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Lessons Learned In Solitude Quietness and Obscurity - Part 4

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • February 22, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Well the question is simple are you too busy if you're asked somebody how are you and the response comes back easily busy How's life full if not over will mean sometimes people say well I have too much on my plate giver feel that way sometimes have other people use the word slammed I'm covered up if you will Let's see here's another depiction of something similar to this snowed under Have you ever felt that way. So nicely even say I'm swamped maybe this describes your week a little bit I don't know but what is life like at your house you ever feel like you're drowning you know you alarm clock goes off you thought you just went to bed and now it's time to get up but it's time for breakfast you have to hurry rush out the door our breakfast doesn't usually look quite like that but anyway you're multitasking as you're trying to get ready for your day you want to try and squeeze in exercise if you can I guess my slides are a little bit behind here at our home we're still changing diapers I don't know when that may change you have to iron something so it looks presentable and before long school be starting so you have the school schedule you have the school calendar put all those things down hope that there's no conflicts right then there's that car that you need to get into the shop and it won't wait any longer or else you won't be able to drive it make all those appointments on your busy schedule and so you have to try and squeeze that in and then of course that impacts the budget and you have to sit down and look at the budget how are we doing how are things going to balance and before you know it then you're back at work whether it's the hospital whether it's a business type job or a construction whatever it is and then there's e-mail is constantly nagging and pestering and annoying they're not your e-mails I'm talking other people's emails but you have to get to them all and sometimes there's the follow up email Hey I emailed you maybe you didn't get my email and you think you know I did get it I just haven't opened it yet beyond that then there's the dog that needs attention he needs to go to the vet then we had to come back to the budget and put that slide back in maybe as cleaning the house oh my goodness we need to clean this place up this place is a wreck kids I want everything put away can take all your toys and put them where they belong I want the pillows fluffed I want everything where it needs to be and then there's laundry and let me ask you is this how it looks like at your house and you do laundry you know I have I have one shirt a pair of socks I'm going to put in this tiny little basket and I'm just going to skip to my. Over and put it no it looks more like this how did this happen you don't even know you didn't think you own that many clothes and after basket after Back then there's the folding up late at night folding Why do we fold clothes Otherwise we're back to the Irene and put that slide up again why don't we just buy new clothes now we're back to the budget again we're busy Oh and then there's another diaper to change and we probably could talk about taking out the trash and have a slide for that but if you have too many divers in the trash you better believe me that comes with a double as fast and there's an individual need to visit at the hospital and there are so glad that you did but then you need to grocery shop because if you want to eat I like to eat do you like to eat you have things in your fridge Yeah I know what our house I'm sorry kids when I don't know we're going to eat as we have nothing in the house this is bad news because we like to eat not to mention we need to cut the grass it's growing awfully fast these days and then we need to cook something for dinner and I tell you life just doesn't stop give a feel that way. The bit overwhelmed lots to do and you just kind of like that mouth on a wheel turning turning spinning spinning what's the next thing the next thing the next thing just trying to stay ahead then there's the call from mom you got to get the call from mom how you doing son I'm busy what do you do on phone line 3 on changing diapers I'm paying bills we need absolutely you know often. In the midst of our frantic running from one thing to the next it's often that we wanted more of a depth of character do you want to have a greater depth of character do you want to be described I mean do you want it on your on your tombstone a very surface person great person to ask about the weather. You know the problem is we don't have time to develop a depth of character we're going to fit in there's too many things to do the schedule is already fall but often a life marked by depth is called the Veda by periods spent in solitude and quietness and obscurity I would imagine if we took a poll this morning and I remember they did this in my junior Bible class he took a poll I want you to write down wasn't a handful he says I want you to write down if you desire to be closer to God just say yes on your paper under number one and he asked some other things everybody in the class he came back later and said everybody in the class wanted to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and I would imagine if we did a similar poll here all of you would say yes to that question that's why you're here otherwise you could be doing a 100 other things in a major obstacle I think prevents us from getting to where we want to there too a closer relationship a deeper relationship is our lifestyle we're simply too busy to stop and think when was the last time that you carved out not a morning that's good but not just a morning not a thoughtful hour when was the last time you spent all day alone with God Can you think of a time has it been recently. How about even just half a day with God in quiet in solitude in prayer you make arrangements for it you set aside responsibilities you say no to things we're not good at that we don't like that word right or not careful a break out in a country song. We don't understand it we don't like to say we don't like use it but I say yes can you be there yes can you bring that he has had this exercise yes yes yes yes I can do anything that I can do everything and behind the scenes. How did this happen because we said yes when we should have said thank you for the invitation but I have to decline don't even have to say no I decline when the last time you went somewhere with just your spouse you weren't Visine anyone there was no agenda other than spending uninterrupted unrushed time together is this important is this necessary does this happen by itself naturally in the course of the day I just described all the sudden you're ranting frantically and both of you. I have 3 and a half hours with nothing to meet you we could just hang out together never happens this is one of my favorite places on earth you are getting to behold something so wonderful so amazing and I'm sharing it with you in part today this is my New Hampshire this is an amazing place this is a little cabin built over 100 years ago the floors are slanted doors have been cut off so that they will shut. It's quiet there's a screened in porch here there's French doors that we're looking out of taking this picture there's a tiny cramped room that a bed barely fits into when I say barely You both have to crawl in from the same side you can't crawl out off the foot you can't crawl it well you can crawl this and be on the porch I suppose it's tiny but we love it because it's quiet it's peaceful it's Hala Terry when we go up to this little cabin in New Hampshire we've been several times you may have heard the rights up in New Hampshire the best part about this close your ears kids the kids are at home they're at Nana and papa their nanny and Poppy is someplace else they're taking care of the laundry to be unfolded the food being prepared and it's just the 2 of us kayaking hiking on this hike right here this was this last fall we were hiking up on the remember the name of the peak and we're going up up up everybody we passed House of you know of you you see there's nothing socked in Don't waste your time finally we get to the top and as we get to the top we see just go. Across and we get this amazing view the wind is blowing it's coldly quick eat our picnic lunch the whole thing and then right about the time that we leave we turn around at the same time. And sucked in again that was. Oh my God we were saying New Hampshire. It revives us as we spin unrushed unhurried time here is Elizabeth painting did you know she paints not in Hendersonville so. We're going to find the time New Hampshire let's bring the paint so I'd like to prepare the fear we bring in now we on the dock we watch it get dark it's incredible Maybe you can see how this revived us we get up we slave our long we want to we might go for a jog or read our Bibles for as long as we need to who does go back then Ok There's no agenda. It's incredible we have time to think have time for conversation the problem is we don't need New Hampshire when we get out of the year we need all throughout the year we need to pull out our counter and schedule more of this and I'm not saying we as in Elizabeth and I am saying we as in we don't we church I believe if we had more of this we wouldn't have as much of the of that if I can say it that way the stuff that we deal with. In marriages and in relationships and in our spiritual walk in and with with lack of faith and Strasse and all of these things now it's not realistic I understand to have that kind of a setting that calm environment that kind of carefree we have response to that we have things to do but how much do we add on and pile on that creates this to be in such a frenzy that we say I'm busy to the point and this is where business becomes quite sinful to the point that those things that are most important get left out. And pushed to the side this morning we're continuing our series on Paul a man of grace and grit is kind of the theme that we're going on here and it's been a little bit chopped up I understand but that's Ok We're going to keep marching through and you may recall we've been watching as Paul has gone from a hardened persecutor of the followers of Jesus you see him there in the in the right holding the clothes of those that are throwing rocks and stones to a man humbled by the Almighty God and his Damascus Road experience and then the miracle of the scales falling from Saul's eyes and fact that's where we left Paul last and so if you have your Bibles I encourage you to turn back to Acts chapter 9 and we're going to try and pick up the story where we left off because there's something here in this piece that we desperately need today so I hope you brought your Bibles were in Acts Chapter 9 and we're going to pick up the story in verse 18 repeating ourselves just a little bit so that you don't get nervous that we missed something Acts Chapter 9 verse 18 says immediately there fell from his balls eyes something like scales and he received his sight at once and he arose and was baptized and you may recall he was there waiting for 3 days he said and verse 9 without sight with nothing to eat or to drink he has truly been fasting maybe even wondering if he had a reason to live is this in fact true Have I been persecuting the followers of the true God. And so they want to analyze comes in the scales fall he stands up and he wants to be baptized verse 19 so when he had received food he was strengthened then Saul spent some days with the disciples at Damascus verse 20 immediately he preached the Christ in the synagogues that he is the Son of God that all who heard were amazed and said Is this not he who destroyed those who call on the name in Jerusalem and has come here for that purpose so that he might bring them back down to the chief priests but Saul increased all the more in strings and confounded the Jews who dwelt in Damascus proving that this Jesus is the Christ it seems as if from that 1st moment Saul jumped in with both feet and began preaching and teaching amazing and confounding everyone then immediately saw is this man of great spiritual depth Now granted he had a lot of background he knew a lot of the Scriptures but we also have to recognize his whole world was flipped upside down and I imagine yes while they were amazing Confound it I imagine it had more to do with the fact of who was doing the teaching then perhaps what the teaching was I think it had to do with the fact that this was coming from the mouth of Soul of Tarsus and if we stay here in Acts we don't really see a key piece of Saul's experience I mean we sort of get a hint in verse 23 now after many days were passed but we can read right over that very quickly but how many days have passed and if we don't stop and take a deeper look I think we missed a key piece of Saul's experience. We might be tempted to think that it's an important in significant but I believe it is very significant because English and Saul speaks of a time of solitude time reflection time spent away all alone to think of the implications of this newfound faith to come to terms to what it meant to be a messenger of grace and so if you have your Bibles open I invite you now to turn to go lay sions just beyond 2nd Corinthians right before if. And when Galatians chapter one and we're going to begin just a moment versed in relations chapter one written by Paul we're beginning here in verse kin and here Paul writes for do I now persuade man or God or do I seek to please men for if I still pleased men I would not be a bond servant of Christ but I make known to you brother and that the Gospel which was preached by me is not according to man for I neither received it from man nor was I taught it but it came through the revelation of Jesus Christ 13 you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it and I advanced in Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries in my own nation being more exceedingly jealous for the my father's verse of Cain but when it pleased God who separated me from my mother's womb and called me through His grace to reveal his son in me that I might preach him among the Gentiles I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me but I went to Arabia and returned again to Damascus. Notice that 1st part if I were still trying to please him in the old Saul of Tarsus lived with an ever imposing drive to please people he lived for the affirming nod of the Sanhedrin. He lived for their approval looking at this talented young man oh he's moving up he's assertive he's striving he's determined he's intense He's a fighter he's passionate he's going places and there's smiles and affirming gestures fed here is pride it's always a people pleaser he was a yes man can you be there of course can you do this absolutely can you fill in I would be delighted but the Damascus Road experience began a process to change all of that now he is not a slave to man and their opinions but he's a slave a bondservant of Jesus Christ no longer living for everyone else that will run you ragged by the way I have to please everyone you can but I have to trust you don't but if I don't then they're going to and it's all finally determine he's no longer living for everyone else but rather he is living for an audience of one why verse 15 but when it please God who separated me from my weathers room and called me through His grace set me apart we could say for what purpose for 16 and 17 to reveal his son in me that I might preach him among the Gentiles I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood nor did I go to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me those were those who actually walked with Jesus but I went to Arabia and returned again to Damascus here Paul deliberately mentions 2 things he did not do the 1st he didn't immediately consult with flesh and blood that is other people he didn't go borrowing the religious experience of others of someone else and secondly he didn't rush to Drusilla to present himself to the Apostles the very men who walked with Jesus why these 2 things because he's making the point Paul wants us to understand that his Christian message was not derived from others. But from God And secondly he was not commissioned by those who had gone before him he was directly commissioned by Jesus Paul didn't have a 2nd hand understanding of Jesus but a firsthand personal life changing experience with the living Christ do you have that this morning is it firsthand is it life changing is it personal do you know why you're a Christian do you know why you're some Davenant's do you own your faith or are you just here on the coattails of somebody else's face I'm not sure faith is something we can borrow from another and that was not sufficient for Paul he wanted a 1st hand experience and when and where did he gain his insight over 17 says he went to Arabia verse 18 says then after 3 years I went up to Jerusalem you combine that with axes in Damascus but not for long they try and kill him he asked escape So where does he spend these 3 years Arabia scholars agree you might be scratch your head saying where's Arabia now if you look here on the map Arabia is down here in this bottom corner you can see Damascus out there Arabia is kind of this whole region and so from Damascus you could be close in Arabia maybe 100 miles in the northern corner there but let me tell you there's not much of anything there it's vast expanse it's miles of desert there's a coast as we came on our trip this last spring and let me tell you there is nothing out there it's rocks it's sand there's a few mountains but it's a whole lot of nothing perhaps an occasional caravan and you can see them coming from a long way let me tell you there's a camel 123 how many miles away that they're I don't know where you think they're going and I'm not real sure what you think the Carian let's go find out how come because we've got nothing else to do isolation solitude quietness and Paul doesn't give us any details we just know he's there for 3 years I would think if he was there to do something big and incredible to have a series to have baptisms to raise up churches we'd hear about it but it's not there it's a passing reference. It's a rather quiet reference No I think the large point of this time was isolation to be cut off from his former manner of life some as suggested Saul needed 3 years of the disciples needed 3 years I don't know but I do think it is safe to say that Saul had a 1000 plus days to be alone and to think to pray to wrestle to listen and if you was ever addicted to popularity these 3 years in the desert perhaps was his cure I think I might be having a bad hair day nobody cares. And I'm convinced it was there in that barren place of obscurity that the Lord molded Paul I believe is there that Paul developed and fleshed out if you will his theology in the quiet communion with God not in debating with colleagues non-arguments with others but in quiet time with God I believe it was there in Arabia of all places that Paul came to truly understand grace yes it was shown to him but he needed time to ponder it to fully understand and put together the pieces of the crucifixion and the resurrection and Light of Heaven sanctuary the justification the sanctification the judgment the fulfillment of prophecy the 2nd coming of Jesus I imagine all of that took place perhaps in some obscure cave in Arabia maybe he too is like Doug bachelor and he does live way up here in the mountains and he had his own pool that he would swim in I don't know but it was here in the desert that Saul turned his religious credentials over for a vibrant living transforming relationship with Jesus Christ that he never had before perhaps it was in Arabia that Saul concluded and later wrote in Philippi in 378 that if and read for us this morning whatever things were again to me I counted as lost for the sake of Christ more than that I count all things to be lost in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and counted them but rubbish in order that I might gain Christ the problem with too many Christians today as we've traded solitude for business we've traded quietness for activity we've traded obscurity to an always on Internet connection in our hands we don't even know how to be alone the more we can't stand for things to be quiet so even our vacations are filled with constant activity go go go go we got away. You got to be here on time we pay good money then and after that we gotta go here here and here in this restaurant closes at this time not on this vacation where in meow even the church were quick to conclude that the depth of our relationship with God means I'm busy I'm active I'm involved I'm doing I'm going I'm there I'm early I'm practicing now we need all those things to be done but somehow we've gotten the idea that it's those things is that business that makes me connected to God and the reality of the matter is quite the opposite all of those things of the busiest people those that are zealous if you will to use a soul adjective some of the busiest people can be coasting on fumes desperately needing solitude and quietness with God because those times are essential for our spiritual depth and our emotional survival for our relationships to prosper but we trade that all in for business and sometimes the worse it gets the more busy we need to be so we can crowd out the voices in our head that are times you gotta slow down then I know I'm busy the reality of the matter is this time spent with Jesus in quietness in solitude saves time and never loses time what you call sharpening the saw makes you more effective prioritize better maybe to allow others to do things instead of you doing everything God can give you greater clarity greater vision and point out some blind spots some time wasters some areas you're out of sync with his will mean it is God's will that I quit this department maybe and how can you be more effective at home and work in ministry in everything God wants to show you but you're too busy to ask you're too busy to seek it out x. the Apostle describing this portion of salt experiences soon there astonishment his conversion was changed to intense hatred like that which they had shown toward Jesus the opposition groups so fierce that Paul was not allowed to continue his labors at Damascus a messenger from heaven bade him leave for a time. And he went into Arabia where he found a safe retreat nothing out there here in the solitude of the desert Paul had ample opportunity for quiet study and meditation he calmly reviewed his past experience and made sure work of repentance he sought God with all his heart resting not until he knew for certainty that his repentance was accepted and his stand pardoned maybe that's we got the Libyans to 12 work out your salvation with fear and trembling he longs for the sure and that Jesus would be with him in his coming ministry and so he emptied his soul of the prejudices and traditions that it hither to shape his life and receive instruction from the source of truth Jesus commune with him and establish him in the faith with stone upon him a rich measure of wisdom and grace and of all places where is this all taking place Arabia and this is incredible when the mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God when those 2 come together the finite with the infinite the effect on body mind and soul is beyond asked immense Did you catch set when the mind of man is drawn to communion with the mind of God the finite with the evident the effect on the body mind and soul is beyond estimate nobody can measure it is too huge is too large and then he goes on in such communities found the highest education I thought so large he had the highest education not yet he hadn't been to Arabia yet communion with God You can know a whole lot of stuff and not know God you can win every Bible trivia game that's out there but not know Jesus so if you pointers there will go I call this Arabia $101.00 where when I'm going on a field trip to the 1st thought here instead of speeding up slow down and rethink I don't have time to rethink will and that's a sure sign me to slow down and rethink take time to think about what really matters are you invest in your kids well they're all grown out of the House they still need you they still need your so. Port your phone calls are you investing your time and resources in things that really matter is your stuff serving you or use serving your stuff it's all took some time to rethink to watch the sun rise and set to watch the swirl of the say and those little waves at the wind me to relive where he had been what he had done to think about God's call on his life of what was the greatest importance and what wasn't important at all I think it was in Arabia that Paul Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and start making every decision based on God alone audience of one it's a whole lot easier I'm going to make God happening in a please God I'm gonna let everything else fall where it may Proverbs 426 ponder the path of the eye feet all die ways be established have you taken any time lately to ponder the path of your feet there's nothing more discouraging on a road trip happened to me one time more than one time Easy think you're going in the right direction you think you're making good time you're trying to get good gas mileage all of these things you comparing gas prices you know the Can we go a little further we'll save you know 50 cents 4 hours later wrong road. How did how did this start I mean there was one time I won't get into it I think we were 6 hours out of our way another time with a friend of mine going out west we're supposed to go this way we went it was like 8 hours out of our way I mean this is stressful we're naive to think that we don't do this in life we go 8 hours 40 hours a 1000 hours out of our way and God says consider your past I know you get in good gas mileage but it's in the wrong direction don't fill every moment with sound and activity don't jog with music blaring in your ears you don't have to have the radio on every 2nd you're in the car turn off the t.v. there is a button on the remote that will do that turn off the smartphone Oh now I've gone the middle and I mean what if I get an important tax or phone call for. I hate to be the one to break it to you but people will survive without you life will go on you don't have to respond within 10 seconds of every request because what kinda happy is that little device can bulldoze any and every quiet time that you might possibly have. Bang bang whatever it is room I mean I hear that's what passengers that sounds like the train is it yours or your brothers your brothers Ok I'm sorry it can bulldoze any time now we're having I'm just going to turn it off and I'll be a set time going to check my messages you can do that in fact when you turn off all your notifications and check your e-mail when you want to check it just a thought I know what'll happen if you try this so you'll start to fidget you want to do something else but turn off the news commentator turn off the sports enthusiast put down the magazine learn to be Ok with silence he's saying he's just got to be quiet in our house 24th no I'm not saying that but if you have a full packed schedule like a lot of people do there's no silence in your day until your head hits the pillow we need to be able to think to pray to listen and I just have to throw this in here somebody might say Oh Pastor Wright he was preaching this new age story about how to empty your mind no I'm not telling you how to empty your mind this is not a new age thing this is what Live used to be before you start be bombarded every 2nd when noise walking to school with no we're but used to happen writing your horse in the town with no radio connecting with our kids without buzzing interruptions for others it's not the stuff maybe it's your own mouth some of us talk so much we can't remember what we said it's an inflation of words we formulate answers to questions that nobody's asking some 4610 Be still and know that I am God we still have a hard time with that we want to read it be active be moving be doing all the time be still like this when x. is $1414.00 the Lord will fight for you you need only to be still too often we push that verse aside we say I'm going to fight for me and he'll let you do that you. I spent all kinds of hours fighting for you but if you would have just been still God says let me do it let me take care of it how we're going to know that's what Gods ask is to do if there's no time in our day when we're still in solitude and quietness job 624 Teach me and I will be quiet show me where I have been wrong now other people can show you where you've been wrong but the best place to hear it is from God because he's so kind he's so gracious he's so loving and gentle but yes he'll point it out to you and he'll say Dave you're wrong you need to correct this thing but if I'm not taking that time in his word I keep on plowing away Rabia want to one last one stop seeking a place of power but be still yes a little repetitive get over it in security services as competition of bounce some of the wealthiest people are some of the most in secure they wear themselves out to be seen and like to and envied by all the push for power is so evident it is sickening at times and friends ministers are not immune pressure to be super pastor to visit everyone to pray with everyone to answer every phone call to do every wedding and funeral to be at every social he got to go go go b.b.b. and do and always be available it was not just pastors there's pressure to be super doctor super businesswoman super wealthy super beautiful and in shape and the list goes on I have to be somebody everyone in a race to the top but sadly some of the loneliest people are at the time they reach the top but they're lonely empty and desperately looking for meaning because they have attained everything but they have discovered that at the top there's nothing no image needs to be replaced with integrity ruthless need to be replaced with selfless caring insecurity needs to be replaced with secure with who I am in Jesus Christ superficial need to be replaced with genuine fitting it all than needs to be replaced with prioritizing pleasing others these be replaced with doing what God. Once was the phrase absolute power corrupts absolutely just look at t.v. stars movie stars music stars sport stars they simply cannot handle the power or the prestige the applause intoxicates them because they know nothing of living a simpler deeper life in solitude and quietness and obscurity it's all lights it's all glitz and glamour granted Solomon reminds us that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak but are we taking the time to be silent and listen to the voice of God or as every other voice drowned him out in a race to the tell the truth is even in this story solitude quietness they get little press but in God's economy I believe they're essential remember Moses he was positioned for a remarkable political future but he was not ready and God put him in the desert with sheep for 40 years David was anointed king as a teen but after his heroic victory over Goliath he spent the next 13 years as a fugitive but some of David's most beloved Soames were born out of this crucial or Crucible if you will of solitude Joseph thrown in jail because of this deceitful rant of Potter for his seductive wife and spent 2 years in prison feeling forgotten and abandon allied to was strengthened for the showdown in isolation where at the Brook Sheriff John the Baptist spent much of his time in isolation the desert as preparation to deliver a bold message I'm convinced that those sustained periods of solitude and quietness prepared each of them to be an effective servant of the Lord why didn't David assume the role they 17 was any more qualified than that babbling self-willed Saul actually he wasn't why didn't Moses lay the children of Israel at of Egypt age 41 I don't think he was ready then either God still had to work on his proud heart and what about you and me well perhaps we need to spend more time in Arabia because our strength lies in our solitude with God Do you believe that this week was 4th of July I don't know how you spent the day the day that we. Member of the independence of this nation I ask the simple question what our nation be here without this simple principle that we're talking about today give you one such example the overall fighting in the Revolutionary War was not going well for the Americans the British had taken an occupied Philadelphia which that was the colonial capital of America the weary American Army was on the verge of collapse Congress give us money we need money they didn't have any money for supplies to provide for these soldiers me the soldiers did not have blankets or clothes or even shoes and as winter it was noted that you could see where the army had marched in the snow by the bloody trail they left behind that's rough Washington George Washington did all he could to keep the army together to keep morale up he stayed with them during the difficult coal and freezing temperatures yet during this difficult time is when General George Washington was observed and you know how you is observed kneeling in the snow rain by himself pouring out his heart to God for help for string for wisdom what do we do now historians largely agree that it was the will and resolve of watching that kept the army together during this difficult time and where I ask you to get this will end result I believe none other than from these quiet moments with his savior on his knees well in the spring of 1778 washing receives the much needed help with supporting generals further France agreed to join the Americans the tide of the war was beginning to change in favor of the well United States the Americans what would be and is now known as the winter of Valley Forge folks whether it be a time as a shepherd 40 years in the wilderness 2 years in a forgotten prison the desert of Arabia or a quiet wood in the midst of a harsh endless winter in Valley Forge God longs to prepare us to break us to mold us to fashion us and to empower. Our us but 1st we have to be still to turn off all this stuff to spend meaningful time in communion with God I mean every morning sounds like a great idea How about one full day a month just myself a journal my Bible up on the parkway you know that sounds good to how about a week vacation with little to do but commune with God that sounds like a good idea as well but if you're like me it will never happen without pulling out the calendar and so I challenge you this evening as the sun sets but sometimes in Mark off some weekends some days if you going to choose Ok once a month I'm going to take a spiritual retreat I'm going to say no to some stuff that will allow me to do that and you can do a whole day maybe it's like for 5 hours Ok fine crafted Have you want but spend some on Rush on hurried uninterrupted time with got Sabbaths are great but we can fill up Sabbath like any other day just doing Sabbath that divvies right there good activities it's fellowship it's a hike in nature and all these other things but it's entirely different when it's just you and God alone and if you choose to do that I think you'll come back a better man a better woman a better spouse a better father better mother a better church leader even a better employee so I think it's high time we slow down turn off the seeking a place of power solve did and God used him to turn upside down the world your Heavenly Father I imagine some here this morning are recognizing this need to minimize the business and to schedule in times of quiet solitude of being alone with you for even an extended period from time to time I imagine there's also some doubters here that say but I'm too busy I can't afford to do that the Lord I'm convinced we can't afford not to Lord if we're truly going to live after your will and your plan we also need to follow your example we need to connect with you want to regular basis we need to pray on a regular basis need to spend some alone and quiet time as. That is the most important thing so Lord help us to trust that if we truly seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all these minutes all these hours all these days. Will be added unto us in Jesus' name we pray to him in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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