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Jesus is Praying for You

Mark Finley
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However terrified you are of what you're going through in life, however worried you are, however anxious your are, whatever battles you face and challenges come your way, our heavenly Father answers Christ's prayer for you and He's keeping guard over you.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • May 3, 2019
    12:45 PM
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In the late 1980 s. my wife and I were living in a set all been single and and we were conducting a series of evangelistic meetings in the New Gallery Center in London now that meant that every day we either had to take our car and drive into London for an hour or we had to take the train from St all bins down to King's Cross station get on the underground it Kings Cross and go down from there to Piccadilly Circus and walk up Regent Street to the new gallery we usually left at some place around 8 39 o'clock in the morning got into London at some place around. 10 o'clock taught classes and by the time we taught in the mornings and visited people in the afternoon and had a meeting in the evening it would be 9 or 10 o'clock at night we would get home now would you do that week after week month after month you pretty exhausted and I remember distinctly that I was really tired we had been battling the city working in London for these very months and I was pretty exhausted didn't have much energy that day and I was walking up the stairs into the new gallery center and I looked out of the corner of my r. I and I saw a group of my students praying for me and as they were on their knees they were praying a person like this Dear Lord please bless Pastor Mark he looks a little tired today he looks a little weary today lift his spirits and give him some energy today I will tell you when I heard that prayer new energy surged through my body I bounded up those stairs like a young man 23 years old again it's a wonderful thing to have somebody that is praying for you. When you know that somebody cares enough to pray for you that bonds you with them that you ninth's you with them it's a wonderful thing if you know your spouse is praying for you when you know your husband's praying for you when you know your wife's praying for you you may be traveling on a trip and in your mind saw you see your wife on her knees with your name on her lips praying for you brings your great peace in your life when children know that their parents are praying for them it gives them a sense of stability in their life it gives them a sense of foundation in their life when when a child knows in their teens that their parents are praying for them I remember when I was 17 years old I didn't know Christ and I remember I'd come home from playing basketball and I'd watch The Late Late Show in the late fifty's and I saw more snow on the television that I saw a picture some of you can't remember that and as I lay there in not not knowing Christ at all I'd look through the crack in my door into the living room and I saw my dad whipped by that old black and white vinyl chair with the stuffing coming out in the holes in the chair and dad is on his knees praying for his son and it's a wonderful thing when you know that your parents that are praying for you it's a wonderful thing too when you have friends that are praying for you and when they do that the bonds of Divine Love unite them to your heart it's a wonderful thing to know that somebody who cares is praying for you but there's something even more wonderful than a wife for you then a son or daughter that prays for their their parent or a parent that prays for their children or a friend that prays something more wonderful. It's to know that Jesus is in heaven right now and that is praying for you your name is on his lips your concern is in his heart your anxieties and fears and worries matter to him to know that whatever struggle you are facing right now whatever decisions you have to make right now in your life that Jesus Christ is praying for you the very famous Bible commentator Robert Murray McShane puts it this way if I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room I would not fear a 1000000 enemies yet distance makes no difference for Jesus is praying for you if I could hear Christ let's suppose I walked out of church today and over there in the side room I heard prayers and let's suppose that Jesus was there praying and your name was on his lips big chains says if I could hear Christ praying for me in the next true I would not fear a 1000000 enemies Jesus' name and your name is on Jesus lives there in the most holy place of heavens sanctuary Jesus is praying for you now one of the most comprehensive chapters in all the Bible is John the 17th chapter in our study this morning comes from the 17th chapter of the book of John God's going to speak to you through this chapter this morning God's going to minister to your heart through these verses this morning in the Spirit of God is going to touch somebody here today new light is going to dawn in your mind. New hope is going to fill your heart new encouragement is going to radiate through your being John the 17th chapter this is Jesus Great into sesame prayer this chapter is one of the most inspiring in all the New Testament before Jesus lay get seventies agony before Jesus lay Peter's Judas betrayal and Peter's denial and pilots cowardness inherit skepticism in the Pharisees coldness and the Roman soldiers brutality and Satan's Glee see before Jesus there was the cross and go got this mountain Calvary's Hill before Jesus there with the nails that would be driven through his hands in the spirit that would wounded side in the nails go through his feet all that lay before him and there in John 17 Jesus prays for 3 groups 1st in the 1st part of the prairie praise from self but very shortly he prays for his disciples and then very shortly makes the transition he prays for you and he prays for me we begin our study this morning in John 17 verse one I direct your attention to that Jesus spoke these words and he lifted up his eyes to heaven and he said Father the hour has come now every time you read in the New Testament the hour it's the hour of the cross the hour of Go-Go at this mountain it's the hour of Calvary is Hill it's the hour that Jesus would hang between heaven and earth it's the hour of the cross the hour the nails in the be trailed So Jesus says the hour has come then Jesus is something that is absolutely incredibly amazing he says glorify your son that your son may glorify you the hour of Christ's death on the cross of Calvary the hour of His suffering the hour vist pain the our visit Guinea was the hour of his greatest glory. When you think of that Jesus would hang between heaven and earth he would hang as a condemned sinner bearing the guilt of all humanity and that our would be the hour of the hiding of his father's face that our would be the hour that darkness surrounded him that hour would be the hour that he sensed the last ness of all humanity the sins of all humanity rested upon him and when Jesus Christ hung on the cross he felt in his very being in his physical flesh he felt in his very heart and mind the condemnation that every sinner will feel when their last and last for all eternity it was not the nails through his hands that gave him the most pain it was the sparing of the scenes of all humanity and he tasted death for every human being anything the pains of what it would be like for true millions of people who would be lost he felt that lost ness in scripture a sense that the hour he would look death in the face he would triumphantly conquer and that would be the hour of his greatest glory his hour of greatest suffering was the hour of his greatest Cory there are times that the hour of our greatest suffering there are times that the hour of our greatest trials there are times that the hour of our greatest difficulties are greatest challenges are the hour of our greatest glory because it's in those hours when we recognize our utter inability to deal with the situation that God comes through in powerful ways for His glory. It is in those moments of our absolute weakness that God reveals His absolute straights it is in those times of our greatest challenges that we experience God's greatest power it is not the avoidance of problems or challenges or difficulties that brings glory to God it is facing them in the name of Christ its conquering fem through his power and overcoming them by His grace now Jesus prayed for 4 things here in John Chapter 78 when we come to the prayer for Christ's disciples he prays 1st that they would be guarded or protected he prays secondly that they would be sanctified he prays thirdly that they would be unified and he prays Fourthly that they would be glorified So let's look at the 4 things that Jesus prayed for what did Jesus pray for in that garden so long ago 2000 years ago what did Jesus pray for on that night what is he praying for right now what he prayed for then he's praying for now you are in his mind then and you are in his mind now what he was seeking God for then he appears before the judgment bar of God for you now he's praying for 4 things let's look at what they are John 17 and let your eyes drop down to verse 6. What did judge Jesus pray for in that garden that night John 17 and we're looking at verse 6 and will concentrate particularly on verse 11 John 17 verse 6 I've meant a festive your name to the men who you've given me out of the world they were yours and you gave them to me and they have kept your word so as Jesus prays he seeks the father and he says. They were yours they were not mine the glorious reality is this whatever you go through in life you are Christ's when you come to Jesus you become a son and daughter of God He holds you in his hand Jesus says there verse 8 For I have given to them the words which you've given me and they have received them and have known surely that I come forth from you and they believe that you sent me I pray for them now Jesus begins praying he's not thinking about the nails through his hands he's not thinking about the crown of thorns upon his head he's not thinking about Judas be trail or Peter's denial or the Jews' rejection or the Romans crucifixion he's not thinking about the disciples that will forsake him in Fleet what love is this he is thinking about you he's thinking about me in the hour of his greatest suffering he says I pray for them verse 9 I do not pray for the world but for those you have given me they are yours in all mine or yours and yours or mine I'm going to fight in them now notice verse 11 that's the Tx what I concentrate on he focuses this 1st aspect is this prayer now I am no longer in the world but these are in the world I come to you holy father so Jesus is going to leave sued. He was said to have and soon he'll be out of sight of earth and inside of Heaven soon the disciples will no longer be able to visibly see him anymore what is his concern he says verse 11 now I am no longer in the world these are in the world and I come to you Holy Father keep through those through your name those whom you've given me that they may be as one now notice Jesus didn't pray that his disciples would be taken out of the world Christianity does not release us from our problems it provides the wisdom and strength to solve them Christianity does not offer us a life in which problems are escaped. It offers us a life in which problems are faced and conquered Christianity does not offer us a life of ease it offers us a life of triumphant warfare were in a battle between good and evil were not a battle between Christ and Satan in the great controversy wages you know the Apostle Paul puts it this way keep your finger in John 17 because to a fusions 6 verse 12 Jesus never prays that his disciples would be taken out of the world some people think that Christianity is peace and joy all the time there is an inner peace there is an inner joy but it's the peace in conflict it's the joy in struggle because we are in a battle we're in the enemy's land the controversy wages between good and evil so if you're going through a struggle if you're going through a battle if you aren't facing the wiles of the enemy don't become discouraged about that you're not off the map here on the map because Christianity does not promise release from our trials in til the day we walk streets of gold and we sing the glory song on sea of us but Jesus promises peace in our trials Jesus promises strength in our difficulty Jesus promises wisdom in our ignorance notice what the Bible says the fusion 6 verse 12 we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principle Saudis against powers against the rulers of darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness and heavenly places so there is a battle there is a struggle the devil is a vicious fellow and daily the battle rages. Jesus never prayed that they would find his followers would find escape he prayed that they would find victory now did you notice that word in John 17 verse 11 we need to go back to it John the 17th chapter and the 11th verse notice the word that Jesus prays in this 1st part of his prayer John 17 verse 11 Jesus prays he says I pray that you would keep them through your name he says now I am no longer in the world versa Levon but these are in the world and I come to you Holy Father keep through your name now the word keep is an interesting word in the original Greek language it means it has the impression of guard it guard them oh Lord it has the impression of protect them as Jesus prays he commits his followers to his father's care every Christian can claim the keeping power of God God will never allow us to go through any test that he does not hold us in his hand you know many years ago the Native American Indians had a very unique practice of training their young warriors when these young warriors were 13 years old they had been trained in tracking they had been trained in Scouting they had been trained in hunting and they've been trained in fishing on the 13th birthday of one of these young Indian braves the young brave was brought at night out into the woods he was brought miles and miles and miles into the woods 5678 miles into the deepest darkest dense forest. And he was left there to spend all night alone in the forest every cracking tweak. Brought fear to that young brave heart every squirrel that ran up a tree brought fright to that young brave when it seemed like eternity and as he stood there now he was the young brave was blindfolded when he was brought there and the blindfold was taken off and he was left alone had to spend all night that was is an issue ation into adulthood he visualized wild animals ready to pounce upon him throughout the night he was terrified it appeared that the night would never end it appeared like it was an eternity but when dawn broke in the 1st light broke through the interior of the forest looking around the boy saw flowers and trees and the outline of the path then to his utter astonishment he saw a man standing a few feet from him it was his father with a bow and arrow standing guard over that young brave all night however terrified you are of what you're going through in life however worried you are however and sure you are whatever battles you think this and whatever challenges come your way our heavenly Father answers Christ prayer for you and he's keeping guard over you he's keeping watch over you. In scriptures the Bible says that we are never far from the father's eyes in the darkest night we tremble with fear he is there he is on guard to protect preserve and guide us who can have absolute confidence that not only did Jesus pray for us in John Chapter 17 but Jesus is praying for us right now take your Bible and turn to Hebrews Chapter 7 verse 25 we have a friend in the heavenly courts that friend is fraying for us your name is on his lips today you are in his heart today Hebrews Chapter 7 verse 25 notice what the Scripture says that Jesus prayed for us in the garden that night and he's praying for us now Hebrews 7 verse $25.00 therefore he is all still able to save to the uttermost those who come to God Through hear him since he ever lives what does Jesus do he ever lives what does he ever live to do to make intercession for them notice he is in heaven making intercession for you right now it says he's able to save to the uttermost what is Jesus able to do he is able to say how much is he able to save to the uttermost Now notice what it says he's making intercession for us what does that mean in very practical terms what does it mean that Jesus is in heaven today making intercession for you it makes let me make it simple here's what it means. The intercession of Christ in the sanctuary above simply means this that Jesus is doing everything you need for salvation in Christ forgiveness is ours it's abundant in Christ freedom from guilt is ours it is there in Christ the gift of eternal life is ours in Christ victory over seen is our it's in Christ strength to overcome is ours in Christ hope for the future is our God as ours you can rejoice that everything we need for salvation is ours in Christ the intercession of Christ in Heaven sanctuary simply means that through Christ all of Heaven's blessings flow from the throne of God to you today forgiveness flows freedom from guilt flows cut freedom from condemnation flows strength flows wisdom flows all of those gifts are yours because of the intercession of Christ now notice something significant Who is this that is praying for you you know it's one thing if your husband is praying for you praise God for that it's one thing if your wife is praying for you praise God for that it's one thing if your friend is praying for you praise God for that what does it mean when we say Jesus is praying for us who is this Christ the purpose of the Gospel of John is to introduce the divinity of Christ see each of the gospels have a different function that's why I have 4 of them Matthew tells is the best on the sermons of Christ it reveals the teachings of Christ Mark is the best on the humanity of Christ in Christ interfacing with human beings. Luke is the power of the parables of Christ the stories of Christ as a physician Luke thought in stories parables illustrations the Gospel of John was written to show the divinity of Christ when you come to John 17 it presupposes that you understand who it is that's praying for you in John chapter one the titles of Christ are introduced So let's go to John chapter one and when a breeze through John chapter one to get the significance of what it means that Jesus is praying for us John the 1st chapter introduces this whole idea of who the living Christ is John chapter one and we're looking there at John one verse one in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God in the Word was God So who is it that is praying for you he is the one that is the Almighty the eternal the one that was coexistent with God the One was with God from all eternity let your eyes drop down to verse 3 Who is it that's praying for you verse 3 all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made who is it that's praying for you he is the all powerful creator he is the one that spoke in worlds came into existence he is the one that spoke and there the earth was carpeted with living green and stars appeared sun moon and stars he is the all powerful creator he's praying for you who is it that's praying for you verse for. In Him was life and life was the light of men he is the one who lights every heart born into this world and by a Holy Spirit begins to draw them to himself Who is it that's praying for you verse 16 in of his fullness we all have received grace and truth Who is it that spring for you is the fountain of grace he's the fountain of truth Who is that that's praying for you verse 18 no one has seen God at any time The only be gotten son that word be gotten means unique one the one who is one of a kind it comes from the Greek word model meaning one Guinea's meaning guy and he is the only begotten Son He is one of a kind why is he one of a guy he's existed with the father the expression the bosom of the father means that he is with the father forever from eternity who is that is praying for you he is the one who is God He is the one who is the Creator He is the one that lights every man that comes into the world he is the one who has existed from all eternity he is the fountain of grace and truth and your name is on his lips. John one verse 29 who is it the prays for you in the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world who is it that's praying for you the one that died for you is the one that's praying for you John one verse 49 who is that that's praying for you and for me John one verse 49 the thing you answered said to him Rabbi you are the Son of God You are the king of Israel when we sense this. We sense that it's the Almighty the all knowing the all why is the all powerful Christ that's praying for us it's the Jesus that has never lost a battle with Satan yet it is the Christ that triumphed over Satan in his life and death it is the crucified ascended resurrected interceding coming again Lord that is praying for us isn't that incredible good news how can you be discouraged How can you be downhearted what ever the devil throws at you the turn of Christ the all powerful creator the fountain of grace and truth the one of light and glory the lie am of God the Son of God the King of the universe your name is on his lips he's praying for you now the 2nd aspect of Jesus' prayer is found in John Chapter 17 verse $16.17 1st he prays that we will be kept protected guarded by the power of God Now the 2nd thing he prays. Is that we would be sanctified through His grace John the 17th chapter you're looking there at verse 16 in 715-1617 now notice again Jesus prayer he says in John 17 verse $15.00 to $17.00 I do not pray that you should take them out of the world but the shooter would keep them from the evil one. That was not Jesus' prayer that we go off and live in some monastery some place that was in his prayer now that would be taken out of the world but rather that we be kept from the evil how can we be kept from the evil the world they are not of the world just as I am not of the world we're sons and daughters of God We're not of this culture of the world verse 17 sanctify them through your truth your word is truth here Jesus says sanctify what is sanctified be sanctified means set apart sanctified means to make holy It's a word used in the Old Testament of the priests of Israel they were set apart the truth of God's word sets us apart it sanctifies or coins as us in our inner soul now when Jesus uses that when John uses the word world what does he mean if you look through the Gospel of John there are 4 things about the world in the Gospel of John Jesus says they are not of the world what does that mean they're not of the culture of this world what is the teaching of the Gospel of John regarding the world there are 4 things about it 1st the world is deluded it seeks meaning where meaning is not and seeks for purpose where purpose is not it seeks for pleasure where pleasure is not in the Word of God reveals Revit reality it reveals a loving God who cares and has the power to change our lives when we saturate our minds with the Word of God. We can sing with John Wesley I once was blind but now I see see the world tends to shape us it tends us to tends to dumb us down into the culture of the world but you read the Word of God and transforms the brain cells it trains forms the thinking process and we see with the new reality 1st the word of God the the world is deluded deceived secondly the word the way the world the world is deluded the world is to see the word of God speaks to us and it opens our minds in that blindness secondly the world is a dangerous place according to John's gospel it's filled with the temptation to sate and daily we're bombarded with those temptations that can easily overwhelm us and what John Jesus is saying here he's saying I'm Pray don't let my people be bombarded with the dangers of this world saturate their minds with the words so they can see a new reality of the world is dangerous Thirdly in the Gospel of John the world is defiled it spiritually fall and it's corrupt it's wicked to the core but through the power of the Holy Spirit as we saturate our minds with the Word of God We are clients take your Bible and turn to John chapter one verse 21 we have some 14000000000 brain cells or more I never counted them John Forte we're looking there at James Chapter one when you read the Word of God James one when you read the Word of God the brain cells are transformed and the living word enters the mind and cleanse is the inner recesses of the brain James Chapter one you're looking there at verse $21.00 What is Jesus praying he's praying that is people would not be too busy to study His word. He's praying that is people would not be so involved in making a living that they forget to make a life he's praying that the world would not so encroach into our thinking process that we spend many seconds reading the Word and hours in front of the t.v. screen he's praying that we would not be too busy to have the transformation of the brain cells of our mind through the living word when you're too busy to study the Word when a life seems to choke out time for devotion when the things of time crowd out the things of eternity remember a garden and remember at night and listen to the prayers of Jesus Father I pray not that you take them out of the world but I pray that peace that they would be sanctified through my word James one verse $21.00 therefore a lay aside all the filthiness and the overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word which is able to save your soul notice what Scripture says it says the implanted word as you read the word and you pray God in plant your words in my ma and God in the brain cells made the creative energy of the word transform my thinking process what did Jesus pray for in the garden that night he prayed 1st that you always would be held in the Father's hand that you'd be kept. In trial in temptation in heartache and sorrow that you'd sent Jesus handholding he prayed secondly that when you are too busy to take time with God's Word you to remember that Jesus is drawing you back through his prayers he's praying that you be sanctified through the word he's praying your mind to be cleansed of the word he's praying that in his word you'd find strength and courage and hope he's praying that the word would sanctify you now there is a 3rd thing that Jesus prays for in this per hour the world today that we live in is divided it's fragmented governments are divided Would you agree with me on that conflicts arise in the workplace we often have divided workplaces tensions arise in families friends are often separated by differing opinions if there ever was a place that the unity of the Gospel and the love of Christ ought to be revealed it's in the church and so in this prayer Jesus prays for the unity of his church let's study it John Chapter 17 Jesus prayed that his people would be kept by his power Jesus prayed that is disciples would be sanctified by his word in Jesus prays for your family your relationship that it would be unified Jesus prays that are the church would be unified no notice the prayer of Christ Now the reason unity and we're looking at John 17 verse 20 to 23 The reason that unity. Is crucial to the witness and mission of the church is that the world is defined by conflict the world is defined by broken relationships the world is defined by dysfunctional families the world is defined by fractured and nearly non-existent communities and if the church can reveal the loving unity of Christ it would be assigned to the world that God is at work in that no human effort could accomplish it the love that we are to show to the world is to mirror the Love that The Father has with the son now notice John 17 we start with Verse 20 Jesus praise I do not pray for these a load but for those who believe in Me through your were that's you that's me Jesus is praying that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you that they may be one in us now notice he goes on to pray pray that the world may believe that you sent me notice the essence of the unity of the church when people with different I.D.'s when people of different cultures when people of different backgrounds get together when they would that when they see express themselves on a committee in in differing opinions but in love and respect for one another when cultures respect one another what we have this difference of background unity is not everybody dressing the same eating the same thinking the same unity is a bonded list that we have in Christ it's a recognition there were sons and daughters in Christ some time ago I read an amusing story I don't know if it was was true or not. Probably wasn't it's Ok for a preacher tells you a story his own as it is if he tells you a story that's not true as long as he tells you that it's not true what you've got to worry about are the ones that tell you stories that that they Anyway I'm not going to go there all right here's the story man is on a boat traveling through the ocean and as he travels the ocean he's alone a storm comes up and the storm overwhelms the boat and the guy swims and he goes on this little island it's a maroon dial and nobody lives there it's one of these islands where nobody lives so the 1st thing he does is get a hut get get twigs and stuff and branches it builds this hut then he built another hut then he built another he builds 3 Hots nobody lives on the line except him a year goes by 2 years go by he's the only one on the island and. Pretty soon a boat comes by a rescue boat and the rescue boat rescues the guy but they see 3 hots and they say I thought No nobody lived on the island and he said what are the rescue guys the captain boats at one of those 3 hots for he saw that 1st one over there that's where I lived what about those other huts he tried to worship God So that's a church I built a church in that 2nd hood the captain said Praise God What's the other one over there the 3rd or that's the church I used to go to. You got the point. Some people are always looking for the perfect church I will give a church it's never going to offend me oh man that person didn't say hi to me I don't feel I'm going back there or there's a little conflict over there in the church why do you think God put you here to grow through conflict to learn to respect to understand differences Fat's why God puts us in church. We're going to go go find a baron on an island someplace and build your huts and then you get so discouraged with yourself you leave that we're going to write what Jesus free the basis of all unity is this is the recognition that whatever backgrounds we have we are all sons and daughters of God the basis of all unity is to allow the glory of God to be reflected in all of our relationships it is the recognition that just as the father in Son who are members of the Godhead we are members of one spiritual family in Christ I love the way Adam Clark was an old Bible commentator Sometime you have to struggle with his language with this without him Clark said he paraphrases John 17 you know where Jesus says that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you that they also may be one in us that the world may believe you sent me and the glory which you gave me I've given them that they may be one Adam Clarke paraphrase is that it's brilliant is what he says I have communicated these keys paraphrasing Jesus words of this Jesus speak I have communicated to all those who believe in me the glorious privilege of being sons and daughters of God That all being adopted children of the same father they may abide in peace love in unity when you become a little impatient with your brothers and sisters remember we're all part of the same family we may have differences but we're brothers and sisters in Christ and it's this alone for one another not because we don't have differences but in spite of those differences that you 90 are arts when you are becoming a little in patient in a committee. And you are tempted to lash out a little too harshly remember that person sitting across from you is part of the same family we are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus is praying for the unity of his church. He's praying that those who have different opinions will be brought together in a loving fellowship into during World War 2 at all for Hitler commanded that all religious groups be united together he didn't ban religion but he united all religious groups that for one reason this why it would did it because he knew he could control them and that's what he wanted to do in the Brethren group the brother in group split over that and when they split half of them accepted to go with the state church that Hitler established they were able to exist during the 2nd World War fairly well the other half of the Brethren group didn't do that and they were persecuted they were tormented many were put in prison it was a very horrible time for the many died in cotton Hitler's concentration camps at the end of the 2nd World War there was bitterness and Ranko and did there was a great division in the Brethren group because the war was over but the one group said the other group had compromised and the other group argued with the other group it was horrible there was just it was deep deep deep seeded feelings the leaders of both groups decided to get together and they had a spiritual retreat and in that spiritual retreat this is what happened they said we're going to take the 1st 2 days and simply pray and as they prayed the Spirit of God came down in that retreat and the Holy Spirit began speaking to their hearts. There were confessions of bitterness hostility tears flowed in France in that in the philosopher theologian Francis Shaffer tells about that meeting he talked to somebody that was they are in the person that was there said this when God broke my heart and showed me my bitterness and hostility I was able to reconcile but when I looked for others who I supposed were bitter and hostile the barriers were there when the Holy Spirit breaks your heart and you shift your attention not from what the other person has done to you but what Christ can do in your heart to reconcile with the other person barriers are broken down what did Jesus pray for he prayed your life would always be in his hands that you would be guarded by his love and grace always he prayed that his word through the Spirit would sanctify your mind he prayed that his people would be unified recognizing difference and misunderstanding he prayed that there would be no hostility in our hearts but there is a 4th thing that Jesus prayed for John Chapter 17 verse 2426 John 17 verse 2426 there is the last thing that Jesus prayed for. This was the most important thing is per comes to a glorious climax his per comes to this glorious climax John 17 and you're looking there at verse $2426.00 father I desire Jesus is praying Can you hear his prayer he prayed this on earth these praying in intention sanctuary above father I desire 1st 24 Father this is my wish father this is my dream father this is what I long for more than anything else father this is my Will father I desire that they also who whom you have given me they would be with me where I am that they may behold my glory which you've given me for you love me before the foundation of the earth Oh Gore his father the world is not known you but I have known you these know that you've sent me I declared to them your name what is she's is praying for can you hear Jesus pray Jesus is in heaven sanctuary he is in the most holy place at the days of the judgement hour and Jesus is praying Father I desire father I wish that John or Mary or Peter Ellis I wish they'll be with me Lord I don't have any other desire in my heart that's more important in this order I want my people to be saved I want them to be in the kingdom of God forever he thought of you in a garden that night 2000 years ago when he's thinking about you right now imagine this scene the judgment is set the books are opened a 1000 times 10000 angels gather around that scene celestial beings from unfallen worlds gather around that scene cherubims and Sarah beams are there around that see the judgement is set in the books are opened the destinies of all humanity are to be settled. It is the most solemn moment in the history of the universe and they are your name comes up before judgment angels are hush cherubims and Serafin circle quiet all of heaven is quiet your name comes up before judgment as it does the Christ that prayed for you in the garden stay and so forth the scars of the wounded hands and he says Father I desire the words of John 1724 on his lips father I desire. That this my child be with me through all eternity and all of Heaven says it's enough the sacrifice of Christ is enough the blood that flowed from his hands are enough the forgiveness that flows from the cross is enough it's enough saved in God's kingdom forever that all of heaven begins to sing worthy worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive riches and honor and glory forever Jesus prayed for you 2000 years ago he prayed that you would be kept in his love he prayed that you would be sanctified by his word he prayed that your heart would be at unity with others around him around you and he prayed that you that he you that you would live with Him in heaven for after the father will answer the son's prayers for you walk through life filled with hope walk through life filled with encouragement the battle waged its. But all the demoness in a hell. Cannot take you from the hands of Christ his Freier. For you will be answered but hope fill your heart. 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