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Sabbath and the Divinity of Christ

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • May 31, 2020
    7:51 PM
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Hi there my name is Chan chrism with Anchor Point films and my wife and I find travel around full time producing documentary films in and also speaking lecturing around the world on subjects like the gut brain connection overcoming depression can we trust in the Bible whatever what's called apologetics we also talk on overcoming depression and overcoming addictions also and if you have any interest in learning more about our ministry go to our website anchor point film stuff com or if you have any questions or comments or even suggestions for messages things that you would like to hear more about once again contact us at Anchor Point Selmes dot com But before we begin let's power heads for a word of prayer Heavenly Father we're so thankful to gather together and worship you today what a beautiful name it is in the name of Jesus. Lord I pray that in this time we would draw nearer to him that you would speak to each and every heart through the power of your Holy Spirit in a way that you alone can may you answer the questions of our hearts today in the name of Jesus. We're going to talk about something to remember if you brought your Bibles turn with me to Matthew Chapter 12 Matthew Chapter 12 and we are going to look at the reason that the Jewish people wanted to kill Jesus what actually made them decide we should execute this man we're looking at in Matthew Chapter 12 and we're going to begin in verse 10 you may have never thought about it quite like this but in Matthew Chapter 12 in verse 10 the Bible says. Matthew Chapter 12 or stand it says and behold there was a man which had his hand withered this man had a hand that he was not able to use and they asked him saying Is it lawful to heal on the one on the sabbath days that they might what accused him now they were literally just doing this to test Jesus and he goes on to say embers 11 and he said unto them watch what man shall there be among you that shall have one cheap and if it fall into a pit on the Sabbath day will he not lay hold on it and lift it out how much then is a man better than a what sheep a man is more important than an animal if you found an animal in a ditch would you help it out of the ditch on the Sabbath day yes or no and what do you think the the Jewish leaders would say Well sure yes we would do that then Jesus will then how much better is a human then an animal yes or no they were trying to get Jesus to say oh yeah you can heal people on the Sabbath day and they say he's guilty of breaking the law and Jesus said what do you think it breaks the law to help an animal out of a ditch Well no it doesn't what would help a human to help a human out of a ditch Well yeah maybe that and I didn't make any sense does it no and so he says How much then is a man better than a sheep or soil where for it is was lawful to do good or well on the sabbath days now what does it mean that something is law full. That means it's according to the law meaning what law was Jesus actually what will what law where they were they differentiating about they were talking about the 4th Commandment called The Sabbath yes or no so the question was is it according to the law to help somebody on the Sabbath and heal them yes or no clearly it is and so they but they think oh no Jesus isn't following the law how we think he should be doing it and then it says in verse 13 then said he to the man stretched forth your hand and he stretched it forth and it was restored whole like as the other so he heals the sky in the south but they happen to be the Sabbath day verse 14 then the Pharisees went out and held a council against him how they might. So notice these men wanted to kill Jesus for how he kept the Sabbath Day Did you know that that they actually decided Jesus needed to be killed because he didn't keep the Sabbath the way they thought he should keep it yet Jesus was saying he kept the Sabbath according to the. The law meaning they were keeping the Sabbath incorrectly and they wanted to kill Jesus because he kept the Sabbath correctly do you follow what a strange thought that the issue was how Jesus was keeping the Sabbath the Sabbath was a day to worship gone in a very special way and they decided they were going to kill Jesus for how he kept it you know the Bible reveals that there are 2 reasons that Jesus is worthy of our worship the Bible says in Revelation 5 in verse 12 saying with a loud voice Worthy is the Lamb that was slain were the why is he. Why is he worthy he is worthy as the Lamb that was slain the lamb that died to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing it says that Jesus is worthy because he was the Lamb that was slain Jesus is worthy of our worship because he sacrificed his life for us Jesus is worthy because he was this lamb he was our read Deemer number 2 in Revelation 410118 says Thou are worthy why old lord to receive glory and honor and power why for you have created all things and for the i pleasure they are and were created Jesus is one of our worship God is worthy of our worship number one Jesus specifically because he was written he read enough he died for us and secondarily because He created us these are the 2 reasons that Jesus is worthy of our praise and our worship and Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 and 7 this is part of the 1st angel's message of the 3 angels message of Revelation chapter 14 and in this passage this is a message that will go to every nation kindred tongue and people this will be a worldwide message at the end of time. Which my the way we're already living it and it says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters once again God Jesus specifically is worthy of our praise and our worship because he he is the creator the one who made the heavens the earth the sea and all that in him is but very interesting Lee this text right here that we have highlighted in red is a direct quotation from what portion of the Bible the 4th Commandment the 4th Commandment that talks about the Sabbath day we see it here when we put them next to each other what do we see in Exodus Chapter 20 speaking of the 4th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and we jump down and says For in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the 7th day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and he how loaded so this the fact that Revelation Chapter 14 for 7 is quoting the 4th commandment and this message here about the 4th Commandment will go forth to the entire planet at the end of the world tells us that the Spybot has an apocalyptic context or a last day perspective in Bible prophecy we're going to look at this through time now there's 404 verses in the Book of Revelation. And about 270 of them are quotations from the Old Testament this is one of them so 270 of these verses in Revelation have quotations from the Old Testament so once again the book of Revelation many people don't understand the Book of Revelation because they're not looking in the Old Testament to understand what it means that makes sense now speaking once again of this creative power one of the most popular verses and in the New Testament is in chapter one in verse one where says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God The same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made now who is this word Rob little side point I met a I met a man who had been lived in India and I believe us from a Hindu background somebody gave him the Gospel of John he began to read it me we love the Gospel of John as Christians but imagine if you are reading this and had no idea what it's talking out about that's kind of confusing in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God in the Word was God what does that mean and he told me he said when I read it through for the 1st time he said I thought I have no idea what that's talking about but I know that this is what I've been searching for Isn't God amazing the Holy Spirit is incredible so what is this word that we read about the later in the chapter and verse 14 it tells us and the Word was made was flash and dwelt among us who was it the Father the Holy Spirit or the son that came and dwelt among us it was Jesus or Jesus is the word so if we go back to that passage in the beginning was Jesus and Jesus was with God and Jesus was was Is Jesus God yes or no that's what the Bible says. And then it goes on to say the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by who by Jesus and without Him was not anything made that was made we see the same thing in Hebrews chapter one verse one and 2 in the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets and many times and in various ways but in these last days he has spoken to us by His Son Jesus he spoken to us by His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things and through whom also he made the what world did Jesus make this world yes or no now Jesus was born 2000 years ago but he actually long before that he had been in heaven for eternity and he made this world he spoke this universe into existence Jesus is our creator is that what the scriptures reveal very clearly over and over in the New Testament we see that now let us look if you have your Bibles in Genesis we're going to go back to Genesis Chapter one The very 1st book of the Bible the very 1st chapter of the Bible but we're going to look right at the end of the chapter we're going to go to verse $31.00 Now keep in mind who did we just just discover created the world Jesus so when it said in the beginning that God said Let there be light and there was light who said Let there be light Jesus and notice what it says in Genesis 131 and God saw everything that he which was Jesus had made and behold it was was very good. And the evening and the morning were the 6th day so this is the 6th day of creation we move on to chapter 2 there were no chapter breaks by the way in the original Bible these were added to just help us find our way around the scriptures in every helpful but they weren't there in the beginning so it would have just continued reading into chapter 2 verse one thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he what rested now who actually rested there on the 1st Sabbath it was Jesus keep that in mind God gave us this have a Jesus gave the Sabbath he rested on the Sabbath on the 7th day from all as work which he had made verse 3 and God What blasted the Sabbath they were going to see that's the same word in Exodus 20 when we read about the 10 Commandments that God blessed it when did he bless the Sabbath day right here in Genesis chapter 2 had sin entered into the world at this point yes or no no sin whatsoever so was sin 8 an afterthought of creation something God gave us to rest after we fell No it was a part of the perfect order in harmony in the universe that God had created it says in verse 3 And God bless the 7th day and was sanctify to do you know what that word sanctified means it means specifically to make something. Holy consecrate means to something set aside something as a holy purpose sanctified means simply to make something holy and so it says he sanctified it he he made it holy because that in a he had was rested from all his work which God created a made Jesus gave us the Sabbath Jesus rested on the very 1st Sabbath that he gave to us now you're in Genesis hang a right to the 2nd book of the Bible called Exodus Chapter 20 Exodus Chapter 20 and in the Book of Exodus we're going to look at the 4th Commandment Exodus Chapter 20. We're going to read beginning in verse 8 remember Jesus gave us this day right in the beginning in perfection before sin had entered into this world and in Exodus Chapter 20 verse 8 a says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 station I'll call labor and do all the I work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord by gone in it the shall not do any work down nor the sun nor the eye dog or die man servant nor that I made servant nor the cattle nor the stranger that was within one gates why why did you make this Sabbath day verse 1111 For in 6 days the Lord made or created heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the 7th day were for the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and what hallowed it so this is this blessed day the same or that was used there in Genesis chapter 2 God blessed it right in the beginning in perfection it was commanded here at Mount Sinai interestingly here we see that God gave the state he rested on it now do do we see so if God rested on the Sabbath day and the Sabbath day is the day that the Lord rested No other day could possibly be his Sabbath but we're going to get back to that in a bit now the bible you think about this God gave a day to his people to remember him as the creator remember it says what Remember this day to keep it holy why for in 6 days the Lord made the heavens the earth the sea and all that in the midst and the rest of the 7th day so he commanded us to do it so this day is a day that was literally given for us to remember the nature that he is given to us to remember that he is the one who made all the things around us and as we behold the things of nature just like Richard Dawkins the greatest skeptic on planet Earth. Writes books too to say that there is no God yet he himself as I already quoted says that when he looks at the universe when he looks at the cosmos he tells us that his heart cries out to worship the greatest skeptic in the world his heart cries out to worship but he denies it because he has picked a philosophy that goes against God But the reality is God has made humans just like we saw a study that was conducted looking at children even in a secular country like Japan they're not taught about a creator god there yet the children innately believe in a Creator God and God has given us a day to remember the creator to look around at nature he's blessed us with this day to put away put aside all of our work mean there's you know what 7 plus a 1000000000 people on planet earth and God loves you so much that he wants to spend time with you personally on his holy day a time set apart for you and your creator what a beautiful fall and the Bible says and Isaiah Chapter 58 in verse 13 speaking of the Sabbath does if you turn your foot because of the Sabbath from doing what you please on my holy day and call the Sabbath a burden that would assess what was the Sabbath meant to be called a delight. The savage was meant to be you say Chad but didn't the Jews make it an absolute burden and the answer is yes they did but was that God's intention yes or no the Bible says in Deuteronomy Chapter 6 in verse $24.00 and the Lord commanded us to do all of these statutes that means God commanded us to do all of his laws and the Lord commanded us to do all these statues to fear the Lord our God for our good always the Bible says that all of God's commandments are actually for our benefit is that incredible. So God gave us even the Sabbath it was meant to be a delight a benefit to us. It says and call the Sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord honorable and shall honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure nor speaking your own words then you shall delight notice if the Sabbath becomes a delight to you then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth and feed you with the inheritance of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken if God speaks something will it come to pass yes or no if God speaks light what comes into the darkness light and if God speaks that there is a blessing upon this day is there a blessing upon this day yes or no yes there is and all of His commandments are for our good they are meant for us to delights in this day and delight ourselves in the Lord you know I found the Sabbath I'll tell you I wasn't raised as a Sabbath keeper I was raised going to church every Sunday and later in my life in college actually I learned about the Sabbath day and it was strange and it was awkward it was different because everybody goes to church on what Sunday right just like I had done and so obviously everybody did I mean don't come on who goes to church on Saturday it's crazy that so strange but you know I saw actually what the Bible said and I thought Man Ok And you say Chad you haven't shown us what day it is not have and we're going to look then just a moment but as I began to fall as it began to be such a blessing to my soul I have to just testify of that that what God said is true if he said it it stands firm and it lasts for ever now. The Bible says in easy kill Chapter 20 in verse 12 it says moreover Also I gave them my sabots Why to be a sign between me and and them that they might know that I am the Lord that what sanctify them now once again what we already found out what it sanctify mean it means to make something holy so the Sabbath was sanctified that means it was a holy day because God rested on it but then God says I gave it to you that I might sanctify you yes or no what does that mean God says on this special day that is we spend time looking at God as the creator as we look around at nature and as it as it touches us and as we fellowship with God in His Word and fellowship with each other on this special day he's given to us what does it do it transforms us from the power of the Holy Spirit this is what the Bible sense is meant to be a great blessing and that's why the devil hated it so much and made that day a burden because he knew how powerful an experience it would be if God's people would truly behold Him Look at him spend time with their creator that it would transform them and the devil knew that so he made it into a burden instead of a blessing yet God always intended to be blessing now. What would Jesus do what would Jesus do on the Sabbath if you have your Bibles turn with me to Luke Chapter 4 Luke is in the New Testament you go from Matthew the 1st book of the New Testament on to mark the 3rd book is The Book of Luke we're looking in the Luke chapter for what would you expect to find Jesus doing now keep in mind who originally rested on the Sabbath day it was Jesus in the very beginning he created the world he's our Creator and in Luke Chapter 4 beginning in verse 14 when Jesus came to planet Earth how would you expect him to associate with the Sabbath Luke Chapter 4 beginning in verse 14 it says in Jesus' return in the power of the Spirit into Galilee and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about and he Jesus taught in their synagogues being glorified of all and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the what Sabbath day and stood up for to read so Jesus is there where would you expect to find Jesus when he was on earth on the Sabbath day we we would say in our language in our vernacular we say in church right in the synagogue so Jesus would gather together on the same God And it was has custom meaning that was what he would do that was his customary thing to do and interesting Lee enough Jesus when discussing this issue t. he was his disciples were taking some grain on the Sabbath day they were harvesting a field they were just hungry and in the Jewish or the Hebrew economy if you were walking by a farmer's field and you were hungry you were actually allowed to just grab some of the food and eat it. And so they're just grabbing some grains on the Sabbath day and they're eating it and some of the Jewish people once again some of the Jewish leaders and so forth they they wanted to find Jesus and His disciples that they were sinners so they said oh you're breaking the law but we're they were harvesting they weren't working they were just grabbing a little food and eating it and what did Jesus say in Mark chapter 2 verse $27.00 and $8.00 he said Any said unto them the Sabbath was made for the Jews is that what it says. No he said the Sabbath was made for a walk man in the Greek language it is the word anthro poss whence we get the term anthropology or the study of human kind and for a pos means humanity the Sabbath was made for Humanity the Sabbath was made not for a specific group of people it was made for all of humanity to follow the creator Jesus says the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is the Lord also of the what Sabbath not think it through to why was Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath because on the Sabbath What did he do in creation he created the world in 6 days and he rested on the what 7th Day So who is who would then in fact be the Lord of the Sabbath Jesus this makes perfect sense why Jesus is on the Lord the Sabbath many times people take effect and I think Jesus said He is the Lord of the Sabbath so we don't need to keep it is that what the text says the text is actually positive toward the Sabbath rather than denigrating it right it's saying listen I'm the lord of the Sabbath this is my day I have given to you. To be a blessing to you to delight in the stand for the light yourself in the Lord and it's interesting you may say chat Ok how do we know from the Bible not from tradition not from people's opinions how do we know what day the sabbath this was your film about the loop jump Jump forward to the right to Luke Chapter 23 what is the Sabbath day according to the Scriptures we're looking in Luke Chapter 23 for the end of the book Luke Chapter 23 Jesus has just been hanging on the cross he has said into the father into the hands I commend my spirit he has passed away he have died his body is still hanging on the cross and it says in Luke Chapter 23 verse 52 that there was a man by actually will jump back diversity and behold there was a man named Joseph a counsellor and he was a good man and a just the same had not counseled consented to the counsel indeed of them he was of Iran the thea a city of the Jews who also himself waited for the Kingdom of God So here is a very wealthy man named Joseph of Aram at the and what happens in verse $52.00 this man went on the pilot and begged for the body of Jesus and he took it down and wrapped it in linen and laid it in a sample curve that was hewn in stone where never man before was laid and that day meaning the day Jesus died was the what preparation and the Sabbath drew on so the day that Jesus died was called the preparation day what do you think it was preparatory for the Sabbath day right the preparation day was the day that the Jews would prepare for the Sabbath day now Christians know what day of the week Jesus died they called that day good what. Friday Good Friday Jesus dies on Good Friday which was the preparation day which was preparatory for the Sabbath and then what happens we keep reading on and it says right after that in verse 55 in the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after and beheld the simple current how the body was laid and the return prepared spices and ointments and rested was a sabbath day according to the what So even after Jesus died there still keeping the commandment the 4th Commandment which was the Sabbath Jesus is already said he was the Lord of the Sabbath he gave no intimation that it would be done away with and then remember there is no chapter breaks in the original and it says right after that in the next verse in chapter 24 verse one now upon the what 1st day of the week very early in the morning they came unto the sepals Kerr bringing the spices which they had prepared and certain others with them and they found the stole stone rolled away from the was from the tumor the supplicant and they entered in and found not the body of the Lord Jesus why didn't they find the body because he rose again and Mark Mark Chapter 16 clarifies that it was very early in the morning the 1st day of the week that Jesus resurrected so Jesus resurrects so he dies on on Good Friday and many Christians called the day that he rose again Easter. Sunday Jesus dies on Friday the day of preparation for the Sabbath and he goes back to work in ministry What does he do on the Sabbath he rests in the tomb Jesus even rest from his work in his death. But then what does he do on Sunday morning he comes back from the tomb to go back to his work of ministering to the souls of humanity Jesus even kept the Sabbath in Per in this cross experience and I want you to think about this for a moment so if Good Friday is the day before the South Sunday is the 1st day of the week What then is the 7th day of the week it is the Sabbath or Saturday but the Bible actually says in Genesis chapter one it says when it speaks of each of the days of the week of the 1st week of creation it says in the evening and the morning were the was 1st day 2nd a 3rd day right the evening in the morning in history before we came up with clocks for a long time the day was right now so right now it's daytime How can you tell it's daytime the sun's out and how would they have known back in earth's history when the day would end the way the sun sets it's quite complex isn't it the sun would set and they would say the day is done a new day is begun to us it seems strange because we all know when does the day begin really 1201 No No 12 and a 2nd that's how you know when the time when the day changes over right and you can tell you go outside and you can just sense it right no there's nothing in there's nothing that would tell you the day just changed do you see why through history they did something very simple no like or just see that went down the days done do you see why that would be very different than what we have now now yeah we we just we have a clock and that tells us when the day is over but historically and in the Bible and you can see that even the ministry of Jesus. When the sun goes down on the Sabbath on Saturday night and Sunday the guns were like for instance the Sabbath is right now and when will the Sabbath be over according to the Bible. Sundown and when did the Sabbath begin sunset on Friday so Friday ense when the sun sets and that's when the Sabbath begins and then you have Sabbath all the way until the sun sets the night and then the day is over this is the way it worked in biblical times and you even see and Mark Chapter one The sat the sabbath ends the sun goes down and they just bring a whole bunch of people to Jesus to have to have him heal them because they saw that right now we're getting a little off the subject of the Sabbath this from Friday nights and on a Saturday night Sunday no this is what Jesus did he kept the Sabbath when he was here what about the Apostle Paul well in Luke Chapter 17 verse 2 is this m. Paul as his manner was in on to them under the Jewish people and 3 Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the Scriptures we say Chad yet he would do that because they were Jewish or he was witnessing to them that would make sense and I would agree but I believe he did it for another reason to keep the Sabbath but we'll see that in the next sense in action up there 13 verse 14 and 15 it says speaking of Paul here but when they departed from pergola they came to Antioch and to city and went into the synagogue on the what day on the Sabbath day and sat down and after the reading of the law and the prophets the rulers of the synagogue sent on to them saying You Men and brethren if you have any word of x. or Taishan for the people say on it but I think to teach us here teach us and so did Paul you think out of anything to say yes he did right and it says and when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue actually we missed it so I'll tell you you go back later on to read it later today or tonight or tomorrow morning read action after 7 after 13 and what happens is they say hey do you guys have any things you'd like to share here in the synagogue today and Paul begins to preach the sermon about Jesus. About some of the history of the Jewish people and as he shares this message he shares this message and it culminates in Jesus Christ he's preaching Jesus on the Sabbath day and then he finishes the sermon and then we read these verses here it says and when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue the who the Gentiles by the way what's a gentile anybody who's not Jewish by ethnicity anybody that's not Jewish is a gentile So Paul preached finishes preaching on the Sabbath the the Jews go out of the synagogue and the Gentiles be sought they asked them that these words might be preached to them the next what Sabbath Now this would have been a perfect opportunity for Paul to say why would we wait a whole week don't you know what tomorrow is tomorrow is Sunday the new Sabbath day for Christians but is that Will Paul did if Paul was keeping Sunday he would be like hey guys let's get together tomorrow let's get together tomorrow but what does he do it says they say the Gentiles be thought that these words might be preached to them the next outta know when the congregation was broken up many of the Jews and religious proselyte followed poem Barnabas who speaking to them persuaded them to continue in the grace of God and the next Sabbath day came almost the whole city together to what here the word of gone now the whole city means it was both Jew and what gens how so here we have the Jews and the Gentiles gathering together to learn about Jesus Christ on his holy day we have no intimation that God's Sabbath was changed to Sunday not at all the church together you say but Chad didn't the Bible say that they broke bread on the 1st day of the week yes it did and action after 2 verse $46.00 tells us do you know do you know how many days of the week they gathered together and broke bread. Every single day so just because they get together a time or 2 and and break bread on Sunday they got together on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday to yes or no they got together so this doesn't tell us that that's a new day to worship because here's the thing remember this you say but Chad should we not worship every day and the answer is absolutely you should worship God every single day but the Sabbath day is not just the day to worship it is a day to rest from our labors and if we had to rest from all of our labor 7 days a week what could we never do laundry. We couldn't go to work and how long are you going to be able to pay your property taxes if you don't do any work not very long right God didn't say to not to keep every day holy he said to keep only one day holy and that is the Sabbath in by the way if I choose to say I keep Tuesday holy does that mean Tuesday is a blast of gone because I choose to keep to the holy Can I make a day holy to my God no I can't make a day holy that's impossible so to say can just become holy because I I don't work that day that's just a day off that's a vacation but the reality is God alone Jesus is the Lord of the what Sabbath because he rested them now you say chap but surely the Sabbath was never intended for the Gentiles in the 1st place although we just saw them worshipping on the on the Sabbath here what does the Bible say and Isaiah Chapter $56.00 perspire is also the sons of the stranger see if you are a son of a stranger that you are means you are not a son of a Jewish person you are a son of a Gentile that joined themselves to the Lord that joined themselves to the Lord. To serve him and to love the name of the Lord to be his servants everyone that keeps the Sabbath from polluting it and takes hold of my covenant notice to everyone who comes into a covenant relationship with God should keep God's what Sabbath even if they are a gentile even if they are not Jewish the Sabbath was not made for the Jews it was made for anthro poss it was made for Humanity remember all his commandments are for our good always and you might think that's wonderful you can keep the Sabbath and I'll keep the Lord's Day So let's ask the question What is the Bible say about the Lord's Day We're going to do what's called an exhaustive study right now on all the text in scripture on the words of the Lord's Day We're going to eat every single time the the Lord's day is written in scripture just like that and you know how many times it's written one time here it is. I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and heard behind me the loud voice as of a trumpet like a trumpet so now this tells us that John on the island of Patmos was having a vision he was in the spirit on the Lord's Day But does the text tell us what day the Lord's day is yes or no no this is the only time you read the whole chapter will never tell you what is the Lord's day it's just the Lord's Day So the question is we need to then interpret this text in the light of the rest of Scripture not in the light of the early church fathers or other people's opinions or or something else but we will be the only thing we can do is interpret scripture with what Scripture and so what does the Bible say does the Bible ever talk about something similar the day of the Lord Well what day is the day of the Lord we see in Exodus 20 verse $9.10 in the Sabbath commandment 6 station you labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of The Who So whose day is the Sabbath it's the Lord's day the sabbath of the Lord thy God in it you shall not do any work we see the same thing we are Esau tonight is a 58 for certain if you turn your foot because of the Sabbath from doing what you please on my what holy day and call the Sabbath the delight the whole leave the Lord so what they according to the Bible is the Lord's day. Sabbath John there on the island of Patmos was having a vision on the Sabbath day this is what we see now you may also know that Jesus prophesied that the Sabbath would take place after his death that Christians would still be keeping the Sabbath after he would die and rise again from the tomb we see in Matthew 24 in this prophecy in verse 20 and 21 but prayed that your flight is not in the winter nor on the was Sabbath Day See Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus had the prophecy that we already studied together and it had 2 portions the prophecy some of the prophecies would be fulfilled before the destruction of Jerusalem in a.d. anybody remember 70 and the rest of the prophecies or all of them actually would be fulfilled in a world wide scale at the end of time and so Jesus prophesied listen when when Jerusalem is going to be destroyed pray that your flight is not on the what Sabbath why why would he pray that if they were keeping Sunday why did he say pray that your flight will not be on Sunday because he knew that his faithful followers Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments and Jesus was Lord of the Sabbath so one of His commandments was about keeping the Sabbath holy right now not only did it prophesied after Jesus' death would we keep the Sabbath it actually prophesied that we're going to keep it. In heaven Check this out Isaiah 6622 and 34 as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before me say it the Lord Social your seed and your name remain and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one what Sabbath to another show all flash come to worship before me say at the law lord quick point there side No it says all flesh will come to worship God all flesh will come to worship God Now let me ask you a question are we going to be some spirit bodies or ghosts in heaven yes or no no what are we going to be we're going to be in the flesh we're Adam and Eve ghosts in the Garden of Eden no and God intended it to be like that he's going to recreate the world perfect again in a perfect environment and what are we all going to do if we're in heaven everybody is going to keep what day the sabbath day this is what the Bible actually prophesies so you may be saying Ok Chad I see this this is what the Bible teaches but what on earth happened what on earth happened and we're going to find out this out this evening actually in our message powerful prophecy one of most powerful prophecies in the Bible and if all we had was that prophecy to me it would be one of the greatest evidence of the fact that the Bible was divinely inspired as we look at that prophecy about the anti christ power unbelievable incredible life changing look at that this evening but g.k. Chesterton this author said whenever you remove any fence always Spong us long enough to ask why it was put there in the 1st place if you move any fence before you move it you ought to ask yourself the question hey why was this fence here in the 1st place. If God had a certain commandment is it wise to just go and move that commandment off to somewhere else yes or no do I have the authority to do that does any human have the authority to do that the answer is No not at all Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 or 17 Think not that I have come to destroy the law or the Prophets I have not come to destroy but to fulfill till heaven and earth pass one jot or one tittle shall know ice pass from the law till all is what So God's law would not be changed Jesus said I myself cannot change the law so if a human could change it that would make that human more powerful than God that's a dangerous perspective let's go for the Bible prophesied of the dead a power would come and change God's law and Daniel $725.00 and that he would think to change times and laws and we'll find out more about that this evening but here's the thing the Bible prophesies that the Sabbath is an issue at the end of time in a Revelation Chapter 12 or 17 is says and the dragon was Ross That's an old Elizabeth and term for furious angry and the dragon was angry with the woman and went to make war the dragon who did we discover the dragon was by the way satan so Satan is angry with the woman who are who's the woman in Bible prophecy the church God's people so the devil is angry with God's people at the end of time and he goes to make war with the remnant the last group of them which keep the what commandments of God and the faith of Jesus because if they keep the commandments of God that is proof that they love Jesus because Jesus said If you love me why keep my commandments and if you love Jesus the devil's not going to be happy with you. Yes or no he is not going to be happy say he's going to be furious with you if you choose to be faithful to God and His will if you choose to be faithful to Jesus and and keep His law the devil be furious because he knows he can see hey I can see what Sally's doing I can see what John is doing I can see that guy loves Jesus because he's holding up Jesus banner he's being faithful to Jesus and the devil is not happy with that I'm going to show you a few minute clip from a documentary in a documentary that my wife and I produced called ancient health and we're going to watch more of this this evening but this just a few minute clip that kind of brings together some of these thoughts here so we'll share this with you. Every one of us is programmed with a body clock that body clock still functions if we were to lock ourselves up in a cave for many days in fact researchers have done this and they find that people even when they're cut off from all time cues no light and dark use no newspapers no television no wrist watches no cell phones these individuals still stay on a search rhythm circa meaning about Dn referring to a day so it's about a 24 hour rhythm is best to take that rest to the next morning or rest of the weekly cycle but beyond the circadian rhythm we also have weekly rhythm they're called circa Sept and rhythms and we inhumanity all March to a 7 day week every culture throughout the world that I'm aware of still adheres to a weekly cycle of 7 days and there is times when humanity is trying to change that the French tried to make everything metric including the weak and try to change it into a 10 day week with 10 hours 100 minutes and each hour 100 seconds in each minute and the mental institutions filled up because the decade which is what they called the week led to decadence and everything fell apart the other amazing thing about what science has shown is that every living creature has a 7 day rhythm and that's more than just humans a lot of people think well humans March to a 7 day week because somehow it started early and civilized nation and we just hung on to that. But why is it that flies have a 7 day rhythm Why is it that algae have a 7 day rhythm and plants have a 7 day rhythm those things can't read the Bible the lunar month doesn't divisible by 7 the year is not divisible by 7 there's nothing in the planets that we can find and so the question is why 7. It brings me back to that very council in the Bible were God said that he had given this day of rest to his people and I think that speaks to what the Bible has to say in regards to how we began and how life began it was a common designer a common Creator that programmed in this 7 day rhythm he called it a Sabbath a day where we could come apart and I think it's powerful evidence actually for a creator god one of the interesting things about 7th Day Adventists is that they keep the Sabbath holy from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday Sabbath keeping actually does have some significant mental health advantages there is an improvement in i.q. even though they don't study on Sabbath or go to school on Sabbath so circus septum rhythms is not just something from the culture it's actually something biologically innate there's a benefit to a nightly rest but also benefit to a weekly rest so these things are part of our physiology what is so interesting to me as a physician if we cooperate if we collaborate with these rhythms we do best you know you can't underestimate the remedy of what I call vitamin r. which is rest and if it were sold in bottles it would be the most popular vitamin on the market what a powerful pot that gone to has created within even nature itself is circa cept in rhythms these 7 d. rhythms and remember it's said that not only humans have it but even animals and didn't God say the Sabbath was made for you your manservant your maidservant and not only for you is also made for your animals were supposed to rest on the Sabbath. God's word is so powerful powerful now we're going to close with some power we're going to close a few things here we're almost done so all and mental health we're going to look at some quick research on scientific studies on all and mental health research has looked at all inspiring experiencing what it's like to go out in nature in Ca beauties of God's creation and they wouldn't call God's creation because they're probably not even believers the people who did the research will notice what we see Researchers have discovered that on spying experiences in nature can increase wellbeing or happiness and life satisfaction the day of the experience but the benefits including lowering stress for a week so going out in nature having it on fire experiences can lower your levels of stress for how long a week for 7 days this makes me think now if God knew this if God knew that that spending time in nature having on fire expand our experiences could lower our stress levels for a week why didn't he then just like give us a day to take off and remember him as a creator Well guess what. He did what a God we serve this is amazing we go on to read on fire experiences researchers look at people and their experiences with a positive emotions one of the positive emotions we experience is all what it's all it's hard to explain but it's one of those you know we use the word are some right meaning were filled with all by something now that word is kind of cheap and today everything's awesome right but are supposed to be just like wow I mean you don't have to see the Grand Canyon you can literally look at a leaf or a tree and just say wow look at the beauty of that and that lowers our levels of stress what does it say those who experience more are in life had lower levels of interleukin 6 What is that it's a marker of inflammation higher levels of inflammation in the body which we just heard the talks by big Vickie Griffin talking about inflammation in the body makes us more likely to have diabetes heart disease depression and so it lowers the likelihood of these various diseases by having time potentially in nature taking off and God gave us a day so that we could do exactly that so all may have long Jevon t. and health benefits that same text Deuteronomy 624 and the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes meaning to follow all of His commandments are for our good always and then he says that he might preserve us alive as it is this day there's even a long jeopardy benefit to God's Commandments the text itself tells us and this is what the research shows us other benefits to all research shows that it potentially lowers levels of materialism fascinating that's what the research shows it helps people be more humble It helps people be more generous and it helps people feel more connected to other people. Wow the things God blesses us with if we would just get back to the way God designed us to live we'd all be healthier happier people Luke Chapter 16 percent says he that is faithful and that which is what least is faithful also in much and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much God won't force you to come follow His commandments God is a gentleman God doesn't say you better do it Jesus says if you love me that's why you do it that's the only reason and by the way that's the only way you can keep God's commandments out of love and by the power of the Holy Spirit you know there's a historical war and a present war there's a spiritual battle in the past to lead people away from the true Sabbath there is generally a battle that is fought in the heart and the life of those who decide to be faithful to the creator Sabbath today there is a battle there is a battle to make a decision to be faithful to Jesus and Jesus in Champ and Matthew Chapter 15 verse 3 replied and why do you break the commandments of God for the sake of your tradition will we be faithful to Jesus We already said Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments and we see that Jesus Jesus in creation gave the Sabbath Jesus on Mount Sinai commanded the Sabbath Jesus in his life kept the Sabbath and Jesus in his re creation on the Cross also kept the Sabbath Jesus in the Book of Revelation said his last day people would keep the Sabbath and Jesus will have us come and worship Him in Heaven on the Sabbath day it was made in perfection What is the reason. Given for the institution of the family because in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth and rested the 7th day therefore the Sabbath is designed to call our attention to the creator it is his memorial but we have already learned that it was Jesus Christ whom God created the heaven and the earth therefore it was Jesus Christ who rested on the 7th day it was Jesus Christ who sorry it was Jesus Christ's. Who blessed the 7th day it was Jesus Christ who how low the 7th day it was Jesus Christ who sanctified the 7th day and the purpose of this day thus blast thus hollowed the sanctified is to call the attention of men everywhere to the creator but the Creator is Jesus Christ the purpose therefore of all created things to worship. The purpose therefore of all created things to which our attention is thus called by the Sabbath is that we we may understand the power and the divinity of Jesus Christ you say what do you me meaning could you create the world without Divine Power Yes or No No So how did Jesus do it by divine power so the Sabbath day is a day for us to remember the divine power of Jesus Christ there is all power in Jesus this was a day that we could be sanctified through spending time with him only divinity has the power to create so the Sabbath is a memorial of the divinity of Christ in that he created the world this is what we see in the scriptures and our last slide is that it is not only a memorial of his creation of the world but of his power to recreate in us a new heart easy to feel 2012 as more Also more overall so I gave them my Sabbath to be a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that what sanctify them friends I know what it's like I was I was working on the Sabbath day and then I had to make a decision will I keep the Sabbath day holy. I know other people I know a man I met a neat man by the name of Steve Casper Bauer who is a who I had that opportunity to have dinner with him he is a businessman in Guam and he was he he became convicted on this business of of kind of a vacation rental thing on the Sabbath and when when do most people want to do Vacation Rentals weekends right on the Sabbath particularly And so he learned about God and he learned about the Sabbath and he felt convicted I need to keep God Sabbath but if I shut my business down my employees are going to lose their jobs my business is going to shut down people depend on me for their living I can't do this and a friend of mine Pastor Louis Torres spoke to him and he said Brother this is not your problem this is God's problem this is his day and if you're faithful to Jesus he can work out things however he chooses to but brother this is not your problem it's God's problem you simply be faithful to Jesus. Steve finally got to the point he prayed about and he sighed Ok I'm going to shut down on the Sabbath and so what it what they finally decided to do is Friday night before they left they would just turn on the answering machine said we're going to be closed Saturday will open again on Sunday and it was a beautiful week right up till Friday and then the next day on on Sabbath he kept us for Sabbath but you know when it up happening the clouds came in and it rained all Sabbath so his business would have gotten a business that Sabbath anyway nor would have any of his competitors and then you know what happened on Sunday Sun came out beautiful day and people flooded in to give him business all week long you know it happened beautiful week and then once again it was a test of faith what he shut down he shut down again you know what happened next Sabbath it rained all Sabbath. You know what happened on Sunday it was a beautiful day everybody rushed in this happen the next week this went on every single week for 6 months he said his business did better financially than it ever done before the insurance rates went down because it ploys weren't getting hurt things in the office were lasting longer than they used to it didn't make any sense but God blessed his 7th day I must be honest with you I've also had people come to my meetings woman was struggling and she was she was working in a in a coma lesson home and you know old folks home and and she told them about the Sabbath and you know what happened she lost her job can I promise you you won't lose your job I cannot but I can promise you God has a plan for your life that God will help you get to get a job if you're willing to work hard she found a better job in the end God blessed her some people will see miracles that God will preserve their job others may lose their job but God will not leave you helpless Jesus will be with you this is not your problem it is God's Problem friends Jesus simply said if you love me why keep my commandments and I want to challenge you this may be new to you and if it is praise the Lord it was new to me when I was in college and I'm so thankful the Lord gave me the Sabbath and allowed me to learn about this it is such about how many of you were not raised keeping the Sabbath but at some point you learned about it and now you're a have a keeper raise your hand look at this this is the vast majority looks to me like 75 percent of people here that is incredible you tell me yes or no is it a blessing to keep God's holy Sabbath yes or no Amen Amen so I want to challenge you who this may be new to you a test God Right find now there is a blessing in God's Word let us close of the word of prayer Heavenly Father. What a savior you gave to this world one who came to this world and hung on that cross keeping the Sabbath even in his death the one who had been there and created this world that we look out here on this beautiful this beautiful camp here as we look out on the lake as we look out on the trees and we recognize you are our Creator and how that floods our soul with the peace that passes all understanding we are thankful that you created our biology that this was meant this is even a part of who we are physiologically the Circa Sept in rhythms the 7 day rhythms we are so thankful for Jesus who gives us all life and breath and in Him we move and have our being we're thankful for the Savior I pray that he will give a strength I pray that we will love him more and more day by day and that we would we would He Jesus injunction that if we love him that we would keep His commandments give us strength all there to do so someone who may be fearful that they will lose their job Father I pray that you would encourage them in the Lord that they would be encouraged to say you know I'm putting Jesus before finances and I know my Savior will never leave me nor forsake me if I'm faithful to Him I know he will never and. We thank you for your love we thank you for you the joy that you give us in Jesus Christ. Is they would bring him in. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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