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ASI Spring Chapter Conference - Sabbath Divine Service

Ted N.C. Wilson Steve Dickman Andi Hunsaker
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  • May 23, 2020
    3:15 PM
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Then later so. Obvious that everyone I want to welcome our virtual audience as well as all of those who are listening here in America and around the world we recognize that we have a worldwide audience and we are thrilled that you have chosen to join us today as you know this is our a.s.i. spring chapter conference and those occurred during the spring time but due to the pandemic we are here at 3 b. and I want to give a special thank you to 3 b.n. for being so gracious and when I see a gracious I mean I wish I had a different word they've been amazing at welcoming us and making us feel part of their family and this morning we want to continue our programming God is good we have been blessed since Thursday evening with Special Messages music and members in action as you know size an organization of people committed to Jesus Christ business people professionals ministries all of us working together to hasten the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This morning we are going to be having an amazing program with members in action we're going to hear from the Ted Wilson We are also going to hand from Dan how to and his team on a special project on the 3 engines messages as you know our theme is the 3 angels messages in times like these in fact in all some a program we're going to continue that theme and we pray that as you listen with us your hearts will be touched and you will be blessed and right now we're going to go to a special theater with Dan Houghton from hot reset it down I used ending by I am here thank you I want to vote and then you are yes i think i'm late Welcome back I'm so thrilled that you've joined us Dan I want to hear. Your Indian I want to introduce the rest of our team Dr Sandy Duran is is with us he's been on our team part Research Center working in rhythm and development and Dr Arnie Nielsen the the vice president for the North American division we're delighted to make a little present facing this morning and I just want to say that if we can go to the graphics. I would love to this let you all know that we have been working on Israel's message project now or over to you know 2 and a half years and if you remember as I pointed out last night that we actually started working. For the next graphic you know I was 2 years ago to put up a set of posters and every single other was last and wherever North America and been go to the next next slide couple slides with movies like. I need to show the posters and the fact that we are actually fairly old and people in their life you know on that route. We were at the teacher's convention receive all these posters one of the things that happened there is you can decide if we want to empower kids to share that you know look at it as. A process for our print must be you know a lot of just reading that I'm like Rembrandt Yeah popping about one half years ago what we people. And after that we did the posters we said hey we want to get into a room and Andy has been working on this for almost 11 months now been put off with these things and I just want to have Sandy take us to the next step if I can get the slides to move forward here now I need to get to the point where we're talking about the curriculum and one more slide one more slide Ok We want to talk about the curriculum and Sandy I'd like to just invite you to pick up right here and share with us what you've been doing about getting ridiculous grades a through well or at best it's. Ok I'm just so delighted that. Excuse me that I was honored to be part of this project and you know the purpose of this project is to help our 7th Day Adventist students to know that as a 7th Day Adventist there is something to student there's something special about our faith and to empower them to want to share their pay you know when I was 1st asked to do this project I thought I don't know if this is something I can do how can I packaged the 3 angels messages for children and as I prayed about it one evening I went to bed thinking should I accept this assignment or not and that I just want to show you how God has worked because that evening as I was sleeping I woke up and there was a poem in my head and I got up and the next morning I wrote it down and that became my sign from God that I was meant to be part of this project that he gave this is really I thought like it was such a blessing and so that became our what we call our anchor text for kindergarten through grade 2 we have created units 2 week units for our educational system for a 7th Day Adventist schools and starting in kindergarten with a very very broad brush so they can understand the concepts of the 3 angels messages and getting a lot more detail that's what I want and so if you want to take a look at here is you guys are getting a sneak peek because we're so excited with our artwork we have a young Adventists couple in Brazil who is doing our watercolors for us and so you can see already let's begin the story 1st a joke if God the glory is always very good and true you'll do what's right for being you so what is that that's the judgment for kindergartners if they were laying the found the ground work for these students and we did highlight it this curriculum and I can tell you even a little pre-K. boy I can tell you now what the 3 angels. Messages are if you ask him what's the 1st message he'll say he's always kind a good Jew we'll do what's right for me and you. And then he'll tell you the earth and outer space now go and tell him every place and the students are actually your own artwork to go along with it so they have their own 3 angels messages books so I just want you to know that it's working and the students are really catching on for 3rd in 4th grade we have a little different take we have a story book for 3rd and 4th graders that I actually wrote I'm the ring. Print read it why did I do that because we want these students to access the material we don't want anyone to remember it as it's kind that is hard and I struggled and I really didn't understand the book so I kind of felt like God blessed me with this that when I wrote the little book for them I rewrote it on a lower reading level and on a higher reading level so every student has access to the same material. And in the 3rd and 4th grade book it's a story about a little girl by the name of back and she starts out going to school and she's sad and and you don't quite know why and she sent there if she doesn't want to get out of the car and then you find out that her poster for the science fair the day before blew away and got all muddy inch crying in front of her classmates the barest and somehow this all gets tied to the 3 of those messages because the next day when she goes into last she finds out that her classmates have actually seen the poster for her and the teacher then segues into the judgment in how Rice Well it's not about us and our people it but how Christ we are things up for us and then the little girl says Ok that that's good but I miss the science there in the teacher says Actually now you didn't miss the science fair you kept it down wrong it's not the 3rd it's the 5th and the teacher says is not interesting she's trying in again because now when we look at the early Adventist the leaders they have a little inaccuracy there so everything ties and and just to show you how God has worked so much through this project I started thinking you know my husband is a pastor and 30 years ago my husband had a church member it was a police officer who had some real Sabbath problem and I care that's not right I don't have that information I could share that information through I could look at that and write a chapter going to have this little girl's dad having a sad but problem and I thought how am I am I ever going to find it that was 30 years ago the next morning I said to my husband remember that police officer 30 years ago that have a Sabbath problem in your congregation in Connecticut and he looked at me like his job was on the ground and I see. Why are you looking at it like that he said I haven't thought about that in 30 years he said Sandy yesterday I now by oh is that I can get that for you right now it came out with a file this thick I spread the paper all over the dining room table and I wrote a chapter in that book about a little girl whose dad had a 7th problem based on an actual case and then we were able to get into it with just a question and all of that but the 2nd he just. So God has a resting the project. In 6th grade again we get a little deeper now they have to be able to write a have to be able to really think critically and I prayed Lord how do I help them with that and I began writing essays that the students then have to read and respond to in writing and 25 years ago I was in Russia and I made it I met a woman a 7th Day Adventist woman by the name of nets hash and she was actually the one who asked me to come to Russia and I interviewed her on the subway in Moscow house and I thought Oh if I could only have those notes I could write an essay about how she faced religious oppression as a young girl as a young 7th Day Adventist in those dark days of Russia but how am I ever going to find those notes for 25 years ago God let me write to those notes within 5 minutes I had the notes I was reading the essay so again he's blessing the project and as kids go through in a way that is developmentally appropriate they know the 3 engines messages at the end with a positive they know that that this is a God of Love about to intervene for humanity and that's that's our goal great $7.00 and $8.00 we have one more a slide we can show you for great 7 and 8 we have an interactive notebook and we're excited we have an artist who designed our cover you know brain research shows us that the left brain is detail work the right brain is where we make our own and we personalize and so that's how this interactive notebook is set up as we teach them much more deeply now about religious oppression about this dangerous downloads of church and state they use these notebooks to have their notes on the left side very detailed and they respond on the right so we know now that it won't just fall out of their short term memory and they'll have something lasting to take with them and this is coordinated. They're history books and great 70 we tell them Look we're not making this stuff up and I personally went through the u.s. history book in the world history book and I could not believe the list I had of what happens when you mix church and state so it's all there it's all they are historically we don't have to go to any other trouble but that tell them look at your history book you know it's the big ones coming because here's all the evidences of it right here that what happens in high school if we've taught them all about this in elementary and they're good to go what happens in high school this is where we do our deep dives we call it and we have various units that the high school teachers can select from we had one that was going to be piloted and because of covert 19 it was piloted on line the students loved it they responded very very well so here's our micro units the 1st angels call to identity we talk about how once you understand that God is the judge you can stop judging other people you can stop judging yourself put your eyes on Jesus and keep your head high and walk forward and keep the focus on him we have the 1st Angel's call to worship I cannot believe the new studies that are coming out that are talking about there has to be intelligent design and if there's intelligent design there's a creator and we need to worship Him we have the 2nd angels called the Liberty which is the one that was piloted on line and it talks about very current religious liberty cases that are happening right now I use some of the research from our own something I think it's religious liberty Department great stuff going on there 30 inches call to action that's talking about having your own voice and speaking up and not following the crowd and then finally we have the 3 angels and Bible prophecy and that's your all time that then journalistic meeting as a 2 week unit on the 3 angels message is everything we can get into those 2 weeks so that's what's coming for our 7th day I've been in schools and again I'm just honored to be part of the project. Thank you Sandy and that is the time I want to invite our meals there you have a response about how the Earth America is anticipating this well thank you so much Stan and Sandy and the heart research center for developing the 3 engines messages curriculum and then providing it to the North American division Department of Education this will become an infallible resource for both of our students and teachers and we're also thankful that it was developed for both elementary and secondary just last week our key leaders in education review this contemporary curriculum and it was voted to adopt it for this next school year and so we're excited about that and in so doing they noted several things 1st it honors what Sister White speaks to in the book education when she says that true education is to train young people to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other people's thoughts and so I really like that our young people are not provided the opportunity for critical thinking for personal reflection and then an opportunity to share what they have learned as disciple makers also the 3 angels curriculum enhances our robust encounter Bible curriculum it provides an in-depth discovery of what the Bible teaches and how it impacts our students' lives today. And then lastly there is also significant crossover value to this curriculum can be used to support other subjects like history English and science and so we're thankful for this continued partnership and collaboration and once again it also supports something else that we've learned in the book education and that is when Sr White tells us that the watchword of education is something better and we trust this curriculum will honor its desired outcome Thanks again they see you already in the end he will send it back to you thank you very much Dan that was engaging and what a blessing to our educational system at this time another special feature for my family that the Institute did force another song all the way my savior leads me. Or. The girls. Gone. Or. For sale. Or. The bomb be flawless. All. Her. Week. Or. To. Eat it or are. Poor. Or learn or are. The mind we we need or are the. Low on the earth neither gosh for our little star. Board. Scream of joy. Sheen from up. Lol did it last it or leave it has to be. Colder than full hands was a bit. Nerve. Gas was easily made it is a Muslim. World and The Wanted student handed all we started was good. Did it it is. Bad it is Jesus and the wall mounted bit. O. old it is hidden is that. It is a. Good bit as a big. Cheese or. Home. 100. Special thank you to we mark for blessing us with that beautiful number now we'll go to a live interview with or really warm and friendly hosts 3 a.b.n. Steve will be interviewing Jill and Greg Marconi at this time. It's good to be here today and we're excited because of what's happening with this partnership between a.s.i. and 3 a.b.n. we want to take just a few moments though to talk directly with you here at 3 b.n. and just kind of explore some of the history and some of the current things that are happening and maybe what's in the future even and so thank you for joining us here today it feels odd interviewing 3 a.b.n. on 3 a.b.n. But we're we're excited to be here to do that now we just heard this project we heard about this project and how and then in our Anything else and then Center sharing what's happening with the 3 a.b.m. curriculum or the 3 angels curriculum rather And but when oh there's another part of that that is also kind of come before that and working with Mark Finley and stuff tell us a little bit about that and what part 3 a.b.n. is playing so just you know I have to say we're thankful to be here I mean it's a blessing the partnership between a 3 a.b.m. has been strong for multiple years I think was in 1985 when an adult and was in Big Sky Montana and he presented the dream of 3 a.b.n. And so that partnership between 3 a d.n.a. sigh has been strong through the years and when I think about partnership you know I think about entities working together organizations working together and I am encouraged I have to say this pastor Steve you're the president of a aside and to see the direction a.s.i. is currently taken has taken and that's to spread the gospel around the world and I think 3 of you in that partnership is not only airing the a.s.i.s. like in August that use it takes place but actually there's all the ministries that a.s.i. represents 3 a.v.n. can be an avenue that a.s.i. can help spread the gospel around the world share about projects that are going on and one of those that you just mentioned is the 3 cosmic messages and Pastor Mark Finley was here what 2 months ago it was right before everything said Dad's or God but that we are the right of they got out just the moon ecoterrorism wargame. We're so blessed Pastor Mark Foley of course is an incredibly annoying student of the word and preacher and the 3 cosmic messages is a collaboration between Hart Research Center 3 a.b.n. And of course Pastor Mark families a.s.i. all of that so we're so excited for this 13 part series specifically on the 3 angels messages and all of the dynamics and other components that will be put together with that so very excited about and this is just the power of media star Pastor Steve that on this very course of the blog for the elite he was behind this Pastor Mark and that was right here during the Gulf a message that will be aired very soon on 3 didn't of course not research as well so we have this unique collaboration that happens and we have a little history together since 1905 yet we praise God for all those things just what is the what is the current situation I know that 3 angels Broadcasting Network has a mission tell us about the mission and the reach of 3 angels Broadcasting Network right now if we both can comment on that but yes incredible because 3 again reaches the entire world and of course it started out with satellite dishes the giant 10 foot dishes we used to have to install We no longer use those type of large this is to receive 3 a dan but the 3 have been where we're really seeing the reach is through the Internet and so right now with covert Of course things are shut down a lot of people are homebound that's why airside doing this virtual that like Castor and so we're noticing is that the Internet is something very powerful one of the things is that there's search search engines I call it so that's what's incredible about 3 a.b.n. and people being able to search put in keywords and they can put anything in what's happening does God love me where in times prophecy things like that and so we're finding that people are coming across 3 a.v.n. because of the search in the power of the Internet now we've seen in credible increase let's take you to for instance a Roku Roku we've had how many millions of men in the last me. Once So s.s. $28.00 days last month was there over the 5000000 hours of 3 b.n. while just in the last month and that's on Roku as Greg mentioned there's this demographic shift you could say we everyone watched on television everyone watched their favorite show when they would make sure they get it if a certain time now everything shifting Internet driven I don't have my cell phone here but people watch on their phones on the apps people want on demand programming of course You Tube we have on demand we're just in the process of working to launch on demand programming for video on demand because so many people want to access that way and they want to tremendous They want to on their schedule know Sarah they are your schedule right so that's one thing that you've been is working on like Joe said because we have our apps or 3 a.v.n. apps on the like your cell phone like Joe mentioned but you can watch our live stream but you can't get video on demand the only way to get video on demand right now is on You Tube with 3 b.n. is investing into is the video on demand on your phone app on Roku things like that Amazon Fire it's just exciting to see what God continues to do that's right technology is amazing when it works and it works you have to put a little caveat in there because sometimes it seems like a things are against us but technology is amazing way to get the gospel into the world and so we appreciate this partnership with 38 b.n. Now I want to just ask you one a personal level though what is it that motivates you to keep on doing this I mean this is not an easy kind of work there's a lot of stress and strain in life t.v. programs going on and all this kind of thing and reaching around the world and all these new avenues potential distribution through the Internet and different things and you get a kind of stay on top of this and stay on the front edge Why do you get up and do this anyway a lot across my desk last week a woman writing in beginning she said Jill. I want to find Jesus. That's why we get up every morning that's why we do what we do we have an amazing team here at 3 pm But that's why we're committed to share the gospel because people write in people finding Jesus learning about the Sabbath people's lives being changed for eternity that's why this man is change this and that's why we keep going on the absolute I call the sings with Jill just said because it's the people it's because of you because of ministry such as a aside it's making a difference in the world and I think it sold a received Domitian the letter received an e-mail from Joseph just a couple of weeks ago donated the 1st time $5.00 to $3.00 a d.n.r. reached out to him and he said he stumbled across which we believe it's probably divine providence across read the end on a search on google looking for keywords came across 3 d. and he's being blessed and he's searching for truth thank you so much Greg and Jill Krishi 8 the opportunity to talk with you May God bless the ministry of 3 a.b.m. Thank you Pastor Stephen for the support at this time we are going to be looking at another another prerecorded members in action segment as I work with light ministry I have the opportunity of traveling around the world I've been to several remote areas but nothing like to do a farm it is way out in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania but from this outpost center they are doing an amazing ministry Bible workers are continuing to go out into the areas sharing the love of Jesus Christ and it is so encouraging to see everything that is happening from this faith based organization there in the heart of Tanzania So at this time we're going to watch a pre recorded segment that's going to inspire you. Hello Jason Antoinette from capital r. Tanzania Africa welcome to cyber so thrilled that you've joined us today and I just want to walk you through the to this program I want to 1st begin by by mentioning something that you mentioned to me Jason when we talked about this interview your ministry there in Cuba has been impacted by covert 19 tell us a little bit about how that has impacted your ministry Well the government government has shut down most everything I salute the public so we. You know our schools are shut down our church has been highly restricted everything we do that's missionary seems to be on hold right now our still continuing with farming but as missionaries we just feel like yeah things are on hold and we're waiting for things to open up again for an end to Annette any thoughts on that yeah it's very strange just to be farmers right now and our students are texting and calling in saying mama we want to come back to school and I say well we just have to wait until we make the announcement to let you come back. But that's too bad but we'll pray about that and let us go back if Send us some beautiful slides of trans Anea and could they do that they're told about your ministry tells how it started and just walk us through the process there. What your ministry is about etc. Well give it to us started you know in the late eighty's and we're self-supporting institution mission. We opened up clinic and our outreach programs and education programs but we've always been very dependent on donor support to keep everything going and yet we're sitting on a big farm here that's beautiful piece of property and it's been hard to get anything productive going Ok after I noticed in our gardens what I show some of the slice of your ministry the beginning of it if we can show some of those life so you can see the slightest walk us through this life will go through them quite quickly so this is Jason's team direct team that he works with for the avocados underneath all of these people are hundreds of people that are being employed from the surrounding villages so this is a very exciting program also bringing employment into local communities and then we started in the back of a pick up selling if you have a car as we noticed that our avocados tasted very good the market. Showed that they were superior and so we started putting a lot of energy into planting more and more trees and you know eventually the donor. We got his attention Ari he noticed what was going on and started helping and so at this point now we have about $45000.00 trees planted prison. All would have supporting mission a as I have supported to be doing for many years and it has always been our desire that we can eventually also give a helping hand to other places who contact us for help and nurturing just like a Assayas help so every seedling that we sell and we do sell thousands of them is 2 words helping our sales here maintain our programs and also to help other young ministries the picture you see now is our greenhouses where we do produce actually hundreds of thousands of ceilings. That go out and support small farmers and the monthly income help support the beetle and this is one of the few orchards the nurseries that we have we have to keep moving the nurseries around to prevent disease to several 1000 just in those that run area you know like 100000 we have our house building which is almost complete we've actually set up the equipment inside that cannot pack fruit and we're hoping to open the doors for that building. In July so you see that we now have electricity at this pack out and it's actually a very very interesting story behind this Hougaard used to strangers to connect this to the minister of energy in the government at a late night visit in the city and we got electricity and we can only praise God for that a man or those avocados look after a beautiful Now I want to go quickly to the last truth lies where you have the purpose of the ministry with a killer dran in the school about the throat in the school and if they're any stories we have 2 minutes left Tell thought a bit about these next to the slides the thought the current and then the next line here in ministry. Many years ago we noticed that our children have to go to school before the age of 6 and a lot of I think this parents are very concerned still don't have to walk far and so we started a little primary school English media and then later years as we noticed also there's a lot of vulnerable youth in the villages with not much to do because they feel they're failed primary school or they failed the early years of secondary school and with the help of rates Switzerland and other donors we were able to start this free agriculture training program for 3 years for these vulnerable young people and you know we don't we're not able to change anyone's lives but we have many students who do give their life to Jesus while they're here and we pray that as they leave here that their lives are forever changed Amen also we have a evangelism school which supports or trains Bible workers or lay pastors that go out to unanswered areas and spread the gospel there and you know the whole reason for growing all these awful cost of this not so we can get rich or something it's just support does work and to spread the gospel and so we're just happy excited to be part of this work in this part of the world and seeing hundreds of people actually going out. Empowered trained and able to spread the gospel all over Tanzania So to some keep it all up it's about it's occasion for eternity and every avocat of the houses get there is why we're doing what we're doing and we want to thank everyone who's helped us to do this and men very quickly the last 30 seconds how we can pray for you. We have some needs in our schools for more staff to help us teach these young people we have some challenges with the changing political climate please keep us in prayer we really appreciate all of this Amen thank you for joining us and we will indeed pray and we are thrilled that you are part of our a.s.i. family and we pray that God will richly continue to bless your ministry human being here you see very much and God bless you thank you I really enjoyed the report about to the villa to be Dula farms brings back a few memories a few years ago my son was over there and he had the privilege of working with Jason he was out there planting avocado trees and then he went to medical school and now he's wishing he was still out there planting avocado trees anyway I really appreciate that the Gospel commission sends us to the ends of the earth and I appreciate that we have the opportunity to go and our next members an action segment is actually going to be about a unique ministry in terms of going to the world it's the Center for online evangelism and it's a unique ministry that really is reaching the whole world and performing a unique and special function so will go to the next I am so glad that I can be here with my good friend Felicia over the past few weeks we've had an opportunity to have several different weapon ours together because at a.s.i. we realize that it's a new world that we live in and so we have partnered with the Center for online evangelism to do several webinars to help our members understand that we have to share the 3 angels messages in a new way so Felicia we're so glad that you are here with us please to less a little bit about the Center for online evangelism. It's great to be with you and to be participating in the virtual convention and the center of on line evangelism we are passionate about sharing the gospel taking it to the ends of the world we know the that's our commission every tribe every nation every tongue every people and really know that one of the main ways that we're able to do that is through digital means by using our phones by using our laptops by being president social media and Youtube and having on my small groups and solicit fun line evangelism was founded by Ed why don't we saw that there was a need for the Adventist presence to be stronger we want to ensure that when ever someone Googles or 7 Day Adventists What is it they believe or people who are searching for Bible truth that they find reliable content from us and so we have an amazing team that's constantly working together that's developing resources because we want our leaders we want our members to be trained we want to work with websites like ads in that store org that we have been for the past few months to make sure that whenever people search for us that they're finding our content because when they find information that's true about us that really tells our story they're in cars to want to participate to want to come to our church services to build relationships with us and that is what the Center for my Angeles is all about that is fantastic Felicia thank you very much for sharing that with us now in a few minutes that we have we want to talk about some of the trainings that you have been involved in so we're going to put a few flights up and if you can please tell us a little bit about this but the killer training that you did with the past there is in New Jersey. Yes definitely I enjoyed it this treating so much so the New Jersey conference they decided that they wanted their leaders to be eclipsed to be on line because they recognized that they wanted their troops and not just be confined to just 4 walls but recognize that they could have a greater reach and so they brought in the center for online vandalism and we were able to work with 40 plus pastors giving them hands on training letting them know this is what you can do through social media and we're so excited for them that we had the will treaties a New Jersey but there was one particular church that we went to after the training that someone was in one of the leaders were inspired to start a You Tube channel and he started creating videos so I did from scratch didn't have any experience but he began and it was talking about prophecy and so forth and his general has been growing and it's just always so great to see when our leaders decide to step out to expand their mind step outside of the box what they're able to accomplish Wouldn't it be great if everything when they administration took advantage of the opportunity and we were all on You Tube not only impacting our communities locally but also through the digital world what a blessing that would be now the next one that we're going to go to is in Canada Tell us a little bit about the training that you did in Canada. Yes So the sense of online eventually goes even though we're based here in the United States our work spans the globe and we were invited to come to Toronto to participate in their youth leaders training Jerry Blanchard from the General Conference was also there and we were it was important for us to emphasize to the leader is that digital evangelism it's crucial for them to lead their young people know that they can use their online influence to reach out to their peers to tell their peers about Jesus why because it's majority of the online users are young people and so it was important for used leaders to be quick to know about digital evangelism and it was great to see these leaders coming together being curious about how to use the digital tools because for a long time is that idea is only for the young people we don't necessarily want to encourage them to always be online but now they're seeing a different view and in a different perspective that they can encourage young people to be on my but use it in a positive way for Christ in men yeah we definitely want to seem more of that happening now let's go quickly through and through the university what they're doing Andrew so I'm student of Andrews University is one of the 1st places I wanted to go to was at Andrews to let my peers know you can be online using social media but also use it to share the gospel in creative ways because you never know who it is that you can reach to who it is who can come to Christ by you as a young person using social media and other online means beautiful now the laugh Tory is the one that I know that you're really excited about so tell us yeah you did in India. So last November the Senate online evangelism had an amazing opportunity to travel to India we partnered with the General Conference youth department and we spoke to about a 1000 young people and leaders and encourage them that they can use online means and during one of my presentations someone said we should call for missionaries that we could get these people and we had 37 young people come up and commit that they would be online missionaries and we started working with them for a few weeks to teach them how do you stand up you're on my platforms how do you follow up with people and that has been an amazing work there have been challenges but it was just great to see what we were able to accomplish especially in a country where traditional means of evangelism is not always possible now they know that they can do it digitally now that is beautiful Felicia before we finish I want for you to tell our viewers how they can get involved what is the center for online evangelism doing for everyone. Through as eyes help we are conducting training for members and for laypeople by this it in our website right now you can sign up to get information about how you can become a digital missionary because we want everyone to be able to share the gospel online thank you so much for your time Felicia thank you so the interviews we're having today some of them were prerecorded including the one you just saw with Rodney police and now we're going to get to see another prerecorded interview with Donna make me a listen she's going to be interviewing Julia Ok And this is what and I'm going to read you what a separate represents the advocates for self East Asians and the persecuted so I'm really looking forward to hearing this testimony thank you so much for being with us. Love a.s.i. family recently many of us have experienced the fraud strace and being stuck out home but what if you had to flee your home right now instead this is a crisis facing thousands of villagers and. A few weeks ago a.s.a.p. church planter Simon 10 was reading Sabbath services at a church in western chine state when he received a phone call from a missionary in a nearby village we have to leave this village right now I feel like the world is falling apart he said. Military fighter jets had just bombed the village of allegation against a rebel group hiding in the area the next day the fighter jets targeted spying and still killing 8 people removing. Homes were burning children were screaming chaos I agree with that you evening frightened church members gathered at Simon's house he led them and worship him gently encourage them to trust in God Early the next morning he set out on foot through the mountains they walked for 7 hours until they arrived at the displacement camp in the town of stone can you imagine how you would feel if you lose your children in your elders here and had to make that journey. So far 3000 displaced people fled. Many others are still trapped in the war zone with violence in Corona virus fears limiting travel in the region aid has been slow to arrive for recently thanks to God's protection in a.s.a.p. field supervisor in the Myanmar Union mission president delivered some basic necessities and encourage the displaced and some I am so inspired by the face of our church planters under these on imaginable circumstances Simon told us amid the difficulties I see Mission opportunities among the refugees there are many who are not Christian have never heard the Gospel and very discouraged. A.s.a.p. ministry's is so grateful for the support and partnership of a.s.i. and its members as we share help and hope of the gospel roots I'm roots from vulnerable people who to James all some of these groups are suffering mentally God is opening new opportunities to reach them which is join me in praying for Simon and more than 600. Other a.s.a.p missionaries ministering to Russia souls crisis across the 1040 window. To gather like these just. Because Jesus is coming soon now more than ever mission. Welcome Julia I just want to hear what you're so passionate about with a.s.a.p. you know I'm done I am so passionate about and pick the ministry 1st of all because the Actiq missionaries that we support that I helping the poor the persecuted the unreached refugees in the 10 or you went though are doing such an amazing job and these. Simple people they just have such a love for the Lord and they help in real practical ways holistic ministry is what it's all about so we have about 70 schools that reach out to the communities that we help in other ways like the natural disasters and or in those who are really suffering I know you've got some slides that you're going to share with us and you've got some stories too could chew tell us a few of your stories along with your pictures. Yes Donna we do help out here in America with the refugees and immigrants as well as across the tent for you and of and what I read in my devotions this morning in John 14 was how do you see is preparing his disciples ahead of time for what was to happen and you know I really see how God does that for this time it is the key and one example is how recently we've brought on this young man here in the Lake Union conference and he's a Qur'an from me in Mar and he's about this whole system over messenger where Qur'an you from all over the North America are on different groups so they're there on a medium ministry group how group music ministry group a mission group and you know in doing that I had a time in the last 2 or 3 months now that this community is hit so hard with the coach at 19. They have a whole system of support where they pray and study the Bible together is just so beautiful oh isn't that exciting you know a treat for my husband and I is that we get to watch your video every Friday night and thank you so much for preparing those videos for our a.s.i. family and for everybody around the world but you told me about a story that I would like for you to tell us about as we're going to be finishing up our interview. You know as it's so exciting what's happening all over the world but particularly I want to share how. In southern and central California really had this opportunity in February to start a 24 seventh's t.v. broadcast and it's also on line so it goes to 1CW1CW Vietnamese and this is something that Pastor Isaiah is doing and the story Donna is Pastor I say I had this up and running and he told his church family let's have a special program I'm yet to me New Year and invite those who are listening on the t.v. and. They said you know it's so new and there's a parade going on and a fair nobody's going to come have you ever planned an evangelistic meeting and then worry that nobody would show up well that's where they were at but he said no let's have faith but pray he said No I'm parked in the church parking lot or in the Sunday church parking lot that they had permission to park at about park across the street in the school parking lot we'll save all this for I guess and reluctant Lee They did that and it was so neat how God feels the place with over 200 guests and the members had to stand God is working at m.i.t. ways right now when people are home they're listening to the t.v. and we just ask for your prayers that you will pray that we'll have what we need to keep this going but God is really glassing thank you so much as I Thank you Julia for sharing your passion a.s.a.p. with us today. Well we're back now to the desk you've seen 3 wonderful members in action and oftentimes when we look at these things we're just passive participants but this is the time when you get to actually participate and as much as even joy the members in action we hope that that will translate into action with you're going to your checkbooks unless you want your stuff to with with bills with several zeros after them please reach for your checkbooks as we go through the members an act the offerings that we will be collecting or offering goes $65000.00 and the overflow will go to new beginnings the picture of project and the one day projects as well and I hope that many of you are able to see the ministries o.b. funding we began showing them yesterday but won't go through for you again the 1st one on our list is watch a 2 hills. Ouachita Hills is a self-supporting institution that has an academy and also has a college and I really believe in self-supporting is to itself support institutions particularly education and it's nice because they're expanding the funds that you give them will be used for floor covering materials for an addition of an administration and classroom buildings on their campus so please give generously for this project also Knapp's the National Association for the Prevention of starvation these young people give their heart and soul in ministry into the underprivileged all over the world but also in the United States of America and specifically in Alabama and Mississippi the funds that you give will be used for them to build a 2400 square foot dormitory to teach and train medical mystery students and you know there's a lot in the news about the underside of populations the forgotten ones of our country so I pray that this ministry will also inspire you and now rally will go to you to share with us a couple more of these offerings in action the next project that we are going to focus on is farms do and we heard an amazing interview just this morning the fines that are given to this project will go to provide for for motorcycles for the farm steward trainers throughout Africa to take these 8 principles of health that will help prevent hunger disease and poverty and they will promote self-reliance the 4th project that we will look at is a.s.a.p. advocates for South East Asians and the persecuted the money that is given here will be going specific lead to help assist and disciple Korean refugees in the Lake Union conference. And now our 5th ministry is creation Illustrated and creation Illustrated is a great publication it has been going on for several years and obviously we had a Sabbath school discussion on creation how powerful is that that's off with ministry the 61 is Red River outpost Center it's a lifestyle center in Kentucky and they are going to be having a medical missionaries that will do home remedies they'll be a lifestyle center that have a bakery and help people with a proper plant based diet this ministry is in need of a van to help those 8 to 10 people writing and also to to haul inventory and goods and we pray that this will be a ministry that will also touch your heart the next one is build it and restore ministry build and restore has proven to be a very powerful ministry around the world and the funds that will be given for this are specifically to help renovate and admin this church and a school in the villages along the Amazon River the other one is from one of our members in action just this morning kid we do the farms which is a tremendous organization and institution that provides training and health to people all throughout Africa specifically in Tanzania and so the funds that will be given today are going to help go toward the irrigation project for the larger of a cattle farm on the institution. Our 9th project is Amazon lifesavers and this is a ministry that you saw this morning the funds will be used to operate their boats which are used to deliver health care and services to isolated communities along the Amazon jungle of Brazil and they also hope to place Baba workers and plant churches in unreached areas the tents ministry is a center for online evangelism we just heard a wonderful members in action we do not know how long we'll be on lockdown this may go on for a long time and it's really incumbent on us to be able to share Christ effectively on an electronic platform and so the Center for online evangelism will equip conferences and churches and individuals in order to for them to conduct evangelism online I know that my. Co-host Rodney bouse is involved in online evangelism and we've benefited from that during this time of lockdown and uncertainty. And those of the ministries that are listed will now go to Rodney for the ministries they'll be funded from or overflow offering now I'm really hoping that our overflow is truly an abundance because we are going to be focusing on 3 specific projects that I am very passionate about and hope that you can be as well we have the New Beginnings project we are going to be refreshing this we're in the middle of this project and so part of the money will be going to help the New Beginnings get a new and fresh look the other part of the overflow will be going specifically for the picture roll project and as I mentioned before we have 3000 picture roles that are currently being distributed there in ships right now on their way to different parts of the world that one shipment going to Brazil and the other one is going to pop to New Guinea and finally the 3rd overflow project is going specifically for the one day church project there have been more than 5700 of these structures that have been built over the years and we hope that we can continue this powerful ministry to provide places of worship for our brothers and sisters around the world Amen Thank you Rodney I want to just make an appeal that you search your hearts and really ask the Lord what he will have you give We have 2 examples in Scripture of what giving is all about what is in the Old Testament these can be quite unusual to you but Moses' when the Lord was going to start over with a new people he said he'd rather die if they were not going to be able to live my favorite Bible characters the Apostle Paul. And the apostle Paul also said something extremely interesting in Romans 9 I want to read to you from Romans 9 verse 3 for I could wish that I myself were cursed from Christ for my brethren my kinsmen according to the flesh wall would rather die than have his his fellow Jews his Jewish brethren be lost my prayer is that we would rather be lost if only we can save or neighbors save or our friends or coworkers and everyone across the globe I know that is in Jesus's heart that not one of us will be lost and I pray that as you search your hearts this morning the Lord will speak to you and that your wants to be freed up of self and clinging to them and I pray this very sincerely we're going to be hearing of a wonderful song next. From Denise Buckley my Jesus I love the and as we hear this song Please contemplate sincerely how the Lord will use you in this time of ministry. My. Bomb and. On the line was mine on warning when the song the bomb. On an ox when a grand plan a. Change. In lane in Iran to. The. Moon is God and sang I am in can you in line on the on the branch. In Indiana Ah on the song and I'm on the main man on an. Instrument Landing live bomb an a. In a and treat a near and far on the land border and the new non-God Iran yoga. And war. On war. And and. On. Saunders is. Gone Enron ne is being in end. On any the end. Of the bombing with any. Aid a bomb bomb. Bomb. Is ending. In the movie. A small. Bomb with. It and Anyway n. ur goin. 98 off. The room during on the move. Google. The for. The you. Again our goal for the offering for these 10 projects is $65000.00 and these projects are going to impact the world we're Jesus Christ we want to give you 3 different ways that you can donate today the 1st one that has already been on the screen which is going to a.s.i. Ministries dot org g. forward slash donate or there's a donate button right there on our home page so the 2nd way that you can help us is by mailing in a check if you prefer to do that our mailing address is right there on our Web site as well and the 3rd way is to call our office next week and you can make your donation at that time I'm going to invite you to join me with in prayer but before we pray I'd like to go to 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 and I'm going to read beginning in verse 13 this is the Lord speaking to Solomon. When I shut up heaven and there is no rain or command the locusts to devour the land or send pestilence among my people if my people who are called by my name well humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to their prayers in this place will you please by your heads with me loving heavenly Father Our hearts are full and we are so thankful today for the blessing of worshipping you in freedom on this holy Sabbath day. From time eternity past Eve look forward to each Sabbath where your family joins together around the world to commune with you and to receive the special blessings that you have for us I thank you and praise you especially for this weekend where we've taken time aside to think about the final warning message that you have for our world and I pray Lord that is you promised in Revelation 181 that the earth will be lightened with the glory of God that you will fulfill your word in accordance to your promise. But today on my heart is also the realization you've told us our condition we are miserable or wretched miserable poor blind and naked and I thinking you have not left us without a remedy so I pray that you will please provide that gift of faith the gold the faith even if it's tried in the fire I pray for the garment of your right just newness and for the ice to enable us to discern and see as you would have us to I thank you so much for hearing us and answering our prayer today and I pray that you will bless our speaker and all those who are hearing that this message will go around the world and that you can soon return to claim us as your own and Jesus precious name Amen. So our speaker today is very familiar to all of us elder Ted Wells and president of the General Conference a 7th Day Adventists Yes what a privilege it is to know that Jesus truly is our friend that Jesus is someone that we love intends the my Jesus I love the. What a privilege to be part of God's last day the remnant church what an opportunity to proclaim the message in a powerful way you as a.s.i. members in the spring meeting this virtual spring meeting I know God is going to bless you in Ensley what an opportunity to also help people in this very unusual time this pandemic the coronavirus covert 19 pandemic has been an unusual situation it has been an unprecedented situation in that the entire world more or less has been shut down for a period of time what an opportunity now when people are awakened to God's great news that he is coming soon when they are awaken to something beyond just the normal that you and I have the privilege of being able to share with them an amazing opportunity of knowing Christ and knowing his soon coming to see a.s.i. is a marvelous organization an organization that brings together people of dynamic qualities people who love Jesus intensely you see your theme the 3 angels messages in times like these is so appropriate because the 3 angels messages proclaim the righteousness of Christ proclaim a last day warning and the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. And so it's a real privilege to be able to address you at the spring meeting of the a.s.i. Organization thank you to each of you for what you are doing in a powerful way all of across the North American division and around the world and thank you to those of you who are involved in such dynamic ways helping to understand that God is using you in these critical last day times yes it is an opportunity to know what God had intended for us to be at this point some of you have heard the presentation now what could have been what God intended through his precious servant Ellen White explaining to us that God wants the best for us and that he really wanted to come long before now but what an opportunity for you and for me to be part of the last day a movement that is just before Christ returned living in the tips of the toes of the statue of Daniel Chapter 2 helping us to understand that truly God has placed us here for a particular purpose and he is calling upon you in a.s.i. to fill in every gap possible so that you can be able to reach people in times like these messages of hope and encouragement messages from God's word messages from your experience yes truly Jesus in the marketplace for that is what a.s.i. is and I believe personally that as the pandemic subsides and it is starting to do that. We're going to have a period of perhaps 6 to 9 months where we're going to be able to proclaim with power to so many people who are asking so many questions what a real opportunity for Jesus in the marketplace Yes 3 Angels messages in these precious times like this is a goddess offering you the opportunity to truly understand that it is well with my soul when I am connected with Christ and all the way my savior leads me what an opportunity for us to join not only in singing that but in proclaiming it in our words and our actions you know it's a marvelous situation that God has put us in at this particular time a time when people are going to be willing to listen and be on to the normal situation now what is the new normal we're going to find out but I want to tell you something it's going to be an unusual time when the Holy Spirit is going to lead people in a dramatic way helping them to fully understand better the precious prophetic word of God and how to live in order to attract people to Jesus to see this marvelous experience that we're going through right now is opening hearts all around the world the Holy Spirit is you moving in a dramatic way even though I do not believe that God is the originator of all of the difficulty and the challenges that the pandemic has produced but God uses these opportunities open hearts. To bring people into a recognition that they need something larger than themselves you see I believe as you do Jesus is coming soon and as our general conference theme which is now being postponed until 2021 because of the pandemic the theme is Jesus is coming get involved that's where the 3 Angels' messages come in those powerful messages which we have been commissioned to share with the world to see in the Book of Revelation Chapter 14 we find those exciting and powerful messages which help us to better understand what our true mission is that beautiful 1st message in verse 6 and going on through verse 7 helping us to understand that yes we are to fear God and give glory to him but the everlasting Gospel is that which we are to proclaim fearing God simply means showing great respect to him and showing our admiration and love for him why because the hour of his judgment has come we are living in the very end of time is the pandemic the Final Crisis No Is it one of the last 7 plagues No but it is just a precursor to what is going to happen because things are going to happen as we are told in the Spirit of Prophecy rapidly the final movements will be rapid once that's why it is so important for the 3 angels messages in times like these because we are living in the very end of time and so that marvelous judgment. Has come and the Lord is saying Give glory to God because He made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water you see one of the greatest challenges today the specially in the academic world and in the secular world is that there is no creator. The Earth has evolved and we are evolving to something better I want to ask the question has covert 19 helped us to evolve into something better from a humanistic standpoint no it's only shown that we are very feeble and in great need of a creator and a recreate or a re dimmer someone who will come to take us home and then it goes on in that 2nd angel telling us the babbling has fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication representing confusion representing that papal authority that has taken over the world during a period of time and has brought people to their knees because they had no access to the Word of God Babilon has fallen and now Babylon is being resurrected people are looking more and more to religious leaders and to political leaders in fact who would have guessed that during this pandemic we would have been sequestered in our homes and told we would have to stay there or to stay out of public circulation who would have even imagined that just a few weeks ago. Interestingly that can begin to connect to all kinds of challenges for the future and I am not predicting anything but I want to tell you these kinds of things can help to lay the foundation for other proclamations that we know in scripture will be very pointed and will curtail the religious freedom of those who want to worship according to their conscience what or rather realization that when we understand that this particular understanding of Babylon is fallen that we begin to fully understand how religious leaders from other face who are not following the Bible completely will put into action those things which will promote something completely opposite to the 1st angels message proclaiming that Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit God created this earth and what is that the beautiful Sabbath day the 7th day the 7th day on which we worship the creator and that very aspect will be used against God's people and against God Himself to establish another universal false day of worship and so the 3rd angel comes in and proclaims in a powerful way. If anyone worships the beast and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand you see we're not to be receiving the mark of the beast which is an understanding of a false application of what God intended for his people to have as the c.e.o. of God for the 7th day Sabbath is a sign of God's of for it. And when people try to counter that and set in operation something much different that 3 angels messages power is shown in a dramatic way because the 3rd angel helps us to understand truly that there is a faults understanding of who is in authority it is not a human authority it is not some church authority outside of God's precious people whom God has placed his hand upon because they are sealed they are the people who love Jesus and who keep His commandments those who have the testimony of Christ is he that is God's precious seal upon his people and when we understand then that in the 3rd angel angels message a message that says he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out full strength into the cup of his indignation he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name you see God is asking for us to receive the seal of God and not the mark of the beast. Well we're not going to be explaining in great detail further on this particular subject because you will probably be studying it yourself and you'll be hearing messages in very specific ways upon this but I want to tell you the 3 Angels' messages worshipping God because He created realizing that babbling is fallen that confusion has reigned and that we are not to be part of that confusing situation all of this points to one thing and that is the right has this of Jesus Christ and His power to save not the power of institutions that are humanly devised for righteousness the righteousness of Christ is the core of the 3 angels messages and what a message it is in times like these you know in the spirit of prophecy we read a marvelous explanation about the 3 angels messages and it says in testimonies Volume 9 page 19. I encourage you to look at the testimonies They're marvelous Just recently I've been looking at volume 7 which has such an array of incredible material for each of us including things about the publishing house and and about city work and about all kinds of things I encourage you to look at including health reform and and good living which of course is so important during this pandemic situation but it says here in Volume 9 of the testimonies and page $1000.00 in a special sense 7 they haven't this have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers Now that includes all of us and especially those of you in a.s.i. who are participating in Jesus in the marketplace proclaiming the 3 angels messages in your own setting what an opportunity in times like these and it says there to them 7th Day Adventists to a.s.i. members has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them a shining wonderful light from the Word of God Can you imagine how people might look at you in your business in your profession in your activities in suits in supporting ministries and they see this unusual light that is shining on you from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels messages now get this last sentence they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention. What an opportunity for us to refocus our attention as 7th Day Adventists on the 3 Angels' messages in times like these now in honor of in order for us to really proclaim this message these messages these 3 angels messages and the specially the 3rd angel to help people to understand fully the alliance and connection that they must have with God's truth and with God Himself as opposed to a false truth God intends for us to live powerful lives in a practical religious experience that helps people to fully understand who we are and what God wants to do through us in proclaiming his marvelous work in times like these in the wonderful book of Romans we read in the beginning chapters of Romans the amazing opportunity of how we can access our spiritual connection with the Lord through the power of what Christ has done for us basically in the 1st 11 chapters of Romans Paul is developing this amazing theology this amazing relational understanding of how we are saved by grace and by our connection to Jesus Christ in chapter 12 he begins to develop a very personal practical approach as to how you and I can live in this world and be part of proclaiming those 3 angels messages. You see in order to proclaim these messages in a powerful way you have to be connected with the Lord in a practical way every day as we all know we must spend time with God's Word we must spend time reading the instructions of the Spirit of Prophecy we must take time in praying for specific things just this morning I was praying in a very specific way for certain things that are heavy on my heart and I know that God has use you today to pray in a powerful way for those things which are affecting you and those things around you prayer is so vital it is our connection our key to unlocking the storehouse of Heaven's blessings and then we need to share with others what an opportunity to share the message the 3 angels message is in times like these well the Lord calls for us to have a living connection with him a life of holy spirit power being justified by Christ's righteousness being sanctified by Christ righteousness and don't forget the very core of the 3 angels messages is the right chestnuts of Jesus Christ and as we understand this we can fully recognize that our words in our actions are so important as we present to others the Word of God both in a living way practical as well as in Bible study and in sharing God's words. Let me just share a few interesting comments from the book Christian service where it says on page 40. This is a kind of in a diaper and on all of us as we think about how we are to proclaim these 3 angels messages there are moral icebergs in our churches now we've just come out of 100 time in the northern hemisphere and yes it's been cold in fact it's been an unusually cool spring at least in parts of the United States but it says there are moral icebergs in our churches I don't want anyone to enter a 7th Day Adventist Church and feel like they have entered into some kind of iceberg and a setting where everyone is cold let them be warm and vibrant goes on to say there are plenty of formalists who can make an imposing display but cannot shine as the lights in the world Christians should be preparing on page 41 Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise and this preparation they should make by diligently studying the Word of God and striving to conform their lives to its precepts what an opportunity we have had to dig into the Word of God during this sequestered. Situation where we have had to stay at home so to speak what an opportunity now to share this message in a powerful way. Then it says a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our 1st work and then the Lord can use you in proclaiming those 3 angels messages which we just read not long ago that nothing else should absorb our attention except for those powerful wonderful messages you see the Lord gives very practical instruction in the 12th chapter of Romans and I want to just spend a few moments in the remaining part of our time together here in your a.s.i.. Spring Meeting focusing on the amazing last portion of Romans Chapter 12 it says here in Romans verse 9 of Chapter 12 let love be without hypocrisy of horror what is evil cling to what is good as we go into this post coven setting you as a.s.i. members with Jesus in the marketplace concept then moto will fully understand how God is going to use you to touch the lives of people to help them to see that they need to cling to that which is good and put away that which is evil bursts Tenet says be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love in on or giving preference to one another you see it's an amazing opportunity for each of us to show in a practical way the amazing love of Christ working through us. Because the sanctifying process after we understand our justifying relationship the same defying process takes place and we are able to share that love the Word of God is shining on a sin a marvelous way and through us God intends to show what true Christian love is all about and as I said perhaps we have 69 months I don't know how long the Lord will use us in a marvelous way to touch the lives of people in verse 11 it says not lagging in diligence fervent in spirit be a diligent person a person studying God's word a person understanding the your role in the very end of time and then serving the Lord God intends for you to focus on his word to understand the precious messages in the spirit of prophecy that help us to fully understand our role in these last days in transmitting Bible truth to neighbors to friends to those who are interested in the workplace or wherever it might be and then verse 12 tells us rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation continuing steadfastly in prayer now I know that many of you are placed in very stressful situations you're not sure exactly how to relate to certain situations that you might be facing and God is asking you under these difficult circumstances and all of us find ourselves in those circumstances I mean I have to tell you I I find myself in very challenging situations many times my only recourse is to lean completely on Jesus to ask the Lord to fully. Fill me with the wisdom that only comes from heaven claiming Jayne's 15 and asking God I have to tell you I don't there's hardly a day that goes by when I drop to my knees in the morning out of bed and I claim James $15.00 I ask for Wisdom Essential all the time every morning and throughout the day at times when I am needing God's special. Injunction and all that I'm doing we need to be asking the Lord for that wisdom and being patient in tribulation and praying often be in a spirit of prayer all the time distributing to the needs of the saints verse 13 given to hospitality sharing what we have don't circle the wagons so to speak Don't be a fortress mentality be someone open and being willing to share God's precious were those 3 angels messages sharing them not as a battering ram or something that is so negative but the right chestnuts of Christ being the core of those 3 angels messages helping people to turn back to the true worship of God helping people to understand the fullest opportunity possible for them to know Jesus and to be prepared for his very very soon coming and then it goes on to give us very practical instruction verse 14 bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse. The normal earthly tendency is to get back at somebody curse those people get even with those people but the Bible doesn't tell us to do that it says to bless those who curse us. And then it says Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep be of the same mind toward one another do not set your mind on high things but associate with the humble Do not be wise in your own opinion was this morning I was listening to an amazing. Account in testimonies volume one and when I walk and I try to walk fairly often get some exercise in all that will help build our build our immune system and keep us healthy and I'm going through volume one of the testimonies listening to it and as I was listening today it was an amazing thing about how self and how our own personal opinions how we as human beings are so focused upon our own pride and our ability that we miss the opportunity of being completely humble and putting ourselves before Jesus fully and I just want to state that personally I want to humble myself and I hope you as an a.s.i. member will be completely humbling yourself before the Lord because it says here that we should not be wise in our own opinion but we should humble ourselves essentially and then it says in verse 17 repay no one evil for evil have regard for good things in the sight of all men if it is possible as much as depends on you now Paul just is really making this point I really want you to try and do this by God's grace open your thinking to this the same live peaceably with all men what an opportunity for us in the next few months. To show Christ's amazing love and righteousness and the 3 Angels' messages to those who are waiting for answers post code and then of course verse 19 says that vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord if your enemy is hungry feed him if he's thirsty give him drink for in so doing you're going to heat coals of fire on his head in other words this person will be so confused so chastised because you are showing the exact opposite of what he would expect or she would expect that by doing so you will melt their hearts they will become truly willing to listen to the amazing 3 angels messages helping them to understand Christ and His righteousness. And then final verse is such a marvelous one Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good what a beautiful encapsulation of the amazing love of Christ which is his righteousness which is the core of the 3 angels messages pointing people are away from human self centered ideas and helping all to understand that it is on the in Jesus that we can truly have our eternal connection that truly the seal of God is that which each of us should have which is exemplified by our wonderful humble keeping of the 7th day Sabbath as a beautiful tribute. To the power of God to change our lives to completely control us we don't earn salvation by keeping the Sabbath we keep the Sabbath because the Lord has taken control of our lives and has helped us to find that Christ our right says this is the core of those beautiful 3 angels messages I'd like to just share with you beautiful quotation again from Christian Service actually this comes from testimonies volume 7 page $270.00 but in Christian service page 78 we are nearing the close of this earth's history we have before us a great work the closing work of giving the last warning message to a sinful world God is calling you and me to be part of a Last Day proclamation Listen to this the message of Christ soon coming again in Christian service page 83 the message of Christ soon coming is to be given to all the nations of the earth vigilant untiring effort is required to overcome the forces of the enemy our part is not to sit still and weak and ring our hands but to arise and work for time and for eternity the 3 angels messages in times like these your opportunity to be God's hands and his feet in preparing people for the climactic event of Jesus very very soon coming God asks you as you prepare to proclaim these messages to be connected with him in every possible way there's an interesting form of hiking. That takes place in certain parts of the world and notably in the Alps in Switzerland and perhaps some other places and it is called by a particular name. Which is the fat ata which is a an Italian term which means iron weight and also in German and they call it class or stay but it is more well known probably by the a for that and in certain places and I think probably there was some connection with the military and all of that and trying to be prepared for activities they have cables in the mountains they have special ladders that you can climb that will take you in certain directions help you to overcome obstacles but you must be clipped in you must be connected in some way now remember hiking and climbing in Switzerland some time ago I like to climb there when I have opportunity it's a marvelous place in the Alps to simply allow the beauty of God's nature to fill your heart and fully give you a picture of what heaven will be like at least a little glimpse and I enjoy hiking I enjoy now and climbing I went down to the central office of the tourist bureau in Greenville Valda Switzerland and we were staying in that general area and I went down there and I was able to get a special vest that you could wear and on that vest were some clips now these clips. You could clip been to the side of a particular ladder as you were climbing and you would have to have 2 sides of this particular vest so that you would clip into these as you climbed up these latter these metal ladders let me tell you you have to have you know pretty good focus you can't be too faint of heart because you look down and there are hundreds of feet down there and you're just kind of hanging on with your strength but your clip in to the ladder and as you also walk along on these narrow pathway you can clip in to the cables and you can be secure because you are clipped in to something secure what an opportunity when you get up to the top of those mountains after you have been clipped in and protected then get a beautiful view and realize that God has an eternity for us to spend with him a beautiful vista of what he expects in our lives and how we are to be able to connect with him in these times to proclaim the 3 angels messages I want to encourage all of you. As you participate in the a.s.i. spring meeting to realize that God has a special work for you to do but he wants you in a powerful way to be able to take his word and to clip into every source of power possible for the coming days for we are living in the very end of time yes Jesus is coming soon and so I want to ask you to take God's precious word I want to ask you to take those things that help you to study God's word I want to ask you to take the wonderful instruction in the spirit of prophecy and to include that in your daily activities all those things that you have on your prayer list include them in your connection with the more and God will help you in a powerful way to proclaim that his word as you clip in to his powerful and wonderful word of God as you clip in to. The reading of the Spirit of Prophecy as you clip in is to using prayer in a powerful way so that God will use you as you clipped in and connect with the Lord in the marvelous and wonderful opportunity of sharing his word with others God will use you in a.s.i. in an un precedented way to truly present Jesus in the marketplace May God bless each one of you in a.s.i. as you lift up Christ His righteousness his wonderful sanctuary message his 3 angels messages his message of health reform his messages that bring us to the foot of the cross and may he truly help you to know that there is a fountain filled with blood that is provided for each one of us and as Pastor John Lowe McCain sings that beautiful song live it touch your heart in a powerful way that McCrae with you before pastor Lo McCain sings that song. Father in heaven we ask in a very special way that you will come close to our a.s.i. members and to all members of the 7th Day Adventist Church as they take up their rightful position in proclaiming the 3 Angels' messages with Holy Spirit power and the 4th Angel of Revelation 18 to come out of confusion and into a complete understanding in these times such a time as this lord an opportunity for us to truly be part of God's Last Day proclamation bless the a.s.i. organization and everyone involved we thank you for hearing us and the promise of your soon coming and make us more and more like Jesus as we fulfill the practical application of truly being those who follow our Lord and Savior and point people to Jesus coming we ask all these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ amen. Related use of pounds turn. To the. Traumas come in. You hold. Hands big hands. Tense in a mood. To. Hit a chute. Lose cold. Hands livid is a. Loser. There. To. Ease he's read Sure. To beat lose. Lose he hit. And livid there may be. A cause or lose it is. Played it. Was told by spins some other lift it. It. Was. A a. Little. Slowly. Slowly. Even. Head hit man. And still a bit skittish. And a. Bit silly but still up to. The assist shuttle Hill Hospital until. Evening. L m I'm. Still a bit still. Ahead still. Did. Not. Get out a little her turn a little. What a blessing we have received today we don't even need food we've had spiritual food I wanted to sum this up with a quote that l. the Wilson mentioned in a stork it's found a 9 testimonies page 19 paragraph one and 2 in a special sense 70 averages have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for a parish in world on them a shining a wonderful life from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd dangers messages there is no other work of so great importance they are not allowed anything else to absorb their attention the most solemn truth ever intrusted to mortals have been given to us to proclaim to the world the proclamation of these truths is to be our work party what does that mean to you. Well it's just an amazing privilege we have of living in this time in earth's history and it's an awesome responsibility the men Rodney How about you how does this touched you the whole sermon was so powerful and I took a lot of know it's I was very busy while he was writing and one of the things that really impacted me was to refocus on the 3 angels messages and I think that that is so critical for the time in which we live we don't know how much more time we're going to have before probation closes and so it's definitely something that's worth our prayerful attention there was something I wrote down I wanted to share in order to share powerfully We must connect with God practically Amen Did you notice that as well yeah it was so encouraging for that praise God wonderful We also collected an offering and we pray that you responded and that the Lord really spoke to your Hot Rod I want you remind our viewers how they can donate to the ministries that would describe definitely I would be happy to so again our offering appeal was for 10 different projects our goal is $65000.00 you can just go to a.s.i. Ministries dot au argy forward slash virtual forward slash projects and that is where you can read more about those projects and then you can also donate there as well and as we conclude this segment we're going to do so with a special prayer so please Val your head's with me as we pray. Heavenly father we are so thankful for Jesus Christ we are so thankful for the 3 Angels' messages Lord forgive us for we have neglected to share this with the world please help us to refocus to be connected with Jesus Christ all the time we do ask for forgiveness and for the infilling of the Holy Spirit which as we know is our greatest need please bless us I do ask in Jesus' precious name Amen Eamonn I would like to encourage everyone to come back for our afternoon program at 4 pm it is going to be powerful as we conclude our conference together Amen amen.


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