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NOW! - A Story of Last Day Events

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • May 18, 2020
    10:55 AM
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Hello this is Pastor Steve Walberg with white horse media what you are about to hear is a dramatize story of the last day events taken from a small book entitled now currently published by Pacific press this dramatize to Persian was originally commissioned by Cyril Miller when he was president of the Chesapeake conference many will recognize the voices of those of your story hours before Elder Miller died he gave the reel to reel tape to my friend Art and for formerly with 3 a.b.n. and asked him to do something with it after checking with your story our art passed a digital version on to me hoping that white horse media would spread it around which is exactly what we are doing this story will inspire especially young people around the world to be faithful to Jesus Christ in the coming crisis please feel free to download this and share it to discover the Bible teachings behind the story I mean courage you to read the book the great controversy by Ellen g. white or the pocket book God's final warning the 3 messages available from White Horse media. Who knew I suppose the excitement of the last few weeks and the drone of the cars modem had taken their toll on how long I had been asleep I didn't know my mind was just spiraling upward to consciousness when the familiar green and white sign swept past instantly I was awake an explosion of thoughts and memories began to tumble into place I glanced at my brother Ron in the back seat beside me. He said nothing and I knew he too had seen signing Kalamazoo next exit one mile. In the front seat Mr Mrs Cooper also silent. I felt strangely empty how many times had I seen that sign I couldn't remember. But this time it had a new meaning. I would be leaving behind my home family church and friends my thoughts drifted homeward and back to that day when I had been sitting comfortably in the front room watching t.v. mother was preparing supper and father would soon be home. I am a parish president along with government leaders of. Russia signed a peace. First time in history so many government leaders. Such as Dr momentarily I think you know the announcement white reflected that this would hardly come as a surprise I'm still a consumer reports of the past few weeks had indicated make such a peace pact with Sunni side I focused again on the newscast private church related to. The Supreme Court has finally Ok so much to make. It clear Sunday to be the one and only day which are how to worship the president expressed approval of well I am just. The knob felt cold in my hand as I snapped off the t.v. I walked over to the window and stared out unconsciously memories of a recent Bible doctrines class flooded my mind and I could hear elder Brown as he quoted Mrs White's warning that the passing of a national Sunday law was a sign for us to leave the cities back there in class the ideas of Sunday laws and the time of the end had seemed so remote that it would never happen. Now it was here. But where would we go when we leave but was also unreal like a dream I couldn't believe it was here now mother broke my reverie earlier this hour Ok mom I'm coming. To intense quietness I and wishing someone would mention passage of the Sunday law I had planned how I wanted things to work out when this time arrived father would suddenly become converted and as a United Christian family would move to some secluded place I waited but no one seemed to know what to do or say they acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary finally. My family certainly is talkative tonight would someone like to tell me what the trouble is well where he gets that. Well I suppose you know the Supreme Court okayed the Sunday law today no. Really well the time of the end is near We know that yes but this Sunday law does not have some special meaning so you know what Mrs White's in His know just what does Mrs White say she said is that a decree enforcing the papal Sabbath is a sign for us to move out of the city into the wilderness I read that just the other day in Volume 5 of the testimonies just tell me that almost Holy Joe Exactly where are you going to find any wilderness around here up north where really big forests there are no one would find a week. Just conversation. For mom and dad's code in difference. Of desire to continue. Past and tension mounted at home at church however things seem to go more as I had planned Jenkins delivered us during message on the Sunday law and the narrowness of Christ's 2nd coming many wiped their eyes and they were hearty. I felt strengthened and reassured the service ended and I turned to. Certainly was a. Time assured. Before I forget it if you moved into a new. Life and are planning on starting point that sure is a how much do they soak you for her I got a real deal on this one racing cam heavy duty trans and rear end with plenty of kill to spare in the mill I was stunned I couldn't understand it how could anyone be so moved by God and forget so quickly didn't they realize what was happening. Days passed the situation at home became unbearable Finally Mother and Dad gave permission for Ron and me to leave home and live an hour like cottage. Says yes Ron I was just thinking the sun's about the set on our 1st Sabbath and we left home it's been a wonderful Sabbath spent in the peace and quiet of the country you know I think this is the best Sabbath I can remember yes I was thinking the same thing the hours have passed all too quickly why we've studied and prayed all day something we've never done before where it's as if we've been pushed on by some great urgency you know Alice speaking of urgency we don't know exactly when probation will close we read that just today in a little book Final Crisis in deliverance so so why don't we give that is to our neighbors we could start tomorrow. Having never given a Bible study before we were nervous but we had asked God to lead us and we made a very lovely family the cooks they had heard of Adventists and were interested in our study they accepted the message and although they were never baptized by water they became 7th Day Adventists by the baptism of the Spirit. And oh Oh Alice Oh hi mom it's so good to hear your voice how stead. I call to see if you are ready to come how. Far I drive get you tomorrow no mom we prayed about it and we're not coming home Oh Mom why don't you come up here with this things are happening so fast and and the time is so sure how I how you. No amount of persuading would cause mom to change her mind it was with a heavy heart that I said goodbye. Later I phoned out a Jenkins hoping that he and his family would soon be moving but to my surprise everything seemed to be the same as usual there too everyone was happy and friendly and no one was planning to do anything but go on just like they always had. Several times to Jenkins warned me to be aware of becoming fanatical. Oh why did it have to happen. I couldn't wait till I died so I wouldn't have to be hurt by family and friends who rejected the call why must it happen now. Why Mrs Cook please come in Ron and I were just starting dinner would you how is listen the universal Sunday laws been passed it was just announced on the radio probation is closing in the plagues will soon start we're going to have to leave here and find a hiding place in the mountains. Yes The time had come the time was now after much deliberation and prayer we decided on going to the Smokies Ron and I quickly packed a few belongings took a last look around rocked our cottage door and were waiting on the cook's Grove. To ask. Alice you're on but your luggage in the back seat are jumping We'll ask our heavenly problems protection and then start charging you. The last Kalamazoo exit sign appeared then faded into the distance and with my thoughts of the past I knew now I wouldn't be going home again ever. Yes There goes everything everything I thought. But now not everything was gone I turned around. To just you and me now just ask for no not just us this we've got God he's everything we need I guess I knew that really but there are times I feel so unsure around sometimes I worry that maybe we have deceived ourselves into thinking we are saved when we really aren't but by running we are trying to prove to ourselves and yes to even prove to heaven that we deserve the seal of God Alice I couldn't help but hear your conversation I'd like to suggest we keep in mind God's promises that to him who is victorious will be given the right to the tree of life. And also that the victorious cannot be harmed by the 2nd death and while you were sleeping Sis I found the statement in steps to Christ which is a great comfort it says that we must accept the promises of Christ not from feeling but out of faith and we have so many examples of God's care for us why own we have to do is is look back over the past few weeks and we can see how the Lord has guided this. Strange I found that he should have read that statement just when I needed it. And looked at. And noticed how much he had matured in the last weeks and have Christ why he seemed. Out of the cars window the miles and scenes seemed to merge into one another and I thought of my childhood friends and grade school teachers I wondered if they were running to hide as we were my heart ached as I realized how very little I had done to show them the way. I felt sure elder Brown and elder Jenkins must have fled by now and hope that maybe at the very last moment Mother and Dad had left the city finally Mrs Cook had turned on the car radio to a news broadcast child and then also was telling of more rights to Megan's wars and. Every broadcast was so much alike how can we listen to her until such acts. Just lock our eyes with death penalty. Become affected but I don't 1st Sunday of next month. So now we knew within a few weeks it would be permissible to kill us. We finally reached the foothills to the Smokies they looked like heaven to us in one town we stopped at a gas station. All of the good up players with regular. All by the way may I see your purchase and permit I'm sorry I don't have one you're see Buddy there be no guest for you. We've got to get out of here I think that man is going to call the police and we can start again. Just pray that God will direct us. Registering the car. We threaded our way up one street and down another breathlessly listened on the radio for the announcement we knew would come we had or didn't have launched on me some looking for a car bearing license number. 00 but the hour was last seen leaving a gas station at the corner of the 3rd in line passengers are enemies of the state and I accused of disrupting law and order and I couldn't believe they were talking about us as I heard the list of crimes we had supposedly committed how could this be especially here in the United States but then I recalled reading in the book Final Crisis in Deliverance how those honoring the Bible Sabbath would be denounced as enemies of law and order it was happening just as we had been told suddenly was. This in caves grab what you can and get out of here or scratched as possible without looking suspicious it's not safe for you to be without so good do is I say and now. For a moment we just stood to him a. Battle wondering where to go c'mon sis we'd better start walking. Well of all things I grabbed my roller bag how in the world I got that typical woman I guess I don't know here let's turn down this street this was short guys through the residential section and out into the country it's a peaceful and quiet here it's hard to believe anything is wrong children playing people water and law washing windows everything seemed so normal maybe. Come on come on the go between these 2 brick buildings. The buildings were just too small street dashed between Mom found ourselves in sort of alley political boxes and barrels. On why would there be something like this in a residential just listen to stop trying to figure everything out not just hide her. Hair get under the spot light out of a cover over but these are. My love he says Now remember Romans $828.00. The box. And I was suffocating silence dust the stench of the dirty rags filled my nostrils making it difficult to breathe a lay in a cramped position and soon tired muscles began aching for relief. But I scarcely noticed how my heart cried out to God continually in prayer longing for the relief of forgiven see. Turn it to a silence patch. Then I remembered run suggestion and found comfort in the promise of $820.00. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to His purpose. Our. House. Everybody seems to be God I think it's safe to come out now here. Let me help you. All. I need some freshening up so stiff and so I can hide behind a whiner but after leave town by the highway for ways to we're out of the country now watch carefully Ok let's go. So far. As the town sleeps slowly into the darkness the high I feel is move every time a car passed through seems to go for it and got up in my hand we ran faster and faster without doubt grasping the ground hoping moment seeing us as the prospect down the house we were going to be to get run in. The cool night air burned by from my side and my legs began to feel numb and heavy. Stuff stop I can't go any farther can't stop hit the ground there comes another. Now I know how hunted animal feels Come on Alice get on I can't go to school ground feels so good. I can't get up now I've got to rest and you cut it out you know we have to run Robert Cam what happens when the sun comes up and we're still out here about the road now look where we're almost to the hills you can make it with God's help you let's go we have to go now. That isn't everything as now now we had to run far now we had to hide by Couldn't happen next year why did everything have to happen now. But here. At last he preached this and began working our way back into the words used the sky was growing pink but we kept walking. Sort of numbness wrecked Everest drowning the pain. I wanted a drink of water my throat was so dry it hurt to swallow. Prajna who fell to the ground exhausted. And see. Shafts of sunlight the green leafy boughs high overhead and splashed down and it was. Alice. Alice wake up Alice. Come on Sis get up it's almost noon when they just sleep well oh yes I feel as if I've slept for a 100 nights. Let's before we leave here you read a few verses and I'll close with a verse or 2. I took the Bible and opened it fell open to some underlined verses of some 27. I read. The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I feel. The Lord is the strength of my life of me shall I be. Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God. My heart went out in love to God I was a daughter of God a princess a princess of the highest government of the universe. Now pain and suffering meant nothing. And I no longer ate any more. The gathering shadows of night found is creeping still deeper into the forest so you don't you know what day this is it's Friday night the 2nd let's have best peers right here no. The required good almost silently we had a worship service there with the celestial ceiling about us and surrounded by giant pillars of God's creation we felt his presence drawing near. When we finished we felt refresh and courage to face the day and its demands. We were deep in the mountains by the time the sun spilled over the eastern ridge filling the valleys with warmth and beauty we both paused to drink in the splendor then knelt to thank God for His loving care we had just risen when we heard a yell we turned and saw 2 men with rifles and a dog. What are you doing there run gave me a shot if get along us you go that way and I'll go this remember Philippians 430 I turned and plunged into the thick undergrowth blindly I ran the men were screaming at the dogs sounded half crazed to my side hurt and I throw the eggs but I ran them and always there was a dog I kept running out of help me dear God please help me one of the rifles were off I stiffened but felt nothing another shot but still I was not hit on and on I ran the dog getting closer. And actually why didn't I run faster so suddenly I was falling I tried to get up but it was too late the dog was upon me and rather than the 2 man one of the man raised his rifle and took a. This is it I think. Hey the long on going to affect. What did. I get. For all my. Words a difference whether we kill them now later want to take into the authorities like everybody else to do and you'll have plenty. In the next few years. If you go in the jail too bad it got away with you you'll be caught tomorrow. Released wrong will still free for which I thanked our Heavenly Father. At the prison I was questioned fingerprinted questioned again then made to change into prison garb and led to a cell. As I approached I saw several already in the same. One welcome to our so well. Don't you have a seat we were just having church you can be our visitor this week if we had a guest book you could sign it thank you our service consists mostly of singing Why don't you join us we were singing Faith of Our Fathers when you came in. Now lets everyone join in on the last 2 stanzas. Oh there is shit for it is the book. The seat offered me was a place on the floor along one wall and was just big enough to squeeze into I sat down gratefully. On a man who had welcomed me and called me little one made me feel right at home I called him Tom because that's the only name I gave he seemed different from the others more friendly kinder. And Nellie was the woman who welcomed me. The singing was soon seen and the song so real not just words set to music as a day off and been on. The Eat Eat. Is a terrible. As the day lengthened we sang and prayed and talks among many fine testimonials of Jesus saving power were given one man being as he told how the men who captured him tried to shoot him but their guns wouldn't go out I thought of my own narrow escape and thank God again for his protection. After a while I felt hungry. Do they ever feed you here yes yes once in a while they give us a little something. Oh well I've been on diets before so I guess this will be nothing new. Has 3 more visitors being a frightened little girl all right inside. Greetings friends. He's got a worship service and it'll be a while before meal time so we may as well take the opportunity to get acquainted I'm Tom this is an early Smith family Mr Smith. Yes Tom introduced each one and then turned his attention to the little girl who had started to cry for her mother so he had her smiling and learned her name was Judy. Yeah how reassuring it was to find such companionship within prison walls like Paul I felt that I was a prisoner of the Lord rather than imprisoned by men. But is the minutes dragged the brain defect to song and conversation was slowly replaced by a meditative silence and each retreated to his own thoughts all my life I had heard how we should be like Christ but now I wondered if I reflected his image fully I was afraid I'd forgotten to confess some sin Oh if I could only know for sure then Tom came over and sat down beside me don't be discouraged little one We can't know everything right now just remember no matter what but God's love for you is as strong as it has ever been he hasn't failed you yet and he's not going to remember Christ went through all this and more for you he feels every pain every ache every discouragement you have he is listening and watching you and he loves you very deeply and your perfect princess. He turned and walked to the other side of the cell and I wondered how did he know of my discouragement how could he know about my being a princess. Strange feeling crept over me as I tried to comprehend just what kind of person Tom was. And he turned and smiled and I knew he was just a wonderful wonderful Christian man. All right here you are here's your soup. Take a bowl of the pasty of it you know always my be the last me or something you. Don't understand you ever could figure out why people break the law it's the ones back home. Don't you care about your family's Ok I just see they're going to be persecuted because of you. Besides what gives you the idea that you are so all the holy one else is going along with the law but you are just who do you think you are to say no good God on Earth people like you are crazy when an animal is crazy it's shot. He walked away leaving the unspoken words hanging thick before the cell deep inside I felt sick at the thought of Mom and Dad suffering because of me. The night wore on and though exhausted I found sleep difficult the light in our cell burned constantly and every 10 to 15 minutes allowed buzzer sounded Tom explained that they wanted to keep us awake because the human body breaks down after extreme insomnia just learn to sleep deeply for 5 or 10 minutes and put your trust in God time and counsel and I found it would be. Sometime during the night the guard returned to our cell All right now I'm going to call somebody or me step forward as I read. Williams. Listen 1st made. Judy began to cry Nellie flicker in her arms to comfort her. Several names recalled including Tom's as he passed he bent over and pressed something into Judy's hand then he looked at me take good care of her little one and remember to pray. Follow me. For a moment I listened to their fading footsteps then I turned my attention to Judy look. Why duty wherever did you get that time gave it to me when I went. Isn't it oh yes Judy how it's beauty. In her hand Judy held a small brightly colored picture of Jesus on the back it read God is love how had Tom been able to get that in here I wondered we had all been very carefully searched when we entered prison I wonder as I remembered his kind face and friendly smile. I wonder. After that we were left alone for 2 days without food or water our hunger and thirst became acute but even worse than our physical discomfort was the fear that all our sins had not been forgiven that we were not ready to meet our Lord I searched my heart trying to find any didn't say and and prayed earnestly for forgiveness and strength. The next day the God who yelled and calling more names my name he was among. Them leave me don't cry honey everything will be fine remember the picture Tom gave you good bye dear. Good. All right follow me. Now I was scared and when it happened to people after the nap the staff here. Alice strongly right this way. I was in a small room a man was sitting on the other side of a large desk he looked up are you Alice strong yes you live in Kalamazoo Michigan yes you are 7th Day Adventists yes are why well because I believe the Bible is the one and only rule of faith and 7th Day Adventists base all their beliefs on the Bible said down Alice. Now that's better. You know I like you I like your answer you seem to be sensible level headed and now you say oh your doctrines are based on the Bible isn't that right yes yes they are then how is it that you don't believe in immortality of the school and my Bible I read with a poor man Last Rose was in heaven and the rich man in hell after they die I'm sure you're familiar with that story and what's more Jesus Himself told it but you must understand that it's enough you're not to speak unless I instruct you to do so another thing is the Sabbath keeping now. The Sabbath was kept by God's people through the old tennis line of on questioning startled me I was given another chance to answer or defend my faith I prayed they finally were shown Asli for divine wisdom and the strength to face whatever might use like a flash by rounds last year to kill time are just 2 and remember flippancy 13 he had said where you go I can do all things in him who strengthens me. But I bless it promise for a time like this I wondered about now what had happened to him. Think of it. You're an intelligent girl and I know you're seeking the truth you think you're doing the will of God but consider what I've just said you wouldn't want to kill anyone would you. But some of your friends or even members of your family may be killed because you are so stubborn don't you think God is going to hold you responsible. Of course if you were to change to God's way and as forgiveness for your sins he could see View before the death penalty goes into effect. It's a big step for you right now. But I tell you what we're going to do if you want to we'll send you back to Kalamazoo and then after you've seen some of your friends and family you can make your decision sound pretty good yes yes I would like that. I was led to a small sail and there I waited each day I hoped I would be able to go home but my home leave didn't come the days passed every few minutes the guard would look through the openings in the door of my cell and wake me if I was sleeping every day there were long hours of questioning long hours of persuasion talks I thought I would lose my mind I clung to 2 verses if you love me keep my commandments and here is the patience of the saints here are they which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. I had to stand for I couldn't fail now. How it happened but I must have fallen asleep finally for suddenly I wakened it seemed as though I had been sleeping for a long time the God who was usually right outside myself was gone but I sensed someone in myself in one motion I rolled over and saw. Tom how did you get in here never mind that little and I thought maybe you hadn't had much to eat so I brought you something here eat all you want thank you. I have never tasted anything like this before it's delicious What is it really isn't a name for it but I'm glad you like it how was Judy when you left are pretty good I guess there's a little one I must warn you. They're going to be real hard on you from now on you will be going home soon but it isn't going to be such a wonderful reunion as you might think it's going to be hard but it won't be long remember how much Christ loves you think of all the good things he has done for you all the times he has answered your prayers this is just a test Think of it as an entrance exam to heaven and Alice you will pass it just keep trying and praying and believe the promises Jesus has made to you repeat them and think only of God and not of yourself not of your own deficiency but of Christ's power and strength and love. Your so much encouragement you're so kind I want to be just like you don't think of being like me but like Christ no one is like Jesus and to be like him should be the highest goal of everyone now you must promise me that you won't get discouraged I have to leave but just remember how much Jesus loves you please don't go oh please don't I don't want to be left alone again the gods looking you know all the time I must go now but I was the were again soon I turned my back to hide the tears walk to the other end of the cell Why couldn't he stayed just for a little while more I didn't want the gods to wake me up all the time or to make those slide remarks that were so characteristic of them. The god suddenly a diamond on me that the God hadn't been by for a long time the whole time time had been here I turned to say good bye to Tom. But he was gone Tom. You shut up. You'd have been so good to see Tom when he was around there was no pain no heartache he seemed to carry an atmosphere of peace and love of trust and joy all right with you now we have gone. The cells are great. I was finally sent back to Kalamazoo at the jail I went through the usual procedures and then was taken to a large nearly empty cell. Abbey it's so good to see someone I know again well I haven't seen you since academy let out how long have you been in a month I guess is it rough here yes but just pray Alice and things I work out are right say have you got any information on the Academy situation yes son did the Browns get away No I'm afraid they didn't even try and try what do you mean they didn't try I just went along with the law and didn't try to be true but how can this be how could this happen to a Bible teacher are you sure Abby Maybe they changed their minds later and were true. To miserable days passed and then the God came and took me to the court room entering I saw mother elder Brown and elder Jenkins a thrill passed through me there they were I knew they wouldn't fail I knew it I was seated and then the questioning began just like the other jail only this time they were teams and one team tired another would take over it seemed I was near the breaking point and suddenly the questioning stopped. Hello At last I've listened with a great deal of interest to your answers this afternoon I'm. Sure you realize where you've made your mistakes but only Jenkins you understood that but surely you can't accept the Sunday law are you who one does so many times it's hard to believe I know but when we've been shown new light and we have we must accept that we have had visions I myself have had some of these visions Jesus has told me that the plan has changed he is going to perfect everyone here by means of the Sunday law and then no one not one person will be lost and you see what that means hours everyone will be saved everyone else it's people like you that are holding up this process if you persist in doing I looked at him with a breaking heart to have to be he believed it just as he actually believed what he was saying you know how could he my new minister be some deceived. Now elder Brown walked over to me. Well it's nice to see you again Alice I just wish it were under different circumstances now are I don't want to tell you that you're lost because we can't know that for sure but I will tell you that if you don't change you cannot be saved you think you're right but really you are wrong and you will be punished if you don't straighten up I urge you to change soon the death decree goes into effect tomorrow. This couldn't be the elder Brownwood taught me by just a couple of months before no I knew he was different the same person outwardly but something had happened on the inside. Mother walked over to me with a look full of hate she spat the words at me then killed your father last week they killed him because of you you are not a Christian you like crazy by magic you killed your father your mother was just as surely as I was never shot there was no do. Go. To the 3 of them. None of them were the people I know in Bible class elder Brown had told how only a very few would be saved how only those who would rather die than commit a wrong act would stand through the last conflict I could still hear him say some of the brightest lights will go out some of the very people you think are saying you will find out are the devils I looked at him now sitting there with that self-righteous air about him I wondered if during our many discussions of his time and the many statements that he had read and spoken about people falling if he had ever realized that he was prophesied in his own. Well. When I began. We've given you more mercy than was necessary you know very well that you were breaking the law the state the church and the law of God Well what do you say Your honor I cannot agree to abide by any law which is not sanctioned or uphill by the truths of the Bible but I told you the Bible is no longer in effect Ok I just see what you're doing a little fuller. I looked at the 3 of them my elder Brown and elder Jenkins and felt. Sorry that they couldn't realize what they were doing sorry that they have allowed themselves to be deceived all right then I sentence you to death by the electric chair tomorrow at midnight. I was taken to a dark cell and left alone death wouldn't be half so terrifying if I could be sure that I was prepared to meet my love. I had to know for sure that I had no sin on the books but how could I in anguish I poured out my soul unto God if only I could remember some sin that needed for giving my memory was black. To soon I was walking to the execution chamber. I had to be convinced that I was see you I had to know now. I was fastened in the chair the electrodes were placed on my head the man rushed over to the switch. Suddenly the lights went out everyone began screaming the build a real Vattenfall was perhaps holding me up and I am in a chair everything about to seem to be breaking the law. Was. I dashed out to the street this seemed to be a great night out with me to my friends thinking killing each other anything to get away from the light the beautiful love the Us was heaving like the sea a giant tax and people meeting for death rule themselves in the fire place everywhere. Kathy Mattea the blacks in the middle of the blackness was the life as I watched I do happy happier than words can express at last at last Jesus had come he was here. Hurt had I been sad oh discouraged all hungry or thirsty I couldn't remember all I know was that I was finally going home. Earth was hushed now. There were only a very few of us on the street we watched with mounting excitement as the cloud drew nearer and then stopped. Raising his nails scarred hands Jesus called to the day. Suddenly Dio's opened and hundreds of glorified people came up out of it. When we all joined together in a long line out shouting victory and what a victory it was Angels came over as those who had just risen were caught up in the air the angels came close. Or to us who were still waiting they found room and bright and I could see the happiness shining right through them my engine was beside me as I began to rise towards Jesus. I looked around and there was wrong on and Angel was beside him too and together they were flying to the cloud above us the cooks were there and others I had known look through the miraculous and good morning of it all I was going home to Jesus I had made it just my Tom say. And then my angel touched my arm yes the little one you made. Out of. My heart was so full of joy that I felt it would burst but I couldn't look at time very long there was someone else I had to keep my eyes on someone more beautiful more lovely and kind than even Tom. Jesus looked at us as we came to him. He looked at me with the most wonderful love filled Look I had ever received and then he smiled his smile was so beautiful so glorious he had come and I was happy happy everything had happened. Nah. 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