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The First Angel and the Everlasting Gospel

Norman McNulty


The special calling of SDAs to give the first, second, and third angels' messages to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.  The importance of understanding and experiencing these messages in our lives, so we may reveal and proclaim them to the world. 


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 21, 2020
    6:30 PM
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So it's very Father we thank you for this time together her from your word and we thank you for the time that we're living in and for this opportunity to study from the Bible and so a pretty that you would guide my mind going to each of our minds and I pray that what is presented this evening would be very clear and very understandable and that we would apply what we have and so I pray this in Jesus' name and. So. You know there's probably nothing better that I'd like to talk about than the 3 angles most it is there's lots of things to talk about in the Bible but for me of the 3 of those messages are are the most important and you saw on the flyer that was sent out there's this quote from Lance they have vents You can also follow find in testimonies Volume 9 page 19 about the 3 angles messages I'm going to read it as we start the study they haven't spent 45 on a special sons so if they out in the been some in the world as watchman why bearers they have been given a work of the most solemn in court the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's months it is there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb there it's an engine you know. It's amazing to me that statement where am I says that we as God's people 7th have Mr Snow allow nothing else to absorb are essential and that we've been given the work of the most solemn import which is the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd and is most just now all of. Them grew up in the church and going through our school system. I'm not so sure that the 3 angles messages were were Totten presented in such a way so that young people coming out of our schools would be able to give a clear coherent Bible study in the 3 of those messages and that's probably where I was when I finished college so you know I don't feel bad if you don't feel like you know how to give a study on the 3 Ingles messages hopefully tonight will be a star or a foundation for you so that you will see the value in the importance of the 3 angels messages and why 7th Day Adventists make such a big deal about these 3 messages and you will find as we study here in scripture that these 3 messages are not just some random messages that they are the messages for the time that reliving in a few weeks ago i gave us the on how to show. That Sunday was the mark of the beast and how to show that from Scripture so I hope that you'll see in the end nice series of studies just how amazing and how important the 3 medals messages are for us as of people mouth. One of the 1st revelation 14 is where we find the 3 angles messages so I want you to open your vitals to Revelation 14. And. I want you to look at something of what I like to gave when I teach a topic is that so it kind of see the big picture 1st and then once you see the big picture then the detail starts to make a lot more sense and so when you look at Revelation Chapter 14 Revelation Chapter 14 has 3 sections. So the 1st section is found in the 1st 5 verses and the 1st 5 verses are a description of the 144000 standing on the Mount Zion which with the lamb which is Jesus Christ and 144000 standing on Mount Zion with the lamb now again big picture understanding here the Book of Revelation the title of the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ and when you study the 144000 very carefully you will find that the 144000 stand with the land on Mount Zion on because the 144000 were transformed into the whiteness of the Lamb and so this is one of the climax that was a revelation in that you have the revelation of Jesus Christ through His saints known as 144000 so the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ Christ as revealed in various ways through the Book of Revelation one of the ways that he is revealed is through the 144000 so that's the 1st section of Revelation Chapter 14 the 2nd section is the 3 of those messages and that's verses 6 through each Well so 1st 6 through 12 are the 2nd section of Revelation chapter 14 and you have the 3 angles messages the 1st thing a woman found in verses 6 and 7 the 2nd Angel's most enduring found in verse 8 and the 3rd in those most injuring founders is 93 while now you have kind of. An energy Laden if you will in verse 13 which is a description of the special resurrection which we may talk about later. And then the 3rd section is the harvest of the righteous and the wicked and that's in verses 14 through 20 so when you look at this big picture in Revelation Chapter 14 and you're studying Revelation Chapter 14 this is what you want to see if you study this chapter you have 3 sections 144000 found in the 1st 5 years as the 3 Angels' messages is the next section verses 6 through 12 and then you have the harvest in verses 14 through. Here is what that whole pattern is showing us if you put it all together what this pattern is showing us and then we're going to get into the 3 movements that is is that the 144000 shoes stand on Mount Zion with the lamb are produced by the 3 Angelus messages and I'm going to prove that he as we study this so the 144000 the 1st section of Chapter 40 are produced by the 3 angels messages and verses 6 through 12 and then what the whole chapter is showing us is that when the 3 angels messages produce the 144000 the harvest is ripe and Jesus comes back which after 14 is so it's a nice big picture that we see in chapter 144-4000 there are a revelation of Jesus Christ so they therefore stand with him with the lamb on Mount Zion and they are produced by the 3 needles messages and when those 3 angles messages produce 144000 then we have the harvest in the harvest as a scription of the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ so does that make sense to everyone as we. Forth on our study so hopefully that it's clear to you that you see the 3 sections and they fit together very clearly. So let's look at the 3 of those messages and I'll say this if we didn't have the 3 jewels messages we wouldn't have the 7th they have in this movement we wouldn't have a 7 they have missed church and you're going to see that as we study this Ok So starting in verse 6 Revelation Chapter 14 were 6 and just so you can kind of see. What we thought was the big picture kind of thing at the forest now we're going to kind of look at the detail of the trees the reason why we say that there are 3 angels is because when you get to verse 9 it says and the 13th will follow so we understand that and verse 6 Thus the 1st Dana will verse 8 that's the 2nd angel they're not named in such a way but verse 9 names the 3rd angel as the 13th so we have 3 angels messages that's where we get this nomenclature from now verse 6 we see and I saw another angel now the word for angel and the Greek is the word for messenger my son other angel fly in the midst of. Having the everlasting Gospel to preach one of them that dwell me years and every nation and 100 and time in people saying with a loud who always fear God and give who will read to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that may have a manner and the sea in the waters not you may have heard this verse many times and it can almost become a root recitation to hear those words state of I'm going to hopefully show you just how deep this passage is. There's a couple of things that I want to point out before we get into some of the further detail 1st of all is that this message that the angels fly through the mist of heaven with is for every nation hundreds 100 people were every nation shrive language and people in modern activity so I sometimes I don't think I need to say this it's of this group because one of the things I miss about Well Melinda was that was the diversity. And you really don't even think about it when you love her but when you live in other parts of the country you have to remind. Other Americans that the 3 needles messages are not only for hockey Asians and North America the 3 angles messages are for every nation shrive language people group all around the world and that's why the some of the adventure is a worldwide church because of the burden that we have to get 3 needles in us that is that the entire world and. So that's the 1st point I want to make the 2nd point I want to make is that in verse 7 we see that there's Angel gives this message with a loud voice and so one of the things I want to say about that is that. I've met a lot of some of the at and it's who are embarrassed by the distinctive message that we have as a people now. You know on the type of guy that just kind of sends the shoot straight so I'm going to say it the way I think and that's based on what the Bible says The Bible doesn't say to hide the 3 into his mouth that is under a bushel the Bible says that the 3 of those messages should be given with a loud voice. So and to be specifically particular the 1st from the 30 Angel are given with a loud voice it doesn't say that about the 2nd angel but the message of the 2nd angel is repeated with the angel of Revelation 18 where he cries mightily with the strong pleas which the cry so eventually that message of the 2nd angel will be given under the power of the trial but I just wanted to mention that because I hear a lot of people say you know we need to be share full about how we share this in the passage and of course I agree with that I wouldn't give a Bible study on the mark of the beast to a group of new newcomers who've never heard our message before of the very 1st study but the Bible says that the 3 needles messages are to be given to every nation Chandra time and people so don't tell me that millennium goals or Gen x. or is or whoever the generations that have come after them are now aren't cut out to hear the 3 needles messages because that's not what the Bible so the Bible says from the hour of God's judgments all the time that Jesus comes 3 needles messages are for everybody and if we're ashamed of that message to me as it tells that we don't really understand the significance of this mess so I just want to I'm sure of you and and you know there is of course there is right and wrong ways that give this message and that seems pretty negative ways for it to be presented but I mean I I I get kind of disappointed when I see people unsure churches and meters. Shy away from getting the 3 of those messages the way God intended to be given given because the angel gives this message with a loud voice so if Angel looks from heaven. Gives this message with a loud voice Why has it as God's people would we be ashamed to share the messages that God has given to us to share with the world for this time so that's just something that I want to mention So this message is for everybody and it's for millennium goals and any generation that's alive right now. And it's for every ethnicity it's for every language group and it's something that we need to give under the power of the Holy Spirit so. Let's break this down a little bit further server 6 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel Here's the 1st key component to the 1st angels message the 1st key component is that the 1st angel has the everlasting gospel now I believe if I'm not mistaken Douglas not gave a study to you on the Gospel or righteousness by faith as is that correct. So I think that's what I understood and so you should have a pretty clear standing from Pastor not his messages about righteousness by faith in the Gospel but I don't want to mention a few things because again sometimes I find some people in the church sure who are Ok with saying Sure let's talk about the Gospel and context of the 1st angel but then they don't want to talk about the judgment hour and they don't want to talk about the 2nd handles most that in fact about once fall and they don't want to talk about the 3rd angels message in the Mark of the Beast and also has not had a series on the century which has the gospel when time so you know it's good to talk about the Gospel but the Gospel is part of this whole package. Of you know the everlasting gospel you have a judgment or message you have a message of fear God give glory to him he have a message of worship Him who made heaven and earth you know the 2nd angels message of coming out of out of line and you have the 3rd angels message of the mark of the beast in the patience of the since the faith of Jesus in the commands of God So this is a complete package the other thing is is that there have been some misunderstandings about the everlasting gospel so when we say a couple of things about this 1st of all it's not. A mistake or by chance that the Gospel is the scribe in the 1st angel's message as the everlasting Gospel in other words the gospel is the same from the beginning never of history and so the end of time and the 1st gospel message is seen in Genesis 315 when Jesus is I will put him and him and he between the in the woman between my seat and her seat and so forth we see the Gospel. In the life of Abraham. Who believed in God and it was counted to him for righteousness and in Genesis 15. And you see the Gospel of course in the New Testament one of the hearses that I want to mention to you and this is what I can this is what I would recommend that you do as we go through this study now that I've kind of given you some big picture ideas and kind of encourage you hey we need to give this nonsense voice and it's for everybody and let's not be ashamed of it and 3 of those messages are what produced 144000 they're produced by the 144100 the harvest which is the 2nd coming so now that we've looked at the big picture what I would suggest you use that you take notes now as we go through that he components of the 1st sandals massive The 1st being the everlasting gospel so the verse that I want to take each year and I would suggest that you write down for example Gentles $155.00 and $6.00 which I mention which makes reference to the faith of Abraham and how that connects to run instructor force 3 but what I want to say choose Romans 116 and 17 and this is our 1st face you should definitely write down drum instructor month verses 16 and 17 and this is a description of the everlasting Gospel this is the Apostle Paul describing this gospel message so notice what Paul says in Romans structured one verses 16 and 17 he says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God into salvation to everyone that believeth to the Jew 1st and also to the Greek for they are in is the righteousness of God revealed from face the faith as it is written the just to live by faith now we could do a whole study. You know pretty much a whole hour Bible study on Romans one verses 16 and 17 and all this type in the reverse in Genesis that I mention in Genesis 15 by Vince it's so Romans 116 and 17 says I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God and salvation that work power is the very core do and us which is similar to Diana I. Where policy is the gospel has power like dynamite now it's amazing to me how many people misinterpret what he teaches about the Gospel in the rooms where he teaches about the Gospel in the book of Romans as the gospel has power like dynamite to blow up your sin polluted heart and give you a heart like Jesus and I'm not sure that's what Romans teaches and the reason why he says the gospel has to have the power dynamite is because he shows how sinful humanity is in the rest of chapter one in chapter 2 where he shows that the Gentiles are you have any chance about the sins of homosexuality in licentiousness and all of that and so you really have to think oh wow and I'm so glad we're not sinful like that and then he comes back around to God's people in Romans theories like you think you're if you're a follower of God and yet you break the law of God as well when you're under condemnation also and so by the end of the chapter cheater left to thank though our hope is there for me and then Romans 34567 and they proceed to show just how powerful this Gospel is but in a nutshell he tells us how powerful the Gospel was in verses 16 and 17 why does it have power like dynamite How does it bring us to salvation and when we are so sensible Well 1st of all it's to give in to everyone who believes or who has faith to the g. 1st and also to the Greek so to the believer to those who are in the church and even of those who may be outside of the church right now anyone who has faith can be brought into a saving walk with God or what makes it so powerful 1st 17 total that's why the everlasting Gospel is so powerful verse 17 so it's for the very end is the right just Innes of a gun revealed think about that in the Gospel. The righteousness of God is revealed in the lives of those who have faith and he goes on to say that's revealed from faith the faith as it is written to just show that by faith in other words the just to live by faith have the righteousness of God revealed in their lives there's a powerful never remember the Book of Revelation is about the revelation of Jesus Christ and I mention the 144000 are a revelation of Jesus Christ and what Paula saying about the gospel is that those who believe in the dynamite power of John to bring salvation to your lie will exterior and justification by faith and when you experience a justification which is righteousness by faith God's righteousness is not simply declared for your wife it is revealed in Europe that's the everlasting Gospel that's the dynamite power of the everlasting Gospel anything short of that is not the power of God not anything short of that is not the righteousness of God and anything short of that is not the everlasting Gospel but the true everlasting Gospel as part of the 3 angels messages when rightly understood and when by faith experience will produce the righteousness of God in the wives of the just who live by faith not by the way among what I sow as in review inherently For 1890 and I will put that reference in here for you. In 90 that the message of Justification by Faith is the 3rd angels message in verity in the 3rd angel's message can be used to talk about the 3 messages in their town so Justification by Faith means that you have experienced the power of God into salvation meaning that you have experienced the righteousness of God revealed in your life and I know why goes on to say and I quote and review in her later 190 that when Justification by Faith is experienced then you see the loud cry of Revelation 18 were made of comes not from heaven having great power the earth is lightened with its glory because those who experience justification by faith have experienced the power of God they've experienced the everlasting Gospel and the righteousness of God as revealed in their lives now the Earth can be a limit of of the glory of character so when we say about this angel has the everlasting Gospel this is not a half baked the gospel that says that you are declared righteous while you're continuing to live a life of sin. This is the everlasting Gospel full of dynamite power in which your simple loot of wife has been transformed because you have faith in the power of the blood of Jesus to totally transform you into His likeness so that his righteousness can be revealed in your lives there's a lot of mail and that's the gospel power I want I want gospel power to change me so it's interesting well I don't have time. We could do a whole 100 miles 30 under the Haitian my faith and I don't have time to do that or say I suppose we'll just. We have that for your own study though and I'll give you this so one back to 21 through 4 of you that reference and. In her back yet someone already put it in there have asked you want to for you can connect the concept of justification for faith or the 3rd angel's message. So. This angel has the everlasting Gospel the several asking us all isn't just some half baked gospel where Jesus dies for your sons but you continue to live in sin no Jesus didn't come to save us in our sins he came to save us from our sins and so she is yours what I will say as well about the gospel before we move to the next point you know a lot of times we talk about justification by faith and sanctification and overcoming Sennen all of that's very important part of justification by faith is also forgiveness and you know Romans Chapter 5 years one says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ there is a peace that comes from being free again now here's something you need to think about very carefully don't think. That you're ever going to over comes in and you're alive if you don't truly believe that you've been forgiven for the sins of your past justification by faith means to truly believe that you're for given fully and completely that you have a Savior who did his job so well that you have been forgiven completely now you have peace with no one and not only do you have peace with John you also have. Faith to believe that his dynamite hower can change your heart and mind if so that his righteousness can be revealed and he so Justification by Faith means that you believe that you have been forgiven completely and you also believe that God can give you complete victory over some one other thing worth mentioning about justification by faith this is faith and works page 100 Ellen White says it not requires the higher surrender of the heart before justification can take place in order for man to retain justification there must be continual beatings which works by love I'm sure if I was the soul so sir render is part of justification by faith as well and then sanctification is maintaining that surrender justified experience so that's the everlasting Gospel International we could do a whole series on we're that's just one that's the 1st though I'm a of the 1st angels message that's important for us that are Stan so that it would it would be surprising that the devil would attack the pure gospel and would make people believe that they continue to sin and experience the Gospel in any way and that's not going to produce the 144144000 will be produced by the sheer Gospel not my half baked. Ok so this angel is flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that do well on me earth and every nation and 100 and and people so this message is for the entire Earth for every nation tribe language and people were so you know the everlasting Gospel worse for everybody. The gossip for certain subsets of people the gospel is designed by God to work for everybody so again don't tell me that the gospel message of dynamite power or the righteousness of God can be revealed in your life don't tell me that that message is not relevant for certain people groups because the Bible says it's relevant for every. So when we start to dumb down the message and try to tailor it to certain types of groups and whatever we often get stuck in the mud and we don't go anywhere because it's not effective and again of course there's the right way to present this to people but to withhold it and to not share a is certainly not what Scripture tells us we should be doing so that's just a reminder that the 1st angel's message is to begin with a loud voice to every nation languaged tongue and he will now notice for 7 so saying with a wound who weighs so again we understand that this message is to be given with a loud voice is not to be hidden. You know one time I preached at a church this was actually about 9 years ago and it was somewhere this side of the country not your side of the country although. You know this is sort of a North American problem and a Western world problem I preached a message on you know the the 3 main rules and. The people really were blessed by it and the path so that was on Friday nights of them the pastor introduces me again for Sabbath morning and in I'm actually friends with Spencer he's a nice guy and he gets up to introduce me and he's like you know. Some of the members were telling me last night why don't we hear messages like this more often and I said to them Well you know if we heard it more often it wouldn't be especially when we did hear it and I discounted Shoko but it was like Come on people. You know the 3 needles Musset is arts and be the primary focus of what we do and why we do what we do and I'm not saying that every single sermon used to be from Revelation 146 that's well but a lot of them should be a lot of them should at least connect into it and make applications to it because. Our message is to be given with a loud voice and of course you know I'm not the only one who gives messages on the 3 and a there's plenty of of other people who do. And it's an important thing to be doing right now so to begin with a loud voice now the next thing that I want you to see it's about the everlasting gospel I want you to take notes about what it means to fear God and it's possible that this is where we will. Waive off until next week for the 1st angels message has a lot to it so in the 1st Angel's messages as feared to give glory to Him for the hour of his. Judgment is come. And so what I want to da. I want to. Give you a study on what it means to fear God and just looking at a few verses and so. The word fear it's from the Greek word phobia which can mean to fear or it could also mean to reverence as the great word 5399. And you see this in Revelation 14 verse of and you also see it in Revelation 15 verse 3 which is interesting so if the message to. You in the 1st saved message of spirit. And in Revelation 15 as actually verse 14 says you have 144000. There are standing on the sea of glass saying the son of Moses the servant of God in the Son of the lamb and a verse forces who shall not fear the Lord so what you see is that the command is Spirit God and then you see the 144000 Shaktar 15 singing the song of Moses in the song of the Lamb saying who shall not fear the so 144000 are a group of people who fear God So again the 3 into his messages are designed to produce the 144000 we see that from the everlasting Gospel which will produce the righteousness of God in the just who live by faith and it will produce a group of people who fear or reverence. And the 144000 thing the song of the Lamb and verse for revelation 15 where they say who shall not fear now I want to show it a few different hearses of what it means to fear God. So. Roberts one verse will go through these verses relatively short sleeve that he can make note of them and I'll read them Proverbs one or 7 says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge so here we see the fear the Lord and by the way and the Hebrew so in the Hebrew there is. 3 words that are very similar there are 337233374 in the Hebrew and they all basically need to either be irreverent or to have reverence So you know some people will say well it's not the exact same word Welsh Hebrew and Greek are different languages and if you see how old that says all New Testament work together you'll see that Paul will quote. Freely from the Old Testament in the books of around that he research example and he only use Hebrew words and translate them into great words and then they are the same words in anguish so you know. I'm just making that comment for the higher critics out there who try to say that you can't use or is this from the Old Testament explainers as in the nature of some and that's was true so these are these verses in the Old Testament come perhaps Hebrew words and they translated as fear and they mean the same thing as how the Greek word for fear is translated in the New Testament which is to show reference or to be reverent so Proverbs $17.00 shows that the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge that we get out of Proverbs 3 were sudden and Proverbs 3 verse 7 says being not wise in mine eyes fear the Lord and apart from evil so to fear the horridest see depart from evil so it's the beginning of knowledge if the depart from evils and of Harvard's 8 worst search scene it says the fear of the Lord is to hate. Pride and arrogance in the evil when the Frewer mouth you hate so those who fear God will hate evil you know if you for if you cherish certain evil tendencies in your favorite political leaders or entertainment people or whatever it may be that's not fearing fearing God as they hate evil so it's the beginning of knowledge is the parting from evil it's hating evil Proverbs 9 versts the fear of the word is the beginning of with and the knowledge of the whole is understanding so here we see the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom so we see that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge is the beginning of wisdom it's to depart from evil is to hate evil and proverbs 1533 and by the way you can go to Strong's you're young and you just feel younger. And find many more comparisons understand I'm just kind of wedding you're out of sight for what the fear of the Lord is. Progress $1513.00 says the fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom and before honor is humility so the fear of the Lord is the instruction of words and so it's the beginning of wisdom in the end it's the instruction of wisdom and you know you may think well I don't have much wisdom right now but let me tell you something if you spend time studying the Bible and putting together what scripture says you will find that as time goes on the Lord will give you more and more wisdom as you fear the Lord and you will find things that are difficult for people in the world to understand you can see very clearly because if your understanding of the fear of the Lord and whether it's now I want to take huge shoes some 34. Psalm 34 for. And we're going to look at verses 11 through 15 and this is one of the passages that shit goes very clearly how the 3 handles mostly just produced $144000.00 so so pay attention to this passage especially and this is a very clear and powerful Pouncet or scripture some 34 starting in Brazil love. Me children hearken to me I will teach you the fear of the Lord so this is a psalm David a man after God's own heart and he says under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I'm going to be cheated to fear the Lord so now I want to know what he says is the fear the Lord Jesus I'm going to teach you the fear of the Lord so what are the next verses saying the rituals is what is Matt what man is he had desired life and love as many days that he may see it so he's kind of warming up and that is 1st 13 verse 30 he is now a description of what the fear of the Lord is according to this passage of Scripture notice what it says verse 13 keep fight time from evil m. by the lips from speaking guy have you ever seen that description of God's people anywhere else in the bible go quickly to Revelation 14 when we started our study Revelation Chapter 14 we see a description of the 144000 in verse 5 destroyed 144000 houses and in their mouth was found no sign. True they are without fault before the throne of Donna and David says involve some 34 what meets the fear the Lord this is what it looks like keep your turn from evil and your lips from speaking isn't it amazing that to fear John is to keep your lips from speaking dial and the 144000 have now dial in their mouth so again the. 3 handles messages produced $144000.00 so want to so sphere God get word to him for the hour of his judgment is come 144000 are going to fear God they're going to get right to him they're going to live with an understanding that we are in the just now and they're going to worship Him that made heaven and earth and then if he continues some 34 as he puts on from evil and my lips from speaking to depart from evil and you get seek peace and pursue it the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and his ears are open under their cry so further elements of the fear of the Lord would be to depart from evil We've already seen that to do you good to seek peace and to pursue it and you see that the fear of the Lord would describe those who are righteous and those who are crying on him those who have an active prayer life but very clearly you can see in verse 13 keep your tongue from evil your lips from speaking ya know or to see which is what Revelation 14 risk 5 says of the 144001 last verse that I'm going to show you that shows us what the fear of the Lord is as if please he asked you Chapter 12 years 13 and 14 this is one of the famous versus Ecclesiastes his followers is 13 and 14 what is here the conclusion of the whole much matter. Fear got him keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work and of judgment with their receipt through thing whether it be good or whether it be evil so here you see that those who fear God will keep His commandments and have an understanding that every work of her life will be brought out and the judgment and you see a very fair connection with the 1st and was most of your Revelation 14 rhesus $6.00 and $7.00 that you see in Ecclesiastes each will 13 or 14 fear God keep His commandments this is the whole duty of man no it will bring every work into judgment and the 1st angels message this fear God we have already him for the hour of his judgment. So that. That's what it means to fear a gun. And you may have some questions on that hopefully that is clear and makes sense but just to summarize the fear of God then is the fear of the heart is the beginning of knowledge is that apart from evil with the hate evil is the beginning of wisdom it's the instruction of wisdom is to keep his commandments with the understanding that every word will be brought in the judgment and it's to keep from evil and to keep our tongues from speaking on just like the 144000 so that's just in a nutshell what it means the fear of John so again when you look at the 1st angel's message you see that it has the everlasting Gospel it has a command a fear of God there's so much in here and we haven't even talked about what I'm used to give him that we're in the hour of a judgment and a worship and there's there's a lot more to come now we have about 4 minutes before we take our time before we take questions I'm going to give you a couple of thoughts about what it means to give who already gone. In 1st Corinthians Chapter 210 reverse 31. This is a very familiar statement or passage or scripture 1st Corinthians chapter tenderers 31 says Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all to the glory of gun. Now that pretty much leaves out nothing that means that everything that we do whether it's what we eat or what we drink or what we where or anything else that we do in a rhymes it's all for the glory of God. So when spirit sure says on the 1st hand was a sphere of God Give glory to him it's a come it's a call a clarion call with a loud voice to God last a people living in the judgment hour that every aspect of our lives should be for the glory of gon so you know I see this happen sometimes among something I missed where we start asking questions that we had us down a compromising path and I'm sure you've heard this question asked and that is is this a salvation a wish. Now there might be a time and a place where that question is an appropriate question but by and large when that question is is asked if done so with the ends so lower the standard from what God has revealed as his desired will whether in scripture or in the spirit of prophecy and when God has made note of what went wrong Laura to him and we say I don't think I need to do that you actually have a mentality of not ringing. And so those who have experienced the power of the everlasting Gospel so that God's righteousness will be revealed in their lives and who fear gun will also have them and Howie. Of giving glory to him and the question that will be asked about every decision that we make in our lives is will this bring glory to me or it will be written glory to God is this mice human selfish desire that I am. Considering or am I looking at it the way God would look at out of my love for him if I love the Lord with all of my heart soul and mind how does that affect my decision with respect to bring glory to God So think about that and. You know you don't want of course we don't want to churn out and says I'm into a list of rules devoid of Christ but when Christ is in your life there will be a clear and distinct difference between how God fearing gospel change judgment our living sudden Vaness will live compared to the rest of the world there is no difference in your lifestyle with that of worldly loving secular people there's a good chance you're not giving or to go on in your lives to think of. There's a good chance that you haven't really given your heart for the word completely so to fear God to give glory to Him means that we give our hearts fully and completely to the Lord now there is more than I have on given the limited John that we're basically at 7 o'clock now so I am going to put upon the study for right now and basically what will be in part she is we're going to see what it means to give glory to God in its totality what it means to be living in the hour of his judgment and what it means to worship Him So what we did this evening as we saw the big picture of the 3 sections that Revelation 14 and how 144000 in the 1st section the 3 of those messages are in the search 2nd section the harvest is in the 3rd section the 3 and those messages produced 144000 and when they produce 144000 then we will have the harvest which is the 2nd coming so we saw that and then we saw that the reason why the 3 of those messages are so powerful they produce 144000 is that it has the everlasting Gospel which produces the righteousness of God or the righteousness of God as revealed in the lies of those who have faith those are the just who live by faith and then we saw what it meant to fear God and we briefly touched on the 1st aspect of giving were to him so that's you know I'm not sure what we look to this evening. And we will continue forward and I think we'll hit those 3 elements of giving where the guy living they are his judgment and worship and him and then we can probably tonight that with the 2nd angel's message as part you are 31 for part 3 will look at the 30 things must sit so that's the roadmap for the study going forward so. Should I offer a prayer or should we do that after the q. and a. After declining Oka perfect so why don't we go ahead now to open up for questions. I have a question Kathleen yes. So I wrote it down because I'm not sure I'm to not like you guys are and you were saying you were talking in notes and I was just wondering if everybody else can see those notes or. If we had the writer on notes or kill those yet copies of your notes. Oh I don't know it's I counted off the chart on my hands I don't really have known. But there is in the chat wonder if you click on chapters of the whole section How's the Bible that we that we went through so if you I mean I do you know you have something written own a piece of paper around have it typed out. So I don't know I don't see a chat with you I see like 3 dots Ok if you go to the bottom of the screen. Princes like on the left hand side there's new start video and then in the middle of the screen there's an invite it purchasable sure screen and chat if you could hunch it will open up the chat one. Minds not offering that I don't know why well I'm great I know. I am on the fall Ok so you need to click the 3 dots that say more right and I'll let you know that it says chat and Kathleen I can say I don't know that I'm friends with you on Facebook Messenger I'm going to copy that list of your men and say Ok yeah I don't want to waste our precious time I'm not but I just wanted to mention it because I wrote a lot of notes but sometimes you miss things then and it's important so you know Also I'll send it to you Don't worry about thank you. Any other questions thank you I can make one comment that are studying and and hearing you for now like to yours. It's very conflicting in my heart. And. I don't want to get sabi as hard as we try and I try I see where I fall short and the Holy Spirit keeps opening these avenues for me. To learn and Target where these weak spots are. You heard several and I just am so thankful for. I just want to say that. It's such a special gift that God is working. Through you as a connection to help me get to where I need to be so you know and it's a blessing it's such a blessing sort of make you prisoner and you know it is I call one but God is also. A merciful God students we can thank him for that yet. Many other questions how do we practically nothing else I think you know a great question so every aspect of our own lives more than whether we're in school or in our work. Should be. For the glory of God and for the everlasting Gospel to be revealed in our lives so you know Daniel was taken as a captive that long for example and yet if you study the life of Daniel you can show that he was a living demonstration of the 3 angles most of his Even as a captive end Alonso there. You know he was in the king's court and yet he gave the order to God in every decision that he made so when God is number one in your life so from a practical standpoint when God has is the most important thing and you have a dynamic walk with the Lord. Every aspect of your lives. Everything that you did you. Is going to be with the perspective of allowing the gospel to do its work in your heart of allowing the righteousness of God to be revealed in your life. Fearing God of showing reverence to him wherever you are and of giving glory to Him wherever you are and people will see the difference now i'm not believe or in the Silent Witness idea because people say all this be a silent witness and the reality is most servant that most are silent witnesses in fact our witnesses are so silent that we are no witnesses at all we are silent witnesses that's a that's kind of a true term so we should be witnesses and so whether you're a physician a physical therapist a dentist a teacher. Whatever else that may be. You know it's. Everything that we do is going to be with the per purpose of. Of giving glory to God and of being a witness for him where we are so wake up every day asking the Lord to to bring people in across your path that you can witness so I've seen a couple of other questions came my way. That I'll do this mention you know if you mention that forgiveness must be accepted as complete now how to irreconcilable that with a final judgment Ok so you know the final judgment try stands up and says he that isn't just let him be understood he says though this Revelation $22.00 and he that is filthy want to be filthy so he that is righteous let him be righteous he that his holy one be well we still so when women try stands up on Michael stands up for a given notice is no longer available and those who live from the time judgement finish are still the 2nd coming will go live during that time with the end are standing with my face all their sons have been forgiven that's part of justification by faith you know if you don't have forgiveness at that point the burden of that son would crush he said I mean it's a it's critical so learn to accept God's forgiving grace every day now because if you're slightly. And you know some of those things I'm sure he'll forget that one thing is this know it justification by faith you truly accept the pardoning water of Jesus so that when the final judgment comes and Michael stands up and he says he that is unjust let him be honest though you're not worrying whether or not your sins have been forgiven because you've had hospitals and the forgiving your race of the Lord. And it's important to have that as you live through. After probation closes. So. Couple I'm looking at some of these other comments. So. Great study on how to live this righteous life but God will finish the work he started and here's what I would say to that because humanly speaking I will readily admit. That it seems almost impossible to live the righteous life of God by face but that's where faith comes in Faith is believing what God says even when humanly speaking it doesn't make sense and if you're. A babe in Christ remember Mark for 18 to 22 talks about how when a blade of grass comes up through the ground it's not fully mature when it 1st comes up through the ground. It's a little blade because it's preferred to every stage of development and so God isn't going to you know expect you to be fully 144000 sure if it's day 2 of your Christian experience he's going to expect you to be surrendered shoe whatever he has revealed to you at that moment and you'll grow in grace and you know all my tools to strive to be part of the $144000.00 but you can't do it in your own strength your life totally. So if you think that you're going to earn your way and grit your teeth then and it's you know to somehow scrape by you'll never get there in your own strength that's totally through the power of God's. Giving that over to him every day so hopefully that person I'm sure it's meant for you a life verse from 2nd some of the 14 as well that's very powerful. And. So any other questions. One of the thing that's worth mentioning is that you know forgiveness is given an unconditional number one of us having faith to believe that we've been forgiven and also it's it is conditional on retentions meaning that we turn away so for example if if David had asked the Lord to forgive him for what he did with Bathsheba and then he turned right around and did that you another woman and kill off her husband then his forgiveness would have been taken away but because he was truly repentant and sorry and didn't go back to that. Then he he had the forgiveness. That's part of the the Christian journey as well and any other any other questions well we had about 1112 minutes for Question So sounds like. Everybody is satisfied so the plan as and thank you everyone for your questions and I pray this was a blessing for you the plan is that we will pick it up next Tuesday and we will continue on with the 1st angels message and get into the 2nd angels massage and then the last week of our 3 part series we will cover the 3rd Ingles message and hopefully by this time we finish all 3 parts and we've gone through all 3 messages you will see just how powerful the 3 angles messages are and why they really are for our time and why they are to be given with a loud voice and why they do use us apart from the rest of the world. To prepare us for the coming of Jesus it's not just any old masses that it's the message for this time so why don't we go ahead and have a closing prayer I will offer a prayer and it's a let's bury. Father haven't we thank you so much for this opportunity to study. We thank you so much that you have given us these 3 beautiful masochism Revelation 14 to prepare us for your can mark I pray that we would we would surrender 40 years so that we would experience the power of the everlasting Gospel that we which truly experience what it means the fear. That we would surely experience what it means to give glory to Him with the understanding that we are living in the hour of your judgment and as we see what's happening in the world around us I just pray that we would be very committed to following Jesus fully completely and very committed to. Understanding and living by and proclaiming these 3 masted is at this time of our sister Isa thank you for each person who has been part of the study each person who's been on this call you bless each one of us as we continue through the rest of this week it will be found faithful when you turn thanking me crazy for this time that we cry together I pray this in Jesus' name. 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