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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Friday Afternoon

Duane McKey Brian Schwartz Denzil McNeilus Donna McNeilus Felecia Datus
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  • May 22, 2020
    3:15 PM
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We are in power in my lane driven leaders that are connecting lay ministries and business people to share Christ in the marketplace in support of the mission of this doesn't stay and interesting church. As Oh and welcome back to our a.s.i. virtual spring conference we're excited to have you back with us and we're so grateful that we can all be in this together but before we begin I'm going to ask Brian if you would have opening prayer for us all right our of a Father in heaven. So we live in these uncertain times with so much going on in our world we're just thankful that we can come apart in just rest a little bit by being inspired by looking to your word this afternoon as we review the presentations as we hear if these powerful testimonies we just pray and invite that your Holy Spirit will be here in although we can all be together we just pray that you will bring us to a spirit of unity and that we might feel that we are one body around the world and across this great land as we deal with this present crisis thank you for the closeness of the Savior in each of our lives may He be very near we present Jesus' name amen amen amen Well we are so glad to be with you and I have 2 co-hosts with me and it's not very often that I get the privilege of co-hosting with my husband So Denzel thank you for being with us today and to be here oh it's good to have you beside me and also our good friend Dr Brian Schwartz Well thank you very much glad I could be a part of this with you we're glad to have you here you know I'm just curious how did this all take place that we had to go of virtual like we're doing don't feel you know we're we're very disappointed when we couldn't go to our spring meetings and so we try to just said this We tried to decide what to do and we decided that the best thing we could do is try to come together in a virtual meeting to be able to experience the fellowship of being together not together as far as physically together but together spiritually of one accord and hearing great messages and testimonies together so a team of got together Steve led the team with the hard work of one of Andy one singer and Rodney booth and the other team members they were able to we spent a lot of time working together to bring this weekend to weekend to fruition Yeah it. It takes a lot of work it's a lot of of behind the scenes and we're grateful for that but we're also grateful for 3 a.b.n. because they have been partnering with us and this opportunity to share with you you know we would hearing a lot about social distancing and social distancing I told my husband what I would like to social distance from is the world as far as worldly things I want to get closer to Jesus and I have read dedicated my life to Jesus because I want to see him come really soon and I'm sure that your desire to that you want to see Jesus come and we have a lot of exciting things planned this afternoon lots of great members in action and also we're going to have beautiful music but I am grateful that we can be together in this time because isn't that what it says in times like these absolutely amazing time to be alive in this world at this time in this world history and I think one thing to point out as we see the music is to recognize that some of these programs have been pretty recorded and so there's a lot of young people gathered together this actually was recorded before this coded virus so that we still are keeping our space all the camera people are still wearing masks and we're doing everything we can to be careful and we are but we're glad that we can work together and be careful at the same time while we do have music and we're looking forward to the music that we're going to hear right now I want to go to heaven. Hey guys just finished putting together this song I want to go to heaven I thought I'd give you a backstory to it it's a song where you're of the academy we come together every Friday and bring in the Sabbath and it just talks about how we truly want to go to heaven and we can't wait to be with Jesus but do take over 19 we weren't able to finish this project how we had planned but because it means so much to each one of us including the students we decided to have them send in a video of them seeing it so that we could all be a part of it and come together and just remember how much we truly want to go to heaven and can't wait for that day so we hope you're blessed. Gone Gordon to. Unpick an ever fading. From the out to no old the He'd. Pull. On good in bed. Where all this. Hour I'll home to. You used to power. To believe it come. To times I lead I considered a shoot the longer. I feel very long me leave to seek to lead with to be born bad. Relieves me like in tug me then would hire saw whom to and me leave. The World a a right all the healer little. Love to close you've. Heard it is. Good. Little bit was cited. Below I lit radius live good ears to listen more than to be a bit. Sad to see a good to be a good luck little. Field below deals loves you. Lol the league's elite is a little. Elite is. Little. Blood. Was a little bit is a little. Bit but it's a. Big big. Fat is bad to it is a little blood it let it Soledad see it was coming close. Some. Live it's still a bit above it was. You have to be a muppet for the to see you. A little bit. To the ridges. A little. Bit. Ill to. Reappear. There are little. Bit. By size talks is a platform for people who are passionate about food maybe you're a foodie maybe your interests design vision a book when you see how your faith is driving you to use whose impact with my time song really provides a month for us to learn what you can do for the human body how to impact current diseases that are weighing the bondholders finding money and how what we can You cannot just be a business that's so sustainable and innovative but also that opensource with the innovative of your with others on the. Buy side is Talk of the one day 55 minutes among men will lead by you're getting whipped and if you mean the people in the food which we have then there's. Very was a visible public that they have a difference because of the movies and business well not only that we also have people try of amazing movie throughout the day that we have cooking demos who devils in all the above to get people to experience what babies moving on the about. And the very creative way to do it and I really Lang when they're doing your thing on the woman well different kind of the movie whether it is. Or they want a restaurant where they own the catering business there are dogs there are lines and I like the marriage and healing in how you all with different love learn. The people me included and we have a look through it now Pam I worked as a nurse and then I knew a lot of people who need a lot of help that was 5000 pieces and so much of their life selling these we attribute it to how they eat and so I want to come here to learn how I can now. Help them learn how to eat better how to live better that's over 30 years a bite sized talk hearing how others have. On this in are doing this in the new ideas they have a new business implement and I'm just trying to see how as a nurse how I get better and impact my community for the better. Is just really right I'm learning so. As well as giving myself reminders on what Rice would have us do they talked about having a ministry no matter what you're doing in life that we could share prices and we can do this and so do the message it's a life you know that a lot of times people think like you can exercise or cameras and I'm so busy with my arms and eyes and life you can do exactly what is needed so that you would have a healthy and when you have help then you can share Christ's love or other things about the numbers and I don't ever think of the concept likenesses of the years just and wonder. Well that was a very inspiring video and it's actually making me hungry. But one of the one of the favorite things about a aside that I really enjoy every year are the members and actually a segment so we're going to start that off with a video or a Skype interview that Dr Randy Hudsucker as having whether I'll stay up or has a ministry called Build the restore. Now more than ever our world is full of hungry hopeless and hurting people we can see an increasing need her restoration in the lives of every family many people are looking for truth we have the opportunity to go and to reach we have the privilege of sharing the hope that we have in Jesus. In recent International is a nonprofit supporting minutes straight on the 7th Day Adventist Church that was established. Broke and care for the needy the poor and the train of the next generation the mission is to lead people closer to Jesus Christ and His saving truths providing hands on training discipleship meetings on our services mentoring teaching and leadership training. The ministry seeks to partner with ordinary people who love the Lord once in a good difference to be generous for his kingdom people who want to be the light of the world by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as his written and I say I think teach well and they that shall be of the shall build the old place and they says thou shalt raise at the foundations of many generations be called prepare of the breach the store of paths to. Their research desires to engage both young and old in Mission projects and acts of kindness health education lifestyle counseling community building projects and evangelism volunteers are involved in building and researching schools orphanages churches centers retreat centers residences and more and ministry also provides training resources to conduct public and for civil events of the vision is to restrain the Gospel of Jesus to the southwest a cycle of the dancers and around the world to provide a place of worship in Christian education for children and adults in every team. From Sacramento to South Africa Asia South America Central America and beyond building restore facilitates by changing mission experiences. Support and donations so you have a mission to build then restart the old places and to give hope to the sick helpless or and needy improving the quality of their lives as overcome addictions broken family and recover their overall physical health sharing faith through action. Join an upcoming project to experience the transformative power of God. We are very blessed to have the president and director of the building with storm in issue with us today a step and ost up welcome to our program and thank you for sharing with us today oh step you're from the Ukraine and you came to this country and saw that God had a call in your life and you start to build and restore ministry I want to know tell us a little bit about why you decided to do that and what you saw when you came to this country coming to America as an immigrant having you know so much abundance really the Lord Verney of my heart to see how can I share what he has given to me and we have so much to be thankful for and so that certainly came from thing that grew into the desires ago of the Share with others around the world amen there was a quote in the video that really touched my heart it said putting faith through action I want you to elaborate on that how does your ministry fulfill that phrase faith through action are our desires to take volunteers with us and to equip them with the resources the skills the training that they need to go out and work with their hands and to provide physical evangelism a way to minister to the needs of the people and in doing so being able to share the gospel as you mentioned physical evangelism What does that look like in your ministry around the world physical evangelism great to. That's when we take our tools and put on our school belts and we go out into the communities be go out and build churches and schools and help with orphanages and different shelters buildings and projects from projects here at home and the United States and also around the world as far south Africa Asia and beyond do you have any stories of life changed including lives of the people that volunteer for you particularly young people that may volunteer any stories yes I'm reminded of a young lady that came to volunteer from Washington and she says you know I've never done anything like this I work in an office environment and I assisted at a medical facility and I don't know how to build it and I saw the goal. And we can learn together and one thing that she took away from our short term mission trip was that she saw how doing small tasks acts of service acts of kindness was. Packed full and bigger than she imagined initially coming on the mission trip and she walked away going home saying we want to organize our youth at home at our home church that it projects around our community as well amen So what kinds of projects do you work with people like me who have no skills what can we do well from the very basic work of cleanup and getting a project together to caring block and laying block. Painting a new structure fixing up an old structure there are so many tests and things that we can do together that. Don't really requires special 2 or certain training that together we can be the answer to your greatest human thank you so much how could we pray for you in the last 20 seconds or step my call though in my desire for the members is to look at the opportunities of the Lord has given us to go out into service a minister. Ways that we haven't before him and we will certainly do that thank you for your challenge or wasn't that an amazing testimony doesn't that make you excited about wanting to go on a mission trip with us that it certainly makes me want to go with him and you know I'm not a builder either but I think I could learn with him it takes a team for us to be able to do the things that God is given us the what we should be doing as far as Mission work is concerned you know we all have a part and the part that we can help with is we can give all of our offerings that we handle as we get you know this weekend we are going to be calling for an offering but I want you to be thinking about this and praying about this because there are ministries that really need our help and this is a way that we can help them is with our financial support and as we go to our next members in action this will be with watch it on hills. Hi I'm Bethanie welcome to this place I love wash of the hills were located on a beautiful campus in the rolling hills of Arkansas this is a place where young people are nurtured in their walk with God and charades for a life of service one thing I love is that we serve even while here at school which keeps the fire for God burning within our wash of the hills every student can be an missionary for life in the school year brings us new opportunities for service both locally and abroad come with me as we go to one of our headquarters 1st service. This is the washer Hills canvassing warehouse it's a power house full of precious books being spread across the world like the leaves of autumn I personally believe that the canteen work is one of the most important to work in these last days whenever I think of the can seem to be gone I think of the many design of please God has orchestrated how my trust in God has grown and all the precious memories I have made and there's even more opportunities for service. Students from Washington Hills Academy in college have conducted an Vangelis experience in over 20 countries of the world resulting by God's grace in thousands giving their lives to Jesus and joining the Adventist Church I had the privilege of going on a general mission trip to Dominican Republic this year which renewed my passion for a mission here in the States we have the joy of serving the rich traveling music ministry disaster relief mission and hope clinics such as pathways to help on a more local level we enjoy supporting our nearby small street as well as ministering to our users their communities are one of peddling their 1st fare for service who wait there's more and here are sort of bills not only do I offer an accredited high schools a flawless We also offer a college degree in theology education business Personal Evangelism and a recently added music degree the classes are Bible centered and very practical recently the Personal Evangelism class preached and evangelist experience right here on campus that was streamed online also so exciting the 2 of our current students were able to record an evangelist experience for the current in their very own language what an awesome way to provide a biblical resources to a small people group who are refugees from Burma Besides so many useful classes each student is involved in either our cultures automotive construction food service and more I have personally learned so much in each workstation that will be useful to me for my whole life because of our came the seams. Program and our Lawrence who is many of our students are able to start ministering to others right after graduation we'd like to thank you for making the growth and expansion possible in these stormy times we are living in a strong foundation to compare us 1st a village and service I'm so thankful for how Washington has just sat in my life I like to thank you for your faithful support that is making a difference for eternity. You know watch the hills has a very special place in our hearts because it's the supporting ministry academy that Don and I actually went to one a long time ago it was a long time ago wasn't it down there was what we did we met a supporting Academy little critic had me and Knoxville Tennessee and our lives have never been the same because God meant for you and I to me yes it was such a blessing one of the blessings of this pandemic has been the social media and the the mount of media that has been provided by our church as far as being able to be inspired by health messages by evangelist sick meetings by great sermons or great Bible studies and one of the areas that we've really appreciated it is our is I ministry for center line of evangelism and Felicia datas is going to be speaking to us at this time. Thank you so much and what a blessing and nice opportunity it is in 0. Cities virtual needs and about the rallies and the reason that freshly in terms of. The masses that can relate to everybody not in your background how old or how young you are where you're currently located it's beautiful message and I personally am so excited to see the direction that our church is taking and what God is going to do through our movement and the fruit that is going to be held greatest when people accept the Gospel and the dreams and continues to go all around the globe and I want to spend a few moments emphasizing specifically or the need in the meeting used to let people know also hope that we have in Jesus and the hope that you can have in Christ but I want to start off with a story it is really tragic and I'm from the Bahamas and for those of us most of the Caribbean you all know or are parts of Florida we all know that every year heart comes about for the most most of the time the park is not too bad to deal with. But last year was nothing right anyone expected. The storm was announced to be a Category 5 and one particular instance passer by the name of Wasn't isn't aren't is an advantage and diplomat gets on an event with a few officers in certain communities and morning people are dishonest not think like the experience of the past and this was a Category 5 the strongest of their ever experience and he you see in the photos that he goes around this has been warning people to get out go to the shelters evacuees leave 1000 people heeded the warnings a vast majority didn't and when the storm hit and the waves and everyone who were not last were taken out to sea many never around and what this Miles. Is our church and all that we're playing the role that God's people are playing and knowing that a storm like no other is coming and it's almost. We need such an urgency in our hearts to let people know what this storm is they cannot be out there you need every experience we can't even imagine it but was also very important and we see this in the story of pastor is why is that he found a tool that he knew would be most effective to get the message heart you see him using a megaphone he's now using walkie talkie he's got putting it out and used to prevent sending it out he's using in that moment a tool that he knew would help amount of damage or if people to hear his message so it is very soon we will we have a message urgent need that need to get out to the masses we also want to use the means that's most attractive. So if you do have your marbles as I talk about the urgency of our message and the 2 of them we're going to use We're going to use our red waist and 14 as our backup and most of us we make these melons dreams as messages we hear of this 1st angel that's flying in the midst of heaven. With this everlasting God to reach every nice drive in people so here's the 1st thing that we notice about this angel is where this interval is flying we hear of angels there are numerous occurrences in the Bible it was apparent to people out in this case it usually is to be in the midst of heaven. For those who might be familiar with the original languages that the Bible was written when you look at this creek word for in the midst of heaven is talking about him really in the highest point that the sun gets in the sky and new when it is most visible it is the highest point everyone can see it and that's where this flight what does this mean or what does it mean for the run it for our church from God People in me so but this whole message that me have we're still learning and we ought to be present like this in the most visible grapes. You know how while talking about when you are only light or see until it's done it with your city it's there and you know everyone can see it or you live your life put it under a bushel you cut it over see the house where everyone can see it I want you know the urgent message here it's a very seen way you want that message here somewhere where the vast majority of people can hear it and still like this insult if you want I often meet where the masses are in the most visible place urgency of this is to fear God to worship and to give quarry and to ask people to turn away from their senses to find comfort and rest and forgiveness in their right this message to the words most visible and rarest the most visible today we know is online means the 1st page of google on social media on You Tube What we cannot do in person I want. Us to do as it was the 1st thing that we noticed about this message the night is that specifically that this message is going to every nice and every trial every town every people. What comes to mind I think about this is that this angel and that is he quit. Then this message to every child needs and time townspeople soon God is calling or if he has given us a commission to take this message to the ends of the world that means that he will also give us the tools that we need to go to the ends of the world so for example right now I'm hardly recording or I'm currently speaking to you from New Hampshire but you might be located in the United States in the Bahamas and Haiti and tonight you may be in time know where you are these need somebody using is alarmist to go to the end of the World Evangelism also gives the possibility your pass to me is precious and God calls us to be good stewards of that message by using these days and that's why the sense of our minds Angelou's them is so passionate about it could be our conference and churches and maybe people and ministers and business leaders to use this means to take a gospel to every nice and tried and people. So when we see how it all tools gives us this opportunity we recognize our leaders. As the new force of young people we have an influence that our parents our grandparents our great grandparents could even brain are already imagine with just a click of a button by just hitting our face but you can have an audience of up to 100 thousands of people depending on how wide your audience is you get a lot of the licks you and people from all over the world watch the video hundreds of thousands even millions of views and we're asking the. Lay people to look at these various methods the prey and the board which cry form do I need to be present on how. It is for missionaries this is physically go into place it's important to know the culture of the people how do we interact with them how do we engage with them what are their needs where their interests how can we reach that is really aren't there is that very soon why it is the mission field and we have to understand where the needs of the people how do we speak their language and it's really Vangelis colors that when I think about the work of the training that he's conducted in countries around the world in prisons where it's not legal for a person to go out and learn torture in the Gospel where Christians are being persecuted for their faith in those various in hunches rather than is not allowed or permitted there is still an open door to do that online and this in turn we do recognize that in other places those opportunities are causing and almost all important is so critical for us now to have access to these tools who can go on these forms to take advantage of it now because the world is in need of a mess. I hope. As we continue to read through the Book of Revelation and the cd speaking with a loud voice in us shy about this message and the various In a way we are not about how we are spreading discover this I am writing gospel we are not to shy away from using nothing that can't allow more people to hear about the hold that they can have and use it you know I want this go by Ellen White we're says that every means every method possible is to be used to explore new avenues in the book evangelism We aren't you who are you are in which we can abstract and ground and rest the attention of people the seen with our message our message does not meet when it comes to doing vandalism the message doesn't change how we communicate that message will. Sell for example. Didn't publicly go up one sound be what I thought it was I begin speaking in French Creole a lot of persons who don't understand well anyone who does not speak French Creole will not understand what I'm saying the message is the same but based on my audience and home speaking to the language they use will be different. We were in a digital age and the way that we communicated our message to be 5100 years ago definitely will not work today. That traditional means are obsolete and cannot be use they definitely still have their place and are still valid but we also need to learn to live with the changing times to see the language on culture in terms of the way that lead to and least as we see this example going throughout the Bible where the or it based on the people that he was trying to reach or even with the Apostles the people they were trying to reach their target audience how they spoke and the way that they. Meet and their families recognize when persons here still in the administration they hear about this when perhaps a terms of comes to their door and so yes with them the great controversy they hear about and one white one of the 1st things that they're going to do if they're not familiar with us is us search your mind and want to know more standout Francis why are their beliefs so different Why is their diet so different oh is this just the wife I hear about and we are not on line answering their questions on other people who don't have a full understanding of our beliefs are true so they're going to take that place an answer those questions the side of the garden if you don't and it is you I asked to look at other garbage right now cross for me and there's a part of the garden is completely overgrown was wheat and that you can tell it has been tended no one has been pulling out of the weeds and partly but on the other side of the garden we can already see lustrous chills coming up did not just happen by itself no one has been in the garden ending at. See the online world is like a garden and you are now you are not careful to spend this kind of truth read on polling to grow and we want to avoid that so far as a sense of why dance listen with 2 things that we have we're helping to number still these are practical ways you can begin prompt is online through our news that is out to our followers every week we're giving them tips which you can do through ministry through your school the real this is you eyes are my needs to reach more people. When I say Revelation 14 it reminds me of the story in the 1st 17 I know you certainly don't compare revelation the Book of Revelation to 1st that you will but it's also a story of days that Israel is based in the us and for 40 days this enemy army has been sending our best message send out your best fighter lest you there's a God in Israel and it is reading it everyone is afraid to face this kind of crime only this every boy David comes as he has why has it rained and he says I can't take on this just rant against always saying work go live as it was use you are not able to take in more and it is shearers. That I am sure to move their mind perhaps it isn't believing he said that when do you see keep this promise to keep our wine and beer and talk a little lamb from the flock. They went after the lion and the bear he struck it and deliver the last round and when the lion rose up against him he caught him by very he struck it and killed it. And then you come to the Book of Revelation and we see this war in place right between this. And this and we know that the Bible also says that the devil is like war and law and prowling around going home to devour and Christ is represented by this wound that there on the place where we are said the people of God. Are his pasture that we ought to go out and we are to rescue has been caught by the enemy but he's able to defeat guys not because of a skill that you not because of the tools and the weapons and he has not because you specified He says that this girl who do resent me from the part of the Lion I am from the deer will also deliver me from this list. How big of them that is only half or media is not about the camera that you have is not about where the Hubble lighting and microphones and you haven't hired immediately it's out of downhills that can help but at the end of the day you can have limitless but do you can have a huge scene good have the best equipment but if those things are not consecrated by Guy in terms of persons we are allowing the. User to pick holders aren't leaving won't be or fruit at the end of the day is not whether or not we have the training to add it all we have the skills to do digital marketing or whether we're able to come a sense of just are you do or do we don't know how to make the website better for our church. What is most important is whether we are constipated evil nor whether we are filled with the Holy Spirit because we recognize the gun uses people who seem to be not qualified or absolutely are not qualified we don't have the skills the don't have the town don't have the street he uses those people and to say that having talent and training and equipment and budget want to help those things will help of the most important thing is to recognize that this guy that really very dilute it and that is use Paul and they used Moses in dark evil to you if you only have a cell phone he's just you and God is able to use you as a communication director to make your speech website into our mind how where people can come and they can find hope he's in God is able to fill you as you know with. Spirit that your business becomes more I don't mean more I don't or service but it also is a place where people can find. The garden delivered davit from the park the lion and the paws the barracks. Is seen gone they can use us today a using digital tools. Who are out there who are literally in the malice of the Lion and still where do we go from here when we do as observed you may feel we don't have the needs we don't have the technology we don't know about this knowledge will we do you I still use an individual you want to do more of the Lord's where you can travel overseas Ramallah or not we can travel overseas right now. You might be going around as a young person how do I use my influence our social media to reach just somebody you might be wondering as a pastor what can I do to it's not my church for you know this. Or was it because what we have learned from this church for sure is not a building its community and we must learn how to reach out to those people who are beyond our 4 walls so what chemistry student look at a conference is you are business owners are lay people are young people for those who are much older and who only have access maybe just to their computers what can you do to do eventually allows each and every single one of us to work within the spirit to work within the field and God has called us to do even if your talent or gifts or your own work primarily is outside the hours for this promise. Or access to the Internet you can reach one person for exist. And so this in a way that we see these angels are claiming. To fear God worship and give Cory's a hint of Babylon is fallen as we say those against Christ everything that is. Every. Just or otherwise those things are falling in the midst of their prospering the God as they are fallen then he says to come out come out of views that separate yourself from idolatry even worse should God That's the message that we need this year whenever we lock on to social media whenever we go onto You Tube whenever we start are a small group and it doesn't always mean that her giving a Bible study lead and meet people where they are having these interest topics using the public isn't as an opening West hear the Gospel but know now don't know where we are and what tools we have access to as long as they are placed in the hands of God we will be like those angels in the everlasting especially in the least out of the world's population has access to the Internet more people than ever before because of this pandemic are online they're searching for hope they're searching for comfort a lot of people have and they don't know what's going to happen our wheels are going to be held accountable because we are a message of hope this terrible did not simply because we did not know how to use the tools and we did not know we didn't have the skills when guys I've made provision for you already their tools are easily their ministries and this sort of online ventures and that's available to you that can help you starting to date here is really the message. That's what it is art and his family during the storm they lost everything today there is a goal to tell their story to share their experiences tragic experience of. The people that they lost. We need to know how it stands now before it's too late news magazine whatever that may be like it may be your cell phone or maybe your laptop to use a megaphone to let people know. Honey you love you steer him worship and give him a heart away from everything the brain and Fusion and the Lord wants to fill you and me with that spirit and we may be evoked years ago just yet remains of that special rate and times like these. Little. So. Easy. To. Do you. Do. Your. Little. Months until you are learning easy leaving home. Movies. For. Him but. You. You. Heard. There's a. Good goal over. The. Years. Earlier Larry. Wasn't that beautiful Do you know my Jesus I want to know my Jesus more and more every day and you know we've all lost in the 1st hour and boy has it gone fast but we've got a lot more to go and right now we have another testimony actually it's out at we mar Wiemar farm. I believe that the god in for voids opportunities for us to get to know God better we've seen miracles happen when we plant a seed in the grows and we are tracked and we can't stop looking at it every day we come and look and see that growth we are farming soil we're taking care of plants God is farming out hearts we see parallels we see spiritual parallels and we can learn how to cooperate with God because we're learning in the physical realm and we see it and we read the Bible we study it we see it in the spiritual realm Hi My name is Aaron Greenfield I'm the manager of we my farm and I'm also the chairman of the board of the I've been a segue or cultural association. So we started out 2012 as an organic farm we registered certified and we've being maintaining that in a different way than my slogan it farms we've gone beyond organics we test the soil we re mineralize the soil we get that balance of minerals in the soil that I believe is close to what creation was we were made from the soil and that soil has everything that we made of so we try to get that balance back in the soil and the plants love it they thrive they're healthy we have very little disease paste issues as a result of of that and then of course the plants pass their health on to us as we eat the products. We started out with the farm not any becoming organic but we were using what's known as veg and it can methods where we didn't use the. Set up by products of animals a lot of those manuals come from factory farms confined feeding off or ations and so they are very unhealthy products they have pathogenic substances in the air that we can get sick and die from if they get onto the food. Institute has the news program and as part of that for an hour the guests come up to the fun for a 2 or to be involved the News dot com for to I talk to them I explain and I let them if there's something to take and taste when they're allowed to eat not in between meals or whatever. They love it and they love being in the environment because when you're around living plants and living processes it just makes you feel alive they do what they want to hang around and there's many of them are very reluctant to turn around and leave when it's time to go to the next lecture or whatever the program is calling them to when students come to the file and they take the class in agriculture they read the book Council for an agriculture I'm amazed to see that they become inspired and to be asked again they want to learn as much as they can in fact they always. Moaning about they don't have enough time on the farm they want more refreshes they minds they study better after they've been on the phone and so it really has a an important to play in Christ Ministry right here. So we may institute his total community involvement and that's where there's a lot of Christ in the marketplace here we Maori people are going door to door meeting people there helping them with their needs studying the Bible with those who are interested the farm has a very. Powerful. Role I believe in forming 1st impressions with people some of the p.c.i. students actually Wintel and they took some of our projects with them knocked on the door and did a survey and typically when they do that they get a lot of rejections and people should blame the doors they're not interested and sometimes not very nice and what they say well this particular time that they 1st went out and did this I heard glowing reports when they came back and I said not one person turned down the survey in fact they told stories. One lady was angry open the door what do you want to know everything I said we're from a marriage the truth and we have an organic farm we want to share with you can produce and here it is and here whole countenance changed the disposition changed she started smiling and as they were chatting she said well what else do you guys do and then they introduced the survey and she was very willing and happy to do it so it breaks down barriers and prejudices and and so on and so I think we have a huge. Potential to really impact many more just throughout the found 3 people appreciating the places that it brings in. Our theme for this weekend is the 3 Angels' messages in times like these and one of the primary. Illustrated magazine we know that. Demonstrates the 1st Angel's messages is creation illustrated my wife and I have really appreciated this magazine so much so that we buy it for all of our employees and it's one of the few magazines that we put in our bank lobby and at this time we're going to hear about creation Illustrated I am so pleased to welcome Tom and Jennifer ish publishers of creation illustrated as Rivera excited to interview them because I received my 1st creation illustrated before I was Adventist I was given it by a friend and was had the opportunity to use it in home schooling and also my daughter even entered their photo contest so Tom and Jennifer tell us a little bit about creation Illustrated. Well 26 years ago we started creation illustrated well working at remarks here where we have 2 main goals that if we have top quality publication for all ages of Bryant Park grounds to enjoy and share there I'm happy to report that now readers call it the Christian answer to National Geographic there are parts some one was selling the creation Illustrated pocket issues on a day where he really tripled the cover price and that those of them help with books so it's been a family of ministry of even our daughter Melissa 1st of 10 the sly that age to air on the Kindle or on our promotions there has been a big help with a graphic designer the quality of their parents most of the publication amazing and what need does create an illustrated fell Well one area is that research is showing today that technology is robbing today's youth of physical mental and spiritual health and some of this is leading to depression and even suicide can creation Illustrated help with that need yes it's research shows that nature is vital and we have killed so to use Christ method of teaching from the flames the hated and again you've gone into nature but students were told that in this quote should be led to see the Guardian all the works of creation teacher ship Poppy the example of the great teacher who from lots of the earlier scenes of nature drew illustrations that simplify this teaching where God gave us the design for creation Illustrated to meet that need and how does creation Illustrated do that one area that we focus on is for the last 15 years we've sent. About $4000.00 Athlon a stitchers and schools a print edition by make it safe and recently added that digital subscriptions to that and so they use it in their classroom for outdoor and various sexual sin and it's once a good great what about during coven 19 well there's a great need for teachers and parents to teach in the home now and also now the young people from getting the cabin fever and the Proust and so on their own service 4000 teachers and schools digital Bible place you're going studies on nature or various creatures with science in the arts history geography writing and spelling Bible study art activities that are available to anyone on our website store who are grasping for things to judge their students and to get them out that away from Barkin who talk with all great and people might be interested to hear your website and also if people are using these materials yes creation illustrated the Web Sorry is worship our creator Dr Paul so it's very easy to worship our Creator bomb of that's the core of our message yes we do get many notes of appreciation from teachers and one recently wrote that he that studies that make it seems it's a high scientific standards and supports their peer and that's really important to ask that Scripture is in or won't go out what will make us all in the materials that are used in their requirements about that but now it is crazy to illustrate only for a school of. No no it's for everyone actually but it's wonderful that schools can use it and it's a wonderful outreach tool to anyone and one of the areas that we find as a wonderful ministry is for prisoners because the prisoners are so nature starved and and we help them become a new creation by receiving God's word in an easy and sending format in fact we have over 70 Bible quotes throughout that each making drawing attention to God's word and fulfilling the needs to help people in fact one of the letters that we got recently says Romney I'll just read it here it says My name is Amy and I'm currently incarcerated in Ohio I recently found one of your magazines on the bookshelf and absolutely fell in love with it I am doing all I can to prove my relationship with well I am a nature lover as well senior make a scene combination of the 2 is fantastic the way the wonders of nature and God's Word are woven together is truly inspirational I am writing to see if I can receive a plotly of the true issue of what we do have letters from prisoners every week where a prisoner was it was so 43 hours a day that nobody gets out of the day to a little bit imprisoned shop winds are begging for more them so that staying here is to work partly with Christmas behind bars to get it out there we also want to hear about how we are using this in other marketplaces. Yes of businesspeople of a size others use it for sharing Christ in the marketplace and it's hard for me as far as ever says creation Illustrated is the only magazine he allows it frames gigs just subscriptions over one of them for us for the holidays we have others of their creation or straightened out that people here go shopping. People are giving and those are just there and we just want to send a big thank you to a or sorry that others for their generosity and commitment to sharing the 1st name feels best is to worship him debating every Earth and we're so grateful to be a part of the a.s.i. family we're glad to have you to thank you so much my favorite Bible texts is found in Matthew Matthew 2414 and it says this gospel the kingdom we preach in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come one of the one of the ministries that I'm really excited about is reach the world next door it's an organization that helps us reach the people next door and it I want you to see the video that we have played for him for this part. It just makes me smile every time I think of my friend Polly is a Laotian man who's been here in America for about 10 years maybe a little more came because he felt he needed to leave the country and he and his wife came and she was pregnant with a little boy who now we know is Chris or his nickname snow love that guy that little boy came when the relief workers came to help after the hurricane there was a bunch of Christians they were having worship he was there every night just soaked up learning about Jesus never heard about him before and came home and was sharing it with his family in the meantime his dad is doing all he can to help the neighborhood after the flood not even worrying too much about the roof of his own home and of the problems that his house but out there doing what he can to help we met him during the time we were down there with our students to reach the world next door building up the houses and caring for the people it was it was that along with the many other people carrying that begin to stir his mind about who this God was that his son was learning about so when we were in his house visiting and later as we were eating sticky rice together and making those little spring rolls and talking the questions came up and he was interested and I asked him Would you like to learn more of the story about God and he said sure I'd be glad to do so we began to come sometimes the students would tell the stories ek was there so so it was telling them and as as they shared he just hated that he would read the scriptures and allow Bible we brought to him he would then he would watch the videos the pastor saying so she's director there it is safe the ministries wouldn't have made it he would watch them over and over 3 or 4 times and one night think of service before perhaps and one night we begin to tell the story my son just signed to begin to share about how Jesus had died on the cross and opened a book for Chris to learn from father was trying to listen in but is English is not I was so good in some of those details and so I began to tell him and I began to click he said. That's what I couldn't understand about the story about Pastor saying now I understand now I understand and he was thrilled when his story continues we didn't get to study for like 3 or 4 months with with me travelling but mainly with him trying to survive during the cold season if used as a cold season it does get pretty cold sometimes couldn't grow much so use trying to make a living too busy to study but when I came back from Vienna in Laos where I had visited his daughters we got to meet up with them over there and eat supper with them talk with them they haven't seen each other in 10 years brought those pictures back home showed it to to Polly and his wife they were excited just had it out of fun time sharing what it was in that moment that that he took out his Bible instead of maybe you think I haven't been studying but I've read clearly here and he pointed to the Gospel of John I was so taken back he was still studied he was still learning. You know one of the things that really helped move him from just knowledge to I really believe this is the day that he said Don't come for studies. I didn't go but some of our team didn't know about it so they showed up and saw it was in pain his foot was hurting so bad he couldn't walk on it and so they immediately decided to do charcoal they put a charcoal poultice on it and had special prayer for him told him the things that he ought to change in his diet and you know what he was he that very afternoon he was out walking and he knew there was a God and these friends were the ones who said Tell me about it so there's little acts of kindness they make a big difference well he's part of our new small group study in that now as we did a full set of outreach with Wildwood group he came frequently and helped prepare the place so that we could show it and have it ready and so now he's there soaking it up learning trying to get his best through the language reading and looking at things that we placed in his hands and who knows where it will take what I want she would remember he can be just those little acts of kindness that one prayer offer to God in someone's behalf those are the seeds that are planted and then stick with them nurture them care for them continue to teach when you can we tell stories when they're busy or just pray for them when they can't at all and God is going to use it until he brings them to that place where as we're praying for this family they can truly cross over to make God their savior their best friend the Lord of their life and their savior for eternity what about you Are you ready are you willing to share this beautiful most precious story with good as new some sinews Jews and the secular people that live around us are you spending time with Jesus so that it fills your heart with love overflowing and you know it is there for the problems of people this is what we need to do Jesus wants to come back but he is the. Herman he will not return until every nation every tribe every tongue has had an opportunity to hear his story and respond to his invitation to receive forgiveness to receive the transformation of the heart it's power over evil we have developed an online training program called Reach the World next door where in 13 sessions you your family or church group can go through and understand better how to share the love of God with immigrants refugees and international student I hope you will take time to learn from that and to get out there into the community so that together we can reach the world a.s.a.p.. Reach the World next door to our neighbors and friends Brian how are you applying what we have just heard on this video in your practice you know that's a really good. Question I think a very practical one you know when I was going to join up and going through school I had pictures of being out in Borneo or somewhere as a missionary doctor but to realize that we live in a melting pot people from all around the world come to every one of our communities here in America and that's just an incredible opportunity to outreach to with my own partners are actually Muslim and we've actually developed a close bond you know they they trust us they have special diet they dress a certain way they're very devote and they know that I pray with patients that have a special diet that we dress modestly way to abstain from alcohol we don't eat pork there's a lot of commonality there as we don't have a formal Bible study but 3 for my partners will often get together in the doctor's Anja table and they'll be talking they see me walk through say Hey Brian we're having a discussion about do you think there's 7 heavens or one have and what does the Bible say and also don't just talk back and forth and it's a very open discussion one of the well 1st of all I said you know Brian you've inspired me to be a better Muslim he subsequently said you know if I was a Muslim I could be a 7th they haven't just met and so there's this bond what one of my Muslim partners has a patient who is Muslim and I had taken care of him for several years but then I was the one on call when he came into the hospital for a procedure he was actually a founding physician for one of the medical school in town has been in the country for over 25 years and when he came he switched from my Muslim partner to me after it had the procedure and just a duck just works when you prayed with me you showed me such respect and nobody has shown me this kind of respect since I have come to America he said just the fact that you would share your religion and you would take the time. To pray so much to me that every time he comes to the office he just thanks me for for sharing my faith and so we have opportunities for Jews for Hindus for Muslims for people from all walks of life it's an incredible opportunity the men the men you know it's so important that we try to reach everyone we can wherever we are the Lord has put each in a spot where we need to be so that we can reach the people that we're in contact with you know learn puts is maybe in a bank or whatever you'd be in a position or whatever position we're in we're there for a reason that's the Lord has put us there for a reason and we need to pray I know my wife and I don and I pray every day for divine appointments and for opportunities to reach people and it is amazing the opportunities the Lord has given us to reach people if we would just be willing there's opportunities around us every single day they men men and one of the one of the our next speaker is going to talk to us about this doing McKee doing The key is the head of the president a w.r. and he's also in charge of total member involvement and that's really what a.s.i. is about we are totally involved we want to be involved not only in our business in our profession but how can we reach people for Jesus and I've known doing for over 30 years he is he's a and what I can say summarize summarize him is that he loves Jesus and he wants to tell the world about Jesus so that he can go home really soon. Grady's thanks so much friends it's great to be here with you. I've I love a.s.i. as you know I've been on the board for about 16 years now ever since I was Conference president in Arizona and it's just a thrill to participate with you know all these different kinds of international projects and projects here at home in the u.s. it's exciting and thrilling to see what God is doing there around the world actually let me share with you just a thrilling experience that I had this been a few years we were missionaries in the Congo and Perry Parks who was at the division office myself and some others were going to go see the growl us and as we flew into Bukavu we got off the plane and we went to where the national park opened up and we went to the entrance there and talked to the guards and and signed up and paid our fees and then as we were getting ready for the the walk actually it was a long walk that was going to take all day long about 3 and a half hours up into the jungle up into the mountains to see the gorillas Now they the guard said to us they had their a k $47.00 says it will take care of you don't worry but they said whatever you do when they silverback charges it will be a fault charge do not run whatever you do don't run. Ok we got it and then one of them pulled up his pant leg he said look at my leg and had a big gash in his leg he said I ran in the silverback got me another one said Last week there were some Belgians here and one of those guys ran and the sewer back caught him and killed him so what ever you do it would be a false charge don't run and we said we understand we're not going to run and so we walked and walked and walked back to the jungle was so thick at one point Perry kind of fell through it we were actually kind of on top of some trees and we got out of that mess and and got down and we got into a large clearing and they said silverback he's here he's close by but don't run and so we all stood there steady I got my camera had a nice Nikon camera I was going to get a perfect picture of a charging silverback 350 pounds a theory. Itself all of a sudden he roared and hollered and scream and started crashing through the jungle and then the guards with their a k 47 who were in front of us banks I don't know how they did that I still can't figure it out but they were behind us. Pumping so for hats my camera was shaking I couldn't get that picture later haha got another picture and there were forgive that experience never will forget it don't run they said don't turn and run and I think with what is happening today here in America with the economy and all this people getting sick and different things with a pandemic it's not a time to run actually Mrs White says we need to go forward go forward go forward reminds me in the Bible and Jesus gave the Great Commission here in Matthew 28181920 he says starting out all power. Has been given to me in heaven and on earth think about that all power of God that the God of the universe just to think a lot one angel can do. Now all power he says is given to me of power the disciples took this charge to Go therefore and make this I was of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father of the son of the Holy Spirit they took that charge of Jesus so seriously in the book actually Apostles last chapter it says they're the commission that Christ gave to the disciples they fulfilled think about that go into all the world make disciples bad. That commission has says here they fulfilled as these messengers of the cross went forth to proclaim the gospel there was such a revelation of the glory of God as had never been seen witnessed by mortal man before by the cooperation of the Divine Spirit the Apostles did a work that shook the world to every nation was the gospel carried in a single generation did you hear that. To every nation to every nation was a gospel carried in a single generation page 593 acts the Apostles the disciples Wow Thomas Not long ago just a year ago we had a project with. T.m.i. to be are over in India as we are reaching all across India preaching to thousands of people sharing the medical message the gospel message we went to address to 9 now and we will not to have a special hilltop place and they have a memorial to Thomas. The Apostle Thomas walked about 4000 miles 3000 if you fly bit about 4000 miles if you walk all the way to Chennai to madrassas told the people there about Jesus established the Christian Church fulfill the Gospel commission and die all of them died but yet they reach the whole world in a single generation for Jesus that's the commission that I take so seriously and a as. Hard as we all do together to reach the world for Jesus that's the commission of Jesus to go preach teach bad ties no time to run no time to turn and run no time to say no no this is too scary of a time we need we need to do everything we can right now with a shutdown Sometimes I think maybe this is not a shutdown this pandemic maybe it's a start that. You have made maybe to start over in Ukraine we've never done this before but we are funny 20 meetings in Mandola and 38 meetings in Ukraine we just got a report yesterday a 1000000 people have hit have visited the sites You Tube sites and the Facebook sites in the Ukraine a 1000000 people that's never happened before what a time to be a lie and pop a New Guinea we're supposed to be having means right now there's been rescheduled they're going to be the last of January 2021 and then the 1st 2 weeks into February the being rescheduled for that event. What one of the companies who are out of Wilson's going to preach is t.m.i. Miti was one of the guys who's organizing the meeting he says you know he says we had we had thought that we were going to have 100000 baptisms we have thousands and thousands in the Baptist McClaughry waiting for the bad as we had thought we're going to have a 100000 but now with this pandemic things have changed now now we're praying for 200000 dead sims It's amazing wow what God is doing it's just thrilling when you think about it and papa and again we we have given them 10000 god Pods 10000 god gods and so since they can't go to church it is interesting pop who has almost no cases of. Almost none but it's because of what is happening the world they have shut the country down and still there are no churches so the people are meeting in homes they mean and they've taken our God positive 1000 god parts all across a mouth and Papa New Guinea and they're sharing with people actually there was a couple of pastors husband and wife to passers and they were listening to the god Pods and then the cell phone messages I think I saw convicted. They're not bad guys yet but so convicted passed 2 pastors Protestant Pastors Sunday keeping pastors so convicted about the Sabbath and the advent message that Jesus is coming soon this is what we do are they as I isn't it and they did we are. Touching people's lives they were so convicted they tore down their house they moved their 7 kids that's right 79 of them into a little mud hut behind their house and now they are building an Adventist Church. Partnering to raise funds to put sheet metal on these churches like this the people are still waiting to be bad guys they said when you come into January we're going to have all our old church members there ready to be bad ties a 7th Day Adventists and this brand new 7th Day Adventist Church. Can you imagine this it's never happened before all accost pop in to get the then then there is the Philippines I just talked to Robert are for in the Lion and oral there are 2 parts of the Philippines we have rebels as you know in Mindanao the lotsa rebels down there in the work has gone very slow this is been going on for 50 years and also in indoor all it's been going on for 50 years as well I just took some notes and I had Kathy write them down as we were talking we have 10 generous not 3 years ago we had almost no work almost no were no and that we are we're almost no work at all in the mountains with the gorillas the rebels there in men Doro now we have bad guys because they are listening to a that we are being broadcast on 16 radio stations just picture this for a moment. You have 2 people and sometimes 3 people go to the radio station lay people lay people these are not being paid no pay many think they go to the radio station they have the the sermons they read the sermons a priest the sermons they give health messages they give children story they have music every day one to 2 hours on 16 radio stations all across the island. 3 years ago we had almost no work now we're working in 100 in 1000 villages that ask they said we want to come 70 Ad this coming teach us says a medical doctor is just a few Much ago we were up there we went up on a hill a copper Kathy want to ride a horse and I did either actually and walking was all night long in the medical doctors bless their hearts and some of the nurses walked up and took the supplies and treated the people we had a huge bad tism It's just thrilling I just just talked to Robert as I said tomorrow they're meeting with the media with the governor of the island there are 500 rebels in an indoor all 500 who haven't been baptized yet. The governor saying Ok guys you lay down your arms the president will give you an amnesty you'll be bad guys you said we should work with you had hit us and we'll give you 2 acres of land we'll give you a house an advantage would radio we'll give them $500.00 each one to start a farm or a little business up in the mountains all $500.00 of them so they can change their lifestyle they can earn money now instead of buy a store ssion and other means they can earn money as farmers as businessmen as whatever it can be and it's amazing it's amazing to see that the general in the head general has not been baptized he would have been bad guys here 2 weeks ago though because of the lock down it's been put off and so as soon as we get there in a few months as soon as the islands open up we'll be back there were bad guys in general plus was baptized some of these $500.00 troops that are going to give their hearts to Jesus by the way that's just men Durrell now Mindanao and the other part of the Philippines it's been very difficult there as well and so in Mindanao we decided to broadcast start broadcasting we have 0 the sea we have 1615 radio stations we have just started broadcasting not broadcasting up into the mountains we're going to do the same thing we're going to take smart projectors take them up teach the people about Jesus teach them they have an Us health message many of them will give their hearts to Jesus you know. I've been thinking about the shutdown and maybe maybe some of the challenges that some of our churches are having and perhaps your people staying home watching 3 b.n. or our other programs doing You Tube with our zoom with their Sabbath school lessons and maybe not returning their tithe and I know I know some people been a little nervous about that. When I grew up over here in Oklahoma I was on a farm we had Jersey callus and I had a few black angus too and in my folks' milk else I learned I learned a lot of a cow so one thing I notice that with the years we had one set of twins actually the half of that the 2nd calf or 2nd time she had she was a black angus and she had 2 beautiful little black little black baby calves they were gorgeous but all those years I remember one set of twins let me tell you just a short little story and then we're going to show you a little video boy Abraham he's of a size warrior a messiah chief actually he has a 1000 head of cattle a 1000 head and so what Abraham does he's listening to admin this road radio after he had gone to some meetings just like we're having with Cam Newton in a week he's gone some some profit midis decided to be bad guys given his heart to Jesus and he's listened to his radio was out with his cattle and he hears about tithing because of the conference he says I want to tie and he said what now I want to tie so they came he brought a 1000 head of cattle and they started count him out 123456789 tied Abraham did it himself every 10th one he counted as tie his neighbors came in they started laughing a lavish Abraham's lot as much you see a messiah will warrior never gives away Cal that's gold they keep their cows and they breed them and read them and read that have babies every year then wow remember what I said about twins but watch this video and see what happens when Abraham starts. Returning his tie to the Lord have God bless us with all these twins Wow And then the neighbors who were laughing a year later well you remember I think you probably know that it takes it takes about 9 months just like a lady just like in human. And he wants it takes 9 months for a baby to be born and callous to 9 months you know horses are 11 months I think elephants are 24 months or something like that or and so can you imagine that 9 months later Abraham started having twins and his callous and the neighbors came 9 months later to the conference office and said we want a tie to what we want to type to why you're not having us not only you don't understand we want Abraham's blessings and they did and they did watch this video. With colorful clothes and cattle on the south people are spread throughout this land watched as one of the very wealthy the son traveling on think of all he touches thank God for everything else this is a case of. We are in Tanzania a country famous for the Messiah people known for their distinctions customs and brightly colored dress very welcome to me with the media jumping down from a standing position these warriors can vertically sprint over 3 feet high their smiles made me feel right at home and they even allowed me to carry one of their precious days I enjoyed every moment and fell in love with these dear people who receives needless opening. The Messiah have a semi-nomadic lifestyle and even this village we are at right now is temporary every aspect of their lives revolves around their cattle that counts determine where the village moves based on where the hearse can eat grass cattle is their currency and their main source of food nothing is left to waste even their huts are made of cow dung. For a man to give away his cattle is foolish and unheard of that's why Abraham's story is amazing he owns more than a 1000 pounds. Of them well you know. I have over a 1000 caus of them considered rich. People but something was missing. Abraham's heart was convicted at an evangelistic series and he became a baptized member of the 7th Day Adventist Church most Messiah cannot read or write so they learned from the radio Abraham was overjoyed when he tuned in aid of Iraq our it was a topic of tidying that really caught his attention. Living. Interesting good at that 10 percent belongs to him. As his eyes took in all that he owned he knew what he had to do in that moment he made a commitment like Jake a bubble he marked every 10th Carol by the time he was finished more than 100 cows have been designated for God my friends and neighbors thought I was cruising. To the Messiah $100.00 cows is worth about $30000.00 you just don't give away the most important resource you won't despite the ridicule Abraham remained faithful to God his neighbors stopped laughing 9 months later they were shocked to see that many of Abraham's cows gave birth to twins and his sheep triplets. Cows rarely have to and it's considered historic when they do immediately everyone understood that this miracle came from a higher power after the Messiah witnessed Abraham speak honestly approached the union president pastor Godwin lickin dial and said we want to try to Pastor con and was amazed and said Are you after test they replied No but we want God to bless us just like he's questioning Abraham and praise the lord 9 months later their house has twins to. Here is something else amazing every time a secret steals any of Abraham's cattle that would always return home as if guided by an unseen hands now seems to fear stealing from Abraham. Just worries. Abraham credits 8 other you are correct changing his life everyone sees that the more he gives the more he is blessed. Us thanks to even has testimony today over 80 in the side have accepted Jesus and have been baptized and all of them now listen to Adventist World Radio see. These kinds of there is not only happened a long time ago. Today our heavenly Father is ready to multiply your blood the only 2 all our beings each by administration together we can send a still work we need your faithful present dedicated supports We also look forward to the day when we see the fruits of our labors and praise God for allowing us to be part of his good work this is a job you are 60. Isn't that takes the story can you imagine how God blessed I believe if our church members around the world can get the concept and God will pour them out that blessing that were he says you'll be unable to receive it actually is true and that's what Abraham found out we just there's plenty plenty plenty for the God's Word to go forward and to be finished all around the world as we work together and praying God will bless he will lead I'm sure I'm so excited to be working with with the aid a s i n 3 b.n. and a d.v.r. we have a project that we have just voted to work with with light which is an a as I project over and cecum That's from a farm boy that sounds kind of funny to me you know because that's the whale we would tell our dogs the sick the cow sometimes but this is this is a country which is is that used to be a country it's north India it's a state now it's up in the Himalayas it borders. Tibet and Nepal and butan in that area the work has gone very very slow and so there's a project we want to work with some of the religious leaders up and sick and also over in butan right in the capital Baton with our medical message with a.s.i. and with a that we are and then we will branch into Bible masses actually happen we have started working there for secret weapon that's what we call her about this see I guess a year ago she and it's quite an exciting thrilling story but she is working with us in both countries and she has a group of people 2 groups 2 little churches that have started up over in Baton Well what happened they shut everything down with this lockdown and so we were blessed again it seems to me that every time we say throw something like this at us it's like the lockdown God turns it into a blessing for his people around the world so now instead of just to church as we had 7 because they all had to go to different homes and they take that the. Sermons they take that as I surmise that we would together t.m.i. they have on their cell phones and they share those and I'll also on the on the podcast The God Pods It is thrilling to see what is happening as they work together why the time to be alive just think of what is happening around the world were so excited to be able to partner with with a.s.i. and 3 b. and 3 I've been such a blessing to just thrilled to see what is happening let me share something is going to begin the grinds of an international career and then sit on the rising global politics of the mismanagement and corruption increasingly destructive natural disasters this rise in Australia I don't want to have what may be coming around the world what does it all mean and what does the future hold. Joint international speaker can meet me on a journey for answers in unlocking Bible prophecy in her travels around the world she's come face to face with real life struggles but in the midst of them she's down the miracles of hope. Join can be used for unlocking Bible prophecy as she shares help Bible prophecy is being fulfilled faster than ever before just well actually it's called unlocking Bible prophecies It's a series on prophecy that begins and just over a week on the 31st think about this no matter where you are in the world any time zone around the world 7 pm it begins its life 7 pm no matter where you're at our speaker we have chosen as Cammie our vice president cameo Kenny just not long ago had her own business she has she had yuppie puppies it was caught and she had a 20000 items on the Internet on Amazon that she sewed and she did very well with this business got Dr Art They called her dad he was praying for Heath he had been a pastor retired and talker to do evangelism and she immediately started preaching she did 350 evangelistic meetings so this is a lay person can be our vice president is the speaker who will be presented all around the world we are expecting at least a 1000000 hits a 1000000 visits and more as it rose through the world pray that God will use can mean a mighty way many many hearts will be touched they'll make decisions for Jesus as we together fulfill the Gospel commission to go into all the world and preach and teach and bad ties and then the end will come I want Jesus to come I am sick and tired of living on this Obama mud I want Jesus to come thank you so much. A.s.i. for allowing me to be on your board for the last 16 years it's been such a blessing to me personally thank you it's great to work together and thank you 3 b.n. for being such a blessing to. All of us as partners together by working together this work can be finished and we can get off of this whole ball of mud and go home I'm ready aren't you thank you. Sloan. Club the. Club book. Will. They. Can. Come and Gone. Beyond. Even. Handed the your. Club. Card. Love. Come. Thing. You can. Log on. To launch. Her. Club. Mean. Gone. Oh. Mother was. Seeing the sun. Come up being fun. Things for. Your skin to. Eat Cheese. On Me. Calm. Earlier today Brian we were talking about your 20 your patience Stephen can you tell us the rest of the story Ok. So those of you that were true to an earlier mention a patient of mine named Steve who was younger than 40 years old. His father had already died of a heart attack at that age and he was had every risk factor for heart disease and just because of the power of a simple prayer Stephen was able to make radical changes of his lifestyle get off all of his medications start back to church improve his marriage change his job and just really revolutionized his life. 5 years later stuff seen him as a patient because he was had no medical problems. The lifestyle that he had picked up a plant based diet free of tobacco free of alcohol exercising lost the weight and so he didn't need to go even see a doctor besides for preventive checkups 5 years later Wendy and I were visiting through what we call in our area a home Ramma this is an area where home builders will build their very best large luxury homes around a subdivision and. You can pay a fee we were given tickets by a realtor friend and you can go to or these homes will be $7.00 or 8 of them and each one has a host and 2030 people walk in the entrance of these homes in the host will say something like this home is built by builder Mr Jones and it's 8000 square feet with marble everything in but so 30 of us walk into the lobby there's a clean cut gentleman that's in there walk ins us and he starts the spiel and all of a sudden in the middle of the steel he just stops he looks at me and says I know you why you're my doctor and so here we are 30 people gathered in the lobby when do you know are there and he changes gears completely forget the home with all the marble and all the everything one of the half 1000000 dollar place he starts saying this is the doctor who prayed with me it changed my life I used to weigh 300 pounds of have diabetes and high blood pressure and I. Prayed with me and set me free I stopped smoking and didn't smoke from that day I stopped drinking I changed my diet and I now follow a plant based diet that got my wife and I think the other where we attended church and it changed my whole life the men and I just couldn't stop but think it just even still gets tears in my eyes thinking that this is the power of the 3 and his message of. Word I was convinced at that time that this wasn't even that about Stephen it was God speaking to me that by following these what we've been talking about so far today the 3 angels messages that we have practically put into place by following the principles of the health message that it is going to turn our world upside down and Stephen was just a short example I've not had anybody else make such radical changes by one simple prayer I've had patients become baptized I've had patients follow up with a prayer then they started studying good diet through a chip program at our church and then they started Bible studies with Stephen it was like an almost instantaneous conversion because of the power of prayer and then i met me on this journey realize we need to pray with our patients but it's also made me realize that they will become the best evangelists for the Gospel when our patients see their lives changed just as we saw happening in Africa with lives changed when we saw in the community was just putting a charcoal poultice on someone's foot and their lives were changed they become advocates of the Gospel I've seen it in a man clinics I've. Seen it multiple times where patients will come in they'll be treated will pray with them and they will just stop and say what church do you belong to I want to be a part of that church they don't know our doctrines but they see love in action and there is a quote from Christ object lessons page 415 that I just wanted to work in the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of His character of love and the children of God are to manifest His glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them each of us has. The opportunity to witness we each have a testimony to give we have something to share and if we well just realize that wherever we have been planted not necessarily don't have to be as a physician or a nurse or a dentist but as a banker as a teacher no matter where we've been planted if we could just break out of the scum sermon that people are going to think I'm weird because I share my faith the reality is they're looking for people to share their faith and they're looking for questions in these times and so. We have a tremendous opportunity we've been challenged all day today to think about even though we're under lockdown or under quarantine Fortunately it's starting to lift a little by little but is there still opportunities to Sheriff if there is and as we did there's one thing that we had the opportunity to do that I've started doing with my patients started off with. My wife and Pastor Finley and his daughter Rebecca who works with a man started creating a little educational pamphlet that then got picked up by the the world church and became signs of the times and so these are available for churches but I have these in my office covered 1000 faces in a crisis with confidence it's just a series of health information things that people can do in a practical way to be healthy and to avoid the virus or if they get the virus to fight it off better but even if the very worst thing comes to be prepared no matter what happens the cell how if you guys been able to share during this time as you've been under lockdown we've really like that magazine as well. Brian we actually put that we actually put it in our bank lobbies we're not open yet so we're ready for him so when it when it does open up we're going to have that in our lobbies but we actually done and I messed me all this to everyone in our in our area and put it to every post box box because we felt very strongly that we needed we have this hope we have hope you know I had a I had a customer who frankly her business was shut down she had no employer point that she had no business and she was talking to her and she started to rise and she says I don't know what I'm going to do you know and I talk to are encouraged her and and at the end of it I gave her that magazine and after that she's texted me and says thank you so much I reseated the opportunity to get this magazine has been such a blessing to me and so it's amazing you know all it takes a little piece of let it. All it takes is. A glow track done as an experience that have during the glow travel I do have a testimony about a glow track right before this lockdown and still when you were able to fly on airplanes I was on a flight and in my purse I had a glow track actually a pack of the Glow tracks and you know God told me to put them in my purse and take them with me and anyway I'm on the airplane I get my Bible at my room that study bible that invoice given me for Christmas this year that I absolutely love and I was reading it and it was a long flight and as I was reading that my Bible I noticed the Stuart as she kept going by and she kept looking at me and she was saying what are you reading right and so I probably read it for 3 hours my Bible and you know that that little voice that you hear I heard that voice and God just spoke to me and he said Donna this is your opportunity you need to give her those quote tracks when k. Ok so I'm thinking now winds going to be the right time right so I'm praying and and I said to them boy if you see her come by again please let me know because I want to give her this these glow tracks and so right before the plane incident that the way God works and timing right at the end anyway she comes by and I said you know I have these tracks of Bible studies and I said they're little they're compact and I'd love to give them to you if you would be interested and she said I would love them and she says that I promise you I will read them and I know it thank you Jesus that was so easy one about me you know it's not about us you guys it's up about him if we just it's love. We fight is right if we just step out and you know as I got off the airplane she said to me she said I will see you in heaven a man and you know it was worth the whole flight to being able to share Jesus and this is what we're doing this is why we're doing what we're doing this is what a.s.i. is all about where we are almost to the end what a beautiful program all the beautiful testimonies that we've heard the beautiful music the speakers we have been divinely inspired to do more for Jesus let's pray our gracious family father we just love you and we long to be in heaven with you we're looking forward to that day when you come to take a step back home that for ever home that you prepare for us again we ask you to be the witnesses that we should be in Jesus name I pray you well please join us because we're not over with yet and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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