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Doug Batchelor
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Question and Answer with Advent HOPE Sabbath School.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • May 9, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Loving Lord we thank you for your blessings and even for this technology that makes it possible for us to network and study with others and ask that you just take charge of this time with your spirit may we be drawn closer to you we pray and he says name you man yeah I've been you know everyone in this watching what's going on in the world today with this pandemic and and. Regardless of what a person's views might be I don't think anyone can deny it is kind of turned the world into a yard sale as far as what we normally expect and you know a lot of people believe well this is a sign that Jesus is coming soon and I believe that this is one of the signs of Jesus coming soon that we're kind of entering a new chapter we've seen how quickly the world can change the economy almost overnight can go from boom to bust and you know people's lives be turned upside down and. Leaders of the world all of us a discomfort again or. What I'm a little more concerned about is and I've seen you know a great interest in spiritual things we've just noticed that our Bible school in amazing facts as quite literally doubled the interest of people signing up for Bibles lessons or for. You know online bible studies and the viewers at our different websites we've just seen a real surge of spiritual interest it is wonderful My concern is I do think eventually they're going to you know loosen the restrictions people are going to start coming back out life will return to some never be exactly the same I don't think but I think that it will start resuming. Malice e but. Then if God's servants say oh I guess while we made it through that one I guess for Ok And my fear is that if people have had a renewed interest in spiritual things if we're stricture and start lifting and we get back to work as normal are we going to lose our spiritual interest and you know I think Jesus warns us in His Word that we need to be careful. Not to put off the coming of the Lord across crisis 2000 years ago because our lives are short and I think one of the devil's most successful plans is procrastination we think well when I see the incoming then I'm going to start getting ready and the Lord wants us to live in a state of full surrender and preparation so that we can be reaching others you know and the reason I I see this on your share what Jesus said is at the end of Matthew 24 where he talks about signs of his return he says if that servant that evil servant says in his heart my master deal eases commie notice or delay and that almost sounds like when Moses went up the mountain to get the 10 Commandments the people were being tested by the delay they didn't know how long he was going to be gone I thought he's just going to go up there and get the 10 Commandments and come back in a day or 2 and 40 days went by and basically they were being tested and during that test they made a golden calf and they got discouraged and everything changed. So it's like Jesus is warning us there may be a delay and then right after he says this in Matthew $24.00 you go to Matthew $25.00 and he tells the parable of the 10 virgins and it says while the bridegroom tarried uses the same word it's like the Lord is trying to say you know there could be a time of testing an apparent delay before the 2nd Coming and over and over speaking of his coming he says he that endures to the end. Keep watching don't get discouraged and when he went to resurrect Lazarus the sisters Mary and Martha said why are you so late. And he said well for the glory of God It may look like I'm late but I'm actually right on time. When Saul was told by Samuel the prophet says you're going to fight against the Philistines I want you to wait for me he said I will surely come I like the wording of Samuel I will surely come like Jesus and I will come again he said wait but then it says Samuel was delayed and during that the lace always being tested now he did come the 7th day was a later in the 7th day and he thought that's all he lost his patience and then in turn he lost the kingdom because he didn't hold on that's where Jesus tells us we need to endure to the end we need a faith that's going to hold on and it is a Russian proverb that says God is never late but he seldom seems to be on time and then you have. The promise in havoc chapter 2 verse 3 says The vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it will speak and not lie though it Terri's wait for it because it will surely come it will not tarry. And then Paul quotes that he says he who is coming will come and it will not Harry and that's in Hebrews Chapter 10 so it's just all through the Bible I see a number of stories met a fact even in Revelation 10 the angel lifts up his hand to heaven earth and says that there should be delayed no longer Why would the angel say it is going to be delayed a longer less there was at least the appearance of delay and so I think there's going to be a time of testing for God's people at the end I don't think that Jesus' return is going to come at a time when everybody is expecting it I think Jesus said in an hour as you think not the Son of Man comes that before the flood they were eating they were drinking they were marrying they were buying they were selling they were building it looked like life is normal and that's why I think we need to be careful about waiting until there's a crisis and say maybe I need to get ready now because in reality none of us knows how long our lives are so we need to if we love the Lord and love him and be ready and serve him and don't be immobilized by a pandemic that if that's a starting point great a little take any time you decide to get serious but I think when this lifts or if it evaporates are we going to still be as committed to the Lord and you know that would just be my appeal Ryan is that. We've got to make our decision and live by it in the good times in the bad because in the sunshine and rain come for everybody in history and Christians need to be mobilized by love not by current events. And that is something so powerful. And actually I think a memory I think it was you who said this We need to live every day of like it's our last but live in preparation like we're going to be here for a while a camera if you said that or something like that the basically everybody said it but it's not original with me. I think you were the 1st one I heard say it so I said it's a good it's a good way to look at this you need to live every single plant for a 1000 years and live like every day could be your last that's what it was that's what Yeah absolutely and that's a very good reminder thank you for sharing we need to live every day no matter good or bad preparation for Christmas so thank you for that one absolutely Ok well. I know a lot of you are watching our interest or waiting to see if your question gets answered we will try to get through as many questions as we can I know that there is quite a few here so forgive us if we didn't get your question but we will we will do our best so we have quite a few of the questions by the way if you guys still want to submit questions the polling is open You're also welcome to both questions up and vote questions down so if you do want to see a particular question get answered and if we get to it we've loaded it up so we just want to remind you that it's still there we should have a link there on Facebook so at this time. Caruso I'm going to. Have you start Chris is going to be our moderator of the 7th for questions so Chris that you have some questions already in Q ready to ask and so we will go and get started. We do we've had a lot of really good question comments I'm excited to be here on these questions so the person who are looking at what do you deal if you think that got us though continued through an audible life how do you know if it's. Well 1st of all if the voice says anything that conflicts with the Word of God It suspect. God very rarely speaks to people ought obliquely I think many of us believe you know myself included I felt like of hell had the Lord speak to me but it was probably just of the very powerful impression on my conscience and I felt like the voice of the Lord respecting inside of my head but play outside like other sounds hear the will voice of the Lord it does happen it's pretty rare if it's telling you to do something that it is safe to do Biblically. Might be a good idea I did a listen. I think that there's a way you know that it's the voice of God It's like how did Abraham know that it was God that was telling him to take an offer his son I mean you want to want to get mixed up on that question but he was so used to the voice of the Lord that when God did speak to him he recognized the voice whenever Karen calls me and I pick up the cell phone I don't have to hear or see a whole sentence to know as her I know her voice so well all she's got to do is say hi and she's right away I know it's her so I think that if God is going to speak you Autoblog you're going to know it's the voice of the Lord. I love the importance of the relationship in action you know. Mike Flint Ok next question how do we really keep the 10 Commandments you can choose not to act on it or even a think about it but how do you choose what you want and where is the line between temptation and then in the 10 Commandments case of course the 10th commandment is talking about do not covet stockmen coveting your neighbor's houses wife or anything that's your neighbors and then the Bible tells us I think it's for Sprint these 14 covet earnestly the best gifts so coveting in itself is not wrong just like some people say it's a sin to paint a picture because it's an image the Bible doesn't say it's a sin to make an image of God commanded the children of Israel to make images of angels in the in the sink story is a do not make an image and bow down to it and it's not a sin to covet to desire something. You read in Psalm 37 God says he'll give you the desires of your heart when your way is committed to him so I would just say you know if you're not my neighbors got to his car and it's a nice car parked in the front yard and it's got a For Sale sign on it I think well it's a really nice car like a car there is no sin in one in your neighbor's car if your neighbor's scientists car but if you're jealous and your disk content with what you have so the 10th commandment is really talking about being discontent and it's also unique from the other commandments in so many of the other commandments or actions the 10th commandment is really talking about something on the inside it's an attitude and disobeying the 10th commandment can lead to well you want your neighbor's wife that leads to break in the 7th commandment if you want your neighbor's goods that leads to breaking the commandment about stealing and so forth so. I say the way to draw the line is it's not to have 1st of all being satisfied as a Christian he that would strive to be rich falls and many foolish temptations are making haste to get rich wanting things out of their right time and not being that aside with what you have Paul said I've lived whatever state I mean I've learned to be content so you want me to buy something that's for sale it's not a sin for a Christian to want something. Thank you and also the kind of thinking I can on their question a bit there it was pose what is the line between temptation and and so just as a general question what's the line when does it move from being a let's yes yes. Well I heard it put this way you cannot prevent the birds from flying over your hair head but you can't prevent them from making in this in your hair. Let's suppose that I am hurt by something that somebody did to me and I think about it and it bothers me you need to put it out your mind don't dwell on it and be bitter because then it you know Jesus said If you're angry with your brother in your heart you can be guilty of murder so if you start thinking well that person is really not nice and you start gossiping about them or you start wishing bad things would happen to them then it becomes sin to same thing with the last the Bible says if you're look may not be a sin you know if you're driving down the road and there's a billboard of a girl in a bikini advertised in suntan lotion and you look up and you go yeah that's not right it's not a sin to notice that. If you start dwelling on it and you're letting it make a nest in your hair is when it becomes. Jesus was tempted Jesus never sinned. Ok Absolutely thank you for that clarity a question that was a bit and then a lot of people have like and appreciate this comment is how do you know who is the right person to marry and you know the writers that's where that question how. Well that really is a good question 1st of all you would want to know that you're going to be equally yoked spiritually the Bible says that can to walk together if they're not agreed so you want to make sure you're going in the same direction spiritually where your goal is to serve Christ and to be in his kingdom. It does it does help if there's compatibility in other areas I've seen sometimes that. You know if people. I don't know if I'm answering the question exactly the way it's being asked but it helps I know c.t. books used to say when you're thinking about who you're going to marry make sure it's somebody that's in the same educational ballpark as you are. Because you want to be able to communicate on an intellectual level with them you want to make sure they're in roughly the same age ballpark and there can be some variation but. You know if you marry somebody that you know is 30 years different age you're kind of at a different stage in your life and I've seen that that can sometimes cause problems. And then you want to take time you know people shouldn't get married the day after they meet you take enough time to get to know them and another thing I see here City books say people think before they get married they need to share a bed together and to see if they're compatible he said if you want to find out if you're compatible try and share a bank account because most marriages do not fail because of sexual in compatibility but because of financial problems and so you know. If the person has is annoying you with some idiosyncrasy while you're dating that annoyance is going to be unbearable and marriage so. If a girl is dating a guy and he starts pushing and shoving when they're dating it'll turn into slugging when they're married take enough time where you get to know the person and kind of you know make sure that you've got that compatibility and they've got the Christian spirit. I could spend the rest of time answering that question I better just operate there so I mean it's really Eric. Yeah that's really practical and that's a priest at that and I appreciate the ministry that you and Karen together. So if this one has a lot of votes coming in references to Bible passages Mark 719 and Romans 14 appear to say we can whatever with a few conditions can you clarify that all right I'm going there now with my Bible I'm pretty sure I know Mark sounds like about eating things with unwashed hands and there if they're reading it in the. If they're reading that in the. N.i.v. Burr version. There it says in saying this Jesus declared all things clean that is not in the original Greek the n.i.v. did not get that from the Texas Receptus and that's from another manuscript and it was actually a parent's federal statement that somebody put in there. And I'm I'm assuming I'm answering the question they're asking here guess I still haven't looked look it up you said Mark Chapter 7. Mike 715 right you know I tell you it's messed me up friends I got my laptop open and I keep trying to fix my desktop with my laptop mouse and nothing's happening I find. I had the wrong mouse. All right. Do you not know the whatever enters a man from the outside cannot defile him because it doesn't enter is hard but his stomach and is a limited thus purifying all foods here and this is accurate or actually in the New King James Version it's saying that it goes through his digestive system you know if a kid is playing in the playground and they get some dirt in their mouth that's not going to file their hearts it's going to go through the process and be eliminated. The n.i.v. says in saying this Jesus declared all foods clean and it doesn't save any original and then the other one was Romans 14 where he said he did his week eats herbs as I'm guessing what they're talking about and we go there real quick. Yeah Romans 141 he who is weak in the faith but does not dispute over do not dispute over doubtful things for one believes that he might eat all things but he who is weak it's only vegetables that would make it sound like only weaklings eat vegetables in reality today some of the the world's greatest athletes for in durance are now vegetarians and vegans vegetarians for that matter so Paul is not saying that vegetarians are anemic or weaklings he's saying that they had a problem in Bible times the Orthodox Jews and Christians that were being influenced by them were afraid to eat any meat that had been sold in a Greco-Roman market because before they butchered that sheep or that goat or chicken they offered it to a pagan god and so the Christians were saying we can't eat meat because it's been offered to gods and will be endorsing these pagan gods and Paul said look if it's bothering you then don't eat it just eat vegetables if your faith is so weak that you're afraid that if you go into a Chinese restaurant and there's a Buddha in the lobby that if you eat in that Chinese restaurant you are somehow honoring Buddha. And I can't ask the people who are watching but I bet anyone here who tire Chinese food at one point or another there was some little Buddhist symbol or shrine in one of those restaurants did it bother your conscience Well if you're with her brother or sister and they say I just can't eat this because I'm honoring Buddha they don't eat it that's what Paul's talking about and don't judge those who say I don't have a problem but they are burning incense to Buddha off in the corner somewhere in their restaurant. This is what they were dealing with in Paul's day. Ok excellent very clear thank you why did God create us if he knew that doing so would bring so much pain to humanity. Well you know Chris this is the big question if God is good if God is love if God is powerful he's all powerful why doesn't he destroy the devil if he's good then why is there so much bad in the world and if he's powerful why does he allow it. I think people need to understand the devil factor that there was a very powerful indeed the most powerful of God's creatures Lucifer that challenge the goodness of God and had a campaign in heaven saying that God is not fair God is heavy handed God is not loving his government is unjust his laws aren't good enough God had just destroyed Lucifer. Then the other angels would think and other creatures maybe he was right the Lord was in a position where he had to allow because he makes his intelligent creatures free we all have free will to love he had to allow this terrible experiment with sin to play itself out and. That means that God would even make a creature that would choose not to love him because he really does make his creatures free the bottom line is if God only made creatures that he knew would love him it ceases to be love because and then it's force it's preprogramed the highest proof that God makes His creatures free c.s. Lewis used to say as a lake of fire. That he'd even make a creature that would say I won't love you and they really are free to choose because God knows what's going to happen does not mean he's making it happen and why do parents decide to have a baby when they know there's a chance the baby may disobeyed that baby might be brought into a world where there's pain and suffering because they want to love and they want the love and so they take that risk God loves and so he even makes creatures that have that freedom and we really do have the freedom because that's what's happened in the world. Sorry that was a long answer No I think a very important one that's an age old question that a lot of people have turned away from God because of just wrestling with those questions. One. This one is now if they can place a lot of people are questioning this in biblical in modern times since I had writers have specifically stated that people alive at their time would see Christ's return so if God knows the future why would he allow these inspired writers to predict something that didn't come to pass. Yeah the Bible ends by John saying even so come Lord Jesus behold I come quickly and you know there are several passages in the New Testament were talks about the imminence of the Lord's coming a couple of verses help us understand this 1st of all a Paul said do not think that that day has coming. As soon as you thank you and I'm paraphrasing this a 2nd Thessalonians I think you said that they will not comment less a couple falling away for us so that's one of the place of Paul's it's not a sin as you think Peter says and 2nd Peter chapter 3 a day with the Lord is like a 1000 years so if Jesus if if the world has been around about 6000 years. And 4000 years into humans history is when Christ came here we are 2 days later when you if you have eternal life and you live for a zillions of years how long is 6000 years. I mean God told Adam in the day you eat there of you will surely die while he lived 930 years he died in that 1st millennium. So a day with awards like a 1000 years and our lives are like a vapor David says it's like grass that springs up green in the morning and it's withered by the end of the day our lives are like a vapor and so when you say tall or short quick or slow those are very relative terms especially if you're talking about God in eternity Absolutely and that's not important it's valid. Ok Another question is just coming in and you know actually I guess to touch on that question to you I can't imagine how incredibly discouraging that would be for John the Revelator if he knew that I'd be another 2000 years or Jesus. Yeah and you know I think that. We all want to know that Jesus is coming in our lifetime I mean when I joined the church there were saints that were so excited about the eminence of the love coming of the Lord and they all died of old age and I was a teenager then and you know here I am an old man. But it's like the way the you know the the way Chris id answer that is to keep in mind here's a here's an example God told Abraham 1st of all God told Adam and Eve through your descendants the Messiah is going to come your seed across the serpent said Eve hope it was Cain there is something in Cain's name which he thought I've got the man from the Lord. Well nothing happens until finally it for him comes along and God says that you're him through your family the Muslim is going to come great every Jewish mother wish she would to have the Messiah 1000 years go by 1500 years go by Finally 2000 years after Abraham Jesus comes when Jesus says I will come again Well here we are 2000 years later and so you get 2000 years from Adam to Abraham. And 2000 years for Abraham to Jesus' 1st coming and here we are 2000 years later and we're going to live in reign with Christ a 1000 years in heaven I think we're living in the generation that could witness the 2nd coming. So for God it's not long. Someone asked Billy Graham just before he died they said What's the most important lesson that impressed you about life you want to share and Chris he lived to now you answer this question he's like 95 but he lived a 99 and his answer was one word brevity he said the brevity of life here I am 100 I can't believe my life is almost over it was so fast and so if Jesus is behold I come quickly and we live 3 score and 10 years it is quick because your next conscious thought if you're a believer is the resurrection. Thing to. Thank you for that the Bible teaches that Jesus is God and other viewer is. Questions in the eyes this does it James says God cannot be tempted by the evil Hebrew says Jesus was tempted in our points why we are how is it possible for a while to be true well I have no question that Jesus was God the Son keep in mind Jesus laid aside many aspects of his divinity when he took on humanity. When the disciples said you know when you coming he says no man knows the day or the hour and he didn't he said not even the Son the Father only and just think about it for a moment when Jesus was on earth and he was crawling around as a baby did Jesus like other babies have to learn to walk. Did he ever stumble and fall that his mothers have to mother have to teach him how to get his food in his mouth from his plate I mean he went through the natural growth process of other children and so was he tempted did he you look at the genealogy the New Testament begins with the genealogy of Jesus and you've got all these sort of characters in his family tree and Christ was not like Adam he wasn't 20 feet tall perfect specimen he was born with all of the you know genetic defects that we inherit and so he was tempted in all points that a human would be tempted but without sin because he's the son of God He resisted all temptation thinking Ok that makes sense and what is How can you clarify for us what it means that God cannot be tempted by evil. Well I have to be got to say I'm going to tell you what God's thinking but God is the essence of goodness Jesus is only God is good and Bible says every good and perfect gift comes from God. Sin is revolting to God So the idea that sin would find any attraction in God. It's just like you know oil or water light and darkness it's like saying you know let me show you light and darkness in the same room they can't co-exist one swallows the other that's a God as the light in him is no darkness at all sin can have no place with God it awful. Question is asked by another viewer in regards to Down Jerry what to setting out boundaries with your parents is there a window setting up boundaries of their parents crossed over into just honoring your parent is it possible this that boundaries and yet still honor your parents and. Well yes I think that's a good question and. You know for me I I became a Christian and neither of my parents were I thought that I'd gone bonkers and. You know as we had kids and we'd go visit them it often created some moral dilemmas especially on Sabbath the things they'd want our kids to watch or do and we'd have to say you know I love you and I respect you and I honor you mom and dad but we're not doing that today we're taking the kids to church and we you know we hear all kinds of your religious fanatic kind of things and you just have to be respectful and when you're an adult you may have to at times respectfully disagree she always Levanon your parents and. But they're going to be times when you always have to say you know what's more important obeying my heavenly father or my earthly father and mother. God must always come 1st and that as far as lies within you respect your parents and if you disagree don't ever be disagreeable with them you know there's a big difference if you want to win them by with the see. How absolutely I think though the reference that you just gave as well like how how Jesus when he was in the sanctuary as a boy and he said like I need to honor my have only fathers that Jesus even set out foundries that Mary. Good point Ok let it be about my father's business Yes Yes exactly and she would want him to go and work a miracle and he would that that boundary. Me So another question coming in and how do you know and I think this is a question actually a lot of people are asking right now during the covert crisis and all the the fears that are arising out of that your family to prepare a home outside of the city is it best to raise a family in the country. Well I think that's a question near to my heart. I just finished a book a few months ago I know it sounds like a commercial but it's called a heading for the hills a beginner's guide to country living because I get that question a lot and I just tried to bring my my own experience Chris Chris is known our family for 30 something years I don't know. But. We you know I grew up in l.a. New York City Miami so I had a lot of city life growing up and not been to many if not most of the world's major cities and. And then I've lived in a cave and we've had a place out in the country in the hills that's off the grid for 40 years now so and care and I were just up there are a couple of weeks you know it's beautiful during the pandemic it was really nice to have a place to go. But there's a balance you know a lot of the statements that you're going to find in the in the spirit of prophecy about. Country living there's there's a balance where you specially if you have children I don't think you want to raise your children in an area where there's so much congestion and noise and pollution that they can't have they can't enjoy some of the benefits of growing up around God's creation so that doesn't mean that you have to you know live. As far out as our place is I mean our place is. 60 miles to the gas station one way it's is way out but the idea is if you can have a piece of land where you have some nature around you you can grow some of your own food and the kids can grow up you know with a dog and a cat and bugs. There's some benefits to that that are you know obviously you don't have all the noise of the city the better chance are going to get clean air clean water sunshine if you at the same time when you're serving the Lord. As of 2015 the majority of the world's population are now in cities for thousands of years the majority of the world lived outside of cities growing food and farming so now since most of the people and Jesus wants us to reach the last live in cities if all of God's people move way out in the country you'll be a lot of lost people that weren't are going to get the message so I think that the ideal is if you can live far enough out of center urban areas where you can have a little property and some of the benefits of clean air sunshine country garden and not be so far away that you can't reach the last then there's a great book that was written by Bill Frazee one of the founders while what it was called Inox outpost talked about in Iraq and even John the Baptist's that would kind of go from the city to the country in their ministry and some good lessons and principles in there. One think you know as the Adventist have we unintentionally added requirements to the Gospel slash salvation so that it's no longer something that's a July but it has become. Well I wouldn't I wouldn't limit that to a possible danger for just sadness I think any Christian from any denomination can. Make their focus works oriented I heard a pastor say. When you ask someone when you're acquiring about the relationship with the Lord and you say on what grounds should God let you into heaven what is your answer is your answer is Well I did the best I could and you know I did quit all these bad habits and you know what a church every week I'm paid my time if your answer is anything other then. You're trusting in the merits of Jesus and His mercy. Then you start and you know stick a few works on to your relationship Now having said that you've got the other extreme there's 2 extremes here one extreme is that because we are saved by grace. That you think that that then releases you from an obligation to have a godly and a holy life there's too much of the Bible tells us otherwise but are we not saved by our good works but our good works are often a gauge of whether the grace of God is working in our heart and so you know I think it's Martin Luther who's Chris the champion of grace he said we're not stay by works but you will not be saved without them. Meaning that if you are saved they'll be in your life you'll have that fruit in your life do some churches make that a priority Alanson fortunate I've probably been guilty of doing it it's really easy in sermons to start focusing on behavior and because it's you know it's something that we think about as humans all the time and by doing the right thing what can I do to be different. You know if these if you like the continual struggle of the Christian journey is to not have that self-reliance in any time and to continue to look falling completely empty that's where that transformation. But you know because received by Grace and we're trusting in His grace doesn't mean there are not real battles with the world and temptation too many scriptures tell us there is a war there is a battle there's a struggle there's a fight we wrestle we. We need to endure and so yeah there are sometimes trials in being a Christian but it's only by God's grace that we get anywhere. Well thank you now the question that's being voted out here in Joshua chapter 6 God gave Joshua as a civic instructions on how to conquer the city of Jericho instructions that took 7 days to complete one of those days well is that if the Sabbath is the special the god when it God's gift that day how do I explain this paradox to Sunday. Well 1st of all when it says they March around the city for 6 days and then on the 7th day they March around the city 7 times and they shouted with the trumpets and took the city that is the 7th day of sequential marching but if they're marching 7 days one of those 7 must have been the Sabbath Well yeah. But what is the problem with that what did they do they walked around the city and they blew the horn that's called a nature walk and special music there's no sin in there in doing that and so. And even in Bible times in times of war God allowed the Hebrew army to defend the city if there was a war it was always understood you can have to defend yourself when a fact the Jews modern Israel very orthodox Jews during the Yom Kippur War They got attacked on the Sabbath because the their enemies thought will take advantage of their Sabbath day they jumped in the tanks and they drove off to defend the country so if Joshua if God said March around the city one time maybe was the 3rd day of marching we don't know but that's all they did they just walked around to the trumpet went back to camp and I saw him being voted off how do we reconcile with the Bible teaches and Hebrews $1025.00 that we should not for say it's ambling together or worship with the governmental policies that presently serve it. Yeah well I'm hoping that they don't restrict this for long but I would I think it would be irresponsible for Christians if you're in an area where there's you know severe issues of a disease pandemic and you know that is something highly contagious by people coming together. Jesus also said Don't tempt the Lord and you know don't jump off the temple and ask God to catch you and if you know that a disease is contagious and you go hug and people that are infected you can't say well I'm just going to claim God Spirit and I think it's being irresponsible So this is temporary. I wish this was the reason that many people miss churches because the government is telling them they can't go but unfortunately I think Paul was talking about people who are out of apathy are not attending church. They're expecting you know in the next few weeks in California I don't know where or different listeners are many I suppose are in California you know where in stage 2 as of Friday and stage 3 they're going to open up the churches along with other public venues probably with some mitigation they'll say you know plenty of sanitizer don't shake hands whatever but I think we're going to get back together again and I'm hoping we have a big surge of attendance I know after 911 all kinds of people came to church I'm hoping that they continue to come even after the restrictions are lifted. Angry I think it's a beautiful To all the ways that people are being creative and finding ways to still assemble together vs you know human face time and all these I was going on during. Now we're at our church were assembling 5 times in this 24 hour period some in person we're having a parking lot service for our mothers on Mother's Day So our cars are going to drive in and we're going to sing them and give out flowers so we're doing some things in person some things virtually And so we're doing all we can to try and stay connected that's the main thing the most important my desires present not is that they're looking for an excuse to be like I want to stay home and sleep. Well. You know as a question I have received recently from several people is regarding the mosaic authorship of the peanuts How is it that we know or what is your understanding of who wrote Genesis axis that a good number is me and Joe Probably. I don't think there's any question that Moses is the author of I've done a few series on Moses and if you look at all of the ancient. The ancient writings of the Hebrew authors or scholars the the mosaic authorship if you go all the way back you look in Joshua the very 1st few verses in Joshua he ascribes the Torah to Moses. In the book of Judges they ascribe it to Moses and Samuel and Chronicles they ascribe it to Moses Moses name is mentioned $800.00 times in the Bible only 2 people are mentioned more one being Jesus the other being King David Moses is mentioned more than Abraham and so if if a person does not I mean Jesus said If you believe not Moses the neither will you be persuaded that one should rise from the dead Jesus describes the Torah to Moses So if you're not going to believe all the evidence of the apostles and prophets that Moses wrote those books whatever those will you accept. I think it's pretty you can't believe anything Jesus says or anything the Bible says if you don't believe those 1st 5 books are written by Moses some else ISIS actually preaching Jocko bad today which is you know Exodus chapter one and 2 and Moses is very careful when he tells the story of his verse he doesn't mention his parents' name he doesn't mention his brother and sisters names he tries to be as objective as he can but course later in the book it tells what their names are in the chronology so I think you can you can see his handwriting his fingerprints all over the book Thank You Bob you did not write the end of Deuteronomy where talks about his death and burial I'm guessing that Josh will help with that. Question regarding church again and how do you explain to someone who says that going to church is not important in the Sabbath as long as you do good things because you said that it was good to do good on the Sabbath like helping others. Well I say if a person believes the 10 Commandments and the Sabbath is one of them and God says to remember the Sabbath day then look at what God says about how he defines it if you look in Leviticus $23.00 The Bible says the Sabbath is a holy Khans a cation that word convocation means it's in the symbol a a coming together and then you look at the sample through the Bible and Jesus example as his custom was on the Sabbath day he went to the synagogue so they came together that's what the word synagogue means a gathering of the church and he read the scriptures so consistently from the time of creation or God met with Adam and Eve on Sabbath all through the New Testament the Old Testament it was a day for corporate worship of a person sick their home bound we have shut ins in our church we try to go visit them if you can't you can't but I worry about those who can and don't know who's who why what you want to it's like a guy says New Girl I Love You I want to marry you but do we have to live together why wouldn't you want to. Spend time together with the people of God and the worship in corporately only one question that's coming through is what are your personal in trying preparation habits and I want to kind of think about on that as well because and it has been I guess you were mentioning when you 1st came to the church and all the individuals that were saying ologies is coming any day now and as you've been initiated amazing facts for how many years now 2525 years how is it that you keep your own walk growing so they are not just stuck in a rat stuck in your routine but how do you keep that relationship of Christ ration and. Yeah good question it's it's I don't want to act like I've got a secret formula this is something that's an ongoing. It's an ongoing journey for every believer to maintain and try to keep the new that 1st love alive just like in a marriage you know once you see I do it's not like Ok we're married now marriage is like running a farm you start over every day being a Christians like running a farm you have to start over every day it's this ongoing maintenance if you want to garden to be beautiful you can't leave it or the weeds will take over that's exactly what will happen in your Christian experience if you just leave it the weeds are going to take over and so I try to always be on my guard and I've seen like everybody else you know you've got time for a sob start to get in a rut here I'm drifting and you've got to keep coming back again some of the things I do is. I like to read other inspiring Christian testimony and that gives me a fresh perspective of other people and how they were close to the largest last night I was reading a testimony about William Booth and his conversion he started the foundation Salvation Army rather and I was reading last night about George which feels great preacher and he reading the testimonies of other Christians and their experience. I think find it helps me say ah yeah that's missing from my life I need to do more of this and I need to keep this perspective and. Hearing new testimonies is always encouraging an amazing fact we're just so thankful we constantly hear new testimonies and some of them are I hear them and I go wow they really love the Lord and I think I want to have that 1st love that they've got and so and of course daily prayer every day I read the Bible I read it on my computer I've got a regular Bible reading program I'm always reading and. That's Hell you've got to eat if you want to grow as a Christian it's like human body you've got to feed yourself you've got to breathe you've got to exercise you get the Bible you've got sharing your faith and you've got prayer there are 3 pieces of furniture in the holy place of the sanctuary at the bread it's a bible you get that light you get to share your faith and you get the altar of incense that's prayer most of the 3 essential disciplines of the Christian life. And true. I appreciate that you it seems like you're constantly immersing yourself in your own spiritual walk to continue to stay fresh and studying constantly I know that you read the Bible quite frequently as well. That you know we're trying I actually read through the Bible slowly but I've done it many many times because I'm relentless every morning 6 days a week I I am reading I'm somewhere reading through the Bible but by the time. I'm worried about getting old because I'm reading things in the Bible I think I've read the Bible 50 times on a remember ever reading that I always find if they ever remember reading that. So it's a big book and you just got to stay in it. So much to learn now that question coming through when reaching out to your family and who may be current or former believers how do you work past their fear or their apathy of the times that we are presently living and how do you guide them back to scripture without making them feel like you're constantly trying to get them a personal Bible study so how do you not make them feel like you have an agenda well 3 or 4 things 1st of all be a good example. And you know anything you might say to them or share with them is neutralized if your own example is not consistent so that's a 1st and foremost is you want to live it in your life if they're open you don't want to be nagging them all the time but if they're open to information share it with them and whether it's you know recommending a website a channel giving them a d.v.d. if anyone uses D.V.D.'s any more but you know share information books. Pray for them and I know that always sounds a little bit like you know just. As a try to just pray for the really prayers powerful and then the 4th thing would be do all of the above persistently now it's keep doing it God doesn't say that you know after one day of prayer and witnessing that everyone's going to turn around. It sometimes takes years and you need to pray for patience that you can consistently be a witness and you'll often find that then when a person is going through a trial they'll turn to you and say you know this person I believe they know the Lord maybe they can help me so yeah and it's heartbreaking when you see the loved ones that have drifted from the church and they're kind of apathetic about Christianity. Absolutely I love how I think it's encouraging which even the nicotine missed the fact that nicotine is wasn't even converted the night he heard John 316 and she was the best soul winner in the fact that that even with the journey before he could point. That's right. Yeah I can be could be discouraging sometimes when we don't see our loved ones making changes. Just continue to pray for him just remember also God loves him and is interested in saving the much more than you could ever be. And if you say Lord I'm willing to be used to reach them sometimes I prayed for Loved Ones I said Lord I'm not there I pray you'll reach them that you bring someone into their lives and I've seen that happen before God just bring someone entirely separate into their lives to reach them. Next question Are we near the end of Earth's 6000 year probations I think maybe a 2 part question as well is there are 6000 we are probation for and early if so are we and. Well I do believe that we're we're living in the last days near the end of time you know I want to go anywhere near trying to see how long because I don't know I do think there's a little time left just because some things you see in prophetically that need to happen I believe the church needs revival I think when the church does experience revival and they start preaching filled with the spirit persecution is going to be revived the devil is not worried about persecuting Christians that aren't living the life they're no threat so the church in my book needs to experience a great revival. But you know Pentecostal power Latter Rain revival and then you're going to see the Gospel going to going to see the truth about the commandments are going around Satan is going to get angry all that live godly will suffer persecution so the more godly and more energized the church is the more the devil's going to be aroused then you're going to see things happen very quickly in the final events so one of the big things I'm looking for Jesus of the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world this is Matthew $2414.00. Then the end will come and so I see. I see the Gospel going to the world I mean you know this medium right now and we were streaming services this morning it is you know 30000 people that are watching the programs in different parts of the world and 24 hour period and so we see the Gospel going. Through print personal Witness missionaries public of Angeles at meetings radio television and even corners of the earth that did not allow preaching like China in the Middle East we're getting mail that's just we're one of 100 ministries you know where we're getting mail in our office from people that are finding the Gospel Jesus and then the end will come he was very certain and definitive about that so do I think we're living in the less last state yes. The pen Demick is not the 1st and foremost of my reasons for that. There have been pandemics and if you had asked some of them in. What he called 1918 is this the end of the world they might have thought Yeah when you've got literally you know 50000000 people or 40000000 people dying. This is not near as bad as that so I'm not let the pandemic be my guide as far as a 6000 years go you know I personally believe that there is something to this belief that God is going to. Operate his plan of salvation in 6 or 7000 your paradigm 6000 years of sowing the seed a 1000 years rest in heaven you get the harvest at the end of 6000 but we don't know when that is. I know we can add up the ages in the Bible and but you know when you get the ages in the Bible we don't know what their birthdays were different times of the year and if you go through the 40 generations. Back to Jesus talk about even from Christ time backward there's a lot of variableness there there's some gaps during the time of Noah as Noah live 600 years and he has 3 sons we don't know what your Yet what Simon So I think we should not use the 6000 years thing to try to pick a date you know some are saying well maybe it's going to be 2000 years after the birth of Christ well that's already passed that wasn't it. Now they're saying well maybe it's 2000 years after the baptism and then someone will say well maybe it's 2000 years after the crucifixion or maybe it'll be 2000 years after the time being withdrawn on Israel which was 34 a.d. And you know as I said you know it could be sooner than people think because he's going to cut the work short it could be a little later than you think because he's a long suffering to us I would not use the 6000 year theory as a template to try and pick a time that makes sense it ties it makes a lot of sense and I feel like it's really balanced as well it keeps us it gives us focus and like you said earlier we don't know how long our lives of each morrow is never a guarantee for any of. That and essentially could be today Henri person or let's hope not. Agreed agreed I'm still really Ok so I'm just going to answer your question that came in and able to do with Revelation will wrap up with these 2 questions a lot of our small groups right now are studying the book of Revelation together and the 1st question is in Revelation 18 to where it says that Babylon the Great is all in is fallen What is this verse talking about and is there any particular reason why it's that's all and why. Yeah good for us Chris Revelation Chapter 182 is a reemphasis that come out of Babylon my people of what you find in Revelation 14 the 2nd angel's message. Just keep quickly keep it just a bigger perspective of what happened Babel and stanza sort of like the city in opposition to God from Chapter 11 of Genesis all the way through the Bible God's people are carried off to Babylon after living 70 years in Babylon they got so comfortable there that when he told them time to get out and go back home. They said no we speak the Babylonian language our business is here we're comfortable here and God says but the plagues are going to fall in battle and you need to come out. So it's a message for for God's people to come out there keep in mind Abraham brought his wife Sarah from Mesopotamia which of the general area of Babylon to the Promised Land when it comes time for Isaac to get married Abraham sends a servant back to Mesopotamia again across your Fraidy to bring back Rebecca and then when I think I'm Sorry Jacob gets married he goes back and brings his wife wives out of Mesopotamia and God then brings his people out of Babylon back into the promised land so when he gets a revelation you have to keep that history in mind now Babel and fell back when the tower fell Babel and fell. When the kingdom fell in Daniel Chapter 5 Babel and fall and fall in and some might be seen will babble and fell during the time when it became is yours Kingdom fell and it falls again. Just before the 2nd Coming in spiritual battle and that's time for God's people to get out they say well that's the 2nd falling. There's no shortage of Babylon's following in the Bible and. So. Babbling would be you know battling his confusion and battle in the wind of battle and would be if a person is a Christian and they're in a church that it believes the fallen doctrines of Christendom things that the Protestants protested against. Un-Biblical baptism salvation by works you don't need to keep the 10 Commandments doesn't matter how you treat your body the lot of Babylonian doctrines out there and if a person's in a church that believes you die and you burn forever and ever if you're lost or you go right to Heaven before the judgement the resurrection there's all different levels and depths of Babylonian teachings God is calling his people back to the truth of his word before the 2nd coming he says there are other sheep I have Jesus said they're not of this full These are his children in Babylon they'll hear my voice he says My people they're his people they will come out and they'll be one fold and one shepherd So as I speak today I believe the vast majority of God's true followers are not members of my church but I believe before Christ comes they're going to hear his voice and they going to come out will be one fold one shepherd. I love that as you're into sizing that confusion will fall Babylon is on confusion will fall but the shocker at any rate. If well Ok last question here from Revelation Why are the events of Revelation not written in chronological order for example Revelation 13 versus 3 and why. It's like reading a newspaper you've got to say what's that the headlines on this page but you've got to go to page 3 for the story. The Jews did not write in chronological order and. You see that right there in Genesis. God 1st establishes the creation of the world and after establishes the creation of man in the Sabbath then he backs up says Now let me tell you how woman was made this is really interesting. But in Daniel you can see another example of what is repeated in Revelation God is giving the the history of the church his people Israel and he does it through a series of visions and he does it through the metal him and she does it through the lion and the leopard the beasts and the does it through the goat in the ram and then you get into Daniel 10 and 11 and gets even every vision gives more detail gets a little more complex he's breaking it down revelation does the same thing in the revelation you've got the 7 churches God give us the religious history of the church between the 1st coming and the 2nd coming then in the 7 seals you have something of a political history of the church and I'm simplifying this between the 1st coming in the 2nd coming 7 trumpets you've got a military history between the 1st coming and the 2nd coming and so you've got these and they're all given in sevens and get these overreaching message of what God's people will experience from different perspectives you're walking around this one truth this is I'm going to teach this truth because some people out there they'll understand. This perspective a little better than this perspective so he walks around the truth and different visions are showing the same truth different levels and different perspectives so he doesn't do it in one chronological Bible's not written chronologically I mean the kings ever read that kings and as Renia my own they're all mixed up keeps you studying. Absolutely ugly I love that idea that he gives a 360 view and how come they keep bringing those around you know Terry So how did it I'm kind of putting you on the spot with this question but I I am confident in their response we are so adamant hoping this is the last the last part of our q. and a today Ivan hope in our community viewers watching here we come from a lot of different experiences and backgrounds many of us are young adults professional that some of us are working in the health field right now maybe we're at the clinic the hospitals still during this time some of us have been furloughed maybe we don't even have a job at this point and we're not sure what that looks like or even housing situations are concerned there's a lot of different stressors and experiences that are going on right now I appreciate your your opening devotional thought Are there any other words as we wrap up this time together that you could offer it to us for our community. Keep the faith you know what God said to Joshua he says Be courageous be courageous be very courageous you know God says I am with you and this is what he told Josh was I'm with you no man will stand before you and the Jesus said I am with you to the end of the world and so and ultimately in heaven it says God himself will be with us and so this is the confidence that God is going to be with us that we're not alone he will never leave you or for sake you and that. You know there's going to be storms. Sometimes we'll forget Jesus is there in the boat with us but he just promises you know I'm with you we don't have to be afraid and I can promise if you stay close to the Lord you'll be on the winning team and it's going to get better. I appreciate that last about thank you again so much for joining us and for this time and I know it's greatly appreciated by a few hours of thank you again I I really appreciate it as we as we close that question I would you mind having a final one you know there for me sure be happy to forgive me keeping my baseball cap on otherwise my headset comes off. Loving Lord thank you so much for this opportunity to you through this technology to visit and to network with friends and many different locations and Lord I pray that as we focus on your word and your truth that we've all been touched and drawn closer to you and to each other our Lord I pray to be in a special way with. The young adults in these professionals that are going through a lot of the the hardship and changes connected with the restrictions in the pandemic we trust that we're coming through the other side of that right now and and look forward to the day when we can. Gather together face to face not only here in this earth but especially with you in your king so blessed us now through the remainder of this Sabbath thank you for your goodness great isn't Jesus human this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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