he says you really think we have been honoring this they like we have not been following the 4th Commandment of the now in his life shackled to hear him say that they have on the 4th Commandment. You talked about how Israel author day of worship by banks and on the Babylon is like what used to be the Lords they've been turned into the Lords hour he's like we don't abstain from work and play Sunday has become optional for Christians we can opt out of church for going to games or movies or one more day of be whatever it's on the nice then he's like the church burns of the ground while the 4th Commandment is violating and then he says we're teaching the next generation that Sunday is not in court. And then I was by saying perhaps with a loss of Sunday in the weeks ahead we will see its necessity and he coincides if 581314 which is of course speaking of the some place obviously he uses it to promote Sunday sacredness and he says well we repent and change our will we stay as a luke warm church he's like a goddess speaking but are we listening to his sermon Now this is very interesting to me because if that idea is shared by this pastor in montréal Quebec takes off and leading ministers of the land start to share the same thing a sum of they add this we would know that the end of all things is here and so you know Luke Chapter 21. Offers some. Encourage me when many would seem to be scared by what's happening in the world around us some of the admins we don't need to be scared. Because we understand the signs of the coming of the Lord should be good news for us that our Savior and King is coming to take us home and so I'm going to close by reading Luke 2125 to 20 and then allowance answer a couple of questions so here Jesus is speaking this is and there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and upon the earth the strength of nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken you know a lot of people are afraid right now but we don't need to be as God's people in the close of the last 2 verses and then shall they see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and great glory and when these things begin to come to pass them look up and lift up your heads for your redemption dross Nyeri redemption draws near So I'm of the hope that our redemption is drawing near I'm not saying that the code pandemic is going to lead to the funny law but it could if things get a lot worse and as God's people we don't need to be having a mentality of cutting down the tree like this is just a little bump in the road overthe history Jesus isn't coming any time soon he very well could be coming soon but we'll see but we certainly want to be ready for that now I want to answer this question about when does probation close in relation to the Sunday law and when it closes there's a close for everyone who knows the truth and those who don't is there an extent a probation period for those who don't so very good question the way I would explain the close of probation it's from the Bible. 1st of all we understand one in general have to traverse one when Michael stands up that is describing the close of probation we also understand Revelation chapter 20 versa Levon mass describing the close of provision in the voices for he that is unjust let him be and if so he was so if he were to be filthy so he that is righteous let in the righteous though he that is holy let him be holy still so Revelation 2211 and Daniel's will ever sworn to describing the same thing but how do we describe the sequence of the close of probation based on scripture and I would use the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew chapter 25. So Matthew chapter 25 is a description of just church just before Jesus comes back in the church asleep in Been then at midnight a cry is made that wakes up the entire church now prophetically speaking in the midnight cry is the loud cry so when the outcry goes out the entire administration is going away now what happens under the loud cry. During the loud cry the the earth is eliminated with the glory of God character but you also have the message the Babylon is fallen it's become a habitation of doubles and then the call is given in verses 4 and 5 a riddle ation a 1000 words as come out of her my people that you've been out for takers ever since the that you receive out of airplanes for spices for her sons of reached and. Ellen White says in last day of man's page 198 the Babylon sons reach heaven at the sun so the midnight cry in other words in the spirit will the midnight cry that wakes up the whole church is the loud cry and everyone in the autumn Mr Bush will wake up at the National Sunday law because everyone is going to say oh wow she says this here he is out the door. When the Sunday law comes there's not going to be an outing of the wife who doesn't understand the meaning of so many Matthew $25.00 or 6 of the midnight cry which is describing the outcry of Revelation 18 which takes us to her survive which says for Babylon sins of reached into heaven and I want to hold the last the events $198.00 the Babylon sons reach heaven at the Sun Now what does that have to do with the close of probation here is what the everybody wakes up the wise and the foolish virgins the wise are prepared the foolish or not and the foolish during this time are looking for the oil and they don't have a wise virgins have the oil they now receive the horn of the Latter Rain and they give the outcry between verses 7 and turn and at the end of 1st turn. While the foolish are out looking for the Holy Spirit it says they that were ready when and where the bright bridegroom to the marriage of the door was shut when the door is shut up at the close of probation so probation doesn't close at the beginning of the summit while the program probation closes. After the outcry has been given but here is the thing there is not an opportunity for a 2nd chance so to speak once the son in law hits so the way so this is an illustration that might make or help you to understand. Why you won't have more opportunity for preparation but why probation has been closed and that is us all of us who've been in school we've all taken examinations we enter into the room to take the test I mean I'm old enough to at least say well I would walk into the room and I'd have a pen or a pencil and I'd write out my answers on the exams and so I took a standardized computer test for board exams so you know for all of my other exams I would walk into the room pen and paper or a have have a can and fill out the answers on the paper that the that the professor were giving me so when I walked through the door and sat down to take the examination my opportunity for preparation was over I would demonstrate my knowledge as soon as I started answering the questions until I turned in the test but. My probation for whether or not I had passed the test or not and what grade I would get did not close and so I handed the test same with all of the when you've taken a test so probation closes when you hand the test in that scenario so here in this scenario the 7th Day Adventists are the ones whose opportunity for preparation closes 1st but their probation doesn't close as soon as the Sunday last arts. The the wise virgins go out and give a loud cry message they'll be 144000. The foolish virgins. Will end up receiving the mark of the beast because they don't have the fruits of the Spirit but during that time those on the other churches will respond to the message come out of her my people. And so God's people in the other churches who didn't have all of the truth and the light to add in us have had will have an opportunity between the some a law and the closing of that door to join God's church because they didn't have all the trees that we have. But add in this tune have all the why more have an opportunity to gain that experience once the Sunday law comes so that's why some people a set of a probation closes for outness of the Sunday law well you know you might be kind of splitting hairs implying semantics a little bit but really probation only closes once and that's when Michael stands up a map of the same time and as best as I can understand from studying the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy probation closes at the death the tree as you have the Sunday will escalate to the point that you will be put to death that's when. Probation closes for the entire world and then Jacob's time of trouble starts after that so hopefully that makes sense. As well but yeah Sunday was on the Sunday like um there's no more opportunity for on preparation. And then the question is when do we leave the cities if we need to sound a loud cry so I read the same from testimonies volume 5 pages 464465 where Elm I says as the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was the signal for flight to the Judean Christians so the assumption of power on the part of the nation that are in the decree in force in the papal Sabbath will be a warning to us that will then be time to leave the large studies preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retired homes and secluded places among the mountains such as Sunday was your last chance to get out. Ideally you would be out of the cities now and working the cities from outposts outside of the city we don't ignore the cities we still work some but we don't live in them you know when the Final Crisis if you're going to have a limited time to get out you don't want to say well it's going to take me 3 days to pack up my whole house in there you better get in the car and get out of there because once the city goes on markdown you won't be getting now so you know that's just something to keep in mind. The loud cry will be given. Ellen White says in great controversy it's. Earth Final Warning towards the end of that I want to face around page $612.00 Don't hold me to that. She says servants of God with their faces lighted up will hasten from place to place to give the message if I don't necessarily get the idea that we're going to be and large arenas or a football stadium speaking to 50000 people it's going to be more like a door to door effort of thousands of faithful adn us going door to door sharing the last message for probation close. So yes so I think that's. So a question Is there a specific Sunday law reference in the Bible so I kind of went through that the Bible study it doesn't you know l m y n 7 fabulous in modern languages use the term Sunday of law it's a legislation. But the chairman of Sunday law isn't used in the Bible does. I assure that from the study of this evening that the 1st beast speaks has a mouth speaking great things and it sought to change times and law so that was changing Sabbath the Sunday that was the Catholic Church doing that and then the 2nd beast will have them it will speak as a dragon a nation speaks through its laws and when it speaks like a dragon it will have a mouth speaking great things and it will also suburbia and that will be through a Sunday law as well so that's where we get the understanding of the sun from scripture so thankfully the Bible is clear on these things in it and again I just want to encourage you know any of you who may have not had clarity or weren't totally convinced of Son of us listen some of the admins are just making up cunningly devised fables about some they lost the as rock solid very clear from scripture that there will be a law passed by the 2nd beast or Revelation 13 which of the United States of America which will subvert the law that's the son the law will cause the Earth the worship the papacy when its deadly one is healed and that's when we have 7 they have this will be of the loud cry warning Melissa and I just want to encourage all of you as well now as a great time. To. Be sharing that with people who are open minded about what's going to happen. In the future and what prophecy says as. You know as far as like what do we tell people who think we are a colt for believing in a Sunday walk. I would just simply say. We just follow clearly with Bible Prophecy teaches us and. When they start to see these things happening they'll know that what we've said is true all along and. It's going to happen that's the point going to happen and what's happened with this pandemic is is a clear reminder of how quickly this world can change and. It's remarkable how much of a different world we're living in right now so I will say a word of prayer and we will. We will close our study and Father in heaven we just thank you so much for being with us this evening we thank you for the more sure word across the sea that shines light in the darkness of this world we thank you that. Despite her unworthiness that somehow you saw. To call each one of us to be 7th day out unless such a momentous time of verse history more we just don't feel worthy but we know that by your grace and strength you are able to use us to be your witnesses to so the world around us and so thank you for the high calling you've given us I pray that we would be faithful like Daniel and his friends in this modern world may our hearts not fail us for fear but may we lift up our heads and realize that our redemption is drawing near Jesus is coming soon and that it's that our eyes that have not even seen or even imagined. The things that you have prepared for us and the heaven that is to come in the earth that will be made new help us to make that our priority and to be looking for you or your soon return may we be faithful forgive us for our sons and strengthen us and I have lost over time in the areas that we need 3 and I just pray for each person here for people who are struggling with challenges discouragements whatever issues that they may be that you would. Stop then and just come right in and be the God that you've promised that he would be to each one of us and so we thank you for this time that we've had together thank you for the more sure what a prophecy and I pray this in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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